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Package Nameespeak
SummarySoftware speech synthesizer (text-to-speech)
DescriptioneSpeak is a software speech synthesizer for English and other languages. eSpeak produces good quality English speech. It uses a different synthesis method from other open source TTS engines, and sounds quite different. It's perhaps not as natural or "smooth", but some people may find the articulation clearer and easier to listen to for long periods. eSpeak supports several languages, however in most cases these are initial drafts and need more work to improve them. It can run as a command line program to speak text from a file or from stdin.
Built byjkeating
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive00
StartedWed, 02 May 2007 20:11:30 UTC
CompletedWed, 02 May 2007 20:11:30 UTC
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Changelog * Tue Apr 24 2007 Francois Aucamp <faucamp@csir.co.za> - 1.23-1 - Update to version 1.23 - Added "makefile_nostaticlibs" patch so static libraries aren't installed * Thu Feb 08 2007 Francois Aucamp <faucamp@csir.co.za> - 1.20-1 - Update to version 1.20 - Solves stack smash bug (RHBZ #227316) * Fri Jan 26 2007 Francois Aucamp <faucamp@csir.co.za> - 1.19-1 - Update to version 1.19 - Removed "espeak-1.18-makefile_lpthread" patch as it has been included upstream - Removed "espeak-1.18-makefile_smp" patch as it has been included upstream - Removed "espeak-1.18-ptr_64bit" patch as it has been solved upstream - Fixed espeak-data file permissions * Tue Jan 16 2007 Francois Aucamp <faucamp@csir.co.za> - 1.18-2 - Created "espeak-1.18-ptr_64bit" patch to allow compilation on x86_64 (fixes 64-bit pointer issues) - Created "espeak-1.18-makefile_smp" patch to allow parallel make ("_smp_mflags") - Renamed "makefile_lpthread" patch to "espeak-1.18-makefile_lpthread" * Mon Jan 15 2007 Francois Aucamp <faucamp@csir.co.za> - 1.18-1 - Update to version 1.18 - Dropped statically-linked "speak" executable (replaced by dynamically-linked "espeak" executable) - Removed the "espeak program name" patch as it has been included upstream - Removed "espeak program name" patch backup file cleanup from %install - Minor modification to "makefile lpthread" patch to account for new lib/executable - Removed "BIN_NAME" variable from make in %build (implemented upstream) * Mon Nov 20 2006 Francois Aucamp <faucamp@csir.co.za> - 1.17-1 - Update to version 1.17 - Removed "makefile install target" patch as it has been included upstream - Removed "AMD64 sizeof(char *)" patch as it has been included upstream - Minor modification to "espeak program name" patch to allow patching current version * Tue Nov 07 2006 Francois Aucamp <faucamp@csir.co.za> - 1.16-4 - Modified patch steps to create backups with different suffixes - Renamed patch file extensions to .patch - Added step in %install to remove patch backup files in documentation * Sat Nov 04 2006 Francois Aucamp <faucamp@csir.co.za> - 1.16-3 - Fixed source file permissions for -debuginfo package in %prep - Added RPM_OPT_FLAGS to "make" command in %build; removed RPM_OPT_FLAGS makefile patch - Modified makefile install target patch to include general support for setting compiler optimization flags via CXXFLAGS - Removed creation of .orig backup files during patching - Modified patch files to have different suffixes * Thu Nov 02 2006 Francois Aucamp <faucamp@csir.co.za> - 1.16-2 - Added "install" target to makefile (makefile_install_target.patch) - Added patch to fix AMD64 sizeof(char *) assumption bug (upstream request ID 1588938) - Changed "portaudio" BuildRequires to "portaudio-devel" - Added patch to makefile to allow RPM_OPT_FLAGS - Added patch to replace all references to "speak" binary with "espeak" - Moved header files to /usr/include/espeak - Added rmdir command to "install" to remove empty soundicons directory * Wed Oct 04 2006 Francois Aucamp <faucamp@csir.co.za> - 1.16-1 - Initial RPM build