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Package Namemdevctl
SummaryMediated device management and persistence utility
Descriptionmdevctl is a utility for managing and persisting devices in the mediated device device framework of the Linux kernel. Mediated devices are sub-devices of a parent device (ex. a vGPU) which can be dynamically created and potentially used by drivers like vfio-mdev for assignment to virtual machines.
Built byalwillia
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive04
StartedMon, 07 Oct 2019 18:37:57 UTC
CompletedMon, 07 Oct 2019 18:39:36 UTC
Taskbuild (f31-candidate, /rpms/mdevctl.git:ae8a4111face4a30c3f0f09d38859379dfcfc126)
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Changelog * Wed Oct 02 2019 Alex Williamson <> - 0.50-1 - 18c33dfd136d ("Reformat changelog to match Linux commit reference style") * Tue Oct 01 2019 Alex Williamson <> - 0.49-1 - e2bda0996bd3 ("Fedora integration") * Fri Sep 27 2019 Alex Williamson <> - 0.48-1 - a6372fc0bd9e ("Create an lsmdev alias") * Wed Jul 17 2019 Alex Williamson <> - 0.47-1 - 52654b4f6f85 ("Update spec Source0 url") * Mon Jul 15 2019 Alex Williamson <> - 0.46-1 - 6bfe7b0a22c4 ("Add back BuildRequires for systemd") - 9cf1afc50b2c ("Allow advanced JSON output from the list command") - 1c98f58ff505 ("Fixup Makefile and spec for") - 838cac5ac9f0 ("Merge pull request #12 from cohuck/markdown") - 2eeda7456288 ("README: convert to markdown") - 70efa0a3a2ab ("Merge pull request #11 from cohuck/example-verbose") - 28fe248613c8 ("fix attribute output examples") - 37bb8f26d1c2 ("Update man page") - 8f9798a32884 ("Let --index be abbreviated with -i") - 7ea03365a192 ("Split mdev types from list command") - b323cf96e4e7 ("Consistent, gratuitous quoting") - 84044a178502 ("Fix man page install") - 4e4e45a03154 ("Merge pull request #10 from cohuck/manpage") - f37b1aa5625d ("add a man page") - 840c86d1f79c ("simplify attribute handling") - 1226ba8e4b39 ("Merge pull request #7 from cohuck/json-import-export-doc") - 02ddfca4d1a2 ("README: update with JSON") - 0ca6019ba007 ("help text: fix typos") - 02ca8f9756cd ("Dump and import support") - a2417e68246d ("Merge pull request #6 from cohuck/print_index") - a7c759ea3788 ("print index when listing attributes") - 386af2db03a7 ("Interpret escapes") - 88033494334e ("Attribute support") - b08f4939634c ("Rework start logic, add uuidgen support and list active feature") - b2cf2d1bf1f8 ("Note 'make rpm' support") - d90876b93f5f ("JSON config files") - ead45a253a2e ("Merge pull request #5 from cohuck/improve-comments") - 4d533d8adee5 ("Merge pull request #4 from cohuck/realpath") - 2a101c6de4e4 ("tweak some comments") - 387eb4fc84e0 ("use realpath for canonicalization") - d74bf93dbc79 ("mdevctl: Respin") - b8c98109e307 ("Merge pull request #3 from cohuck/readme-uuidgen") - 47e4d255baf2 ("README: avoid inline `uuidgen`") - 863417ee7a52 ("Merge pull request #2 from c3d/whitespace-and-usage-cleanup") - dc1d6fc95118 ("Trailing whitespace cleanup") - 97b393552ab4 ("Put usage message in a single large blob of text") - b439f53017f3 ("Merge pull request #1 from cohuck/destdir") - 205040b3c006 ("Makefile: drop extra '/'") - c51ebb40d3f6 ("mdevctl: Move to") - 914c0076535b ("mdevctl: Don't start mdevs created with --manual") - 9e84529a5ddd ("mdevctl: Implement defaults and per mdev start option") - bb5135475bd8 ("mdevctl: Add RPM build support") - d1f6110c59d4 ("mdevctl: Minor usage fixes") - 42ba1670288f ("Merge pull request #1 from cohuck/improve_cmdline") - d27ba583f77b ("mdevctl: improve commandline handling") - 5114f9eb8268 ("mdevctl: Initial commit")