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Package Namepython-blivet
SummaryA python module for system storage configuration
DescriptionThe python-blivet package is a python module for examining and modifying storage configuration.
Built byvtrefny
State complete
StartedMon, 20 Jun 2022 10:46:34 UTC
CompletedMon, 20 Jun 2022 10:48:53 UTC
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Changelog * Mon Jun 20 2022 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.4.4-3 - Add support for NPIV-enabled zFCP devices * Mon Jun 13 2022 Python Maint <> - 1:3.4.4-2 - Rebuilt for Python 3.11 * Mon May 16 2022 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.4.4-1 - Use LVM PV format current_size in LVMVolumeGroupDevice._remove (vtrefny) - Correctly set vg_name after adding/removing a PV from a VG (vtrefny) - Do not crash when changing disklabel on disks with active devices (vtrefny) - ActionDestroyDevice should not obsolete ActionRemoveMember (vtrefny) - Correctly set compression and deduplication for existing VDO pools (vtrefny) - Correctly cancel configure actions in cancel() (vtrefny) - Set partition flags after setting parted filesystem (#2033875) (vtrefny) * Tue Feb 15 2022 Jan Pokorny <> - 3.4.3-2 - Set partition flags after setting parted filesystem (#2033875) (vtrefny) * Tue Feb 01 2022 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.4.3-1 - Make sure we mount the top level subvolume when mounting btrfs (vtrefny) - README: Fix API documentation link (vtrefny) - iscsi: Replace all log_exception_info calls with (vtrefny) * Fri Jan 21 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1:3.4.2-2 - Rebuilt for * Thu Sep 30 2021 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.4.2-1 - pylint: Remove pdb breakpoint in device_properties_test (vtrefny) - pylint: Fix exception string in get_cow_sysfs_path (vtrefny) - pylint: Remove redundant 'u' prefixes for strings in doc/ (vtrefny) - pylint: Ignore the "redundant-u-string-prefix" warning in (vtrefny) - pylint: Ignore the new warning W1514 "unspecified-encoding" (vtrefny) - pylint: Fix multuple unused variables 'e' in exceptions (vtrefny) - Makefile: Specify weblate repository branch for the potfile target (vtrefny) - flags: Fix leaking file descriptor (vtrefny) - README: Add info about our openSUSE/Mageia/OpenMandriva Copr repo (vtrefny) - Fix checking for LVM VDO support with libblockdev 2.23 and older (vtrefny) - tasks: Allow specifying custom error message for UnavailableMethod (vtrefny) - Use setuptools instead of distutils in (vtrefny) - Use shutil.which instead of distutils.spawn.find_executable (vtrefny) - Do not use FS.mount for btrfs temporary mounts (vtrefny) * Thu Aug 19 2021 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.4.1-1 - pylint: Ignore deprecation warning about threading.currentThread (vtrefny) - Fix getting PV info in LVMPhysicalVolume from the cache (vtrefny) - Fix ActionRemoveMember requires check (#1993655) (vtrefny) - util: Ignore false positive assignment-from-no-return warning in ObjectID (vtrefny) - tasks: Ignore pylint arguments-differ warning for do_tasks (vtrefny) - Remove unused __save_passphrase member from LUKS_Data (vtrefny) - size: Ignore new pylint warning "arguments-renamed" (vtrefny) - Do not use deprecated (vtrefny) - Remove unused member __names from DeviceFactory (vtrefny) - Improve error message printed for missing dependecies (vtrefny) - tests: Print version and blivet location when running tests (vtrefny) - tests: Allow running tests without the tests directory in PYTHONPATH (vtrefny) - edd_test: Locate the edd_data based on the test file location (vtrefny) - Run Anaconda tests on blivet pull requests (jkonecny) - Do not set chunk size for RAID 1 (vtrefny) - When sorting devices make sure partitions are sorted correctly (vtrefny) - Make sure LVM config is updated before running pvcreate (vtrefny) - Tell LVM to ignore the new devices file for now (vtrefny) - Revert "Use PARTITION_ESP flag for EFIFS partitions (#1930486)" (vtrefny) - Fix resolving devices with names that look like BIOS drive number (vtrefny) - Ignore pylint false positive no-member warning (vtrefny) - Fix util.virt_detect on Xen (vtrefny) - Fix/unify importing mock module in tests (vtrefny) - Convert LVM filter lists to sets (vtrefny) - Remove action device from LVM reject list (vtrefny) - Fix activating old style LVM snapshots (vtrefny) - Make sure the device is setup before configuring its format (vtrefny) - Remove RHEL 9 specific patch from SPEC (vtrefny) - Use package list instead of cycle in our dependencies Ansible playbook (vtrefny) - Add vagrant file for running tests and development in a VM (vtrefny) - Update our playbook for installing test dependencies (vtrefny) - Add example for working with actions (vtrefny) - Add LUKS encrypted LV to LVM example (vtrefny) - Add example for LVM thin provisioning (vtrefny) - Squashed 'translation-canary/' changes from 3bc2ad68..4d4e65b8 (vtrefny) * Fri Jul 23 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1:3.4.0-5 - Rebuilt for * Wed Jul 21 2021 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.4.0-4 - Revert "Use PARTITION_ESP flag for EFIFS partitions" (#1975375) * Wed Jun 30 2021 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.4.0-3 - Fix resolving devices with names that look like BIOS drive number (#1960798) * Thu Jun 03 2021 Python Maint <> - 1:3.4.0-2 - Rebuilt for Python 3.10 * Fri May 07 2021 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.4.0-1 - Fix setting SELinux flag in SELinuxContextTestCase (vtrefny) - Allow running blivet without Python SELinux module (vtrefny) - Adapt to dosfstools 4.2 FAT label changes (vtrefny) - Add LVM VDO to public API (vtrefny) - Add a special exception type for LVM inconsistent sector sizes (vtrefny) - Remove the "encryption_passphrase" attribute from Blivet class (vtrefny) - Use PARTITION_ESP flag for EFIFS partitions (#1930486) (vtrefny) - Provide better error message for LVM with inconsistent sector sizes (vtrefny) - Avoid AttributeError for DiskLabel formats without disklabel type (vtrefny) - Ignore ArithmeticError when trying to align partition size down (vtrefny) - Do not log entire exception when trying to get ISCSI initiator name (vtrefny) - Fix running BlivetLVMVDODependenciesTest test case as non-root (vtrefny) - Remove EDD test logs after the tests finish (vtrefny) - Replace IOError with OSError around file operations (vslavik) - spec: Add 'make' to BuildRequires (vtrefny) - Fix usage of assert_called_with in lvm_test (vtrefny) - apply directory's SELinux context to freshly created mount points (rmetrich) - Try to get Btrfs volume UUID using libblockdev if UDev lookup fails (vtrefny) - Allow removing LVM VDO devices without VDO support (vtrefny) - Sync spec with downstream (vtrefny) - Use real paths to Python site packages (vponcova) - Fix excessive logging in udev.__is_ignored_blockdev (vtrefny) - Make sure we use size >= LVM VDO min size in test_lv_unique_name (vtrefny) - Replace pocketlint by a custom script (vtrefny) - Fix pylint errors in translation canary (jkonecny) - Bump required libblockdev version to 2.24 (vtrefny) - Fix external dependencies for LVM VDO devices (vtrefny) - Use better description for libblockdev plugins in tasks.availability (vtrefny) - Set minimum size for LVM VDO pool devices (vtrefny) - Add LVM VDO documentation (vtrefny) - Add LVM VDO example (vtrefny) - Add nodiscard option by default when creating VDO logical volumes (vtrefny) - Allow adding nodiscard option when running mkfs (vtrefny) - Add VM test for LVM VDO (vtrefny) - Add LVM VDO device factory (vtrefny) - Allow creating LVM VDO pools and volumes using "blivet.new_lv" (vtrefny) - Add support for creating LVM VDO pools and LVM VDO volumes (vtrefny) - Add "vdo_lv" property to LVMVDOPoolMixin (vtrefny) - Read the LVM VDO pool current size from the internal data LV (vtrefny) - Add availability functions for LVM VDO (vtrefny) - Add VDO pool data LV to internal LVs during populate (vtrefny) - Fix type of LVM VDO logical volumes (vtrefny) * Mon Apr 12 2021 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.3.3-2 - Avoid AttributeError for DiskLabel formats without disklabel type (#1945914) * Thu Feb 18 2021 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.3.3-1 - apply compression settings from blivet.flags.btrfs_compression (#1926892) (michel) * Wed Jan 27 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1:3.3.2-2 - Rebuilt for * Thu Jan 14 2021 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.3.2-1 - Fix "suggest_container_name" for Anaconda (vtrefny) - Add test for util.get_sysfs_attr (vtrefny) - Use util.get_sysfs_attr in __is_ignored_blockdev to read device mode (vtrefny) - Fix possible UnicodeDecodeError when reading sysfs attributes (vtrefny) - Update LUKS device name after parent partition name change (vtrefny) - TFT is still broken so let's avoid failures by just doing a build (jkonecny) - Fix logging information about ignoring hidden devices (vtrefny) - Add __repr__ and __str__ methods to ParentList (vtrefny) - Make sure LV name is unique when adding it in device factory (vtrefny) - In name checks add name which is already in use to error message (vtrefny) - Refactor suggest device/container name functions (vtrefny) - Remove an unused attribute from the Blivet class (vponcova) - Add PyPI build artifacts to .gitignore (vtrefny) - Sync spec with downstream (vtrefny) * Wed Nov 11 2020 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.3.1-2 - Remove btrfs from requested libblockdev plugins on RHEL 9 * Tue Oct 20 2020 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.3.1-1 - Make sure the product name is safe when using it for device name (vtrefny) - Run packit RPM builds on Fedora ELN (vtrefny) - Allow specifying 'mode' for the sdist command (vtrefny) - Enable packit RPM builds on pull requests (vtrefny) - Start the iscsi-init service (#1880673) (vponcova) - Let parted fix fixable issues with partition table (vtrefny) - edd: Fix UnboundLocalError when trying to close fd in collect_mbrs (vtrefny) - Use UnusableConfigurationError for partially hidden multipath devices (vtrefny) - Close fd if it fails to read the device (nashok) - Do not run udev.settle in StorageDevice._pre_teardown (vtrefny) - Try to not use udev.resolve_devspec when querying MountsCache (vtrefny) - Remove Zanata config file (vtrefny) - Ignore new pylint warning W0707 "raise-missing-from" (vtrefny) - Use SSH "link" for l10n repository in Makefile (vtrefny) - Fix source tarball cleanup in srpm and rpm Makefile targets (vtrefny) * Wed Sep 16 2020 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.3.0-2 - Avoid using unnecessary udev.settle calls (#1876162) * Thu Aug 20 2020 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.3.0-1 - Account for pmspare grow when adjusting thinpool metadata size (vtrefny) - Fix ignoring disk devices with parents or children (vtrefny) - Terminology cleanup, part 3 (vtrefny) - Terminology cleanups, part 2. (dlehman) - Clean up some terminology. (dlehman) - Add tests for udev.device_get_name for RAID devices (vtrefny) - Fix name resolution for MD devices and partitions on them (vtrefny) - Fix reading hidden sysfs attribute (vtrefny) - Add support for specifying sector size for LUKS 2 devices (vtrefny) - Do not ignore unknown/unsupported device mapper devices (vtrefny) - Allow specifying custom hash function for LUKS 2 format (vtrefny) - Ignore devices marked as hidden in sysfs (#1856974) (vtrefny) - Add basic F2FS support (#1794950) (vtrefny) - Make safe_device_name device type specific (vtrefny) - Add exFAT to filesystems we recognize (vtrefny) - Use xfs_db in read-only mode when getting XFS information (vtrefny) - Add support for checking and fixing XFS using xfs_repair (vtrefny) - Ignore zRAM devices in VMBackedTestCase (vtrefny) - Add tests for XFS resize (vtrefny) - Add support for XFS format grow (vtrefny) - Typo fix (vtrefny) - tests: Skip test_reset when running as non-root (vtrefny) - tests: Patch LVM availability functions for some tests (vtrefny) - tests: Patch LVM lvs call for some non-LVM tests (vtrefny) - Do not propagate ped exception from add_partition (vtrefny) - Do not use BlockDev.utils_have_kernel_module to check for modules (vtrefny) - set allowed disk labels for s390x as standard ones (msdos + gpt) plus dasd (dan) - Do not use FSAVAIL and FSUSE% options when running lsblk (vtrefny) - Rewrite README and add it as a long_description in (vtrefny) - Round down to nearest MiB value when writing ks parittion info. (sbueno+anaconda) - Add _teardown method to IntegrityDevice (vtrefny) - Fix status for DM Integrity format (#1814005) (vtrefny) - udev: Add function to get list of device's holders (vtrefny) - Add basic support for LVM writecache devices (vtrefny) - Add test for SwapSpace max size (vtrefny) - Do not limit swap to 128 GiB (vtrefny) - Fix possible UnicodeDecodeError when reading model from sysfs (vtrefny) - Add install_requires and classifiers to (vtrefny) - Import setuptools in to make bdist_wheel work (vtrefny) - Set device.original_format to the new format in ActionCreateFormat (vtrefny) - Fix resizable property for partitions (vtrefny) - Update TODO. (dlehman) - Ignore pycodestyle warning E741 (vtrefny) - Skip test_mounting for filesystems that are not mountable (vtrefny) - Sync specfile with downstream (japokorn) - Make extended partitions resizable (vtrefny) - Fix LV min size for resize in test_action_dependencies (vtrefny) - Fix checking for filesystem support in action_test (vtrefny) - Add basic support for LVM VDO devices (vtrefny) - Update POT file in the Weblate repo during "make potfile" (vtrefny) - Skip translation canary check if POT file is not available (vtrefny) - Add blivet-weblate repository as a submodule (vtrefny) - Remove Zanata from our build process (vtrefny) - Remove po folder (vtrefny) - More consistent lvm errors (API break) (japokorn) - Added support for device tags (japokorn) * Wed Jul 29 2020 Vojtech Trefny <> - 3.2.2-4 - set allowed disk labels for s390x as standard ones (msdos + gpt) plus dasd * Tue Jul 28 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1:3.2.2-3 - Rebuilt for