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Package Nameperl-Bio-Graphics
SummaryGenerate GD images of Bio::Seq objects
DescriptionBio::Graphics is a simple GD-based renderer (diagram drawer) for DNA and protein sequences. The Bio::Graphics::Panel class provides drawing and formatting services for any object that implements the Bio::SeqFeatureI interface, including Ace::Sequence::Feature, Das::Segment::Feature and Bio::DB::Graphics objects. It can be used to draw sequence annotations, physical (contig) maps, protein domains, or any other type of map in which a set of discrete ranges need to be laid out on the number line
Built byalexlan
State complete
StartedWed, 28 Jan 2009 01:16:27 UTC
CompletedWed, 28 Jan 2009 01:18:23 UTC
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Changelog * Tue Jan 27 2009 Alex Lancaster <alexlan[AT]fedoraproject org> - 1.84-1 - Update to upstream that fixes the bogus dependency on perl(GBrowse). - Add BR: Statistics::Descriptive - Continue to leave out the optional package Bio::Graphics::Glyph::trace until Bio::SCF is packaged * Tue Jan 27 2009 Alex Lancaster <alexlan[AT]fedoraproject org> - 1.83-3 - Temporarily remove Bio::Graphics::Wiggle::Loader and Bio::Graphics::Glyph::trace modules from being installed until their deps are packaged * Mon Jan 26 2009 Alex Lancaster <alexlan[AT]fedoraproject org> - 1.83-2 - Patch to disable some tests (image tests currently don't work) - Fix file list to include scripts * Mon Jan 26 2009 Alex Lancaster <alexlan[AT]fedoraproject org> 1.83-1 - Specfile autogenerated by cpanspec 1.77.