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Package Namecopr-frontend
SummaryFrontend for Copr
DescriptionCOPR is lightweight build system. It allows you to create new project in WebUI, and submit new builds and COPR will create yum repository from latests builds. This package contains frontend.
Built bydturecek
State complete
StartedWed, 04 Sep 2019 08:06:16 UTC
CompletedWed, 04 Sep 2019 08:08:37 UTC
Taskbuild (f30-candidate, /rpms/copr-frontend.git:a9a8a71367a8c4864ee33fc89754201acd9e77c9)
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Changelog * Wed Sep 04 2019 Dominik Turecek <> 1.153-1 - admin permission check in 'can_build_in()' (issue#970) - better link to builder-live.log (issue#941) - hide unlisted projects from homepage in RSS - build srpm first - fixes traceback with invalid chroot name (issue#810) * Wed Aug 28 2019 Dominik Turecek <> 1.152-1 - fix public dump for login to work after re-import (issue#912) - optimize frontpage and fix recent builds page (issue#937) - batch delete builds into a single action (issue#688) - optimize /backend/pending-jobs/ json rendering - monitor page should not show builds from PR (issue#839) - unify "repos" field description for chroot/project - add support for length of pending/running tables (issue#709) - fix traceback on build delete (issue#822) - remove records limit for running/pending/importing stats pages (issue#893) - fix error with sorting pending/running table by project name (issue#901) - fix GDPR user data deletion (issues#889,#890) - adding better time representation for build detail (issue#860) - un-pin projects when deleting them (issue#895) - fix module state and show it on the module detail page (issue#607) * Mon Jul 29 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.151-1 - run createrepo immediately, don't wait for first build (issue#833) - added pinned-projects feature (issue#495) - fix/customize sorting in running/pending/importing tab (issue#808) - removed (so far broken) group avatar from group projects (issue#806) - added helper for daily db dumps (pr#783) - better working with build statuses internally (issue#668) - modular builds now respect the module platform (issue#606) - sandbox builds not only per user, but also per submitter and project - better submitter identification for webhook builds - repo ID in `dnf copr enable` repo files contain frontend hostname - hide "delete all builds" checkboxes for logged-out visitors (issue#577) - nicer API error output for ActionInProgressException - allow individuals to ask permissions for group projects (issue#778) - api pagination ordering fix (rhbz#1717506) - api /project/list now doesn't include group projects - disallow ex-members to build in projects (issue#848) - don't traceback when "add-group" form contains errors (issue#847) - allow group admins to delete all projects in the group (issue#779) - fix a lot of deprecation warning during build - really delete builds in temporary projects, no only the DB entry - show only forks in web-UI that are not yet deleted - added link to RSS feed into site navigation - admin: add command to delete orphaned builds and packages - admin: us to create temporary aliases for chroots - admin: allow copr admins to edit Package entries * Tue May 21 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.150-1 - fix the script for prolonged outdated chroots - add RHEL 8 (rhelbeta) chroot logo - correctly describe "Create repositories manually" - remove unused module_md_name and module_md_zlib columns - sort package (build)requires - use humanize in time_ago(); fix #724 - automatize outdated chroots notifications and deletion - notify outdated chroots with 80 days interval - don't unselect inactive chroots in project edit; fix #712 - print soon-to-remove outdated chroots in red; see #593 - cron: call 'clean_expired_projects' correctly - traceback when forked_from project deleted - disable "expire now" button when chroot is already expired - NameError: name 'unicode' is not defined - require wtforms version with render_kw * Wed Apr 24 2019 Jakub Kadlčík <> 1.149-1 - fix finished status for SRPM builds, hopefully last time - log handled 500 errors - fix a failing test - expect the correct status code for project deletion failure - webhook triggers expect int:copr_id - fix shebang in daily cron job - remove a redundant condition for outdated chroots - allow user to remove outdated chroot; fix #624 - sort outdated chroots by name; fix #593 - pagure-events: send keep-alive tcp packets - replace cron configuration automatically - respect module buildorder by setting dependencies among batches - add mechanism to block build batch until other one finishes - build is not finished when not even SRPM is finished - fix WTForms deprecation warning - fix Flask invalid cookie warning - fix YAMLLoadWarning deprecation warning - fix FlaskWTForms deprecation warning - pagure-events: each commit in push/PR should trigger build - webhooks: each commit in push should trigger build - make clean_old_builds query join() explicit - link to correct API documentation - fixup test fixtures for Rawhide - add CLI for permissions - new --max-builds option - move "Other options" to separate panel - support temporary projects - print friendly error on http when https is enforced - Merge #647 `[frontend] make 'alembic revision --autogenerate' pylint-clean` - *_private migration is irreversible - don't ignore constraints when moving data to *_private - simplify *_private tables - de-duplicate *_private ids - add CoprPrivate to join - fix migration sequence by putting private table migrations on top - remove private columns from user and copr - private tables for user and copr - make 'alembic revision --autogenerate' pylint-clean - pagure-events: accept [copr-build] key in PR message - pagure-events: allow duplicate builds - better parse Pagure's PR messages - fix Pagure-triggered Package builds - linter for alembic revisions - repaired import in builds_logic Closes #644 - increase the build timeout limit because of chromium - reset config changes after each test method - UI: say "SRPM log" instead of "Import log" - disallow root to execute ./ - don't display url to dist-git logs for non-admin users - fix batch build delete in group projects; see #575 - fix exception when multiple sources are generating graph data - support ?priority=x for non copr:// repo - Redis.setex swapped arguments in v3+ - go to builds page after submitting a custom method build - fix module builds table - test real-world module buildorder, see #599 - enforce https for outdated chroots emails - pass queue_sizes also to the graph page - display badges in task queue tabs, see #552 -[python] avoid '' warnings * Fri Mar 15 2019 Jakub Kadlčík <> 1.148-1 - [frontend] add missing spaces - [frontend] set reply-to header to our emails - [frontend] sort chroots in email by project name - [frontend] don't get chroots from deleted projects - [frontend][python] handle timeout errors - [frontend] return the correct status for SRPM fail (fix #513) - Added rss feed from all copr's projects to /rss/ - [frontend] show packages with no builds as 'not built yet' - [cli][frontend] fix copr-cli downloading parent directory for cancelled builds - [frontend][backend] make copr_prune_results skip already pruned outdated chroots * Mon Mar 11 2019 Jakub Kadlčík <> 1.147-1 - [frontend] don't forget to commit in ' alter_chroot' - [frontend] new 'db_session_scope' idiom - [frontend] remove leftover old_status after PR#562 - [frontend] rework error handlers to fix #531 - [frontend] remove migration-report page - [frontend] remove old_status column from package table - [frontend] mention Copr in mail subject - [frontend][backend] require libmodulemd in at least 1.7.0 - [frontend] build batch deletion by xhr * Thu Feb 14 2019 Jakub Kadlčík <> 1.146-1 - [frontend] require copr-common greater than 0.4 version * Mon Feb 11 2019 Jakub Kadlčík <> 1.145-1 - Don't let dev instance notify all users - Don't allow to send notification for empty chroots - Move splitFilename function to the copr-common package - Fix storing the custom script parameters - Set webhook_rebuild even in APIv3 - Set the disable_createrepo when creating the project via APIv3 - Stick with the old repo_id format until F28 is supported - Add index build(canceled, is_background, source_status, id) - Couple of bugfixes for wrong variables and properties * Tue Jan 15 2019 Miroslav Suchý <> 1.144-1 - add db indexes * Mon Jan 14 2019 Miroslav Suchý <> 1.143-1 - add build_copr_id index and build_chroot(status, started_on) - fix path to bash - removing executable bit from * Fri Jan 11 2019 Miroslav Suchý <> 1.142-1 - remove data from outdated chroots - fix modulemd import on F29 * Thu Jan 10 2019 Miroslav Suchý <> 1.141-1 - order builds already by SQL - add support for copr dir to copr-cli - Show markdown code for status badge - add pending action count - add get_admins command to - notifications for outdated chroots - show project forks - don't include port in repofile ID - Remove spaces around slash in owner/project header - Make pagure-events service load-balanceable - Fix `copr-cli mock-config` after switching to APIv3 by preprocessing repos on frontend - add data migration to remove build.results column - add try-except block to rollback session properly if an error ocurrs - move inline style to css - let mock rootdir generation on clients - rename repos 'url' attribute to 'baseurl' - provide repo_id in project chroot build config - refactor repo_id property - dont remove additional_repos list - add possibility to query all projects (RhBug: 1130166) - don't show empty copr dirs (see #447) - warn maintainer when working in foreign project - Allow per-package chroot-blacklisting by wildcard patterns - add possibility to notify just selected users - send only one email per user - preprocess repo URLs on frontend - move 'Build only for' down into 'Default Build Source' - list chroots the package is built for - render "Generic form" - drop "downloading" state - allow blacklisting packages from chroots * Fri Oct 19 2018 Miroslav Suchý <> 1.140-1 - /usr/bin/env python3 -> /usr/bin/python3 - fix SELinux - use cached data for small graph of usage - add quick_enable.html flavor template - sync style-overwrite.css with generate_colorscheme - new config REPO_NO_SSL - split style-overwrite.css into two parts - change repo ID format - Start using a code from copr_common - refactor mailing code - use git_dir_archive instead of git_dir_pack - 1628399 - che/llvm and che/mesa do not show up when searching for the search terms - migrate from deprecated python3-modulemd to libmodulemd - do not allow other users to edit your packages - fix operation of alembic-3 commands (e.g. alembic-3 history) - pg#251 Make it possible for user to select pyp2rpm template - don't hardcode OpenID provider (#374) - 1622513 - require python3-requests - pg#251 Make it possible for user to select pyp2rpm template - change repo ID format to copr:<hub>:<user>:<project> * Fri Aug 24 2018 clime <> 1.139-1 - add proper access check for integrations page * Thu Aug 23 2018 clime <> 1.138-1 - fix bug that project non-owner can generate new webhook secret * Thu Aug 23 2018 clime <> 1.137-1 - generate new webhook secret functionality in copr-cli - fix forking not to duplicate information that should not be duplicated - apiv3: construct dict with project data before deleting it - don't set source_build_method for unset packages - Change of the default setting of follow_fedora_branching - #349 Do not fork package auto-rebuild information - fix rawhide_to_release after b15e4504c - packaging: Python 2/3, RHEL/Fedora fixes - fix custom package webhooks * Mon Aug 06 2018 clime <> 1.136-1 - None task protection - apiv3 - pagure integration - manual byte-code compilation * Fri Jul 20 2018 clime <> 1.135-1 - fix tests under ppc64le * Fri Jul 20 2018 clime <> 1.134-1 - fix #320 copr frontend check: remove arch specific condition - drop initscripts Require - fix #322 frontend: scriptlet stderr pollution - contact_us column added into footer - graphs optimizied - note contact info for GDPR data dump - remove logstash configuration from .spec * Tue Jun 19 2018 clime <> 1.133-1 - separate version of the copr-frontend-flavor provide - ignore errors on "condrestart" foreign services - rename user_info flavor template file to user_meta - GDPR compliance - drop 'passwd' dependency * Fri May 18 2018 clime <> 1.132-1 - add --with/--without rpmbuild options for build chroot - use "$releasever" in repo base URL for opensuse-leap and mageia chroots - openSUSE chroot support - fix #291 forks are incomplete - fix rpm download counters for group projects - #290 auto-rebuilds are being spawned on commits to some other projects - preparation for opensuse-leap-15.0-x86_64 * Mon Apr 30 2018 clime <> 1.131-1 - fix build on pagure commit script to listen only to pagure fedmsgs - use rsplit for chroot splitting to get os, version, arch triplet * Thu Apr 26 2018 Dominik Turecek <> 1.130-1 - add pending tasks to graphs - rpkg deployment into COPR - containers + releng continuation - fix flash messages not disappearing after page reload - change flash messages for deleted/cancelled builds - remove dangling symlinks after 00b6073 - unbundle static files - some javascript assets are not placed under component folder - remove redundatant stuff in complex tests - remove unneeded basenames - fix #269, #273, #221 and #268 - fix #275 web-ui: last build name shows "None" - api /build_status/ to not require login - add status_icon for build_id - change login welcome message to success message - redirect to builds table after rebuild - custom method: move the script filter into form - fix graphics issues after adding xstatic-patternfly-common - give project names more space * Wed Feb 28 2018 clime <> 1.129-1 - several tweaks for graphs of utilization - fix copr_update after user and group routes merge - custom build: single-line textarea placeholder - vanish '\r\n' in custom script - fix filter has no len() error - make the news box optional - fix group listing - remove workaround from copr_url macro - merge regular and group views * Fri Feb 23 2018 clime <> 1.128-1 - fix counting stat logic - use end_commit when building by copr-fedmsg-listener - update service file for copr-fedmsg-listener to use python3 - add forked description - fix init_db - fix unittests (zlib.compress expects bytes, not str) - task queue info cleanup - fix initial build.source_status and chroot statuses for auto- rebuilds - remove some old python scripts - enable chroot for every project that follows branching - fix copr_url() template macro for custom method - remove Group tag * Mon Feb 19 2018 clime <> 1.127-1 - Shebangs cleanup - new custom source method - fix search page error due to missing graph data * Sun Feb 18 2018 clime <> 1.126-1 - add fetch_sources_only: True into build task defintion - add graphs of utilization - option to give COPR repository bigger priority (see #97) - grammar: s/duplicate a backend data/duplicate backend data/ - Trailing ".git" is ignored when matching clone URL, so is unnecessary. - fix frontend by disabling doc generation - Accept webhooks from - Expand docs on how to find the correct Pagure hook setting. - fix typos - fixed status_to_order, order_to_status functions, added waiting icon - add indeces for faster build selection - add source_status field for Builds - implement the module buildorder logic - krb5: last iteritems()->items() - have .repo on the end of module repofile URL - set the gpg properties for module repo - Byecompile files in %{_datadir} with python3 - pg#191 When auto-rebuilding from push event, use a head commit hash - move into, polish .spec a bit - fix run scripts under python3 - frontend now presents the whole job queue state to backend - opt rename SRPM_STORAGE_DIR to STORAGE_DIR - new generic web-hook - when passing URL with path, expect it in result; see ad9c3b4cc - remove outdated tests, see 3f62873 - add index to build module_id - copy only module builds into the repo directory - generate the module NSV rather than asking for it - fix condition that all module packages were successfully built - remove outdated modularity code - fix baseurl for module repofile - build modules in all enabled chroots - implement submitting modules via URL - set default values for optional modulemd params - change module version to bigint - always have a known state of a module - have unique module nsv per project - build a module without using MBS - require to specify project when building module - add build to module relation - limit spec to python3 deps and switch application and scripts to python3 - pg#188 COPR webhook doesn't work with branches - python3 conversion * Mon Dec 18 2017 Dominik Turecek <> 1.125-1 - add support for src.fp.o in - fix source type description - fix make-srpm anchor link - provide default for source_json_dict in scm migration - fix committish filter condition for auto-rebuilds - fix SCM migrations not to use models that might be newer than db - always use ref from the push/tag event for package auto-rebuild - rather suggest dnf-modularity-stable repo - update the info how to install a module - fix code block spacing - fix scm unification migrations for mock-scm - show most recent post from our blog * Thu Nov 09 2017 clime <> 1.124-1 - fix - optimize check_for_anitya_version_updates - Bug 1508888 - Webhook triggered from GitHub does not start the build - allow to set use_bootstrap_container via API - fix job stucking provisionally - add PoC scripts for fedora-ci * Wed Oct 18 2017 clime <> 1.123-1 - also set srpm_url when --initial-pkgs is used when creating new project - for tag webhook events, rebuild the package on the specified tag - check for pagure hostname in pagure auto-rebuilding script - fix for fatal error when accessing old upload builds that do not contain 'url' key in source_json - unify SCM source types - deprecate tito and mock-scm methods - add index on package(webhook_rebuild, source_type) and copr(copr_webhook_secret) - update docs for requests/flask interaction * Wed Sep 27 2017 clime <> 1.122-1 - remove unneeded yum dep * Tue Sep 26 2017 clime <> 1.121-1 - fix generate_repo_url method not to edit mock_chroot object attributes - spec cleanup in regard to python-flask-whooshee - fix rpm download stats collection - fix 'Repo Downloads' counter * Fri Sep 15 2017 clime <> 1.120-1 - fix build stucking with srpm url/upload resubmitted builds - .spec cleanup - move DEFER_BUILD_SECONDS to config values and set default to 80 - show backend log for srpm builds - fix url to import log - Bug 1431035 - coprs should check credentials before uploading source rpm * Thu Sep 07 2017 clime <> 1.119-1 - add dist_git_clone_url property of package and use it on /backend - #68 Building SRPMs on builder - append / to result_dir_url - #119 python-copr client_v2 BuildHandler limits builds to the 100 most recent builds - Fix tab vs spaces errors - [*] Spelling fixes - Invalid escape sequence fixes - Bug 1471285 - Webhook triggers all changed specs even without new tito tag - api for obtaining queue information