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Package NameReviewBoard
SummaryWeb-based code review tool
DescriptionReview Board is a powerful web-based code review tool that offers developers an easy way to handle code reviews. It scales well from small projects to large companies and offers a variety of tools to take much of the stress and time out of the code review process.
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StartedFri, 23 Sep 2011 14:28:20 UTC
CompletedFri, 23 Sep 2011 14:30:11 UTC
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Changelog * Fri Sep 23 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.6-3 - Resolves: rhbz#739209 - rb-site install failed with AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'image_new_from_file' * Mon Aug 29 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.6-2 - Fix python-pygments requirement - ReviewBoard will work with python-pygments >= 1.1.1, but performance may be slower. * Mon Aug 22 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.6-1 - New upstream release 1.5.6 - - New Features: - The PATH environment variable is now shown in the error when patch.exe can't be found, in order to help figure out where it needs to go - rb-site more clearly informs that an existing database with valid permissions is needed for installation - rb-site now lists recommendations for different services, and lists options that aren’t officially supported - Tabs in the diff viewer are now marked up, allowing custom stylesheets to display them differently. By default, they don’t look any different - Added Fedora Hosted to the hosting provider options - Editing a field and then canceling it on a review request now prompts for confirmation before discarding the new text - Control-S now saves the current text in review request fields - We now support storing lots of text in the Description and Testing Done fields on MySQL - Performance Improvements: - Review Board now requires Pygments 1.4 or higher. Older installations running older versions of Pygments should get a performance increase when rendering diffs - Bug Fixes: - Using Review Board with wsgi without mod_python installed on the system no longer prevents Review Board from breaking - Screenshot draft captions are now always displayed correctly. Previously, only the main caption would display, making them appear blank on new uploads - Changing screenshot draft captions now invalidates the cache, allowing them to be seen when reloading the page - When sending an e-mail, we no longer crash if the sender has no e-mail address - Caching really long files or diffs now works more consistently. Previously, it was possible for the data to not be stored correctly - Fixed a date range calculation sometimes causing the log viewer to fail on the first of the month - Failing to load the Review Board News feed in the administration UI due to a proxy will no longer cause an HTTP 500 error to display - Invalid bug tracker URLs (those containing more than one %s, for example) in the administration UI no longer breaks review requests - The Mercurial support no longer overrides the SSH client configuration if one is already provided - The recaptcha_client dependency has been renamed to recaptcha-client. Both technically work, but the former is more correct and makes packaging easier - Fixed a few occasional errors that could show up on the dashboard under certain conditions * Fri Jun 17 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.5-2 - Resolves: rhbz#598463 - rb-site suggest that I use an unsafe temporary - directory * Wed Mar 30 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.5-1 - New upstream release 1.5.5 - Added a Show SSH Public Key link in the Add/Change Repository page - Added timezone information to the Server Information resource API - New installs no longer try to install python-dateutil 2.0, which only - supports Python 3. This would cause errors during use - Fix image links in HTML e-mails - Fixed errors when using the same change number on different repositories - Fixed some problems caching diffs on memcached. The generated cache keys - would sometimes be invalid - The diff viewer no longer crashes when trying to find a method name near the - end of the file - Turned off resizing of text areas on Google Chrome - The administration page could break when trying to load the Amazon S3 - settings - Fixed importing PIL (Python Imaging Library) on some installs - Better handle errors during syntax highlighting - Optimize the starring feature in the dashboard. This simplifies the - JavaScript and reduces the HTML file size - rbssh now uses the current user’s username as a default when connecting to - a repository. This doesn't really affect repository access in Review Board - except under very specific circumstances, but is mostly for testing on the - command line - * Mon Feb 21 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.4-1 - New upstream release 1.5.4 - Added API support for creating/updating/removing repositories - Added API for change number-related updates - Fix validation problems with the Search Index settings in the - Administration UI - Comments begining in expanded regions of a diff and ending in - collapsed regions should no longer break the diff viewer - Usernames with @ in the name (such as when using e-mail addresses - as usernames) are now allowed - IntelliJ-generated SVN diffs should now be parsed properly - The update_changenum method in the old API no longer returns an - HTTP 500 error - When replying to a review, names containing an apostrophe are no - longer displayed incorrectly - Using a bug number on a review request without a repository no - longer causes an HTTP 500 error - * Mon Feb 07 2011 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.5.3-2 - Rebuilt for * Mon Feb 07 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.3-1 - New upstream release 1.5.3 - Added support for matching repository names instead of paths with RBTools - 0.3.1 - Fixed many compatibility issues with the new SSH implementation - Removed some spurious print statements causing mod_wsgi to have problems - The Search Index setting in the administration UI now validates the path - to ensure that it’s an absolute path, it exists, and it’s writeable * Tue Jan 18 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.2-21 - Change mod_wsgi notification patch to the version submitted upstream - This warning will now only be displayed if upgrading from an affected - version, rather than on all upgrades. - Don't install files used only for test purposes * Mon Jan 10 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.2-20 - Add message to upgrade script to alert users that manual edits may be - required if using mod_wsgi * Mon Jan 10 2011 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.2-19 - Important Updates - Users using existing WSGI configurations must update their configuration - for authentication with the new API to work. - New Features - Added SSH key management for SSH-backed repositories - Authentication failures when setting up repositories are now more useful - Added our own SSH replacement for standardizing on behavior and working - around OpenSSH limitations - The Repository page in the administration UI now talks about API Tokens - and links to the GitHub Account page for Git repositories, making it - easier to set up a GitHub repository - API Fixes - Fixed logging in on requests using HTTP Basic Auth - Fixed wrong responses when performing a request requiring authentication - as an anonymous user - Fixed anonymous access to the API when anonymous access is enabled - Fixed replies to screenshot comments in the new web API - Fixed removing screenshots from review requests - Changed the request when doing a HTTP PUT on a review request draft - Fixed search queries in /api/users/ - Bug Fixes - Fixed a problem with SSH host checking on Git repositories - Fixed support for private GitHub repositories - The API Token for GitHub repositories are now extracted properly in the - Repository page in the administration UI - Fixed extra whitespace highlight toggling - Images on the dashboard are now cached, reducing the number of requests - made to the server - Disabled auto-complete and default values for the repository - username/password fields - Support for Amazon S3 now works again with new versions of Django - Storages - Authentication with the new API now works with new Apache+wsgi setups - Fixed some rewrite rule for fastcgi - Fix 404 errors with newly generated lighttpd.conf files - Fixed errrors when passing a non-integer value for ?show_submitted= on - the dashboard or other review request listings - Fixed a crash when attempting to log SSH-related problems - The contributed svn-hook-postcommit-review script wasn't parsing the - base path correctly - Release Notes - * Mon Nov 22 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5.1-18 - New Features - Permission denied errors are shown when accessing unreachable local Git - repositories. (Bug #1765) - Previously, if a Git repository was used and there wasn’t sufficient - file permissions to access it, a vague error saying that the repository - was unreachable would appear. Now we check to find out if it’s a - permissions error, and display an appropriate error message. - Performance Improvements - Reduce the number of SQL queries in the legacy JSON API. - Some of the legacy API handlers performed more queries than necessary. - We now perform fewer queries. Patch by Ben Hollis. - Bug Fixes - Fixed several small problems in the Admin UI from bundling Django media - files. - For historical reasons, we’ve always shipped the Django Admin media - files as part of Review Board. This comes from a time before rb-site - existed, when we needed a single media directory with everything inside - it. However, it just introduces various compatibility problems these - days. We now make use of the media files that are installed with Django - Fixed a breakage in the diff viewer with SCons files. (Bug #1864) - Any SCons files put up for review would break the diff viewer, due to a - typo when looking up information on that type of file. - Added the Parent Diff field to the New Review Request page. (Bug #1651) - The Parent Diff field was missing for Git, Bazaar, and Mercurial, - making it impossible to upload a parent diff through the web UI when - creating a new review request. - Fixed some common installation problems with the generated - lighttpd.conf file. (Bug #1618, Bug #1639) - Several installs with lighttpd would give 404 Not Found errors, due to - some configuration problems in the sample config file. - Fixed support for multiple e-mail addresses assigned to a group. - (Bug #1661) - Multiple e-mail addresses for a group were supported, but broken in - 1.5. We now split them out properly. - The screenshot area is no longer hidden immediately after uploading a - screenshot. - Fixed an error in the web API when serializing to XML. - Fixed broken intervals for search updating in the generated crontab - file. - The intervals would cause a full index to happen at every minute at 2AM - on Sundays, rather than only at 2AM. - Fixed an error when permanently deleting a review request. - The administrator-specific ability to permanently delete a review - request would succeed but generate an error page. * Fri Oct 01 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-17 - Release ReviewBoard 1.5 final - Full release notes: - * Mon Sep 20 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-16.rc2 - Update to new upstream release 1.5rc2 - Added Python 2.7 compatibility. - Added compatibility with PyLucene 3.x. Support for 2.x still remains. - Added support for review requests without diffs, for image/screenshot review - Assorted API improvements and bugfixes - Update Djblets requirement to 0.6.4 - * Fri Jul 09 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-14.rc1 - Add missing Requires: python-dateutil * Tue Jul 06 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-13.rc1 - Added support for the iPhone and iPad - Improved move detection in diff viewer - Support for WSGI installations - Improvements to the JSON API - Assorted bugfixes - * Fri Jun 04 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-11.beta2 - Added support for custom site-specific management commands - Set the HOME directory for Review Board to be he site directory’s - data directory by default - Multiple review requests can now be closed or reopened at once by - administrators in the administration UI’s database browser - Added a new REST API - Usability Improvements - Assorted bugfixes - * Mon Apr 19 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-8.beta1 - Reduce complexity of database lookups. Eliminate unneccessary joins - between account and group tables. * Mon Apr 19 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-7.beta1 - Remove previous patch. It was actually already in the source tree * Sat Apr 17 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-6.beta1 - Include upstream patch to drastically reduce the number of - SQL lookups * Tue Mar 16 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-5.beta1 - Add Requires: python-paramiko * Tue Mar 16 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-4.beta1 - Remove requires.txt * Fri Mar 12 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-3.beta1 - Fix some places where 'beta1' was missing, causing build failure * Fri Mar 12 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5-2.beta1 - Correct version to meet naming guidelines * Fri Mar 12 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5beta1-1 - Add missing dependency on python-recaptcha-client * Mon Feb 15 2010 Stephen Gallagher <> - 1.5beta1-0 - New upstream release - Complete release notes at - * Tue Dec 22 2009 Stephen Gallagher <> - - Fix source tarball location - Add comment to spec file regarding the lack of .desktop file - Update changelog * Tue Dec 15 2009 Stephen Gallagher <> - - Update to latest upstream ( - Require Django >= 1.1.1 for security fixes * Fri Oct 16 2009 Dan Young <> - 1.0.1-2 - add builddep on python-setuptools to avoid "ImportError: No module named setuptools" in mock build - Add Requires: python-pygments for syntax highlighting - Add Requires: django-evolution for schema migrations * Fri Sep 11 2009 David Malcolm <> - 1.0.1-1 - bump to latest upstream (1.0.1), and delete usage of "alphatag" from the specfile - drop build-time dependency on python-setuptools-devel * Thu May 07 2009 David Malcolm <> - 1.0-0.4.rc1 - update to rc1 - avoid trying to bootstrap; we get this via RPM - update djblets dep based on my proposed renaming (see bug 487098) - make executable - add requirement on pytz * Tue Feb 24 2009 Dan Young <> - 1.0-0.3.alpha4 - change _alphaver to alphatag - fix Djblets dep w/ correct pre-release package naming * Tue Feb 24 2009 Dan Young <> - 1.0-0.2.alpha4 - Fix version number - Fix rpmlint administriva (spaces/tabs, description length, capitalization) - Include docs * Sat Feb 21 2009 Ramez Hanna <> - First build.