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Package Namebcfg2
SummaryConfiguration management system
DescriptionBcfg2 helps system administrators produce a consistent, reproducible, and verifiable description of their environment, and offers visualization and reporting tools to aid in day-to-day administrative tasks. It is the fifth generation of configuration management tools developed in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory. It is based on an operational model in which the specification can be used to validate and optionally change the state of clients, but in a feature unique to bcfg2 the client's response to the specification can also be used to assess the completeness of the specification. Using this feature, bcfg2 provides an objective measure of how good a job an administrator has done in specifying the configuration of client systems. Bcfg2 is therefore built to help administrators construct an accurate, comprehensive specification. Bcfg2 has been designed from the ground up to support gentle reconciliation between the specification and current client states. It is designed to gracefully cope with manual system modifications. Finally, due to the rapid pace of updates on modern networks, client systems are constantly changing; if required in your environment, Bcfg2 can enable the construction of complex change management and deployment strategies.
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StartedWed, 02 May 2007 15:21:38 UTC
CompletedWed, 02 May 2007 15:21:38 UTC
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Changelog * Mon Apr 30 2007 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - 0.9.3-1 - Update to 0.9.3 * Tue Mar 20 2007 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - 0.9.2-4 - Server needs pyOpenSSL * Wed Feb 28 2007 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - 0.9.2-3 - Don't forget %dir * Wed Feb 28 2007 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - 0.9.2-2 - Fix #230478 * Mon Feb 19 2007 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - 0.9.2-1 - Update to 0.9.2 * Thu Feb 08 2007 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - 0.9.1-1.d - Update to 0.9.1d * Tue Jan 09 2007 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - - Merge client back into base package. * Wed Dec 27 2006 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - - Update to * Fri Dec 22 2006 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - - Server needs client library files too so put them in main package * Wed Dec 20 2006 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - - Yes, actually we need to require openssl * Wed Dec 20 2006 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - - Don't generate SSL cert in post script, it only needs to be done on the server and is handled by the bcfg2-admin tool. - Move the /etc/bcfg2.key file to the server package - Don't install a sample copy of the config file, just ghost it - Require gamin-python for the server package - Don't require openssl - Make the client a separate package so you don't have to have the client if you don't want it * Wed Dec 20 2006 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - - Add more documentation * Mon Dec 18 2006 Jeffrey C. Ollie <> - - First version for Fedora Extras