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Package Nameretrace-server
SummaryApplication for remote coredump analysis
DescriptionThe retrace server provides a coredump analysis and backtrace generation service over a network using HTTP protocol.
Built bymgrabovs
State complete
StartedMon, 07 Feb 2022 11:03:18 UTC
CompletedMon, 07 Feb 2022 11:06:03 UTC
Taskbuild (epel8-candidate, /rpms/retrace-server.git:8503945d657b58cd0d0b65577a048832db2e0984)
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Changelog * Mon Feb 07 2022 Packit Service <> - 1.24.1-1 - Release version 1.24.1-1 (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace-server-interact: Fix traceback for non-existent gid (Dave Wysochanski) - Revert "Bump Meson dependency to 0.59.0" (Matěj Grabovský) - coverage: Set Git root directory (Matěj Grabovský) - Bump Meson dependency to 0.59.0 (Matěj Grabovský) - meson: Copy spec file to build directory (Matěj Grabovský) - bugzilla-query: Shorten lines that exceed 79 columns per PEP-0008 (Dave Wysochanski) - bugzilla-query: Use 'limit' and search only recently modified bugs (Dave Wysochanski) - manager: Add existence and permissions check of custom_url to avoid failed tasks (Dave Wysochanski) - Replace TASK_RETRACE with TASK_COREDUMP and start_retrace with start_coredump (Dave Wysochanski) - Fix typos (Michal Fabik) - Update translations (Matěj Grabovský) - readme: Add Codecov badge (Matěj Grabovský) - test: Add test cases for human_readable_size() (Matěj Grabovský) - util: Print 1024 bytes as 1.00 kB (Matěj Grabovský) - Calculate and upload code coverage to Codecov (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace-server-task: Improve verbose error message when 'create' fails (Dave Wysochanski) - retrace: Handle vmware .vmsn kernel version detection with heuristic (Dave Wysochanski) - manager: Disallow NULL string in custom core location on manager page (Dave Wysochanski) - man: Cleanup retrace-server-worker man page (Dave Wysochanski) - retrace-server-task: Fix Traceback with no arguments (Dave Wysochanski) - test: Fix for Python < 3.8 (Matěj Grabovský) - Update dependencies (Matěj Grabovský) - podman: Unify string quotes (Matěj Grabovský) - test: Expand Podman backend tests (Matěj Grabovský) - test: Remove old test, create new one (Matěj Grabovský) - c2p: Improve Pythonic code style (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Escape regex strings properly (Matěj Grabovský) - create: Be more explicit in calculations (Matěj Grabovský) - r-s-reposync-faf: Remove obsolete Pylint directive (Matěj Grabovský) - podman: Pass `check` explicitly to `run()` (Matěj Grabovský) - Add type annotations where appropriate (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace,util: Improve code style (Matěj Grabovský) - config: Iterate dictionary directly (Matěj Grabovský) - config: Rename variables for conformity (Matěj Grabovský) - plugin: Rename variables for conformity (Matěj Grabovský) - pylintrc: Do not warn about missing docstrings (Matěj Grabovský) - Fix bare `except` occurrences (Matěj Grabovský) - readme: Add badge for build status (Matěj Grabovský) * Mon May 24 2021 Packit Service <> - 1.24.0-1 - Release version 1.24.0-1 (Matěj Grabovský) - spec: Recommend httpd dependency (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Do not clean c2p_log and Containerfile (Matěj Grabovský) - spec: Migrate old home directory in post scriptlet (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace_worker: Fix container name for vmcores (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Rename Dockerfile to Containerfile globally (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace_worker: Fix paths to vmcore in Podman backend (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace_worker: Guess OS release from kernelver (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace_worker: Update arguments to podman run (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace_worker: Fix undefined variable error (Matěj Grabovský) - r-s-reposync: Fix type error (Matěj Grabovský) - config: Add typing annotations (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Major refactoring of Podman backend code (Matěj Grabovský) - r-s-reposync: Slight refactoring (Matěj Grabovský) - r-s-reposync-faf: Add logging (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Do not delete Dockerfile and c2p log (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Code style tweaks (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace_worker: Simplify path construction (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Fix type error (Matěj Grabovský) - doc: Document metrics feature (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Disable metrics by default (Matěj Grabovský) - metrics: Add an endpoint exposing task metrics (Matěj Grabovský) - spec: Add missing dependency on coreutils (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Factor out path to ps (Matěj Grabovský) - doc: Slight style and info update (Matěj Grabovský) * Wed Mar 10 2021 Packit Service <> - 1.23.0-1 - Release version 1.23.0-1 (Matěj Grabovský) - fedora: Add Fedora 34 to version list (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Be more careful when reading task status (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace_worker: Add backtrace to log when a task fails with error (Pierguido Lambri) - retrace: Fix "file not found" when the archive contains directories (Pierguido Lambri) - r-s-cleanup: Improve regex (Matěj Grabovský) - r-s-cleanup: Use a constant instead of signal number (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Add timeout to Podman commands (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Check if directory exists before iterating (Matěj Grabovský) - r-s-cleanup: Replace loop with list comprehension (Matěj Grabovský) - r-s-cleanup: Pretty-print elapsed process time (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Work with elapsed process time in seconds (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Shorten regex for matching workers (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Replace loop with generator (Matěj Grabovský) - util: Pythonic way to check for suffix (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Minor code style improvements (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Correct stripping of epoch number (Matěj Grabovský) - util: Repair parsing regexes (Matěj Grabovský) - test: Prepend to PATH in Meson script (Matěj Grabovský) - test: Factor out paths to executables (Matěj Grabovský) - test: Repair test script (Matěj Grabovský) - test: Code style fixes and cleanup (Matěj Grabovský) - test: Add Meson script for testing (Matěj Grabovský) - spec: Update build prerequisites for tests (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Factor out path to Podman executable (Matěj Grabovský) - hooks: Warn if config directory does not exist (Matěj Grabovský) - r-s-worker: Don't check user in testing mode (Matěj Grabovský) - util: Improve regexes for parsing problem data (Matěj Grabovský) - Update translations (Jenkins Automation Server) - spec: Recommend logrotate (Michal Židek) - Update translations (Jenkins Automation Server) * Tue Nov 24 2020 Packit Service <> - 1.22.4-1 - Release version 1.22.4-1 (Matěj Grabovský) - r-s-reposync-faf: Fix type errors (Matěj Grabovský) - fedora: Remove old releases before 31 (Matěj Grabovský) - fedora: Add Fedora 33 to version list (Matěj Grabovský) - Update translations (Jenkins Automation Server) - retrace: Do not allocate pseudo-TTY for container (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Slight refactoring in Podman backend (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: Remove intermediate Podman containers in build (Matěj Grabovský) - retrace: More precise argument type (Matěj Grabovský) - Update translations (Jenkins Automation Server) - ftp/manager: Add link on manager page and create backlink on ftp page (Dave Wysochanski) - managertask: Remove unnecessary whitespace at right of notes and backtrace (Dave Wysochanski) - manager: Rework display of finished, running, and available tasks (Dave Wysochanski) - manager: reformat manager page to improve readability (Dave Wysochanski) * Fri Oct 30 2020 Packit Service <> - 1.22.3-1 - new upstream release: 1.22.3 * Fri Oct 23 2020 Packit Service <> - 1.22.2-1 - new upstream release: 1.22.2 * Wed Oct 21 2020 Matěj Grabovský <> 1.22.0-1 - Add support for virtual memory files for vmcores - Add option to restart an existing task in retrace-server-task and on task manager page - Disallow users other than 'retrace' to call retrace-server-worker - Improve error message in case of Kerberos authentication failure - Revamp task manager web UI - Revamp GPG verification of package signatures; use keys from distribution-gpg-keys - Accommodate for multiple debug directories in Fedora 27 and later - Fix FTP submissions on task manager page - Fix permissions on dmesg file in task results directory - Migrate build process to Meson; completely drop Autotools - Add Tito configuration - Update translations - Drop python3-six dependency - Add build dependencies on gzip, lsof, tar and xz - Rewrite Dockerfile - Migrate to calling in place of s.Popen() and - Use pathlib.Path instead of strings and os.path methods in some places - Add kernel-only config options 'KernelDebuggerPath' and 'RetraceEnvironment=native' - Introduce type annotations - Address issues reported by Pylint - Other minor code refactoring and cleanup operations * Wed Oct 21 2020 Matěj Grabovský <> 1.22.0-1 - Add support for virtual memory files for vmcores - Add option to restart an existing task in retrace-server-task and on task manager page - Disallow users other than 'retrace' to call retrace-server-worker - Improve error message in case of Kerberos authentication failure - Revamp task manager web UI - Revamp GPG verification of package signatures; use keys from distribution-gpg-keys - Accommodate for multiple debug directories in Fedora 27 and later - Fix FTP submissions on task manager page - Fix permissions on dmesg file in task results directory - Update translations - Drop python3-six dependency - Add build dependencies on gzip, lsof, tar and xz - Rewrite Dockerfile - Migrate to calling in place of s.Popen() and - Use pathlib.Path instead of strings and os.path methods in some places - Add kernel-only config options 'KernelDebuggerPath' and 'RetraceEnvironment=native' - Introduce type annotations - Address issues reported by Pylint - Other minor code refactoring and cleanup operations * Fri Feb 07 2020 Michal Fabik <> 1.21.0-1 - README: Add translation status - translations: Remove zanata config and script - retrace: Fix bytes has no attribute encode - Fix error when calling run_crash_cmdline after conversion to run() - Fix error handling when unknown exception occurs in run_crash_cmdline - podman: Tweak the Dockerfile for retracing - Remove rpm2cpio part from podman retrace - Check for RequireGPGCheck - Simplify run calls - Make returncode checks more readable - Fix container and image cleanup - Tag podman images with task id - Replace call() and Popen() with run() - Fix container cleanup - Change home dir for user 'retrace' - Use more meaningful log messages - Replace os.devnull with subprocess.DEVNULL - Add podman-specific deployment instructions - Fix pylint issues - Run hooks with podman as well - Add UseFafPackages support in podman - Fix indentation - Add exit code to spec file scriptlet - Add podman as a weak dependency - Beautify - Run retrace in podman container - Create Dockerfiles - Make mock-specific parts conditional - Remove test for abrt-gdb-exploitable - Add RetraceEnvironment config item - Fix spelling - Tweak man pages - Update translations - r-s-reposync-faf: Fix paths to rpms - Update (pt) translation - Update (nl) translation - Update (de) translation - Update (bg) translation - Update (tr) translation - Update (it) translation - Add (zh_HK) translation - r-s-reposync: Replace old way of cmp with key - Change capitalization of freenode - Fix build error after change of mock.conf to environment.conf - hooks: Rename mock hook to environment >>>>>>> master - hooks: Add option for per-executable timeouts - spec: Remove upgrade script moving config to new location - hooks:config: Load configs from users homedir - hooks: Move default hook script dir to /usr/libexec - hooks: Log stdout and stderr of scripts after exception - hooks: Run hook scripts in parallel processes - spec: Do not replace configs on reinstall - hooks: Fix hook timeouts and other exceptions logs - hooks: Change cwd for hooks to hooks dir - hooks: Change of retrace hooks - config: Move retrace-server configuration file - retrace: Change logging format - retrace_worker: Remove distro hack from mock config - dockerfile_local: Install vim - docker: Update Makefile - docker: Use sbin/httpd instead of apachectl - dockerfile_local: Install make - dockerfile: Update to Fedora 31 - dockerfile: Install mod_ssl - retrace_worker: Fix file mode to write to file - retrace-server-worker: Correct import of ArgumentParser * Tue Oct 29 2019 Michal Fabik <> 1.20.0-1 - Bump Fedora Release in Dockerfile - retrace_worker: Use kernelver_str var - retrace_worker: Remove unused variables - retrace: Remove unused variable - retrace: Use converted integer value - retrace: Remove unsused variable - pylint: Fix wrong indentations - pylint W0702: Fix-up bare exceptions - pylint: Fix spacing issues - Remove Python2/Python3 compatibility code - pylint E713: Test for membership should be ‘not in’ - retrace: Refactor asterisk imports of retrace - Translation updates - Add new translation languages - tr - Add transtalations from Fedora Zanata - Remove workdir functionality - retrace-server-interact: Fix undefined self var - retrace: Fix undefined vmcore variable - Fix typos - Fix typos and minor grammar issues - Switch to requests-gssapi - create: Fix strip_extra_pages() invocation - plugins: Add el8 to versionlist - plugins: Add plugin for CentOS - plugins: Update fedora versionlist - plugins: Update devtoolset version - stats: Display whole release version - Use sys.exit instead of exit for retrace-server commands - Move makedumpfile logic from download_remote into start_vmcore - Move prepare_debuginfo to KernelVMcore - Remove call to prepare_debuginfo from retrace-server-interact - Move get_kernel_release to KernelVMcore - Move strip_vmcore to KernelVMcore.strip_extra_pages - Add KernelVMcore.has_extra_pages method - Move get_vmcore_dump_level to KernelVMcore.get_dump_level - Handle 'flattened' vmcore format by converting with makedumpfile - Pass 'results' directory to hook script rather than task_dir. - Rename 'misc' methods and subdirectory to 'results'. - delete: Fix typo in function name - Clean up handling of mock with x86 vmcores in x86_64 environments - Remove bt_filter from retrace-server - Remove excess post-retrace crash commands - Make retrace-server-cleanup more resilient to non-existent tasks - retrace: Allow tilde in package names - spec: Use macros instead of environment variables - Fix module extraction from kernel-debuginfo - Move ProcessCommunicateTimeout inside run_crash_cmdline - Move run_crash_cmdline from RetraceWorker to RetraceTask - Fix backtrace of bt_filter on Python3 - Remove 'utf-8' encoding for run_crash_cmd and change related functions. - Refactor crash commands run after prepare_debuginfo into run_crash_cmdline helper - worker: Add string formatting for provided arguments - worker: Remove unused function - worker: Use log_error function to log errors - Fix runaway crash processes due to either corrupted vmcore memory or files. - Fix backtrace when updating bugzillano from web UI due to use of basestring - Fix message and code path when we fail to decode the release of vmcore - spec: Fix test condition for Fedora - spec: Fix %if conditions - spec: Add python3-createrepo_c dependency - retrace_worker: Ignore EEXISTS when symlinking log - retrace: Replace execfile with exec(open()) - Drop YUM support - Drop __future__.print_function import - Drop __future__.division import - Fix ftp.wsgi for Python3 due to sorted() method change, speed manager load - Fix get_kernel_release() on Python3 - cleanup: Add check for opened crash files - Add forgotten encoding - reposync: Inform why creating of repository failed * Mon Aug 27 2018 Martin Kutlak <> 1.19.0-1 - docker: Allow building local changes - docker: Introduce docker - spec: Require Python3 pkgs of dnf and hawkey - retrace: Check result of get_nevra_possibilities - r-s-reposync-faf: Convert generator to list - spec: Add BuildRequire python3-devel - r-s-reposync-faf: Generate repo using createrepo_c - httpd-conf: Set WSGIApplicationGroup to %{GLOBAL} - r-s-reposync: Use default number of workers - dnf-comp: Replace yum.misc lib with one from dnf - py3-comp: Distinguish string and byte values in POST - py3-comp: Specify encoding for Popen - py3-comp: Use parentheses for print - py3-comp: Encode response body as a bytestring - py3-comp: Convert regexps strings to raw strings - Migrate retrace-server to python3 - Implement splitFilename function using dnf - Replace yum with DNF - Correct syntax for gdb backtrace command - Refactoring: Too long lines, missing whitespaces - Add has_coredump() method to RetraceTask and upate get_md5_tasks() - Modify get_md5_tasks to skip tasks with no vmcores or invalid md5sum files - Add 'has_vmcore' method to RetraceTask - spec: Bytecompile r-s plugins explicitly - spec: Remove automake byte-compiled files - spec: Correct the file ownership - do not require install-info on F28+ - Adjust indentation according to pylint recommendation - py3 compatibility: Replace filter function with a list equivalent - py3 compatibility: Adjust urllib, urllib2 and urlparse - Fix missing sys import - Clean up of unused imports - py3 compatibility: Adjust imports - py3 compatibility: Resolution of range and xrange - py3 compatibility: Replace ConfigParser module with configparser - py3 compatibility: Classic division - py3 compatibility: Adjust raise statement syntax - py3 compatibility: Replace StringIO module with io module - py3 compatibility: Removal of tuple parameter unpacking - Refactoring: Missing or bad whitespace - py3 compatibility: Set literals - py3 compatibility: Use 'sorted' built-in function - py3 compatibility: Replacement of basestring with six.string_types - py3 compatibility: Ensure map function to return a list - py3 compatibility: Replacement of 'has_key' with 'in' - Make r-s-bugzilla-query query options configurable - Load credentials from custom file - manager: Make the bugzillano a clickable link - Query the remaining bugzilla statuses - retrace: Add reset_age method - Implement retrace-server-bzquery tool - Implement retrace-server-bugzilla-refresh tool - Implement bugzilla field - py3 compatibility: Octal literals - py3 compatibility: try-except statement - py3 compatibility: print statement is replaced with a print() function - For vmcores that fail crash but have a large enough kernel log, try --minimal - Set md5sum as soon as possible. - Add dedup_vmcore to RetraceWorker and call from retrace-server-cleanup - Fail task if the crash sys command exits with non-zero and kernellog is small - Fix typo in exception handling of get_kernel_release - Set default signal handler for SIGPIPE before calling Popen on 'crash --osrelease' - Improve vmcore kernel parsing for certain scenarios and limit file scanning - autogen: correctly parse buildrequires from spec file - spec: Do not:x show every single change * Thu Feb 01 2018 Matej Marusak <> 1.18.0-1 - mark license as license - Update Python 2 dependency declarations to new packaging standards - defattr is not needed as this is default - use standard python_sitelib macro - remove old changelog entries - we do not build for el6 any more - remove group - Remove duplicate RetraceWorker._fail call when start_vmcore fails - Add md5sum and kernelver to email notifications, help text to failing notification - Convert notify_email_success and notify_email_fail to a single method - Create notify_email_success / notify_email_fail helpers - Enable packages with epoch - Update to new mock - Set kernelver and vmlinux as soon as possible - reposync: Cleanup is not done by default in createrepo - Explicitly state python version in shebangs - Fix unreadable crash subdirectory when tarball is submitted without group read permissions - Try noarch when checking for package - Add pylintrc - Use dnf in mock config on Fedora - Update mock config for new mock version - Pylint updates - Add commandline client - Add aliases into FAF reposync - Cleanup tmp FAF repository after failing - Write coresize for vmcores - Change error message - Fix wrong html tag - Set zero to non-existing type of tasks - Fix typeo in manager.wsgi which creates a backtrace on non-ftp tasks. - Bump version of gettext - Change path for - Fix problem with missing modules on kernel versions with cached vmlinux files. - No first retrace time when no existing task - Make the reposync tool more verbose if required * Thu Mar 30 2017 Matej Marusak <> 1.17.0-1 - Enable creating releases with makefile - Introduce gen-version - Do not use as source - Include md5sum of original archive in summary page - Do not try to get default time when ftptask - Fix character escape typo - Change retrace-server httpd config - Modify search for existing vmlinux files in cache to handle older kernel-debuginfos - Default to hex mode for crash commands involving backtraces. - Create directories for tests if they are not present - Don't mention old wiki page - Fix double call of _fail method - Update README - Allow any compression of man pages - Autogen without args configures for debugging - Run 'configure' at the end of 'autogen' - Improve autogen to list and install dependencies - Avoid circular dependency on kernel-debuginfo for vmlinux files already in cache - Add plugin checking action - Update documentation of plugin in README - Use short form rhel when creating repository - Fix methods arguments - Move global variables to - Recover from missing start/finish task files - Change error message in cleanup script - Add '-ascending' argument to gdb - Use devtoolset-4-gdb when used on RHEL - Enable creating repository from faf repository - Add 'make check' - Correct eu-unstrip parser if FILE is . - Not mark packages with different architectures as duplicity - Separate worker start_retrace method - Add class to wrap plugins accessing - Add class to wrap configuration file reading - Delete python labels when no python backtrace available - Git ignore bytecode - Add python backtrace, source and locals into backtrace - Move src/lib to src/retrace to make testing retrace-server easier - Add "exploitable" into LocationMatch in the httpd.conf - Fix invalid syntax error in sys.stderr.print() * Thu Jun 02 2016 Jakub Filak <> - 1.16-1 - Log failed to start tasks - Gracefully handle the worker errors - Move the FTP query operation to an AJAX operation - Fix duplicate email if a vmcore task fails to determine the kernel version - Fix typo preventing email notifications from working. - Correct eu-unstrip parser if FILE is '-' - Allow package names with Epoch * Fri Mar 18 2016 Jakub Filak <> - 1.15-1 - Correct paths to Fedora development releases - Fix small problem with strip_vmcore calling prepare_debuginfo - Avoid calling prepare_debuginfo from retrace-server-interact after kernel version detection - Move prepare_debuginfo and strip_vmcore inside RetraceTask - Add vmlinux file inside RetraceTask - Fix bt_filter missing last task/PID read if the last line was not blank - Update the release information to be dynamic based off of plugins - Including a Red Hat Enterprise Linux plugin - Mock logging into retrace task's dir - Enforce uniform mode bits for almost all RetraceTask files - Fix incorrect group permissions when writing RetraceServer files especially with interactive mode - Fix retrace-server-worker --restart backtrace due to unwriteable retrace_log - Correct license address - Add VMCoreTask and UsrCoreTask to config * Tue Feb 16 2016 Jakub Filak <> - 1.14-1 - generated for the target platform at build time - update URL patterns for Fedora repositories - spec: add sqlite and cron to requirements - set "crash" inside get_crash_cmd file if the file does not exist - fix get_use_mock typo - use %global for the nested python_site macro instead of %define