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Package Namecopr-backend
SummaryBackend for Copr
DescriptionCOPR is lightweight build system. It allows you to create new project in WebUI, and submit new builds and COPR will create yum repository from latest builds. This package contains backend.
Built byfrostyx
State complete
StartedTue, 27 Apr 2021 20:07:45 UTC
CompletedTue, 27 Apr 2021 20:13:57 UTC
Taskbuild (f33-candidate, /rpms/copr-backend.git:aa02f3d6ff3c3b36edb3faae9774312b32f72279)
Extra{'source': {'original_url': 'git+https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/copr-backend.git#aa02f3d6ff3c3b36edb3faae9774312b32f72279'}}
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Changelog * Tue Apr 27 2021 Jakub Kadlcik <frostyx@email.cz> 1.145-1 - backend: make the walk_limited test not dependend on its output order, pt2 * Tue Apr 27 2021 Jakub Kadlcik <frostyx@email.cz> 1.144-1 - backend: make the walk_limited test not dependend on its output order * Tue Apr 27 2021 Jakub Kadlcik <frostyx@email.cz> 1.143-1 - backend: fix copr_prune_results logging once more - backend: better logging in prunerepo - backend: prunerepo: don't re-createrepo when no rpm is removed - backend: catch correct client exceptions in copr_prune_results - test: backend: change prunerepo logic, use get_rpms_to_remove from prunerepo - backend: new fixture for testing prunerepo - backend: use safe defaults if APIv3 result doesn't contain what it should - backend: migrate to APIv3 - backend: better how-to-redirect logs comment - backend, frontend, keygen, distgit: keep cca 3 months of logs - backend: don't createrepo in srpm-builds on delete - backend: test walk_limited function from helpers * Tue Mar 16 2021 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.142-1 - prepare for the centos-stream-8 rename - add script to prune srpm-build directories - pruner: correctly deliver the final prunerepo stamp to frontend - pruner: logging through RedisLogHandler - pruner: better parallelization - pruner: re-try be-fe communication upon failures - require up2date modulemd-tools * Wed Jan 20 2021 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.141-1 - run prunerepo in parallel - add one-shot copr_find_wrong_chroot_artifacts.py script - support modulemd v2 * Tue Dec 01 2020 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.140-1 - fix frontend-client post arguments * Mon Nov 30 2020 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.139-1 - require appropriate common version - use common for repeatedly sends requests to frontend * Mon Nov 30 2020 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.138-1 - get back to using standard createrepo_c command from createrepo_mod - drop call to stomp's conn.start() (it was dropped) * Mon Nov 09 2020 Jakub Kadlcik <frostyx@email.cz> 1.137-1 - backend: test action for deleting chroot - backend: fix testsuite for the new createrepo_c - frontend: don't set ended_on for canceled builds - all: run pytest with -vv in package build - common, cli, python, rpmbuild, frontend, backend: DistGit source method - backend: use createrepo_mod tool for generating module repodata * Wed Aug 12 2020 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.136-1 - testsuite: give more time to the slow Koji builders * Mon Aug 10 2020 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.135-1 - prioritize all non-background jobs - fix up libmodulemd dependency * Fri Jun 19 2020 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.134-1 - fix copr-repo to work with absolute paths - automatically batch the createrepo requests - scheduler is now fair, and ordered - indefinitely retry workers' talk to frontend - allow canceling also "starting" builds - more verbose delete action in logs - cleanup the example configuration - use FileHandler for backend.log, fixes traceback * Tue Jun 09 2020 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.133-1 - better build task priority processing - dump attempt to send message to backend.log - drop the VMM concept, replaced with resalloc - delegate more work to the builder code - external blob tarball for unittests - buggy error handler in pkg_name_evr() - basic build task priority - the reschedule-all builds idiom removed - fix the build cancelation - drop duplicate BuildRequire on python-requests - require the newest version of copr-common - minimalize the transfered amount of information about actions from FE - process actions in regard to their priority - move backend's code to standard PYTHONPATH - move ActionResult to copr_common.enums - actions/builds use the same WorkerManager logic - more verbose rawhide to release action processing * Wed Feb 05 2020 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.132-1 - better handle invalid options in copr-repo --add/--delete - copr-repo: optimize-out useless createrepo_c runs - move initial createrepo check from dispatcher to worker - don't send messages on bus N-times - /bin/copr-repo now respects .disable-appstream files - drop unused build_deleting_without_createrepo option * Wed Jan 15 2020 Tomas Hrnciar <thrnciar@redhat.com> 1.131-1 - put build-ID.log file to resultdir - call call_copr_repo if initial createrepo failed - Build Dispatcher does not wait forever till repo is created, it creates it manually - properly delete logs for old builds - delete build-ID.log files again - edit repositories only by new 'copr-repo' tool - fix multi-build delete - fix for not saving end time of actions - lower traffic in build_dispatcher log - more resilient redis logging - attempt to publish on msgbus N-times - log service: move RequiredBy to [Install] - keep worker ID in proc title * Fri Dec 06 2019 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.130-1 - backend: execute actions with sane umask=0022 * Wed Dec 04 2019 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.129-1 - do not start a build if copr_base is not available yet - systemd services' restart re-ordering - de-duplicate frontend_.update() call when reattaching to existing build - allow specifying timeout for spawn/terminate playbooks - removing dependecy on euca2ools in spec - send `uses_devel_repo' as a part of task info - correctly configure logrotate - get_redis_logger: skip log entries bellow log_level - delete leftover action workers from redis * Fri Oct 11 2019 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.128-1 - restart copr-backend sub-services on failure - don't kill action processors by 'systemctl restart' - lower the log traffic in build_dispatcher.log * Thu Oct 03 2019 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.127-1 - fix testsuite for slow Koji builders * Thu Oct 03 2019 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.126-1 - more reliable communication with frontend (#1021) - only ask for auto_createrepo once per project - parallel handling of actions (#1007) - don't provide builder-live.log once the build ended, and add 'copr-compress-live-logs' helper (#985) - less exceptions in logs - project forking fixes - depend on copr-messaging, not fedora-messaging - fixes for copr_print_results_to_delete.py script * Wed Aug 28 2019 Dominik Turecek <dturecek@redhat.com> 1.125-1 - minimize redis traffic for looping over pending-jobs (issue#902) - batch delete builds into a single action (issue#688) - admin opt-out createrepo after build-deleting - fix wrong message validation class - refine cleanup_vm_nova.py - depend on copr-messaging * Mon Jul 29 2019 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.124-1 - run createrepo immediately, don't wait for build (issue#833) - compress backend-live.log by calling gzip (issue#86) - use copr-messaging module for validating outgoing messages - don't run appstream-builder for PR dirs - don't run createrepo for srpm directories - skip VMs with failing live-check in scheduler - sandbox builds per user/submitter/project - drop unused compat code for droped /bin/copr-builder - do not call appstream builder with --max-threads (issue#717) - added copr_print_results_to_delete.py script, should help us with removal of orphaned resources on backend storage (issue#712) - allow disabling appstream builder per project (issue#738) - tabular output from copr_get_vm_info.py