Information for build pungi-4.1.35-1.fc29

Package Namepungi
SummaryDistribution compose tool
DescriptionA tool to create anaconda based installation trees/isos of a set of rpms.
Built bylsedlar
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive04
StartedTue, 26 Mar 2019 13:32:45 UTC
CompletedTue, 26 Mar 2019 13:36:31 UTC
Taskbuild (f29-candidate, /rpms/pungi.git:d2d520e989c9b8e09402a3168c2213688b5b70a1)
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Changelog * Tue Mar 26 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.35-1 - orchestrator: Monitor status of parts (lsedlar) - tests: Skip tests if libmodulemd is not available (lsedlar) - pkgset: Refactor hiding unused modular packages (lsedlar) - Remove configuration for devel modules (lsedlar) - gather: Remove module source (lsedlar) - createrepo: Stop processing modulemd (lsedlar) - pkgset: Load final modulemd files from Koji (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Allow overwriting version for lorax (lsedlar) - Create new Runroot class and use it everywhere where runroot task is executed. (jkaluza) - orchestrator: Send messages about the main compose (lsedlar) - orchestrator: Support generic pre- and post- scripts (lsedlar) - orchestrator: Support getting kerberos ticket (lsedlar) - hybrid: Refactor handling debuginfo packages (lsedlar) - doc: explain koji_profile (kdreyer) - pkgset: Stop loading list of module RPMs (lsedlar) - pkgset: Only load cache once (lsedlar) - Do not add pkgset_koji_builds to modules, but only to pkgset_koji_tag tags. (jkaluza) - scm: Don't retry git fetch (lsedlar) - tests: fix metadata tests when SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is set (marmarek) - checks: Use GitResolver for scm dicts (lsedlar) - hybrid: Fix opening gzipped files on Python 2.6 (lsedlar) * Tue Mar 05 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.34-1 - config: Allow validating configuration in JSON (lsedlar) - image-build: Accept formats in lists (lsedlar) - image-build: Resolve git ref in ksurl (lsedlar) - Resolve git branches in scm_dict (lsedlar) - util: Refactor resolving git url (lsedlar) - scm-wrapper: Refactor getting files from Git (lsedlar) - osbs: Fix wrong message in logs (lsedlar) - orchestrator: Log exception to log file (lsedlar) - config-dump: Allow freezing koji event (lsedlar) - Read koji event from config file (lsedlar) - osbs: Accept local paths as repo URLs (lsedlar) - image-build: Support repo/install_tree as path (lsedlar) - osbs: Remove format requirement for registry (lsedlar) - orchestrator: Use prefix for config substitutions (lsedlar) - README: add link to documentation (kdreyer) * Fri Mar 01 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.33-6 - Update builddep on libmodulemd as well * Fri Mar 01 2019 Stephen Gallagher <> - 4.1.33-5 - Fix libmodulemd dependency * Wed Feb 27 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.33-4 - Disable legacy and python 2 packages on Fedora 31+ * Mon Feb 25 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.33-3 - Fix copying vmdk images from koji tasks * Thu Feb 21 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.33-2 - Make it possible to disable Apple/HFS compatibility on ppc64le * Wed Feb 13 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.33-1 - isos: Check maximum expected size (lsedlar) - osbs: Process data about pushing images to registries (lsedlar) - hybrid: Apply filters to debuginfo and source packages (lsedlar) - hybrid: Get platform from lookaside repos (lsedlar) - Return RPMs added to -devel module in GatherSourceModule. (jkaluza) - Allow setting wildcard as a module name in variants to include all the modules. (jkaluza) - gather: Link files in order for dependant variants (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Pick correct config with rootfs_size (lsedlar) - hybrid: Add packages from prepopulate to input (lsedlar) - ostree_installer: Pass --buildarch to lorax (lsedlar) - orchestrator: Add missing function arguments (lsedlar) - orchestrator: Compatibility with Python 2.6 (lsedlar) - pungi-legacy: expose lorax's --rootfs-size argument (frederic.pierret) - Only require enum34 on Legacy Python (miro) - ostree: Add test for expanding basearch for message (lsedlar) - Make sure ${basearch} is also replaced with config['ostree_ref'] (patrick) * Fri Feb 01 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.32-6 - buildinstall: Pick correct config with rootfs size * Mon Jan 28 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.32-5 - Pass buildarch to lorax for ostree installer * Mon Jan 14 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.32-4 - Use python deps generator correctly * Thu Jan 10 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.32-3 - Replace basearch in ostree ref in message * Wed Jan 09 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.32-2 - Drop dependency on python3-enum34 * Tue Jan 08 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.32-1 - Add script to orchestrate multiple composes (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Expose lorax's --rootfs-size argument (lsedlar) - Support for pungi-legacy with productmd format (frederic.pierret) - Unify script with rpkg (onosek) - Remove createrepo references from doc and spec (lsedlar) - CreaterepoWrapper: add 'basedir' and 'compress-type' args for createrepo_c (frederic.pierret) - use createrepo_c for creating repodata instead of obsolete createrepo python library (frederic.epitre) - Fix import of ConfigParser for NoSectionError and NoOptionError (frederic.pierret) - doc: explain product_id_allow_missing results in detail (kdreyer) - doc: describe product_id's output and purpose (kdreyer) * Wed Dec 12 2018 Stephen Gallagher <> - 4.1.31-3 - Update dependency for libmodulemd * Wed Dec 05 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.31-2 - Send correct ostree ref to fedmsg * Mon Nov 26 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.31-1 - Remove patches keeping old ostree phase ordering - Add script to merge and dump multiple configuration files (lsedlar) - Move resolving git reference to config validation (lsedlar) - util: Add a cache for resolved git urls (lsedlar) - Copy config files into logs/global/config-copy/ directory (mboddu) - Remove timestamp from config dump (lsedlar) - extra_iso: Support extra files in directory (lsedlar) - extra_iso: Include extra_files.json metadata (lsedlar) - Allow reading configuration from JSON (lsedlar) - Cleanup parsing treefile (lsedlar) - Fix convert rpm_ostree config to YAML (mboddu) - koji_wrapper: Change owner of runroot output (lsedlar) - util: Preserve symlinks when copying (lsedlar) - Move from yaml.load to yaml.safe_load (patrick) - extra_iso: Stop including variant extra files (lsedlar) - gather: Expand wildcards in package names for nodeps (lsedlar) - Configure image name per variant (lsedlar) - init: Keep parent groups in addon comps environments (lsedlar) - Support more specific config for devel modules (lsedlar) - Load supported milestones from productmd (lsedlar) - hybrid: Remove dead code (lsedlar) - Remove dead code (lsedlar) * Wed Oct 31 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.30-1 - gather: Expand wildcards in Pungi (lsedlar) - repoclosure: Extract logs from hybrid solver (lsedlar) - gather: Track multilib that doesn't exist (lsedlar) - Get the NSVC from Koji module CG build metadata (jkaluza) - extra_iso: Include media.repo and .discinfo (lsedlar) - hybrid: Don't add debuginfo as langpacks (lsedlar) - fus: Write solvables to file (lsedlar) - hybrid: Honor filter_packages (lsedlar) - Include all test fixtures in source tarball (lsedlar) - extra-iso: Use correct efiboot.img file (lsedlar) - extra-iso: Fix treeinfo (lsedlar) - createiso: Move code for tweaking treeinfo into a function (lsedlar) - extra-iso: Generate jigdo by default (lsedlar) * Mon Oct 15 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.29-3 - Save memory less agressively * Wed Oct 10 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.29-2 - Add dependency on xorriso to pungi-legacy - Bump dependency on python-productmd * Wed Oct 10 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.29-1 - hybrid: Only include modules that are not in lookaside (lsedlar) - Try to be more conservative about memory usage (lsedlar) - hybrid: Remove modules not listed by fus (lsedlar) - gather: Make devel modules configurable (lsedlar) - pkgset: Stop prefilling RPM artifacts (lsedlar) - gather: Create devel module for each normal module (lsedlar) - pkgset: Save package set for each module (lsedlar) - fus: List lookaside repos first (lsedlar) - gather: Work with repos without location_base (lsedlar) - Remove extra dependencies (lsedlar) - Set repodata mtime to SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH (marmarek) - Make sure .treeinfo file is sorted (marmarek) - Use constant MBR ID for isohybrid (marmarek) - Use xorriso instead of genisoimage (marmarek) - Use $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH (if set) in discinfo file (marmarek) - unified_isos: Add extra variants to metadata (lsedlar) - extra_iso: Add list of variants to metadata (lsedlar) - linker: Simplify creating pool (lsedlar) - gather: Hide pid of fus process (lsedlar) - fus: Strip protocol from repo path (lsedlar) - Add 'pkgset_koji_builds' option to include extra builds in a compose (jkaluza) - ostree: Reduce duplication in tests (lsedlar) - ostree: Use --touch-if-changed (lsedlar) - ostree: Fix handler crash without commit ID (lsedlar) - gather: Filter arches similarly to pkgset (lsedlar) - Stop shipping and remove RELEASE-NOTES (pbrobinson) * Thu Sep 06 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.28-1 - gather: Fix multilib query for hybrid solver (lsedlar) - gather: Expand multilib lists for hybrid method (lsedlar) - Index arch modulemd by full NSVC (lsedlar) - pkgset: Apply whitelist to modules in the tag (lsedlar) - ostree: Wait for updated ref as well as signature (lsedlar) - extra_iso: Set unified flag in metadata (lsedlar) - pkgset: Respect koji event when searching for modules (lsedlar) - Use dogpile.cache to cache the listTaggedRPMS calls if possible (jkaluza) - gather: Keep original rpms.json in debug mode (lsedlar) - Reduce duplication in tests (lsedlar) - docs: Add better description for package globs (lsedlar) - Create non-bootable ISO for variant without buildinstall (lsedlar) - Clean up after yum tests (lsedlar) - gather: Honor module whitelist (lsedlar) - Clarify error about non-existing module (lsedlar) - gather: Print full unresolved dependency (lsedlar) - Fix tests on Python 2.6 (lsedlar) - Include all test data in tarball (lsedlar) * Fri Aug 17 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.27-1 - extra-iso: Rename test data file (lsedlar) - createiso: Use correct python version (lsedlar) - ostree: Update tests for working with YAML file (lsedlar) - pungi/ostree: Convert rpm-ostree YAML to JSON (walters) - createrepo: Allow passing arbitrary arguments (lsedlar) - gather: Get modular packages from fus (lsedlar) - util: Remove escaping spaces from volume ID (lsedlar) - Allow removing non-alnum chars from volid (lsedlar) - extra-isos: Include treeinfo pointing to all variants (lsedlar) - createiso: Use unique paths for breaking hardlinks (lsedlar) - gather: Detect hybrid variant with additional packages (lsedlar) - Include exact version of pungi in the logs (mboddu) - gather: Allow empty result for gather (lsedlar) - gather: Add langpacks in hybrid solver (lsedlar) - comps: Add get_langpacks function (lsedlar) - pungi-legacy: Add --joliet-long option (lsedlar) - gather: Early exit for non-comps sources (lsedlar) - tests: Use unittest2 when available (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Make output world readable (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Copy file without preserving owner (lsedlar) - Report failed failable deliverables as errors (lsedlar) - Stop importing PDCClient (lsedlar) - spec: build require python-multilib (lsedlar) * Fri Jul 20 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.26-2 - Backport patch for DNF 3 compatibility - Fix querying Koji about modules with dash in stream * Mon Jul 16 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.26-1 - gather: Add a hybrid depsolver backend (lsedlar) - Always use lookasides for repoclosure (lsedlar) - doc: closing parentheses for require_all_comps_packages (kdreyer) - osbs: Generate unique repo names (lsedlar) - Expand version field during image_build using version_generator (sinny) - createrepo: Stop including modulemd in debug repos (lsedlar) - Simplify iterating over module defaults (lsedlar) - pkgset: Apply module filters on pkgset level (lsedlar) - init: Validate whitespace in comps groups (lsedlar) - createrepo: Include empty modules (lsedlar) - createiso: Break hardlinks by copying files (lsedlar) - pkgset: Query Koji instead of PDC (mcurlej) - config: Report variants validity issues (lsedlar) - variants: Reject values with whitespace (lsedlar) - osbs: Fresh koji session for getting metadata (lsedlar) - gather: Ignore comps in lookaside repo (lsedlar) - init: Test that init phase correctly clones defaults (lsedlar) - init: Add tests for cloning module defaults (lsedlar) - init: Add validation for module defaults (lsedlar) - ostree-installer: Skip comps repo if there are no comps (lsedlar) - Add test for getting licenses from a repo (lsedlar) - Add content_licenses to module metadata (sgallagh) - Update virtualenv instructions (lsedlar) - Allow extracting koji event from another compose (lsedlar) - Copy modules instead of reparsing them (sgallagh) - Silence config warnings in quiet mode (lsedlar) - osbs: Add nvr to metadata (lsedlar) - Always get old compose with release type suffix (patrick) - Make ostree_installer check if buildinstall is skipped correctly (puiterwijk) * Fri Jul 13 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 4.1.25-7 - Rebuilt for * Wed Jul 04 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.25-6 - Add dependency on python2-productmd to legacy subpackage * Mon Jun 18 2018 Miro Hrončok <> - 4.1.25-5 - Rebuilt for Python 3.7 * Mon Jun 04 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.25-4 - Call chmod recursively * Thu May 31 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.25-3 - Don't mark all runroots as successful by chmod * Wed May 30 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.25-2 - Make results of runroot tasks world readable * Tue May 22 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.25-1 - comps-wrapper: Make tests pass on EL6 (lsedlar) - pkgset: Add option to ignore noarch in ExclusiveArch (lsedlar) - Handling multiple modules with the same NSV - PDC (onosek) - createrepo: Allow disabling SQLite database (lsedlar) - init: Drop database from comps repo (lsedlar) - createrepo: Add module arch to metadata (lsedlar) - arch: Drop mapping ppc64 -> ppc64p7 (lsedlar) - arch: Make i386 map to i686 instead of athlon (lsedlar) - Add a phase for creating extra ISOs (lsedlar) - Stop using .message attribute on exceptions (lsedlar) - Validation of parameter skip_phases (onosek) - Capture sigterm and mark the compose as DOOMED (puiterwijk) - createiso: Remove useless method (lsedlar) - createiso: Refactor code into smaller functions (lsedlar) - arch: Remove mocks in tests (lsedlar) - ostree-installer: Allow overwriting buildinstall (lsedlar) - ostree-installer: Work with skipped buildinstall (lsedlar) - createrepo: Use less verbose logs (lsedlar) - pkgset: Create global repo in parallel to merging pkgsets (lsedlar) - createiso: Skip if buildinstall fails (lsedlar) - Update tests for libmodulemd 1.4.0 (lsedlar) * Wed May 16 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.24-4 - Use python function to copy ostree installer output * Thu May 10 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.24-3 - Make wait-for-signed-ostree repeat the fedmsg in case the signer crashed - Stop filtering comps environments all the time * Fri May 04 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.24-2 - Copy ostree-installer without preserving owner * Wed May 02 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.24-1 - koji-wrapper: Log failed subtasks (lsedlar) - Update compose status when config validation fails (lsedlar) - pkgset: Allow different inheritance for modules (lsedlar) - ostree: Recognize force_new_commit option in old config (lsedlar) - modules: Correctly report error for unexpected modules (lsedlar) - modules: Allow context in variants XML (lsedlar) - gather: Print profiling information to stderr (lsedlar) - pkgset: Stop creating database for repodata (jkaluza) - gather: Use another variant as lookaside (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Use metadata if skipped (lsedlar) - Allow reusing pkgset FileCache from old composes. (jkaluza) - validation: Populate dict of all variants (lsedlar) - gather: Stop pulling debuginfo and source for lookaside packages (lsedlar) - Only use comps repo if we really have comps (lsedlar) - pkgset: Use modules PDC API (lsedlar) - Access ci_base date via compose (puiterwijk) - Allow filtering comps for different variants (lsedlar) - comps: Make filtering by attribute more generic (lsedlar) - pkgset: Dump downloaded modulemd to logs (lsedlar) - Fix PEP8 warning about if not x in y (lsedlar) - Variant as a lookaside - configuration (onosek) - Remove comps from arch repo (lsedlar) - init: Stop creating module defaults dir twice (lsedlar) - gather: Reduce logs from DNF gathering (lsedlar) - Clone module defaults into work/ directory (lsedlar) - Update the configuration JSON schema for module_defaults_dir (contyk) - Update configuration docs with module_defaults_dir (contyk) - Handle relative paths in module_defaults_dir (contyk) - Include module defaults in the repodata (contyk) - Add *.in fixtures to tarball (lsedlar) - init: Always filter comps file (lsedlar) - docs: Describe comps processing (lsedlar) - gather: Use comps for given variant (lsedlar) - docs: Fix typo (lsedlar) - Add all packages to whitelist for hybrid variant (lsedlar) - comps: Add tests for CompsFilter (lsedlar) - comps: Move filtering into wrapper module (lsedlar) - Tests fail if unittest2 library is missing (onosek) - Add unittest2 and rpmdevools to contributing doc (rmarshall) - pkgset: Construct UID for PDC modules (lsedlar) - gather: Simplify creating temporary directory (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Add extra repos (lsedlar) - tests: Use dummy modulesdir for DNF (lsedlar) - Update tests for Python 2.6 (onosek) * Tue Apr 24 2018 Kevin Fenzi <> - 4.1.23-5 - Backport fix for Accessing ci_base date via compose - * Thu Apr 12 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.23-4 - Stop creating module defaults dir twice * Thu Apr 12 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.23-3 - Add support for module defaults * Wed Apr 11 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.23-2 - Revert reordering of ostree phases * Wed Apr 04 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.23-1 - Update documentation section 'contributing' (onosek) - Write module metadata (onosek) - Support multilib in GatherSourceModule (jkaluza) - ostree: Always substitute basearch (lsedlar) - If sigkeys is specified, require at least one (puiterwijk) - Allow setting <kojitag/> in <modules/> in variants.xml to get the modules from this Koji tag. (jkaluza) - Move Modulemd import to pungi/ to remove duplicated code. (jkaluza) - Use Modulemd.Module for 'variant.arch_mmds' instead of yaml dump (jkaluza) - Fix modular content in non-modular variant (lsedlar) - Remove the filtered RPMs from module metadata even in case all RPMs are filtered out. (jkaluza) - pkgset: Allow empty list of modules (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Add option to disable it (lsedlar) - Use libmodulemd instead of modulemd Python module (jkaluza) - gather: Fix package set whitelist (lsedlar) - pkgset: Merge initial package set without checks (lsedlar) - pkgset: Remove check for unique name (lsedlar) - gather: Honor package whitelist (lsedlar) - Write package whitelist for each variant (lsedlar) - image-build: Accept tar.xz extension for docker images (lsedlar) - pkgset: Correctly detect single tag for variant (lsedlar) - Remove comps groups from purely modular variants (lsedlar) - gather: Allow filtering debuginfo packages (lsedlar) - Move ostree phase and pipelines for running phases (onosek) - Other repo for OstreeInstaller (onosek) - Add modulemd metadata to repo even without components (jkaluza) - Correct fix for volume ID substition sorting by length (awilliam) - Ordering processing for volume ID substitutions (onosek) - Disable multilib for modules (jkaluza) - scm: Stop decoding output of post-clone command (lsedlar) - Remove useless shebang (lsedlar) - Properly handle unset pkgset_koji_tag (otaylor) - pkgset: Only use package whitelist if enabled (lsedlar) - Fail early if input packages are unsigned (jkaluza) - Allow composing from tag with unsigned packages (jkaluza) - Ostree can use pkgset repos (onosek) - Support multiple sources in one variant (lsedlar) - gather: Set lookaside flag focorrectly (lsedlar) - gather: Try getting srpm from the same repo as rpm (lsedlar) - Minor correction for python backward compatibility (onosek) * Fri Mar 23 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.22-10.1 - Always substitute basearch in ostree * Fri Mar 16 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.22-10 - Fix package whitelist for non-modular variants * Wed Mar 14 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.22-9 - Allow empty modular variants - Add option to disable multilib * Fri Mar 09 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.22-8 - Fix package set whitelist * Thu Mar 08 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.22-7 - image-build: Accept tar.xz extension for docker images - Allow multiple versions of the same package in package set * Tue Mar 06 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.22-6 - Speed up compose with modules * Fri Mar 02 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.22-5 - Remove comps groups from purely modular variants * Wed Feb 21 2018 Dennis Gilmore <> - 4.1.22-4 - make pungi-utils require python3-fedmsg * Tue Feb 06 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.22-3 - Add support for mixing traditional and modular content * Mon Feb 05 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.22-2 - Create a subpackage with legacy pungi command * Wed Jan 24 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.22-1 - Better INFO messages about modules (onosek) - Updates composes should be marked as supported (lsedlar) - pkgset: Only add missing packages from global tag (lsedlar) - ostree/utils: Drop timestamps from generated repo names - tests (onosek) - ostree/utils: Generate a single pungi.repo file, use repo-<num> IDs (walters) - ostree/utils: Drop timestamps from generated repo names (walters) - gather: Do not require variant for module source (lsedlar) - gather: Comps source should not crash without comps file (lsedlar) - gather: JSON source returns nothing without configuration (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Fix treeinfo generating on failure (lsedlar) - Add buildinstall_use_guestmount boolean option (jkaluza) - gather: Use arch packages in nodeps method (lsedlar) - pkgset: Always use global tag if specified (lsedlar) - config: Make pkgset_koji_tag optional (lsedlar) - ostree: Add force_new_commit option - test added (onosek) - ostree: Add force_new_commit option (walters) - gather: Fix checking string type (lsedlar) - Improve logging for unsigned packages (onosek) - Fall back to mount if guestmount is not available (onosek) - El-Torito boot information on s390x (onosek) - Remove strace from buildinstall runroot (onosek) - doc: fix "Miscellaneous" spelling in Config section (kdreyer) - doc: move "Phases" up, "Contributing" down (kdreyer) * Tue Jan 16 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.21-4 - Add option to force fallback from guestmount * Wed Jan 10 2018 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.21-3 - Fix checking string type in nodeps method * Wed Dec 13 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.21-2 - Remove /usr/bin/pungi - Remove dummy compose from check section * Wed Dec 06 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.21-1 - tests: Use correct python version for config validation test (lsedlar) - Use dnf backend for repoclosure on PY3 (lsedlar) - Drop checks for git and cvs (lsedlar) - Relax check for gettext (lsedlar) - Drop check for repoquery command (lsedlar) - Use modifyrepo_c if possible (lsedlar) - pkgset: Add SRPMs to whitelist (lsedlar) - modules: Allow multilib (lsedlar) - add ability to specify ostree ref in OSTREE phase - update (onosek) - add ability to specify ostree ref in OSTREE phase (onosek) - buildinstall: Allow using external dire for runroot task (jkaluza) - pkgset: Remove package skip optimization for bootable products (lsedlar) - Add documentation for modular composes (lsedlar) - osbs: Get correct path to repo for addons (lsedlar) - Remove deprecated options (onosek) - module-source: Log details about what packages are gathered (lsedlar) - gather: Log details about nodeps method (lsedlar) - gather: get_packages_to_gather returns a tuple (lsedlar) - iso-wrapper: Fix calling wrong logger method (lsedlar) - Turn COMPOSE_ID version generator into DATE_RESPIN (puiterwijk) - iso-wrapper: Remove hacks for sorting (lsedlar) - Report missing module dependencies earlier (lsedlar) - Implement version.compose_id version generator (patrick) - Optionally do old_compose per release type (patrick) * Wed Nov 22 2017 Patrick Uiterwijk <> - 4.1.20-3 - Backport patch for PR#790 - old_composes per release type - Backport patch for PR#791,796 - implement DATE_RESPIN version generator * Tue Nov 21 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.20-2 - Fix crash in modular compose * Wed Nov 01 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.20-1 - image-build: Drop suffixes from configuration (lsedlar) - kojiwrapper: Deal with multiple values for image-build (lsedlar) - Add modulemd to the missing module error (patrick) - notification: Add more info into the messages (lsedlar) - notification: Fix running on Python 3 (lsedlar) - remove remaining hard coded createrepo threads (onosek) - tests: Fix remaining missing assertions (lsedlar) - tests: Work with older unittest2 (lsedlar) - tests: Skip testing pdc logs if dependencies are not installed (lsedlar) - Log PDC communications and info for modular composes (dowang) - Update documentation section "Contributing to Pungi". (onosek) - Reject yum gather backend on Python 3 (lsedlar) - Stop using deprecated pipes.quote (lsedlar) - Convert configparser values to string (lsedlar) - Explicitly decode test files as UTF-8 (lsedlar) - Use universal_newlines when running other commands (lsedlar) - Port to Python 3 (lsedlar) - checks: Use list of release types from productmd (patrick) - Add an option to make pungi-koji print its compose_dir to stdout (patrick) - buildinstall: Expose template arguments for lorax (lsedlar) - Add support for new modules naming policy with colon delimiter (jkaluza) - Catch the issue when PDC does not contain RPMs, but the module definition says there should be some. (jkaluza) - pkgset: Cherry-pick packages from Koji when we know already what packages will end up in compose (jkaluza) - config: Allow comps_file for any gather_source (lsedlar) - pkgset: Allow unsigned packages by empty key (lsedlar) - gather: Nodeps should allow noarch packages (lsedlar) - pkgset: Clean up path generation (lsedlar) - createiso: Fix logging for media split (lsedlar) - Raise the Exception when a symlink cannot be created. (randy) - Use variant UID for subvariant fallback (lsedlar) - Fixup for opening config dumps (lsedlar) - Open and close file descriptors. (rbean) - live-images: Honor global settings for target (lsedlar) - unified-isos: Stop erasing metadata on failure (lsedlar) - Add directory name for checksum file (lsedlar) - createrepo: Allow customizing number of threads (lsedlar) - Make ostree installer before cloud images (lsedlar) * Mon Oct 23 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.19-4 - Expose template arguments for lorax * Wed Oct 18 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.19-3 - Allow comps_file for any gather_source * Mon Oct 02 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.19-2 - Update dependencies for EPEL 7 * Wed Sep 20 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.19-1 - docs: Mention how input package list are interpreted (lsedlar) - Fix pungi-koji --version (dowang) - profiler: Fix sorting on Python 3 (lsedlar) - util: Fix timezone offset (lsedlar) - gather(dnf): Remove dead code (lsedlar) - gather(dnf): Don't exclude packages from lookaside (lsedlar) - gather(yum): Don't exclude packages from lookaside (lsedlar) - gather: Add tests for excluding packages from lookaside (lsedlar) - gather: Capture broken deps in test (lsedlar) - gather-dnf: Warn about unresolvable dependencies (lsedlar) - Fix formatting timezone offset (lsedlar) - Add timezone info into logs (lsedlar) - log: save imported config files too (qwan) - ostree-installer: Only run on empty variants (lsedlar) - Allow extracting profiling information from pungi-gather. (rbean) - createrepo: Only consider successful compose for deltas (lsedlar) - createrepo: Allow selecting variants for delta RPMs (lsedlar) - createrepo: Only create delta RPMs for binary repos (lsedlar) - image-build: add arch name(s) in image config file name (qwan) - Check for correct string class (lsedlar) - Open files as binary where needed (lsedlar) - buildinstall: No copy if task fails (lsedlar) - config: Allow setting default compose type (lsedlar) - Use Py3-compatible exception handling (lsedlar) - Use Python 3 print function (lsedlar) - docs: Abort update script on error (lsedlar) * Tue Aug 22 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.18-1 - KojiWrapper: include serverca in session_opts (otaylor) - Report warning when config sections are not used (lsedlar) - pkgset: Download packages with dnf (lsedlar) - gather: Fix duplicated log line (lsedlar) - gather: Add fulltree-exclude flag to DNF backend (lsedlar) - checks: Stop looking for imports (lsedlar) - ostree: Simplify configuration (lsedlar) - config: Reduce duplication in schema (lsedlar) - config: Add option for dumping config schema (lsedlar) - scm: Accept unicode as local path (lsedlar) - docs: Add documentation for scm_dict (lsedlar) - scm-wrapper: Allow running command after git clone (lsedlar) - scm-wrapper: Test correct file lists are returned (lsedlar) - tests: Fix paths (lsedlar) - gather: Only parse pungi log once (lsedlar) - gather: Report missing comps packages (lsedlar) - gather: Avoid reading whole log into memory (lsedlar) - repoclosure: Allow aborting compose when repoclosure fails (lsedlar) - repoclosure: Fix logging errors (lsedlar) - tests: Make test-compose cwd independent (lsedlar) - Make strict the only option. (rbean) - Raise a ValueError with details if module not found in PDC. (rbean) - unified-iso: Only link to non-empty variants (lsedlar) - gather: Fix excluding debugsource packages from input list (lsedlar) - gather: Add debugsource package to tests (lsedlar) - Use only one list of patterns/rules for debug packages (opensource) - Do not match "*-debugsource-*" as debuginfo package (opensource) - Use pungi.util.pkg_is_debug() instead of pungi.gather.is_debug() (opensource) - remove the dependency of rpmUtils (qwan) - Add support for debugsource packages (lsedlar) - gather: Don't pull multiple debuginfo packages (lsedlar) - GatherSourceModule: return rpm_obj instead of the (jkaluza) - gather: Stop requiring comps file in nodeps (lsedlar) * Wed Aug 09 2017 Dusty Mabe <> - 4.1.17-4 - Add requires on python3-koji-cli-plugins for koji runroot plugin * Thu Jul 27 2017 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 4.1.17-3 - Rebuilt for * Thu Jul 20 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.17-2 - Fixes for modular compose with gather nodeps method * Mon Jul 17 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.17-1 - checksum: Checksum each image only once (lsedlar) - checksum: Refactor creating checksum files (lsedlar) - createrepo: Don't use existing metadata with deltas (lsedlar) - util: Fix finding older compose (lsedlar) - createrepo: Use correct paths for old package dirs (lsedlar) - spec: Add missing ostree signature waiting handler (lsedlar) - docs: Minor improvements to documentation (lsedlar) - ostree: Add notification handler to wait for signature (lsedlar) - ostree: Add URL to repo to message (lsedlar) - gather: nodeps should take packages from comps groups (lsedlar) - unified-iso: handle empty arch (kdreyer) - createrepo: handle missing product ids scm dir (kdreyer) - comps_wrapper: Code clean up (lsedlar) - comps_filter: Filter environments by arch (pholica) - notification: Allow specifying multiple scripts (lsedlar) - pkgset: Allow populating packages from multiple koji tags (qwan) - pungi: Port to argparse (lsedlar) - comps_filter: Port to argparse (lsedlar) - variants-wrapper: Remove main() function (lsedlar) - multilib_yum: Remove main() function (lsedlar) - pungi-koji: Port to argparse (lsedlar) - ostree: Update tests for no ostree init (lsedlar) - ostree: Don't automatically create a repo (walters) - osbs: Config validation should accept a list (lsedlar) - pkgset: Use release number of a module (mcurlej) - docs: Add a basic info about gathering packages (lsedlar) - docs: Kobo can be installed via pip now (lsedlar) - docs: Add overview of what each phase does (lsedlar) - gather: Log tag from which we pulled a package (lsedlar) - docs: Document config file format (lsedlar) - docs: Move logo to _static subdir (lsedlar) - gather: Display source repo of packages (lsedlar) - pkgset: Use descriptive name for log file (lsedlar) - ostree-installer: Clean up output dir (lsedlar) - Ignore more pycodestyle warnings (lsedlar) - Allow gather source classes to return SimpleRpmWrapper objects from pkgset phase directly. (jkaluza) - tests: use unittest2 if available (lsedlar) * Mon Jun 19 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.16-3 - Add dropped livemedia phase * Tue Jun 13 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.16-2 - Handle failed subtasks when getting Koji results * Mon Jun 12 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.16-1 - Fix changelog generator script (lsedlar) - util: Retry resolving git branches (lsedlar) - arch: Move exclu(de|sive)arch check to a function (lsedlar) - gather-source: Check arch in module source (jkaluza) - koji-wrapper: Stop mangling env variables (lsedlar) - Ensure all phases are stopped (lsedlar) - comps-wrapper: Report unknown package types (lsedlar) - Generate proper modular metadata when there are different versions of the same package in the variant (jkaluza) - checks: Make gpgkey a boolean option (lsedlar) - ostree: Refactor writing repo file (lsedlar) - iso-wrapper: Capture debug information for mounting (lsedlar) - comps-wrapper: Fix crash on conditional packages (lsedlar) - gather: Don't resolve dependencies in lookaside (lsedlar) - koji-wrapper: Run all blocking commands with fresh ccache (lsedlar) - Add @retry decorator and use it to retry connection on PDC on IOError and in SCM's retry_run. (jkaluza) - Remove shebang from non-executable files (lsedlar) * Mon Jun 05 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.15-2 - Ensure proper exit on failure * Fri May 05 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.15-1 - pkgset: Remove use of undefined variable (lsedlar) - Store RPM artifacts in resulting repository in modulemd metadata. (jkaluza) - variants: Remove redundant check (lsedlar) - compose: Stop duplicating variant types (lsedlar) - gather: Remove handling of impossible state (lsedlar) - gather: Clean up code (lsedlar) - gather: Add tests for gather phase (lsedlar) - scm-wrapper: Remove unused arguments (lsedlar) - tests: Avoid creating unused temporary files (lsedlar) - tests: Clean up persistent temporary data (lsedlar) - docs: Add a logo on the About page (lsedlar) - docs: Document origin of the name (lsedlar) - gather-dnf: Log exact Requires pulling a package in (lsedlar) - gather: Print specific Requires which pulls a package in (lsedlar) - gather: Process dependencies sorted (lsedlar) - koji-wrapper: Run koji runroot with fresh credentials cache (lsedlar) - util: Move get_buildroot_rpms to koji wrapper (lsedlar) - osbs: Make git_branch required option (lsedlar) - docs: Update createrepo_checksum allowed values (lsedlar) - extra-files: Allow configuring used checksums (lsedlar) - doc: Document options for media checksums (lsedlar) - config: Add sha512 as valid createrepo checksum (lsedlar) - util: Report better error on resolving non-existing branch (lsedlar) - util: Show choices for volid if all are too long (lsedlar) - checks: Fix anyOf validator yield ValidationError on ConfigOptionWarning (qwan) - comps-wrapper: Reduce duplication in code (lsedlar) - comps-wrapper: Port to libcomps (lsedlar) - comps-wrapper: Sort langpacks by name (lsedlar) - comps-wrapper: Minor code cleanup (lsedlar) - comps-wrapper: Add tests (lsedlar) - comps-wrapper: Fix uservisible not being modifiable (lsedlar) - comps-wrapper: Return IDs instead of yum.comps.Group (lsedlar) - comps-wrapper: Remove unused code (lsedlar) - Be explicit about generating release for images (lsedlar) - docs: Add examples for generated versions (lsedlar) - ostree: Autogenerate a version (lsedlar) - Expand compatible arches when gathering from modules. (rbean) - gather: Clean up method deps (lsedlar) - gather: Report error if there is no input (lsedlar) - init: Warn when variants mentions non-existing comps group (lsedlar) - Fix createrepo issue for modular compose when multiple threads tried to use the same tmp directory. (jkaluza) - unified-iso: Use different type for debuginfo iso (lsedlar) - unified-iso: Handle missing paths in metadata (lsedlar) - unify repo and repo_from options (qwan) - Fix some PEP8 errors in (qwan) - move translate_path from to (qwan) - support 'append' option (qwan) - show warning message for alias option (qwan) * Thu Apr 13 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.14-3 - Expand compatible arches when gathering from modules * Tue Apr 11 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.14-2 - Fix createrepo issue for modular compose * Tue Mar 28 2017 Lubomír Sedlář <> - 4.1.14-1 - Not create empty skeleton dirs for empty variants (qwan) - Query only active modules in PDC. (jkaluza) - Save modules metadata as full yaml object (jkaluza) - Implement DNF based depsolving (dmach, mmraka, lsedlar) - Add support for modular composes (jkaluza) - Add a script for modifying ISO images (lsedlar) - iso-wrapper: Add utility for mounting images (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Move tweaking configs into a function (lsedlar) - image-build: Correctly write can_fail option (lsedlar) - pungi-koji: new cmd option '--latest-link-status' (qwan) - Print task ID for successful tasks (lsedlar) - ostree-installer: Fix logging directory (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Print debug info if unmount fails (lsedlar) - pkgset: report all unsigned packages (qwan) - default createrepo_checksum to sha256 (qwan) - unified-iso: Log better error when linking fails (lsedlar) - unified-iso: Blacklist extra files metadata (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Retry unmounting image (lsedlar) - Remove indices from documentation (lsedlar) - iso-wrapper: Handle wrong implant md5 (lsedlar) - image-build: Remove check for number of images (lsedlar) - Extract only first version from specfile (lsedlar) - consolidate repo option names (qwan) - checks: extend validator with 'alias' (qwan) - osbs: write manifest for scratch osbs (qwan)