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Package Namepython-blivet
SummaryA python module for system storage configuration
DescriptionThe python-blivet package is a python module for examining and modifying storage configuration.
Built bydlehman
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive04
StartedWed, 08 May 2019 15:36:30 UTC
CompletedWed, 08 May 2019 15:40:12 UTC
Taskbuild (f29-candidate, /rpms/python-blivet.git:b11e8f4d65dc280a10bae3d0b62e54cca2afc11f)
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Changelog * Wed May 08 2019 David Lehman <> - 3.1.2-5 - Only call mpath plugin when it is available. (#1697378) * Thu Mar 21 2019 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.1.2-4 - Ensure correct type of mpath cache member list * Mon Mar 11 2019 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.1.2-3 - Support legacy MBR (msdos) as part of UEFI to enable hybrid builds * Mon Mar 04 2019 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.1.2-2 - Don't crash if blockdev mpath plugin isn't available (dlehman) * Wed Dec 12 2018 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.1.2-1 - Fix reading LV attributes in LVMVolumeGroupDevice.status (vtrefny) - Do not try to login to iBFTs with active session (vtrefny) - Fix xfs sync of chrooted mountpoint. (dlehman) - Only update sysfs path in ctor for active devices. (dlehman) - Fix new pep8/pycodestyle warnings (vtrefny) - Ignore PEP8 W504 warning ("line break after binary operator") (vtrefny) - pylint: Allow loading all C extensions (vtrefny) - Use 'pycodestyle' instead of 'pep8' (vtrefny) - Fix failing populator test without nvdimm plugin (vtrefny) - Add 'srpm' and 'rpm' targets to Makefile for building (S)RPMs (vtrefny) - Fix crash on reset on systems without nvdimm plugin (vtrefny) - Use the size info of internal LVs when getting space usage for existing LVs (v.podzimek) - Calculate the number of RAID PVs from the origin for cached LVs (v.podzimek) - Make raid_level a property of an LV object (v.podzimek) - Add a test for DeviceTree.get_related_disks. (dlehman) - Fix ixgbe/bnx2fc fcoe disk detection (#1651506) (rvykydal) - Use RAID name for partitions on an MD array (vtrefny) - Move btrfs name validation to devicelibs (vtrefny) - Don't try to set selinux context for nodev or vfat file systems. (dlehman) - Only try to set selinux context for lost+found on ext file systems. (dlehman) - Wipe all stale metadata after creating md array. (#1639682) (dlehman) - Don't try to update sysfs path for non-block devices. (#1579375) (dlehman) - Don't raise errors without messages (vponcova) - Install ndctl when NVDIMMs are used. (dlehman) - Deactivate incomplete VGs along with everything else. (dlehman) - Work around udev timing issues. (dlehman) - Fix options for ISCSI functions (#1632656) (vtrefny) - Use format.status when checking for PV status (vtrefny) - Remove Anaconda flags (vponcova) - Remove square brackets when matching internal LVs (v.podzimek) * Mon Oct 08 2018 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.1.1-2 - Fix options for ISCSI functions (#1632656) (vtrefny) * Wed Sep 26 2018 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.1.1-1 - Check device dependencies only for device actions (vtrefny) - Allow removing btrfs volumes without btrfs support (vtrefny) - Adjust LVMPhysicalVolumeMethodsTestCase to new pvcreate option (vtrefny) - add `-y' to lvm.pvcreate (hongxu.jia) - Drop omap partition table tests on ARM platforms (pbrobinson) - Update disk label tests for ARM platforms (pbrobinson) - Ignore pylint 'no-value-for-parameter' warning (vtrefny) - arm: add support for EFI on ARMv7 (pbrobinson) - Aarch64 platforms: Fix gpt defaults for 64 bit arm platforms (pbrobinson) - arch: arm: drop get_arm_machine function (pbrobinson) - arch: arm: drop omap specifics for partitioning (pbrobinson) - Create a separate availability check for dmraid support (vtrefny) * Thu Aug 30 2018 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.1.0-2 - arm: add support for EFI on ARMv7 (probinson) - Aarch64 platforms: Fix gpt defaults for 64 bit arm platforms (probinson) - arch: arm: drop get_arm_machine function (probinson) - arch: arm: drop omap specifics for partitioning (probinson) * Mon Aug 13 2018 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.1.0-1 - Allow configuring default LUKS2 PBKDF arguments using luks_data (vtrefny) - Fix the populate_kickstart method in LUKS (vtrefny) - Allow specifying extra arguments for PBKDF when creating LUKS2 (vtrefny) - Add support for LUKS2 to DeviceFactory (vtrefny) - DeviceFactory: use min_luks_entropy from kwargs (vtrefny) - Fix passing 'min_luks_entropy' when creating LUKS format (vtrefny) - Use passphrase/key file when resizing LUKS2 format (vtrefny) - Require libblockdev 2.17 (vtrefny) - Add support for LUKS2 format (vtrefny) - Add initial support for DM Integrity "format" (vtrefny) - Do not try to add LUKSDevice in LUKSFormatPopulator (vtrefny) - Add support for dm-integrity devices (vtrefny) - Fixed various issues preventing successful build (japokorn) * Thu Aug 02 2018 Peter Robinson <> 3.1.0-0.5.b2 - Bump release to fix upgrade path * Mon Jul 30 2018 David Lehman <> - 3.1.0-0.1.b2 - Do not ignore "Image out-of-sync" internal LVs (vtrefny) - Fixed error message when slave is missing (japokorn) - Ensure WWNs are set for multipath and dmraid. (dlehman) - Use ID_WWN_WITH_EXTENSION for WWNs. (dlehman) - Ignore pylint error "bad-option-value" for new pylint errors (vtrefny) - Fix errors found by new pylint 2.0.0 (vtrefny) - Fix caching logic in ExternalResource. (dlehman) - Use DiskFile to allow testing missing dependencies as non-root. (dlehman) - Restore availability caching after disabling for tests. (dlehman) - Preserve original blockdev plugin list in test cleanup. (dlehman) - Fix positional/key-word arguments in util.Path (vtrefny) - fix doc for is_s390() (dan) - The key size of LUKS should be 0 by default (vponcova) - Do not use rpm to check for Zanata client (vtrefny) - Fixed create_device fail behavior (japokorn) - Fixed KS forcing zerombr onto RO disk (japokorn) - Fix BIOS device number regex in edd module. (#1552236) (dlehman) - Shrink devices before growing others with common ancestors. (#1539422) (dlehman) - Do not copy ksdata. (rvykydal) - Find and remove stale LVM metadata immediately after creating md array. (dlehman) - Adapt mock imports for compatibility w/ python2 & python3. (dlehman) - Use py2-compatible syntax to get system architecture. (dlehman) * Tue Jul 17 2018 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.1.0-0.4.b1 - Force command line based libblockdev LVM plugin (vtrefny) * Fri Jul 13 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1:3.1.0-0.3.b1 - Rebuilt for * Fri Jun 15 2018 Miro HronĨok <> - 1:3.1.0-0.2.b1 - Rebuilt for Python 3.7 * Wed May 02 2018 David Lehman <> - 3.1.0-0.1.b1 - Add 'nvdimm' tag for NVDIMM namespaces (vtrefny) - Add test for NVDIMMNamespaceDevicePopulator (vtrefny) - Add populator helper for NVDIMM namespaces (vtrefny) - Add 'NVDIMMNamespaceDevice' device representing NVDIMM namespaces (vtrefny) - Add a function for identifying NVDIMM namespaces (vtrefny) - Add a singleton for NVDIMM namespaces management (vtrefny) - Add NVDIMM plugin to list of requested plugins (vtrefny) * Fri Apr 20 2018 David Lehman <> - 3.0.1-1 - Weak dependencies for libblockdev plugins (japokorn) - Translate log levels from libblockdev to python log levels (vtrefny) - Try to wait after stopping an MD array (vtrefny) - Replace deprecated iscsi_firmware dracut option (rvykydal) - Fix how we check return value for call_sync in safe_dbus (vtrefny) - Conditionalize the Python 2 subpackage and don't build it on EL > 7 and Fedora > 28 (miro) - Fix python3 conditional in rpm spec file. (dlehman) - Fix upstream URL in spec (vtrefny) - Allow device specification by node to udev.get_device. (#1524700) (dlehman) - Do not try to update potfile during make all (vtrefny) - Use '-p1' when applying patches with autosetup (vtrefny) - Remove dependency on pocketlint (vtrefny) - Dasd is a valid label type on s390x (#1538550) (vponcova) - fcoe: remove /etc/fcoe dir if it exists before copying configuration (#1542846) (rvykydal) - Avoid UnitTest.subTest due to python2 incompatibility. (dlehman) - Adapt action test mock imports for compatibility w/ python2 & python3. (dlehman) - Use explicit super() syntax in config actions for py2 compat. (dlehman) - Use libblockdev runtime dependency checks (#1501249) (vtrefny) - Fix minor typos (yurchor) * Mon Apr 02 2018 David Lehman <> - 1:3.0.0-0.6.1.b1 - Use bcond for with python3, allow it on RHEL > 7 (mhroncok) - Conditionalize the Python 2 subpackage and don't build it on EL > 7 and Fedora > 28 (mhroncok) * Tue Mar 20 2018 David Lehman <> - 1:3.0.0-0.6.b1 - Don't use a 'wwn' kwarg for MDBiosRaidArrayDevice (#1557957) (awilliam) * Sat Mar 17 2018 Iryna Shcherbina <> - 1:3.0.0-0.5.b1 - Update Python 2 dependency declarations to new packaging standards (See * Mon Mar 12 2018 David Lehman <> - 1:3.0.0-0.4.b1 - Allow device specification by node to udev.get_device. (#1524700) * Tue Mar 06 2018 Vojtech Trefny <> - 1:3.0.0-0.3.b1 - Dasd is a valid label type on s390x (#1538550) * Fri Feb 09 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1:3.0.0-0.2.b1 - Rebuilt for * Wed Nov 08 2017 David Lehman <> - 3.0.0-0.1.b1 - Add some reasonable default value for LANG variable in size_test (vtrefny) - Remove ksdata from Blivet. (dlehman) - Fix AttributeError in fsminsize (#1502587) (vtrefny) - Remove Blivet.write_dasd_conf and now-unused Blivet.write. (dlehman) - Move blivet.partspec into pyanaconda. (dlehman) - Make uboot partition weight match analogs on other platforms. (dlehman) - Move some cmdline option checking into Flags. (dlehman) - Move platform module into pyanaconda. (dlehman) - Add and use new platform detection functions in arch. (dlehman) - Move disklabel selection logic into DiskLabel. (dlehman) - Move new partition weight calculation into PartitionDevice. (dlehman) - Move osinstall and autopart into pyanaconda. (dlehman) - Move default thin pool space reservation into devices.lvm. (dlehman) - DM device subsystem is now obtained by libblockdev (japokorn) - Document DBus interface. (dlehman) - Mark the DBus interface as unstable. (dlehman) - Do not try to use protected disks for autopart (vtrefny) - Use InstallerStorage in setupDiskImagesNonZeroSizeTestCase (vtrefny) - Clearpart test tag fixes (japokorn) - Added support for device tags (japokorn) - Use Ansible playbook to install test dependencies (vtrefny) - Use addCleanup for VM tests too (vtrefny) - Skip tests when SELinux is disabled (japokorn) - Revert "Use libmount for MountsCache" (vtrefny) - Only run log_method_call when flags.debug is set. (dlehman) - Adjust Makefile and spec file for Python 2 compatibility (vtrefny) - Adapt to anaconda_log rename (mkolman) - Followup for custom six move for mock. (dlehman) - Silence pylint with regard to custom six move of mock. (dlehman) - Allow overriding PYTHONPATH when running unit tests. (dlehman) - Supply some missing patches during device name tests. (dlehman) - Allow time for event handling in unit tests. (dlehman) - python2: Don't try to call unbound method w/ wrong class type. (dlehman) - python2: threading compatibility. (dlehman) - python2: compatibility for wraps when used on methods. (dlehman) - python2: adapt to absence of inspect.signature. (dlehman) - python2: python2 has no unittest.assertLogs. (dlehman) - python2: Handle unittest.assertRaisesRegex rename. (dlehman) - python2: Add a custom six move for mock. (dlehman) - python2: EddEntry support for len() and indexing. (dlehman) - python2: Don't use 'default' kwarg to 'min' (dlehman) - python2: Use six.wraps instead of functools.wraps. (dlehman) - python2: Use six.raise_from for chained exceptions. (dlehman) - python2: Use for iterator advancement. (dlehman) - python2: Explicit args to super function. (dlehman) - python2: Explicitly declare new-style classes. (dlehman) - python2: Use six.add_metaclass instead of metaclass kwarg. (dlehman) - Catch AttributeError if pyanaconda is missing in populator_test. (dlehman) - Use relative imports in blivet.dbus.blivet. (dlehman) - pylint: disable pylint warning for InstallerStorage.get_free_space (vtrefny) - pylint: ignore some pylint warnings in tests (vtrefny) - Use "flags.keep_empty_ext_partitions" instead of "installer_mode" (vtrefny) - Add a WWN attr to all disk device classes. (dlehman) - Fix flag access in selinux test. (dlehman) - Collect HW RAID info before populating devicetree. (dlehman) - Add HW RAID properties to DiskDevice. (dlehman) - Add a devicelibs module for disks. (dlehman) - Add 'jbod' as an alias for 'linear' RAID level. (dlehman) - Add some tests for DependencyGuard (dlehman) - Introduce the discard_new flag and use it (vpodzime) - Use the 'C.UTF-8' locale instead of '' (vpodzime) - Add anaconda-core, libvirt and paramiko to TEST_DEPENDENCIES (vpodzime) - Get rid of the merge-pr script (vpodzime) - Adjust vmtest to new DeviceFactory constructor API (vtrefny) - Obtain factory defaults from passed-in device, if there is one. (dlehman) - Use **kwargs for device factory ctor. (dlehman) - Use a property to adjust factory size based on encrypted bool. (dlehman) - Functional testing: Add support for libvirt authentication (vtrefny) - Fixed merge error (japokorn) - Enable LVMOnMDTestCase (vtrefny) - LVMThinSnapShotTestCase: Fix creating of the thin snapshot (vtrefny) - Create a better test summary when running tests in a VM (vtrefny) - Add a script to run tests in a virtual machine (vtrefny) - Move BlivetResetTestCases from ImageBackedTestCase to VMBackedTestCase (vtrefny) - Add a test case for tests running in a virtual machine (vtrefny) - Do not try to create format for snapshots in create_device (vtrefny) - Use None as mountpoint for new snapshots (vtrefny) - Do not try to unset flags on other devices than partitions (vtrefny) - Fix TypeError when calling blivet.reset() (vtrefny) - Broke backwards API compatibility of LUKS handling (japokorn) - Default to LVM in the device factory. (dlehman) - Add callbacks for populate (vpodzime) - Fix checks when changing fslabel using actions (vtrefny) - Remove deprecated method udev.device_is_realdisk (vtrefny) - Use libmount for MountsCache (vtrefny) - Fix initialization of ignored, exclusive disks. (dlehman) - Fix devicetree tests to use callbacks instead of record_change. (dlehman) - Change udev.device_is_disk to match disks only (vtrefny) - Fix udev.resolve_glob to match device path too (vtrefny) - Add tests for configuration actions (vtrefny) - Allow changing format label using configuration actions (vtrefny) - Add new actions for configuring formats and devices (vtrefny) - Quickfix of merge bugs (japokorn) - Remove action objects before resetting via dbus. (dlehman) - Clean up dbus object management a bit. (dlehman) - Only overwrite current format if the new one is different. (dlehman) - Add a Factory method to DBusBlivet. (dlehman) - Update example dbus client to account for Format interface. (dlehman) - Adjust zanata version for new branch. (dlehman) - Allow custom chunk size specification for MDRaidArrayDevice (vtrefny) - Add zanata-python-client to TEST_DEPENDENCIES (bcl) - Allow custom chunk size specification for MDRaidArrayDevice (vtrefny) - Add zanata-python-client to TEST_DEPENDENCIES (bcl) - Add a Commit method to DBusBlivet. (dlehman) - Update unit tests. (dlehman) - Move removed devices and formats into different subtrees. (dlehman) - Use the object manager to look up objects. (dlehman) - Add mappings of objects by id and object path to ObjectManager. (dlehman) - Add an id property to DBusObject. (dlehman) - Add an Action interface to the dbus service. (dlehman) - Make sure DBusFormat's Type property is always a string. (dlehman) - Pass blivet objects to blivet methods. (dlehman) - Fix root detection on btrfs in rescue mode (vtrefny) - Use device's mount options when mounting existing systems (vtrefny) - Add a Commit method to DBusBlivet. (dlehman) - Update unit tests. (dlehman) - Move removed devices and formats into different subtrees. (dlehman) - Use the object manager to look up objects. (dlehman) - Add mappings of objects by id and object path to ObjectManager. (dlehman) - Add an id property to DBusObject. (dlehman) - Add an Action interface to the dbus service. (dlehman) - Make sure DBusFormat's Type property is always a string. (dlehman) - Pass blivet objects to blivet methods. (dlehman) - Move some more installer-specific methods and values into blivet.osinstall. (sbueno+anaconda) - Mv copy_to_system from blivet.util to blivet.osinstall (sbueno+anaconda) - Get rid of flags.installer_mode (sbueno+anaconda) - Create flags.keep_empty_ext_partitions (sbueno+anaconda) - Create flags.selinux_reset_fcon (sbueno+anaconda) - Create flags.auto_dev_updates (sbueno+anaconda) - Add a Format interface to the dbus service. (dlehman) - Always require the rounding mode to be specified for Size (vpodzime) - Add method DBusBlivet.InitializeDisk. (dlehman) - Add a unit test for DBusBlivet.RemoveDevice. (dlehman) - Maintain a mapping of object path to DBusDevice in DBusBlivet. (dlehman) - Correctly handle failures in ResolveDevice. (dlehman) - Add a RemoveDevice method to DBusBlivet. (dlehman) - Convert event handling change accounting to use blivet callbacks. (dlehman) - Add a set of callbacks for changes to blivet's view of things. (dlehman) - Allow replacing an active format within blivet's model. (dlehman) - Add the beginnings of an example client. (dlehman) - Add a Device interface to the dbus service. (dlehman) - Add an ObjectManager interface to the dbus service. (dlehman) - Make DBusBlivet names more dbus-like. (dlehman) - Clean up org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties code in DBusObject a bit. (dlehman) - Move constants into a separate module. (dlehman) - Convert some private methods to public properties. (dlehman) - Import the whole dbus module in a couple of places. (dlehman) - Add a minimal dbus interface. (dlehman) - Rearrange the setup call to minimize changes on updates. (dlehman) - Remove unused readthedocs code from (dlehman) - Ignore all merge commits when making rpm log. (dlehman) - Isolate some boot device operations in blivet.partitioning. (sbueno+anaconda) - Move bootloader stuff from Blivet to InstallerStorage. (sbueno+anaconda) - Some small, stupid bugfixes to first installer isolation patch set. (sbueno+anaconda) - LVM data are now global (japokorn) - Update api to reflect changes from isolating installer-specific code. (sbueno+anaconda) - Update examples and test cases for changes from isolating installer code. (sbueno+anaconda) - Get rid of blivet.blivet's last deps on blivet.osinstall (sbueno+anaconda) - Get rid of blivet.blivet's dependence on blivet.osinstall.FSSet (sbueno+anaconda) - Mv installer-specific functions to install. Create InstallerStorage. (sbueno+anaconda) - Move StorageDiscoveryConfig from blivet.blivet to blivet.osinstall (sbueno+anaconda) - Move some StorageDiscoveryConfig attrs into Blivet. (sbueno+anaconda) - Retrieve udev info as needed in handle_format. (dlehman) * Tue Sep 19 2017 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.1.11-1 - Remove build requires for pocketlint (rkuska) - edd_test: don't run on non-x86 (pjones) - Added support for device tags (japokorn) - fcoe: don't use dcb for autoconnecting of bnx2x and bnx2fc (#1261703) (rvykydal) - fcoe: replace fipvlan with fcoemon (#1085325) (rvykydal) - Do not use read-only mode for e2fsck (vpodzime) - Fixed behavior when selinux is disabled (japokorn) - Do file system check before resize (#1484575) (vpodzime) * Thu Aug 17 2017 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.1.10-1 - Use addCleanup for test cleanup instead of clening in tearDown (vtrefny) - No longer skip test w/o selinux; mocked (japokorn) - Skip tests when SELinux is disabled (japokorn) - New test for selinux context setting when mounting (japokorn) - Add tests for disklabel type selection and partition weight. (dlehman) - Do not use package version to check version of installed tools (vtrefny) - Update the upstream git URL (vpodzime) - Stop enforcing obsolete limits on partition count. (#1460668) (dlehman) - Do not run FS check as part of updating (re)size info (vpodzime) - Change how we run e2fsck to check ext filesystems (vpodzime) - Round the recommended thpool metadata size to extents (vpodzime) - Respect thin pool's min size when setting its req_size (vpodzime) - Don't crash during populate when lvm plugin is missing. (dlehman) - Actually add space for LUKS metadata when encrypting a VG (vpodzime) - Only consider old and new device sizes when not growing to max (vpodzime) - Do not reserve space for LVM metadata twice (vpodzime) - Do not create a temporary list for sum() (vpodzime) - Refer to self.container as in the LVMFactory (vpodzime) - Add a couple of extra comments and docstrings to factories (vpodzime) - Use existing VG's PE size if available in LVMFactory (vpodzime) - Add comments warning before a weird nomenclature in factories (vpodzime) - Don't let device state block modification of the model. (dlehman) - Fix error message for format create w/ missing external dep. (dlehman) - Expand coverage of devices_test.dependencies_test a bit. (dlehman) - Account for external dep availabilty in StorageDevice.controllable. (dlehman) - Add the appropriate external dependency to LUKSDevice. (dlehman) * Thu Jun 01 2017 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.1.9-1 - Adapt to logging module name change (mkolman) - Updated calls to avoid log spamming (japokorn) - Add a script for generating and pushing updated documentation (vtrefny) - pylint: ignore some false positive warnings in and (vtrefny) - pylint: remove unused false positives from pocketlint config (vtrefny) - pylint: disable false positive "not-context-manager" for threading.Lock (vtrefny) - pylint: ignore "arguments-differ" warnings in blivet.size.Size (vtrefny) - pylint: fix various "arguments-differ" warnings (vtrefny) - pylint: remove init from platform.X86 (vtrefny) - pylint: fix various errors in tests (vtrefny) - pylint: ignore "arguments-differ" warning for "do_tasks" method (vtrefny) - pylint: fix false positive for "catching-non-exception" (vtrefny) - pylint: fix argument name for Device._remove_parent/_add_parent (vtrefny) - Always mount & unmount an XFS file system when writing new UUID (vpodzime) - Do not remove manually created extended partitions (#1440150) (vtrefny) - Look the disk up for a partition by name not sys_name (vpodzime) - Disable pylint "no-member" warnings for re module constants (vtrefny) - Allow custom chunk size specification for MDRaidArrayDevice (vtrefny) - Add RAID chunk size to the generated kickstart file (vtrefny) - Use structured logging for the anaconda logger (mkolman) - Use distutils.spawn.find_executable instead of our custom code (vpodzime) - Add a method to reset file system's UUID (vpodzime) - Try to mount and unmount an XFS FS when writing UUID (vpodzime) - Add a method for a file system to generate a new UUID (vpodzime) - tests/fsuuid: Implement checking invalid UUIDs (aszlig) - formats/swap: Support setting UUID (aszlig) - tests: Add a series of tests for setting UUIDs (aszlig) - tests: Add tests to check the UUID format checkers (aszlig) - tasks: Implement setting UUID after FS creation (aszlig) - formats/fs: Implement setting UUID during mkfs (aszlig) - formats/fs: Add functionality for checking UUIDs (aszlig) - tasks/fsmkfs: Add arguments for setting UUID (aszlig) - Properly unset mountpoint of a snapshot's format (vpodzime) - Update snapshot's format's exists flag based on its origin (vpodzime)