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Package Namecopr-cli
SummaryCommand line interface for COPR
DescriptionCOPR is lightweight build system. It allows you to create new project in WebUI, and submit new builds and COPR will create yum repository from latests builds. This package contains command line interface.
Built byfrostyx
State complete
StartedTue, 21 Jun 2022 21:30:25 UTC
CompletedTue, 21 Jun 2022 21:32:27 UTC
Taskbuild (f35-candidate, /rpms/copr-cli.git:32eb7ff580e6de2f6c4c8a88fc95a6ac3d011a2e)
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Changelog * Tue Jun 21 2022 Jakub Kadlcik <frostyx@email.cz> 1.101-1 - Remove depraceted method `copr-cli buildfedpkg' * Mon Apr 04 2022 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.100-1 - list-package-names now uses pagination - ensure that (error/info) logging is printed even without --debug - support for GSSAPI authentication added - re-try 3x the connection to Frontend upon failures * Fri Mar 18 2022 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.99-1 - add 'edit-chroot --reset' option - add 'edit-chroot --rpmbuild-with{,out}' - add 'edit-chroot --modules' option * Wed Feb 02 2022 Silvie Chlupova <schlupov@redhat.com> 1.98-1 - don't traceback for missing field in frontend's output - paginate packages list in APIv3 - fix exit code when a build is canceled - api monitor page to contain pkg_version * Wed Nov 10 2021 Silvie Chlupova <schlupov@redhat.com> 1.97-1 - More detailed "Request is not in JSON format" error - APIv3 /monitor route * Thu Sep 30 2021 Silvie Chlupova 1.96-1 - frontend: speedup for listing builds via APIv3 - cli: print JSON list continuously, not at once when all items are fetched - cli: add regenerate-repos command * Wed Aug 25 2021 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.95-1 - add parameters for disabling appstream generation - let exceptions flow to the main function - generate webhook secrets using APIv3 * Tue Apr 27 2021 Jakub Kadlcik <frostyx@email.cz> 1.94-1 - cli: migrate from CoprClient APIv1 call for generating webhook secrets - cli: fix output format, new option --output-format - test: cli: Test for get-chroot command - Explicitly require setuptools, copr_cli/main.py imports pkg_resources - cli: test list-builds, list-packages and get-package output * Tue Mar 16 2021 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.93-1 - support cli --enable-net for builds - new cli options for fedora-review * Wed Jan 20 2021 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.92-1 - allow excluding chroots when submitting builds - raise a proper exception if the module yaml file does not exist - allow etting isolation option per chroot - fix serializable() helper for the new python3-munch * Mon Nov 30 2020 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.91-1 - new --isolation option - add --help output for build --timeout option * Mon Nov 09 2020 Jakub Kadlcik <frostyx@email.cz> 1.90-1 - cli, frontend: custom build batches - cli: propagate build --bootstrap value to API call - cli: move the build --bootstrap option to a correct parser - frontend, cli, python, rpmbuild: better bootstrap config - beaker-tests, cli, frontend, python, rpmbuild: add option to config bootstrap - all: run pytest with -vv in package build - cli: fix timeout option to allow change timeout for build - cli: fix dist-git unit tests - common, cli, python, rpmbuild, frontend, backend: DistGit source method - cli: support project/chroot format for getting/editting chroots - cli: do bash-completion when argcomplete is installed - cli: formally deprecate --memory option * Tue Aug 11 2020 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.89-1 - copr get-package supports with_latest* args again - testsuite fixes for el6 - useful error message when new client runs against old frontend * Mon Aug 10 2020 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@redhat.com> 1.88-1 - add command to list all builds of a project - more effective query of packages with their latest builds - point docs to the correct Fedora Copr instances