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Information for build pungi-4.3.0-1.fc33

Package Namepungi
SummaryDistribution compose tool
DescriptionA tool to create anaconda based installation trees/isos of a set of rpms.
Built bylsedlar
State complete
StartedWed, 15 Sep 2021 07:36:44 UTC
CompletedWed, 15 Sep 2021 07:39:06 UTC
Taskbuild (f33-candidate, /rpms/pungi.git:07ecfda69c6a36541f5d078a602efe5a17b5851f)
Extra{'source': {'original_url': 'git+https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/pungi.git#07ecfda69c6a36541f5d078a602efe5a17b5851f'}}
pungi-4.3.0-1.fc33.src.rpm (info) (download)
pungi-4.3.0-1.fc33.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
pungi-utils-4.3.0-1.fc33.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
python3-pungi-4.3.0-1.fc33.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Wed Sep 15 2021 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.3.0-1 - Only build CTS url when configured (lsedlar) - Require requests_kerberos only when needed (lsedlar) - Allow specifying $COMPOSE_ID in the `repo` value for osbs phase. (jkaluza) - Make getting old compose config reusable (lsedlar) - paths: Allow customizing log file extension (lsedlar) - Add authentication for updating the compose URL in CTS. (ounsal) - Fix type detection for osbuild images (lsedlar) - Enable pungi to send compose_url patches to CTS (ounsal) - Use xorriso instead of isoinfo when createiso_use_xorrisofs is enabled (ounsal) - Fix tests for createrepo (drumian) - Formatted files according to flake8 and black feedback (drumian) - Handle the pungi failures to ensure creation of log files (ounsal) - Add createrepo_enable_cache to configuration doc (hlin) - Fix formatting (hlin) - Install missing deps in ci image (hlin) - Use pytest directly incl. support for posargs, e.g.: tox -- -s -vvv tests/path/to/a/single/test_something.py (fvalder) - Supersede ModuleStream loading with ModuleIndex (fvalder) - Better error message than 'KeyError' in pungi (drumian) - Adding multithreading support for pungi/phases/image_checksum.py (jkunstle) - doc: more additional_packages documentation (kdreyer) - doc: fix typo in additional_packages description (kdreyer) - doc: improve signed packages retry docs (kdreyer) - Better error message than 'KeyError' in pungi (drumian) - doc: explain buildContainer API (kdreyer) * Wed Aug 04 2021 Haibo Lin <hlin@redhat.com> - 4.2.10-1 - Show and log command when using the run_blocking_cmd() method (fdipretre) - Use cachedir when createrepo (hlin) - gather: Add all srpms to variant lookaside repo (lsedlar) - Add task URL to watch task log (hlin) - Log warning when module defined in variants.xml not found (hlin) - pkgset: Compare future events correctly (lsedlar) - util: Strip file:// from local urls (lsedlar) - Clean up temporary yumroot dir (hlin) * Fri Jul 23 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 4.2.9-3 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_35_Mass_Rebuild * Fri Jun 04 2021 Python Maint <python-maint@redhat.com> - 4.2.9-2 - Rebuilt for Python 3.10 * Thu Apr 29 2021 onosek - 4.2.9-1 - New upstream release 4.2.9 - Fix can't link XDEV using repos as pkgset_sources (romain.forlot) - Updated the deprecated ks argument name (to the current inst.ks) (lveyde) - gather: Adjust reusing with lookaside (hlin) - hybrid: Optimize getting lookaside packages (lsedlar) - gather: Copy old logs when reusing gather result (hlin) - Cancel koji tasks when pungi terminated (hlin) - Add Dockerfile for building testing image (hlin) - image_container: Fix incorrect arch processing (lsedlar) - runroot: Adjust permissions always (hlin) - Format code (hlin) - pkgset: Fix meaning of retries (lsedlar) - pkgset: Store module tag only if module is used (lsedlar) - Store extended traceback for gather errors (lsedlar) * Fri Feb 12 2021 Ondrej Nosek <onosek@redhat.com> - 4.2.8-1 - New upstream version * Wed Jan 27 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 4.2.7-3 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_34_Mass_Rebuild * Fri Jan 22 2021 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.2.7-2 - Backport patch for preserving default attribute in comps * Tue Dec 08 2020 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.2.7-1 - New upstream version * Thu Nov 05 2020 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.2.6-1 - New upstream release * Fri Sep 25 2020 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.2.5-1 - New upstream release * Tue Aug 18 2020 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.2.4-1 - New upstream version * Tue Jul 28 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 4.2.3-3 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_33_Mass_Rebuild * Thu Jun 11 2020 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.2.3-2 - Stop building PDF documentation * Thu Jun 11 2020 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.2.3-1 - Move test for unsigned packages with pkgset_koji_scratch_tasks to PkgsetPhase class. (jkaluza) - Allow building compose with scratch builds defined by `pkgset_koji_scratch_tasks`. (jkaluza) - createrepo: Allow making productid glob stricter (lsedlar) - docs: Remove outdated note (lsedlar) - createrepo: Add extra modulemd files to the repo (lsedlar) - pkgset: handle exception when using dogpile cache (hlin) - notification: Add compose_path into the messages (hlin) - gather: handle mirrorlist in kickstart (frederic.pierret) - Allow only creating unified ISO for specified arch (hlin) - docs: update doc for gather_lookaside_repos option (hlin) - Include the output of getisoimage in the error message (hlin) - tests: Patch time in CTS related tests (lsedlar) - Allow using Pungi Koji plugin for ostree phases. (jkaluza) - Allow getting the compose id from CTS (Compose Tracking Service). (jkaluza) - Fix flake8 issues (lsedlar) - Optimize the _link_file function to not call os.stat redundantly. This will eliminate 2 calls to os.stat per one invocation of the _link_file function. Assuming during the compose build 50000 files are linked, this change will eliminate 100000 redundant calls to os.stat. (bkhomuts) - doc: explain sigkey behavior (kdreyer) - doc: explain tradeoffs with pkgset_allow_reuse (kdreyer) - doc: fix grammar for pkgset_allow_reuse setting (kdreyer) - Support --skip-branding option in lorax (hlin) - docs: Embed phases.svg directly (hlin) - Execute image_checksum phase right after the dependent phases (hlin) * Mon May 25 2020 Miro Hrončok <mhroncok@redhat.com> - 4.2.2-3 - Rebuilt for Python 3.9 * Thu May 21 2020 Miro Hrončok <mhroncok@redhat.com> - 4.2.2-2 - Only recommend libguestfs-tools-c because it's not available on i686 (#1743421) * Thu Apr 30 2020 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.2.2-1 - New upstream release * Mon Mar 16 2020 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.2.1-2 - Fix false positive debuginfo detection * Fri Mar 13 2020 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.2.1-1 - New upstream release * Mon Feb 03 2020 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.2.0-1 - iso: Clean up cache for guestmount (lsedlar) - Remove deprecated warn() call (lsedlar) - arch_utils: Fix ResourceWarnings (lsedlar) - Add support for new Pungi Buildinstall Koji plugin. (jkaluza) - Make --task-id mandatory in get_runroot_cmd (hlin) - Wait on runroot tasks with wait-task command (hlin) - pkgset: Ignore deleted module builds (hlin) - Add tests for new exclude options (lsedlar) - Remove invalid parameters from osbs config (hlin) - pungi-gather: add options for excluding debug and source packages (frederic.pierret) - Hide latest koji package via pkgset_koji_builds option (hlin) - Add a new option for customizing version in .treeinfo (lsedlar) - Kickstart on RHEL 7 does not have metalink attr (lsedlar) - Support generating ISOs when using link_type="symlink". (jkaluza) - pkgset: Hardlink downloaded packages (lsedlar) - Check dependency of --just-phase (hlin) - Update runroot_method documentation. (jkaluza) - Remove productimg phase (hlin) - Fix unified isos with missing images.json (lsedlar) - Allow setting runroot_method per Pungi phase. (jkaluza) - ostree: Fix arg passed to scm.get_dir_from_scm (hlin) - Improve detection of lookaside packages (lsedlar) - gather: Deduplicate packages before printing (lsedlar) - Do not mention pdc_client when missing modulemd (hlin) - gather: Improve logging for gathering (hlin) - gather: handle metalink in kickstart repos (frederic.pierret) - tests: drop sys.path modification (hlin) - cleanup: refactor scripts via entry points (hlin) - Avoid crash if a module is not available on all arches (lsedlar) - Add version constraint to productmd dependency (lsedlar) - Allow specifying temp dir in pungi-gather (frederic.pierret) * Thu Jan 30 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 4.1.41-5 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_32_Mass_Rebuild * Wed Jan 15 2020 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.41-4 - Fix bad argument to logger in ostree phase * Fri Dec 06 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.41-3 - Add version constraint for productmd * Thu Dec 05 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.41-2 - Avoid crash when module has limited arches * Mon Dec 02 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.41-1 - repoclosure: Parse all fus logs (lsedlar) - runroot: Log different commands to different files (lsedlar) - buildinstall: Log message for boot config change (hlin) - livemedia: Remove title option (hlin) - Make sure repoclosure cache cleaned when running as root (hlin) - Prefix lookaside cache dir with compose id (hlin) - Prefix repoclosure cache dir with compose id (hlin) - hybrid: Download remote files when getting platform (lsedlar) - gather: Use fresh cache for each sequence of fus runs (lsedlar) - tests: Add test for compose logger setup (hlin) - Do not write images.json if all related phases skipped (hlin) - gather: Do not write metadata if gather phase skipped (hlin) - Write global metadata about extra files (lsedlar) - scm: Add backend for downloading archives from Koji (lsedlar) - Pass compose to SCM wrappers (lsedlar) - Remove misleading warning about size of the ISO (hlin) - Retry watching koji tasks on server outage (hlin) - config-dump: Allow overwritting config via -e option (hlin) * Tue Nov 26 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.40-4 - Propagate errors from depsolving methods * Mon Nov 11 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.40-3 - pkgset: Fix running without any koji tags * Fri Nov 08 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.40-2 - Get message from LogRecord with a method * Wed Oct 23 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.40-1 - pkgset: Only reuse valid old repo (lsedlar) - Clean up skipping phases (hlin) - Fix crash on unsigned packages (hlin) - doc: Make it clear that the field 'repo' has to be empty for 'file' backend (juliana.rodrigueiro) - gather: Make depsolving parallel (hlin) - doc: Add full examples of compose configuration (lsedlar) - ostree-install: allow configuring additional depenencies for runroot (otaylor) - buildinstall: Allow customizing dracut arguments (lsedlar) - Use custom assertion for checking content of files (lsedlar) - Drop custom ANY object (lsedlar) - Remove usage of unittest2 on Python 3 (lsedlar) - Remove shebangs from test files (lsedlar) - gather: Resolve dependencies of debug packages (lsedlar) - gather: Fix bare except block (lsedlar) - gather: Fix formatting (lsedlar) - gather: Simplify adding packages to result (lsedlar) - gather: Remove unused import (lsedlar) - Regenerate test fixture repo (lsedlar) - Move import of modulemd to a separate module (lsedlar) - ostree: Run commands in universal_newlines mode (lsedlar) - pkgset: Allow filtering modules from Koji tags (lsedlar) - pkgset: Initialize path_prefix to empty value (lsedlar) - Allow loading overrides for module defaults (lsedlar) - Move pkgset skipping logs to separate file (hlin) - Fix crash when pkgset phase is skipped (lsedlar) - Resolve symlinks to images (lsedlar) * Thu Oct 17 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.39-5 - Add https://pagure.io/pungi/pull-request/1281 * Tue Oct 15 2019 Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> - 4.1.39-4 - Add https://pagure.io/pungi/pull-request/1278 * Mon Sep 23 2019 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.39-3 - Backport patch for module defaults overrides