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Package NameReviewBoard
SummaryWeb-based code review tool
DescriptionReview Board is a powerful web-based code review tool that offers developers an easy way to handle code reviews. It scales well from small projects to large companies and offers a variety of tools to take much of the stress and time out of the code review process.
Built bysgallagh
State complete
StartedThu, 01 Feb 2018 16:44:33 UTC
CompletedThu, 01 Feb 2018 16:46:54 UTC
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Changelog * Fri Jan 19 2018 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.17-1 - Update to ReviewBoard 2.5.17 - - Change the default site directory for improved SELinux behavior - Update to use python2_* macros * Wed Oct 18 2017 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.16-2 - Switch to depending on python-django16 * Tue Sep 12 2017 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.16-1 - Update to ReviewBoard 2.5.16 - * Tue Aug 08 2017 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.15-1 - Update to ReviewBoard 2.5.15 - * Thu Aug 03 2017 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.14-2 - Use python-pygments2 * Wed Aug 02 2017 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.14-1 - Update to ReviewBoard 2.5.14 - * Thu Jun 22 2017 Stephen Gallagher <> - - Update to ReviewBoard 2.5.13 - * Tue May 30 2017 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.12-1 - Update to ReviewBoard 2.5.12 - - * Mon Apr 03 2017 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.10-1 - Update to ReviewBoard 2.5.10 - * Wed Mar 01 2017 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.9-2 - Fix dependency on pytz * Wed Mar 01 2017 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.9-1 - Update to ReviewBoard 2.5.9 - - * Tue Oct 18 2016 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.7-1 - Update to ReviewBoard 2.5.7 - * Wed Jun 29 2016 Stephen Gallagher <> - - Update to to really fix JavaScript minification * Fri Jun 03 2016 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.6-2 - Fix issue with JavaScript minification * Fri Jun 03 2016 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.6-1 - * Wed May 18 2016 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.5-1 - * Mon May 02 2016 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.4-2 - Fix incorrect version dependencies on python_mimeparse and Whoosh * Thu Apr 14 2016 Stephen Gallagher <> - 2.5.4-1 - * Mon Feb 22 2016 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.5.3-1 - * Mon Dec 07 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.5.2-2 - Correct runtime requirement on python-django-evolution * Fri Dec 04 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.5.2-1 - New upstream release 2.5.2 - * Mon Nov 30 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> - New upstream release - - - * Mon Jun 29 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.18-1 - New upstream release 2.0.18 - * Tue Jun 16 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.17-1 - New upstream release 2.0.17 - * Fri Jun 12 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.16-1 - New upstream release 2.0.16 - * Wed Mar 18 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.15-1 - * Tue Mar 10 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.14-1 - * Fri Feb 20 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.13-2 - Fix Djblets requirement * Tue Feb 17 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.13-1 - - Drop upstreamed patches for default site installation * Fri Jan 09 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.12-3 - Include upstream patch to rename to * Fri Jan 09 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.12-2 - Create sites in /var/lib/reviewboard/sites * Wed Jan 07 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.12-1 - * Fri Oct 31 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.11-3 - Guarantee that Review Board starts after memcached (if it's running on the local system). * Wed Oct 29 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.11-2 - Guarantee that Review Board starts after the database (if it's running on the local system). * Tue Oct 28 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.11-1 - * Mon Oct 27 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.10-1 - * Wed Sep 24 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.8-2 - Fix bug in systemd service file * Wed Sep 24 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.8-1 - Update to Review Board bugfix release 2.0.8 - * Tue Sep 16 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.7-1 - Update to Review Board bugfix release 2.0.7 - * Fri Aug 22 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.6-1 - * Mon Aug 18 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.5-1.2 - Fix runtime dependencies * Fri Aug 08 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.5-1.1 - Release ReviewBoard on EPEL7 - Lower dependency on Pygments to the version shipping in RHEL * Wed Jul 30 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.5-1 - Update to Review Board bugfix release 2.0.5 - * Wed Jul 23 2014 Patrick Uiterwijk <> - 2.0.4-1 - Update to Review Board security release 2.0.4 - * Fri Jun 13 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.2-1 - Update to Review Board bugfix release 2.0.2 - * Fri Jun 06 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.0.1-3 - Rebuilt for * Mon Jun 02 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.1-2 - Fix issue with display of static media files * Tue May 27 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0.1-1 - Update to Review Board bugfix release 2.0.1 - * Tue May 20 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0-13 - Fix version requirement for Djblets * Tue May 20 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0-12 - Update to Review Board 2.0 final - * Fri May 09 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 2.0-11.rc3 - Update to ReviewBoard 2.0rc3 - - Update to 2.0rc2 - - Update to 2.0rc1 - - Update runtime requires for paramiko and pygments - Add BuildRequires on systemd for the RPM macro - Fix dependency version requirements - Add gettext to build requirements - Add Whoosh to build requirements to be safe - New upstream major release beta - Add new systemd snippet to replace %post script - * Thu Apr 24 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 1.7.25-1 - New upstream security release 1.7.25 - * Wed Apr 09 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 1.7.24-1 - New upstream bugfix release 1.7.24 - * Wed Apr 09 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 1.7.23-1 - New upstream bugfix release 1.7.23 - * Mon Mar 03 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 1.7.22-2 - Add BuildRequires: systemd for the %{_unitdir}} macro * Mon Mar 03 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 1.7.22-1 - New upstream security release 1.7.22 - - Security Fixes: * An XSS vulnerability was found in the Search field's auto-complete. - New Features: * Added support for anonymous access to public Local Sites. * Added support for parallel-installed versions of Django. - API Changes: * The documentation for Review Group Resource no longer says that review groups cannot be created through the API. - Bug Fixes: * Install/Upgrade: * Fixed compatibility with Apache 2.4's method for authorization in newly generated config files. * Fixed an issue on some configurations where loading in initial schema data for the database would fail * rb-site upgrade --all-sites no longer throws an error if there are no valid sites configured. * Administration: * Administrators now have access to all repositories, instead of just public ones or ones they're a member of. * Repositories backed by paths that no longer exist can now be hidden. * Fixed creating groups and repositories that had conflicting "unique" fields. * Password fields no longer appear blank when they have a value in forms. * Setting https in the server URL now properly marks the server as using HTTPS. All URLs generated for the API and e-mails will include https instead of http. * Fixed incorrect labelling for the review request status graph in the Admin dashboard. * LDAP: * Usernames, passwords, and other information are properly encoded to UTF-8 before authenticating. * Users without e-mail addresses in LDAP no longer break when first authenticating. * Dashboard: * Fixed support for accessing watched groups through the Dashboard. * Repositories: * Copied files in Git diffs no longer results in File Not Found errors, and properly handles showing the state much like moved files. * Added better compatibility with Mercurial repository when accessing hg-history URLs, when the server name didn't contain a trailing slash. * Added better CVS compatibility for repositories that don’t contain CVSROOT/modules. * Fixed issues with Clear Case in multi-site mode when OIDs weren’t yet available on the server. * Fri Feb 21 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 1.7.21-5 - Require patched version of Djblets to handle requires.txt * Fri Feb 21 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 1.7.21-4 - Fix mimeparse requirement * Fri Feb 21 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 1.7.21-3 - Support parallel-installable python-django14 package * Mon Jan 27 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 1.7.21-2 - Fix apache configuration to support new authorization directive * Wed Jan 15 2014 Stephen Gallagher <> 1.7.21-1 - New upstream enhancement release 1.7.21 - - New Features: * Added support for GitLab servers. * Added support for the Unfuddle service. * Added support for publicly accessible Local Sites. - Performance Improvements: * Massively improved render time of large diffs. - API Changes: * Added new query parameters for filtering lists of repositories. - Bug Fixes: * Fixed issues verifying and accessing files for Subversion repositories on Beanstalk. * Fixed issues accessing properties on Subversion repositories on some hosting providers that require authentication. * The activity widget in the administration UI now shows data for the current day. * Fixed issues where the activity widget could break, depending on the date range. * Fixed a regression in error messages provided when setting up a GitHub repository. * Fixed links in e-mails to file attachments stored on CDNs. * Removed an unnecessary external image included in e-mails. * Users no longer on a LocalSite will be excluded from any e-mails on review requests or reviews they were previously involved in. * Thu Dec 12 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.20-1 - New upstream bugfix release 1.7.20 - - Web API Changes: * When posting a review request and using submit-as, the given username will now be looked up in the auth backend (LDAP, Active Directory, etc.), instead of just the local database. - Bug Fixes: * Accessing file attachments without review UIs through the API no longer causes an HTTP 500 error. * Fields in the administration UI containing JSON will no longer cause errors during save. Furthermore, the JSON is now valid and properly editable. * Usernames with plus signs are now allowed. - Internal Changes * Rewrote the Mercurial support to use the command line tool. * Wed Nov 27 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.19-1 - New upstream bugfix release 1.7.19 - - New Features: * Added support for two-factor authentication for GitHub. - Performance Improvements: * Re-introduced browser caching on the review request page. - Web API Changes: * Added the mirror_path field to Repository Resource. - Bug Fixes: * Fixed the default focus on the Review dialog. The top-most field now always has default focus. * Fixed displaying review requests for groups on a Local Site. * Prevented rare crashes with Local Sites using the new permissions support without any granted permissions. * Fixed HTTP basic authentication with the web API when using fastcgi. * Wed Nov 13 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.18-1 - New upstream bugfix release 1.7.18 - - Convert to using UglifyJS2 for javascript minification * Tue Nov 05 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.17-1 - New upstream security release 1.7.17 - - Resolves: CVE-2013-4519 - Security Fixes: * Fixed XSS vulnerabilities for the 'Branch' field and uploaded file captions. * Added a 'X-Frame-Options' header to prevent clickjacking. - New Features: * Remove the need for SSH keys for GitHub repositories. * Improved validation for GitHub repositories. * Added support for permissions on Local Sites. - Performance Improvements: * Reduced query counts on all pages. * Reduced query counts in the web API when returning empty lists. - Extensibility: * Extensions using the ``configure_extension`` view an now pass in a custom ``template_name`` pointing to a template for the configuration page, if it needs additional customization. * Enabling, disabling or reconfiguring extensions will now invalidate the caches for pages, ensuring that hooks will take affect. * Extension configuration now works properly on subdirectory installs. - Bug Fixes: * Fixed showing private review requests on a submitter page. * The description for submitted or discarded review requests is now shown on the diff viewer. * Discarding, reopening and then closing a review request no longer makes the review request private. * Fixed a naming conflict with older PyCrypto packages, such as the default package on CentOS 6.4. * Users with the 'can_change_status' permission no longer need the 'can_edit_reviewrequest' permission in order to close or reopen review requests. * Switching a repository from using a hosting service to Custom no longer reverts back to the hosting service. * Fixed editing a repository if its associated hosting service can't be loaded (such as if an extension providing that hosting service is disabled). * Many diff validation errors weren't being shown on the New Review Request page, generating 500 errors instead. * Fixed caching issues with the Blocks field on review requests. * Editing JSON text fields in the administration UI now works, validates, and won't result in warnings in the log. * Fixed breakages with looking up URLs internally with Local Sites. * Sun Oct 13 2013 Patrick Uiterwijk <> - 1.7.16-2 - Update Djblets version * Sun Oct 13 2013 Patrick Uiterwijk <> - 1.7.15-2 - New upstream bugfix release 1.7.16 - Fixes a breakage when accessing the Review Group Users resource - Fixes pagination in dashboard and similar pages * Thu Oct 10 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.15-1 - New upstream security release 1.7.15 - - Resolves: CVE-2013-4410 - Fixes access-control problems with REST API - Resolves: CVE-2013-4411 - Fixes URL processing allowing unauthorized users to view review lists * Mon Sep 23 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.14-1 - New upstream security release 1.7.14 - - Some API resources were accessible even if their parent resources were not, due to a missing check. In most cases, this was harmless, but it can affect those using access control on groups or review requests. * Thu Aug 15 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.13-2 - New upstream release 1.7.13 - - Starting with this release, sites will automatically be upgraded if they are listed in the text file /etc/reviewboard/sites by the path to their site, one per line. * Mon Jul 29 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.12-1 - New upstream release 1.7.12 - - Security Fixes: * Function names in diff headers are no longer rendered as HTML. * If a user’s full name contained HTML, the Submitters list would render it as HTML, without escaping it. This was an XSS vulnerability. * The default Apache configuration is now more strict with how it serves up file attachments. This does not apply to existing installations. See for details. * Uploaded files are now renamed to include a hash, preventing users from uploading malicious filenames, and making filenames unguessable. * Recaptcha support has been updated to use the new URLs provided by Google. - New Features: * Added a X-ReviewRequest-Repository header for e-mails. - Extension Improvements: * Extensions can now specify their list of app directories. * Extensions can now specify the author’s URL. * Improved the look and feel for extension configuration. * Improved the functionality for extension configuration. * Improved the list of available extensions. - Bug Fixes: * Fixed the “Show Whitespace Changes” toggle. * Fixed compatibility with modern versions of django-storages. * Draft comments on file attachments are no longer shown to all users. * Fixed issues with console windows appearing when invoking Clear Case requests on Python 2.7.x and Windows 7. * Review requests on Local Sites are now guaranteed to have the proper ID. * Fixed starring review requests on Local Sites. * Thu Jun 27 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.11-1 - New upstream release 1.7.11 - - Bug Fixes: * Fixed compatibility with Python 2.5 * Fixed the drop-down arrow by Support and the account name on older versions of Internet Explorer * Mon Jun 24 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.10-1 - New upstream release 1.7.10 - - Security Updates: * Fixed an XSS vulnerability where users could trigger script errors under certain conditions in auto-complete widgets - Web API Changes: * Added n ?order-by=<fieldname> query parameter for comment resources, allowing ordering by fields such as line numbers (for diff comments) * Added a filename field to screenshot resources, which provides the base filename (without path) of the screenshot * Added a review_url field to screenshot resources, which provides the URL to the screenshot review page * Added a thumbnail_url field to screenshot comment resources, which provides the URL to the snippet of the screenshot being commented on * Added a link_text field to file attachment comment resources, which shows the text for any link pointing to the file. This may differ depending on the comment * Added a review_url field to file attachment comment resources, which provides the URL to the review page for the file * Added a thumbnail_html field to file attachment comment resources, which provides HTML for rendering the thumbnail of the portion of the file being rendered, if any - UI Changes: * Improved the look and feel of the issue summary table. It’s cleaner and no longer looks odd with long comment text - Bug Fixes: * Fixed periodic but harmless JavaScript errors when removing elements with relative timestamps * Editing or reordering dashboard columns no longer breaks after the dashboard reloads * Relative timestamps in the dashboard no longer break after the dashboard reloads * The maximum size of the timezone has increased, allowing for longer timezone strings * Mon Jun 03 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.9-1 - New upstream release 1.7.9 - - API Changes: * Added new blocks and depends_on fields to the Review Request resource - Bug Fixes: * Fixed the max_length of the new HostingServiceAccount.hosting_url field * Fixed the documentation for the cgit configuration for Git * Fixed the cgit URL for Fedora Hosted * Mon Jun 03 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - - New upstream release - - Bug Fixes: * Fixed a regression with saving repositories that don't use hosting services - Misc. Changes: * Compatibility changes for the upcoming PDF review plugin - New upstream release 1.7.8 - - New Features: * Added Depends On and Blocks fields to review requests * Added an improved support page * Added the ability to set where Get Support takes users * Added improved logging for many operations - Performance Improvements: * Reduced the upload time for many new diffs * The templates used for rendering the various pages are now cached after the first render, speeding up the rendering for any future renders. We've seen speedups of ~100-120ms for review request pages - Usability Improvements: * The review request actions are now larger, making them more visible and easier to hit, particularly on touch screens * Clicking Fixed, Drop or Re-open now keeps the page in the same scroll position * The dashboard now reloads dynamically, without reloading the entire page * The comment dialog now tells you when you can't make a comment (due to being logged out or reviewing something that's part of a draft - API Changes * Fixed deleting pending replies to comments * Fixed some issues returning certain lists of data - Extensibility Improvements: * Extensions can now customize their metadata directly in the Extension class * TemplateHooks can now render their own content by overriding render_to_string() * NavigationBarHook can now take a url_name parameter specifying the URL name to link to * Review UIs can now specify the link and link text for any comments on a review by overriding get_comment_link_url() and get_comment_link_text() * Custom hosting services can now be registered/unregistered by extensions by using register_hosting_service() and unregister_hosting_service() (from reviewboard.hostingsvcs.service) * Added the ability to more easily write hosting services support that works for self-installable services - Bug Fixes: * Added missing repository validation for Mercurial repositories * Fixed replying to comments on file attachments that have since been removed * Fixed the display of the upload dialogs when viewing a file attachment * Comments on file attachments in e-mails now link to the correct review UI handling the file * Worked around rare issues where a reset of the Open An Issue default for a user would cause pages to break - Misc Changes: * E-mails now show the user’s full name instead of just their first name * The New Review Request page now mentions RBTools instead of just post-review * Mon Apr 22 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - - New upstream release - - Bug Fixes: * Fixed a problem with generating config files when creating a new site installations - New upstream release 1.7.7 - - New Features: * The configured SSH key can now be deleted * Added support for working against a GitHub OAuth application - Performance Improvements: * Uploading a diff with a parent diff will no longer attempt to process any files in the parent diff that aren't in the main diff * Sped up rendering times for the Dashboard, All Review Requests page, and the user/groups pages - Web API Improvements: * Fixed a breakage with updating comments when the issue_status field wasn't provided * Improved caching logic to not claim a cached payload is valid when the client reports a matching Last Modified timestamp but not a matching ETag - Bug Fixes: * Specifying a port in a SSH URL for a repository will now connect on that port * Fixed broken links to file attachments when using Local Sites * Review request e-mails now show the right ID in the subject for Local Sites * Fixed Python path issues when spawning processes * Fixed a rare breakage when saving repositories * Fixed the cookie path when using site directories * When installing a site, database hosts now accept a port in the format of hostname:port * Fixed visual glitches with some rounded corners in the UI * Wed Apr 10 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.6-4 - Add explicit BuildRequires: python-django14 * Wed Apr 10 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.6-3 - Change to explicit requirement on python-django14 - Resolves: rhbz#950411 - Change requires to python-django14 * Thu Mar 21 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.6-2 - Replace references of id2= with id= for cgit - Use file blobs rather than plaintext representation with Fedora Hosted cgit repositories * Thu Feb 21 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.6-1 - New upstream release 1.7.6 - - Fedora-specific: removed versioning requirement on paramiko; it's no longer needed - Security Updates: * We now require Django 1.4.5, which fixes a few security vulnerabilities - New Features: * Added Perforce ticket-based authentication * Added a setting for choosing Review Board log levels - Web API Changes: * Added API support for querying and manipulating default reviewers * Repositories deleted through the Web API are now only archived if they have any associated review requests - Bug Fixes: * Fixed fetching files with FedoraHosted * Fixed some cases where URLs to user pages were incorrect, especially on subdirectory installs and local sites * We try harder now to set the PYTHONPATH for subprocesses, which should fix some issues fetching files over Subversion * The Administration UI dashboard widgets no longer cache their data too aggressively * Fixed showing the error box when entering an invalid reviewer * Fixed config/ and db/ links for extensions, when in a subdirectory install * The Manual Updates page for the media upload directory no longer points to a non-existant wiki page * Thu Feb 07 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.5-1 - New upstream release 1.7.5 - - New Features: * Added a nicer, human-readable view of diffs in the FileDiff tables in the administration UI * The repository name is now included in review request e-mails - Compatibility Fixes: * We now require django-pipeline 1.2.24, which restores our compatibility with Python 2.5 and fixes some errors when loading pages * Our list of supported timezones should now be consistent across all installs, since we now require a specific, modern version of pytz (Packager's note: this is an upstream change only. In Fedora we have always relied on the system pytz) - Bug Fixes: * The entire thumbnail for file attachments are now clickable, making it easier to download the file or reach the review page * Users are no longer locked out of their review requests when assigned to private groups they don’t have access to * The Hide whitespace changes toggle was broken on many browsers, causing a JavaScript error * Searching for a user in the quick search field and then clicking the user once again navigates to the user’s page * The review request counts in the dashboard no longer show “None” for new users when using Local Sites * Thu Jan 31 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.4-1 - New upstream release 1.7.4 - - Bug Fixes: * Fixed a JavaScript error in Internet Explorer and Firefox 3.x involving the console object being undefined * Fixed the diff viewer’s changed file listings when using Windows file paths * Mon Jan 28 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.3-1 - New upstream release 1.7.3 - - New Features: * Add optional support for sending e-mails when closing review requests - Compatibility Updates: * The new support for Perforce moved files has changed RBTools 0.4.3 will now require Review Board 1.7.3 at a minimum. * Review Board now works with SVN diffs generated in many non-C locales - Web API Changes: * Added a scmtools.perforce.moved_files capability to indicate moved file support for Perforce - Bug Fixes: * SMTP servers saved with additional whitespace will now have that whitespace stripped, in order to prevent lookup failures. * Fixed a crash when running a search index * The listed creation time for a review request now reflects when it was first published, not when the initial draft was first created * The "Add Comment" button on file attachment thumbnails is no longer shown if not logged in * Fixed a bug allowing for publishing blank review requests after filling in the field and then deleting them * Fixed an occasional crash when viewing a diff when displaying a function or class header on the left-hand side but when there was none on the right-hand side * Fixed a breakage on some systems when checking the Mercurial version * The Summary field no longer overlaps text when wrapping * Fixed the review ID column when using Local Sites * Using a custom SITE_ROOT with a development server setup no longer breaks all static media * Fixed the capitalization of the "VersionOne" bug tracker entry * Using ClearCase on Windows 7 should no longer cause console windows to pop up * Fixed loading blank comments in the diff viewer * Thu Jan 17 2013 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.2-1 - New upstream release 1.7.2 - - New Features: - Added bug tracker support for VersionOne - Added support for ssl:-prefixed P4PORTs for Perforce 2012.1+ - Added support for moved file handling for Perforce - Bug Fixes: - Fixed an HTML escaping issue when listing filenames in the diff viewer - Fixed the display of the static media instructions in rb-site - Attempting to install on Python 2.4 will now display a helpful error before failing, instead of a cryptic error - Fixed the display of file attachment names in review request change descriptions that don’t have captions - Fixed the default file-based cache path used when creating a new site - The Review Board Activity widget in the administration UI will now clear the data shown when the datasets are unselected - Fixed capitalization of the navigation bar entries to be consistent - Fixed the link to the PyLucene documentation in the General Settings page - Fixed default Apache configuration files to be explicit in enabling FollowSymLinks - Fixed timezone warnings when running the search index command * Fri Dec 21 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.1-2 - Add missing runtime dependencies * Wed Dec 19 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7.1-1 - New upstream release 1.7.1 - - - * Thu Dec 13 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7-5.rc1 - Update to upstream release candidate 1.7rc1 - * Wed Oct 03 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7-4.beta2 - Disable building documentation * Wed Oct 03 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7-3.beta2 - Disable JavaScript minification until python-slimit is available * Wed Oct 03 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7-2.beta2 - New upstream release 1.7 beta2 - New Features: - Introduced a new style for Review Board - Performance Improvements: - We’ve updated our dependency on jQuery to the latest version. We’ve been on an old one for quite a while, and there have been many performance improvements since. The site’s responsiveness should be a little faster now. - Bug Fixes: - Fixed the paths to certain decorational image files - File attachment comments are no longer missing from the review box - Fixed problems with issue tracking statuses in the review box - Fixed wrapping of the text in the change updates - Admin UI widgets no longer overlap when loading the page * Mon Aug 06 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.7-1.beta1 - New upstream release 1.7 beta1 - - Compatibility Changes: - Added a requirement for Django 1.4 - Dropped Python 2.4 support - New Features: - Experimental extension support - New administration UI - Issue summary table for review requests - Moved files in a change are better represented in the diff viewer - Some file attachments are now shown with more detailed previews - Added a “To Me” column in the dashboard - Dates and times are now localized to the user’s region - The review request update bubble now says if the review request was closed - E-mails now include the review request ID in the subject header - Links in the Description and Testing Done text now open in new windows or tabs - Required fields on a review request are now marked as required by showing an asterisk - Added a “Show changes” link on the change description boxes after publishing a diff - Added support for the latest CVS diff file format - Removed Features: - The hidden reports feature (accessible at /reports/) has been removed - Performance Improvements: - Reduced download time of JavaScript and CSS - Reduced diff storage and lookups - Web API Changes: - Added server capabilities in /api/info/ - Added resources for viewing the original and patched files for a FileDiff - Bug Fixes: - The “Diff Updated” column in the dashboard now actually reflects the last diff update - Captions changes for file attachments are now shown on change description boxes, just like screenshot caption changes * Tue Jul 31 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.11-1 - New upstream release 1.6.11 - - - Drop upstreamed patch for disabling ez_setup - New Features: - The "x minutes ago" timestamps now update live on the page - Added a RB_EXTRA_MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting for - Performance Enhancements: - Greatly tuned our database queries, session handling, and other bits of logic, and this makes a noticeable impact on performance. All pages load faster, particularly review requests, diffs, and the dashboard - Reduced the number of queries for review requests with file attachments, comments referencing inactive screenshots and file attachments, the screenshot page, and review requests without a repository - Reduced the number of queries on review requests with file attachments - Reduced the number of queries when comments were referencing previously removed screenshots or file attachments - API Changes: - The new Hosting Service Account resource payload key has been changed from hosting-service-account to hosting_service_account - Bug Fixes: - Very large lines no longer slow Review Board to a crawl - All errors that occur when verifying a repository should now be shown, instead of causing an HTTP 500 error - Closing or reopening an issue no longer causes excessive checks for update notification bubbles - Fixed compatibility issues with newer versions of Mercurial with version numbers containing a + in them - Mercurial no longer forces an HTTP URL for downloading files from a repository when an HTTPS URL is specified - Mercurial support on Google Code now works properly - Fixed files in CVS that had v as the last character in the filename - Fixed the order of displayed replies on a review - SSH-backed repositories no longer break on some setups * Wed Jul 18 2012 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.6.9-2 - Rebuilt for * Tue Jun 12 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.9-1 - New upstream release 1.6.9 - - New Features: - When using a GitHub repository and there's only 100 API calls or less available on GitHub for the hour, a warning with the number of API calls left is logged - Bug Fixes: - Fixed typing in entry fields in the diff viewer - Fixed some issues with private repositories on GitHub - Fixed creating review requests that aren't tied to repositories * Mon Jun 11 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.8-1 - New upstream release 1.6.8 - - Bug Fixes: - The Account field for a hosting service for a repository now properly loads the existing account when re-editing a repository or when showing validation errors - Fixed problems when using the "Use hosting service's bug tracker" setting - Fixed a file fetching error with GitHub when using the New Review Request form - Improved the help text of some of the hosting service fields - Fixed improper text in the File Not Found error when using GitHub * Fri Jun 08 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - - New upstream release - Fixed a database migration compatibility issue with certain versions of MySQL * Tue Jun 05 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.7-1 - New upstream release 1.6.7 - Important Updates: - support the new method for authentication that we need in order to fetch data from GitHub - New Features: - Introduced a new model for hosting service integration - Made the maximum diff size customizable - Added Plastic SCM 4.0 compatibility - Web API Changes: - Added a /api/hosting-service-accounts/ resource for querying existing hosting service accounts and for linking new ones - Bug Fixes: - Review Board no longer continues to show the Manual Updates page if the problem is resolved - Subversion now understands the $Header$ keyword - Setting the issue status on deleted screenshots no longer fails * Wed Apr 25 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.6-2 - Fix conflict with Django 1.4 - Guarantee rebuild of .egg-info * Wed Apr 25 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.6-1 - New upstream release 1.6.6 - New Features: - Added a button for fetching GitHub API tokens - Improved update bubbles - Diffs larger than 1MB can no longer be uploaded - Added a RB_EXTRA_APPS setting for - Web API Changes: - Fixed the links in the FileDiff resource - Added an error for diff uploading (code 219) when the diff is empty - Added an error for diff uploading (code 220) when the diff is over 1MB in size * Fri Mar 30 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.5-2 - Always pull in mod_wsgi - Pull in the tools for working with repositories * Fri Mar 30 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.5-1 - New upstream release 1.6.5 - - Important Updates - ReviewBoard is not compatible with Django 1.4. I have specifically added a conflict to the RPM to ensure that an appropriate version of Django is installed - Web API Changes - Fixed a breakage when querying for diff comments as an anonymous user - Bug Fixes - Support parsing Git diffs with moved file information - Fixed rendering issues on Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 - The source tarball now contains the documentation database, needed to generate docs * Tue Feb 28 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - - New upstream minor release - - Bug Fixes - Fixed a crash with the Review ID column in the Dashboard when sorting by ID - Fixed validation of the cache backend when saving settings - Increased the buffer size for memcached stats in order to accomodate larger amounts of data * Mon Feb 27 2012 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.4-1 - New upstream release 1.6.4 - - New Features - Added support for Codebase HQ as a hosting service - Toggles for issue tracking now appear in the review dialog - Added database dump/load management commands for rb-site - Objective-C++ '.mm' files now show function/class headers in the diff viewer, just like '.m' files - Web API Changes - The web API now identifies resource payloads by resource-specific mimetypes. These are JSON and XML-compatible, but contain specific information that can be used by a consumer to identify the resource without inspecting the path - API requests that take a boolean parameter now accept true as a valid value - Bug Fixes - Fix problems with Git when changes are made to previously empty files - Fix Basic HTTP auth issues when accessing remote Git or Mercurial repositories - Fix SPF compliance for e-mails - Fixed potential KeyErrors when creating a repository without a path - Prevent HTTP 500 errors if we receive badly encoded text during repository validation - Added validation for the cache backend setting - Fixed global default reviewers on Local Sites - Fixed encoding errors in the user infobox for users with unicode names - Made the “Expand All” icon work in the review request page - Fixed the help text for Git paths in the administration UI - Improved the help text for the LDAP user mask field - Show the correct review request ID in the "Review ID" column for Local Sites - The "Posted" date now shows up in the review request - Duplicate CC headers on e-mails have been removed - Fixed links to screenshots in e-mails - Fixed a potential crash when using LDAP without fullName set * Thu Jan 12 2012 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.6.3-2 - Rebuilt for * Tue Nov 15 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.3-1 - New upstream security release 1.6.3 - Security Fixes: A script injection vulnerability was discovered in the commenting system. This affected the diff viewer and screenshot pages, and allowed a commenter to break the page and execute JavaScript * Thu Nov 10 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.2-1 - New upstream release - - New Features: - Staff members can now access all Local Sites - Auto-generated e-mails are now marked as "auto-generated" to avoid auto replies - API Changes: - Added API for deleting review groups - Allow for archiving repositories - Bug Fixes: - Fixed the default Apache WSGI configuration for subdirectory installs - Added explicit permisisions in the default Apache configurations - The favicon for the page is now properly switching to the "New Updates" favicon on all browsers when there are review request updates - Specifying bug numbers on review requests without a repository no longer fails - Fixed saving captions for newly added screenshots and files - Fixed using special characters in SVN URLs - Fixed Bazaar when pointing to a repository root that exists on the local filesystem - Clicking Cancel on an "Add comment" box now fully removes the box, instead of leaving a bit of it behind - Fixed dashboard counters for brand new review requests on Local Sites - Group names in the dashboard are now ordered by name in the sidebar - Fixed a hard-coded media URL for the "Expand All" button - Fixed a problem with IE8 where the "Publish" button on comment dialogs weren’t being shown - Fixed API authentication failures when : was in the password * Tue Sep 13 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6.1-1 - Security Updates: * Review Board 1.6.1 now requires Django 1.3.1. Django 1.3.1 contains a number of important security fixes. - Bug Fixes: * Fixed the Dashboard counters showing up as 0 or negative numbers * Mon Jul 25 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6-5.rc2 - New Features - File attachment comments - File attachment drag-and-drop - Added close descriptions to review requests - Added alerts whenever leaving a page would cause data loss - Added confirmation when canceling a field with new changes - Added a Control-S shortcut to save the field you’re editing - Added support for HTTP Basic Auth for Git repositories when using the - web-based raw file URL method - Added stunnel support for Perforce - Provide better instructions when manual updates to the server are required - Added Gitorious as a hosting service for repositories - Added People and Groups columns to the dashboard - Added additional LDAP configuration for name attributes - Web API Changes - Added a ?ship-it= parameter to the review requests list resource - Added support for HTTP caching headers for resources - Fixed accessing diff resources for closed review requests - Errors accessing Perforce repositories are now reported in the web API - Bug Fixes - Review request counts in the dashboard's sidebar should now be correct - if they were broken in older releases - LDAP referrals are now turned off - Fixed JavaScript errors on Internet Explorer - Fixed a JavaScript error when canceling a newly created, empty reply to a - comment - Fixed the star/unstar issue counts for review requests - Fixed screenshot comment location problems on Chrome and Firefox - Closing issues no longer changes the review timestamp - The dashboard should no longer generate errors about id_list not being set - Invalid bug tracker URLs (those with extra "%s" or other format strings) - no longer break review requests - Trailing ) characters on links are no longer included in the link - The proper screenshot caption is now shown after uploading a screenshot - through the Add Screenshot button - The issue tracker buttons ("Fixed" and "Discard") are no longer shown to - all users, just to the owner of the review request - Removed the unwanted "Uploaded files" label on review requests without - file attachments - The Expand Reviews button is no longer shown if there aren’t any reviews - Fixed the name of the "recaptcha-client" dependency. This didn’t affect - most users, but it was causing problems for some packagers - Feature Polish - The user page now has a bit of polish, and looks closer to how the user - hover bubble looks - Updated the styles for the issue bars. The icons and color scheme have - been tweaked a bit * Thu Jun 23 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6-4.rc1 - - New Features - Added generic file attachment - Added support for private profiles - Added support for private GitHub Organizations - New review request notifications are now reflected in the page icon - The "Discarded" and "Submitted" labels in the dashboard views now have - their own distinct colors - The Review Request Updated e-mails now clearly show when the summary, - rather than the description, was changed - Performance Enhancements - Sped up the rendering of the New Review Request page - The rendering of syntax highlighting in diffs is now faster - Reduced queries when looking up SCMTools in the database - Bug Fixes - Fixed an error when attempting to show a changeset-related error during - the creation of a review request - Fixed a page breakage where a user profile was incorrectly assumed to - exist when viewing a review request - Clear Case wasn’t properly recognizing brand new files - Fixed a Python 2.4 compatibility problem in Clear Case - Fixed a breakage with Internet Explorer that was introduced in 1.6 beta 2 - Fixed a rare crash in rb-site on the memcached server location page - Fixed an inconsistent recommendation in rb-site - Fixed possible problems if a .ssh/authorized_keys file contained a bad - line - The new Quick Search results list no longer appears off-screen - The log file no longer spews file locations on every new web server worker - thread/process unless the log level is set to DEBUG - Public servers not running in DEBUG mode would cause any HTTP 400 errors - to e-mail the administrator - Internal Changes - Review Board now depends on Django 1.3 * Fri Jun 17 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6-3.beta2.1 - Fix serious upgrade bug from 1.6beta1 - Resolves: rhbz#598463 - rb-site suggests that I use an unsafe temporary - directory * Mon May 09 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6-2.beta2 - This release contains all bug fixes and features found in Review Board - version 1.5.5. - - Important Upgrade Notes - * The generated file for new sites in 1.6 beta 1 had a - shortened version of the database engine path (stored in ENGINE). This - is deprecated. We now generate the full path. - * Sites created in 1.6 beta 1 may need adjustment to be compatible with - future versions of Django. Locate the line with 'ENGINE:' '<name>' and - prefix django.db.backends. before <name> - New Features - * Added basic issue tracking support for comments and reviews - * Added a quick search field - * Review draft banners now stay on screen while the review is shown - * Added support for e-mailing administrators when new users register - * Aded move/rename information in the diff viewer - * Added support for copy/rename information in git-style diffs on - Mercurial - * Added X-ReviewGroup headers for e-mails, improving e-mail filtering - * Added a brand new Clear Case implementation - * SSH keys can now be defined per-Local Site. - * This means if a server has a Review Board instance partitioned into - two Local Sites, each can have their own SSH keys configured - Removed Features - * Removed RSS/Atom feed support (never referenced) - API Changes - * Added API for getting change descriptions - * Added a quick search API for retrieving basic searchable information - * Draft resources weren’t always being fetched correctly, returning 404s - * Links in resources on Local Sites are no longer broken - Bug Fixes - * Fixed compatibility with Django 1.3 - * The groups box in the user preferences page is no longer displayed if - there are no groups to join - * Increased the size of the text field son the New Review Request page. - They’re now the width of the page - * Git patches containing new or deleted files would not have all the - information preserved in the downloaded diff - * Saving a review request in the admin UI no longer fails due to a blank - Local ID field - * Table captions in the admin dashboard were scrambled on Google Chrome - * Review Board no longer breaks when set up with mod_wsgi without - mod_python installed - * The starred reviews counts weren't incremented properly. This would - cause removing a star to show a negative count in the dashboard - * The incoming group counts on the dashboard weren’t always updated - properly - * Both the groups and people reviewer auto-complete lists now have a - “Press Tab to auto-complete” footer at the bottom of the list. - Previously, only one of the lists had this. - * Fixed a breakage when reporting errors on failed diffs - * The proper user information on the user page wasn't correct. The logged - in user was being shown instead of the user represented by the URL - * Newly uploaded screenshots are no longer shown on the review request - until the draft is published. Since 1.0, we’ve always shown whether or - not they were intended to be public - * Draft captions for screenshots are now properly displayed on the review - request page. Previously, we’d show the original caption - * Editing a caption for a screenshot properly saves it again - * The order of values in the change descriptions were seemingly random. - This affected such fields as bug numbers and reviewers. Now they - maintain the order shown in the actual fields - * Fixed a usability problem with the user infobox - * Fixed visual issues in the user infobox on Google Chrome - * Fixed several problems with commenting and saving reviews - * Wed Mar 30 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.6-1.beta1 - New upstream beta release - Site divisions within Review Board - Invite-only groups - Hidden groups - Access control on repositories - Collapsible reviews - One-click Ship It! - Delete detection for Git and Perforce - The review request ID is now displayed under the summary on the review - request - Added error messages when typing an invalid reviewer (user or group). Prior - to this, the invalid reviewer would just disappear from the list, leaving no - indication that it was wrong - Plastic SCM support - Better custom authentication backends - Improved user page - User info bubble - Better DKIM support for e-mails - Searching by change numbers now works. This may require a full reindex - The dashboard is now much faster - Reduced the number of round trips to the database when loading the diff - viewer - The old 1.0 API has been removed - The old iPhone interface has been removed - Review Board now depends on Django 1.2 - The entire web UI has been updated to use the new API - * Mon Feb 21 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.4-1 - New upstream release 1.5.4 - Added API support for creating/updating/removing repositories - Added API for change number-related updates - Fix validation problems with the Search Index settings in the - Administration UI - Comments begining in expanded regions of a diff and ending in - collapsed regions should no longer break the diff viewer - Usernames with @ in the name (such as when using e-mail addresses - as usernames) are now allowed - IntelliJ-generated SVN diffs should now be parsed properly - The update_changenum method in the old API no longer returns an - HTTP 500 error - When replying to a review, names containing an apostrophe are no - longer displayed incorrectly - Using a bug number on a review request without a repository no - longer causes an HTTP 500 error - * Mon Feb 07 2011 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.5.3-2 - Rebuilt for * Mon Feb 07 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.3-1 - New upstream release 1.5.3 - Added support for matching repository names instead of paths with RBTools - 0.3.1 - Fixed many compatibility issues with the new SSH implementation - Removed some spurious print statements causing mod_wsgi to have problems - The Search Index setting in the administration UI now validates the path - to ensure that it’s an absolute path, it exists, and it’s writeable * Tue Jan 18 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.2-21 - Change mod_wsgi notification patch to the version submitted upstream - This warning will now only be displayed if upgrading from an affected - version, rather than on all upgrades. - Don't install files used only for test purposes * Mon Jan 10 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.2-20 - Add message to upgrade script to alert users that manual edits may be - required if using mod_wsgi * Mon Jan 10 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.2-19 - Important Updates - Users using existing WSGI configurations must update their configuration - for authentication with the new API to work. - New Features - Added SSH key management for SSH-backed repositories - Authentication failures when setting up repositories are now more useful - Added our own SSH replacement for standardizing on behavior and working - around OpenSSH limitations - The Repository page in the administration UI now talks about API Tokens - and links to the GitHub Account page for Git repositories, making it - easier to set up a GitHub repository - API Fixes - Fixed logging in on requests using HTTP Basic Auth - Fixed wrong responses when performing a request requiring authentication - as an anonymous user - Fixed anonymous access to the API when anonymous access is enabled - Fixed replies to screenshot comments in the new web API - Fixed removing screenshots from review requests - Changed the request when doing a HTTP PUT on a review request draft - Fixed search queries in /api/users/ - Bug Fixes - Fixed a problem with SSH host checking on Git repositories - Fixed support for private GitHub repositories - The API Token for GitHub repositories are now extracted properly in the - Repository page in the administration UI - Fixed extra whitespace highlight toggling - Images on the dashboard are now cached, reducing the number of requests - made to the server - Disabled auto-complete and default values for the repository - username/password fields - Support for Amazon S3 now works again with new versions of Django - Storages - Authentication with the new API now works with new Apache+wsgi setups - Fixed some rewrite rule for fastcgi - Fix 404 errors with newly generated lighttpd.conf files - Fixed errrors when passing a non-integer value for ?show_submitted= on - the dashboard or other review request listings - Fixed a crash when attempting to log SSH-related problems - The contributed svn-hook-postcommit-review script wasn't parsing the - base path correctly - Release Notes - * Mon Nov 22 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.1-18 - New Features - Permission denied errors are shown when accessing unreachable local Git - repositories. (Bug #1765) - Previously, if a Git repository was used and there wasn’t sufficient - file permissions to access it, a vague error saying that the repository - was unreachable would appear. Now we check to find out if it’s a - permissions error, and display an appropriate error message. - Performance Improvements - Reduce the number of SQL queries in the legacy JSON API. - Some of the legacy API handlers performed more queries than necessary. - We now perform fewer queries. Patch by Ben Hollis. - Bug Fixes - Fixed several small problems in the Admin UI from bundling Django media - files. - For historical reasons, we’ve always shipped the Django Admin media - files as part of Review Board. This comes from a time before rb-site - existed, when we needed a single media directory with everything inside - it. However, it just introduces various compatibility problems these - days. We now make use of the media files that are installed with Django - Fixed a breakage in the diff viewer with SCons files. (Bug #1864) - Any SCons files put up for review would break the diff viewer, due to a - typo when looking up information on that type of file. - Added the Parent Diff field to the New Review Request page. (Bug #1651) - The Parent Diff field was missing for Git, Bazaar, and Mercurial, - making it impossible to upload a parent diff through the web UI when - creating a new review request. - Fixed some common installation problems with the generated - lighttpd.conf file. (Bug #1618, Bug #1639) - Several installs with lighttpd would give 404 Not Found errors, due to - some configuration problems in the sample config file. - Fixed support for multiple e-mail addresses assigned to a group. - (Bug #1661) - Multiple e-mail addresses for a group were supported, but broken in - 1.5. We now split them out properly. - The screenshot area is no longer hidden immediately after uploading a - screenshot. - Fixed an error in the web API when serializing to XML. - Fixed broken intervals for search updating in the generated crontab - file. - The intervals would cause a full index to happen at every minute at 2AM - on Sundays, rather than only at 2AM. - Fixed an error when permanently deleting a review request. - The administrator-specific ability to permanently delete a review - request would succeed but generate an error page. * Fri Oct 01 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-17 - Release ReviewBoard 1.5 final - Full release notes: - * Mon Sep 20 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-16.rc2 - Fix specfile typo causing build break * Mon Sep 20 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-15.rc2 - Update to new upstream release 1.5rc2 - Added Python 2.7 compatibility. - Added compatibility with PyLucene 3.x. Support for 2.x still remains. - Added support for review requests without diffs, for image/screenshot review - Assorted API improvements and bugfixes - Update Djblets requirement to 0.6.4 - * Wed Jul 21 2010 David Malcolm <> - 1.5-14.rc1.1 - Rebuilt for * Fri Jul 09 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-14.rc1 - Add missing Requires: python-dateutil * Tue Jul 06 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-13.rc1 - Specfile change: more specific %files section * Tue Jul 06 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-12.rc1 - Added support for the iPhone and iPad - Improved move detection in diff viewer - Support for WSGI installations - Improvements to the JSON API - Assorted bugfixes - * Fri May 14 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-11.beta2 - Added support for custom site-specific management commands - Set the HOME directory for Review Board to be he site directory’s - data directory by default - Multiple review requests can now be closed or reopened at once by - administrators in the administration UI’s database browser - Added a new REST API - Usability Improvements - Assorted bugfixes - * Sat Apr 17 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-7.beta1 - Remove previous patch. It was actually already in the source tree * Sat Apr 17 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-6.beta1 - Include upstream patch to drastically reduce the number of - SQL lookups * Tue Mar 16 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-5.beta1 - Add Requires: python-paramiko * Fri Mar 12 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-3.beta1 - Fix some places where 'beta1' was missing, causing build failure * Fri Mar 12 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-2.beta1 - Correct version to meet naming guidelines * Fri Mar 12 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5beta1-1 - Add missing dependency on python-recaptcha-client * Mon Feb 15 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5beta1-0 - New upstream release - Complete release notes at - * Tue Dec 22 2009 Stephen Gallagher <> - - Fix source tarball location - Add comment to spec file regarding the lack of .desktop file - Update changelog * Tue Dec 15 2009 Stephen Gallagher <> - - Update to latest upstream ( - Require Django >= 1.1.1 for security fixes * Fri Oct 16 2009 Dan Young <> - 1.0.1-2 - add builddep on python-setuptools to avoid "ImportError: No module named setuptools" in mock build - Add Requires: python-pygments for syntax highlighting - Add Requires: django-evolution for schema migrations * Fri Sep 11 2009 David Malcolm <> - 1.0.1-1 - bump to latest upstream (1.0.1), and delete usage of "alphatag" from the specfile - drop build-time dependency on python-setuptools-devel * Thu May 07 2009 David Malcolm <> - 1.0-0.4.rc1 - update to rc1 - avoid trying to bootstrap; we get this via RPM - update djblets dep based on my proposed renaming (see bug 487098) - make executable - add requirement on pytz * Tue Feb 24 2009 Dan Young <> - 1.0-0.3.alpha4 - change _alphaver to alphatag - fix Djblets dep w/ correct pre-release package naming * Tue Feb 24 2009 Dan Young <> - 1.0-0.2.alpha4 - Fix version number - Fix rpmlint administriva (spaces/tabs, description length, capitalization) - Include docs * Sat Feb 21 2009 Ramez Hanna <> - First build.