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Information for build anaconda-14.12-2.fc14

Package Nameanaconda
SummaryGraphical system installer
DescriptionThe anaconda package contains the program which was used to install your system. These files are of little use on an already installed system.
Built bydmalcolm
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive00
StartedTue, 27 Jul 2010 00:29:26 UTC
CompletedTue, 27 Jul 2010 00:34:13 UTC
Taskbuild (dist-f14-py27-rebuild, /cvs/pkgs:rpms/anaconda/devel:anaconda-14_12-2_fc14)
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Changelog * Mon Jul 26 2010 David Malcolm <> - 14.12-2 - Rebuilt for * Thu Jul 22 2010 Ales Kozumplik <> - 14.12-1 - Only write changed DASD attributes to rd_DASD params (#606783) (dcantrell) - Propagate MACADDR from loaderData to iface (#595388) (dcantrell) - Deal with media only for media repo package failures (#573492) (rvykydal) - Support for ks: --ipv6 command, and ipv6 values for --gateway (#490794) (rvykydal) - analog: support reading the installation logs from a unix socket. (akozumpl) - logging: support logging through virtio-serial (#576439). (akozumpl) - modules.c: only log from _doLoadModule() if logging has been initialized. (akozumpl) - break the dependency of modules.c on loader.h (akozumpl) - Enforce limits on partition start/end sectors. (dlehman) - Fix up import to make rescue mode work again (#616090). (clumens) - Init g_type in is_wireless_device. (rvykydal) - Add resolver reset to some network enablement places (#614001) (rvykydal) - Fix config of ipv6 and ipv4 (auto + manual) in loader (#609576) (rvykydal) - text: remove the needless complexity in the screen switching loop. (akozumpl) - do not traceback when can't go back (#598493). (akozumpl) - remove doShutdownX11Actions(). (akozumpl) - Add uname to initrd.img (#614770) (dcantrell) - Some people like to specify MAC addresses in lower case. (clumens) - Remove support for interactive kickstart installs. (clumens) - Improve parsing and pass the devel flag to loader through the command line (msivak) - When in devel mode, do not catch tracebacks, we want the core file (msivak) - Add better debugging capabilities to loader (msivak) - Add confirmation dialog when loading dlabel DDs (#570053) (msivak) * Wed Jul 14 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 14.11-1 - Add the gobject-introspection package (#613695) (mgracik) - Update pylint test for pylint 0.20.1 (bcl) - Use long ints for comparisons, not floats (#608172) (bcl) - Enforce the same logic on autopart shrink as on resize (#608172) (bcl) - Don't crash when putting mpath devices into the filter name cache (#597223). (clumens) - Handle serial = None in the right place (#613623). (clumens) - There's still no instdata on master (#613075). (clumens) * Thu Jul 08 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 14.10-1 - Handle 16 digit hex strings for ID_SERIAL_SHORT (#611554) (dcantrell) - Focus default advanced storage type in add dialog (#603726) (dcantrell) - Add multipath member with addUdevDiskDevice instead of DiskDevice (#582254) (dcantrell) - add mime.cache to the stage2 image (#609596). (akozumpl) - makeupdates: treat files under pyanaconda/ individually. (akozumpl) - ssl: propagate 'url --noverifyssl' into yum repo configuration (#599040). (akozumpl) - ssl: support for 'url --noverifyssl' in loader. (akozumpl) - ssl: support --noverifyssl in the repo kickstart command. (akozumpl) - Fix a file descriptor leak in getDevices (#612153, mganisin). (clumens) - Pass size of structure not a size of pointer to calloc (#592227) (msivak) - Properly iterate over the netdevices list (#610769). (clumens) - Require the static package instead of the devel one (#610797). (clumens) - ui: C_reate mnemonics in Create Storage dialog. (akozumpl) - fix insensitivities of 0783c488 (akozumpl) - During an update don't erase old kernels (#594411) (bcl) - booty and isys have moved, so update (clumens) - Translate MAC addresses to devices in the second stage, too. (clumens) - Fix prototype of getIPAddresses (#605659) (rvykydal) - Account for ipv6 addresses too (#605659) (rvykydal) - Use progressbar instead of waitwindow for repo setup (#584996) (rvykydal) - Don't deactivate active device before running nm-c-e (#608773) (rvykydal) - Control all devs by NM by default + filtering (iSCSI, FCoE) (#606745) (rvykydal) - anaconda's lvm vgreduce invocation is not filtering out disks (609479) (hdegoede) - Clean up proxy handling in (#604137) (bcl) - Write out missing space on 'part' lines in ks file (#605938) (dcantrell) - Make sure swap devices are included in dracut args (#607646) (dcantrell) - Catch DeviceNotFoundError in cleardisks (#607661) (dcantrell) - Do not proceed after partitioning errors in text mode (#599484) (bcl) - fixup exclude/excludepkgs usage (#607664) (bcl) - yum calls it "exclude" instead of "excludepkgs" (#607664). (clumens) - Add full proxy URL to writeKS (#602705) (bcl) - Fix repo --includepkgs=, and add more to anaconda-ks.cfg's repo line (#602705). (clumens) - Add a slash to the path pointing to hdinstall dir (#592154) (msivak) - Don't resize lv's formatting unless also resizing the lv. (#575046) (dlehman) - Show sane non-removable drives too in the DD dialog (#594548) (msivak) * Mon Jun 28 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 14.9-1 - Update to use the latest pykickstart. (clumens) - Import anaconda_log correctly to avoid the double import problem. (clumens) - Move isys and booty into the pyanaconda/ directory, adjust paths to match. (clumens) - network.dracutSetupstring: properly handle ipv6 (#605232) (hdegoede) - Support for converged traffic during install to FCoE LUN (#604763) (hdegoede) - Take into account the fact that some formats have no min/max size. (dlehman) - Put dhcp configuration files in /etc/dhcp (#468436) (dcantrell) - Autopart PVs require enough space for a default-sized partition. (dlehman) - Enforce format min/max size for fixed-size requests. (dlehman) - Fix min/max size definitions for PReP Boot format class. (dlehman) - Constrain lvmpv, mdmember, and swap partitions to a single disk. (#605756) (dlehman) - Enforce maximum start sector for partitions. (#604059) (dlehman) - Handle nm-c-e using prefix instead of netmask (#607762) (hdegoede) - Handle "(#BUGNUM, author)" in git log summary lines. (dcantrell) - Allow running an alternate program from liveinst. (clumens) - fix syntax error. (akozumpl) - modules: make iscsi and similar imports look less ridiculous (akozumpl) - modules: fix getlangnames. (akozumpl) - updates: link files in also on lower directory levels. (akozumpl) - modules: dont treat booty special. (akozumpl) - modules: dont treat isys special. (akozumpl) - modules: necessary changes to the import statements under pyanaconda/textw (akozumpl) - modules: a change to an import statements in isys/ (akozumpl) - modules: necessary changes to the import statements under pyanaconda/iw (akozumpl) - modules: changes to the import statements directly under pyanaconda/ (akozumpl) - modules: necessary changes to the installclasses import statements. (akozumpl) - modules: necessary changes to the import statements under booty/ (akozumpl) - modules: necessary changes to the import statements under storage/ (akozumpl) - modules: pyanaconda.textw and pyanaconda.iw are now regular modules. (akozumpl) - modules: remove the hacks in setupPythonPath(). (akozumpl) - Be specific when telling lvm to ignore devices. (dlehman) - analog: fix options.output traceback (akozumpl) - Handle questionInitializeDASD in cmdline mode (#605846) (dcantrell) - Set SELinux context on dasd.conf and zfcp.conf (#605597) (dcantrell) - Add --fsprofile= to the anaconda-ks.cfg (#605944). (clumens) - Add the proxy tests to the top-level test framework. (clumens) - Fix pyanaconda.kickstart import, and init logging before doing anything else. (clumens) - Do not assume /dev/loop0 and /dev/loop1 are available. (clumens) - tearDown -> tearDownModules. (clumens) - Fix test suite files. (clumens) - Check before running post scripts on kickstart rescue (#605754, atodorov). (clumens) - Make sure lvm ignores unknown devicemapper devices (hdegoede) - Put [] around ipv6 addr on the dracut cmdline (#605300) (hdegoede) - Revert "Select default and mandatory packages when enabling repos." (#605289). (clumens) - Fix the build. (clumens) - Set repo.proxy only after fully assembled (#602712) (bcl) - Change proxy regex in loader to match python proxy regex (#602712) (bcl) - Add test cases for proxy regex (#602712) (bcl) - Replace POSIX regex classes with character ranges (#602712) (bcl) - Set wireless devices to NM_CONTROLLED by default (#594881) (rvykydal) - Add iSCSI radio button to button group (#603726) (dcantrell) - Fall back on regular device name (#604776) (dcantrell) - Honor --timeout=NUM from kickstart files on s390 (#603032) (dcantrell) - Use Decimal instead of float for label calculations (#604639) (bcl) - Check for proper Proxy URL in loader (#604126) (bcl) - fix: syntax error in (akozumpl) - fix: zfcp.startup() survives without an interface (#604542). (akozumpl) - Fix a typo (#604628) (rvykydal) - Revert "Retain user's UTC checkbox setting (#591125)" (bcl) - Use method from isys for wireless devs checking (#473803) (rvykydal) - Do not ask for interface twice in stage 1 (#594802) (rvykydal) - Fix parsing of ifcfg OPTIONS parameter (#597205) (rvykydal) - Don't overwrite 70-persistent-net.rules (#597625) (rvykydal) - Wait only for activation of devices controlled by NM (#598432) (rvykydal) - Show zFCP errors in dialog boxes rather than tracebacks (#598087) (maier) - Show by-path names for DASD and zFCP, WWID for mpath (#580507) (maier) - Remember autopart UI choice when going back (#596146) (dcantrell) - Make parent directories for ks scriptlet log files (#597279) (dcantrell) - Adjust the paths used for updates (bcl) - Raise an error when an md dev is not in the tree after scanning all slaves (hdegoede) - Raise an exception when an md dev is in the tree under the wrong name (hdegoede) * Fri Jun 11 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 14.8-1 - Rebind hybrid lcs/ctc network devices to correct driver if necessary (#596826) (maier) - Get netdev name without CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2 in linuxrc.s390 (#596826) (maier) - Replace rd_CCW with final dracut option rd_ZNET for network-rootfs on s390 (maier) - Do parse DOMAIN for DNS search suffixes in loader (#595388) (maier) - Allow loader to parse DNS and write DNS1, DNS2, ... itself (again). (#595388) (maier) - GATEWAY in linuxrc.s390's ifcfg is really IPv4 only (#595388) (maier) - Handle OPTIONS in ifcfg files transparently in loader (#595388) (maier) - If only (clumens) - Catch and display KickstartErrors coming from execute() cleanly (#603059). (clumens) - Forcibly remove packages from deselected groups (#495621). (clumens) - Default to aes-xts-plain64 for new luks devices. (#600295) (dlehman) - Put another '/' in the rhinstall-install.img path (#601838). (clumens) - Fix driver disc repo baseurl (#602343) (msivak) - or -> and (clumens) - fix: do not check root devices from hasWindows (#592860). (akozumpl) - fix: kickstart sshpw command dysfunctional (#602308). (akozumpl) - Include /sbin/blkid in the initrd.img (dcantrell) - Correct initrd.img load address on s390 (dcantrell) - Remove duplicate md handling code from 70-anaconda.rules (#599197) (dcantrell) - Add md arrays to the devicetree with a md# name rather then md/# (hdegoede) - "Finding" -> "Examining" storage devices (#594804). (clumens) - In the filter UI, also ignore devices that do not report a size (#594803). (clumens) - translations: scdate can translate timezones better then us. (akozumpl) - fix: the po path has to be bound for too. (akozumpl) - translations: don't say context=yes if you don't mean it. (akozumpl) - translations: loader header files strings missing in anaconda.pot. (akozumpl) - fix error saving screenshots during package install (#594826). (akozumpl) - Re-get partedPartition after re-adding failed-to-remove partition. (dlehman) - Select default and mandatory packages when enabling repos. (dlehman) - do not import block from isys. not needed. (#601291). (akozumpl) - removal: gui.InstallKeyWindow. (akozumpl) - Make minimum shrink size 1 not 0 (#602442) (bcl) - Initialize Decimal for partition slices (#602376) (bcl) - Make sure lvm2 gets installed when we are using lvm (#601644) (hdegoede) - Handle FCoE over vlan properly (#486244) (hdegoede) - Tell user when nothing can be upgraded (#592605) (bcl) - netork -> network (clumens) - Redownload and extract updates.img during anaconda restart. (akozumpl) - Restarting anaconda. (akozumpl) - New version. (clumens) * Fri Jun 04 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 14.7-1 - Assign the trimmed identifier so it gets used in the UI. (clumens) - Remember disk selections when going back to the text partition UI (#596113). (clumens) - Fix typo in libblkid requires (#599821). (clumens) - Fix green strips showing up (#582744) (bcl) - Remember when IPv4 IPADDR has been read from ifcfg file in loader (#595388) (maier) - Don't let loader write HWADDR to ifcfg file on s390. (#595388) (maier) - Tell which stacks to configure in /etc/sysconfig/network on s390 (#595388) (maier) - Really ignore deprecated parm/conf file options in linuxrc.s390 (#595388) (maier) - Correctly pass netdev name from linuxrc.s390 to loader (#595382) (maier) - Re-enable usable pdb with vnc on s390x (maier) - Fix most of what is necessary for install over IPv6 on s390 (#594090) (dcantrell) - Remove long deprecated writing of alias for network in linuxrc.s390 (maier) - Fix backtrace when a vg starts with freespace (#597925) (hdegoede) - Only kill init for reboot/halt and then exit linuxrc.s390 (maier) - Fix a couple small errors found by checkbot. (clumens) - Retain user's UTC checkbox setting (#591125) (bcl) - Fix up pylint to work with the new source layout. (clumens) - Replace the Serial Number column with an Identifier column (#560666). (clumens) - Adjust mdraid size estimates (#587442) (bcl) - Extra debugging output (#587442) (bcl) - Set NM_CONTROLLED=no iscsi for storage devices only on system (#598070) (rvykydal) - Improve handling of auto and unknown types in fstab. (#577260) (dlehman) - Give blkid the final word on device format detection. (#593637) (dlehman) - Allow ignoredisk to be interactive without the rest of the UI (#596804) (pjones) - memory: check for URL install in loader too (#596993). (akozumpl) - spec: python-pyblock has to be in BuildRequires too. (akozumpl) - Ignore errors upon restoring /lib and /usr after unmounting filesystems (hdegoede) - Make sure we still have an elf interpreter after unmounting fs (#598222) (hdegoede) - booty: remove hack city hack (hdegoede) - Remove booty/checkbootloader hacky raid set handling (hdegoede) - booty: make getDiskPart deal with devices instead of names (hdegoede) - booty: move grub specific mangling of partition number to the grub code (hdegoede) - booty make getDiskPart use the devicetree (hdegoede) - booty: make grubbyPartitionName and grubbydiskName take a device (hdegoede) - booty: make matchingBootTargets and addMemberMbrs deal with devices instead of names (hdegoede) - booty: make getPhysicalDevices take and return Devices rather then device names (hdegoede) - booty: Make getPhysicalDevices only return physical devices (#593718) (hdegoede) - booty: Don't create entries for devices backing / (hdegoede) - Add simple firewall unit test (msivak) - Improve module cleanup in our TestCase class and fix issues in FS mock class. (msivak) - Find tests using python-nose and create make unittest target (msivak) - Update .gitignore file to account for new directory structure. (dcantrell) - Update po/Rules-* files to account for new directory structure. (dcantrell) - Structure the repo layout so it matches final structure better and make isys a real Python package. (msivak) - Add more sanity checks to the mountpoint (#592185) (bcl) - Make sure the product.img directory is mounted before copying (#587696). (clumens) - Put a missing close brace back into isys.c. (clumens) - refactoring: put totalMemory() into isys. (akozumpl) * Wed May 26 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 14.6-1 - Set repository in kickstart harddrive command (#592239) (rvykydal) - nm-c-e integration: fix some leftovers from patch porting. (rvykydal) - Add missing logging import to installinterfacebase (hdegoede) - Give pre-existing mdraid arrays the proper name in the UI (#596227) (hdegoede) - Add nm-c-e translations to stage 2 (#594982) (rvykydal) - set the resolution with resolution= from the cmdline (#594918). (akozumpl) - cleanup: never uses runres for anything, off it goes. (akozumpl) - Skip the bootloader placement window if we're on UEFI (#582143) (pjones) - Add some more stuff to .bash_history (pjones) - Support cio_ignore functionality for zFCP devices (#533492) (dcantrell) - Add missing newline for 'nfs' line in ks file (#591479) (dcantrell) - Correct problem with initrd.addrsize generation (#546422) (dcantrell) - Fix rescue mode startup with kickstart file and without (#515896) (msivak) - More checkbot fixes. (clumens) - fix: traceback in check_memory() (#595284). (akozumpl) - Drop init questions from (hdegoede) - Move init questions to InstallInterfaceBase (hdegoede) - Make re-init all inconsistent lvm mean re-init all instead of ignore all (hdegoede) - Read cciss devices correctly from 'multipath -d' output (#559507) (dcantrell) - On NFS installs, look for product.img and updates.img under images/ (#594811). (clumens) - Remove yum cache for anaconda's temporary repos (#593649). (clumens) - Use correct NM dbus interfaces (#594716) (rvykydal) - Change the configuration of depmod and link modules to better place (#593941) (msivak) - Make ssid and wepkey in boot params and stage 1 kickstart work (#473803) (rvykydal) - logging: remove addLogger() (akozumpl) - iutil: execWithCallback() and execWithPulseProgress() return an object. (akozumpl) - logging: simplify stdout logging in execWithCallback(). (akozumpl) - logging: use stderr parameter in execWithCallback(). (akozumpl) - logging: remove addSysLogHandler() (akozumpl) - analog: handle a config file we can't open. (akozumpl) - clearer error messages for missing iscsi initiator name (hdegoede) - fedora is part of iSCSI initiator name (#594659) (hdegoede) - Add default iSCSI initiator name in rescue mode (#594434) (hdegoede) - Do not allow editing of extended partitions (#593754) (hdegoede) - Check for sane mountpoint in raid dialog (#592185) (bcl) - Check for sane mountpoint in lvm dialog (#592185) (bcl) - Check for sane mountpoint in partition dialog (#592185) (bcl) - Cleaned up sanityCheckMountPoint (bcl) - Don't autostep past the end of the install screens (#593556) (bcl) - Add missing rpm macros file to get rid of the rpm warnings (msivak) - Add the rpmrc file to the initrd.img (#508242) (mgracik) - fix: syntax error in from 9e69c5f36f79410d9df1502fe69f02f4d06173ab. (akozumpl) - Keep track of pvcount for non existing vgs (#593871) (hdegoede) - Improve module cleanup in our TestCase class and fix issues in FS mock class. (msivak) - Don't drop encryption when re-editing new encrypted partitions. (#582888) (dlehman) - Return disk to prior state following failed partition removal. (#580088) (dlehman) - Display unpartitioned disks in main partitioning gui. (#588637) (dlehman) - Pick up mountpoint for existing formats on encrypted LVs. (#587002) (dlehman) - Automatic partitioning should yield no more than one PReP partition. (dlehman) - Pass short type names for PartSpec ctor. (dlehman) - Setting up lvs should never fail (hdegoede) - We no longer need to handle lvs which are part of an incomplete vg (hdegoede) - Don't clear immutable devices (#593642) (hdegoede) - Store immutable info into the device for easier access (hdegoede) - Reset vg blacklist when initializing storage (hdegoede) - Handle vgs with duplicate names (#591469) (hdegoede) - Delay setting up lvs until other devices are scanned (hdegoede) - anaconda udev rules should not get lvm info based in volgroup name (hdegoede) - Move creation of lv devices into its own function (hdegoede) - livecd: window icon (#583333). (akozumpl) - FcoeDiskDevice.dracutSetupString(): use the right dracut syntax (#486244) (hdegoede) - improve the memory checking so it reflects better the hungry architectures. (akozumpl) - logging: fix SIGSEGV when trying to log after closeLog() is called. (akozumpl) - Updates to scripts/makebumpver. (dcantrell) - Suppress failures to tear down /dev/loop devices (#591829) (bcl) - Fix the order of arguments in archive read callback and archive closing. (msivak) - Use "kernel-modules = version" style for locating rpms providing driver updates (msivak) - Move depmod configuration into new directory structure to get rid of depmod warning (#508242) (msivak) - Fix descriptor leak and iteration progress in driverdisc code (#592225) (msivak) - Add lsof command to initrd.img (mgracik) - Add hmac file for sshd (#592186) (mgracik) - Enable fips mode after fips mode installation (#592188) (mgracik) - Add nslookup to the install.img (#591064) (mgracik) - Add the chk files for libraries to the install.img (#590701) (mgracik) - Add the eject command to the install.img (#591070) (mgracik) - Add hmac file for libgcrypt to install.img (#590701) (mgracik) - Don't remove *.hmac files when creating install images (mgracik) - Added clear command to the install.img (#586499) (mgracik) - Added chvt to the install.img (#575844) (mgracik) - Only install non-branded anaconda icon on liveinst arches (dcantrell) - Fix of typo. (rvykydal) - Fix two minor errors found by checkbot. (clumens) - Fix bad patches reordering (#473803) (rvykydal) - scripts/analog: normalize paths before generating the config. (akozumpl) - gui: "_use anyway" mnemonic. (akozumpl) - logging: give loglevels for the shortened names. (akozumpl) - logging: remove references to the 'bootloaderadvanced' step. (akozumpl) - logging: remove references to some more steps. (akozumpl) - Move importing of tested modules into setUp methods (msivak) - Add Mock classes (msivak) - gui, autopart: don't let a too verbose translation ruin all teh fun (#591955). (akozumpl) - Update po/ for nm-connection-editor integration. (dcantrell) - Fix typo in loader/nfsinstall.c (dcantrell) - Add the best package for this arch to the optional package selector (#591653). (clumens) - Swap server and opts on the split() call (#591479) (dcantrell) - Handle devices that don't have a /dev/disk/by-path/ symlink (#563242) (pjones) - Make sure we write out multipath.conf before discovery (#563242) (pjones) - Handle >2 way /sbin/multipath output better (#563242) (pjones) - Look for updates.img and product.img on NFS installs. (clumens) - And add a menu to the right hand side so you can see the new column. (clumens) - Don't ask if we have ESSID specified by kickstart or stage 1 (#473803) (rvykydal) - Make ks option network --wepkey work in stage 2 (#473803) (rvykydal) - Add support for wireless configuration using nm-c-e in stage 2 (#473803) (rvykydal) - Write out ifcfg files only when necessary (#520146) (rvykydal) - Use separate method for copying network configuration to system (#520146). (rvykydal) - Network: remove functions that are not used anymore (#520146) (rvykydal) - Wait for specific activated network devices (#520146). (rvykydal) - Set network devices configured in ks to be nm-controlled (#520146). (rvykydal) - Remove no longer needed devices argument from Network.write() (#520146) (rvykydal) - Actually generate contents of 70-persistent-net.rules (#520146) (rvykydal) - Disable [Configure Network] button if there are no net devs (#520146) (rvykydal) - Add net device description into selection dialog (#520146) (rvykydal) - Check preselected install network device as nm-controlled (#520146) (rvykydal) - Don't ask when configuring net if we have only one network device (#520146) (rvykydal) - Do not mess value change with line formatting (#520146) (rvykydal) - Log change of ifcfg files by nm-c-e (#520146) (rvykydal) - Enable networking in stage 2 using nm-c-e (#520146) (rvykydal) - Write ifcfg files via NetworkDevice in Network.write() method (#520146) (rvykydal) - Use ifcfg files via NetworkDevice in Network class (#520146) (rvykydal) - Use proper attribute instead of NetworkDevice 'DESC' hack (#520146) (rvykydal) - Quote values when writing out to ifcfg files (#520146) (rvykydal) - Network.__str__() little cleanup (#520146) (rvykydal) - Use IfcfgFile class to back NetworkDevice objects (#520146) (rvykydal) - Move some consts to module globals for use in other places (#520146) (rvykydal) - Add class for handling ifcfg files (#520146) (rvykydal) - logging: the ibft message once again. (akozumpl) - logging: no iBFT is not an error, fix spelling. (akozumpl) - logging: log loader messages with LOG_LOCAL1 syslog facility. (akozumpl) - logging: strip the extra newline in FCoE EDD log (akozumpl) - logging: remove references to "confirminstall" and "confirmupgrade" steps. (akozumpl) - logging: remove all references to the "installtype" step. (akozumpl) - Determine if an mdmember is biosraid earlier (#586298) (hdegoede) - Set runlevel 5 based on the presence of both a display manager and X server. (#588483) (notting) - Add "Serial Number" column to the right side of the cleardisks UI. (clumens) - Set permissions on initrd.addrsize to 0644 (#591455) (dcantrell) - fix compile error after 7aace0bf0e0557cd914aa93e80a709a9f21f07f8 (akozumpl) - autoconf: icons/ is missing makefiles (akozumpl) - new version of report wont start without /etc/report.conf (akozumpl) - Don't allow creating a new bootloader config in text mode (#580378). (clumens) - Fix verification of DDs, we were looking for wrong path (#508242) (msivak) - Remove raid clone option and code (#587036) (hdegoede) - cleanup booty x86 flag.serial handling (#589773) (hdegoede) - isys/auditd was missing from .gitingore. (akozumpl) - bootloader timeout default should be None not 0 (jkeating) - Use iBFT if present and user didn't asked for anything else. (#590719) (msivak) - storage: LUKSDevice takes req_grow after its slave (#589450). (akozumpl) - Correctly parse system-release (#590407) (lkundrak) - Offer to ignore unformatted DASDs rather than forcing exit (#580456) (dcantrell) - Make Format and Resize checkboxes mutually exclusive (#589977) (dcantrell) - Fix usage of deviceNameToDiskByPath in (#589967) (dcantrell) - Advance line pointer & don't strdup(val) on error in readNetInfo (dcantrell) - Add non-branded default liveinst icons for anaconda (#588737) (dcantrell) - Add expanded=False to the base class's detailedMessageWindow as well. (clumens) - Add all possible install class locations to the search path (#587696). (clumens) - Use module reloading in driver disc operations (#590015) (msivak) - Use gtk consts instead of magic ints. (rvykydal) - Only initialize logging via a method, not with every import (#584054). (akozumpl) - Remove the check for partitions (#508242) (msivak) - Close the dir descriptor after usage. (#589580) (msivak) - Remove partitions after unpartitioned non-partition devices. (#588597) (dlehman) - Work around device node creation issues when creating EFI images. (#589680) (pjones) - Clean up tabs in (bcl) - Just use /dev/dasdX if we can't get a by-path link (dcantrell) - Do not prepend /dev/disk/by-path in format DASD window (dcantrell) - Use udev_device_get_by_path() to get /dev/disk/by-path link (dcantrell) - Add udev_device_get_by_path() to return /dev/disk/by-path link (dcantrell) - Expand the details pane when showing unformatted DASDs (#580463) (dcantrell) - Log problem line if unquoting failed in readNetInfo() (dcantrell) - Update generic.ins for s390x (#546422) (dcantrell) - Rename geninitrdsz.c to addrsize.c (#546422) (dcantrell) - Generate initrd.addrsize file correctly for LPAR booting (#546422) (dcantrell) - Only allow upgrading from one minor release of RHEL to another (#589052). (clumens) - fcoe: use fipvlan instead of fcoemon to bring up fcoe (#486244) (hdegoede) - memory: increase the RAM limits, check for URL installs (#549653). (akozumpl) - memory: build auditd as a standalone binary and run it so (#549653). (akozumpl) - gui: don't let metacity display the title right-click menu (#588642). (akozumpl) * Wed May 05 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 14.5-1 - Link /sbin/reboot and /sbin/halt to /sbin/init on s390x (#571370) (dcantrell) - Don't clear bootloader radio selection on double click (#588771). (clumens) - Add support to livecd for arbitrarily complex dir structures. (#504986) (dlehman) - Grab everything in $LIBDIR/rsyslog/ (pjones) - Do not automatically backtrace when telnetd quits (#588964). (clumens) - Share terminology between the cleardisks text and panel headers (#587879). (clumens) - Allow displaying groups that only contain conditional packages (#475239). (clumens) - Fix hasWindows() to actually work as advertised (hdegoede) - Revert commit 27a4c7df871744454d1ca8979a576f9f45c67189 (hdegoede) - Make deviceNameToDiskByPath check udev info instead of sysfs (dcantrell) - Fix some minor problems in storage/ (#560702) (dcantrell) - Read in network settings correctly, as configured by linuxrc.s390 (dcantrell) - Clean up wording for oversized LVs (#587459) (dcantrell) - Teach upd-instroot about i686 (jkeating) - Make the rule for 70-anaconda.rules in updates.img be generic. (pjones) - Do not use --quiet and --nostart when doing selinux configuration (#568528) (msivak) - Tell dracut it should activate the first swap device (#572771) (hdegoede) - Remove broken hasWindows function from and its callers (hdegoede) - booty: remove dead code chunk (hdegoede) - Don't add recovery partitions to the grub boot menu (#534066) (hdegoede) - Use g_str_has_suffix() to check end of string (dcantrell) - Find stage2 install.img on local hd installs (dcantrell) - gui: gray out OK button while adding raid set (#587161). (akozumpl) - Strip quoting from OPTIONS when composing rd_CCW line (#577193). (dcantrell) - Default the global grub timeout to 5 for serial (jkeating) - Print out device sizes in list-harddrives-stub as well (#587395). (clumens) - Make sure a given path exists before calling os.statvfs on it (#587662). (clumens) - Wait for scsi adapters to be done with scanning their busses (#583143) (hdegoede) - Set CURL_FAILONERROR to catch url download errors (#586925) (dcantrell) - Bring up network for local hd vnc kickstart installs (#522064) (dcantrell) - gui: no close buttons etc. in window decoration (#582645) (akozumpl) - Don't clear BIOS RAID member disks (#587066) (hdegoede) - Remove devices from libparted's cache when destroying them (#586622) (hdegoede) - Offer to format unformatted DASD devices (#560702) (dcantrell) - X input configuration has moved to /usr/share (#585621). (clumens) - Disable button icons on stock GTK buttons (#579701). (akozumpl) - Remove button icons from the glade files (#579701). (akozumpl) - Don't traceback on CD-ROM driver in list-harddrives-stub (#586410). (clumens) - Fetch ks files over NFS when ksdevice is not given (#541873) (dcantrell) - put liveinst/console.apps/liveinst.h in .gitignore (akozumpl) - Remove the README files (#583408). (clumens) - Make it more clear what the purpose of the "Boot" column is (#584811). (clumens) - nfs: off by one error leaves extra slash in a path. (akozumpl) - removal: umountStage2(). (akozumpl) - nfs: direct mounting of stage2. (akozumpl) - loader: strip trailing slash character from stage2= URL. (akozumpl) - imount: allow bind mounts. (akozumpl) - Make sure we use 1.0 mdraid metadata when the set is used for boot (#584596) (hdegoede) - Add a preCommitFixup hook to StorageDevice classes (hdegoede) - Check for not having found any disks after populating the tree (#583906) (hdegoede) - Prune resize and format create/migrate actions if destroying a device. (dlehman) - Schedule actions when removing existing extended partitions. (#568219) (dlehman) - Don't try to zero out extended partitions. (dlehman) - lvm: check resizing against format's targetSize (#580171). (akozumpl) - Restore storage.clearPartType after reset when backing out of GUI. (#559233) (dlehman) - Make Cancel button the default for 'Weak Password' dialog (#582660) (bcl) - Set Create Storage focus to first active radio button (#582676) (bcl) - BaseInstallClass no longer has a setInstallData method. (clumens) - set the selected keyboard (#583289). (akozumpl) - Make an installclass that we can inherit from for variants. (notting) - Don't make all devices on the boot device selector immutable (#583028). (clumens) - Don't allow running as non-root (#583213). (clumens) - Careful with that WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_DESKTOP, Eugene. (#582998) (akozumpl) - Introduce flags.preexisting_x11. (akozumpl) - Fix some HIG problems with the "Write Changes" dialog (#583405). (clumens) - Fix up some HIG problems with the betanag dialog (#583404). (clumens) - Fixup P_ usage in questionInitializeDASD (hdegoede) - Prevent low-level formatting of DASDs in rescue mode (#582638) (hdegoede) - Move the question about formatting DASD's to the interface class (hdegoede) - Let the user know if adding a zfcp drive fails (#582632) (hdegoede) - Fixup P_ usage in installinterfacebase (hdegoede) - Check for presence of filesystem module in FS.mountable (#580520) (dcantrell) - Check for fs utils when determining if an fs can be resized (#572431) (dcantrell) - Select "Advanced Storage Devices" by default on s390 (#580433). (clumens) - Don't sigsegv on stage2= derived from invalid repo= parameter (#574746). (rvykydal) - Removed the tooltips showing link (#566773) (mgracik) - Better filter for commits to ignore for the RPM changelog. (dcantrell) - In groupListExists, log what groups don't exist. (notting) - Do not append "rhgb quiet" to s390 boot loader config (#570743) (dcantrell) - No instdata on master anymore. ( -> anaconda) (dlehman) - Try to get boot reqs onto the selected boot device. (#560387) (dlehman) - Ensure proper disklabel type on boot disk if CLEARPART_TYPE_ALL. (#570483, - Add proper support for destruction of disklabels. (dlehman) - Three small fixes to action sorting. (dlehman) * Thu Apr 15 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 14.4-1 - There is no rhbz list for non rhel branch builds. (dcantrell) - pylint up, pychecker down. (clumens) - Add a script for running pylint on anaconda (hdegoede) - add_drive_text: Pass interface to iscsi.addTarget (hdegoede) - Add a questionInitializeDisk method to the rescue interface (#582304) (hdegoede) - Add advanced storage support to rescue mode (#571808) (hdegoede) - Put our mount / rw, ro, skip question in a loop (hdegoede) - Move addDriveDialog() and friends to their own class (hdegoede) - partition_text: Make addDriveDialog() not depend on (hdegoede) - Fix syntax error in (hdegoede) - Fix various syntax errors (hdegoede) - Read ~/.rhbzauth in scripts/makebumpver (dcantrell) - Simplify HWADDR removal check on s390x (#546005) (dcantrell) - Set minswap suggestion on s390x to 1 (#466289). (dcantrell) - Check for and offer to format unformatted DASD devices (#560702). (dcantrell) - Add /sbin/reboot and /sbin/halt to s390 initrd.img (#571370) (dcantrell) - Do not append "rhgb quiet" to s390 boot loader config (#570743) (dcantrell) - Increase ping timeout for gateway/dns server reachability check (#536815) (dcantrell) - Wait on all pids, not just udevd's. (#540923) (pjones) - Use the new modularized anaconda path in (clumens) - Fix a mismatched kickstart command as caught by the new test case. (clumens) - Fix a typo. (clumens) - Fix "make check" to run the tests against your git checkout of anaconda. (clumens) - Add a test case to verify that kickstart commands use the right handler. (clumens) - fixup isProtected changes for biosraid and mpath (hdegoede) - Write an AUTO ... line to mdadm.conf (#537329) (hdegoede) - Inherit the ZFCP command from the correct pykickstart class (#581829). (clumens) - Apply yet another translation patch (#573870). (clumens) - Add bug mapping support to scripts/makebumpver. (dcantrell) - syntax fixes for the 'bumpver' target. (dcantrell) - Fix traceback in booty when ppc /boot lives on mdraid (#555272) (hdegoede) - Call scripts/makebumpver from 'make bumpver' target. (dcantrell) - Add docs/commit-log.txt explaining git commit log policies. (dcantrell) - Move 'make bumpver' functionality to scripts/makebumpver (dcantrell) - Fix some previously difficult-to-translate strings (#573870). (clumens) - Default to /images/install.img if no dir is given in stage2=hd: (#528809) (rvykydal) - Startup notification in live installer (#530908). (akozumpl) - init: switch back to tty1 after the installer finishes. (#577380) (akozumpl) - Don't segfault if proxyUser or proxyPassword are empty (#580226). (clumens) - yum requires the proxy settings to include a protocol (#576691). (clumens) - Allow using pre-existing gpt labels for /boot on non EFI x86 (#572488) (hdegoede) - Log successful login to iscsi targets (hdegoede) - storage/ handle iscsi ID_PATH IPV6 address containing : (#579761) (hdegoede) - Catch errors when downloading the escrow cert (#579992). (clumens) - fix: mnemonics don't work in the welcome screen until user clicks. (akozumpl) - refactoring setup_window() and setLanguage() are way too similar. (akozumpl) - removed unused parameter in setup_window() (akozumpl) * Tue Apr 06 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 14.3-1 - Sort partition create actions before other unpartitioned devices. (#574379) (dlehman) - Update the partition scheme icons to better looking ones (#579697). (clumens) - Move some kickstart-specific storage init into storageInitialization. (clumens) - Call the right superclass's __init__ method. (clumens) - Adjust paths that reference things that have moved. (clumens) - Move compiled things out of /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime. (clumens) - Move boot files, language data, keymaps, etc. to /usr/share/anaconda/. (clumens) - Move class Anaconda to (clumens) - Install classes are now under the anaconda module directory. (clumens) - lang-table and lang-names have moved to /usr/share/anaconda. (clumens) - upd-instroot no longer needs to explicitly pull in the python parts. (clumens) - Adjust command stubs to use new anaconda module location. (clumens) - Put /usr/lib*/python?.?/site-packages/pyanaconda at the front of PYTHONPATH. (clumens) - Adjust the Makefiles to install anaconda to /usr/lib{,64}/python?.?. (clumens) - ui: keep the bootloader device dialog always centered (#463489). (akozumpl) - Reword the filter UI tooltip to be a little more clear (#576144). (clumens) - Automatically select devices added via the "Add Advanced" button (#579051). (clumens) - Re-Check minimum size of partition after running fsck on it (#578955) (bcl) - Take the request's format into account when deciding to resize (#578471). (clumens) - Schedule removal actions for any format on a --onpart= device (#576976). (clumens) - Fix early networking log message to correctly assign blame. (pjones) - Restore xdriver=<driver> functionality (#577312) (msivak) - loader: con Newt into thinking LANG is always en_US.UTF-8 (#576541). (akozumpl) - network.dracutSetupString(): handle hosts outside the subnet (#577193) (hdegoede) - Copy install.img to install target on http installs. (pjones) - Make sure the install.img exists before attempting to copy (#578391). (clumens) - Write rd_CCW when root fs is on a network device on s390x (#577193) (dcantrell) - Keep /usr/bin/seq for the initrd.img (#558881). (dcantrell) - fix: Tackle race condition issues during X startup. (akozumpl) - Make checksum error message user-friendlier (#578151) (rvykydal) - Enable network if it is needed when repo is added in UI (#577803). (rvykydal) - Do not try to commit diskLabels on non partitionable devices (#576145) (hdegoede) - Copy install.img and remount no matter how many discs (#577196) (pjones) - Fix typo in linuxrc.s390. ctm should be ctcm. (dcantrell) - Remove dasdSetup() from loader. (dcantrell) - Add new return code check for isomd5sum's mediaCheckFile (#578160). (rvykydal) - Use symbolic constants of libcheckisomd5 (#555107) (rvykydal) - Adapt for libcheckisomd5 callback abi change (#555107) (rvykydal) - Include /sbin/*_cio_free commands in s390x initrd.img (#558881). (dcantrell) - Use /sbin/dasd_cio_free to free blacklisted DASDs (#558881) (dcantrell) - Don't add duplicates to the transaction set (#575878, jantill). (clumens) - fcoe: has been renamed to (hdegoede) - Fix off-by-one error in string initialization (#577413) (msivak) - Fix uninitialized variable compile error (#577501) (msivak) - Do not write OPTIONS=layer2=1 on all architectures (#577005). (dcantrell) - Show protected devices in the filter UI, but make them immutable (#568343). (clumens) - Turn protected devices into a property on the Anaconda object. (clumens) * Thu Mar 25 2010 David Lehman <> - 14.2-1 - Unlock the CD tray door in isys.ejectcdrom() (#569377) (pjones) - Try to pull in generic libraries as well as optimized ones (#572178) (pjones) - Translate the Back button in glade (#576082) (akozumpl) - Make the kernel 'sshd' parameter work as expected (#572493) (akozumpl) - Add originalFormat handling to editLVMLogicalVolume. (#576529) (dlehman) - Fix a cut&paste error that caused a traceback (#574743) (dlehman) - Remove isys/str.c, replace calls with glib.h or string.h calls. (dcantrell) - Only look for extended partitions on partitioned devices (#576628) (hdegoede) - Fix referring to disks by-label, by-uuid, etc (#575855). (clumens) - fcoe startEDD() add missing return statement (hdegoede) - Add support for recognizing BIOS EDD configured FCoE drives (#513018) (hdegoede) - Update format of cdrom devices when looking for repos on media (#566269) (rvykydal) - Fix syntax for passing a mapping to a translatable string (#576085). (clumens) - Update filter for translation log entries. (dlehman) * Mon Mar 22 2010 David Lehman <> - 14.1-1 - Don't pass size=1 for autopart PVs. Use PartitionDevice's default size. (dlehman) - Update po/ to list all files with strings. (dcantrell) - _diskLabelType is a string itself (hdegoede) - Make python start with correct default unicode encoding (#539904). (akozumpl) - Add boot= argument to kernel cmdline when in fips mode (#573178) (hdegoede) - Catch NotImplementedError when scanning for disklabels (#566722) (hdegoede) - BIOS RAID sets get shown double when adding advanced storage (#574714) (hdegoede) - Filter UI do not start / stop BIOS RAID sets to get there size (#574587) (hdegoede) - Make filter UI honor nodmraid cmdline option (#574684) (hdegoede) - Properly align the first partition we create (#574220) (hdegoede) - Move disabling of cylinder alignment to disklabel format (hdegoede) - put the analog script into the RPM (akozumpl) - Fix focus, repaint, and stack issues for nm-c-e (#520146) (rvykydal) - Connect nm-connection-editor to network config button (#520146). (rvykydal) - Add "Configure Network" button to network UI screen (#520146). (rvykydal) - Add nm-connection-editor to stage2 (#520146). (rvykydal) - l10n: Updates to Spanish (Castilian) (es) translation (gguerrer) - Don't try to set selinux context for read-only mountpoints. (dlehman) - Derive stage2= from repo=nfsiso: correctly (#565885) (rvykydal) - Include USB ATA bridge modules in initrd (#531532) (rvykydal) - Remove hacks that don't apply in present repo setup flow. (rvykydal) - Reset comps/groups info after editing repo in UI (#555585) (rvykydal) - Set cache base directory for repos added/edited in UI. (rvykydal) - Use None, not '', for empty repo proxy attributes (#572460) (rvykydal) - livecd: show graphical error dialog when memory check fails (#572263) (akozumpl) - l10n: Updates to Sinhala (si) translation (snavin) - use isSparc not isSPARC (dennis) - set the bootloader to silo for sparc installs (dennis) - sparc64 is a lib64 arch (dennis) - Make sure that SPARC bootdisk Makefile is made (dennis) - make sure we include sparc boot configs (dennis) - add function to get the sparc system type (dennis) - Sparc bootloader config not written to /etc (dennis) - Fix generation of boot.iso on SPARC (dennis) - l10n: Updates to Polish (pl) translation (raven) - Keep the selected device count right when going back to filtering (#572882). (clumens) - Fully qualify _ped.IOException. (dlehman) * Mon Mar 15 2010 David Lehman <> - 14.0-1 - Do not crash on .autorelabel when using read only rescue mount (#568367) (msivak) - parted.PartedDisk can throw IOExceptions too (#573539) (hdegoede) - l10n: fix/updates to hungarian translation (snicore) - l10n: updated translations (snicore) - Use the disk name from kickstart in the shouldClear error message. (clumens) - Fix displaying error messages on cleanup/remove callback problems (#572893). (clumens) - Before running shouldClear, make sure a real disk was specified (#572523). (clumens) - Fix: execWithRedirect() unexpectedkeyword argument 'searchPath' (#572853) (hdegoede) - Tell and friends not to use hardware optimized libs (#572178) (pjones) - By default, libcurl does not appear to follow redirects (#572528). (clumens) - FcoeDiskDevice.dracutSetupString: handle DCB on / off option (hdegoede) - Redo the 'sshd' flag. (ajax) - Catch "Exception" when window manager is starting. (akozumpl) - Preserve encryption setting when re-editing new encrypted LVs. (#568547) (dlehman) - Never pass "<Not applicable>" as mountpoint to format constructors. (dlehman) - Fix up device dialogs' handling of preexisting formatting. (dlehman) - Set up devices using their original formats for certain action types. (#565848) (dlehman) - Keep a handle to devices' original format instance. (#565848) (dlehman) - Pick up system's clock settings on upgrade. (#570299) (akozumpl) - Do not crash when getDevices returns NULL (#567939) (msivak) - Use new API in libblkid to look for driverdiscs on removable devices (#508242) (msivak) - Use new package structure of firstaidkit (#510346) (msivak) - Add "crashkernel=auto" to grub.conf for RHEL installs (#561729) (hdegoede) - Drop iscsi initrd generation hack (hdegoede) - Fix recognition of partitions on mdraid arrays (#569462) (hdegoede) - dcbd is being replaced with lldpad (#563790) (hdegoede) - Use the same cache directory as yum now uses (#568996). (clumens) - switch to tty1 before exit (#569071) (akozumpl) - Reset conditionals of transaction info too. (#505189) (rvykydal) - Use '--keyword=P_:1,2' for plural gettext string extraction (#567417). (dcantrell) - make sure the new logging also works when isys is imported as a python module. (akozumpl) - use the new logging approach in imount.c (akozumpl) - allow logging into program.log and syslog through log.c (akozumpl) - log.c: factor out common parts from logMessageV() (akozumpl) - static variable rename in log.c (akozumpl) - move log.c from loader into isys. (akozumpl) - Analog, a generator of rsyslog config files to monitor remote installs. (akozumpl) - Remove isys/minifind.c and isys/minifind.h (dcantrell) - Keep default metacity schema generated for gconf. (#520146) (rvykydal) - metacity, fix a displaying problem with WaitWindow and ProgressWindow (#520146) (akozumpl) - Nuke addFrame()'s showtitle parameter (#520146). (akozumpl) - Remove gui code we no longer need when mini-wm is gone (#520146) (akozumpl) - Remove mini-wm.c. (#520146) (akozumpl) - Introduces metacity window manager (#520146) (akozumpl) - fix: do not initialize the install interface whenever is is accessed (#565872) (akozumpl) - Select/Deselect All should only apply to the current tab (#516143, - Don't try to write firewall and auth information twice (#568528). (clumens) - Fixes bug #569373 - Change udev_trigger block calls to use change action (bcl) - Include the report module and related support files (#562656). (clumens) - report handles exn saving now, and doesn't require a Filer (#562656). (clumens) - Adapt to using report's UI API (#562656). (clumens) - Do some editing of package and filter UI strings (#569039). (clumens) * Thu Mar 04 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 13.33-1 - On live installs, the syslog is /var/log/dmesg. (#568814). (clumens) - Set up udev environment so anaconda's udev rules run in livecd. (#568460) (dlehman) - Ignore probably-spurious disklabels on unpartitionable devices. (#567832) (dlehman) - The justConfigFile parameter doesn't do anything on x86, either (#568567). (clumens) - Add python-devel's gdbinit, which provides useful debugging macros. (pjones) - Minor style fix (indent "cat" correctly") (pjones) - doReIPL should return when going back through steps, too (#563862). (clumens) - Skip the filter/cleardisk steps on upgrades, too (#568334). (clumens) * Thu Feb 25 2010 David Lehman <> - 13.32-1 - Check for the real device-mapper nodes in /proc/swaps. (#567840) (dlehman) - It's necessary to give each vfprintf invocation a fresh va_list (#568235) (akozumpl) - Don't unconditionally unskip the partition step on failure (#567889). (clumens) - rpm doesn't always give the callback a tuple (#567878). (clumens) * Wed Feb 24 2010 David Cantrell <> - 13.31-1 - Revert "There is no kernel-PAE package anymore, use kernel for xen (#559347)." (dcantrell) - logging: make loader say 'loader' (#563009). (akozumpl) - Make loader log into syslog (so remote logging works for it as well) (#524980) (akozumpl) * Tue Feb 23 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 13.30-1 - Revert "Add back hald for Xorg input device queries (#553780)" (clumens) - No longer remove persistent udev rules files (#566948). (clumens) - When BUILDARCH==ppc64, set BASEARCH to ppc (#524235). (dcantrell) - There is no kernel-PAE package anymore, use kernel for xen (#559347). (dcantrell) - Fix a typo, leaving one less string needing translation (#567427). (clumens) - Don't show BIOS RAID and multipath members in the cleardisks UI (#567281). (clumens) * Mon Feb 22 2010 David Cantrell <> - 13.29-1 - DiskLabel.status can't be determined so return False. (#563526,#561074) (dlehman) - Remove getDasdDevPort() and getDasdState() from (dcantrell) - Replace calls to isys.getDasdPorts() with calls to new getDasdPorts() (dcantrell) - Add getDasdPorts() to storage/ (dcantrell) - Remove isys/dasd.c, functions no longer needed in isys. (dcantrell) - Fix creation of encrypted md members and pvs in kickstart. (#567396) (dlehman) - Don't align free space geometries in getFreeRegions. (#565692) (dlehman) - Align extended partitions like we do other partitions. (dlehman) - Don't allow the host's LD_LIBRARY_PATH affect get_dso_deps (#565887). (clumens) - Remove a couple redundant network bring up calls. (clumens) - Reset the resolver cache after bringing up the network (#562209). (clumens) - Let's have /etc/xorg.conf.d in stage2 (#566396) (akozumpl) - Add the filter UI screens to the list of translatable files (#567216). (clumens) - Don't traceback when a user tries to put /boot on an LV (#566569) (hdegoede) - RescueInterface should inherit from InstallInterfaceBase too (hdegoede) * Fri Feb 19 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 13.28-1 - Allow --ignoremissing to work for @base and @core (#566752). (clumens) - Add device node names to the filter UI, hidden by default (#566375). (clumens) - logging: initialize tty3 logging in anaconda_log, along with all other basic loggers. (akozumpl) - logging: introduce stderr logger and use it for critical situations in (akozumpl) - logging: Loggers live a cosmopolitan life, forget about them after created. (akozumpl) - logging: remove AnacondaLog's unused default parameter. (akozumpl) - logging, fix: setting remote logging from kicstart (akozumpl) - logging: addFileHandler does not set autoLevel by default (akozumpl) - Allow deleting the interface property, too (#566186). (clumens) * Tue Feb 16 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 13.27-1 - Fix hiding the advanced button on the filter UI (#555769, #565425, - PartitionDevice._setDisk: self.disk can be None. (#565930) (dlehman) - Add currentSize method to the PartitionDevice class (#565822) (hdegoede) - Fix instData removal mis merge (hdegoede) - Require a format to have a mountpoint before testing for RO (#565879). (clumens) - The step is named cleardiskssel, not cleardisksel (#565873). (clumens) - Use the LUKS UUID, not the filesystem UUID for dracut. (#561373) (dlehman) - Show the correct device path when formatting as swap or luks. (dlehman) - Fix ordering of arguments to xfs_admin for writing fs label. (#556546) (dlehman) - Log only the disks' names in PartitionDevice._setDisk. (dlehman) - Check for the updates directory before using it (#565840). (clumens) - Fix a handful of simple pychecker errors. (clumens) - Add the .libs directories to PYTHONPATH so pychecker works again. (clumens) - Warn when ignoring BIOS RAID members (#560932) (hdegoede) - Intel BIOS RAID array not recognized (#565458) (hdegoede) - Fix traceback in when dealing with RAID10 BIOSRAID (#565444) (hdegoede) - Remove newly added partition from disk if subsequent commit fails. (#559907) (dlehman) - Use property() so we can assign to anaconda.intf (#565639). (clumens) - Don't always set anaconda.upgrade to be True (#565622). (clumens) - Re-remove the end of line from pychecker-false-positives. (clumens) - cryptPassword is not part of any class (#565611). (clumens) - Fix another missing import (#565599). (clumens) - Add a missing import (#565592). (clumens) - createLuserConf is not a part of any class (#565306). (clumens) * Fri Feb 12 2010 David Lehman <> - 13.26-1 - Fix return values for dasd_settle_all() in linuxrc.s390 (#558881). (dcantrell) - Don't reset the default package selection on text installs (#564103). (clumens) - Remove rules handled by the device-mapper package's rules. (dlehman) - Raise default lvm extent size from 4MB to 32MB. (dlehman) - Add udev_settle after setup of LUKSDevice. (#534043) (dlehman) - Pass '--force' to vgremove to avoid interactive prompts. (#563873) (dlehman) - Find rsyslog libs in $LIBDIR not /usr/$LIBDIR (jkeating) - "_Do_ override BASEARCH with BUILDARCH, it does make sense (#524235)" (msivak) - Don't traceback during kickstart if no ignoredisk line is given (#563581). (clumens) - Allow any add-on python module to be updated via an updates.img. (clumens) - Correct references to lcs and ctcm devices (#561816). (dcantrell) - Use lsznet.raw from s390utils package (#563548). (dcantrell) - Revert "Write ARP=no to ifcfg file when VSWITCH=1 is set on s390x (#561926)." (dcantrell) - Use /sys/devices/lcs instead of /sys/devices/cu3088 (#561816). (dcantrell) - Wait for all DASDs to be online after autodetection (#558881). (dcantrell) - Prompt user for install method when going back to STEP_METHOD. (dcantrell) - Set initrd load address to 32MB for s390x (#546422). (dcantrell) - Only show the error message if there was an error. (dlehman) - Be even more clear about removing existing linux installations. (#493360) (dlehman) - Improve reboot modes in init.c and shutdown.c. (akozumpl) - Be more explicit in which libraries we link with. (clumens) - Do not override BASEARCH with BUILDARCH, it doesn't make sense (#524235) (msivak) - platform.checkBootRequest(): Fix use of map instead of filter (hdegoede) - Improve platform.checkBootRequest() mdarray handling (hdegoede) - Fix backtrace when trying to use LV for /boot (#562325) (hdegoede) - Add lsusb to rescue mode stage2 (#562616) (hdegoede) - No longer refer to instdata in attrSkipList. (clumens) - Clarify which storage exceptions are bugs (#557928). (clumens) - Merge branch 'no-instdata' (clumens) - Fix partitioning help spelling (#562823). (clumens) - Keep the end sector aligned when resizing partitions (#560647) (hdegoede) - Write ARP=no to ifcfg file when VSWITCH=1 is set on s390x (#561926). (dcantrell) - Don't return the passphrase from hasKey. Should return a boolean. (dlehman) - Fix splitting of error strings from program.log. (dlehman) - Take advantage of default size for new partitions. (dlehman) - Add a default size of 500MB for new partition requests. (dlehman) - Remove check for MD_DEVNAME from udev_device_is_md. (#562024) (dlehman) - Don't try to specify bitmap for RAID0 since mdadm doesn't allow it. (#562023) (dlehman) - Use 0 for a default max_req_size instead of None. (dlehman) - Add missing methods to RescueInterface (pjones) - Clean up imports in __main__. (clumens) - Nothing uses InstallData anymore, so it can completely be removed. (clumens) - Last attribute out of InstallData, please turn out the lights. (clumens) - Move firstboot into the Anaconda object. (clumens) - Move bootloader into the Anaconda object. (clumens) - Move escrowCertificates into the Storage object. (clumens) - Move storage into the Anaconda class. (clumens) - Move desktop to the Anaconda object. (clumens) - Move timezone to the Anaconda object. (clumens) - Move firewall into Anaconda. (clumens) - Move users and security to the Anaconda object. (clumens) - Move network to the Anaconda object. (clumens) - Move keyboard to the Anaconda object. (clumens) - Move instLanguage to the Anaconda object. (clumens) - Move the writeKS and write methods from InstallData to Anaconda. (clumens) - Move upgrade-related data to the Anaconda object. (clumens) - Make a bunch of Anaconda attributes into properties. (clumens) - Move instProgress to be an attribute on the InstallInterface. (clumens) - Finally remove the x_already_set hack. (clumens) - Move instClass to be an attribute on Anaconda. (clumens) - Use anaconda.ksdata instead of anaconda.isKickstart. (clumens) - Move ksdata to be an attribute on Anaconda. (clumens) - Remove backend and other pointless attributes from InstallData. (clumens) - Move the isHeadless attribute onto the Anaconda class. (clumens) - Set displayMode on the anaconda object, then refer to that everywhere. (clumens) - Sort the attributes on class Anaconda for my future reference. (clumens) - Install classes may no longer force text mode. (clumens) - Add a Requires: for tigervnc-server (#561498). (clumens) * Wed Feb 03 2010 David Lehman <> - 13.25-1 - Fix keymaps-override-ppc pickup in mk-images (#524235) (msivak) - Fix typo in action sorting. Disklabels before partitions. (#560017) (dlehman) - Display ID_PATH for zFCP devices instead of looking for a WWID. (clumens) - Fix a variety of filtering UI problems caused by switching models around. (clumens) - Add ID_SERIAL in as a backup in case there's no ID_SERIAL_SHORT. (clumens) - Display ID_PATH instead of WWID for DASDs as well. (clumens) - Rename the WWID column to Identifier. (clumens) - Enforce maximum partition sizes. (#528276) (dlehman) - Log commands as a string instead of as a list of strings. (dlehman) - Strip off the timestamp from error output pulled from program.log. (dlehman) - Fix: execWithRedirect() logging stderr at wrong loglevel. (akozumpl) - Fix: execWithCallback() not logging stderr. (akozumpl) - Fix: ArithmeticError: Could not align to closest sector (#561278) (hdegoede) - Fixed parsing of strings with multiple values in pyudev (mgracik) - On text kickstart installs, doBasePackageSelect still needs to run (#559593). (clumens) - Remove unused udev_parse_block_entry() function (hdegoede) - Fixed the problem with string to list properties (#560262) (mgracik) * Mon Feb 01 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 13.24-1 - Don't log the size of what we're unpacking anymore. (clumens) - Fixup partition aligning (#560586) (hdegoede) - Fix backtrace when adding mdraid arrays (#560360) (hdegoede) - pyudev: explicitly specify all return value and argument types (#559394) (hdegoede) - Correctly add found multipath devices to our dict (#560029). (clumens) - gtk.TreeStores are iterable, so use indices instead of iterators. (clumens) - Build sorted models on top of filtered models to make column sorting work. (clumens) - Skip the filtering UI if there's only one disk in the machine. (clumens) - Allow getScreen methods to indicate the screen should be skipped. (clumens) - rename constants and a variable in so the names make more sense. (akozumpl) - anaconda, storage and yum: log to tty3 in the same format as we log into tty4 (akozumpl) - Remove /sys prefix in udev_enumerate_devices() (hdegoede) - Use libudev's enumerate_devices function (#559394) (mgracik) - Update =~ regexps in lsznet.raw for bash-4.1 (#558537). (dcantrell) - Startup iscsi / fcoe / zfcp before listing drives in the filter UI (hdegoede) - cleardisk_gui: Fix going back to the cleardisks gui (hdegoede) - cleardisk_gui: Base autoselection of bootdev on detected BIOS order (hdegoede) - Fix typo in (hdegoede) - Remove no longer used isys EDD code (hdegoede) - Hookup new python EDD code (#478996) (hdegoede) - Add pure python EDD code parsing and compareDrives substitute (#478996) (hdegoede) - Include /etc/netconfig in the initrd for NFS (#557704). (clumens) - Log system messages to /tmp/syslog instead of /tmp/messages.log. (clumens) - Make sure we always check /lib64 and /lib in find_library (#555669). (dcantrell) - Make sure we get required nss-softokn libs in the images. (dcantrell) - Add 5 second ping delay for gateway and dns test on s390x (#536815). (dcantrell) - Update =~ regexps in linuxrc.s390 for bash-4.1 (#558537). (dcantrell) - Add strace to the stage2 image and initrd. (clumens) - multipath gives us CCISS devices names with ! in them, but we expect /. (clumens) - Fix visibility counting on filter notebook pages. (clumens) - Fix thinko in displaying the first filter notebook page that disks. (pjones) - DMRaidArrayDevice don't pass major/minor to DMDevice.__init__ (#558440) (hdegoede) - Filter UI: don't show cciss controllers without sets (hdegoede) - Filter UI: give BIOS RAID sets a usable model string and display that (hdegoede) - Make MDRaidArray description the same as DMRaidArray (hdegoede) - Add DMRaidArrayDevice description and model properties (#558440) (hdegoede) - DMRaidArrayDevices exist when created (#558440) (hdegoede) - Clarify syslinux menu text (#557774) (hdegoede) - Use description property for MDRaidArrayDevice model (hdegoede) - MDRaidArrayDevice: Get rid of the ugly self.devices[0].type checking (hdegoede) - Make storage.unusedMDFoo also check mdcontainer members (hdegoede) - Remove MDRaidArrayDevice biosraid property (hdegoede) - Give MD BIOS RAID arrays there own type (hdegoede) - Check for devices with no media present in (#558177) (hdegoede) - multipath requires (pjones) - init, fixes a bug in getSyslog() causing a SEGV (akozumpl) * Fri Jan 22 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 13.23-1 - Only /boot needs to be on one of the bootFSTypes. (#557718) (dlehman) - nss files moved around again, NM needs more (#557702) (dcantrell) - Fix broken log message. (pjones) - MDRaidMember.__str__ add biosraid attribute to the returned string (hdegoede) - Remove setting of _isDisk and _partitionable from iscsi and fcoe disk code (hdegoede) - Add isDisk property to MDRaidArrayDevice (hdegoede) - Make isDisk a property (hdegoede) - Remove DMRaidDevice.mediaPresent method (hdegoede) - Honor clearPartDisks when clearing whole disk formatting formatted disks (hdegoede) - Fixup MDRaidArrayDevice.biosraid (hdegoede) - Update exclusiveDisks when handling mdraid BIOSRAID in isIgnored (hdegoede) - MDRaidDevice does not have serial, vendor or bus arguments (hdegoede) - Don't traceback on devices without a serial (hdegoede) - Make addUdevPartitionDevice add lvm filters for ignored partitions (hdegoede) - Remove BIOSRAID see if ignored again code from addUdevPartitionDevice (hdegoede) - Remove special partition handling from isIgnored (hdegoede) - Fix MDRaidArrayDevice mediaPresent to not depend on paritioned state (hdegoede) - Special handling for mdraid BIOS RAID sets in exclusive disks (hdegoede) - 2 small mdraid related storage/ changes (hdegoede) - Fix an infinite loop by properly iterating over the disks store (#557856). (clumens) - Prevent init from telling us its story if the shutdown was planned. (akozumpl) - Add a description attribute to MDRaidArrayDevice (hdegoede) - Don't do exclusiveDisks checking for BIOS RAID members (hdegoede) - Fix a syntax error in (hdegoede) - Make multipath support use device-mapper-multipath to setup mpaths. (pjones) - Make PartitionDevice have its own teardown() when used with mpath. (pjones) - Create multipath.conf (pjones) - Make sure MultipathDevice is setup correctly. (pjones) - List biosraids w/ disks and don't include them w/ md arrays in partgui. (dlehman) - Add biosraid property and use it in MDRaidArrayDevice.partitionable. (dlehman) - Make partitionable a property of StorageDevice instead of a plain attr. (dlehman) - Remove the multipath name generator, it is no longer used. (pjones) - Set StorageDevice.exists before calling Device.__init__ (pjones) - Add another command to .bash_history. (pjones) - Introducing a proper syslog daemon allows us to remove the syslogd stub we have. (akozumpl) - Merge branch 'forward_all' (akozumpl) - Python logging is talking to the syslog daemon. (akozumpl) - make dracut only activate the root LV (#553295) (hdegoede) * Wed Jan 20 2010 David Cantrell <> - 13.22-1 - Add mpath device to selection instead of its constituents. (pjones) - Make all StorageDevice-s support .vendor and .model (pjones) - Add a parser for 'multipath -d' output. (pjones) - Multipath members should not be added to the ignored disk list. (pjones) - Add udev accessor for ID_MODEL_FROM_DATABASE/ID_MODEL. (pjones) - Add udev_device_get_multipath_name(). (pjones) - Use mpath names instead of serials to group them. (pjones) - Add an exception to use when multipath fails. (pjones) - Add missing log_method_call()s. (pjones) - Introduces rsylogd to anaconda (part of #524980) (akozumpl) - Fix compile problem from 65a3c05. (akozumpl) - Remove unnecessary free from the rpmextract error handler (msivak) - Fix SIGSEGV in dlabel feature (#556390) (msivak) - Support ignore all/reinit all on the disk reinitialization question (#512011). (clumens) - Handle reboot better on s390 (#533198) (dcantrell) - Reset network setting input counters for IPv4 and IPv6 (#553761). (dcantrell) - Fix reading dasd status sysfs attribute (#536803). (dcantrell) - Fix whitespace error that was introduced. (pjones) - setStage2LocFromCmdline() shouldn't strdup so much. (pjones) - s390 CHPID types must be treated in hex for lookup table to work (#552844) (maier) - Fixed the setting of LD_LIBRARY_PATH in rescue (mgracik) - Use StorageError insead of enumerating all the different storage errors. (pjones) - Get rid of "stage2param" in parseCmdLineFlags(); it is unused. (pjones) - Make clearDisksWindow use device.model not device.partedDevice.model (pjones) - Include device-mapper-multipath in stage2.img (pjones) - Load all scsi_dh_* modules, since they can't be modprobe by aliases... (pjones) - Display the first filter notebook page that has any disks on it. (clumens) - The firmware and additional-web-server groups no longer exist (#555609). (clumens) - Fix a traceback adding RAID devices to the filtering UI. (clumens) - reIPL code cleanup in loader (dcantrell) - Show call depth with spaces in log_method_call() (pjones) - iutil.execWithRedirect() hasn't used searchPath= since 2006. Take it out. (pjones) - Look for the SSH config file in /etc/ssh on s390 as well (#555691). (clumens) - Changed the architecture check from __ppc64__ to __powerpc64__ (#555669) (mgracik) - Fix the blkid infinite loop. (#555601) (msivak) - Testing mode was removed. (rvykydal) - There's no reason to keep bits of mkinitrd in upd-instroot. (pjones) - Support the new excludedGroupList in pykickstart (#554717). (clumens) - Use passed in anaconda parameter instead of relying on handler (hdegoede) - Fix stdoutLog not being defined (hdegoede) - pylint error fixes round 2 (hdegoede) - Fixup various errors detected by pylint (hdegoede) - mdraid: various changes to options for new mdraid array creation (hdegoede) - Emit a dracut setup string for the root device itself (hdegoede) - Fix path mistakes in dasd_settle() in loader/linuxrc.s390 (dcantrell) - Do not write HWADDR to ifcfg file on s390x for OSA Layer 2 (#546005) (dcantrell) - Poll DASD status for 'online' or 'unformatted' (#536803) (dcantrell) - Add back hald for Xorg input device queries (#553780) (dcantrell) - Support moving multiple rows at once in the cleardisks UI. (clumens) - Allow disks in the filter and cleardisks UIs to be selected via double-click. (clumens) - Don't log the big parted.Partition string every time we do a flag op. (dlehman) - Check for disklabels on unpartitionable devices. (#539482) (dlehman) - Make partitioned attr depend on whether the device is partitionable. (dlehman) - Make sure to clear partitions before destroying a disklabel. (dlehman) - Raise an exception when /etc/fstab contradicts detected fs type (#536906) (dlehman) - Don't include read-only filesystems in fsFreeSpace. (#540525) (dlehman) - NTFS filesystems are not really modifiable in any real sense. Admit it. (dlehman) * Tue Jan 12 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 13.21-1 - Fix implicit declaration of things in sys/stat.h. (clumens) * Tue Jan 12 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 13.20-1 - devicetree.devices is a list, not a dict (#554455). (clumens) - Try to copy the correct traceback file, not anacdump.txt. (clumens) - Make sure /tmp/DD exists before trying to copy it. (clumens) * Fri Jan 08 2010 David Cantrell <> - 13.19-1 - st_size is off64_t on i386, off_t on others. (dcantrell) * Fri Jan 08 2010 David Cantrell <> - 13.18-1 - RPM version check correction. (dcantrell) * Fri Jan 08 2010 David Cantrell <> - 13.17-1 - fstat->st_size is a long unsigned int, not a long long unsigned int. (dcantrell) - Use libarchive and rpm pkg-config files during build. (dcantrell) - Take ignoredDisks into account on the filter screen as well. (clumens) - Don't wait on the filtertype screen on kickstart installs. (clumens) - Our overridden AutoPart class must be mentioned in commandMap. (clumens) - Reword filter UI introductory text to be less confusing. (clumens) - Install the driver discs according to what was loaded in stage1 (msivak) - Use the updated DriverDisc code in loader (msivak) - Backport the RHEL5 DriverDisc functionality (msivak) - Include depmod in stage1 and set it to prefer the DD directory (msivak) - Add a function to get paths to loaded modules (msivak) - Add rpm extraction routines (use librpm and libarchive) (msivak) - Add DriverDisc v3 documentation (msivak) - When displaying the filter UI, check devices that are in exclusiveDisks. (clumens) - get rid of global import of anaconda_log (akozumpl) - introduce loglevel flag and use it in yum's tty3 logging (akozumpl) - Remove LoggerClass but maintain loglevel= functionality (akozumpl) - Do not duplicate exclusiveDisks when going back to filtering UI. (rvykydal) - Fixes problems in the manual network configuration screen in loader with IPv6. (akozumpl) - Bring back missing IPv6 pieces that were lost in time. (dcantrell) - Add configuration option to enable/disable IPv6 support. (dcantrell) - Ask about LVM inconsistencies only in storageinit step. (rvykydal) - Ask about disk initialization only in storageinit step. (rvykydal) - Fix partition request sorting based on number of allowed disks. (#540869) (dlehman) * Wed Jan 06 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 13.16-1 - Add libblkid as a BuildRequires. (clumens) * Wed Jan 06 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 13.15-1 - Also remove requirement for libbdevid (hdegoede). - Update the python-pyblock version requirement, too. (clumens) - Bump the required version numbers on a couple of components. (clumens) - ID_BUS is not always defined (on virt, for instance) so handle that. (clumens) - opts should always be treated as a list inside isys.mount(). (clumens) * Mon Jan 04 2010 Chris Lumens <> - 13.14-1 - Include fontconfig files needed for scaling of Meera fonts (#531742, - Don't write dracut kernel cmdline paramters to anaconda-ks.cfg (hdegoede) - Write dracut rd_NO_foo options to grub.conf (hdegoede) - Add dracutSetupString methods to all relevant device classes (hdegoede) - Avoid duplicate kernel cmdline options and cleanup booty dracut code (hdegoede) * Wed Dec 23 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 13.13-1 - lsreipl from s390-utils uses incorrect path (hamzy). - fix for a bug in 05ce88b2 that split one line over several in program.log (akozumpl) - Dump the initial and final state of the system's storage devices. (dlehman) - Add a "dict" attribute to Device and DeviceFormat classes. (dlehman) - Sort Storage.devices by name (not path) for consistency. (dlehman) - Put fsprofile support back in. (dlehman) - Fix reset of lvm filtering (#527711) (rvykydal) - Fix bootloader driveorder dialog. (rvykydal) - Fix selection of default boot target in UI (#548695) (rvykydal) - 'cleardiskssel' typos that made it impossible to run text install. (akozumpl) * Fri Dec 18 2009 David Cantrell <> - 13.12-1 - Use the per-disk flag to disable cylinder alignment for msdos disklabels. (dlehman) - Don't include advanced devices in the total count on the basic filter UI. (clumens) - For iSCSI devices, put the path into the UI instead of a WWID. (clumens) - Add udev_device_get_path. (clumens) - Make Callbacks._update_size_label callable from outside the object. (clumens) - Do not show the "Add Advanced" button on the basic filtering screen. (clumens) - Log into program.log through the standard python logging (part of - Fix typo from commit 13022cc2. (dlehman) - Restore accidentally removed line in (hdegoede) - yuminstall: Fix indentation error (hdegoede) - No need to special case ignoring of dmraid sets (hdegoede) * Wed Dec 16 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 13.11-1 - Clean up setting paths on preupgrade (jvonau). (clumens) - And call freetmp, too. (Jerry) - Add a method to remove /tmp/install.img on low memory conditions (jvonau). (clumens) - Make sure /mnt/stage2 is mounted before trying to unmount. (Jerry) - Skip the mediaDevice check before attempting to mount the install.img. (Jerry) - Remove install.img from /boot during preupgrade. (Jerry) - Add __str__ methods to the DeviceFormat classes. (dlehman) - Expand PartitionDevice.__str__ to include partition geometry and flags. (dlehman) - Hide biosraid member devices that contain MDRaidMember formats. (dlehman) - Move disklabel handling into handleUdevDeviceFormat with the others. (dlehman) - DiskDevice.__init__ expects an "exists" parameter, so add it. (clumens) - Fix multipath filtering. (clumens) - Log error messages before displaying dialogs. (clumens) - Include error messages when logging selinux context get/set failures. (dlehman) - Catch failures to set selinux contexts so it doesn't cause a crash. (dlehman) - Fix typo logging failure to get default file context. (dlehman) - Use DiskLabel.alignment instead of getDiskAlignment. (dlehman) - Add an alignment property to DiskLabel. (dlehman) - Do not translate log messages (hdegoede) - Make iscsi,etc startup use the iscsi,etc Singletons (hdegoede) - kickstart: Move onlining of fcoe/iscsi/zfcp devices to parse phase (hdegoede) - Make the fcoe, iscsi and zfcp classes singletons (hdegoede) - Remove call to no longer existing isys DriveDict method (hdegoede) - Use the correct yum configuration file when searching for the -logos package (kanarip) - Fix two missing closing parens in previous commits. (clumens) - Add an interface to select the fancy filtering UI vs. the regular one. (clumens) - Add a step to prompt for the cleardisks UI. (clumens) - Add a dialog to configure advanced storage devices. (clumens) - Add an early user interface for filtering storage devices. (clumens) - Rework the upgrade vs. install screen a bit to make it look nicer. (clumens) - Add the updated and simplified parttype screen. (clumens) - Add a method to determine whether a device is a CCISS RAID device. (clumens) - Move identifyMultipaths from DeviceTree to devicelibs. (clumens) - Add a method to return a device's WWID. (clumens) - Add a method to get the bus/interconnect from udev and store it on devices. (clumens) - Add a vendor getting udev method, though udev doesn't always know it. (clumens) - Add the serial number to all DiskDevices and subclasses. (clumens) - Put less space between rows and allow text to be longer before wrapping. (clumens) - Allow InstallInterfaces to modify the installation steps. (clumens) - Default /boot to 500 MB. (clumens) - Some iscsi cleanups (hdegoede) - Bring auto discovered drives online before parsing the ks file (hdegoede) - Make a better effort at tearing down everything before action processing. (dlehman) - Tighten restrictions on the type of disklabel on x86 and EFI boot disks. (dlehman) - Use string instead of parted.diskType for disklabel types. (dlehman) - A couple of cleanups to warnings about formatting preexisting devices. (dlehman) - Rework udev_settle timeout handling (#544177) (hdegoede) - Remove smp.c from the, too. (clumens) - Nothing has a kernel-smp anymore so none of this code is useful. (clumens) - Get rid of the goofy nested try statements. (clumens) - update reIPL messages (hamzy) - Change btrfs command line option (josef) * Wed Dec 09 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 13.10-1 - Kickstart support for unpartitioned disks. (dlehman) - Skip disklabel handling for biosraid and multipath members. (dlehman) - Improve disklabel's name attr so we don't have to hide them anymore. (dlehman) - Hide devices with certain formatting in the main partitioning UI. (dlehman) - Automatic partitioning support for whole-disk formatting. (dlehman) - Add support for whole-disk formatting. (dlehman) - Add per-row control over sensitive property for CheckList and WideCheckList. (dlehman) - Use a function to add a device to the partition gui. (dlehman) - Don't crash if there's no intf passed to getLUKSPassphrase. (dlehman) - Remove unused selinux file context functions from isys. (dlehman) - Use selinux python module for file context operations. (dlehman) - Obtain device alignment information from parted. (#529051) (dlehman) - Handle roots with or without trailing "/" in FileDevice.path. (#541473) (dlehman) - sundries.h is no longer used. (clumens) - Kill yet another unused lodaer flag. (clumens) - stage1 (init): Make /tmp tmpfs large enough to hold install.img (#540146) (hdegoede) - With flags.setupFilesystems gone, justConfig can be removed from booty. (clumens) - Nothing sets flags.setupFilesystems anymore, so it can go too. (clumens) - Remove test mode from the loader, too. (clumens) - Complain if we're started in test or rootPath mode instead of aborting. (clumens) - Remove test mode. (clumens) - Remove rootPath mode. (clumens) - Enable method/repo nfs options in stage2. (rvykydal) - Accept "nfs:" prefix in ks repo --baseurl setting beside "nfs://". (rvykydal) - Display url having invalid prefix in repo editing dialog. (rvykydal) - Do not traceback on invalid ks repo --baseurl values (#543003) (rvykydal) - Remove /etc/localtime before trying to copy into it (#533240). (akozumpl) - Whenever storage code tries to log a method call, do so into the 'tmp/storage.log' file. (a part of #524980) (akozumpl) - Make loader log time with milliseconds (part of #524980). (akozumpl) - Log storage in the same format as the main anaconda log (a part of * Tue Dec 01 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 13.9-1 - Improve text mode fcoe interface (hdegoede) - Fix udev rule to test whether we're in anaconda. (dlehman) - Fix support for new udev rules. (pjones) - Display progress or wait window when creating devices. (dlehman) - Display progress or wait window when formatting devices. (dlehman) - Add optional progress windows to devicelibs create functions. (dlehman) - Force mkswap to do its job. (dlehman) - Don't try to get dm node or update sysfs path for lvm vgs. (dlehman) - Log upon leaving installer steps as well as entering (a part of #524980). (akozumpl) - An unitialized variable in iw/ and a typo in (akozumpl) - Add DCB option to text mode FCoE setup (#513011) (hdegoede) - Add DCB option to GUI FCoE setup (#513011) (hdegoede) - Add DCB option to kickstart FCoE code (#513011) (hdegoede) - Add support for DCB to (#513011) (hdegoede) - Include fcoemon and dcbd in install.img for FCoE DCB support (#513011) (hdegoede) - Add RAID4 support (#541433) (oliva) - Clear a partition's BOOT flag when formatting it (hdegoede) - Do not set boot flag when there is already a partition with the flag (#533658) (hdegoede) - Fixes a syntax error in commit b495db2cd56c881a7e661ac55bd31069510cf662. (akozumpl) - If /boot is too small to preupgrade, don't allow going back (#499321). (clumens) - One reference to earlyKS somehow survived. Kill it. (clumens) - Quote backticks when writing out the .bash_history file, and add another cmd. (clumens) - Set the default keyboard based on language before showing the UI (#532843). (clumens) - Don't attempt to get the size of a filesystem unless it's supported (#540598). (clumens) - Require /boot to be on a GPT or MSDOS disk label on x86 (#540588). (clumens) - Fix killall -USR2 anaconda writing out a traceback file. (clumens) - Only check for DEVICE_DASD in S390.diskLabelType, not for all platforms. (clumens) - Use installclass to make the bootloader timeout 5 seconds on RHEL. (pjones) - Make sure we get tcp_wrappers-libs installed for stage 2 (pjones) - Mount usbfs before installing packages (#532397) (mmatsuya) - Use fs with largest amount of freespace to store install.img (hdegoede) - Always update booty drivelist before filling bootstore (#533335) (hdegoede) - Enhance drive specification for clearpart, ignoredisk, and partition. (clumens) - Add a function that determines which devices match a given shell glob. (clumens) - Extend udev_resolve_devspec to allow specifying devices in more ways. (clumens) - Name log files something that doesn't conflict with the system (#539542). (clumens) - Adds interactive install support for NFS options (#537764) (akozumpl) - Introduces check_asprintf macro that checks asprintfs return value and terminates program in OOM scenarios. (akozumpl) - Sleep if the kickstart file read fails (#537361) (akozumpl) - Move libcurl initialization to urlinstTransfer() (#537870). (dcantrell) - Replace all popt use with glib's option parsing code. (dcantrell) - Clean up initProductInfo() in loader.c. (dcantrell) - Use glib string parsing functions in driverselect.c. (dcantrell) - If a package has %pre/%post scriptlet errors, abort the install (#531599). (clumens) - If a package has a dependency problem, offer to continue/abort (#511801). (clumens) - Generate more complete grub file when upgrading grub. (#533621) (rvykydal) - Added the libudev python bindings (mgracik) - If the kickstart log file's path doesn't exist, make it. (clumens) - Don't make chown or lsetfilecon errors fatal (#529940). (clumens) - Get correct boot device in reIPL code for s390 (#537390). (hamzy) - Expand the proxy table a little bit to reduce clutter (#537878). (clumens) - Use glib data structures in loader's module handling code. (dcantrell) - Various improvements to kickstart scriptlet reporting (#510636). (clumens) * Thu Nov 12 2009 David Cantrell <> - 13.8-1 - Ignore merge commit messages when generating the rpm changelog. (dcantrell) - Remove last references to hal. (dcantrell) - Log calls to DiskLabel's commit and commitToDisk methods. (dlehman) - Fix DiskLabel.status so it returns True, not self.partedDisk, when active. (dlehman) - Write /etc/dasd.conf to target system on s390 (#533833). (dcantrell) - Latest dracut has new syntax for rd_DASD. (dcantrell) - Handle case of not enough space in VG more gracefully. (#533797) (dlehman) - Make sure partitioning-related drive lists are sorted properly. (#534065) (dlehman) - Remove the early kickstart processing pass (#532453). (clumens) - Move all the important stuff out of the KickstartCommand.parse methods. (clumens) - These changes require a later version of pykickstart. (clumens) - commandMap and dataMap are now updates to the existing dict. (clumens) - Set a reference to the kickstart handler on BaseData objects. (clumens) - Move exception setup to right after instdata is populated. (clumens) - Leave one free logical block before each logical partition. (dlehman) - Use Chunk's geometry attr to access the parted Geometry. (dlehman) - Fix sorting of requests by mountpoint. It was backwards. (dlehman) - Align logical partitions' start sector up one logical block for metadata. (dlehman) - Use parted.Device's sectorSize attr instead of physicalSectorSize. (dlehman) - Select partition layout based on potential for growth. (dlehman) - Reimplement partition growing. (dlehman) - Create and use a function to obtain a parted alignment for a disk. (dlehman) - Create and use a new function to create and add new partitions to disk. (dlehman) - Make and use a new function to remove non-existent partitions. (dlehman) - Disable parted's cylinder alignment code. (dlehman) - Use new functions for conversion between size and sector count. (dlehman) - Consider whether a partition is growable when choosing free space. (dlehman) - Allocate fixed-size requests before growable requests. (dlehman) - For the catch-all case, put the message into the UI, not the exn (#536854). (clumens) - Add a missing binary to KEEPFILES (#533237) (msivak) - Set boot flag for /boot on mdraid 1 array too (#533533). (rvykydal) - Report no media present for cpqarray controllers with no disks attached (hdegoede) - Honor existing RUNKS conf file variable on s390 (#513951). (dcantrell) - Add "Hipersockets" to qeth NETTYPE description (#511962). (dcantrell) - Set custom_icon to error for advanced storage dialog errors (hdegoede) - When creating a new md array check we have enough members (#533027) (hdegoede) - Convert string.find calls into something modern (jkeating) - rescue: Don't copy to /tmp when not enough RAM (#531304, - isys: remove stray debug printf (#533597) (hdegoede) - Don't activate / de-activate dmraid sets on setup / teardown (hdegoede) - Remove previous mdadm bug 523334 workaorund (hdegoede) - Don't stop mdraid containers or their arrays (#532971) (hdegoede) - Include the command line to put anaconda into debugger mode in history. (pjones) - Allow remote(ish) debugging. (pjones) - Make sure /var/log/lastlog is there so we don't have ugly logs. (pjones) - Correct modopts initialization in loader (take 2) (#531932). (dcantrell) - Get rid of dead code, and fix gettimespecofday's math. (pjones) - Don't exec without forking first when calling udevadm. (pjones) - If init or loader exit unexpectedly, traceback. (pjones) - Fix the vim magic in this file to work. (pjones) - Add handling for sshpw command. (pjones) - Improve createLuserConf behavior and chroot behavior in users.* (pjones) - Improve logging of ssh-keygen. (pjones) - Remove tabs in "anaconda" (pjones) - pidof is a symlink to killall5, so we need that as well. (pjones) - Correctly initialize modopts in loader (#531932). (dcantrell) - Increase the size of /boot a little bit (#530555). (clumens) - Modify autopart requests to include a separate /home (#150670). (clumens) - Take the spec's requiredSpace into account when creating LVs. (clumens) - Add the PartSpec.__str__ method for debugging. (clumens) - Trim the inital / off the mountpoint before making an LV name from it. (clumens) - Remove "anaconda" from attributes to skip (#532612, #532737). (clumens) - Fix status for and consolidate handling of '-' in vg/lv names. (#527302) (dlehman) - Rename "setupShellEnvironment" to "setupSshd". That's all it does. (pjones) - Put "killall -USR2 anaconda" in a pre-populated history. (pjones) - Only try to split proxy commands out if there's actually one specified. (pjones) - Consolidate the parsing of nfs: locations for ks= and stage2= (#529197) (stijn) - Copy cio_ignore kernel parameter to zipl.conf on s390 (#475675). (dcantrell) - Do not modify /etc/hosts from setup package (#530343). (dcantrell) - In execWithCallback(), support disabling stdout echo (#528386) (dcantrell) - Select drives in partition dialog, preserving settings. (#529931) (dlehman) - Clear pot and po updates after a 'make release' or 'make archive'. (dcantrell) - Use the new anaconda image in fedora-logos (#529267). (jkeating) - Call udev_trigger with a "change" action and don't filter out dm devices. (dlehman) - Remove unused attr_nomatch keyword argument from baseudev.udev_trigger. (dlehman) - Fix logging of isys mount/umount into program.log. (rvykydal) - Fix "resize failed: 1" errors for ext2/ext3/ext4 (#517491). (dcantrell) - Log why we're exiting the installer in storage.DASD.startup() (dcantrell) - Improve detailedMessageWindow() in (dcantrell) - Use 'zerombr' kickstart command for DASDs needing dasdfmt (#528386). (dcantrell) - Add 'zerombr' to list of early kickstart commands we look for. (dcantrell) * Thu Oct 29 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 13.7-1 - TypeError: '_ped.DiskType' object is not callable (#531730) (hdegoede) - Fix upgrade of GRUB with md raid boot for versions F11 and earlier. (rvykydal) - Remove another code duplication in grub upgrade code. (rvykydal) - Remove code duplication, use fixed code from writeGrub. (rvykydal) - Remove target parameter from grub installation code - it is no more needed. (rvykydal) - Remove support for IUCV networking devices on s390. (#531494) (dcantrell) - Find and format any unformatted DASD devices (#528386). (dcantrell) - Improve detailedMessageWindow() in (dcantrell) - Create execWithCallback() function in iutil. (dcantrell) - preexist -> onPart (#531407). (clumens) - Add sshd support for non-s390 platforms. (pjones) - When doing initlabel on a dasd disk create a dasd disklabel (#531209) (hdegoede) - Rename platform.diskType to platform.diskLabelType (hdegoede) - Fix arrow key cycling in the Edit Partition dialog (#519641). (clumens) - Provide a single checkbox for a minimal install (#523839). (clumens) - Fix DASD and zFCP device discovery (#530287). (dcantrell) - Clarify the shrink target message (#530789). (clumens) - Re-enable running udevadm. (clumens) - max_logical -> max_logicals (#530786). (clumens) - Filter out device-mapper devices when doing a udev_trigger. (dlehman) - Expand udev_trigger to allow attr filtering and action specification. (dlehman) - More udev fixups for device-mapper and cryptsetup temp devices. (#526699) (dlehman) - Add the bcm5974 kernel module needed for some touchpads (#474225). (clumens) - /boot is already being checked by the superclass, so don't check again. (clumens) - Allow /boot to be on a variety of filesystems during kickstart (#529846). (clumens) - Platform.bootloaderPackage -> Platform.packages (clumens) - Bootloader choice strings were marked with N_, but never translated (#530017). (clumens) - Handle more than x.y version numbers in 'make bumpver'. (dcantrell) - Mark live device as protected instead of ignoring it. (#517260) (dlehman) - Don't force logical with a free primary slot and an extended. (#527952) (dlehman) - Use rpm to determine how to set bootloader args and default runlevel (#527520). (clumens) - Improve message given to user for fsck failures (#527626). (dcantrell) - 'Packages completed' string should use P_() instead of N_(). (dcantrell) - Reintegrate reipl to trigger reboot/halt on s390x correctly. (#528380) (maier) - Put the icon back on the Back button on livecd installs (#526925). (clumens) - Make LOADER_FLAGS_NOSHELL default also for s390x not just s390 (#527063) (maier) - Adapt standalone shutdown to nokill changes so s390x can use it. (#528380) (maier) - Add dracutSetupData() method to DASDDevice (#526354). (dcantrell) - Collect DASD kernel parameter information during device tree scan (#526354). (dcantrell) - Add dracutSetupString() method to ZFCPDiskDevice (#526354). (dcantrell) - Write LAYER2 and PORTNO correctly as parts of OPTIONS to ifcfg for s390x (maier) - Don't set unnecessary multipath defaults. (pjones) - Add a "File Bug" button to all possibilitys in turnOnFilesystems (#528006). (clumens) - For cmdline mode, add the long text to what messageWindow will print (#528006). (clumens) - Use /dev/mapper/live-osimg-min instead of the old device node name (#526789). (clumens) - Remove double slash from nfs:// ks repo value for use in UI. (rvykydal) - Make bootLoaderInfo new-style class, so that its properties work correctly. (rvykydal) - liveinst: deactivate mdraid arrays before running liveinst (#528235) (hdegoede) - Set parted filesystemtype for swap partitions (hdegoede) * Tue Oct 13 2009 David Cantrell <> - 13.6-1 - BR system-config-keyboard (dcantrell) * Tue Oct 13 2009 David Cantrell <> - 13.5-1 - Remove extra echo in 'make rpmlog'. (dcantrell) - Do not traceback if network device doesn't have HwAddress property (#506013). (rvykydal) - Fix liveinst to (1) not unmount /dev/pts, (2) unmount in order (509632). (clumens) - Do not read DASD data from /tmp/install.cfg in booty (#526354). (dcantrell) - Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// (notting) - Support upgrading when the language isn't in lang-table (#528317). (clumens) - Fix task selection when tasks contain the same group. (#528193) (notting) - Update drivelist with bootloader --driveorder ks option instead of replacing it (#506073). (rvykydal) - Use ID_SERIAL to write multipath.conf, but ID_SERIAL_SHORT for UI. (pjones) - Don't run 70-anaconda.rules on an installed system (#527781). (clumens) - Handle Installation Repo (base repo) as any other in repo edit UI. (rvykydal) - Fix methodstr editing dialog. (rvykydal) - Store methodstr url of repo (#502208, #526022). (rvykydal) - Show user of which repository he edits the url (methodstr editing). (rvykydal) - Don't traceback with malformed repo= nfs: parameter. (rvykydal) * Mon Oct 12 2009 David Cantrell <> - 13.4-1 - Missing volume_key shouldn't break LUKS support completely. (#526899) (dlehman) - Write multipathd.conf in anaconda so that dracut can find it. (pjones) - We moved from dialog to newt.. (#528497) (msivak) - Fix a segfault when stage2= boot parameter and kickstart url method is used (#524417). (rvykydal) - Fix parsing of optional portnr in iscsi target IP (#525118) (hdegoede) * Fri Oct 09 2009 David Cantrell <> - 13.3-1 - Reset PartitionDevice attributes after failed edit. (#498026) (dlehman) - Add MultipathDevice.getDMNode(), because .updateSysfsPath() needs it. (pjones) - Add MultipathDevice.updateSysfsPath() (pjones) - Run implantisomd5 on boot.iso on x86. (bz#526902) (pjones) - Consider encryption when checking for duplicate mountpoint. (#526697) (dlehman) - Fix grub stage1 installation for /boot on md raid1. (rvykydal) - Do not show the VNC-over-text question, when there is not enough memory for GUI (#527979) (msivak) - Fix filtering out of 'Sending translation for' log messages in bumpver. (rvykydal) - Use addUdevPartitionDevice() for adding dmraid / multipath partitions (#527785) (hdegoede) - Set partedPartition system to the correct FS when creating an FS (hdegoede) - Reset parted flags in createFormat not destroyFormat (hdegoede) - Default to mbr bootloader target for mdraid 1 boot device too (#526822). (rvykydal) - Clear out state before calling XkbGetState. (clumens) * Thu Oct 08 2009 Radek Vykydal <> - 13.2-1 - Override fstabSpec in PartitionDevice for by-path DASD (#526364). (dcantrell) - Create DASDDevice objects for DASD devices when building devicetree. (dcantrell) - Add udev_device_is_dasd() to detect DASD devices. (dcantrell) - Change existing call to deviceNameToDiskByPath(). (dcantrell) - Make storage.devices.deviceNameToDiskByPath() more robust. (dcantrell) - Do not copy over 70-persistent.rules if instPath is '' (#527707) (dcantrell) - Filter out 'Sending translation for' log messages in bumpver. (dcantrell) - Don't copy _raidSet, but merely pass around a reference (hdegoede) - Action...Format setup device before modifying the partition table (hdegoede) - map() -> filter() in storage.writeEscrowPackets() (dcantrell) - lokkit has moved to a subpackage, so require that (#523709). (clumens) - Stop trying to run xrandr (#527678). (clumens) - Only initialize escrow packet code if there's devices that need it (#527668). (clumens) - On lookup of a PartedDevice also check for _ped.DeviceException (#527699) (hdegoede) - Set related ayum attributes if media is found when editing methodstr (#515441). (rvykydal) - In repo editing UI do not use object we are creating (#515441). (rvykydal) * Tue Oct 06 2009 David Cantrell <> - 13.1-1 - Tell udev to ignore temporary cryptsetup devices. (#526699) (dlehman) - Have redhat.exec reference generic.prm, not redhat.parm (dcantrell) - Bring back cio_ignore=all, !0.0.0009 for generic.prm on s390x (#463544) (dcantrell) - Take 70-persistent-net.rules generated at installation (#526322) (dcantrell) - Use $LIBDIR to find the boot-wrapper file. (jkeating) - formatByDefault: Don't traceback when mountpoint is None (#522609) (hdegoede) - Don't warn /usr should be formatted when "Format as:" is already selected (hdegoede) - Bring up network interface before trying to use it for FCoE (hdegoede) - DMRaidArray: Don't report no media present when in teared down state (hdegoede) - Wait for udev to settle before trying to find dmraid sets in udev DB (hdegoede) - Implement the double click for free space on the bar view (jgranado) - Pass only cCB and dcCB to the StripeGraph classes. (jgranado) - React to a double click on a "free row" in the tree view. (jgranado) - Create getCurrentDeviceParent function. (jgranado) - Make sure we don't exceed the 80 character threshold (jgranado) - Display an LVM graph on the bar view when we click on the VG's free space (jgranado) - Add a free row in the LVM tree view when necessary. (jgranado) - Reorganize the tree view related to lvm. (jgranado) - Remove unneeded variable (jgranado) * Mon Oct 05 2009 David Cantrell <> - 13.0-1 - Remove an errant popd. Probably cut/paste error. (jkeating) - Only add the .img file to .treeinfo if it exists. (jkeating) - Make the netboot dir before trying to use it (jkeating) - Only write network --netmask if one has been defined (#527083). (clumens) - Add --label to anaconda-ks.cfg if needed (#526223). (clumens) - Fix existing size calculation for NTFS (#520627) (dcantrell) - Write label to filesystem if we have one set (#526226, #526242) (dcantrell) - Add wget to the initrd, which is required for rhts. (clumens) - Fix the check for no /boot request on PPC yet again (#526843). (clumens) - Surround the stage2= parameter in quotes for RHEL (#526863). (clumens) - Correct makeupdates script to work with deleted files. (jgranado) - Stop dragging mkinitrd into the install (hdegoede) - Add --keyword=P_ to xgettext command arguments. (dcantrell) - Use named parameters for translatable strings with multiple params. (dcantrell) - Change 'support' to 'supported' in UnknownSwapError dialog (#526549) (dcantrell) - Force interface up before checking link status (#525071). (dcantrell) - Only ignore partitions <1MB that are freespace. (#526445) (dlehman) - Try to include error messages in lvm/mdadm exceptions. (dlehman) - Add the create LV option. (jgranado) - Give the proper orientation to the gtk objects. (jgranado) - Show the information message when user hits a non-bar element. (jgranado) - Control the sensitivity of the "delete" and "create" buttons (jgranado) - Respond to double click on a VG, LV and RAID device. (jgranado) - Remove the "Hide RAID/LVM" checkbox. (jgranado) - Display a message in the bar view when user has no selected items. (jgranado) - Cosmetic changes. (jgranado) - The StripeGraph class does not need tree nor editCB (jgranado) - Restrain from outputing any digits after the decimal point. (jgranado) - Add a slice when the extended partition contains "free space" (jgranado) - Reduce message size in clone screen. (jgranado) - Add Slice size to the bar view (jgranado) - Select the device in the treeview when its selected in the barview. (jgranado) - Make canvas a class method. (jgranado) - Incorporate all the Graph types in the custom screen. (jgranado) - Add the Volume Group and md RAID array Graph classes (jgranado) - Make the Bar View Code generic. (jgranado) - Pass the device instead of the name to the add funciton. (jgranado) - Display the device path with a smaller font and different color. (jgranado) - Display bar view for the selected device only. (jgranado) - Fix indentation in editCB (jgranado) - Organize the creation of the custom screen into sections. (jgranado) - Use a checkmark from a PNG image instead of a string. (jgranado) - Put the size after the device name in the storage tree. (jgranado) - Add the warning message for an invalid create. (jgranado) - Reorganize the Customization screen a little. (jgranado) - Remove unneeded functions & add the about messages for LVM and RAID. (jgranado) - Have an intermediary screen for the "Create" action. (jgranado) - New screen for "Create" action. (jgranado) - New function to tell us if there is free space for a new partition. (jgranado) - Edit LVM LV when user has a LV selected. (jgranado) - Don't fail to commit partitions due to active lvm/md. (dlehman) - Create and use DiskLabelCommitError for failure to commit. (dlehman) - Work around partition renumbering in processActions. (dlehman) - Re-get preexisting partitions using their original path. (dlehman) - Don't store a copy of ActionDestroyFormat's device attr. (dlehman) - Don't retry commiting partition table to disk (hdegoede) - Stop /lib/udev/rules.d/65-md-incremental.rules from messing with mdraid sets (hdegoede) - Don't try to do format handling on drives without media (#523467) (hdegoede) - Wait for mdraid arrays to become clean before reboot / halt (hdegoede) - Add repo --proxy= support to kickstart. (clumens) - Pass the proxy config information to stage2. (clumens) - Add support for proxies to the command line. (clumens) - Add proxy support to kickstart in the loader. (clumens) - Add a function to split up a proxy parameter into its parts. (clumens) - libcurl supports https in addition to http, so change our tests. (clumens) - getHostAndPath is only used by the nfs code, so move it. (clumens) - Add initial loader UI support for proxies (#125917, #484788, #499085). (clumens) - We no longer need our own FTP/HTTP protocol support code. (clumens) - Get rid of the convertURL/UI functions, make iurlinfo just store a string. (clumens) - Convert urlinstall.c to using the new urlinstTransfer function. (clumens) - Add proxy support to urlinstTransfer by setting more curl options. (clumens) - Add the urlinstTransfer function, which replaces urlinst*Transfer. (clumens) - Add a function to construct an array of HTTP headers and cache the result. (clumens) - Add a CURL instance to the loader data. (clumens) - Add checks for libcurl into the makefile process. (clumens) - Add the packages needed to support libcurl. (clumens) * Tue Sep 29 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.32-1 - Improve loader messages in parseCmdLineFlags when passing vnc (#526350). (maier) - Update po/anaconda.pot during a 'bumpver' run. (dcantrell) - Add 'make release' as a synonym for 'make archive'. (dcantrell) - Whitespace cleanup in loader/net.c. (dcantrell) - Clean up getHostandPath() debugging messages for host & file. (dcantrell) - Need an extra on the PS1 line in /.profile (dcantrell) - Korean font package name changed (#525597) (dcantrell) - We can't prompt for new network info in cmdline mode (#526262). (clumens) - yaboot supports /boot on ext4 (#526219). (clumens) - bootloader --append= should append, not set the args list (#524004). (clumens) - Don't check if /boot is under the 4MB mark on i/p Series (#526200). (clumens) - "minimal" has been renamed to "core" (#526191). (clumens) - Remove some unused isys methods. (clumens) - Make sure the disk holding /boot is setup before setting boot flag (#526063) (hdegoede) - Use temporary repo id for edited object to prevent Duplicate Repo error (#524599). (rvykydal) - Do not delete repo twice or when it had not been added actually (#524599). (rvykydal) - Disable repo before deleting it (#524599). (rvykydal) - Log more, repo editing UI. (rvykydal) - Make _enableRepo a little more readable. (rvykydal) * Fri Sep 25 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.31-1 - Move S390MODS to inside makeBootImages(), remove libiscsi_tcp. (dcantrell) - Require the latest and greatest python-meh. (clumens) - Add a stub enableNetwork method for cmdline mode (#525779). (clumens) - Adapt to python-meh passing a bug description around. (clumens) - Return None for next part type if all primary slots full. (#524859) (dlehman) - Make sure the Minimal group is selected by default on RHEL installs (#524561). (clumens) * Thu Sep 24 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 12.30-1 - Simplify s390x module list generation. (dcantrell) - Read cmsfs* commands from $IMGPATH/usr/sbin in mk-images (dcantrell) - Use correct kernel-bootwrapper on ppc64. (dcantrell) - Anaconda no longer requires hal. (notting) * Tue Sep 22 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.29-1 - Updated po/anaconda.pot (dcantrell) - Remove ui/ from po/ (dcantrell) * Tue Sep 22 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.28-1 - Preserve whitespace in $CDLABEL in mk-images.x86 (dcantrell) - Modify installclass for current RHEL development efforts. (dcantrell) - Add --brand switch support to buildinstall script. (dcantrell) - Remove the installation number screen. (clumens) - Remove kickstart-docs.txt, since it comes with pykickstart (#515168). (clumens) - ybin, mkofboot, and ofpath moved from /usr/sbin to /sbin (#524608). (clumens) - Honor ignoredisk --only-use. (#514353) (dlehman) - Make sure user-selected mountpoint is not already in use. (#524584) (dlehman) - Do not raise UI dialog in stage2 if network is set in ks (#487503). (rvykydal) - Use whiptail instead of dialog in rescue mode, supports serial line better and looks nicer (msivak) * Mon Sep 21 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.27-1 - Require at least system-config-keyboard 1.3.1 or higher. (dcantrell) - Fixes for rhel installclass. (dcantrell) - Start with all modules from kernel/drivers/s390 on s390x (#524566) (dcantrell) - Do not require dhcpv6-client, package is now obsolete. (dcantrell) - Take into account snapshots and mirrored volumes in lvm dialogs. (dlehman) - Add handling for snapshot and mirrored logical volumes to DeviceTree. (dlehman) - Add attrs to LVMLogicalVolumeDevice class for snapshots and mirrored lvs. (dlehman) - Add function lvorigin to determine the name of a snapshot's origin lv. (dlehman) - Add function udev_device_get_lv_attr to retrieve lv attribute strings. (dlehman) - Include hidden volumes and lv attributes in udev db. (dlehman) - Add 'install' user to start anaconda on s390x. (dcantrell) - Set a default shell prompt for s390x installs. (dcantrell) - Do not assume we found a module in addOption() in loader/modules.c (dcantrell) - Do not try to load floppy, edd, pcspkr, or iscsi_ibft on s390x. (dcantrell) - Handle Esc keypress in (some more) dialogs as Cancel - (#520110). (rvykydal) - All the nss libraries have moved from /lib to /usr/lib (#524410). (clumens) - Add python-nss as a requirement (#524307, #524313). (clumens) - Call $LDSO --verify for the binary file -inside- the chroot. This fixes building x86 boot images on a x86_64 host system. (thomas.jarosch) - Just grab everything in a /usr/share/fonts/lohit* directory (#523906). (clumens) - Don't write an empty mdadm.conf (hdegoede) - Write mdraid arrays to mdadm.conf in sorted order (hdegoede) - containers and their sets must only have a UUID= parameter in mdamd.conf (hdegoede) - Updated anaconda.pot file. (dcantrell) * Thu Sep 17 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.26-1 - NetworkManagerSystemSettings.service no longer exists. (jkeating) - udevsettle is no longer used (udevadm settle is called instead) so don't put it in images. (jkeating) - nm-system-settings is no longer shipped. (jkeating) - Port from PolicyKit to polkit (jkeating) - Keep po/anaconda.pot in the source tree (#522072) (dcantrell) - Do not show Unknown as filesystem type for free space. (dcantrell) - Catch failures from write(2) in utils/snarffont.c (dcantrell) - Don't leak fds (#520154) (jgranado) - Initialize the opts variable. (jgranado) - Add the help messages for the new options of makeupdates script. (jgranado) - Revert "The Madan font should no longer be used (apparently). (#523906)." (clumens) - Fix going back from hd install UI when stage2 is given as boot param (#519206). (rvykydal) - The Madan font should no longer be used (apparently). (#523906). (clumens) - Update the pykickstart requirement to reflect the escrow stuff. (clumens) - add requires for sparc arches on elftoaout and piggyback we need them to make the tftp image (dennis) - copy the sparc boot loader on all sparc arches (dennis) - make sure we include sparc boot loaders on all sparc arches (dennis) - make sure we get the sparc64 kernel on sparc (dennis) - Check whatever contains /boot on PPC as well as the bootable part (#523747). (clumens) - make a call to rpmutils to get the basearch works on all arches that dont have anaconda built on the basearch (dennis) - s-c-keyboard is now provided on all architectures (#523445). (clumens) * Tue Sep 15 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.25-1 - Use pyblock for device-mapper devices' status. (dlehman) - load_policy has moved from /usr/sbin to /sbin (#523506). (clumens) - Collect all modules from modules.{ccwmap|networking} on s390x (#522519) (dcantrell) - Copy cmsfscat from /usr/sbin, not /usr/bin. (dcantrell) - Remove duplicate search_cu() in linuxrc.s390 (dcantrell) - Try harder to stop mdraid arrays (hdegoede) - Log when we are skipping disks without media (hdegoede) - Don't scan stopped md devices (hdegoede) - Make udev_get_block_device() return None on failure (hdegoede) - Do not pass --update=super-minor to mdadm for containers and sets there in (hdegoede) - Write mdadm.conf lines for mdraid container formats (imsm) (hdegoede) - Really put appended kernel cmdline arguments at the end (hdegoede) - Install dracut-network when using network storage (hdegoede) - Make recreateInitrd() generate a dracut initrd (hdegoede) - Use type of device rather than name in booty target selection. (hdegoede) - write netroot=fcoe:... to kernel cmdline in grub.conf for dracut (hdegoede) - write ifname=eth#:MAC to kernel cmdline in grub.conf for dracut (hdegoede) - write iscsi initiator name to kernel cmdline in grub.conf for dracut (hdegoede) - Make iswmd the default (hdegoede) - Use new icons in anaconda so we don't look so dated (#515601). (clumens) - Prevent infinite loop in doClearPartitionedDevice. (dlehman) - Rename doDeleteDependentDevices to doClearPartitionedDevice for clarity. (dlehman) - Handle Esc keypress in dialogs as Cancel (#520110). (rvykydal) - Don't use baseurl containing space in yum repo object (#516042). (rvykydal) - Add escrow support (mitr) - Add python-{nss,volume_key} to stage2, volume_key to rescue (mitr) - Update for pykickstart with escrow support (mitr) - Fix --encrypted when creating volumes in kickstart (mitr) - Remove the "Remove dmraid Device" button, which isn't even hooked up. (clumens) - Require the right version of system-config-date (#523107). (clumens) - Fix setting of "Add repository" dialog title. (rvykydal) - Update state and name of repository in list after editing. (rvykydal) - Fix busy cursor in repo editing (#518529) (rvykydal) - Fix busy cursor stack popping when creating formats (#518529). (rvykydal) - Remove partitions in reverse order when clearing disks. (dlehman) - Improve the info provided to DeviceAction.__str__. (dlehman) - Include device id in log lines since partitions can get renumbered. (dlehman) - Don't try to preserve old format attrs when reinitializing pvs. (dlehman) - remove the no longer used initcb and initlabel DiskDevice.__init__ arguments (hdegoede) * Thu Sep 10 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 12.24-1 - dmidecode is in /usr/sbin, not /usr/bin. (clumens) - Add cmsfscat to the initrd on s390 as well (#522535). (clumens) - Fix the gawk/awk symlink mess in the initrd (#522535). (clumens) - No longer use /usr/bin/env (#521337). (clumens) - It's controlunits, not (clumens) - Get DMRaidArrayDevice's a DiskLabel format when they are added to the tree (hdegoede) - Fix askmethod + stage2= (#516973, #519288, #518194) (rvykydal) * Wed Sep 09 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.23-1 - initrd-generic.img -> initramfs.img (hdegoede) * Wed Sep 09 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.22-1 - No longer require xfsdump, since anaconda doesn't use it anywhere (#522180). (clumens) - The zonetab module has moved (#521986). (clumens) - No longer copy over the CD/DVD repodata or repo config file (#521358). (clumens) - language dracut kernel cmdline should be space seperated (#521113) (hdegoede) * Mon Sep 07 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.21-1 - Require python-meh (#521661) (dcantrell) - Handle UnknownSwapError when turning on existing swap volumes. (dcantrell) - Check for a valid interface in swapErrorDialog, exit without one. (dcantrell) - On SuspendError, allow users to skip/format/exit like OldSwapError. (dcantrell) - Raise exception if detected swap volumes are not Linux v1 swap space. (dcantrell) - Handle OldSwapError (#510817) (dcantrell) - Support a force=True argument on SwapSpace.create() (dcantrell) - Skip all Makefiles and the liveinst subdirectory in 'make updates' (dcantrell) - Make anaconda know its version number (#520061) (dcantrell) - Add top back to the stage2 image. (clumens) - Do not put device node path, but the fs UUID in fstab for mdraid: (#519337) (hdegoede) - Expose common fsset methods and properties in class Storage. (dcantrell) - Don't display the warning about not enough memory on a VNC install (#521109). (clumens) - The vtoc.h header has moved from the kernel to s390utils (karsten, * Wed Sep 02 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.20-1 - Rename mostlyclean-glade to mostlyclean-liveinst. (dcantrell) - Handle rootPath referencing a chroot value or actual path (#519665) (dcantrell) - We convert cmdline args to longs in several places, so reduce to a function. (clumens) - Support rootpath overrides in fsset.rootDevice (#519665) (dcantrell) - Pass anaconda.rootPath to FSSet() (dcantrell) - Include ui, liveinst, and lang-table strings in po updates (#515411) (dcantrell) - Add some silent make support for sed, mkctype, and other commands. (dcantrell) - Recheck if a partition should be ignored after getting its disk (#518971) (hdegoede) - Fix traceback when editing a pre-existing logical volume (hdegoede) - Do not traceback on an usb cardreader with no card present (hdegoede) - Don't identify multi lun usb card readers as multipath (#517603) (hdegoede) - Device class does not have a format member (hdegoede) - Device class does not have a path member (hdegoede) - Simplify to two basic settings, and a lot of support (#517569). (clumens) - clobber is a method of PartedDevice not PartedDisk (hdegoede) - Remove unused fsFromConfig method (hdegoede) - allocatePartitions: PartitionCount is a member of PartedDisk not DiskDevice (hdegoede) - New version. (clumens) - Fix storage/ non-keyword arg after keyword arg (hdegoede) - Remove a bunch of unnecessary semicolons (hdegoede) - pylint does not like ) - Fix 55:udev_resolve_devspec: Using possibly undefined loop variable 'dev' (hdegoede) - MDRaidArrayDevice.totalDevices is a read only property so don't write it (hdegoede) - storage/ Undefined variable 'udev' (hdegoede) * Tue Sep 01 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 12.19-1 - NetworkManager changed *again*, use libnm-glib.pc now. (dcantrell) - Save duplicates from /etc/fstab and don't traceback (#517498). (clumens) - Update fstab header to reference blkid instead of vol_id. (dlehman) - Sort fstab entries by mountpoint. (#498354) (dlehman) - Don't hardcode path to tune2fs. (dlehman) * Fri Aug 28 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.18-1 - Append s390x packages to PACKAGES list, exclude /sbin/qetharp-2.4 (dcantrell) - On kickstart installs, you can't select a different parttype (#519137, #520058). (clumens) - Don't try to create a primary partition if all slots are taken. (#519784) (dlehman) - Fix handling of locked preexisting LUKS devices. (#502310) (dlehman) - Fix up handling of preexisting partitions. (dlehman) - Pick up mountpoint set for protected partitions. (#498591) (dlehman) - Ignore partitions belonging to disks we've reinitialized. (dlehman) - Handle newly initialized disklabels whether via ks or prompt. (#519235) (dlehman) - Fix some indentation in the disklabel initialization block. (dlehman) - Use commitToDisk() instead of commit() when only changing flags (hdegoede) - Update PartitionDevice's partedPartition when the PartedDisks get reset (hdegoede) - Add --localscripts option to buildinstall. (dcantrell) - Add missing dependencies for linuxrc.s390 and lsznet in mk-images (dcantrell) - Re-enable login of root user in initrd.img (dcantrell) - Less log clutter with fixing symlink in instbin on s390x (dcantrell) - Fix typo in get_dso_deps() for searching /lib on s390x (dcantrell) - Add hfsplus and netconsole kernel modules (#519756, #519785). (clumens) - Adapt expandLangs to work with three character base lang names (#517770). (clumens) - Prevent resizes that would go past the end of the disk (#495520) (dcantrell) * Wed Aug 26 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 12.17-1 - dracut has initrd-generic-<version> instead of initrd-<version> (#519185) (hdegoede) - Do not try to commit disks changes to the os while partitions are in use (hdegoede) - disklabel.commit(): DeviceError -> DeviceFormatError (hdegoede) - A "partition" having no partedPartition shouldn't be a traceback (#519128). (clumens) - Add some debugging code so we know what's going on for #504986 (katzj) - Fix going back in "Inst. Method" and "Configure TCP/IP" screens in stage 1 (#515450) (rvykydal) - Fix going back from stage1 nfs/url setup dialog. (rvykydal) - When bringing up network in UI, update only ifcfg file of selected device (#507084). (rvykydal) - Update Optional packages button via popup menu too (#515912). (rvykydal) - Remove the firstadkit-plugin-grub from non-grub archs (msivak) - Use the path instead of the name for the questionInitialize function. (#517926) (jgranado) - Only add "rhgb quiet" to boot args for non-serial installs (#506508, - On rpm unpack errors, display a fatal error message (#452724). (clumens) - Use tee thread to ensure line buffered output to screen and log file at the same moment... (#506664) (msivak) - Ensure libraries are copied to initrd.img for xauth (#516369) (maier) - Import shutil for upgrades (#519011). (clumens) - Fix focus grabbing on both the password and hostname screens. (clumens) - x86 and EFI platforms can now have /boot on ext4. (clumens) - Use the Platform's idea of what filesystem /boot can be on. (clumens) - Restore the #! line (ajax) - Import _ped so it can be used for _ped.DiskLabelException. (pjones) - Make sure LV and VG names fit within LVM limits (#517483) (dcantrell) - Fix updates target to honor KEEP variable correctly. (dcantrell) - Add support for the reiserfs filesystem (#504401) (dcantrell) - Update instructions on how to generate source archive. (dcantrell) - Use disk.description instead of trying to access parted attrs. (#518212) (dlehman) - Fix disk.partedDisk -> disk.format.partedDisk. (dlehman) - Fix a stupid typo in the logging. (clumens) - If modifying a repo fails, do not delete it (#516053). (clumens) - If repo setup fails, also make sure to delete it from yum. (clumens) - Allow configuring additional NFS repositories, not just the base. (clumens) - Consolidate "base repo" setup into an extra function. (clumens) - Allocate memory for login and password and do not meddle with host pointer so we can correctly free it (#483818) (msivak) - Run make in silent mode by default. (jgranado) - Allow creation of an updates image from a tag offset. (jgranado) * Tue Aug 18 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.16-1 - correctly deactivate zFCP LUN on s390 (maier) - correctly activate zFCP LUN on s390 (maier) - prevent getting started up or shutdown again while already in such state (maier) - Remove unused reipl code in linuxrc.s390 (maier) - Fix copying of shutdown to initrd.img in mk-images for s390x (#517888) (maier) - 64 bit sparc linux does not define __sparc64__ we need to use "(defined(__sparc__) && defined(__arch64__))" fixes building 64 bit sparc (dennis) - make tftp images as small as possible. we have a 10mb hardware limitation on there size (dennis) - make sure we correctly make the sparc tftp image (dennis) - make sure we have glibc.sparcv9 installed in sparc installers not glibc.sparcv9v (dennis) - add the sparc screen font (dennis) - add the files for sparc boot config setup to define IS_SPARC (dennis) - add mk-images.sparc script (dennis) - add support for making sparc images (dennis) - sparc no longer needs and special keyboard handling. it uses the standard api's interfaces (dennis) - setup termcap for sparc (dennis) - Close %packages with a %end (#518063) (katzj) - Call udev_settle from DiskLabel.commit to ensure it happens. (dlehman) - Fix traceback in text mode upgrade. (#505435) (dlehman) - Don't traceback if Delete button is hit when no device is selected. (dlehman) - Clean up management of extended partitions we create. (#497293) (dlehman) - Don't use StorageDevice for partitions w/ biosraid formatting. (#504002) (dlehman) - Don't try to get the size of fstypes w/ no infofsProg defined. (dlehman) - Change all disklabel manipulations to use the DiskLabel format class. (dlehman) - Create a DiskLabel format class for partition tables. (dlehman) - Add support for specifying a tag to makeupdates. (dlehman) - Include changed files from the top level in the updates. (dlehman) - If asked, put the system SN (as given by dmidecode) into an HTTP header. (clumens) - Add dmidecode to the initrd. (clumens) - Add the kssendsn parameter and corresponding flag. (clumens) - Don't keep testing if we're doing URL_METHOD_HTTP. (clumens) - Later pyparted will define DEVICE_DM, so change the test to use it. (clumens) - Use the new GTK Tooltip API (#517389). (clumens) - Fix a typo in a kickstart error string (#517760). (clumens) - Be sure we have a sorted list of mountpoints for live mangling (#504986) (katzj) - Fix askmethod to work with stage= being specified (#516973) (katzj) - Fix ordering on device list returned from identifyMultipaths() (pjones) - Fix typo in mpath support. (pjones) * Wed Aug 12 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.15-1 - Make sure we have the ca cert to handle https repo connections. (517171) (jkeating) * Wed Aug 12 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.14-1 - Correctly inform the user once about obsolete parm/conf file options on s390 (maier) - Handle activation of DASDs in linuxrc.s390 since loader no longer works (maier) - make IPv4 configuration in linuxrc.s390 compatible with NM in loader (maier) - suggest disabled X11-forwarding for ssh login in linuxrc.s390 (maier) - Fix an erroneous "!" in the test for doKill, and make reboot explicit. (pjones) * Mon Aug 10 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.13-1 - Fix syntax error in identifyMultipaths() (dcantrell) * Mon Aug 10 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.12-1 - Honor network config boot params for CD-booted ks installs (#433214) (dcantrell) - Include ipcalc command in all initrd.img files, not just s390 (#516084) (dcantrell) - Don't to unmount /mnt/source unless something's mounted there (#516304). (clumens) - Honor nodmraid commandline option (#499733) (hdegoede) - Don't try to multipath CD devices. (#516362) (pjones) - booty: Do not strip the trailing p from a devicename like mapper/isw_Vol0_tmp (hdegoede) - booty: isw_Vol0_Stripe is not a disk isw_Vol0_Stri with an e part (#505205) (hdegoede) * Fri Aug 07 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 12.11-1 - upd-instroot: Inspect gtkrc for cursor theme (ajax) - Support NFS repos in kickstart (#495620, #507093). (clumens) - upd-instroot: xorg-x11-auth -> xorg-x11-xauth (ajax) - Check to see if the arch string starts with ppc64. (#516144) (jgranado) - vtActivate doesn't work on some ppc64 machines, so don't traceback (#516206). (clumens) - Make all sysfs path's be _without_ /sys prefix (#516168) (hdegoede) - Do not go interactive if timezone in ks is not valid (#473647) (rvykydal) - Fix going back from "NFS Setup" screen in stage 1 (#507064) (rvykydal) * Thu Aug 06 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.10-1 - Add missing 'i' in loader/loader.c for non-s390 arches. (dcantrell) * Thu Aug 06 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.9-1 - Avoid finding the word 'engine' in comments. (jkeating) - Don't try to get dso deps of statically linked files. (jkeating) - Call shutDown() correctly for s390 (karsten) - Remove unused variable from loader/loader.c (karsten) - Delete unpackaged files on non-livearches. (karsten) - Do not set parted.PARTITION_BOOTABLE on s390. (root) - Complete udev setup in linuxrc.s390 for automatic module loading (root) - Recognize mpath devices when we see them. (pjones) - Make DiskDevice.partedDisk a property. (pjones) - Make questionInitializeDisk() somewhat less ugly. (pjones) - Add a description to DiskDevice, and use it in the UI. (pjones) - Get rid of Device.description, it is unused. (pjones) - Close the opened file descriptors when necessary. (#499854) (jgranado) - Add the glade files to the install image so save-to-bugzilla works (#515444). (clumens) - New system-config-keyboard has a different version then I expected (hdegoede) * Wed Aug 05 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 12.8-1 - Don't try to unmount the CD before we later unmount the CD (#515564). (clumens) - Do not offer going back when ugrade root for ks upgrade is not found (#499321) (rvykydal) - Rebuild .pot file and update translations. (clumens) - Import the logging stuff (#515564). (clumens) - Add keyboard kernel cmdline options to grub.conf for dracut (hdegoede) - Fix backtrace in network.dracutSetupString in the static ip case (hdegoede) - Write dracut i18n cmdline options to grub.conf (hdegoede) - Pass InstalltData to booty __init__ as it needs access to many of its members (hdegoede) - Fix ctrl-alt-deleter behavior /before/ end of install. (pjones) - Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// (notting) - No longer use HAL in list-harddrives. (clumens) - The names of a couple basic udev methods has changed. (clumens) - Move basic udev methods out of the storage module (#514592). (clumens) - We do not actually require gtkhtml2 or the python bindings for it. (notting) - Fix some typos in rescue mode (#515091) (msivak) - Add a dracutSetupString method to (hdegoede) - Fix backtrace due to iscsi.getNode() not finding the iscsi node (hdegoede) - Use dracutSetupString() method to add the kernel parameters needed for dracut (hdegoede) - Add a dracutSetupString method to classes (hdegoede) - Differentiate between ibft discovered and manually added iscsi disks (hdegoede) - Store iscsi node pointer in iScsiDiskDevice objects (hdegoede) - When checking logical partition dependcies, make sure the are one the same disk (hdegoede) - Only set iscsi nodes to autostart when none of the LUN's contain / (hdegoede) - Add functions to go from an iScsiDiskDevice to an libiscsi node (hdegoede) * Fri Jul 31 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 12.7-1 - Fix up udev sillies (related to #514501) (katzj) - Log when we unmount filesystems so we have a match for mount messages. (clumens) - Let's not exit from buildinstall.functions, say, ever (katzj) - Rework shutDown() to better accomidate "nokill" better. (pjones) - Make upgradeany boot option work again (#513227) (rvykydal) - Update when upgrading (#513393) (rvykydal) - Catch None devs (katzj) * Wed Jul 29 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 12.6-1 - Fix CDLABEL substitution in syslinux.cfg for x86 boot.iso (katzj) - And finish off the removal of rhpl (katzj) - Use keyboard bits from system-config-keyboard now (katzj) - Use python-meh instead of our own exception handling now (clumens) - NM no longer exposes information through HAL (#514501). (clumens) - Put mkdir into /sbin on the initrd, too. (clumens) - Make sure is installed to initrd on s390 (dcantrell) - Remove ChangeLog (#512502) (dcantrell) - Add s390utils-cmsfs in upd-instroot for s390 (dcantrell) - Make sure s390 gets /lib/ (dcantrell) - Skip writeDisabledNetInfo() when loader starts on s390 (dcantrell) - Fix part --onpart= to print the device name instead of the __str__. (clumens) - Just pull in all python modules for stage2 (katzj) - Trim PACKAGES list in upd-instroot. (dcantrell) - Update linuxrc.s390 and friends to reflect review comments. (maier) - Log non-upgradable upgrade candidate roots. (rvykydal) - unmountFilesystems -> umountFilesystems (#510970). (clumens) - Disable devel repos on release (#503798) (katzj) - Work around problems with live installs and dpi other than 96 (#506512) (katzj) - Fix obvious typo in font name (katzj) * Wed Jul 22 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.5-1 - New build because koji hates me. * Wed Jul 22 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.4-1 - Add scripts/makeupdates to generate updates.img files. (dcantrell) - Add python-decorator to the stage2 image for pyparted (#513175). (clumens) - Set stage2= on x86 boot.iso (katzj) - Try to auto-find the CD even if stage2= is specified (katzj) - Make sure we have a device before check if it's protected. (#510033) (dlehman) - Remove unresolvable file devices from the devicetree. (#503830) (dlehman) - Support multiple fstab entries of a single nodev fstype. (#505969) (dlehman) - Refer to nodev devices as "none", not "nodev". (dlehman) - Change DeviceTree.devices from a dict to a list. (dlehman) - Show locked LUKS devices as "Encrypted (LUKS)", not "LUKS". (dlehman) - Allow creation of four primary partitions on a disk. (#505269) (dlehman) - Add a bunch more stuff to the initrd needed for networking. (clumens) - Add more things to /sbin on the initrd that udev requires. (clumens) - Add dmesg to the images. (clumens) * Mon Jul 20 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.3-1 - Set GECOS field for new user accounts specific in ks files (dcantrell) - Show MAC address of network device in text mode too. (rvykydal) - Fix selection of alternative iface in UI after fail (#507084). (rvykydal) - Stop the cdrom device before ejecting (#505067) (msivak) - Add hipersockets to NETTYPE description (bhinson, #511962). (clumens) - Don't show formatting progress bar after mkfs has exited. (eric_kerin) - Run firstaidkit-qs script instead of the shell (shows rescue menu) (#508512) Add dialog package required for firstaidkit Create /etc/fstab in ramdisk to make mount commands easier (#440327) (msivak) - When ignoring partitions make sure lvm also ignores them (hdegoede) - 70-anaconda.rules: pass --ignorelockingfailure to lvm invocation (hdegoede) - Call mdadm -I with --no-degraded for all disks but the last (hdegoede) - There is no /bin on the initrd so sleep needs to go into /sbin. (clumens) - Add deviceNameToDiskByPath(). (dcantrell) - Display drive model and size in MB in partitioning UI (#460697) (dcantrell) - Lots of small grammar and wording changes. (pjones) - Edit user-visible dialogs for style. (pjones) - Get rid of sloppy elipses usage. (pjones) - Don't write optical devices to /etc/fstab (#505697). (clumens) - error messages of zFCP on s390: log or pass to the UI (maier) - correctly delete a SCSI device provided by a zFCP LUN on s390 (maier) - All other teardown methods take a "recursive" argument (#506166). (clumens) - Clean yum caches following preupgrade, too (#503096). (clumens) * Thu Jul 09 2009 David Cantrell <> - 12.2-1 - mdmon added to install.img (Jacek.Danecki) - Remove some unnecessary code. (clumens) - Use a method yum provides, rather than inventing our own. (clumens) - Remove _catchallCategory. yum handles this for us now. (clumens) - Write out NM_CONTROLLED=no for NICs used for FCoE (hdegoede) - Add support for biosraid using mdadm (hdegoede) - Reverse: "Support for MD containers" (hdegoede) - When all udev_is-foo() checks fail return instead of backtracing (hdegoede) - 70-anaconda.rules: always import blkid output (hdegoede) - Make sure to have "self" as an argument. (clumens) - Add kickstart fcoe command (hdegoede) - Use the yum preconf object to do $releasever substitution. (clumens) - Indicate LV status according to lv_attr active bit (#491754) (dcantrell) - Include lv_attr in lvm.lvs() return value. (dcantrell) - Fix list of 64-bit arches. (notting) - We also need -DUSESELINUX if we want to call matchPathContext. (clumens) - Clean up some arch code. (notting) - Update /etc/hosts with hostname for loopback IP address (#506384) (rvykydal) - Add missing LAYER2 and PORTNO handling for s390x. (dcantrell) - Ignore when generating updates.img (dcantrell) - AC_ARG_WITH -> AC_ARG_ENABLE (dcantrell) - dhclient now reads config files from /etc/dhcp (dcantrell) - no "rhgb quiet" on s390 to enable visible boot progress and system automation (#509881) (maier) - fix backtrace in s390 reipl support due to missing (#509877) (maier) - Put sleep in /bin on the initrd (#505639). (clumens) - Also include the grep programs. (clumens) - Add programs from vim-minimal, coreutils, and util-linux-ng. (clumens) - Move programs that aren't s390-specific into the main image. (clumens) - Look for /bin/sh, not /sbin/busybox. (clumens) - No longer symlink binaries to busybox. (clumens) - No longer require busybox. (clumens) * Mon Jul 06 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 12.1-1 - Include the rest of the libs isys needs to link against (#509572). (clumens) - Add FCoE disks to the devicetree with a type of FcoeDiskDevice (hdegoede) - Add FcoeDiskDevice class to storage/ (hdegoede) - Add FCoE support to storage/ (hdegoede) - Write out configuration of FCoE to installed system (hdegoede) - Initial FCoE support (hdegoede) * Thu Jul 02 2009 Chris Lumens <> - 12.0-1 - network --bootproto no longer implies DHCP. (clumens) - Don't unconditionally skip the network config screen in kickstart. (clumens) - Allow creating new groups through kickstart. (clumens) - Set focus on hostname entry in network UI screen (#494135) (rvykydal) - Fix upgrade selected in UI after storage reset (#503302) (rvykydal) - Add support for specifying upgrade partition in ks (#471232) (rvykydal) - Add missing liveinst/* files. (dcantrell) - Update code that checks for devices that contain install media. (dlehman) - Rework tracking of devices containing installation media. (#497087) (dlehman) - Add function storage.udev.udev_resolve_devspec. (dlehman) - Prevent false positives in devtree's device lookup methods. (dlehman) - Skip exceptionDisks if exn originated in devtree.populate. (#497240) (dlehman) - Stop using rhpl.arch in writeRpmPlatform() (katzj) - Move simpleconfig (back) into anaconda from rhpl (katzj) - Use iutil arch specifiers rather than rhpl (katzj) - Remove unused rhpl imports (katzj) - Switch to using iutil.isS390 instead of rhpl.getArch (katzj) - Stop using rhpl.translate (katzj) - Default to /boot on ext4 (katzj) - Allow /boot on ext4 now that we have a grub that allows it (katzj) - Make sure the library directory is always set (notting) - Write out "MAILADDR root" into mdadm.conf (#508321) (rvykydal) - Do not install grub more times than needed. (rvykydal) - Ensure we set the SELinux context correctly on symlinks (#505054) (katzj) - udev dropped vol_id (#506360) (katzj) - Handle installing multilib into the installer intramfs correctly. (notting) - Set LIBDIR appropriately on PPC64. (notting) - Fix grub upgrade (#505966) (rvykydal) - Include yum.log in anacdump.txt too. (rvykydal) - Access format options property instead of mountopts attr. (#506219) (dlehman) - Be more careful about identifying NFS fstab entries. (dlehman) - Don't add leading directory for files twice. (#503830) (dlehman) - booty changes for iswmd (Jacek.Danecki) - Support for MD containers. (Jacek.Danecki) - New iswmd parameter for kernel cmdline (Jacek.Danecki) - New udev rule for using mdadm for isw_raid_member (Jacek.Danecki) - Use isohybrid to make boot.iso a hybrid image (katzj) - Log yum messages. (rvykydal) - Tell booty to rescan for bootable drivers when an extra disks get added (hdegoede) - Do not encourage VNC when doing kickstart text installs (#506534) (dcantrell) - Rename bootstrap to (dcantrell) - Include the contents of /proc/cmdline in exception reports (katzj) - Include libwrap library for sshd and telnet in s390 installs (jgranado) - Enforcing matching rootfs type on LVs as well as for partitions (#504743) (katzj) - Remove problem packages before attempting a re-download (#501887). (clumens) - Be more explicit about what's lacking on EFI systems (#501341). (clumens) - If not enough memory is installed, enforce swap partition creation (#498742). (clumens) - Convert to using automake/autoconf. (dcantrell) - Convert po/ subdirectory to GNU gettext template system. (dcantrell) - Restructure liveinst/ for the new build system. (dcantrell) - Add m4/ subdirectory with autoconf macros. (dcantrell) - Removed py-compile script. (dcantrell) - Rename anaconda.spec to (dcantrell) - Ignore autoconf and automake files in the tree. (dcantrell) - Removed toplevel Makefile and (dcantrell) - Show MAC address of network device in combo box (#504216) (dcantrell) - Remove loader/tr/.cvsignore (dcantrell) - Increase max NIC identification duration to 5 minutes (#473747). (dcantrell) - Use /sbin/ipcalc for IP address validation (#460579) (dcantrell) - Fix an obvious traceback when doing part --ondisk= (#504687). (clumens) - Catch errors from bootloader installation (#502210). (clumens) - Remove umask temporarily so device permissions are correct (#383531, wmealing). - Remove the name check on driver disk packages (#472951). (clumens) - Make the installation key text more descriptive (#474375). (clumens) - Fix discovery of existing raid/lvm for ks install without clearpart (#503310, #503681) (rvykydal) - Use the F12 version of the bootloader command. (clumens) - It's /sbin/fsadm, not /sbin/e2fsadm (#504043). (clumens) - Remove the bootloader --lba32 option. (clumens) - Use gettext.ldngettext when necessary (#467603) (dcantrell) - Test NM_CONTROLLED setting correctly in (#502466) (dcantrell) - Show unknown partitions as "Unknown" in partition editor. (dcantrell) - Add a type hint on popup windows (rstrode). (clumens) - Use the F12 version of the driverdisk command. (clumens) - Remove driverdisk --type, since mount can figure that out. (clumens) - Fix an error when editing an unreachable repo (#503454). (clumens) - If /etc/rpm/platform is found, move it out of the way. (clumens) - We no longer write out /etc/rpm/platform, so don't offer to upgrade it. (clumens) - Remove locals containing "passphrase" or "password" from exns (#503442). (clumens) - Make progress bars modal (#493263, #498553, rstrode). (clumens) - Make sure to import os.path if we are going to use it. (jgranado) - ipcalc is copied to /usr/lib. (jgranado) - Limit the trigger to block type devices. (jgranado) - We need ipcalc for new s390 installation script. (jgranado) - Fix off-by-one errors in read. (notting) - sysconfig file changed names for system-config-firewall (katzj) - Don't write out firewall settings if they already exist (#502479) (katzj) - Make sure that the devices are correctly detected (#491700) (jgranado) - Make the save-to-bugzilla dupe detection smarter. (clumens) - If network --device=MAC is given, translate to device name (#185522). (clumens) - Add a function to convert MAC addresses to device names. (clumens) - Move /boot checks from sanityCheck into Platform.checkBootRequest. (clumens) - Return translated strings from checkBootRequest. (clumens) - Check that /boot is on a Mac disk label for PPC installs (#497745). (clumens) - Call checkBootRequest from sanityCheck. (clumens) - Put some space in that big scary warning. (clumens) - fond -> found (clumens) - Use powers of two in swapSuggestion (#463885). (clumens) - Trim "mapper/" off device names in the bootloader UI (#501057). (clumens) - Make the weak password dialog comply with the HIG (#487435). (clumens) - Add a newline to a cmdline mode string (#497575). (clumens) * Tue Jun 02 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Do not show disabled repos such as rawhide during the install (#503798). (jkeating) * Sun May 31 2009 David Lehman <> - - Pass --force to lvresize so it doesn't ask for confirmation. (dlehman) - Fix a typo in action sorting for resize actions (fs vs. device). (#501000) (dlehman) - Sending translation for French (mrtom) * Thu May 28 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Create and use unique ids for Device instances. (#500808) (dlehman) - Adjust remaining PartitionDevices' names after removing a partition. (dlehman) * Tue May 26 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Ensure matching rootfs type to live type with autopart (#501876) (katzj) * Tue May 26 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix blank network device descriptions in the loader. (#501757) (notting) - Make sure the right _isMigratable gets used for Ext3FS (#501585). (clumens) * Tue May 19 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - We are not guaranteed to have a partedDisk in the udev code (#501556, - The location of the options wiki page has changed. (clumens) - Disable BETANAG. (clumens) - Install a en_US.UTF-8 locale in the first stage image. (notting) - Reset font when changing language. (notting) - Set locale to en_US.UTF-8 when initializing the console. (notting) * Mon May 18 2009 David Cantrell <> - - LVMVolumeGroupDevice stores pesize in MB, kickstart expects it in KB. (dlehman) - Don't schedule a format resize if reformat scheduled. (#500991) (dlehman) - Deactivate md arrays regardless of state if the device is present. (#496441) (dlehman) - Lame hack to make sure --size= is never 0 (#500905). (clumens) - Don't filter out partitions that haven't been allocated (#500932). (clumens) - Write out PE size as an integer, since that's what anaconda wants (#501049). (clumens) - Set clearPartType to None on preupgrade too (#499321). (clumens) - Fix indentation of line to remove cancelled actions from the list. (#500932) (dlehman) - Consider active-idle state of md device as accepatable status of device (#497407) (rvykydal) - Fix detection of cciss disks (#499408) (dchapman) - Get existing fs size for xfs. (dcantrell) - Get existing fs size for ntfs. (dcantrell) - Get existing fs size for jfs. (dcantrell) - Get existing fs size for ext2, ext3, and ext4. (dcantrell) - Compute existing filesystem size using fs info utility. (dcantrell) - Do not allow users to migrate ext4 to ext4. (dcantrell) - Correct handling of formats on encrypted preexisting LVs. (#499828) (dlehman) - Ignore unrecognized device-mapper devices we find. (#499967) (dlehman) - loader: Mount /tmp as tmpfs not ramfs so we can swap it out (ajax) - format.mountpoint -> lvd.mountpoint (#500913). (clumens) - Treat the loop labels as devices without a label.(#493219) (jgranado) - Add the partition table partition after initializing (#498602). (clumens) * Wed May 13 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Add a Mac OS boot line to yaboot.conf (#499964). (clumens) - Catch IOError when enabling repos (#500439). (clumens) - Use a newer version of the kickstart Partition command. (clumens) - Fix a traceback when installing over previous installs on PPC (#499963). (clumens) - Fix a typo when probing exception disks. (clumens) - Add support for --noformat too. (clumens) - Add support for --onpart, --ondrive, and --useexisting. (clumens) - Make the storage.writeKS method useful and called from instdata (#493703). (clumens) - Add writeKS methods to the device objects. (clumens) - Add writeKS methods to all the format objects. (clumens) - upd-instroot: Add gdbserver (ajax) - Remove text-mode syslinux help (katzj) - If clearPartType is None, don't attempt to clear a device (#499321). (clumens) - Only set clearpart data if the command was provided in the kickstart file. (clumens) - Override previously defined mountpoints in kickstart (#499746). (clumens) - Yet another font package name has changed (#499322). (clumens) - Set new mountpoint correctly for existing encrypted LVs. (#496363) (dlehman) - Once a partition is part of another device it cannot be modified. (#496760) (dlehman) - Maintain request sort order by using req_disks instead of parents. (dlehman) - Do not set a parent on the /mnt/sysimage/dev bind mount object (#499724). (clumens) - Skip .pyc files in subdirectories when running make updates. (clumens) - Remove 'lowres' option. (ajax) - Run tune2fs on newly formatted ext[34] filesystems. (#495476) (dlehman) * Thu May 07 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Don't clear the first partition on any disk with a Mac disk label (#492154). (clumens) - Add detailedMessageWindow to the cmdline class (#499700). (clumens) - Don't traceback when a freespace partition is present (#499662). (clumens) - Do nomodeset when doing xdriver=vesa (ajax) - Fix calculation of smallest PV's size in the lvm dialog. (#493753) (dlehman) - Fix KeyError when partition numbers change during allocation. (#497911) (dlehman) - Update EFI CD booting code in mk-images (pjones) * Wed May 06 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Use storage objects throughout the partition editing UI code (#491806, - Verify filesystems after the live resize (katzj) - Verify with fsck after resizing filesystems (katzj) - IBM improvements to linuxrc.s390 (#475350) (dcantrell) - Write out correct hostname during LiveCD installs (#492515) (dcantrell) - Enter in hostname entry field advances to next screen (#494135) (dcantrell) - Check if we'll clear a partition after setting its format attr. (#499251) (dlehman) - Don't pass the default clearPartType value to the device tree. (dlehman) - Fix some logic errors in storage.partitioning.shouldClear. (dlehman) - Forward port various iscsi fixes from 5.4 iscsi work (hdegoede) - Avoid writing out NAME= in ifcfg files (#497485) (dcantrell) - Retry network configuration in loader (#492009) (dcantrell) - Make sure /boot ends up on the same disk as Apple Bootstrap (#497390). (clumens) - Handle that the default bootloader entry can sometimes be None (#496618). (clumens) - The PS3 bootloader allows booting from ext4 filesystems (#498539). (clumens) - Support LVM PE sizes > 128MB (#497733) (cristian.ciupitu) - Set ANACONDAVERSION on most livecd installs. (clumens) - getDependentDevices is in devicetree, not storage (#499144). (clumens) * Mon May 04 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Collect network interfaces from NetworkManager (#493995) (dcantrell) - Handle fstab entries whose filesystem we don't recognize.(#498120) (dlehman) - Add an error signifying an unrecognized entry in /etc/fstab. (dlehman) - Don't drop discovered format with unknown devices when parsing fstab. (dlehman) - Fix display of paths for device-mapper device in bootloader widget. (dlehman) - Don't call udevDeviceFormat if we're just going to clear the device (#497323). (clumens) - Pass clearPartType to the devicetree as well. (clumens) - Break the complex should-clear logic out of clearPartitions. (clumens) - Handle clearpart in the early kickstart pass too. (clumens) - Correct setting the SELinux context on mountpoints (#494995). (clumens) - make resetFileContext return the context set (wwoods) - Allow editing of the hdiso source partition so it can be mounted (#498591). (clumens) - Add a ignoreProtected= parameter to deviceImmutable that does the obvious. (clumens) - Be more aggressive unmounting before install starts (#498260) (katzj) - Add %{?dist} to the release number in the spec file. (dcantrell) - Configure network in kickstartNetworkUp() iff NM is not connected (#490518) (dcantrell) - Don't segfault with "ks someotherparam" (#498307). (clumens) - Fix the arch upgrade check in, too (#498280). (clumens) - Move _resetRpmDb into iutil so we can access it everywhere. (clumens) - Don't mount bind mounts last, that makes /dev break. (pjones) - Pass anaconda to storage.FSSet.turnOnSwap. (dlehman) - Ignore spurious formatting on partitioned devices. (dlehman) - Revert "DeviceError only returns a message, not (message, device) tuple (#496343)." (dlehman) - Fix action sorting for partitions on the same disk. (#498064) (dlehman) - Fix traceback in second editing of existing raid dev (#497234). (rvykydal) - Allow existing LVs with filesystems to be resized (#490913) (dcantrell) - Rate limit pulse() calls to ProgressWindow. (pjones) - Don't populate flags.cmdline with "True" values when no = is used. (pjones) - Add "nomodeset" to the list of command line arguments copied to grub.conf (pjones) - Use device.format.mountType insead of device.format.type for fstab. (pjones) - Initialize x86 class variables before efiBootloaderInfo.__init__() (pjones) - Fix a segfault on nfs+kickstart (pjones) - Fix an error when raising FormatCreateException. (clumens) - Add more windows to the rescue interface class (#498014). (clumens) - Remove requirement for EFI machines to be x86, since IA64 is too (#497934). (clumens) - Fix the kernel package selection on ppc64 machines (#497264). (clumens) - Include fsck.ext4 and mkfs.ext4 in the images (#497996). (clumens) - Properly restore SIGCHLD if X startup fails (wwoods) - Fix kickstart PV references handling for lvm on raid (#497352). (rvykydal) * Fri Apr 24 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix handling of swap files. (#496529) (dlehman) - Pass anaconda to turnOnSwap so we can use swap files. (dlehman) - Fix incorrect attribute name use for retrofit flag. (dlehman) - Use slightly better checks when testing for 0 size (#493656, #497186, - If the LV has no child, don't attempt to grab its format (#497239). (clumens) - Apply the global passphrase when doing kickstart autopart (#497533). (clumens) - Add support for encryption passphrase retrofits. (dlehman) - Bring luks_add_key and luks_remove_key back into devicelibs.crypto. (dlehman) - Don't let lvremove failures from incomplete vgs crash the install. (#497401) (dlehman) - Allow setting a mountpoint w/o formatting an encrypted partition. (#495417) (dlehman) - Remove encryption from preexisting device if "Encrypt" is deactivated. (dlehman) - Fix indentation of preexisting partition handling block. (dlehman) - The device passed to the luks passphrase dialogs is a string. (#492123) (dlehman) - Protect against tracebacks from the partition isFoo properties. (dlehman) - Fix handling of bind mounts. (#496406) (dlehman) - Add more filesystem checks. (clumens) - Support vfat filesystems in the partitioning UI (#496351). (clumens) - Remove devices in leaves first order (#496630) (hdegoede) - Don't remove an inconsistent lvm partition from the devicetree (#496638) (hdegoede) - Move isEfi to be a property on Platform instead of on X86 (#497394). (clumens) - Support --encrypted --useexisting on kickstart installs (#497147). (clumens) - When making a RAID device, require that some members be selected (#491932). (clumens) - When catching an OSError, handle it as an object instead of a tuple (#497374). (clumens) - Enforce the fstype that holds /boot on kickstart installs (#497238). (clumens) - Fix ps3 platform support (#497203) (katzj) - Clean up rpmdb locks at the end of the install (#496961) (katzj) - Don't allow /boot to be on an encrypted device (#496866). (clumens) - Use the correct unmount method (#496764). (clumens) * Tue Apr 21 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Fix adding of fifth partition in UI (#496930). (rvykydal) - Define the fd variable before it can ever be referenced (#496930). (clumens) - Fix preservation of format attrs for preexisting luks partitions. (dlehman) - Set md member devices' uuids after creating an array. (dlehman) - Don't try to get size for nodev and bind filesystems. (dlehman) - Include the device path in DeviceError exceptions. (dlehman) - Mdadm's incremental mode ignores the auto option, so don't use it. (dlehman) - Use incremental mode for all md member addition during probing. (dlehman) - Try to name existing md arrays based on their preferred minor. (dlehman) - Reimplement mdexamine using a more easily parseable output format. (dlehman) - Fix position of "--run" option to mdadm assemble. (dlehman) - Handle passphrase prompts without a traceback in cmdline mode. (#492123) (dlehman) - Fix another device vs. string problem in EFI bootloader config (#496669). (clumens) - Add the device's name to mdadm.conf (#496390). (clumens) - Show normal cursor during passphrase entry (#496534) (msivak) - Fix traceback in cmdline mode after exception handling cleanup (#496644) (katzj) - DeviceError only returns a message, not (message, device) tuple (#496343). (clumens) * Fri Apr 17 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Clean up argument list after changing from rhpl to iutil for execWithRedirect (jkeating) - Fix NameError traceback setting up bootloader in EFI installs (wwoods) - No longer force ISOs to be on ext2, ext3, or vfat partitions. (clumens) - Sending translation for German (ckpinguin) - Split text mode exn saving into multiple screren (#469380). (clumens) - Copy /tmp/program.log to /mnt/sysimage/var/log/. (clumens) - Fix member preselection in raid UI. (rvykydal) - Fix editing of raid device (persistence of level choice) (#496159) (rvykydal) - Fix ks --useexisting and --noformat options of logvol and volgroup (rvykydal) - Make sure inconsistencies dont screw us up. (jgranado) - Re-implement the inconsistency functionality. (jgranado) - Allow the use of "-" in the lvm names. (495329) (jgranado) - Make sure we "insist" on mdadm commands. (491729) (jgranado) - [PATCH] Possible fix for some encryption related bugs during the Custom Layout editation (#495848) (msivak) * Thu Apr 16 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Touch /.autorelabel when running under rescue mode (#491747). (clumens) - Add support for fingerprint-based logins (#481273). (clumens) - Add a "File Bug" button to the catch-all partitioning exception handler. (clumens) - Remove the early catch-all exception handler (#495933). (clumens) - Implement the save to USB using devicetree devices. (jgranado) - Use size instead of currentSize when comparing lv sizes (hdegoede) - Make sure all pv's of an lv's vg are setup before resizing an lv (hdegoede) - Do not try to teardown a non existing format (hdegoede) - Center the bootloader configuration dialog (#495802). (clumens) - Destroy (potential) stale metadata when creating a new partition (hdegoede) - use partition req_base_size instead of size in partitionCompare() (hdegoede) - Fix changing size of newly created partitions (hdegoede) - Don't traceback on invalid filesystem detection (#495156) (dcantrell) - Check to see if formatcb is None. (jgranado) - Use the PV name when logging error messages. (jgranado) - Don't set up the device to obtain minSize anymore. (dlehman) - Improve estimate of md arrays' size. (dlehman) - Determine minimum size for filesystems once, from constructor. (dlehman) - Fix estimate of LUKS header size for newly encrypted devices. (#493575) (dlehman) - Fix two syntax problems with generated mdadm.conf entries. (#495552) (dlehman) - Default to AES-XTS cipher mode with 512 bit key for new LUKS devices. (dlehman) - When going back from a failed shrink, reset the device action set. (clumens) - If we can't communicate while logging in to bugzilla, error (#492470). (clumens) - Make save to usb work. (jgranado) - We don't always have a formatcb either (#495665). (clumens) - The entry is named lvsizeentry now. (jgranado) * Mon Apr 13 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Default to SHA512 password encoding algorithm. (dcantrell) - Handle format combo box not existing (#495288) (dcantrell) * Mon Apr 13 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Run programs with LC_ALL=C in case we're parsing output (#492549). (clumens) - A volume group device has a "peSize" attribute (not "pesize"). (dlehman) - Remove uncommitted new lv from dict on cancel. (dlehman) - Use the correct value when setting new extent size. (#493753) (dlehman) - Fix image generation so all ELF binaries have their deps included (#495231). (clumens) - Clean up the code in editLogicalVolume function. (jgranado) - Setup the disks before partitioning as the nodes are needed. (jgranado) - Rescan the devices when we are saving a traceback. (jgranado) - Close file descriptors when an error occurs. (jgranado) - Aesthetic changes to "editLogicalVolume" function. (jgranado) - When deallocating a partition also set its disk attribute to None (hdegoede) - Check self.partedPartition not being None before using it (#495077) (hdegoede) - growPartitions: Change op_func (back to) add when an iteration succeeds (hdegoede) - partedPartition can be None while growing partitions (#495076) (hdegoede) * Thu Apr 09 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix display of format type for devices. (dlehman) - Fix handling of priority option from swap fstab entries. (#494992) (dlehman) - Some fs types cannot be passed to programs (#495061, #493075). (clumens) - When a new module is loaded, update the kernel_filesystems list. (clumens) - Add more Indic fonts (#494261, pnemade). - Remove the message saying you can make your own layout (#495015). (clumens) - Put e100 (and other) firmware in its own directory if needed (#494778). (clumens) - Run /bin/umount instead of calling umount(2) in _isys.umount (#493333) (dcantrell) - Add doPwUmount() and mountCommandWrapper() to isys (#493333) (dcantrell) - Preserve symlinks and only collect deps on ELF executables. (dcantrell) - Use $(ARCHIVE_TAG) throughout the updates target. (dcantrell) - partedUtils doesn't exist anymore (katzj) - Revert "Show the header in certain non-lowres cases" (#493153) (katzj) - Pre-existing partitions names may change (#494833) (hdegoede) - Use getDeviceNodeName() instead of basename of device node. (hdegoede) - Fix ks raid --useexisting and --noformat (rvykydal) - Fix processing of --level and --device options of ks raid commands. (rvykydal) - Don't start pdb immediately in debug mode (katzj) - Fix EDD BIOS disk order detection in general and make it work with dmraid (hdegoede) - Update extended partition geometry when we change it (hdegoede) * Tue Apr 07 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Make sure we have a clean lvm ignore list when we initialize. (jgranado) - We need to search by name without the "mapper" prefix. (jgranado) - Create a min_max constraint to avoid alignments issues. (jgranado) - Don't exit the installer from filesystem errors. (dlehman) - Try not to raise exceptions from minSize calculators. (dlehman) - Don't traceback when PVs are encrypted or are not partitions. (dlehman) - Adjust device dependencies when backing out device encryption. (#493257) (dlehman) - Include filesystem type in mount log message. (dlehman) - Load filesystem modules on demand (#490795, #494108). (clumens) - Use existing partitions when --onpart is used for PVs or raid members (#493065) (rvykydal) - Raise message, not exception when size set in LV dialog is too big. (rvykydal) - Raise an error when remofing an extended part with logical parts. (jgranado) - Esthetic changes to storage/ (jgranado) - is no longer being used by anything, so remove it. (clumens) - Remove (clumens) - This is the only place isEfiSystemPartition is used, so pull it in. (clumens) - getReleaseString now lives in the storage module. (clumens) - Stop lying about our support for dmraid and multipath in kickstart. (clumens) - Remove some old, unused code that also uses biosGeometry. (clumens) - For very small disks, don't try to display a stripe in the graph (#480484). (clumens) - Fix reading the console= parameter from the cmdline (#490731). (clumens) - For dmraid partititons device node name != name (hdegoede) - When a partition request gets unallocated, set the name back to req# (hdegoede) - Do not use getPartitionByPath() in allocatePartitions() (hdegoede) - Remove no longer used iscsi_get_node_record function (hdegoede) - Try to handle devices which live in a subdir of /dev properly (hdegoede) - Split DeviceTree.addUdevDevice into several smaller methods. (dlehman) - Don't traceback from failure finding minimum fs size. (#494070) (dlehman) - udev_settle after format teardown to avoid EBUSY on device teardown. (#492670) (dlehman) - Add a parted.Device attribute to all existing StorageDevices. (dlehman) - If no partitioning commands are given, apply the UI selections (#490880). (clumens) - Update font package names for ml_IN, si_LK, etc. (#493792, #493794). (clumens) - Fix a typo in the city name for Nepali (#493803). (clumens) - Fix writing out the partition= line on PPC (#492732). (clumens) - Do not check size when adding LV to growing VG (bug #492264) (rvykydal) * Thu Apr 02 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Don't let device names affect action order in general case. (dlehman) - Round up when aligning to pesize for space used. (#493656) (dlehman) - Improve handling for various nodev filesystems in fstab. (#493685, - Present the correct max lv size in the dialog. (dlehman) - Use the head of the current branch, not master, for scratch archives. (dlehman) - Make a top level StorageError that all others are based on. (dlehman) - Remove unused PRePDevice class. (dlehman) - Make the disk model an attribute of DiskDevice. (dlehman) - Handle format actions in cancelAction() (dcantrell) - Fix format check box for pre-existing partitions (#491675) (dcantrell) - Remove temporary directory used in _getExistingSize() (dcantrell) - Activate storage before looking up the hdiso source drive (#491781). (clumens) - Remove isys.getDeviceByToken since it is no longer used. (clumens) - Don't allow the rootfs on live installs to not match (#493206, #492727) (katzj) - Create setup and teardown functs for dmraid devs. (jgranado) - put xfs back where it belongs (sandeen) - Fix up the other caller of unmountCD to pass in a device (#493537). (clumens) * Wed Apr 01 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Prevent sensitive information in kickstart files from ending up in tracebacks. (clumens) - It's 2009, let's ignore floppy drives now (#493338, #493377). (clumens) - Remove DmRaidArrayDevice level attribute (#493293) (hdegoede) - get_containing_device takes two arguments (#493266). (clumens) - Fix the check for if there's enough space available on / and /usr (#492614). (clumens) - Fix testing if a PPC partition is bootable (#492726). (clumens) - Look for a PReP "partition" by examining the format, not the flags (#492426). (clumens) - Fix a few more pylint warnings and errors in storage/* (hdegoede) - Fix some pylint warnings in iw/*.py (hdegoede) - Don't start our audit daemon with the livecd installer (katzj) - If there's a problem finding removable disks, disable save-to-disk. (clumens) - Move %pre processing to much earlier in the install process. (clumens) - If there are no installs to rescue via kickstart, display an error. (clumens) - Add an early kickstart processing pass. (clumens) - Fixes of errors shown by pylint that didn't get into the beta build. (mgracik) - Adjust the dmraid ignoring logic. (jgranado) - Reference the format by type, not name.(#492596) (jgranado) - Sending translation for Chinese (Simplified) (leahliu) - Increase udev_settle timeout in udev_get_block_devices. (#492049) (dlehman) - Fix check for fully defined md array when raidlevel is 0. (#491796) (dlehman) - Fix a typo ('isEFI' should be 'isEfi'). (dlehman) - Make sure the pvs are set up before doing lvremove or vgremove. (dlehman) - Don't write out md member devices to a config file for assemble. (dlehman) - Fix the supported property of filesystems and prepboot format. (dlehman) - Return early from doAutoPartition if partition allocation fails. (dlehman) - Reset storage instance if autopart fails. (#492158) (dlehman) - Assign weights to partition requests when doing manual or kickstart installs. (clumens) - Refresh windows immediately to make sure they appear. (clumens) - Fix problem with format and migrate combo box activation. (dcantrell) - Fix typo in (dcantrell) - Move _scheduleLVs and growLVM calls to be inside try/except (dcantrell) - Correct bounds checking problems in 'Shrink current system' (dcantrell) - Require libselinux-python (#489107) (dcantrell) - Do not prompt for NIC selection in cmdline mode (#492586) (dcantrell) - Do not write /etc/hosts since setup owns that now (#491808) (dcantrell) - Remove unused self._resize variable. (dcantrell) - Having 2 raidsets in the same group of devs is possible. (jgranado) - getDevice returns a string. Use that to look up the device object (#492465). (clumens) - Take into account i386->i586 when warning on upgrade arch mismatch. (clumens) - Remove unused getVG{Free,Used}Space methods. (clumens) - We can no longer display Russian correctly in text mode (#491394). (clumens) - Clean up the reinitialize LVM warning message (#491888). (clumens) - Update translation files (#484784). (clumens) - Include the storage directory when building the .po files. (clumens) - Merge commit 'origin/anaconda-storage-branch' (clumens) - Keep VG size property non-negative (rvykydal) - Grow LVs for kickstart requests too (rvykydal) - Handle not finding the upgrade root gracefully. (jgranado) - Use to report that we could not eject cd. (jgranado) - Fix ppoll() timeout=infinity usage in auditd (#484721). (pjones) - Use correct parse method for the upgrade command (#471232) (wwoods) - Rename /etc/modprobe.d/anaconda to /etc/modprobe.d/anaconda.conf (clumens) - Handle FTP servers that both want and don't want PASS after USER (#490350). (clumens) - Only select the Core group in text mode (#488754). (clumens) - Add created user to default group created for the user. (rvykydal) * Wed Mar 25 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix pylint errors in iw/*.py (hdegoede) - Rework CryptTab.parse (dlehman). - Code fixes of errors shown by pylint (mgracik). - Don't underflow on the busy cursor stack. (clumens) - "vg" is not valide inside this if. (jgranado) - Device is sometimes None. (jgranado) - Fix typo. (#492042) (dlehman) * Tue Mar 24 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Start with a basic /etc/hosts file (#491634) (dcantrell) - Do not flag every existing partition for resize (#491803) (dcantrell) - Remove unused noformatCB() function. (dcantrell) - Remove unnecessary istruefalse() function. (dcantrell) - Build new for updates.img if needed. (dcantrell) - Get the UUID of each md array we create. (#491796) (dlehman) - Call udev_settle after committing changes to a disk (#491529) (hdegoede) - Be a little bit smarter about allocating space to grow parts. (#491761) (dlehman) - Check that partition is on the disk before trying to remove it. (#491997) (dlehman) - Work around a bug in mdadm incremental assembly. (dlehman) - Use the same units (MB) for extent size that we do for everything else. (dlehman) - Put line breaks in between crypttab entries. (#491938) (dlehman) - Register the NoDevFS class. (clumens) - fslabels -> labels. (clumens) - NFSDevice does not take exists= as a parameter. (clumens) - Override _setDevice and _getDevice in NFS. (clumens) - Move resolveDevice into the DeviceTree class. (clumens) - Move most of the parseFSTab logic into its own function. (clumens) - We don't even use partedUtils in this module. (clumens) - PReP formats can never be active. (#491865) (dlehman) - Move protectedPartition setup into storageInitialize (#491781). (clumens) - Use the mount and unmount methods on OpticalDevice.format now. (clumens) - Add a format for ISO9660 filesystems. (clumens) - getDeviceByName does not expect the CD device to start with "/dev/" (#491768). (clumens) - Write the same arch to .discinfo as iutil.getArch() gives us (#490977). (clumens) - Don't remove partitions twice. (jgranado) * Mon Mar 23 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Add EFI, Apple Bootstrap, and PPC PReP Boot formats. (dlehman) - Remove all implicit calls to self.format.destroy from Device classes. (dlehman) - Pop the busy cursor when we're done with the wait window (#491736). (clumens) - If the new size and old size are the same, treat as a no-op (#491496). (clumens) - Let mountFilesystems handling bind mounting /dev (#490772). (clumens) - Not all FileDevices have parents, so don't assume. (clumens) - Bind mount formats are mountable. (clumens) - If a filesystem is already mounted, don't raise an error. (clumens) - Fix a typo calling the superclass's constructor. (clumens) - Add a fake device for bind mounting /dev. (clumens) - If there was an exception leading to the urlgrabber error, log it. (clumens) - Fix the import of checkbootloader (#491574). (clumens) - Add a missing import (#491605). (clumens) * Fri Mar 20 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Fix traceback in FSSet.crypttab. (#491160) (dlehman) - Fix traceback on upgrade. (#491446) (dlehman) - Do not include .h and .sh files in updates.img (dcantrell) - Make PartitionDevice resize work. (dcantrell) - Reset mouse pointer if we find an unreadable disk. (dcantrell) - Use label attr instead of non-existent fslabel attr. (#491120) (dlehman) - Need to notify the kernel of changes before udev settle (katzj) - Revert "mount and umount commands are in /sbin now, remove from /usr/sbin" (dcantrell) - Make some fixes to the rescue mode system selection UI (#489973, #489977). (clumens) - Fix text mode autopartitioning (#491282). (clumens) - Do not use _rnetdev as fstab option for network based / (hdegoede) - Make root= line in grub.conf and path spec in fstab consistent (hdegoede) - Fix a reference to the partitions list (#491335). (clumens) - Do not traceback at the very beginning of rescue mode (msivak) - Fix traceback when editing encrypted mdraid device in UI. (rvykydal) * Thu Mar 19 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Catch FSError when detecting storage, prevent user from continuing. (dcantrell) - If we have no error string, place None in the tuple. (dcantrell) - Move OUTPUT_TERMINAL definition to isys.h (dcantrell) - mount and umount commands are in /sbin now, remove from /usr/sbin (dcantrell) - Avoid SIGSEGV in doPwMount() when NULL is last parameter (#491192) (dcantrell) - Attempt disk commits 5 times before raising an exception. (dcantrell) - Add boot partition size limit properties and size validation method. (dlehman) - Make sure boot flag gets set. (#491170) (dlehman) - Make bootable a property of PartitionDevice. (dlehman) - After setting up our random UUID, inform the storage layer (katzj) - Handle system crappyness. (jgranado) - Fix up checking for live image backing (katzj) - Let's not remove our mountpoints (katzj) - Fix writing the default= line in grub.conf (#490756). (clumens) - Revert "Fix pruning of destroy actions for preexisting devices." (dlehman) - Add more blacklisting (katzj) - Blacklist the live image backing device (katzj) - Move blockdev blacklisting to be a function (katzj) - Inhibit devkit-disks during a live install (katzj) - try to unmount everything from /media on live installs (katzj) - Fix live installs to not traceback (katzj) - Fix New partition in UI (rvykydal) * Thu Mar 19 2009 David Lehman <> - - Rework the lvm dialog. (#490301,#490966,#490681,#489870) (dlehman) - Improve chances of uniqueness from Storage.createSuggestedLVName. (dlehman) - Fix pruning of destroy actions for preexisting devices. (dlehman) - Devices should not be resizable unless they exist. (dlehman) - Try to activate an existing md array after adding each member. (dlehman) - Indicate filesystem is mountable if we have a mount command. (dcantrell) - Mount existing filesystems read-only when getting size. (dcantrell) - Fix some errors in the updates target. (dcantrell) - Place all mount.* commands in /sbin (dcantrell) - Fix error message reading and writing in doPwMount() (dcantrell) - Use booleans in isys.mount() and isys.umount() (dcantrell) - Add a FIXME comment for setting uuid in VG / LV create (hdegoede) - Do not traceback when writing anaconda.ks with iscsi with auth info. (hdegoede) - Do not write LV uuid to grub.conf, but the filesystem uuid (hdegoede) - If a mountpoint depends on a network disk at _netdev to its fstab options (hdegoede) - Do not hang when creating raid array with member having filesystem detected (#490891) (rvykydal) - Destroy and create luks child of raid array too when editing in UI. (rvykydal) - Editing non-existent raid device by destroying and creating actions (rvykydal) - actionDestroyFormat call takes device, not format (rvykydal) - Fix getChildren call in partition UI (rvykydal) - Fix removing of devices with the same name from tree when adding create action. (rvykydal) - Do not duplicate requested minor number in edit raid UI list. (rvykydal) - Offer available partitions when editing non-preexisting raid request. (rvykydal) - Don't try to fit the whole StorageDevice.__str__ output into the UI (#490406). (clumens) - Make PartitionDevice handle both normal and dmraid partitions (hdegoede) - Stop overriding __init__ in DMRaidPartitionDevice (hdegoede) - Set format UUID after creating a format (hdegoede) - Fix result of updateSysfsPath to be consistent with initial sysfsPath values (hdegoede) - Use getDevicesByInstance() for storage.partitions (hdegoede) - We no longer use iscsiadm anywhere (hdegoede) * Tue Mar 17 2009 Jesse Keating <> - - Typo fix. (clumens) - Make platform.checkBootRequest work better and not use diskset anymore. (clumens) - Fix a traceback when looking for PS3 boot partitions (#490738). (clumens) - FormatArgs -> FormatOptions (#490737). (clumens) - Fix ppoll() timeout=infinity usage in auditd (#484721). (pjones) - Simplify kernel package selection. (clumens) - Look at CPU flags instead of /proc/iomem to determine PAE-ness (#484941). (clumens) - Tell NM not to touch interfaces when / is on a network disk (hdegoede) - Get iscsi going with the new storage code (hdegoede) - Use minihal instead of isys.hardDriveDict in list-harddrives (#488122). (clumens) - storage.disks never includes disks without media present. (clumens) - Changed the getDevicebyLabel() to getDeviceByLabel() in (mgracik) * Mon Mar 16 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Don't use disk.maximizePartition anymore. (dlehman) - Only schedule implicit format destruction if there is formatting to destroy. (dlehman) - Reset encryptionPassphrase when we reset the rest of storage. (dlehman) - Do not create a LUKSDevice if we do not have a way to map the device. (dlehman) - Fix handling of new extended partitions during partition allocation. (dlehman) - Fix bug in dependency list for partitions. (dlehman) - Fix inconsistency in variable use in search for free space. (dlehman) - Check for disk name being in not in clearPartDisks (dcantrell) - Create a Makefile target to generate updates.img automatically. (dcantrell) - When creating free space, handle cases other than clearpart --drives= (clumens) - Ignore loop and ram devices (hdegoede) - devicetree: fix slave addition of incomplete dm / md devices (hdegoede) - Catch LVMErrors too when tearing down devices (hdegoede) - Install udev rules in /lib/udev/rules.d instead of in runtime dir (hdegoede) - Ignore disk devices with missing media (#488800). (clumens) - Use correct parse method for the upgrade command (#471232) (wwoods) - Fix creation of fs options for preexisting encrypted devices. (dlehman) - Fix lots of buggy behavior in the partition dialog. (dlehman) - Handle FTP servers that both want and don't want PASS after USER (#490350). (clumens) - Fixed the names of the variables for functions. (mgracik) - editPartitionRequest -> editPartition in iw/ (#490384). (clumens) - clampPVSize -> clampSize in (#490295). (clumens) - Fix the obvious and stupid typo (#490296). (clumens) - isys.umount removes mount directory by default (rvykydal) - Fix tempfile.mkdtemp call. (rvykydal) - Initialize attribute _mountpoint before using it (rvykydal) - has _ignoredDisks instead of ignoredDisks. (jgranado) - Create separate resize actions for formats and devices. (dcantrell) - Use os.statvfs() to get existing filesystem size. (dcantrell) - Add resizeArgs for Ext2FS and fix it for BtrFS. (dcantrell) - Report when we cannot find any free space partitions. (dcantrell) - Improve resizeDialog text. (dcantrell) - Raise FSResizeError if filesystem cannot be resized. (dcantrell) - Handle resizing when setting targetSize for PartitionDevice (dcantrell) - Let users set the size property of StorageDevices. (dcantrell) - Add support for kickstart's '--initlabel' option to clearpart. (dlehman) - Fix display of LV format type for encrypted LVs. (dlehman) - Make paths somewhat flexible so we'll work in normal environments. (dlehman) * Fri Mar 13 2009 David Lehman <> - - Fix supportable attribute for cmdline-enabled fstypes. (dlehman) - Access private attribute for luks dict. (dlehman) - Schedule format create for newly encrypted preexisting partition. (dlehman) - Don't traceback if vg.teardown fails in recursive teardown. (dlehman) - Schedule format create action for newly encrypted preexisting LV. (dlehman) - Make sure we return something other than None for new requests. (dlehman) - Add __str__ methods to Device objects. (clumens) - Add mediaPresent and eject to the OpticalDevice class. (clumens) - Use the right import path for checkbootloader (#490049). (clumens) - Rename /etc/modprobe.d/anaconda to /etc/modprobe.d/anaconda.conf (clumens) - Don't clear partitions containing the install media. (dlehman) - Wait til everyone knows the format/fs is no longer active. (dlehman) - Save a copy of the device stack so we can destroy the format. (#489975) (dlehman) - Add a deep copy method to Device since we can't just use copy.deepcopy. (dlehman) - Fix infinite loops in partition screen populate. (#490051) (dlehman) - Default to a name based on the uuid for existing luks mappings. (dlehman) - Use the correct keyword for luks map names ('name', not 'mapName'). (dlehman) - Fix getting of number of total devices of sw raid. (rvykydal) - Only select the Core group in text mode (#488754). (clumens) - Added test case for devicelib (mgracik) - Add created user to default group created for the user. (rvykydal) - Fix editing of existing logical volume. (rvykydal) - Add a list that lvm should ignore. (jgranado) * Thu Mar 12 2009 David Lehman <> - - Don't create a PartitionDevice for devices that do not exist (#489122). (clumens) - A getter doesn't usually take a parameter (#489965). (clumens) - Do not write "Running..." to stdout, as that could be tty1. (clumens) - Call storage.exceptionDisks, not diskset.exceptionDisks. (#489615) (dlehman) - Fix typo. (jgranado) - Fix typo. (dlehman) - Add udev rules for handling for mdraid arrays. (dlehman) - Honor the zerombr kickstart directive. (dlehman) - currentSize is expected to be a float, so convert it to one (#489882). (clumens) - It's clearPartDisks, not clearPartDrives. (clumens) - Get rid of the mappings and ksID as well. (clumens) - Make sure the device has a diskType before attempting to check what it is. (clumens) - Update the volgroup command to work with the new storage code. (clumens) - Update the raid command to work with the new storage code. (clumens) - Update the part command to work with the new storage code. (clumens) - Update the logvol command to work with the new storage code. (clumens) - addPartRequest is no longer needed. (clumens) - Don't set default partitioning in every kickstart case. (clumens) - Clear partitions before scheduling requests. (clumens) - Always go through doAutoPart. (clumens) - Format modules import fix (mgracik) - Fixed the format modules import (mgracik) - Allow overriding the anaconda udev rules from an updates.img (hdegoede) - If a pv somehow does not contain a vg_name, do not try to get other vg info (hdegoede) * Wed Mar 11 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Fix a few bugs in the lvm dialog. (#489022) (dlehman) - Modify to work with new storage backend. (dlehman) - Be explicit about resetting Disks' partedDisk attribute. (#489678) (dlehman) - Deactivate devices after we've finished scanning them. (dlehman) - Handle the case of removing an unallocated partition from the tree. (dlehman) - Try again to set up LVs when we've just added a new PV to the VG. (dlehman) - Set partition flags in format create/destroy execute methods. (dlehman) - Make sure we use the newly committed parted.Partition after create. (dlehman) - Make device teardown methods more resilient. (dlehman) - Initialize storage in rescue mode so we can find roots (#488984). (clumens) - We also need to pack up the extra args tuple, too. (clumens) - doLoggingSetup keeps growing new arguments, so put them into a dict (#489709). (clumens) - Fix anaconda udev rules to not require pre-existing device nodes (hdegoede) - Hook up 'Shrink current system' dialog to new storage code. (dcantrell) - Fix _getCheckArgs() in class FS. (dcantrell) * Tue Mar 10 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Fix action pruning to handle more complex scenarios. (dlehman) - Schedule destruction of any existing formatting along with the device. (dlehman) - Add a size attribute to mdraid arrays. (dlehman) - Speed up partitioning screen redraws by trimming workload where possible. (dlehman) - Create partitions with exactly the geometry we calculate. (dlehman) - Fix name collision between formats.mdraid and devicelibs.mdraid. (dlehman) - Destruction of the member device formatting will be handled elsewhere. (dlehman) - Fix a typo (jkeating) - Fix pruning between two destroy actions on the same device (rvykydal) - Use the pyblock functions when possible. (jgranado) - We are searching a list, not a dict now (rvykydal) * Mon Mar 09 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Move the recursive teardown of all devices out of processActions. (dlehman) - Clean up handling of /proc, /sys, /dev/pts, /dev/shm entries. (dlehman) - Fix several minor bugs preventing upgrade/rescue mount. (#488946) (dlehman) - Only populate the device tree on demand. (dlehman) - Prune actions by device based on path, not object-id. (dlehman) - Rewrite action sort so it works correctly. (dlehman) - Do a separate disk.commit for each partition add/remove. (dlehman) - Fix bug keeping track of best free region/type/disk info. (dlehman) - Return early if doAutoPart is False, but clearpart first if kickstart. (dlehman) - Recognize PS3 as a valid machine type (#489263). (clumens) - Move the mdRaidBootArches logic into the platform module. (clumens) - stdout and stderr may also need to be created. (clumens) - Fix booty for dmraid (hdegoede) - It's self.origrequest, not self.origreqest (#489036). (clumens) - Added unittest; Updated devicelibs tests and (mgracik) - Start storage before parsing the kickstart file. (clumens) - Make sure autopart without any clearpart command will fail. (clumens) - Update storage flag on ks autopart (rvykydal) - Use correct storage attribute for ks clearpart (rvykydal) - Catch the new _ped.DiskLabelException for unrecognized disklabels. (dlehman) - Catch all failures from making parted objects in exceptionDisks. (dlehman) - various dmraid fixes. (jgranado) - Implement the format disk question as a callback. (jgranado) - Add dmraid functionality to new storage code. (jgranado) - Do not pass None values into nonmandatory arguments, you are screwing the default values.. (msivak) * Thu Mar 05 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Schedule device destroy actions for partitions last. (dlehman) - Pass storage.disks, not storage, to createAllowed.... (#488860) (dlehman) - Nodev filesystems always exist. And the device is arbitrary. (dlehman) - Include proc, &c filesystems in fstab and FSSet.{mount/umount}Filesystems. (dlehman) - Remove FSSet.writeFSTab. That job is handled elsewhere. (dlehman) - Add properties to FSSet to provide the nodev entries. (dlehman) - Fix incomplete format in Storage.deviceImmutable. (dlehman) - Make sure we use the same disk the free space is on. (#488807) (dlehman) - Prevent clobbering of name 'mdraid' by qualifying it. (dlehman) - Handle unformatted disks and cdroms in Storage.exceptionDisks. (dlehman) - Add resizeArgs property for resizable filesystems. (dcantrell) - Fill out class NTFS a bit more. (dcantrell) - Add fsckProg property to class FS. (dcantrell) - Ext2FS.migratable(self) -> Ext2FS.migratable (dcantrell) - Fix StorageDevice.minSize() and PartitionDevice.maxSize() (dcantrell) - Center resize window on the screen. (dcantrell) - Do not raise DeviceError if not bootable device is found. (dcantrell) - Do an even more thorough job of ignoring disks libparted doesn't like. (clumens) - Fix a couple problems on the "Change device" bootloader dialog. (clumens) - Fix a typo when writing out the mdadm config file. (clumens) - Remove all uses of isys.cdromList, which no longer exists. (clumens) - Check to see if we're on S390 on the congrats screen (#488747). (clumens) - Handle non-fatal errors more gracefully in addUdevDevice. (dlehman) - partRequests no longer exists, so don't try to import it (#488743). (clumens) - When building the exceptionDisks list, skip devices libparted doesn't like. (clumens) - Iterate over devicetree.devices.values, not devicetree. (dlehman) - Add a get() method to Flags, since it pretends to be a dictionary. (clumens) - Stop with the fsset usage. (dlehman) - Format message string after translation not before (msivak) - We need newer python-cryptsetup because of the default values for cipher and keysize for luskFormat (msivak) - If a drive is not initialized, offer reinitialization or ignoring the drive to the user (msivak) - More syntax errors / traceback fixes (hdegoede) - Fix syntax errors (rvykydal) - Implement Storage.sanityCheck, mostly from old partitions code. (dlehman) * Thu Mar 05 2009 Dave Lehman <> - - Fix booty's desire to import fsset. - Fix attempt to set read-only attr "removable" in DiskDevice.__init__ * Thu Mar 05 2009 Peter Jones <> - - Add EFI boot.iso generation. * Wed Mar 04 2009 Dave Lehman <> - - Storage test day. * Fri Feb 20 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Remove old content from utils/ (dcantrell) - Ensure is always a list (#485622) (dcantrell) - Pick up pyblock if it exists in block/ on an updates.img. (dcantrell) - Don't check for a swapfs on things that aren't partitions (#485977). (clumens) - Perform ext3->ext4 filesystem migration if ext4migrate is given (#484330). (clumens) - Translate i?86 into i386 as a base arch. (jkeating) - Teach upd-instroot about i586 arch, for sake of glibc.i586/openssl.i586 (jkeating) - Fix the obvious typo. (clumens) - filer.login raises an exception with it can't login, not returns None (#486454). (clumens) - Take into account that a parted.Partition's _fileSystem can be None (#485644). (clumens) * Thu Feb 19 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Updated Romanian translation (alexxed) - Remove the qla2xxx line from mk-images again (wwoods). - Fix broken shell syntax from 3bdcd64d2 (jkeating) - The VLGothic-fonts package has changed name and location (#486080). (clumens) * Tue Feb 17 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Building for i586 only now in Fedora. (dcantrell) * Tue Feb 17 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Fix indentation on upd-instroot (kanarip) - Fix the indentation in mk-images (kanarip) - Remove unused iface_netmask2prefix() function. (dcantrell) - A parted.Disk has no attribute named "dev". It's named "device" (#486007). (clumens) - Use brandpkgname for the efi art too (katzj) - Let's use the product string for a brandpackage name. (kanarip) - Fix indentation in mk-images.efi (kanarip) - Fix indentation in buildinstall script (kanarip) - It's, not part.is_active(). (clumens) - File the basic traceback as the first comment instead of a generic message. (clumens) - Encode our upgrade policy in productMatches/versionMatches and enforce it. (clumens) - If we'd show package selection on kickstart installs, also show tasksel. (clumens) * Fri Feb 13 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix build errors in the new net.c code. (clumens) * Fri Feb 13 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Require pyparted >= 2.0.0 (dcantrell) - Update to use the new pyparted. (dcantrell, clumens) - Replace non UTF-8 char for hiding password chars with UTF-8 (#485218) (hdegoede) - Use a better test for when we're in text mode (#484881). (clumens) - Add iBFT support to loader (msivak) - Hardlink the initrd.img since we're linking the vmlinuz as well. (jkeating) - Check if is a link already, before removing it (dcantrell) * Wed Feb 11 2009 Hans de Goede <> - - Revert broken German translation fixes so that we will build again - Sync up module list (#484984) (katzj) * Wed Feb 11 2009 Hans de Goede <> - - Rewrite iscsi support using libiscsi (hdegoede) * Mon Feb 09 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Fix gptsync/lib.c for gcc strict aliasing rules. (dcantrell) - Fix gcc warning for gptsync memset() usage. (dcantrell) * Mon Feb 09 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Rewrite mdio_read() in linkdetect.c for strict aliasing rules. (dcantrell) * Mon Feb 09 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Check that required kickstart commands are present early on (#483048). (clumens) - Simplify the text mode interface. (clumens) - Fix truncated translation string for livecd installs (#484430). (clumens) - Calcutta -> Kolkata (#484638). (clumens) - Fix to find zonetab module (hdegoede) - Strip invalid characters from automatically made VG/LV names (#483571). (clumens) - Fix systemtime setting during installation (#6175, #461526). (rvykydal) - Workaround MMC block devs showing up not as disks from hal (#481431) (katzj) - Add some new false positives to pychecker false positives filtering (hdegoede) - Make kickstart timezone value check consistent with system-config-date (#483094) (rvykydal) - Make ext4 default in UI filesystem selection (bug #481112) (rvykydal) - Redirect iscsiadm's stderr away from the console. (clumens) - Pay attention to the stderr parameter to execWithCapture. (clumens) - For python2.6, our showwarnings function must take a line= parameter. (clumens) - If ext4dev is seen in the /etc/fstab, treat it as ext4 instead (#474484). (clumens) - Make sure to call _getConfig from our YumSorter subclass. (clumens) - Set proper text mode font for Greeks (#470589) (msivak) - Lots of translation updates. * Thu Jan 29 2009 David Cantrell <> - - If ks=nfs:... is given, don't try to find the file via boot options (#480210). (clumens) - Fix cdrom install on machines with no network devices (wwoods) - updated fuzzy strings (jsingh) - Use modinfo to find out what firmware we need in initrd (wwoods) - Use the preconf object for yum configuration now (jantill). (clumens) - Updated Dutch translation adn only 1 -fuzzy- string left (zuma) - Add a boot target for the xdriver=vesa parameter and document it. (clumens) - repo.proxy is now a property, so check before setting it (#481342). (clumens) * Wed Jan 21 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Fix a logic problem with network file write outs. (480769) (jkeating) - Only run selectBestKernel, selectBootloader, etc. for new installs. (wwoods) * Mon Jan 19 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - btrfs install support (sandeen) - Default / to be ext4 (katzj) - Allow live installs to use ext4 as root and make the error message clearer (katzj) - Add support for Maithili and Nepali (#473209). (clumens) * Fri Jan 16 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - Cracklib moved locations, account for this in our keepfiles. (jkeating) - Look in the right path for kernel module lists. (jkeating) - Fix more problems in expandModuleSet, based on a patch from markmc (#480307). (clumens) - Allow ext4 without magic argument (keep a flag for migrate) (katzj) - Fix pulling in network modules (katzj) - Support mounting NTFS filesystems (#430084) (katzj) - dejavu fonts changed package names, pick up new names. (jkeating) - TightVNC is now the default VNC server in Fedora (#480308). (clumens) - Only skip (over)writing netconfig if we have an actual instPath (jkeating) - The sets module is deprecated, so no longer use it. (clumens) * Wed Jan 14 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Fix D-Bus usage in get_connection in loader (jkeating) * Wed Jan 14 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - How to get raw pages from the wiki has changed again. (clumens) - Make sure the 'anaconda' file gets the right detected type (alsadi, - Include the missing import. (clumens) * Thu Jan 08 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Collect DSO deps for NetworkManager plugins. (dcantrell) * Thu Jan 08 2009 Chris Lumens <> - - NetworkManager system settings plugins were renamed, change mk-images. (dcantrell) - Add a message to install.log when package installation is done (#476953). (clumens) - Add support for specifying which partition to upgrade (atodorov, #471232). (clumens) - pykickstart has a new version of the upgrade command. (clumens) - Log all calls to mount to /tmp/program.log as well. (clumens) - Log everything from execWithRedirect or execWithCapture (#467690). (clumens) - Update to return UUID (atodorov). (clumens) - Don't skip the method screen when going back and forth (#477991). (clumens) - Die on errors from upd-instroot/mk-images rather than continuing on (katzj) - The FTP USER command does not need to be followed by a PASS (#477536). (clumens) * Mon Jan 05 2009 David Cantrell <> - - Workaround compile error due to (# 478663) (hdegoede) - Various packaging fixed from review (#225246) (hdegoede) - Show the header in certain non-lowres cases (#478765, alsadi AT (clumens) - Remove doMultiMount. (clumens) - Use mount -t auto instead of passing a list of valid fstypes (#477328). (clumens) - Fix case sensitivity when searching for headers (kanarip) - Fix a traceback in checking for network install (ricky AT (clumens) * Tue Dec 23 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Initialize domainname to None (#477831) (dcantrell) - Do not import unused modules. (dcantrell) - Call '/sbin/udevadm settle' instead of /sbin/udevsettle (dcantrell) * Tue Dec 23 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Require latest pykickstart for repo command (clumens) - Remove libdhcp* from scripts/upd-instroot (dcantrell) - methodstr -> self.methodstr (dcantrell) - Rewrite iface_ip2str() to use libnm-glib (dcantrell) - Fix a few syntax error caugh by pychecker (hdegoede) - Remove isys.e2fslabel() and isys.getraidsb() (dcantrell) * Thu Dec 18 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Remove plural forms from po/ (katzj) * Thu Dec 18 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Reduce direct D-Bus calls in isys/iface.c. (dcantrell) - Allow 'ks' to function as it once did (#471812) (dcantrell) - Fix telnet install support (#471082) (dcantrell) - Call 'udevadm settle' instead of 'udevsettle'. (dcantrell) - When using anaconda with kickstart file with UI mode - do not show the VNC question (#476548) (msivak) - Check error from asprintf() correctly for dhcpclass handling. (dcantrell) - Use libnm_glib in net.c:get_connection() (dcantrell) - Add libnm_glib CFLAGS and LIBS to loader's Makefile. (dcantrell) - BR NetworkManager-glib-devel. (dcantrell) - Only write the short hostname to the localhost line (#474086) (dcantrell) - Updated Tajik Translation - Victor Ibragimov (victor.ibragimov) - Copy /etc/dhclient-DEV.conf file to target system (#476364) (dcantrell) - Use macros for D-Bus paths (dcantrell) - Let X tell us when it's launched rather than just sleeping. (ajax) - When there's no baseurl, set a default of [] instead of [''] (#476208). (clumens) - cracklib now raises exceptions on bad passwords (rzhou, #476312). (clumens) - Make sure ssh doesn't get duplicated in the open port list (#474937). (clumens) - mdraid1: default to putting grub on partition instead of mbr (#217176) (hdegoede) - Don't install the games group as part of office/productivity (#472324). (clumens) - Don't dump encryption passphrases. (dlehman) - Write anacdump.txt upon receipt of SIGUSR2 (from clumens). (dlehman) - Use stacks instead of tracebacks in traceback handlers. (dlehman) - Unmount swap devices when migrating filesystems, then reactivate (#473260). (clumens) - Handle both /dev/sr0 and sr0, since that's what cdromList gives (#475083). (clumens) - In iface_ip2str(), make sure to advance to next item before continue. (dcantrell) - We already have _GNU_SOURCE defined in (dcantrell) - Remove XXX comment in net.c about GATEWAY (dcantrell) - Use strverscmp() from glibc in place of rpmvercmp() (dcantrell) - Remove readLine() function from loader/loadermisc.c (dcantrell) - Do not write SEARCH line to ifcfg-DEVICE file (#474858) (dcantrell) - Preserve existing network configuration files during install (#461550) (dcantrell) - Send unique vendor class identifier unless user specifies one. (dcantrell) - Avoid tracebacks when filling in static network config fields (#474275) (dcantrell) - Prevent network install when no network devices are found (#470144) (dcantrell) - Remove markup from text before printing it in cmdline mode (#470253). (clumens) - Move strip_markup() into iutil. (clumens) - Fix up plural forms header so that python doesn't blow up for us (katzj) - Change text to reflect Jesse's comments (katzj) - Add support for the Tajik language (#455963). (clumens) - Add a button to the UI to ignore all missing packages. (clumens) - First small eu.po transtation, just to be sure that the system is set up OK. (mikel.paskual) - mini-wm: Turn on automatic window redirection. (ajax) - Better naming for LVM volume groups and logical volumes (#461682) (dcantrell) - Partition requests can be None when populating the tree. (#474284) (dlehman) - Say we are unable to configure the network interface (#467960) (dcantrell) - Match textw/ strings to iw/ (#470145) (dcantrell) - In addSnap(), check snapshots for data key before continuing (#433824) (dcantrell) - Load FCP modules early for CD/DVD install (#184648) (dcantrell) - Update mk-s390-cdboot.c to work with large kernel images (#184648) (dcantrell) - Make sure fstype exists before we try to test it (#473498). (clumens) - Updated a small correction in kn locale (svenkate) - Use modules.* files for finding modules of a type rather than modinfo (katzj) - Make complete text mention updates (#244431) (katzj) - Make text for autopartitioning types clearer (#441350) (katzj) - Allow installing grub on the MBR if /boot is on mdraid (#217176) (hdegoede) - Fix some spelling errors in German translation (fabian) - Make the required media dialog less wordy (#469557). (clumens) - returnNewestByName now raises an error instead of returning [] (#472462). (clumens) - Fix death on login of an OLPC on a live image (katzj) - Fix ld-*.so globbing for glibc-2.9 . (pjones) - Do not bring up network for non-remote kickstart locations (#471658) (dcantrell) - Resolve dm-X devices returned by pvdisplay. (#448129) (dlehman) - More shell script syntax fixing (katzj) - Only bring up the network dialog on package failures if required (#471502). (clumens) * Wed Nov 12 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Add comps groups for new repos that are added (#470653) (katzj) - Support upgrades of systems whose rootfs is on an LV. (#471288) (dlehman) - Use hasPassphrase() instead of directly accessing passphrase member. (dlehman) - Don't dump private class members (those with leading "__") (dlehman) - Explicitly close the CD drive after the user hits "continue" (#375011) (pjones) - Fix shell syntax error (#471090) (ivazqueznet) - Save the /etc/fstab before overwriting it on upgrades (#452768, #470392). (clumens) * Tue Nov 11 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Fix more UnicodeDecodeErrors, hopefully for good this time (#470733). (clumens) - iscsi do missing value check only once (hdegoede) - Don't try to label XFS filesystems on livecd installs (#470951). (clumens) - Include cracklib .mo files and look up strings in the right domain. (clumens) - Bugzilla has changed its return values for a couple queries. (clumens) - Set the default keyboard based on the language (#470446). (clumens) - Prevent traceback for vnc installs on KVM guests (#470559) (dcantrell) - Bring up networking early enough for syslog= param (#470513) (dcantrell) - Sleep a bit before calling udevsettle in iscsiTarget.login (#470073, - kickstart, iscsi do not call iscsi.startup after startIBFT has been called (hdegoede) - Do not stop and restart iscsid when rescanning disks/partitions (#470223) (hdegoede) - iscsi.startup should not login to targets as we are already logged in (#470230) (hdegoede) - Remove obsolete normally never reached code from _stopIscsiDaemon (#470229) (hdegoede) - The function getEncryptedDevice gets called correctly expect when we are in (jgranado) - More translations * Thu Nov 06 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Don't have the key icon take up so much space on the LUKS dialog (#470338). (clumens) - Avoid getting linux-base in the kernel list (katzj) - Deselect groups when we reset things also (#469854) (katzj) - make iscsi login code wait for udev to create the devices (#466661, - Set the correct path when using the directory chooser. (clumens) - We always need a wait window, not just when the repo has a name. (clumens) - Set initial state of IP configuration fields in text mode (#469933) (dcantrell) - Prevent traceback when there are no network devices (#469339) (dcantrell) - Indentation fix. (pjones) - Let users edit net settings on network failure in stage 1 (#465887) (dcantrell) - Move startNewt later to avoid printing extra messages on the screen (#469687). (clumens) * Mon Nov 03 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Revert "Make sure dialog deletions take effect sooner (#455676)." (clumens) - Don't set up the launcher for the installer on XO (katzj) - Whitespace cleanups for (dcantrell) - Do not store mount options in loaderData->instRepo (#467760) (dcantrell) - Make sure we look up the IP address for the correct device (#469439) (dcantrell) - Remove unused bool() function. (dcantrell) - Check for required space for / on live installs (#468867) (katzj) - Add a basic method for checking the minimal size needed for a backend (katzj) - Fix typo that somehow snuck in (katzj) - If there's no language selected, don't traceback (#469578). (clumens) - Improve filtering of non-available groups (#469438) (katzj) - set defaultProduct in __init__ (hdegoede) - Fix indentation error in (again) (hdegoede) - Rebuild keymaps to get rid of (#469433). (clumens) - Provide sample punch card reader script for s390x (#462953) (dcantrell) - Fix a typo that shouldn't have even gotten though. (clumens) - Check that the platform and product are also correct (#469367). (clumens) - Remove cio_ignore functionality for s390x (dcantrell) - Remove bootdisk/s390 (dcantrell) - If method=nfs: is given, check if it's really an NFSISO install (#468885). (clumens) - Get the right list elements for the iscsi text interface (#466902). (clumens) - Don't traceback when displaying error messages (#469372). (clumens) - Make sure we differentiate locked luks devs from deleted ones. (dlehman) - Fix a typo that breaks kickstart with encryption. (#469318) (dlehman) * Thu Oct 30 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Call startNewt earlier than network bring up (#469171). (clumens) - Write out the path to the repo, not anaconda-ks.cfg (#467753). (clumens) - Allow specifying devices by path if they're files (#468504) (katzj) - Fix the last pychecker warnings in master (hdegoede) - Add --strict option to (hdegoede) * Wed Oct 29 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Don't sleep(5) after xrandr (ajax) - Force DPI to 96 even harder (#458738) (ajax) - Don't try to switch VT to the one that X is on (ajax) - Only copy /etc/resolv.conf if instPath != '/' (dcantrell) - 'is not' -> '!=' (dcantrell) - Write --dhcpclass instead of --class to the anaconda ks file. (jgranado) - Fix 2 issues in pyparted found by pychecker (hdegoede) - Add a bit of documentation to the top of (hdegoede) - Add script and pychecker-false-positives file (hdegoede) - Fix saving tracebacks via scp while in text mode. (clumens) - Search for the hash in the whiteboard, not as the entire whiteboard. (clumens) - Fix various syntax errors caught by PyChecker (hdegoede) - Wouldn't it be nice to have some real documentation in (clumens) - Make sure the productVersion given by .treeinfo exists in bugzilla (#468657). (clumens) * Mon Oct 27 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Let DNS lookups work from %post scripts (#468132) (dcantrell) - Do not use /.tmp for temporary files (#468720) (dcantrell) - Don't treat encrypted PVs as available if we don't have the key. (#465240) (dlehman) - Do all new device passphrase prompting from partitioningComplete. (dlehman) - Fix the obviously stupid typo. (clumens) - There's a new version of the firewall command for F10 (#467753). (clumens) - Another fix for printing package summaries in text mode (#468283). (clumens) - Fix traceback in network.bringUp() (#468651) (dcantrell) - lvresize requires a --force arg now (#468478) (katzj) - Include return code on resize failure error message (#468479) (katzj) * Fri Oct 24 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Catch UnicodeDecodeError so traceback messages display anyway. (dcantrell) - Do not write NM_CONTROLLED=yes to ifcfg files (#468028) (dcantrell) - Log D-Bus messages at ERROR or INFO level. (dcantrell) - Write dhcpclass to the dhclient conf file for the device (#468436) (dcantrell) - Tell NetworkManager not to touch network interfaces when / is a netfs (hans) - Catch more X failures and fallback to text (#467158). (clumens) - Fix a typo when using network --gateway (#468364). (clumens) - Fix icon (#468273) (katzj) - Remove extra debug info. (pjones) - Fix the damn spinner in the progress bar. (pjones) - Fix whitespace. (pjones) - Fix "looking for installation images" when there's no disc at all. (pjones) - Make sure dialog deletions take effect sooner (#455676). (clumens) - Make cdrom drive door status messages be INFO not DEBUG. (pjones) - Don't switch to tty6 on vnc installs. (clumens) - Update font list (#462295). (clumens) - Don't display the entire lengthy device description (#467825). (clumens) - Fix ext4 detection on existing partitions (#467047) (rvykydal) - Make sure we handle the /tmp/method file for FTP correctly (#467753). (clumens) - Do not write NM_CONTROLLED=yes to ifcfg files (#468028) (dcantrell) - Revert "dhclient-script not needed for NetworkManager" (clumens) - Skip Installation Repo when writing out repo kickstart lines. (clumens) - Correct media check docs (#468061). (clumens) - Many translation updates * Fri Oct 17 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Update several font package names that we were missing. (clumens) - Only bring up the netconfig dialog if the repo requires networking. (clumens) - Fix a small typo in a message (rh 467338) (hansg) - Enable CCW devices used for installation (#253075) (dcantrell) - I don't know what is, but let's not include it. (clumens) - If networking is needed for yum repos, bring it up before fetching repodata. (clumens) - Force DPI to 96 when launching X. (#458738) (ajax) - Lots of translation updates. * Tue Oct 14 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Make kickstart installs work again (#374271, #392021, #448096, #466340, - Let users go Back when loading updates. (dcantrell) - Write ifcfg files to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts instead of /.tmp (dcantrell) - Handle unknown hosts in getDefaultHostname (#466775) (dcantrell) - Try to look up the hostname by the IP address NM reports (#466775) (dcantrell) - NM no longer provides the hostname as a property (#466775). (clumens) - ext4dev -> ext4 (esandeen). (clumens) - Move persistent network udev rule to under /etc (#464844). (clumens) - Update keymaps to include latest Romanian settings (#466117). (clumens) - Take ip= parameter values by not resetting ipinfo_set. (dcantrell) * Fri Oct 10 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Remove unnecessary STEP_IP code. (dcantrell) - Fix how configureTCPIP() returns. (dcantrell) - Write new sysconfig data to a tmpdir first, then move in place. (dcantrell) - Write NM_CONTROLLED=yes rather than NM_CONTROLLED= (dcantrell) - Get rid of some iface flags that were not doing anything anymore. (dcantrell) - Generate new config files in /.tmp in writeEnabledNetInfo() (dcantrell) - Remove unused variables from configureTCPIP() (dcantrell) - Do not call get_connection() twice for DHCP. (dcantrell) - Ask for language and keyboard in rescue mode (#466525). (clumens) - Fix bringing up the network in rescue mode (#466523). (clumens) - If we don't have a translation for a lang name, just use the English (#466515) (katzj) - Disable some more IPv6 checks. (clumens) - Fix a typo (second part of #466374) (katzj) * Thu Oct 09 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Tag problems in pkgcvs. Wish we still had force-tag * Thu Oct 09 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Pull in static network settings from the boot: line (#465270) (dcantrell) - Do not segfault when going back to select a new interface (#465887) (dcantrell) - Do not test for DNS settings in mountNfsImage() (dcantrell) - Populate struct iface correctly in setupIfaceStruct() (dcantrell) * Thu Oct 09 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix sorting of repos so we always return an integer value (#466174). (clumens) - Change the upgrade progress bar to pulse (#466053). (clumens) - Mark iscsi disks not used for / as autostart (rh461840) (hans) - Always display the wait window when fetching repo information. (clumens) - Lazily unmount everything before killing NetworkManager (#463959). (clumens) - lang-names really does need to depend on subdirs (katzj) - Reset targetLang on language change (#465981) (katzj) - Honor static net parameters with NM (#465270) (dcantrell) * Mon Oct 06 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Do not rely on loaderData->noDns to tell if we have DNS configured. (dcantrell) - Skip askmethod dialog if user passes repo= and stage2= (dcantrell) - Reset resolver in get_connection() (dcantrell) - Fix problems dealing with PXE boot and the ksdevice= parameter. (dcantrell) - Disable more IPv6 code in loader for now. (dcantrell) - Write BOOTPROTO=static for manual IPv4 config. (dcantrell) - Disable IPv6 widgets for F-10. (dcantrell) - Add iwlagn driver firmware (#465508). (clumens) - Move starting HAL to after we've probed for hardware. (clumens) - Don't try to load a couple modules that no longer exist. (clumens) - The Chinese font package has changed names (#465290). (clumens) - Fix a traceback when there's no ksdevice given (#465638). (clumens) - Fix traceback in post install configuration (hans) * Fri Oct 03 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Disable IPv6 interface widgets in loader for now. (dcantrell) - Start NetworkManager earlier (#462083) (hans) - Work around gtk2 bug (#465541) (hans) - Move our yum.conf out of /etc (#465160) (katzj) - Correctly display the IP address a vnc viewer should connect to (#465353). (clumens) - lohit-fonts-malayam has been replaced by smc-fonts-meera (#456449). (clumens) - Fix a typo in cleaning up repos. (clumens) - Fix the mount error reading for real this time (pjones, #465250). (clumens) - Support ksdevice=link when booting from boot.iso. (dcantrell) - Automatically select NIC based on ksdevice= boot parameter. (dcantrell) * Wed Oct 01 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Revert "Finally controlled the plural issue at #508 in Japanese" (dcantrell) * Wed Oct 01 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Fix text inconsistency (#465165). (clumens) - If there's an error running Xvnc, also print it to the console. (clumens) - Set the installation repo when using the askmethod UI (#463472). (clumens) - Fix a segfault when the wrong HDISO repo parameter is given. (clumens) - Remove the 'Installation Repo' cache directory after install (#464853). (clumens) - If there aren't any usable NICs, don't write out a config (#465127). (clumens) - It helps to specify what the method string should be split on (#464855). (clumens) - Gateway and nameserver are optional for static network configuration. (dcantrell) - Store nameserver in NetworkDevice object. (dcantrell) - Fix a traceback calling enableNetwork (#464849). (clumens) - Enable groups when creating new repos since yum doesn't do that now. (clumens) - Update FQDN patch to fix a couple tracebacks (#464191). (clumens) - Fix static network configuration from boot.iso installs. (dcantrell) - Use all caps naming for the netdev keys. (dcantrell) - Left justify text in ui/ interface. (dcantrell) - Use the right attribute for repo URLs. (clumens) - Use fullscreen for small screens (#444943) (katzj) - Another try at fixing up reading errors from mount. (clumens) - Don't traceback if no baseurl has been set yet. (clumens) - Allow users to enter a hostname or FQDN during installation (#464191) (dcantrell) - Whitespace cleanups. (dcantrell) - Fix mk-s390-cdboot on s390x (#184648) (dcantrell) - Run all text through unicode() before putting it into the TextBuffer. (clumens) - Add reverse chap iscsi bits for kickstart (hans) - Properly center the passphrase entry dialog. (clumens) - Fix test for an empty hostname. (clumens) - Support installs to SD via MMC (#461884) (katzj) - Set ANACONDA_PRODUCTNAME, etc from /etc/system-release (#464120) (alsadi) - Reduce code duplication by moving methods into backend (katzj) - Select packages after repos are set up (#457583) (katzj) - Add a basic reset method (katzj) - Cleanups and simplifications to repo setup (clumens) (katzj) - Revert "Revert "lang-names should really only depend on lang-table"" (katzj) - Fix lang-name generation + fix traceback with LANG=C (katzj) - Allow going back to the method selection screen on error (#463473). (clumens) - Make the boot loader device dialog less ugly (#463489). (clumens) - Look in images/ for install.img on HDISO (#463474). (clumens) - Sort Installation Repo to the top of the repo list. (clumens) - Fuzzy string to fix translation build (katzj) * Wed Sep 24 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Fix network interface bring up in text mode (#463861, #462592) (dcantrell) - Bring back isys.resetResolv() and fix NetworkManager polling in (dcantrell) - Poll 'State' property from NetworkManager in network.bringUp() (dcantrell) - Log error in rescue mode is network.bringUp() fails. (dcantrell) - Set the first network device in the list to active. (dcantrell) - Get rid of firstnetdevice in Network (dcantrell) - Do not write /lib/udev.d rules if instPath is '' (dcantrell) - Fix problems with bringDeviceUp() calls (#463512) (dcantrell) * Mon Sep 22 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Fix a traceback when getting the interface settings (#462592). (clumens) - self.anaconda -> anaconda (clumens) * Sat Sep 20 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Restore old lang-names generation method (dcantrell) - Remount /mnt/sysimage/dev after migrating filesystems. (clumens) - Use the instroot parameter like we should be doing. (clumens) * Fri Sep 19 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Set the filename on the traceback when we upload it (wwoods). - Don't worry about errors looking up protected partitions on upgrades. (clumens) - Fix test for allowing the installation source to be on the root fs (#462769). (clumens) - lang-names should really only depend on lang-table (katzj) - Don't make the .desktop file unless we actually need to (katzj) - Fix lang-name generation (katzj) - Look for xrandr in the search path. (clumens) - Make the textw network screen match the iw interface by only prompting for hostname (#462592) (dcantrell) - Pick up hostname if we have it, otherwise use localhost.localdomain (#461933) (dcantrell) - dhclient-script not needed for NetworkManager (dcantrell) - Add getDefaultHostname() to (dcantrel) - Write out NETMASK and BROADCAST correctly in loader. (dcantrel) - Fix problems with manual network configuration in loader. (dcantrel) - anaconda-yum-plugins is now in its own source repo. (clumens) - Remove most of the network configuration from text mode as well (#462691). (clumens) - Add an extra newline to the empty partition table message. (clumens) - Fixup DiskSet._askForLabelPermission() (markmc) * Mon Sep 15 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Remove invalid i18n stuff to let anaconda build. (dcantrell) - Remove doConfigNetDevice() prototype. (dcantrell) * Mon Sep 15 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Call network.bringDeviceUp() instead of old isys functions. (dcantrell) - Pass device name to network.setDNS() and network.setGateway(). (dcantrell) - NetworkManager fixes in (dcantrell) - Remove code from isys not needed for NetworkManager. (dcantrell) - Avoid writing out NM_CONTROLLED more than once. (dcantrell) - Write out final ifcfg-DEVICE files correctly. (dcantrell) - Use POSIX and LSB hostname length limit. (dcantrell) - Consistent whitespace usage in (dcantrell) - Do not try to start hald or dbus-daemon from anaconda. (dcantrell) - On HDISO installs, mark LABEL= and UUID= partitions as protected. (clumens) - Do encrypted device passphrase retrofits while activating partitioning. (dlehman) - Use one passphrase for all new LUKS devices and offer retrofit to old ones. (dlehman) - There's only one passphrase member (encryptionPassphrase) in Partitions. (dlehman) - Only add LUKSDevice instances to PV requests as needed. (dlehman) - New device passphrase is now always global w/ option to retrofit. (dlehman) - Don't prompt for a passphrase when creating encrypted devices. (dlehman) - Define a method to add a passphrase to an existing LUKS device. (dlehman) - Fix a traceback when starting a shell in rescue mode (#462148). (clumens) - md, lock_nolock, and dm_emc kernel modules no longer exist. (clumens) - Fix iscsi disk detection with newer kernels (rh 461839, 461841) (hans) - Fix the crash reported in bug 454135 (hans) - Make iBFT reading explicit from a higher level (hans) - Add ibft flag to ease in testing. (hans) - Support iSCSI CHAP and Reverse CHAP authentication (rhbz#402431, rhbz#432819) (hans) - Don't set iscsi devices to autostart (rhbz#437891) (hans) - Add full CHAP support to iSCSI. (rhbz#432819) (hans) - Do not try to initialize iSCSI, when no portal (#435173) (hans) - Fix wrong function names for iscsi login/start (rhbz#295154) (hans) - Set an attribute when iscsid is started (#431904). (hans) - Better fixes for iscsi probing (patch from jlaska) (hans) - Make sure ISCSIADM and such are defined (rhbz#431924) (hans) - Fix iscsi so that mkinitrd can actually talk to the running daemon (hans) - Make iscsi/ibft work (hans) - Add mk-images changes forgotten in previous commit (hans) - Add support for iSCSI iBFT table (#307761) (hans) * Thu Sep 11 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Always start NM so we can talk to it in the boot.iso case (#461071). (clumens) - Use the device path to identify LUKS devs in /etc/fstab. (#460700) (dlehman) - Use the LUKS UUID instead of device nodes in all references. (#460700) (dlehman) - LUKSDevice.getScheme() no longer cares if the dev has a passphrase. (#461203) (dlehman) - Correct translation to fix the build. (clumens) - Add the method string back into anaconda-ks.cfg. (clumens) - Let's try pulling libsqlite into the initrd one more time. (clumens) - Don't traceback at the end of live installs (katzj) - Correct the message telling you to use a VNC password. (clumens) - Remove unused TIMEZONES= crud. (clumens) - print doesn't yet support the file= syntax in our version of python. (clumens) - Catch errors from using the wrong bugzilla field and display them. (clumens) - Fix line wrapping on part type screen (jlaska, #461759). - rep_platform has been renamed to platform. (clumens) * Tue Sep 09 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Include NetworkManager and dbus libraries on 64-bit arches (#461632). (clumens) - We need in upd-instroot before it can be in the initrd. (clumens) - Fix partitions growing (backport of rhbz #442628) (rvykydal) - Kickstart timezone validity check fixed (#461526) (rvykydal) - Add more kernel crypto modules (#443545). (clumens) - Make the progress bar move when downloading the install.img (#461182). (clumens) - Add overrideDHCPhostname as an attribute. (clumens) - Fix saving to remote hosts (#461500). (clumens) - short_desc is now summary. (clumens) - Use print() as a function. (pjones) * Sat Sep 06 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Use struct audit_reply instead of struct auditd_reply_list (dcantrell) * Sat Sep 06 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Use --service=NAME in when calling lokkit (dcantrell) - Make NM work for the DHCP case, at least (dcbw) (#461071). (clumens) - Sleep a little after dbus to give it time before HAL connects. (clumens) - Add libsqlite to the initrd, which is needed by NSS libs. (clumens) - Add more dlopen()ed libraries to the initrd. (clumens) - Fix various problems with the exn saving UI (#461129). (clumens) - Fail gracefully if we can't talk to NetworkManager over DBus. (dcantrell) - Reword text for easy of translating plurals (#460728). (clumens) - Make sure /bin/sh is linked to /bin/bash (dcantrell) - Do not include /usr/lib/gconv in install.img (dcantrell) - Add /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d to the install.img. (clumens) - Remove last vestiges of rhpxl and pirut. (clumens) - Only one list of packages in upd-instroot, thanks. (clumens) - Add xrandr back into the install.img (#458738). (clumens) - Add a couple more directories to search paths. (clumens) - Do repo setup and sack setup as separate steps. (clumens) - Fix a typo that was causing repos in the kickstart file to be skipped (#451020). (clumens) * Fri Aug 29 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Fix a traceback with unencrypted autopart. (dlehman) - doLoggingSetup has grown some new arguments (#460654). (clumens) - Updated German translation (fabian) - Remove references to isConfigured in (dcantrell) - Define the NM_STATE_* constants in (dcantrell) - Rewrite NetworkWindow to only prompt for hostname. (dcantrell) - Pad the icon more in (dcantrell) - Removed iface_dns_lookup() (dcantrell) - Don't pass NULL to dbus_message_unref() (dcantrell) - New network configuration screen for GTK+ UI. (dcantrell) - Pass family to iface_ip2str() call (dcantrell) - Rewrite iface_ip2str() to talk to NetworkManager over D-Bus (dcantrell) - New translation (besnik) - Pull in the gtkrc file so we can find the theme. (clumens) - Use signed git tags (katzj) - Skip networkDeviceCheck in (dcantrell) - Do not call has_key() on NetworkDevice, use isys.NM_* (dcantrell) - Separate lines per BR. (dcantrell) - Remove invalid line iw/ (dcantrell) - Fix syntax error in, fix pychecker warnings. (dcantrell) - Updated Hungarian translation (sulyokpeti) - Add missing () to function definitions. (dcantrell) - Fix err handling in doMultiMount() (dcantrell) - Revert "Pass --follow to git-log" (dcantrell) - Remove references to /tmp/netinfo (dcantrell) - Gather network settings from NetworkManager and ifcfg files. (dcantrell) - Update the pot file and refresh the pos (katzj) - For all HTTP/FTP repos, keep the cached repodata (#173441). (clumens) - Fix a traceback when trying to set the status whiteboard on a bug. (clumens) - When the wrong filesystem type is used, raise a more explicit error. (clumens) - Don't copy the install.img over in single media cases (#216167). (clumens) - Remove isys.getopt() (dcantrell) - Remove code not used in net.c (dcantrell) - Write to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-INTERFACE (dcantrell) - mystrstr() -> strstr() (dcantrell) - Expand getDeviceProperties to return all devices. (dcantrell) - Pass --follow to git-log (dcantrell) - Support accessing preexisting LUKS devs using LRW or XTS ciphers. (#455063) (dlehman) - Use yum's handling of optional/default/mandatory package selection (#448172). (clumens) - List iSCSI multipath devices in the installer UI. (dcantrell) - Fix text wrap width on the partition type combo, for real this time (#221791) (dlehman) - For /dev/hvc0 terminals, set TERM to vt320 (#219556). (dcantrell) - The Timer class is no longer used. (clumens) - Handle preexisting swraid w/ encrypted member disks/partitions. (dlehman) - Don't try to close a dm-crypt mapping that is not open. (dlehman) - Remove unused silo code that wouldn't even build if it were used. (clumens) - Remove some really old, really unused code. (clumens) - Add another mount function that takes a list of fstypes to try. (clumens) - Download progress indicator for FTP and HTTP in stage 1. (dcantrell) - Make sure we wait for NetworkManager. (dcantrell) - Renamed loader2 subdirectory to loader (hooray for git) (dcantrell) - Do not include wireless.h or call is_wireless_device() (dcantrell) - Add getDeviceProperties() and rewrite getMacAddress() (dcantrell) - Do not include wireless.h (dcantrell) - Rewrite isys.isWireless() to use D-Bus and NetworkManager (dcantrell) - Rewrite isys.getIPAddress() to use D-Bus and NetworkManager. (dcantrell) - Include ../isys/ethtool.h instead of ../isys/net.h. (dcantrell) - Rename isys/net.h to isys/ethtool.h, removed unnecessary typedefs. (dcantrell) - Removed waitForLink() function in loader. (dcantrell) - Remove initLoopback() function in loader (dcantrell) - Use D-Bus properties to get current NM state. (dcantrell) - Use dbus in hasActiveNetDev() and _anyUsing() (dcantrell) - Use NetworkManager instead of libdhcp. (#458183) (dcantrell) - When mount fails, pass the error message up to the UI layer. (clumens) - Bring askmethod back to prompt for the location of install.img. (clumens) * Fri Aug 22 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Enable yum plugins. (clumens) - In the preupgrade case, repo=hd: means an exploded tree on the hard drive. (clumens) - Remove preupgrade-specific hacks. (clumens) - Add conf files for our yum plugins so they can be enabled. (clumens) - Create a subpackage containing the yum plugins. (clumens) - Add the new blacklist and whiteout yum plugins. (clumens) - Allow retrying if the ISO images aren't found (for the USB case). (clumens) - Include "--encrypted" in anaconda-ks.cfg partitioning as needed. (#459430) (dlehman) - Support establishing a global passphrase when creating encrypted devices. (dlehman) - Display the lock icon for encrypted RAID members. (#459123) (dlehman) - More descriptive drive message when warning on format. (dcantrell) - Need to import rhpl for things like switching to pdb. (clumens) - Fix traceback in passphrase handling code for encrypted RAID requests. (#459121) (dlehman) - Copy the install.img to /tmp on HD installs. (clumens) - Fix a typo (dcantrell). - Expert mode was disabled in 2004. Remove it now. (clumens) - Remove an extra "Local disk" option (#459128). (clumens) - Clear up error reporting on upgrades when devices are listed by UUID. (clumens) - If the UI was used to specify a repo, construct a repo param (#458899). (clumens) - Fix a traceback calling createMapping. (clumens) - First crack at upgrade of systems with encrypted block devices. (#437604) (dlehman) - In kickstart, prompt for new LUKS dev passphrase if not specified. (#446930) (dlehman) - Remove passphrase check hack from LUKSDevice.getScheme. (dlehman) - Allow specification of a device string for display in passphrase dialog. (dlehman) - Add encrypted device passphrase dialog for text mode. (dlehman) - Fix PartitionDevice.getDevice to take asBoot into account. (dlehman) - Make passphrase dialogs appear in the center of the screen. (#458114) (dlehman) - Consider clearpart and ignoredisk when scanning for encrypted partitions. (dlehman) - Correctly handle typos in the stage2 location when inferred from repo=. (clumens) - Fix the loader UI when prompting for stage2.img on HDISO. (clumens) - Rename stage2.img to install.img (dcantrell) - Bring up the network before saving a bug via scp. (clumens) - Make it more explicit we want the stage2.img URL, not the repo URL. (clumens) - Add the match type so we don't find all bugs. (clumens) - Make upd-updates create the updates.img you specify if it doesn't already exist. (pjones) - Don't base mpath/dmraid/raid startup/stopping based on if lvm is activated yet, (pjones) - Add diskset.devicesOpen boolean, so we can tell if devices should be started (pjones) - Add dirCleanup back in so we don't leave install metadata behind. (clumens) - Move betanag to after keyboard and language are setup. (clumens) - Add module dependencies of qeth.ko (#431922). (clumens) - Copy the changes from RHEL5 for the linuxrc.s390 over. (clumens) - Disable SCSI devices so we can safely remove a LUN (bhinson, #249341). (dcantrell) * Tue Aug 12 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - More fixes to include udev rules in the initrd (#458570). (clumens) - Catch the first non-generic-logo package that provides system-logos. (clumens) - Remove extra ')' in install-buildrequires (dcantrell) * Mon Aug 11 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Handle 'rescue' and %post in rescue mode (atodorov) - Delay the duplicate label error until the label is actually used (#458505). (clumens) - Enable wireless modules again for now as a test (#443545). (clumens) - udev rules have changed location (#458570). (clumens) - Add install-buildrequires target. (dcantrell) * Fri Aug 08 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Remove a bunch of cachedir setting code that is no longer needed. (clumens) - Fix segfaults on interactive NFS installs (#458416). (clumens) - Fix LVM error handling so the exceptions actually get into the namespace. (pjones) - yuminstall: don't look for kernel-xen anymore (markmc) - console: kill the /proc/xen hack (markmc) - yuminstall: don't ever stop people installing the virt group (markmc) - lang: kill xen keymap hack (markmc) - bootloader: remove old kernel-xen-{guest, hypervisor} handling (markmc) - Preserve baseurl/mirrorlist and mirrorlist checkbox settings across loads. (clumens) - It's BETANAG, not betanag. (clumens) - Various string fixes (clumens). - Wrap spec file changelog lines. (dcantrell) - mk-images: replace kernel-xen with pv_ops kernel (markmc) - Use a temporary location for yum cache data (#457632). (clumens) - Remove extra newtPopWindow() call that was causing a crash (#260621). (dcantrell) - Add /sbin/sfdisk (#224297). (dcantrell) - Do not call _isys.vtActivate() on s390 or s390x platforms (#217563). (dcantrell) - Change the maximum recommended swap size to "2000 + (current ram)".(#447372) (jgranado) - Make it >= not > for the memory size comparison (#207573) (pjones) - Allow float comparison between nic names in (#246135) (joel) - Fix formatting on disk sizes >1TB (pjones) - Don't traceback when trying to remove /mnt/sysimage (#227650). (dcantrell) - If we're booting off the boot.iso, don't prompt for lang or kbd (#457595). (clumens) - Don't mention images/diskboot.img anymore (#441092). (clumens) - Remove iSeries image generation (#456878) (dcantrell) - Display capslock status correctly (#442258) (dcantrell) * Mon Aug 04 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Eject the CD/DVD if we booted off a boot.iso as well (#442088). (clumens) - Fix a GTK warning that only appears with s-c-ks running from a shell (#431844). (clumens) - Break a few functions out of into their own file. (clumens) - We're not actually activating new filesystems quite yet. (clumens) - Fix a typo in the initial partitioning screen. (clumens) - Use system-logos instead of hardcoding fedora-logos (#457378). (clumens) - anaconda can no longer be None when we create a DiskSet instance. (clumens) - Remove LabelFactory since we now rely on UUIDs for everything. (clumens) - Filter out repos that aren't enabled when running in betanag mode. (clumens) - Close the transaction between CDs (#457126). (clumens) - Split media fixes. (clumens) - Handling (ask user) of invalid timezone value in kickstart added (#404323) (rvykydal) * Thu Jul 31 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Don't try to use self.tree as the mode to open .discinfo. (clumens) - Remove all the RPM lock files before creating a new transaction (#456949). (clumens) - Support VDSK devices on s390x (#264061) (dcantrell) * Wed Jul 30 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix mke2fs argument passing (#457285). (clumens) - Disable logging in the firmware loader, since it clobbers other log messages. (pjones) * Wed Jul 30 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - udevsettle takes forever, so display a waitWindow. (clumens) - Leave anaconda-runtime around for mk-images run. (dcantrell) * Tue Jul 29 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Remove an instance of NEEDGR still existing to fix graphical isolinux (#457144) (katzj) - use newer mke2fs arguments for different filesystems (sandeen) - Use attributes to tell us whether filesystems are bootable (#457037). (clumens) - Make sure we drag in gzip, used by the image creation stuff. (jkeating) * Fri Jul 25 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Clean up some mistakes in the minstg2 removal. (dcantrell) - Fix passing the language to anaconda (katzj) * Thu Jul 24 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix another NFS kickstart segfault (#456461). (clumens) - Remove support for generating a minstg2.img image. (dcantrell) - If the xconfig command is given, do something with it (#455938). (clumens) - METHOD_CDROM is now supported on s390 (jgranado). (clumens) - Fix test for if we could access stage2.img on the CD (wwoods). - Look for updates.img and product.img on the boot.iso. (clumens) - Suspend the curses interface before calling scripts and resume afterwards (#435314) (msivak) * Wed Jul 23 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - MD_NEW_SIZE_BLOCKS no longer exists in newer kernel headers. (clumens) * Wed Jul 23 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Add support for filing bugs straight into bugzilla. (clumens) - Running git-tag -f from a makefile rule is a bad idea (katzj) - A text message in is not gettext-ized (atodorov) - Code cleanup - handling of --serial (atodorov) - Offer physical NIC identification in stage 1 (#261101) (dcantrell) - Specify a default cio_ignore parameter for s390x (#253075) (dcantrell) - Fix getting the stage2 image when doing kickstart installs. (clumens) - Convert package names to unicode before displaying the error message (#446826). (clumens) - When there is text mode specified in the kickstart file, disable the vnc question (#455612) (msivak) - We no longer add the fstype to the hd: method in loader. (clumens) - Check DHCP by default on the text network configurator screen. (clumens) - Support booting from FCP-attached CD/DVD drive on s390 (#184648) (dcantrell) * Thu Jul 17 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Support xdriver= again (katzj) - Fix loadkeys on serial console (niels.devos) - don't change from cmdline to textmode on lowmem systems (niels.devos) - Update the VNC over text mode patch, so it correctly passes the password to VNC server (#455612) (msivak) - Set interface MTU if user specified mtu= param (#435874) (dcantrell) - Bring up the network before attempting to mount the NFSISO source. (clumens) - Catch mount errors when adding NFS repos (#455645). (clumens) - Fix a traceback when trying to save exceptiona via scp. (clumens) - Give a progress bar when cleaning up after upgrades (#208725). (clumens) - Look for repo config files in /etc/anaconda.repos.d. (clumens) - baseurl should be a list, mirrorlist should not. (clumens) - It's called crypto_blkcipher.ko these days. (clumens) * Tue Jul 15 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Add a text-mode network config dialog so default installs can work. (clumens) - Use the right format for the NFS methodstr, but harder this time. (clumens) - Ask the user if he wants to use VNC instead of text mode (#453551) (msivak) - Fix a segfault when displaying the wrong CD message. (clumens) - Use the right format for the NFS methodstr. (clumens) - Use correct path for FAK plugins in upd-instroot (jgranado) * Fri Jul 11 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Remove an extra tab that was causing problems with the Iloko translation. (clumens) - Use the right stage2.img path for kickstart URL installs (#452140). (clumens) - Convert package errors to unicode before displaying them (#441200). (clumens) - Display a status message while waiting for the CD to become ready. (clumens) - Fix window title to be the same as all others. (clumens) - In cmdline mode, give some feedback when transferring loader files. (clumens) - If network config info isn't provided for cmdline, abort. (clumens) - If we're not given a method in cmdline mode, we have to quit. (clumens) - In cmdline mode, set language to the default if none is provided. (clumens) - Don't stop on the method screen if stage2= is provided. (clumens) - Add support for NFS to the repo editor (#443733). (clumens) - Fix whitespace silliness. (pjones) - Fix closing the drive door so that if the kernel happens to start giving us the right error code, we'll handle it correctly... (pjones) - Fix the mysterious Error: OK message. (clumens) - The return value from mediaCheckCdrom is totally useless. (clumens) - Add better error handling when initializing yum (#453695). (clumens) - Add functions for creating repos as well. (clumens) - Don't handle all possible exceptions as if they were repo errors. (clumens) - Reorganize to make it easier to reset the "base" repository. (clumens) - Remove the pkgSack when a repo is disabled. (clumens) - Use the new method of calling the NetworkConfigurator. (clumens) - Add an updated repo editor. (clumens) - Don't suggest text mode to the poor, poor user. (pjones) * Wed Jul 09 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Filter out source and debuginfo repos from the UI. (clumens) - Add the MD5 sum to the boot.iso to avoid errors in loader (#453698). (clumens) - Don't strip too much off the NFS directory path. (clumens) - Log stage2 url better. (pjones) - Fix minor whitespace nits. (pjones) - Use %m rather than strerror() where appropriate. (pjones) - Make setupCdrom() actually return the path to the stage2 image it found. (pjones) - Don't unconditionally pass --lang for live installs (#454101) (katzj) - Set up rhgb for plymouth on live. And conditionalize rhgb + runlevel 5 (katzj) - Set up rhgb if plymouth is installed as well as rhgb (katzj) - Get the math right on how many usec per second... (pjones) - Import missing module "network". (pjones) - Wait up to 45 seconds for "No medium found" to stop happening (pjones) * Thu Jul 03 2008 Peter Jones <> - - Add dmraid-libs to PACKAGES so new dmraid won't break installs. * Thu Jul 03 2008 Peter Jones <> - - Fix double free in setupCdrom - Fix missing psudo->pseudo spelling fix (katzj, #453843) - Include missing X libraries in stage2.img * Tue Jul 01 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Remove old livecd flag (katzj) - Explicitly setup livecd install by passing --liveinst to anaconda (katzj) - Check return value of asprintf() consistently (dcantrell) - Per strtol(3) man page, set errno=0 before call. (dcantrell) - Rescue mode no longer needs access to a methodstr (#453044). (clumens) - Use strtol() instead of atoi() (dcantrell) - Spell pseudo correctly. (pjones) * Wed Jun 25 2008 Chris Lumens <> - Query for anaconda rather than anaconda-runtime in buildinstall (jkeating). * Mon Jun 23 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Remove from being installed too (katzj) - Remove anaconda-runtime as a separate subpackage (katzj) - Remove the stuff we're not calling. (pjones) - Remove this since we don't use it anymore (katzj) - Don't continue on using the base installclass if we can't find one (katzj) - Get rid of wlite and unicode-lite; these were necessary to support (pjones) - Remove pkgorder and splittree; these should be in pungi (katzj) - Add the .treeinfo file into the exception report. (clumens) - Fix a typo (#452140). (clumens) * Fri Jun 20 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Remove ancient block of code to upgrade Netscape Communicator. (clumens) - Move enableNetwork into the interface. Bring network up for scp. (clumens) - If we can't mount for some reason, don't traceback (#452159). (clumens) - Fix the upgrade button traceback (#374891). (clumens) * Wed Jun 18 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Enable media check again, and let it check the boot.iso. (clumens) - Substitute the version from buildstamp for $releasever if needed. (clumens) - Remove the askmethod cmdline option. (clumens) - Lots of work to make loader only look for stage2.img, and stage2 do all the install method configuration. (clumens) - Add the --stage2= and --repo= options, deprecate --method=. (clumens) - Fix pkgorder to include deps of kernel early. (pjones) - Deal with udev losing udevcontrol/udevtrigger (katzj) - Boot in graphical mode if /usr/bin/kdm exists. (clumens) - bootProto isn't a global variable (#451689). (clumens) * Fri Jun 13 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Add a mirrorlist option. (jkeating) - Don't display garbage when prompting for the updates device. (clumens) - Don't write out yum repo config files in (clumens) - It doesn't make sense to insert a disk into a partition, so don't ask. (clumens) - Unmount /mnt/sysimage/dev manually since it doesn't get an entry. (clumens) - Link to ld-*.*.*.so (dcantrell) - Quote the repo name in anaconda-ks.cfg in case it includes spaces. (clumens) - Move all the exception classes into a single file. (clumens) - And import iutil a the end as well. (clumens) - Don't display obsoleted packages in the UI. (clumens) * Thu Jun 05 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix text mode button translations (#450176). (clumens) - Remove a rogue call to textdomain. (clumens) - Make "upd-updates /tmp/updates.img" update everything newer in the current (pjones) - _xmltrans is undefined. Try xmltrans instead. (clumens) - Fix reference to cost vs. priority (#450168). (clumens) - Don't do the "exec shell on tty1" thing in vnc if we've got virtual terminals. (pjones) - Import N_ (#450163). (clumens) - raise "NotImplementedError", not "NotImplemented" (pjones) - Need to import iutil before we use it. (clumens) - Don't reference PartitioningError.value . (pjones) * Wed Jun 04 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Can't reference iutil.whatever from inside (clumens) - When using the boot.iso and URL installs, download the .treeinfo file. (clumens) - Fix a couple typos in the getArch commit. (clumens) - Be consistent with data type. (dcantrell) - Replace rhpl.getArch() calls with iutil calls. (dcantrell) - Expand iutil.isX86() and added iutil.getArch() (dcantrell) - Add isAlpha() test function to iutil. (dcantrell) - Create architecture test functions in iutil (dcantrell) - Removed mystrstr() function in loader2/init.c (dcantrell) - Don't support Arabic in text mode installs since we don't even do RTL. (clumens) - Removed old strace debugging in loader2/init (dcantrell) - Keep only one copy of this code for group sorting/display around (katzj) - Stop using rhpl.translate and use gettext directly (katzj) - Add a descriptive comment to the top of /etc/fstab (#448966). (clumens) - Use "message" instead of "value" on errors, and stringify on the front side. (pjones) - Translate package descriptions (#449455). (clumens) - Translate password error messages (#439981). (clumens) - Fix traceback starting vnc (#449295) (katzj) - Add Hewbrew to lang-table (oron) - Fix errors in python string formatting (#449130). (clumens) * Thu May 29 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Allow ext4 migration again for testing at least (katzj) - Remount filesystems after migration (#440055) (katzj) - Add blkid to the keepfiles list so jkeating will whine less (pjones) - Don't allow vfat /boot (katzj) - Use the base yum doConfigSetup method. (clumens) - Include the yum repo files from fedora-release in stage2. (clumens) - No longer maintain our own list of extra repos. (clumens) - Sort the repos in the UI. (clumens) - Add cost, includepkgs, and excludepkgs to the ks repo objects (#448501). (clumens) - Stop pretending to support Greek text mode (#208841) (katzj) - Make it clear you need to reboot to use the installed system (#238297) (katzj) - Activate LVM for when we do meta-resizing (#441706) (katzj) - List Norweigian as Bokmål (#437355) (katzj) - Simplify the install classes. (clumens) - Don't show the EFI filesystem unless we're on an EFI platform (katzj) - Add nfsv4 so that we don't nuke them on upgrades (#448145) (katzj) - When there are errors reading the live CD, offer a retry. (clumens) - Can't recover from buildTransaction errors on a per-repo basis (#447796). (clumens) - Set default partition size to 200 MB in the custom partitioning UI. (clumens) - Limit the size of things in exception dumps to 1k. (clumens) - Catch IOErrors one place they seem to happen most. (clumens) - Add a unique user agent for anaconda's grabbing in stage2 (katzj) - Remove text mode help support as well. (clumens) - Check for all the non-mkfs utilities required for each filesystem type. (clumens) - More partitioning error handling fixes (#446453). (clumens) - Require cracklib-python for the rootpassword screen. (notting) - Use pykickstart's deprecated versions of the xconfig and monitor classes. (clumens) - Fix tyop in upgrade migrate screen (#446363) (katzj) * Tue May 13 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Just call the XStartupCB() function directly and randr to the desired resolution (katzj) - Stop writing out an xorg.conf (katzj) - Make the "dump to removable device" option work in anaconda. (jgranado) * Mon May 12 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Stop neutering DRI (notting) - make scripts/buildinstall take multiple repos (wwoods) - Don't worry about telling people that interactive text mode is in wrong lang (katzj) - Allow cpio updates.img in the tree for URL installs. (dlehman) - Declare unpackCpioBall for use from within urlinstall.c. (dlehman) - Don't unlink an image we retrieved but could not mount as it could be .cgz. (dlehman) - Don't run lspci with an explicit path (katzj) - Include lspci on all images (#445974) (katzj) - Add support for attaching gdbserver to the loader early on. (clumens) - Add virtio max partition count (markmc) - Sort virtio devices first (markmc) - Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// (andrewm) - 2008-05-08 Andrew Martynov <andrewm) - Look in the right place when ISO images are in a subdirectory (#443580). (clumens) - And run in the root (#374921) (katzj) - Don't crash when given URLs of the form ftp://user) - Use 'yum clean all' when cleaning up after an upgrade, not preupgrade (#374921) (katzj) - Kickstart flag is backwards (katzj) - If we're given a language, don't warn about console fonts (#444258) (katzj) - And actually include the bash binary too (#443700) (katzj) - Search path rather than hard-coding path to mdadm (#444843) (katzj) - Fix incorrect command name in error message. (clumens) - Specify which protocol is used for remote saving (#440214). (clumens) - Use bash for minstg2 shell (#443700) (katzj) - Revert PS1 and PATH changes as they don't work with busybox as used in minstg2 (katzj) * Mon Apr 28 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Write per-interface DNS info to ifcfg files (#443244) (dcantrell) - Clean up sanityCheckHostname() in (dcantrell) - Activate autorepeat for GUI installs. (jgranado) * Fri Apr 25 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Preserve 'set the hostname' setting when going Next/Back (#443414) (dcantrell) - Avoid traceback on network configuration screen (#444184) (dcantrell) - Add missing backslashes for the .profile here document. (dcantrell) - Label the efi boot filesystem on ia64 as well. (pjones) - Don't use size to determine if a partition is an EFI system partition; instead, (pjones) - Handle the DVD having a disknumber of ALL. (443291) (jkeating) - Make the LUKS passphrase prompt fit on an 80x25 screen. (#442100) (dlehman) - Don't dd the image from /dev/zero _and_ use "mkdosfs -C <image> <blockcount>" (pjones) - label the filesystem in efidisk.img so that HAL and such won't try to mount it. (pjones) - fix testiso Makefile target - boot.iso, not netinst.iso (wwoods) * Thu Apr 24 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Use the execWithCapture wrapper to be consistent. (jgranado) - Call the mdadm with full path. (jgranado) - Use the correct ls(1) alias. (dcantrell) - Set PS1 and ls(1) alias for tty2 shell. (dcantrell) - Lookinig for the capabilities file in xen is valid in more cases. (jgranado) - Avoid putting virtualization option when in Xen or VMware. (#443373) (jgranado) - If the stage2 image is on a CD, don't bother copying it (#441336). (clumens) - Once we've found the stage2 media on CD, always use it (#443736). (clumens) - Change mount point for CD to /mnt/stage2 when looking for stage2 (#443755). (clumens) - Switch to using 'yum clean all' to clean up after preupgrade (#374921) (katzj) - Handle .utf8 vs .UTF-8 (#443408) (katzj) - Avoid dividing by zero (#439160) (katzj) - Changes related to BZ #230949 (dcantrell) - $XORGDRIVERS no longer exists (markmc) - Bump version. (katzj) - Write IPv6 values to /etc/sysconfig/... correctly (#433290) (dcantrell) - Use the right base class for autopart handler. (clumens) * Fri Apr 18 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Listing the directories before expiring yum caches helps (katzj) * Fri Apr 18 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Don't look for .discinfo on the rescue CD (#442098). (clumens) - Use /var/cache/yum as the cachedir since /tmp might be too small (#443083). (clumens) - Revert "Don't look for a .discinfo file in rescue mode (jvonau, #442098)." (clumens) - Revert "Fix figuring out that the CD has stage2 on it and should be mounted." (clumens) - We've always expected devices to be strings, not unicode (#443040) (katzj) - Resizing lvs on top of RAID fails, make the error not a traceback (katzj) - Don't put an extra slash on the error message (jgranado) - Kernel changed howw the uevent API works for firmware loading *AGAIN*. (pjones) - Expose the log file descriptors so fwloader can avoid closing them (pjones) - Minor UI tweaks to passphrase dialogs (katzj) - Nuke preupgrade cache once we're done (#442832) (katzj) - Support bringing up the network if needed with preupgrade (#442610) (katzj) - Use a real GtkDialog instead of some crazy hacked up dialog (katzj) - Fix handling of pre-existing raids for the upgrade/rescue case (#441770) (katzj) - Add missing / (Doug Chapman, #442751) (katzj) * Wed Apr 16 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Fix figuring out that the CD has stage2 on it and should be mounted. (clumens) - Don't copy the stage2 image on NFS installs (#438377). (clumens) * Tue Apr 15 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Don't use megabytes for the livecd size for copying. (notting) - find moved (katzj) - Fix up silly syntax error that crept in to this commit (katzj) - Back to using the raw version of the docs (#442540) (katzj) - Expire yum caches on upgrade (#374921) (katzj) - Include KERNEL== in udev rules (#440568) (dwmw2) - Don't look for a .discinfo file in rescue mode (jvonau, #442098). (clumens) - Slower machines may take more than five seconds for hal to start (#442113) (katzj) - Pass the full device path (notting) - Only include the parts of grub that will work without crazy tricks (#429785) (katzj) * Thu Apr 10 2008 Peter Jones <> - - Fix destdir handling in upd-kernel (markmc) - Get rid of module ball remnants in mk-images (markmc) - Make upd-kernel handle version numbers the way we do them now (markmc) - Fix ia64 kernel path problems (katzj, #441846) - Don't tag more than one partRequest with mountpoint=/boot/efi (pjones) - Don't treat tiny disks as EFI System Partitions during autopart (pjones) * Thu Apr 10 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - ide-cd_mod, not ide-cd_rom (thanks to jwb) (katzj) * Wed Apr 09 2008 Peter Jones <> - - Ignore some warnings copying into /etc and /var (clumens) - Try to mount the NFS source in the loader to verify it is correct (clumens) - Be as clean as possible when looking for files/directories (jgranado, #431392) - More ia64 kernel finding fixage (katzj, #441708) - Fix read permissions on efidisk.img (pjones) - Use the mount flags passed to isys.mount() (pjones) * Wed Apr 09 2008 Peter Jones <> - - Fix device-mapper dep. * Tue Apr 08 2008 Peter Jones <> - - Handle EFI partitions somewhat better (pjones) - Fix typo in mk-images.efi's parted usage (pjones) * Tue Apr 08 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Set the initial state of the auto-encrypt checkbutton (#441018) (katzj) - Don't treat RAID devices as "disks" to avoid lots of odd behavior (#438358) (katzj) - Log a message if we disable selinux on upgrade (katzj) - Build efiboot.img on x86_64 and i386 . (pjones) - When splitting srpms, only link srpms, nothing else. (jkeating) - Don't cause the text to flicker between installed packages. (clumens) - Don't cause the screen to jump up and down between packages (#441160). (clumens) - Fix zooming and centering in the timezone screen (#439832). (clumens) - Handle ia64 kernel path (katzj) - And add nas to the list (#439255) (katzj) - Set parent so that the dialog centers (#441361) (katzj) - Don't show the label column (#441352) (katzj) - Do string substitution after we've translated (#441053) (katzj) - Set domain on glade file so translations show up (#441053) (katzj) - fix compression of modules (notting) - More build fixing due to translation breakage. (katzj) - Add code to create efiboot.img on i386 and x86_64 (pjones) - Remove gnome-panel too, it's no longer multilib. (jkeating) - Fix raising new NoSuchGroup exception. (clumens) - remove debugging print (notting) - Support encrypted RAID member devices. (#429600) (dlehman) - No longer require Amiga partitions on Pegasos (dwmw2) - Don't copy the stage2 image every time or on the way back. (clumens) - Make lukscb.get_data("encrypt") always return a valid value. (pjones) - Set the scrollbar color so it doesn't surprise me the same way in the future. (pjones) - Translation updates. * Sun Apr 06 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Another day, another broken translation commit to fix. (katzj) - Work around GL crashes in anaconda X by disabling them. (jkeating) - Clean up "finishing upgrade" wait window (katzj) - Stop refreshing like mad in text-mode on WaitWindow.refresh() (katzj) - Avoid progress bars going off the end and making newt unhappy (katzj) - Brute force hack to avoid the number of packages overflowing (#436588) (katzj) - Revert "Change the default level in /etc/sysconfig/init now (#440058)." (notting) - Add gnome-applets to the upgrade blacklist, fix kmymoney2 typo. (jkeating) - Don't enable encryption by default (katzj) - Print our mount commands to /dev/tty5 for easier debugging. (clumens) - Change the default level in /etc/sysconfig/init now (#440058). (clumens) - Make the Back button work when asking for tcp/ip information in loader.c. (#233655) (jgranado) - Have <F12> work in the network configuration stage (#250982) (jgranado) - Use a better test to see if a package group doesn't exist (#439922). (clumens) - avoid behavior in (#208970) (jgranado) - Correctly label the xen images in the .treeinfo file (jgranado) - Translation updates * Wed Apr 02 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Only do verbose hal logging if loglevel=debug (katzj) - Avoid AttributeError in HardDriveDict (#432362) (pjones) - Don't use %n with gettext to avoid segfaults (#439861) (katzj) - Require live installs to be to an ext2 or ext3 filesystem (#397871) (katzj) - Don't allow migrations to ext4 for now (katzj) - Change ext4 parameter to ext4, not iamanext4developer (katzj) - Bootable requests can not be on logical volumes (#439270). (clumens) - Don't allow /boot to be migrated to ext4 (#439944) (katzj) - Fix for ia64 (#439876) (katzj) - Update pkgorder group listings to match current Fedora defaults. (jkeating) - Lame attempt to try to avoid race condition with udev creating device nodes (katzj) - Don't traceback if stdout is an fd either (katzj) - iutil doesn't need isys anymore (katzj) - Free memory only after we're done using it (#439642). (clumens) - Fix a segfault freeing memory on boot.iso+hdiso installs. (clumens) * Mon Mar 31 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Fix my tyop (katzj) - Fuzzy broken string again (katzj) * Sun Mar 30 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Fix broken translations. Again. (katzj) * Sun Mar 30 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Translation updates - Allow GPT disk labels on ppc/ppc64. (dcantrell) - Tear down the right loopback device before going to stage2. (clumens) - Don't pass None as stdout or stderr. (clumens) - Make sure there's a stdout to write to. (clumens) - Handle fstype munging in isys.readFSType instead of in various other places. (dlehman) - Fix a typo in new encrypted LV code. (dlehman) - Partitioning UI for handling of preexisting encrypted devices. (dlehman) - Support discovery of preexisting rootfs on LV. (dlehman) - Improve handling of logical volume device names when encrypted. (dlehman) - Add support for discovery of preexisting LUKS encrypted devices. (dlehman) - Add support for retrieving LUKS UUIDs. (dlehman) - Refresh po files (katzj) - Mark for translation based on feedback from translators (katzj) - Just relabel all of /etc/sysconfig (#439315) (katzj) - When dhcp is selected ensure that bootproto is set to dhcp (RPL-2301) (elliot) - Fix for test mode repo bits (katzj) - Try to make the size flow a little more for weird resolution screens (#439297) (katzj) - Add kmymoney to upgrade remove list (#439255) (katzj) * Thu Mar 27 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix broken translation. (clumens) * Thu Mar 27 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Have a fallback empty description for devices (#432362) (katzj) - os.path.join does not work the way we think it should. (clumens) - Remove the stage2 in all cases now that we're copying it basically all the time (katzj) - Add support for saving the exception to a local directory for live installs (katzj) - Catch errors on resize and present a dialog to the user (katzj) - Save resize output to a file (/tmp/resize.out) so that it's more useful (katzj) - Make sure we give the command that's run on stdout so that it's logged (katzj) - more mouse-related removals (notting) - Fix up autopart resizing for the multiple partitions to resize case (katzj) - Fix up the case where both method= and stage2= are given (katzj) - Remove mouse screens that haven't been used in 4 years (katzj) * Wed Mar 26 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Only remove duplicate slashes from the front of the prefix. (clumens) - Ensure that we take into account new repos (katzj) - Handle kernel variants a little better at install time too (katzj) - Make a little bit more future proof for kernel version changing (katzj) - Add confirmation of closing the installer window (#437772) (katzj) - Fix SIGSEGV on all mounts without options (katzj) - Add support for encrypted logical volumes in kickstart. (clumens) - Add support for encrypted LVs. (dlehman) - Put in some handling for redundant method calls and devices containing '/'. (dlehman) * Tue Mar 25 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Fuzzy broken string (katzj) * Tue Mar 25 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Use anaconda-upgrade dir in the preupgrade case (katzj) - Have 'preupgrade' key doing an upgrade (katzj) - Fix what we expect to be the message from ntfsprogs (katzj) - Fix up compile error for new newt (katzj) - Don't traceback if we have little freespace partitions (#438696) (katzj) - Translation updates (ko, ru) * Mon Mar 24 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Translation updates (hi, fr, kn, de, ml, es, mr, ko, te) - Fix up more unicode shenanigans (#437993) (katzj) - Move /tmp/stage2.img to /mnt/sysimage to free up some memory (#438377). (clumens) - Be a little smarter about downloading repo metadata (#437972). (clumens) - Make sure that devices are set up before using them. (#437858) (dlehman) - Don't prepend /dev/ on bind mounts either. (clumens) - Use the repo name instead of id in the group file error message (#437972). (clumens) - Handle /dev being on hard drive devices in the second stage (katzj) - Fix the build (katzj) - The units for /sys/block/foo/size aren't bytes. Fixes finding some disks (katzj) - Remove the check for .discinfo on URL installs. (clumens) - Always unmount /mnt/source on hdiso installs before starting stage2. (clumens) - Always unmount /mnt/source on nfsiso installs before starting stage2. (clumens) - Make sure the first disc image is mounted before setting up repos. (clumens) - Fix $UPDATES for real (katzj) - Avoid piling up slashes in the UI when retrying (#437516). (clumens) - Require comps-extras now that we don't require pirut bringing it in (notting) - Put "ide-cd_mod" in the list of modules to pull in. (pjones) * Tue Mar 18 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix format of method=hd: parameter (#438075). (clumens) - Work on support for NFSISO installs when using boot.iso. (clumens) - If a file doesn't exist, don't continue trying to loopback mount it. (clumens) - Make loopback mount error messages more useful. (clumens) - Focus root password entry box (#436885). (dcantrell) - Fix a traceback writing out the method string for hdiso installs. (clumens) - Fix use of sizeof on a malloc()'d char ** (pjones) - Fix up ppc boot check (#438005) (katzj) - Support reading the UUID from the disk like we do with labels. (clumens) - If the protected partition is not yet mounted, mount it now. (clumens) - Don't add /dev/ to LABEL= or UUID= devices either. (clumens) - Use arch instead of the name again in package nevra. (clumens) - Fix traceback with preexisting LUKS partitions in setFromDisk. (part of #437858) (dlehman) * Mon Mar 17 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Translation updates (de, fi, it, gu, ta, pa) - Fix a typo. (clumens) - Fix the build. (clumens) - Make sure we return the same kind of exception in all cases. (clumens) - Filter so we don't show LVM and RAID components when adding boot entry (#437501) (katzj) - Only print the filename we're fetching, as newt doesn't like long names. (clumens) - Fix off by one error reading .buildstamp (pjones) - Use the right path when trying to fetch .discinfo. (clumens) - Don't prepend /dev/ onto nfs devices. Also log mount errors to tty5. (pjones) * Sun Mar 16 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Update translations (pl, de) - Use i586 kernel (#437641) (katzj) - Give indication of success or failure for mediacheck (#437577) (katzj) - Ensure the UUID for the rootfs is random and not the same for every live image (katzj) - Make migration from ext3 -> ext4 saner on upgrade (#437567) (katzj) - Force filesystem mount options on /boot/efi . (pjones) - On HDISO installs, look for the stage2.img file in the right directory. (clumens) - Accept devices with or without a leading /dev/. (clumens) - .buildstamp no longer contains productPath, so change the default (#437509). (clumens) - Remove references to an uninitialized variable. (clumens) - Use shortname=winnt instead of shortname=win95 when mounting /boot/efi (pjones) - Do not strip leading or trailing whiltespace from passphrases. (#437499) (dlehman) - Set methodstr for nfsiso installs (#437541). (clumens) - Create and check /boot/efi correctly, and use preexisting one if available. (pjones) - Handle /boot/efi and /boot both as bootrequests (pjones) - Emit "efi" as /boot/efi's filesystem type (pjones) - Add EFI handling to the bootloader setup choices. (pjones) - Add efi to the ignoreable filesystem list. (pjones) - Add EFIFileSystem, and getMountName() to hide that it's really vfat. (pjones) - Add isEfiSystemPartition(), and use it where appropriate (pjones) - Call getAutoPartitionBoot with our partition list as an arg. (pjones) - Don't show the epoch in package selection either (#437502). (clumens) - Fix some errors on reporting which files are being downloaded. (clumens) - Revert "Handle /boot and /boot/efi separately, plus fixes" (pjones) - Handle /boot and /boot/efi separately, plus fixes (pjones) - Get rid of unused >1024 cylindar check, fix text of boot check exceptions. (pjones) - Make bootRequestCheck() check /each/ boot partition like it's supposed to, (pjones) - Fix shell quoting on numbers > 9, and fix an error message. (pjones) - Don't show the epoch in the progress bar (#437502). (clumens) - Include efibootmgr in the instroot (pjones) * Thu Mar 13 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Don't unmount NFS source so NFSISO will work. (clumens) - Fix the format of the method=hd: parameter. (clumens) - Fix creating new users in kickstart. (clumens) - "gtk-edit" isn't valid in text mode. (clumens) - Ignore LUKS headers on partitions containing RAID signatures. (#437051) (dlehman) - The xconfig command with no X running doesn't make sense. (clumens) * Wed Mar 12 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - yum.remove removes installed packages, not to be installed packages (#436226) (katzj) - Make the /tmp/updates vs RHupdates code at least a little readable. (pjones) - Allow vfat update images. (pjones) - Fix syntax error (pjones) - Add a progress bar for when we're downloading headers (#186789). (clumens) - mount will set up the loopback device if we let it. (clumens) - Fix mounting problems with NFSISO images. (clumens) - Simplify the logic for the upgrade arch check (katzj) - Add a fallback method for determining the architecture of installed system during an upgrade (#430115) (msivak) - Avoid a traceback (#436826) (katzj) - Make sure host lookups work for manual net config (#435574). (dcantrell) * Tue Mar 11 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Focus root password entry box (#436885). (dcantrell) - Make sure default is SHA-512 for libuser.conf. (dcantrell) - Fix detection of ISO images on a hard drive partition. (clumens) - Devices names aren't prefixed with /dev/. (clumens) - Filter out /dev/ram* devices from the list of hdiso partitions. (clumens) - But make sure that we've activated the keymap now that X follows its defaults (katzj) - Don't set a keyboard in the X config, we should just do this at runtime (katzj) - Writing out the nfs method line is a lot simpler now. (clumens) - Use /mnt/sysimage/tmp/cache for the yum cache, instead of the ramdisk. (clumens) - Translation updates (nl, gu, ml, mr, pa) * Mon Mar 10 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Use the full path to the .discinfo file (#436855). (clumens) - List netinst.iso/boot.iso in .treeinfo (#436089) (katzj) - Convinced to change the name back to boot.iso (katzj) - Only pass the file path to {ftp,http}GetFileDesc. (clumens) - Pass the correct NFS method parameter to stage2 (#436360). (clumens) - Fix logging messages to not display the hostname twice. (clumens) - Fix traceback with text mode adding iscsi (#436480) (katzj) * Thu Mar 06 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Don't use the bits from $UPDATES unless $UPDATES exists (katzj) - Fix horkage with busybox stuff. There's now start-stop-daemon (katzj) - Require new enough version of yum-utils (katzj) - Pass the --archlist option to yumdownloader (jkeating) - Update pt_BR translation * Wed Mar 05 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Fix the build again (katzj) * Wed Mar 05 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Don't require some things which we fall back gracefully when not there (katzj) - Check for filesystem utilities to see if a filesystem is supported (katzj) - Write out keyboard settings before installing packages. (related to #429358) (dlehman) - Update pl translation - Make sure http:// or ftp:// is specified (#436089) (katzj) - Fix segfault when port is specified (#435219) (katzj) - Use ntfsresize -m to get minimum size (#431124) (katzj) - Use the right path to the .discinfo file when validating a tree. (clumens) * Tue Mar 04 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Fix the build. * Tue Mar 04 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Add --archlist to repoquery call. (jkeating) - Translation updates (pl, nl, ja) - Handle efibootmgr and grub.efi in upd-instroot. (pjones) - Merge in branch to implement stage2= parameter. (clumens) - Revert the memtest86 bits for EFI, since this gets run on multiple arches. (pjones) - Use iutil.isEfi() instead of testing for ia64-ness. (pjones) - Only do gptsync if we're not using EFI. (pjones) - Don't do gptsync if we're using EFI. (pjones) - Use gpt on all efi platforms. (pjones) - Rework isEfi() to be slightly more conservative. (pjones) - Test for using efi rather than arch==ia64 (pjones) - Don't copy memtest86 in on EFI since it won't work. (pjones) - Add comment regarding usage of elilo (pjones) - Free some variables so we can http GET twice if needed. (clumens) - Change the method config prompts. (clumens) - Support stage2= for CD installs in loader. (clumens) - Support stage2= for HD installs. (clumens) - Support stage2= for NFS installs. (clumens) - Support stage2= for URL installs. (clumens) - Update the method string handling for NFS and URL installs. (clumens) - mountStage2 now needs to take an extra argument for updates. (clumens) - If stage2= is given, it overrides the check for a CD stage2 image. (clumens) - Support the stage2= parameter, and add a flag for it. (clumens) * Mon Mar 03 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Only use UUID= for devices we would have labeled. Related to #435228 (katzj) - If we don't find a kernel package, then give a better error (katzj) - Translation updates (cs, de) * Sun Mar 02 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Fix a traceback when we have an error. Related to #433658 (katzj) - Add virtio_pci in hopes of getting virtio working (katzj) - Pull in the bits of pirut that we use so that we don't depend on pirut (katzj) - Default to RAID1 instead of RAID0 (#435579) (katzj) - Refresh po (katzj) - Fix traceback leaving task selection screen (#435556) (katzj) - More ext4 vs ext4dev nonsense. (#435517) (katzj) - Fix reverse name lookup. (pjones) * Thu Feb 28 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Don't write out /etc/rpm/platform anymore. (katzj) - anaconda-runtime now needs yum-utils (katzj) - Add 'testiso' target (katzj) - Remove rescue cd creation scripts (katzj) - Take --updates with location of additional updates beyond the package set used (katzj) - Change the ISOs we build (katzj) - Take advantage of yum repos being available (katzj) - Allow recovery from some missing repodata conditions. (clumens) - Rework the repo editor screen to be more modular. (clumens) - Move doPostImages to be run after the second stage build (katzj) - Ensure that group info for txmbrs is accurate after we reset (katzj) - Fix backwards logic for yum verbosity (katzj) - No more arc (#435175) (katzj) - Remove an unused method. (clumens) * Tue Feb 26 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Use non-deprecated HAL properties. (notting) - More crud to deal with the fact that rawhide trees are composed weird (katzj) - Gtk does not have the error type, use custom with proper icons. (#224636) (msivak) * Mon Feb 25 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Fix up symlinks that could be broken with our movement here (#434882) (wwoods) - pvops xen uses hvc as its console (#434763) (katzj) - Follow symlinks when looking for the anaconda-runtime package. (jkeating) * Sun Feb 24 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Write out UUID in the fstab (#364441) (katzj) - Add support for getting UUID using libblkid (katzj) - Fix calculation of sizes of LVs when resizing (#433024) (katzj) - Add back some bits for text mode (katzj) - Remove advanced bootloader bits (katzj) - Add support for actually changing where the boot loader gets installed as well (katzj) - Less text. (katzj) - Reorder things a little, clean up spacing (katzj) - Use a tooltip instead of a long bit of text that most people don't read (katzj) - Remove advanced checkbox (katzj) - Switch the grub installation radio to be a checkbutton. Cleanups for grub only (katzj) - Lets redirect to /dev/null to ensure that what we get in DIR is the result of pwd. (jgranado) - Catch the error emmited by lvm tools during logical volume creation process (#224636). (msivak) - Don't try to lock /etc/mtab, fix error detection when mount fails. (clumens) - Don't append (null) to the NFS mount options. (clumens) - There's no need to wait if the last download retry failed. (clumens) - the '-o' is appended to the mount command in imount.c (jgranado) - Use full path to device for mount in findExistingRootPartitions. (dlehman) - Map preexisting encrypted devs before mounting everything in mountRootPartition. (dlehman) - Fix traceback on test mount in findExistingRootPartitions. (dlehman) - Use SHA-512 by default for password encryption. (dcantrell) - Clean up root password user interfaces. (dcantrell) * Tue Feb 19 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Default to the right timezone when language is changed (#432158). (clumens) - Fix another text mode network config traceback (#433475). (clumens) - More scripts cleanups. (jgranado) - Remove more references to ARC (#433229). (clumens) - Mount flags should be an optional argument (#433279, #433280). (clumens) - We don't need productpath anymore, so stop taking it as an option (katzj) - Set yum output level based on whether or not we've passed --debug or not (katzj) - Clean up invocation of mk-images from buildinstall (katzj) - Clean up invocation of upd-instroot from buildinstall (katzj) - Remove some legacy stuff that's no longer relevant from .discinfo/.treeinfo (katzj) - Don't depend on product path for finding the anaconda-runtime package (katzj) - Make buildinstall a little clearer (katzj) - Use $LIBDIR instead of lib globbing to avoid problems with chroots (katzj) - Add some error handling around populateTs. (clumens) * Thu Feb 14 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Fix up firmware inclusion. This didn't actually ever work. (katzj) - Fix up the groff related stuff for man pages to be done in the correct place (katzj) - remove yumcache (katzj) - Don't do fixmtimes anymore (katzj) - Don't compress translations (katzj) - Don't manually duplicate things from package %post scripts (katzj) - Remove some unused options (--discs and --buildinstdir) (katzj) - Keep /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/shells (katzj) - Stop forcing passive mode for FTP by patching urllib (katzj) - We don't use timezones.gz anymore anywhere (katzj) - We shouldn't need to remove files that are only in -devel packages (katzj) - Remove some obsolete files from the list to clean up noise in the output (katzj) - We want nss bits on all arches these days (katzj) - Just use default /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/shells (katzj) - alpha should have translations probably (katzj) - Remove some things that aren't used anymore (katzj) - Don't run pkgorder as a part of buildinstall anymore (katzj) - Remove duplicate file from the file lists (katzj) - Don't use the static versions of these anymore as they're likely to go away (katzj) - Remove weird s390 hack that shouldn't be needed any more (katzj) - Make makebootfat less noisy (katzj) - Get rid of dangling fobpath stuff; now that we're not mounting to create (katzj) - Ignore .bak files created by glade (katzj) - Get rid of duplication for yaboot stuff to make scripts less noisy (katzj) - Correct internationalization of exception handler text (msw) - More fixing of mount paths (#432720) (katzj) - securitylevel -> firewall in the spec file. (clumens) - Include util-linux-ng, which contains mount (#432720). (clumens) - When mounting stage2 on loopback, add -o loop to mount opts. (clumens) * Tue Feb 12 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Fix the build (katzj) * Tue Feb 12 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Handle modules with more than one description (#432414) (katzj) - Finish HDISO installs, at least for DVDs (#431132). (clumens) - Move migration to before mounting filesystems (katzj) - Fix silly thinko in Eric's patch (katzj) - Allow ext3->ext4 upgrades (sandeen) - Do the man pages in rescue mode the right way. (jgranado) - Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// (notting) - Use /etc/adjtime as the configuration file for UTC/not-UTC. (notting) - Remove all our own mount code. (clumens) - Use the mount program instead of our own code. (clumens) - Add the real mount programs to stage1. (clumens) - Use the correct variables to get the ipv6 info. (#432035) (jgranado) - Update error messages to match function names. (dcantrell) - Rename nl.c to iface.c and functions to iface_* (dcantrell) - In rescue mode, show interface configuration (#429953) (dcantrell) - Add qla2xxx firmware (#377921) (katzj) - Rename base repo (#430806). (clumens) - Remove dep on anaconda from pkgorder (katzj) - Remove no longer used dumphdrlist script (katzj) * Thu Feb 07 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Fix error message on continuing after changing cds with mediacheck (katzj) - Fix the progress bar during mediacheck (#431138) (katzj) - Ensure we disable SELinux if the live image isn't using it (#417601) (katzj) - Correct nl_ip2str() cache iteration. (dcantrell) - Check the fstype of the live image (katzj) - Check for device existence rather than starting with /dev (katzj) - The FL_TEXT flag has no reason to be here. (#207657) (jgranado) - Don't traceback when getLabels is called with DiskSet.anaconda set to None. (dlehman) - Pass arguments correctly to anaconda (katzj) - Cancel on escape being pressed with autopart resizing (katzj) * Wed Feb 06 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Make passwordEntry appear on the exn saving screen. (clumens) - Don't allow disabling default repositories. (clumens) - Make loopback device purposes line up with what stage2 expects. (clumens) - Fix methodstr handling for hdiso installs (#431132). (clumens) - Remove our own DNS functions, since glibc's are available now. (clumens) * Tue Feb 05 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Copy over repodata from media after the install is done (#381721) (katzj) - Add resizing support in autopartitioning (katzj) - Fix test mode with python-fedora installed (katzj) - Add support for encrypted devices in rescue mode (dlehman). - Allow creation of LUKSDevice with no passphrase. (dlehman) - Fix hdiso installs in loader and in methodstr (#431132). (clumens) - Avoid infinite loop in nl_ip2str(). (dcantrell) - Force users to set a hostname (#408921) (dcantrell) - Forward-port RHEL-5 fixes for s390x issues. (dcantrell) - tweaks for ext4dev & xfs (sandeen) - When editing the raid partitions show raid memebers. (#352721) (jgranado) - mdadm to create the mdadm.conf (#395881) (jgranado) * Wed Jan 30 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Initialize int in doConfigNetDevice() to fix compiler warnings. (dcantrell) * Wed Jan 30 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Handle putting updates ahead of anaconda in the updates= case too. (clumens) - Make sure the device name starts with /dev (#430811). (clumens) - Revert "Initial support for network --bootproto=ask (#401531)." (clumens) - (#186439) handle lv names with "-" when doing kickstart. (jgranado) - Remove the last references to makeDevInode (#430784). (clumens) - Don't traceback trying to raise an exception when making users (#430772). (clumens) * Mon Jan 28 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Go back to the method screen if back is hit on nfs config (#430477). (clumens) - Fix dmidecode dependency (#430394, Josh Boyer <jwboyer) * Fri Jan 25 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix generation of stage1 images. (notting) - Fix a typo in mk-images. (clumens) - Allow removing packages by glob now that yum supports it. (clumens) * Thu Jan 24 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix a traceback on the driver selection screen (#428810). (clumens) - Map 'nousb', 'nofirewire', etc. to be proper module blacklists. (notting) - Clean off leading and trailing whitespace from descriptions. (notting) - Write out /etc/rpm/platform on livecd installs. (clumens) * Wed Jan 23 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Include new firstboot module. (clumens) - Conditionalize ntfsprogs as not all arches include it. (clumens) - Remove kudzu-probe-stub. (clumens) - Remove rogue references to kudzu. (clumens) - Add dogtail support (#172891, #239024). (clumens) - Fix some error reporting tracebacks. (clumens) * Tue Jan 22 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Avoid possible SIGSEGV from empty loaderData values. (dcantrell) - Do not require glib2-devel for building. (dcantrell) - Use libnl to get interface MAC and IP addresses (dcantrell) - Don't refer to the libuser.conf when creating users (#428891). (clumens) - pcspkr works (or isn't even present), per testing on #fedora-devel (notting) - Inline spufs loading for ppc. (notting) - Load iscsi_tcp, so that iSCSI actually works (notting) - inline ipv6 module loading (notting) - If we execWith a program, require the package containing it. (clumens) - Add a repository editor. (clumens) - Add the default repo to the UI so it can be edited later. (clumens) - Fix non-latin-1 locale display in the loader. (notting) - Make sure anaconda has precedence in the search path (#331091). (clumens) - When starting RAID arrays, the device node may not already exist. (notting) - Fix a typo that's breaking kickstart network installs. (clumens) - Don't allow backing up to partitioning (#429618). (clumens) - Update font paths. (clumens) * Mon Jan 21 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Try to fix a problem creating users via kickstart (#428891, clumens) - Fix a loader segfault doing kickstart nfs installs (clumens) - Move more interactive steps ahead of partitioning (clumens) - If we can't possibly add advanced devices, don't offer it (#429210, clumens) - Don't flush after rescanning so recently attached disks are available (clumens) - If bootproto is dhcp, unset any static settings (#218489, dcantrell) - Add some groups to pkgorder to make the CDs come out right (pjones) - Fix traceback when using non-encrypted RAID (notting) - Complete the patch for dhcptimeout (#198147, #254032, msivak) * Wed Jan 16 2008 David L. Cantrell Jr. <> - - Require the latest libdhcp (dcantrell) - Don't set currentMedia when we're on a network install (#428927, clumens) - Don't offer two reboot options (clumens) - Remove fsopts that are already defaults (#429039, clumens) - Remove isofs module to get rid of a FATAL message (clumens) - Add the crc32c kernel module for iscsi (#405911, clumens) - Add MAC address to the network device selection screen (#428229, clumens) - Initial support for network --bootproto=ask (#401531, clumens) - Remove an extra newline (clumens) - Add firstaidkit to the rescue image (jgranado) - Fix the progress bar to hit 100% on the last package (#428790, clumens) - Add some output so the startup delay doesn't seem quite so long (clumens) - Initial kickstart support for encrypted partitions (clumens) * Mon Jan 14 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Inherit from the right versions of pykickstart classes (clumens) - Update for nss files moving to /lib (clumens) - Remove unneeded arguments from detectHardware function (notting) - Symlink all udev support binaries to udevadm (notting) - /sbin/restorecon on /etc/modprobe.d (notting) - Add the kickstart syntax version to the kickstart file (clumens) - Require latest libdhcp to fix x86_64 SIGABRT problems * Sun Jan 13 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Install new udev paths so HAL can talk to it (notting) - Also get DSO deps for setuid binaries (like X). (clumens) - Fix a bunch of pychecker errors. (clumens) * Fri Jan 11 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Make sure the arch is listedat the top of all loader screens. (clumens) - Add the version number really early in the log file too. (clumens) - Require latest libdhcp (dcantrell) - Add nicdelay parameter to loader, so we can wait before sending DHCP requests. (msivak) - Add dhcpdelay to loader so we can modify the default dhcp timeout (#198147, #254032). (msivak) - Fix the selected device when disabling entries in Add advanced drive dialog. (#248447) (msivak) - Include mkfs.gfs2 (#356661). (clumens) - Use the new default Japanese font (#428070). (clumens) - More urlinstall loader fixes. (clumens) * Wed Jan 09 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix encrypted autopart traceback. (dlehman) - Allow for better recovery if the CD/DVD is bad. (clumens) - If downloading the updates image fails, prompt for a new location. (clumens) - X now relies on libpciaccess, so add it to our list. (clumens) - Erase temporary packages after installing them on all methods. (clumens) * Mon Jan 07 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Make text mode root password dialog default match GUI. (clumens) - Fix a segfault in making the URL dialog box. (clumens) * Sun Jan 06 2008 Chris Lumens <> - - Fix checking the timestamps on split media installs. (clumens) - Fix reference to isodir to avoid a post-install traceback. (clumens) - Use a better test when populating the URL panel in loader. (clumens) - Don't use error messages from dosfslabel as the label (#427457). (clumens) - No longer require kudzu (#427680). (clumens) * Thu Jan 03 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Require latest libdhcp (#378641) (dcantrell) * Thu Jan 03 2008 David Cantrell <> - - Precreate /etc/modprobe.d in installroot (jkeating) - 'import sets' in (jkeating) - Fix traceback when displaying required media (clumens) * Tue Jan 01 2008 Jeremy Katz <> - - Make it obvious which partitions are being formatted and encrypted (katzj) - Set initial sensitivity of encrypt button correctly (katzj) - Fix traceback on invalid passphrase (#426887) (katzj) - Use mkstemp() instead of tempnam() (katzj) - Don't resize filesystems which are being formatted (#426466) (katzj) - Add cracklib-dicts (#426444) (katzj) - Fix build (notting)