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Package Nameqof
SummaryQuery engine library for C objects
DescriptionQOF - The Query Object Framework is a C library that provides a query engine to C applications. This allows SQL-like queries to be performes on a collection of C/C++ objects (which act like SQL tables). QOF is an offshoot of the GnuCash engine, consisting of those pieces unrelated to accounting. The Query Engine allows C/C++ applications to treat random collections of objects as if they were SQL tables, and perform table-join type queries across them. In addition, the query engine can be backed by an actual database, so that instances of local objects can act as a 'cache' to a much larger SQL database.
Built byjkeating
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive00
StartedWed, 02 May 2007 19:32:48 UTC
CompletedWed, 02 May 2007 19:32:48 UTC
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Changelog * Thu Aug 24 2006 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.7.0-1 - Upgrade to upstream 0.7.0. * Sun Jun 11 2006 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.6.4-6 - Rename docs subpackage to doc. * Sun May 28 2006 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.6.4-5 - Use G_MAXINT32 for the test patch. - BR: gettext. * Fri May 12 2006 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.6.4-4 - After talking with upstream it was decided that the supposed char problem was a problem with the test suite. New patch fixes an overflow in the tests. * Sun Apr 30 2006 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.6.4-3 - Fix stupid in a hurry typo. * Sun Apr 30 2006 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.6.4-2 - Patch to fix a signed/unsigned char problem on ppc. * Mon Apr 17 2006 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.6.4-1 - Update to qof 0.6.4. - Patch a small compile problem in building tests on x86_64. * Mon Feb 13 2006 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.6.1-2 - Bump and rebuild for FC5. * Sat Jan 14 2006 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.6.1-1 - Upgrade to 0.6.1. - Drop patches integrated upstream. - Remove static libs. - Patch to add dependencies to the pkgconfig file and linked to the library. - Patch to remove ltdl from the tests. This is linked in but apparently isn't used. Also fix the make targets to build tests separately from the library. - Enable %check as it works with the previous patch. * Sun Oct 23 2005 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lunge.com> - 0.6.0-1 - Upgrade to 0.6.0. - Drop patches integrated upstream. - Small patches for x86_64 and gcc4. - Patch to work around upstream thinko regarding how gmodule works. * Wed Aug 17 2005 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.5.0-6 - Add dist tag. - Rebuild for devel (FC5). * Wed Mar 23 2005 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.5.0-5 - ltdl-devel package is libtool-ltdl-devel. * Tue Mar 22 2005 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.5.0-4 - BuildRequire ltdl-devel as libtool no longer pulls it in automatically. * Mon Mar 21 2005 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0.5.0-3 - Rebuild for FC4t1. * Tue Sep 28 2004 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio-tiki-lounge.com> - 0:0.5.0-0.fdr.2 - Added pkgconfig and glib2-devel to the -devel package's requirements. (suggestion from Michael Schwendt) * Wed Jul 14 2004 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio[AT]tiki-lounge.com> - 0:0.5.0-0.fdr.1 - Initial RPM release. - All patches submitted upstream.