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Information for build jarjar-1.0-1.fc15

Package Namejarjar
SummaryJar Jar Links
DescriptionJar Jar Links is a utility that makes it easy to repackage Java libraries and embed them into your own distribution. This is useful for two reasons: You can easily ship a single jar file with no external dependencies. You can avoid problems where your library depends on a specific version of a library, which may conflict with the dependencies of another library.
Built byakurtakov
State complete
StartedTue, 05 Oct 2010 06:21:45 UTC
CompletedTue, 05 Oct 2010 06:25:56 UTC
Taskbuild (dist-rawhide, /jarjar.git:3d86abffb2ce0ae2092cf840f6008a78b6f081c9)
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jarjar-1.0-1.fc15.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
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Changelog * Wed Sep 29 2010 Mary Ellen Foster <mefoster@gmail.com> 1.0-1 - Update to 1.0 - Change project URLs - Fix FTBFS - Remove gcj stuff * Fri Feb 05 2010 Mary Ellen Foster <mefoster at gmail.com> 0.9-5 - Make javadoc noarch * Tue Nov 17 2009 Mary Ellen Foster <mefoster at gmail.com> 0.9-4 - Re-add GCJ bits - Require jpackage-utils (for directories) - Link javadoc dir * Sun Nov 01 2009 Mary Ellen Foster <mefoster at gmail.com> 0.9-3 - Initial package, based on jpackage jarjar-0.9-2