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Package Nametmt
SummaryTest Management Tool
DescriptionThe tmt Python module and command line tool implement the test metadata specification (L1 and L2) and allows easy test execution. This package contains the command line tool.
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StartedFri, 03 Feb 2023 12:33:40 UTC
CompletedFri, 03 Feb 2023 12:36:20 UTC
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Changelog * Fri Feb 03 2023 Lukáš Zachar <> - 1.21.0-1 - Fix tmt-reboot without custom command - Fix test /discover/libraries - Add serialization callbacks to data class fields - Use own private key for `provision.virtual` - Adds a template-backed export plugin - Polarion export fix component upload bug and upload id first - Convert story ReST export to use a Jinja2 template - Convert export-related code to plugins per format - Do not clone the whole remote plan in dry mode - Hardcode tmt git URL so test won't fail for PRs - Add py.typed marker for 3rd party type annotations - Fixes isort 5.10.1 installation issue - Improve logging by `tmt.utils.wait()` - Check packages are installed via debuginfo-install - Always ignore failures for recommended packages - Merge report plugins options into step data fields - Dynamically find the current Fedora release - Suggest using a pull request checklist template - Include a simple Python code among the examples - Apply normalization callback when updating data with CLI input - Bump pre-commit linters - Flake8, Mypy, JSON schema, YAML lint & pygrep - Use base implementation of provision plugin requirements - Relay 'interactive' value for podman call - Update Fedora versions in `upgrade` tests - Apply `ShellScript` for the custom reboot command - Update the `shell` discover specification - Enable to sync git repo to SUT in `shell` discover - Increase the default `utils.format()` indent a bit - Define pull request Copr build job in Packit config - Decouple logging from objects and base classes - Enable `url` and `ref` as `shell` discover options - Export `TMT_TREE` in other steps as well - Add a new key `system` to the `hardware` spec - Remove default for the dynamic `ref` evaluation - Schema update and test for order in discover step - Merge report plugins options into step data fields - Add a test for hardware schema coverage - Better type annotations of prepare/install scripts - Move `jinja2` require to the main `tmt` package - Define the new context dimension `initiator` - Respect `TMT_WORKDIR_ROOT` variable in `testcloud` - Annotate commands, command line elements and shell scripts - Adjust the `reportportal` plugin implementation - Implement the `reportportal` report plugin - Require the latest `testcloud` package - Define `srpm_build_deps` in the packit config - Include the new web link in verbose `show` mode - Add a clickable web link to test to polarion export - Enhance `Links` to allow checking for any links at all - Drop various guest `wake()` methods in favor of parent class - Catch `SystemExit` during module discovery * Thu Dec 08 2022 Lukáš Zachar <> - 1.20.0-1 - Do not prune `html` and `junit` reports - Skip extending fmf context if cli context missing - Connect needs is_ready property as well - Cover with pre-commit Python checks - Do not leak "private" fields into export - Set guest hostname in testcloud provision - Capture provision error when login is used - Support `TMT_WORKDIR_ROOT` environment variable - Support step data definitions carrying CLI options - Adds flake8 coverage for bin/ directory - Prune irrelevant files during the `finish` step - Add junit plugin schema - Support to import empty key from Makefile - Deleting unsed and duplicite part of finish step - Support absolute paths in HTML reports - Capture exceptions when getting `image_url` - Enable verbose output for `provision` & `prepare` - Add support for Artemis v0.0.47 upcoming release - Remove unused variables - Initial support for passing ssh options from cli - Update specification of the `where` multihost key - Add a simple test demonstrating the upgrade testing - Use custom subclass of click.Context for better annotations - Extend the `duration` for tests using containers - Change common class constructors to use keyword arguments only - Make packit build with the next version - Add basic test coverage for `tmt story export` - Fix export of the story `priority` field - Read source from correct directory if ref is used * Wed Nov 09 2022 Lukáš Zachar <> - 1.19.0-1 - Protect args in rsync call - Set tree root for the default plan tree as well - Properly set the `tmt` script shebang on `rhel-8` - Use image exists to check for container image - Updates docs with example on `adjust` & `prepare+` - Fix test duration enforcement - Skip missing debuginfo packages in `recommend` - Explicitly document extending the plan environment - Fix ownership of a tmp directory propagated to container - Support fetching remote repo for `shell` discover - Fix default `framework`, remove old execution methods - Add support for Artemis v0.0.46 upcoming release - Handle an fmf fetch error in remote plan clone - Do not truncate `RunError` output in verbose mode - Warn user about data erasing after prepare step - Formalize `data` package passed to the `Result` class - Change order of plugin and guest classes in files - Add `compatible` as a new hardware specification key - Add `tpm` as a new hardware specification key - Move the hardware specification into a separate page - Improve fmf-id processing - Add test for TTY state in test environment - Login after each test using the `--test` parameter - Mention version where important features were added - Handle dist-git-sources for gitlab - Fix getting CentOS via --how virtual - Capture uncaught exceptions when using testcloud - Update the overview of essential classes - When following command line --how, do not iterate over step data - Convert utils' Run unit tests to class-less tests - Enable variable expansion for dynamic references - Support beaker libraries as recommended packages - Add `SpecBasedContainer.to_minimal_spec()` method (#1637) - Enable context based plan parametrization - Coverage for tests defined under `` - Fix `/tests/run/shell` access permission problem - Add step data classes for provisioning and report - Adjust support for the dynamic `ref` evaluation - Add support for dynamic `ref` evaluation - Add a test for fmf id parsing and normalization - Fix NO_COLOR not being honored by executed command output - Moves common command options into one place - Log full chain of exceptions, not just the first cause - Drop deprecated PluginIndex - Add message to failure tags in junit report - Update the pip installation plan - Remove pointless reimport of tmt.base in discover steps - Do not use f-string as a docstring - Fix use of variable before assignment in `Plan.go` - Fix variable redefinition in `discover/` - Fix guest distro detection, do not throw results away - Fix a typo in `cpu.sockets` hardware requirement - Make links relative for report html - Review all uses of `type: ignore` and link relevant issues - Enhance ClickOptionDecorator type to announce identity - Update `/tests/execute/upgrade/override` duration - Review all uses of `Any` and link relevant issues - Annotate all `cast()` calls with respective issues - Move the `Result` class into a separate file - Unblock mypy's follow-import setting - Use set comprehension instead of list-in-set sequence - Use `enumerate()` instead of `range(len())` - Use dict comprehension instead of tuple-in-list-in-dict - Replace two more list comprehensions with generators - Replace GeneralError's "origin" with Python's "raise from" - Fix normalization of the `Plan.context` key - Adds a missing import to polarion plugin - Update all linters to their most recent versions - Define CPU HW components with more granularity - Adjust the support for importing remote plans - Add import plan feature and tests - Add type annotations to `` - Fix test depending on ordering of elements in junit XML - Adds type annotations to `tmt` itself - Remove custom yet same implementation of step's show() - Make sure `repo_copy` is gone before `make srpm` * Mon Oct 10 2022 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.18.0-1 - Fix recommended packages handling for rpm-ostree - Add EFI configuration to the `tmt-reboot` script - Fix adjust for precommit test - Fix provision for coreos image - Emit only non-default keys when constructing a test from `execute` - Add flake8 config file for easier integration with IDEs - Multiple scripts for CLI prepare -h shell - Allow mypy to cover the whole tmt.plugins and tmt.steps - Add typing for `steps/execute/` - Fix name & default value of polarion's upload field - Fixes enhancing of environment by local's guest implementation - Ignore plan -n when searching for upgrade path - Document & correct use of class conversion methods - Print fmf tree location when schema unit test fails - Custom results implementation - Refactors internal link handling and storage - Allow mypy to cover whole tmt.steps.prepare - Add typing for `steps/execute/` - Use workdir with safe names without special chars - Adjust support for installing remote packages - Support to install package from URL - Make sure short option '-x' is covered - Add Polarion as a source for test case import - Print path to the used ssh identity - Add typing for `steps/prepare/` - Use generator instead of list comprehension with any/all - Fixes handling of default of --key in connect plugin - Update test data for the debuginfo install test - Add a helper for importing a member from a module - Fix plan schema to allow custom context dimensions - Allow mypy to cover whole - Remove support for the obsoleted `detach` executor - Add typing for `steps/discover/` - Fix importing for pylero - Allow mypy to cover whole tmt.steps.provision - Replace blank "type: ignore" with more specific waivers - Use the `SerializableContainer` for plugins' data - Enhance SerializableContainer with default key value inspection - Moves validation and normalization mixins to utils * Mon Sep 05 2022 Lukáš Zachar <> - 1.17.0-1 - Unify Polarion case searching - Error out if reboot timeout is exceeded - Initialize workdir thread-safe - Add support for remote playbooks in prepare - Add plan schema for errata and minute plugins - Correct rhts command names in stories file - Print escaped command suitable for manual debugging - Fix report plugin not getting arguments from fmf file - Less eager to disable nitrate case during export - Move `tag` and `tier` to common core attributes - Use `/bin/bash` instead of `/bin/sh` for execute - Reorder step and their base plugin classes - Fix prepare/multihost docs to match implementation - Teach schema validation tests to peek into other trees - Clarify motivation for creating `id` during export - Add link-polarion option and fix link searching bug - Ignore race in last-run symlink creation - Fix polarion tcmscaseid search - Force order of clean operations - Convert status/clean argument to option - Report enabled plans/tests/stories via option - Hint user if 'tmt init' creates nested root - Require `libvirt-daemon-config-network` as well - Add type annotation for /steps/prepare/ - Encapsulate created file within script's dataclass - Adds normalization layer to base classes based on fmf - Fixes data class used for local guest creation - Fixes Artemis guest data class link - Making tests/full more usable - Add typing for tmt/steps/provision/ - Add typing for tmt/steps/provision/ - Add typing for tmt/steps/provision/ - Remove unused keys parameter from wake() methods - Adds types describing tmt constructs when as stored in raw fmf data - Typing /steps/provision/ - Allow raising an exception on validation errors - Inject logger object to base node classes inheritance - Fixes use of SSH keys in testcloud and connect plugins - Annotate tmt.steps.provision - Ask mypy to show error codes in its messages - Testcloud expects disk and memory to be int - Do not inherit classes from object - Use keyword-only init in base fmf-backed classes - Use decorator to register plugin methods - Demonstrate inheritance on a virtual test example - Add a simple hint how to write user messages - Add typing for `steps/finish/` - Remove unneeded parameters for step load/save (#1428) - Normalize step data to be always stored a list internally - Display test/plan/story name in parametrized schema tests - Allow numbers and booleans to be values of environment - Give a reasonable error for old data format - Add typing for tmt/steps/finish/ - add typing for steps/discover/ - Adds a fmf node validation layer to core classes (Test/Plan/Story) - Add missing keys `role` and `where` to schemas - Extend plan schema with all known step plugin schemas - Correcting rhts aliases & adding rhts opt. - Adds a generic "wait for condition" primitive - Disallow push/pull/execute if guest is unavailable - Rename "default how" step attribute to enhance its visibility - Use textwrap.dedent() to unindent docstrings * Wed Aug 03 2022 Lukáš Zachar <> - 1.16.0-1 - Reboot has to check for boot time - Fix path inside pre-commit test - Cut circular dependency of libraries - Update 'Develop' section of contribution docs - Precommit hooks to call tmt * lint - Schema loading helpers - Package schemas in subdirectories too - Implement reboot reconnect timeout configuration - Add missing report specifications/docs - Print result for execute -v - Correct import assumption about script - Ask mypy to check whole package - Fixing the directory name escaping in 'cd' command - Add polarion report plugin - Add schemas for plans - Write extra-nitrate as soon as possible - Retry git clone without --depth=1 if it failed - Support to lint attribute 'id' - Do not apply test command filter in upgrade - Fix typing issues - Refactor location and signature of Phase's go() method - Simplify abort handling - Backwards compatibility for rstrnt-abort - Add type annotations for tmt/ - Add typing for tmt/ - add typing for steps/discover/ - Convert guest implementations to use serializable container for load/save - Detect plugins by entry_point as well - Add typing for `steps/execute/` - Add typing for `tmt/` - Remove duplicated dist-git-source/dist-git-type - Add typing for `steps/report/` - Add typing for `steps/report/` - add typing for steps/report/ - Add typing for steps/report/ - tmt-file-submit is a bash script - Add type annotations for tmt/ - Backwards compatibility for `rstrnt-report-log` - Support conditional requires with `pip` as well - Remove duplicated short option in tmt lint - Adjust the `rstrnt-report-result` implementation - Backwards compatibility for `rstrnt-report-result` - Set the `1777` permision for `/var/tmp/tmt` - Adjust the fix for the `rpm-ostree` intallation - Fix package installation using `rpm-ostree` - Handle empty fmf file as an empty dictionary - Fix distgit testsuite after tmt packaging change * Sat Jul 02 2022 Lukáš Zachar <> - 1.15.0-1 - Require fresh testcloud with coreos support - Bad substitution in tmt-reboot - Ignore "certificate verify failed" error when handling retries - Cache content of each loaded environment file - Initial polarion support for test export - Fixes names of Artemis API versions - Convert FmfIdType from TypedDict to a dataclass - Add CoreOS support to the testcloud provision - Run containers with root user - Retry getting environment file - Test import --general is default now - Add typing for steps/finish/ - Enhance tmt.utils.retry_session with timeout support - Adjust the `rpm-ostree` install implementation - Add support for the `rpm-ostree` package manager - Add `environment-file` to possible Plan keys - Avoid Library url conflict if repo doesn't exist - Check changes are pushed before export nitrate - Add typing for - Unbundle template from the report.html plugin - Rename `uuid` to `identifier` to prevent conflicts - Use `must` for all mandatory spec requirements - Fail import for packages starting with minus sign - Adds support for newer Artemis API versions - Disable the extra verbose progress in testcloud - Refactor internal executor scripts - Adds "missing" imports to help IDEs follow objects - Add typing for steps/ - Implement the test `result` attribute - Add typing for plugins/ - Detect legacy relevancy during import as well - Implement the new user story key `priority` - Implement new class `SerializableContainer` - Add schema for stories - Add typing for steps/prepare/ - Add typing for steps/prepare/ - Require fmf >= 1.1.0 (we need validation support) - Package fmf root into the source tarball as well - Add JSON Schema for tests - Exclude namespaced backup in beakerlib - Use --depth=1 when cloning git repos by default - Handle missing nitrate user during export - Removes unused GuestContainer.container_id attribute - Every subpackage must require the main tmt package - Introduce dataclasses as a requirement - Avoid re-using image/instance for different values by testcloud plugin - Add typing for - Except nitrate xmlrpc issues during import - Exclude beakerlib's backup dir from guest.pull() - Increase `duration` for the reboot-related tests - Several release-related tests and docs adjustments * Mon Jun 06 2022 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.14.0-1 - Command 'tmt clean' should not run rsync at all - Dist-git-source for Discover (fmf, shell) - Adjust the new `id` key implementation - Add a new core key `id` for unique identifiers - Recommend qemu emulators for other architectures - Copy the whole git repo only if necessary - Reveal hidden errors during `testcloud` booting - Use time for timeout handling in Guest.reconnect() - Split `Guest` class to separate SSH-capable guests - Explicitly set the docs language in the config - Kill the running test when rebooting - Extend the reboot timeout to allow system upgrades - Allow selecting tasks directly from upgrade config - Adjust the new `upgrade` execute plugin - Allow specifying command for reboot - Implement upgrade execute plugin - Buildrequire python3-docutils, append plan adjust - Implement `tmt tests export --nitrate --link-runs` - Detect component from general plan during import - Adjust the support for steps in standalone mode - Add results method to ExecutePlugin - Implement a common ancestor for Action and Plugin - Allow abstractly excluding steps from runs - Correctly handle tests --name '.' shortcut - Rename WorkdirType to WorkdirArgumentType - Fix workdir parameter type for tmt.utils.Common - Allows importing jira issues as link-relates - Enables mypy coverage for empty-ish Python files - Adds type annotations to tmt.templates - Prevent infinite recursion if --id is set - Enable mypy check for Artemis provision plugin - Adjust provision dry mode propagation, add a test - Introduce new _options attribute to Common class - Add specification for remote plans referencing - Bootstrap type annotations - Execute script should not be used with discover - Add the `arch` key to the hardware specification - Fix pip install instructions - Disable network access when building in copr - Ignore list for dist-git-source - Remove the obsoleted `detach` execute method - Fix login during `execute` and `prepare` step - Import from Makefile with missing build target * Mon May 02 2022 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.13.0-1 - Add multiarch support to testcloud provision - Consistent summary for test export --nitrate - Allow dry mode for tests export --nitrate - Add a nice provisioning progress to Artemis plugin - Add support for the `where` keyword to `execute` - Adjust support for export of multiple tests - Add support for exporting multiple tests - Basic multihost test for the httpd web server - Update multihost specification with guest groups - Add a provision plugin for Artemis - Fix exclude option in fmf discover - Reduce the number of execute calls for reboot - Add support for reboot in interactive mode * Mon Apr 04 2022 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.12.0-1 - Add a command to setup shell completions - Use /tmp instead of /run/user/ if not available - Use separate examples in the test specification - Add more story examples, simplify examples export - Story.example can hold list of strings - Fix traceback when connect plugin is used without hostname. - Adjust disabled shell expansion in - Disable shell expansion in by default - Build `epel9` packages, update install docs - Adjust the full test wrapper and document it - Test which compiles tmt and runs its testsuite - Add --exclude search option - Correct regex for require read from metadata file - Update document for creating virtual environment - Option to export fmf-id from run discover -h fmf - Allow import from restraint's metadata file (#1043) - Do not disable building for power arch on Fedora - Update documentation for plan parametrization - Make .vscode ignored by git - Drops basestring and unicode built-ins from utils - Fix timeout behaviour in testcloud plugin - Fixes possible test of None-ish CWD when running a command - Remove workdir only when its defined - Adjust the new `tmt plan export` feature - New feature: tmt plan export * Wed Mar 02 2022 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.11.0-1 - Prevent koji build failures on unsupported arches - Check remote git URL if it is accessible - Implement a generic `requires` for all plugins - Run commands in podman provision via bash - Adjust implementation of the new `order` attribute - Implement the Core attribute `order` - Fix link generation in report.html - Improve step name handling - Enable shared volume mounts in podman provision - Add support for multihost provision and prepare - Adjust the dnf support for rsync install - Add dnf support for rsync install - Update links and refs after migration to `teemtee` - Track output for reboot purposes on per-test basis - Fix test --name '.' used with multiple plans - Tweak test suite (duration, centos:8, datadir) - Use `os.pathsep` to separate `TMT_PLUGINS` paths (#1049) - Document framework:shell exit codes - Add `html2text` to the `convert` pip dependencies * Tue Feb 01 2022 Lukáš Zachar <> - 1.10.0-1 - Make reboot support a bit more backward compatible - Ensure that workdir has a correct selinux context - Use `centos:stream8` image instead of `centos:8` - Disable X11 forwarding in ssh connections - Fix traceback for login after last report - Use `TMT_TEST_DATA` as location for `rlFileSubmit` - Implement variables for storing logs and artifacts - Adjust rsync installation on read-only distros - Handle rsync installation on read-only distros - Add hardware specification for hostname - Correctly import multiple bugs from Makefile - Remove dependency on the `python3-mock` package - Adjust linting of manual test files - Check Markdown files in tmt lint if `manual=True` - Adjust pulling logs from the guest during finish - Add guest.pull() to the finish step - Update virtualization hints for session connection - Improve error message for empty git repositories - Minor modification of test result specification - Use `where` instead of `on` in the multihost spec - Clarify that `path` is defined from the tree root - Adjust ansible requires for containers preparation - Move the reboot scripts to a read/write directory - Ignore read/only file systems reboot script errors - Require either ansible or ansible-core - Set the `TMT_TREE` variable during test execution - Clarify that 'until' means until and including - Update test debugging examples with --force option - Add `bios.method` to hardware spec - Improve environment variables specification a bit - Adjust the ssh connection multiplexing - Add support for ssh multiplexing * Tue Nov 30 2021 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.9.0-1 - Improve testcloud/virtual provider docs - Disable UseDNS, GSSAPI for faster SSH in testcloud - Use `extra-args` attr for ansible-playbook - Fix el7 provision in testcloud user session - Adjust the instructions for migrating from STI - Document how to migrate tests from STI to tmt - Allow to pick objects by --link - Generate ecdsa key in testcloud - Simplify plugin keys handling in wake() and show() - Add support for Beakerlib's rlFileSubmit - Revert requiring exact beakerlib version - Dist git source can contain multiple files - Symlink worktree for discovered shell tests - Read environment variables from options only once - Correctly handle empty environment files - Use distro values from context for dist-git type - Make tests --name to just prune discovered tests - Enable duplicate test names and preserve ordering - Require beakerlib-1.28 for beakerlib tests - Adjust the dist git source discover implementation - Discover tmt tests from sources - Reenable plans/install/docs - Correct the `playbook` attribute in the spec (#948) - Ansible plugin for Finish step - Thread processing of executed commands inside tmt - Adjust `tmt test lint` test for old yaml format - Canonical name for centos-stream in dimension - Remove obsoleted conditionals from the spec file - Use a fresh sphinx when building the readthedocs - Allow to specify session type (system/session) - Package tmt.plugins to store arbitrary plugins - Ignore ssh connection closed during reboot - Improve error message for the missing step name - Document how to integrate tests with other tools - Use the recommended format of the copyright notice - Update notes about the release process - Update the hardware specification with new keys * Thu Sep 30 2021 Lukáš Zachar <> - 1.8.0-1 - Add support for reboot in a reused provision - Solve the reboot race condition - Adjust the current git remote improvement - Use current git remote for url in fmf-id - Implement option to exit after first failure - Clarify and update spec for the discover step - Adjust the multihost test specification - Add the multihost testing specification - Make run --force behave more expectably - Increase duration for tests using containers - Rename soon-to-be deprecated resultcallback - Remove the minute.obsolete provision plugin - Document how to create a new minor/major release - Explicitly mention '.' as special value for names - Add Github Action for PyPI releases - Improve fetching remote environment files - Adjust the check for rsync before pull and push - Install `rsync` before guest.pull() - Second chapter of the Guide: Under The Hood - Simplify the search for step method options - Produce better errors for unsupported plugins - Add more ignored files, categorize gitignore more - Extend .gitignore with a few more common patterns - Export fields of a case should be checked by lint - Adjust the bugzilla support in test export - Test export can link case to bugzilla - Document the support for `open` key in html report - Allow html report to be opened by plan - Require essential packages for tmt testing - Skip the docs test until the Sphinx issue is fixed * Wed Aug 18 2021 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.7.0-1 - Adjust support for exporting test fmf identifiers - Add --fmf-id option for tests export - Fix regression in image listing - Update hardware spec with units and current status - Adjust the reboot support in the internal executor - Add support for reboot to internal executor - Always try to save guest details - Give hints about available report methods - Handle libvirt exceptions correctly - Handle FileNotFoundError when running commands - Adjust framework detection during test import - Detect test framework during test import - Adjust the reboot command test, minor enhancements - Adjust reboot command implementation - Implement the reboot class and subcommand - Adjust the improved login step selection - Login after last done step without --step option - Adjust default shell options implementation a bit - Make multiline shell scripts fail on error - Ensure environment files are within metadata tree - Add pycharm .idea to .gitignore - Ensure environment-file paths are only relative - Adjust the 'environment-file' implementation - Implement the 'environment-file' option - Mention required packages on the Contribute page - Migrate to ruamel.yaml - Adjust tmt lint implementation - Add tmt lint command - Do not expand the process environment variables - Adjust legacy match to cover both rhel and centos - Guess pci/net when libguestfs python is missing - Add timestamp to the tmt debug output - Restart sshd on EL8 to prevent delays after boot - Support systemd-networkd systems without nm too - Testcloud: Use cache='unsafe' for a nice IO boost - Check invalid attributes in plans with lint - Require correct testcloud version in - Adjust the support for plan parametrization - Implement plan parametrization from environment - Deprecation timing, mention vagrant box support - Fix exit code for tmt story lint - Require testcloud with the url guessing support - Use testcloud for image url guessing - Update the RHEL 8 / CentOS 8 install instructions - Accept more ssh keys in the API - Require a full path for local images in testcloud - Adjust the conversion of Makefile types to tags - Convert Type from Beaker Makefile into tags - Make sure pip is available for integration testing - Disable the white space test for container/virtual - Use IdentitiesOnly=yes when key or password is set * Wed Jun 02 2021 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.6.0-1 - Adjust the new plugin documentation - Add plugin examples and documentation - Ensure that the discover git reference is a string - Report plugin for JUnit output - Fix issue when raising error for NoneType - Print better error when nitrate testcase not found. - Use `count=True` for multiple flag options - Add option to explicitly use default plan - Adjust debuginfo installation, add test coverage - Use debuginfo-install for installing debuginfos - Update the documentation based on refactoring - Implement tmt story lint - Refactor Node class to Core - Correctly handle spaces in file/directory names - Hand over plan environment during local execution - Do not execute manual test cases - Fix option handling for plugins with common prefix - Propagate options to guests based on the step - Support fetching libraries from a local directory - Add a simple example of a test written in ansible - Pass environment variables to ansible (local) - Pass environment variables to ansible (virtual) - Adjust warning for extra lines in Makefile targets - Add test import warning for run and build targets - Enable a few more pre-commit hooks, sort imports - Give a warning about the obsoleted minute plugin - Clarify adjust dependency on explicit context - Fix the EPEL installation instructions - Adjust the new list options for the minute plugin - New print method, used now in minute plugin - Implement listing available minute images/flavors - Update default option values for verbose and debug - Avoid creating workdir on --help - Do not keep run workdir during testing - Clean up the code style, remove the vagrant plugin * Fri Apr 30 2021 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.5.0-1 - Enable and document `pre-commit` and `autopep8` - Reorganize feature stories, fix title duplication - Prepare/install story for package development. - Add package preparation scenarios from Fedora CI - Prepare/install story for released packages - Add new stories related to package preparation - Fix login not working for cloud images - Work around a seccomp podman issue on centos-8 - Tag multihost tests during import from Makefile - Adjust the simple test for ansible prepare - Remove hardcoded ansible_python_interpreter=auto - Fix lint and use it on the tmt repo itself - Obsolete the minute provision plugin - Update the documentation for contributors - Do not assert installed packages for recommend - Show link to the full debug log in the html report - Implement tmt clean command - Require a newer fmf which supports storing data - Allow to specify port in provision.connect - Surround classes and functions with 2 blank lines - Fix order of imports, sort them alphabetically - Update the provision step hardware specification - Fix tmt plan lint for multiple configurations - Add tmt status examples section - Add a context adjust example for the prepare step - Adjust the git suffix stripping for known forges - Strip git suffix from pagure/gitlab/github repos - Enable install plans for pull request testing - Adjust the essential attributes description - Document the essential class attributes - Improve the prepare step documentation - Correctly convert relevancy with the `!=` operator - Print note in report.html if it exists - Add note about error for beakerlib results - Adjust progress bar for the internal executor - Add test progress bar to non-verbose mode - Adjust the attribute linting for tests - Lint attribute names for test - Human friendly names for VMs * Tue Apr 06 2021 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.4.0-1 - Create a copy of nitrate testplans for iteration - Check the rsync as the first preparation step - Use an empty worktree if no metadata tree found - Adjust manual test instructions export to nitrate - Export manual test case fields to nitrate - Adjust the worktree implementation and test - Implement shared worktree for the tests - Adjust the improved verdict implementation - Correct the verdict function, align docstring - Print final image name in minute plugin - Adjust the improved plan linting a bit - Improve plan linting - Implement port in Guest, show in verbose mode - Use qemu user mode in the testcloud provision - Support excluding packages during installation - Support enabling/disabling plans and stories - Do not link and remove general plans by default - Improve general plans handling during test export - Match by name prefix in discover.modified-only - Passthrough non-zero exits for beakerlib execution - Adjust the dry mode implementation for tmt init - Implement dry mode for the tmt init command - Do not use the spec release for the pip version - Simplify story, plan and test search methods - Do not use mutable objects as default arguments - Prevent duplicate content in generated docs - Ignore the nitrate migration warning during import - Better summary for new exported tests - Adjust exception handling in the testcloud plugin - Make the testcloud ProvisionError more verbose - Use IPv6 enabled 1MT network by default - Improve debugging of tests using click runner - Fix step selection for --before and --after - Adjust the prepare test and pull/push enhancements - Add prepare/shell test and pull/push enhancements - Test filter on command line overrides config - Improve handling of verbose and debug options - Verify automated test case import from nitrate - Enable copr repo even if no package is provided - Improve documentation of tests, plans and stories - Use fmf to store the newly created nitrate case id - Adjust the hint about increasing the test duration - Add hint to stdout in case of timeout - Catch all exceptions when evaluating --condition - Fix missing overview on the site - Adjust style of the new nitrate integration test - Nitrate integration testsuite with requre - Always enable force mode for display/html report - Improve documentation, clearly show draft stories - Test filter on command line overrides config - Print unofficial attributes in tmt tests show -vv - Adjust dry mode fix for test/plan/story create - Implement dry mode for tmt test/plan/story create - Support NO_COLOR to disable colored output - Add test duration to `results.yaml` - Adjust checking for duplicates during test export - Prevent creating duplicate test cases in Nitrate - Use singular for 'gate' as defined in the spec - Fix gates conversion & drop artifacts - Adjust a bit the shell completion instructions - Describe how to enable shell completions - Extend the duration test to cover positive results - Detect timeout for Beakerlib, use TESTRESULT_STATE - Improve tmt test path linting - Clarify playbook path for ansible prepare plugin - Adjust warning about the invalid disabled step - Only warn on invalid disabled step - Use date-service to get correct instantiation time - Prevent keys mutation when searching plans/stories - Cache fmf_id property - Store relevant bugs during test import - Avoid mutating `keys` default in .tests() - Use the new execute method syntax for tmt tests - Clean up obsolete test metadata * Thu Feb 25 2021 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.3.1-1 - Add test for prepare freeze - Make file descriptors non-blocking - Update the specification and stories to use link - Implement the new core attribute 'link' * Tue Feb 23 2021 Petr Šplíchal <> - 1.3.0-1 - Set timeout on select calls in utils._run() - Show the current tmt version in the debug log - Revert support for the 'el' distro shortcut - Strip whitespace before relevancy comment - Ensure rsync is installed on the guest if needed - Use the default branch in the discover fmf plugin - Suport the 'el' shortcut for the distro context - Implement the 'tmt --version' option [fix #445] - Adjust test create test, fix missing dots - Support creating tests in the current directory - Rename container images, update install docs - Fixup Dockerfiles to build in - Support building mini and full tmt container image - Add a Dockerfile for container with tmt - Fix dependency error messages - Use a better trigger name for source code changes - Add a new 'Check Report' section to examples - Add the --force explanation in the documentation - Extend the test coverage to check for active runs - Add basic test coverage for tmt status - Restore context after processing each run - Correctly handle an undefined step status - Load default plan when no root is present - Implement tmt status command - Define command-line interface for status command - Print library in error message during ref conflict - Adjust the default branch handling for libraries - Handle default branch in Library - Adjust test duration, clean up old test metadata - Improve timeout handling (fix an infinite loop) - Adjust default timeout in the testcloud provision - Remove obsolete unit test coverage for steps - Adjust the filtering support, fix docs building - Allow filtering using custom L1 metadata - Allow filtering with lowercase bool names - Handle exceptions when applying filters and conditions - Share code for filters & conditions, test coverage - Apply filters after applying defaults and conversions - Fix IPv4 parsing when booting minute machine - Remove all hacks for the old cruncher executor - Remove the whole rhts-lint line during test import - Remove the old convert test from unit tests - Adjust contact handling to work with manual tests - Fix contacts without name during tmt test import - Finalize the specification of the 'link' attribute - Add specification of the new core attribute 'link' - Enough of dreaming, let's go to the forest! :) - Update the overview of core classes, minor cleanup - Add missing required packages for pip install - Implement tmt run --follow option for checking log - Extra check for required packages when using yum - Clean up obsolete names in examples and templates - Update the test checking for relevancy conversion - Adjust storing test case id for new nitrate cases - Append nitrate id when exporting instead of rewrite - Skip prereserve check if custom flavor requested - Use special compare operators only if minor given - Adjust support for selecting modified tests - Allow selecting only tests that have changed in git - Remove the duplicate build job from packit config - Verify the old beakerlib functions using Makefile - Enable debug output using the TMT_DEBUG variable