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Package Namenetbeans
SummaryIntegrated Development Environment (IDE)
DescriptionNetBeans IDE is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java/JavaFX, C/C++, Ruby, PHP, etc. The NetBeans IDE is oriented on wide audience of developers from beginners up to experts. A developer can find useful set of the development tools that are embedded in the IDE or can be integrated with. The NetBeans IDE is the modular system and it can be configured according to user needs. Please, visit http://www.netbeans.org/ for more information about this open-source project.
Built byvictorv
State complete
StartedTue, 27 Jul 2010 04:07:44 UTC
CompletedTue, 27 Jul 2010 04:16:52 UTC
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Changelog * Mon Feb 15 2010 Victor G. Vasilyev <victor.vasilyev@sun.com> 6.9-1 - introduce the cvsclient subpackage https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=572165 - re-base for the NetBeans 6.9 * Mon Feb 15 2010 Victor G. Vasilyev <victor.vasilyev@sun.com> 6.8-6 - Provide vpkg for all cluster packages, but not harness - stub jar files: jsr223, swing-worker - swingx * Thu Feb 11 2010 Victor G. Vasilyev <victor.vasilyev@sun.com> 6.8-5 - add dependencies on Jruby's pkgs: bytelist, jvyamlb - clean up comments * Wed Feb 10 2010 Victor G. Vasilyev <victor.vasilyev@sun.com> 6.8-4 - set priority of alternatives to 680 - remove the fake tag 'provides' needed only for rebuilding maven-scm * Mon Feb 08 2010 Victor G. Vasilyev <victor.vasilyev@sun.com> 6.8-3 - a fake tag 'provides' needed only for rebuilding maven-scm * Sat Feb 06 2010 Victor G. Vasilyev <victor.vasilyev@sun.com> 6.8-2 - remove dependencies on Jruby's pkgs: bytelist, jvyamlb * Thu Nov 26 2009 Victor G. Vasilyev <victor.vasilyev@sun.com> 6.8-1 - re-base for the NetBeans 6.8 * Sat May 23 2009 Victor G. Vasilyev <victor.vasilyev@sun.com> 6.7.1-1 - re-base for the NetBeans 6.7.1