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Package Namecopr-frontend
SummaryFrontend for Copr
DescriptionCOPR is lightweight build system. It allows you to create new project in WebUI, and submit new builds and COPR will create yum repository from latests builds. This package contains frontend.
Built bypraiskup
State complete
StartedFri, 01 Oct 2021 07:27:44 UTC
CompletedFri, 01 Oct 2021 07:30:30 UTC
Taskbuild (f33-candidate, /rpms/copr-frontend.git:4a2f4fca2cdfc7c2dea11aa6f886a30ab1add468)
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Changelog * Fri Oct 01 2021 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.182-1 - fixup SubqueryPaginator for older sqlalchemy versions * Thu Sep 30 2021 Silvie Chlupova 1.181-1 - frontend: better not found message for not existing chroot - frontend: avoid additional query for main_dir.full_name - frontend: add index for combination of and build.copr_id - frontend: move the subquery hack into paginator - frontend: speedup for listing builds via APIv3 - frontend: add a warning about the server-side pagination - frontend: web-ui: paginate monitor page for more than 1000 packages - backend: don't unnecessarily split the web-ui monitor route - frontend: web-ui: sync package list with build list - frontend: web-ui: server-side pagination for too-many-packages - frontend: web-ui: server-side pagination for too-many-builds - frontend: speedup /<owner>/<project>/builds/ route - frontend: log pending build records only when debugging - frontend: drop LegacyApiError exception - frontend: remove all APIv1 code - Add API entrypoint for regenerating repos - frontend: fix rawhide_to_release/brach_fedora commands * Wed Aug 25 2021 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.180-1 - use the same repofile for all Fedora versions including Rawhide - don't traceback for "module exists" error - fixup logging of info messages - don't depend on python-six, drop __future__ imports - move package non-denylisted chroots to general information - show more of general package information on package detail page - update main.ini and rpkg.conf.j2 for rpkg 3.0 compatibility - make template caching configurable - log basic request information for each traceback - do not cache last build badge - drop user proxy concept, we don't use it - generate webhook secrets using APIv3 * Tue Jun 15 2021 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.179-1 - add support for optional namespaces in DistGit instances - add a "storage statistics" link to footer - fix the copr logo so it contains updated "fedora" font - index the CoprChroot.deleted field to speedup API/UI - a new admin command for prolonging unnoticed chroots - properly notify all not-deleted chroots - storage waste - drop upload temporary directories even upon source failure - automatically request PR CoprDirs removal using a new action type - colorize CoprDir-buttons on builds page, notifying users which of them will be removed soon - fix build-listing for copr-dirs, show all builds by default again - forked source builds now have forked source_status, too - fixed the comps file hyperlink in web-UI form - packaging - don't install test files (not used at runtime) - allow user to disable generating appstream metadata (admin action is no longer needed) - provide ENVRA build results via APIv3 (for particular build ID) - review.txt link is now shown only for proper chroots - add a logo for the OpenMandriva chroots - the default value for MockChroot.comment should be none - pruner: allow pruning also the finalized chroots - invent a new FE-BE API version constant, guarding against incompatible FE/BE installations - a new knob for turning a profiler on (devel setup) - newly we show two latest blog post articles * Fri Apr 30 2021 Jakub Kadlcik <> 1.178-1 - frontend: oops, forgot to change these two instances - frontend: show deletion tooltip in project overview * Fri Apr 30 2021 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.177-1 - fix chroot disabling in project settings - not display EOL warning for per-project disabled chroots * Tue Apr 27 2021 Jakub Kadlcik <> 1.176-1 - frontend: fix tests that fail in Fedora Rawhide chroots - frontend: create project for Fedora Review - frontend: memory_analyzer route module - frontend: fix unrelated pylint warnings - frontend: use correct auto_prune default when creating via API - frontend: better test the branch-fedora command - frontend: print forking stats for rawhide-to-release - frontend: rawhide-to-release fix for deactivated chroots - frontend: clone all CoprChroot attributes when forking - frontend: simplified Build.state logic, and better log - frontend: avoid NULLed source_status - frontend: don't create builds if there are no active chroots - frontend: hide deactivated chroots in the project overview - frontend: traceback for outdated-chroots flash message - frontend: make the [modified] chroot clickable - frontend: fix Jinja traceback on nulled buildroot_pkgs - frontend: catch tracebacks when rendering invalid modules - frontend: update FAS links to use the new site - frontend: fix unrelated pylint warnings - frontend: introduce ChrootDeletionStatus - frontend: delete data for unclicked chroots after few days - frontend: assure unique Copr name for group/user in DB - frontend: test that we can set these options via API - frontend: drop an unused knob - GitLab moved their webhook settings to a different page. - frontend: fix createrepo scope for chroot enable - frontend: fix already defined method name - frontend: add base form for creating and modifying projects - frontend: move tests to proper class - frontend: explain what actions are - frontend: use Builds instead of Tasks in stats/ - backend, frontend, keygen, distgit: keep cca 3 months of logs - frontend: test API for 'copr modify' - fronted: stats - sort chroots by name * Tue Mar 16 2021 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.175-1 - preparations for the centos-stream-8 rename - support per-build --enable-net - a lot of caching implemented to support flawless build-batches - fix: don't schedule blocked BuildChroots - bettter preloaded /pending-jobs/ queries - the /backend/pending-tasks/ json minimized - better identify the build submitter from pagure events - stop deleting unclicked CoprChroots - exchange xstatitc-jquery-ui-common for js-jquery-ui - rhbz#1937217, filter HTML tags from description and instructions - allow underscore in blacklisting chroot regexp - optionally run fedora-review after build - respect DELETE_EOL_CHROOTS_AFTER constant - don't show repo files expired chroots - add --comment option for 'copr-frontend create-chroot' command - chroot fields in forms reworked * Thu Jan 21 2021 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.174-1 - fix error 500 during build resubmit in Web-UI * Wed Jan 20 2021 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.173-1 - temporarily revert one patch breaking 'copr modify' command * Wed Jan 20 2021 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.172-1 - reworked chroots fields in copr/build forms - do not fork EOLed/disabled chroots - allow disabling modules in the buildroot - rename button from Update to Request in permission form - allow excluding chroots when submitting builds - delete ReviewedOutdatedChroot rows on cascade - disable gpgcheck for external runtime dependencies - generate build_chroots for resubmitted SRPM-upload builds - drop dependencies on orphaned and useless javascript packages - allow setting isolation option per chroot - depend on python3-email-validator - allow project admins to edit chroots - allow overriding the api token instructions downstream - drop delete_after tag for re-activated EOLed chroot - sync delete_after_timestamp for all EOLed copr_chroots - support modulemd v2 - keep showing the link to EOLed repo files in copr project - allow enabling not-yet-deleted but only eoled chroots * Mon Nov 30 2020 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.171-1 - re-process killed SRPM tasks - backward compat APIv3 build-chroot fix - copr homepage/contact empty string converted to None - use URL path parameter (if there is such) instead of failing - fix custom webhook for binary payload - added new mock --isolation option in Copr - don't allow prolonging already expired chroots - try-except block for github webhook without clone_url - deduplicate APIv3 build-chroot parameters - don't traceback when the build ID larger than integer - allow searching builds by build ID - fix email recipient for permissions update * Mon Nov 09 2020 Jakub Kadlcik <> 1.170-1 - frontend: hide buttons in repositories pages for non-admins - frontend: fix User.copr_permission relationship - frontend: de-dup the rendering html code for repositories - frontend: sync flash about EOL repos with the listing indent - frontend, python: we cannot order chroots by name - frontend: show a warning that user should visit their EOL repositories page - frontend: add EOL repositories page for user (in opposite to project) - frontend: not access flask.g.user, user parameter instead - frontend: put the "running/starting/..." text to breadcrumb - frontend: silence cyclic-import warnings - cli, frontend: custom build batches - frontend: silence warnings from confused PyLint - frontend: de-duplicate forms - frontend: fix canceling builds - frontend: document the attributes related to EOLed chroots - frontend: fix APIv3 ordering - frontend: test: adding tests for canceling builds - frontend: don't set ended_on for canceled builds - frontend: don't re-set Build.package value - frontend: assign package ASAP with rebuilds - frontend: test chroot-edit 403 and form errors - frontend: fix-up the CoprChroot form rendering - frontend: de-duplicate work with build form - frontend: merge two methods which were split needlessly - frontend: short-cut the loop in build_config chroot search - frontend, cli, python, rpmbuild: better bootstrap config - beaker-tests, cli, frontend, python, rpmbuild: add option to config bootstrap - frontend: fix the monitor page - frontend: exception handlers fix once more - Revert "frontend: fix exception tests for F31" - frontend: redirect to URLs with trailing slashes - all: run pytest with -vv in package build - cli: fix timeout option to allow change timeout for build - frontend: reduce the timeout to 5 hours - frontend: input field for setting timeout for builds - frontend: remove setting memory requirements - frontend: access chroots more safely to avoid KeyError - frontend: don't mark ELN as fedora latest version - frontend: use "source build" collocation, not "srpm build" - frontend: don't duplicate enums.BuildSourceEnum - common, cli, python, rpmbuild, frontend, backend: DistGit source method - frontend: nicer message in package name validator - frontend: nicer web-UI error message on missing default source method - frontend: catch NoPackageSourceException in apiv3 on rebuild - frontend: move error handlers to the same file - frontend: fix exception tests for F31 - frontend: improve APIv3 exception handling for better messages - frontend: fix custom form errors also for CoprFormFactory and CreateModuleForm - frontend: make sure user cannot pin projects that he doesn't have permissions to - frontend: fix PinnedCoprsForm validation - frontend: count srpm builds in statistics - frontend: allow . and disallow : in package name - frontend: allow '+' symbol in package name - frontend: enable coverage for ./commands - frontend: silence pylint issues - frontend: fix testsuite stderr warnings - frontend: test branch-fedora command - frontend: fix rawhide-to-release to inherit comment - frontend: fix forking into an existing project * Tue Aug 18 2020 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.169-1 - fix rawhide-to-release command - simplify API and UI error handlers * Tue Aug 11 2020 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.168-1 - get-package API to support with_latest* args * Mon Aug 10 2020 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.167-1 - catch OSError when srpm_storage is full - drop the duplicate jquery-ui.min.js reference from html layout - move to jQuery 3 - drop redundant dependency on python3-flask-cache - more understandable permissions error messages - allow users to upvote or downvote projects - more understandable build state descriptions in web UI - add new overview tab showing starting builds - fix avatars for copr groups - validate package name input - more effective query of packages with their latest builds - return user-friedly error message for non-admin exceptions - admins can now create projects for others via API - fix up libmodulemd dependency * Thu Jun 18 2020 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.166-1 - show _all_ build-delete checkboxes when javascript is on - don't submit builds when there are no CoprChroot(s) assigned - make pending-jobs faster again - allow canceling also "starting" builds - don't traceback on invalid cancel requests - build.source_status None accepted for old builds - don't raise 500 on misconfigured build-time repos - print source build.log in starting state * Tue Jun 09 2020 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.165-1 - enable cov by default in testsute - more obvious links to the live logs - return a user friendly error when modulemd is not ok - basic build task priority implemented - droped the reschedule-all builds idiom - new build cancel implementation - WorkerManager used for builds, too - enable deleting multiple builds from cli - drop RequestCannotBeExecuted and BuildInProgressException - re-assign BuildChroots to re-enabled CoprChroot - not finished build_chroots to disallow copr_chroot removal - models: link BuildChroot(s) with corresponding CoprChroot(s) - fix repo generation for modules with dash in their name - added support for project runtime dependencies - return user friendly error when build chroot was not found - large sync of model with migrations - require the newest version of copr-common - fix for the new werkzeug in rawhide - use flask caching instead of flask cache - prioritize initial createrepo action, set lower priority for some actions - make ActionsLogic.send_* methods to return the generated action - minimalize the transfered amount of action information to BE - disable group build delete checkboxes if js is not enabled - provide status information for build chroots in APIv3 - fix application context error for add-user command - move some constants to copr.conf so we can tweak them - disallow creating modules without any packages - don't show builds table when there are none of them - fix pagure-events so it submits correct packages * Mon Feb 24 2020 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.164-1 - rawhide-to-release should create the chroots deactivated - new rawhide-to-release --retry-forked option - allow repeated run of 'rawhide-to-release' - bugfix rawihde to release - raise timeout limit for builds to 24h * Wed Feb 05 2020 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.163-1 - don't generate 'modules' in build-job unnecessarily * Wed Feb 05 2020 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.162-1 - module enable option for chroot settings - delete action fix for incomplete builds - custom webhook to accept utf-8 hook data - users can now pick against what dist-git to build module - fix delete-chroot e-mail notification - change panel order in 'Rebuild all packages' page * Thu Jan 16 2020 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.161-1 - memory optimize /packages/ and /builds/ routes * Wed Jan 15 2020 Tomas Hrnciar <> 1.160-1 - don't cache some.repo with some.repo?arch=X - put cost=1100 to multilib repo - put arch into multilib repo name - propagate return values to cmdline - backend: fix multi-build delete - add migration to drop PG-only functions - cache Build.status at runtime - faster <project>/builds query - faster <project>/packages query - check alembic scripts automatically by - adds 24h and 90d graphs for actions - sort recent tasks after caching again - don't traceback for invalid copr:// repos - removes unnecessary imports of flask-script - cache repository contents - packages does not need to be online * Wed Dec 11 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.159-1 - cache the recent task queries - simplify log level configuration - API route to list all available chroots * Fri Dec 06 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.158-1 - revert wrong optimization in createrepo - don't assume all additional repos are copr:// * Wed Dec 04 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.157-1 - createrepo action for pull-request copr-dirs - traceback fix for copr.add form - provide alias commands with underscores in ./ * Wed Dec 04 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.156-1 - display chroot comments on create project page - add info to UI that build was resubmitted from another build - ported out from flask-script third party module - support for module_hotfixes - fixed non-working SRPM builder-live.log.gz link - epydoc retired in new fedoras, build-condition added - forking: correct builds in chroots are now forked (issues 1010 and 1012) - `uses_devel_repo' is now part of task info - centos chroot logo added - correctly configure and depend on logrotate - fix apiv2 for validation errors (issue 1061) - pagure-events ported from fedmsg to fedora-messaging - display project ID in UI * Tue Oct 08 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.155-1 - frontend: api_2: ignore validation problems mm_serialize_one - frontend: fix one more traceback in builder-live.log link * Thu Oct 03 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> 1.154-1 - api compat fixes for marshmallow 3+ - more reliable BE->FE communication (#1021) - allow rhelbeta-X/epel-X chroot co-existence (#1035) - new url routes for parallel handling of actions by backend (#1007) - user can pin all projects he can build in (#1016) - project forking fixes - fix slow rawhide_to_release command (#989) - support multilib projects (#938) - status chroot build icon now links to live log (#990) - admin: dump whooshee version when updating indexes (#946) - admin: ability to documment chroot (#853) - admin: add branch_fedora command (#955)