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Information for build satyr-0.10-1.fc19

Package Namesatyr
SummaryTools to create anonymous, machine-friendly problem reports
DescriptionSatyr is a library that can be used to create and process microreports. Microreports consist of structured data suitable to be analyzed in a fully automated manner, though they do not necessarily contain sufficient information to fix the underlying problem. The reports are designed not to contain any potentially sensitive data to eliminate the need for review before submission. Included is a tool that can create microreports and perform some basic operations on them.
Built byjfilak
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive00
StartedMon, 07 Oct 2013 13:49:22 UTC
CompletedMon, 07 Oct 2013 13:52:34 UTC
Taskbuild (f19-candidate, /satyr:8f69c03b0ed6a678abda1087d48cc9f91c7fe12b)
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Changelog * Thu Oct 03 2013 Jakub Filak <jfilak@redhat.com> 0.10-1 - New upstream version - Fix a segmentation fault in sr_rpm_package_uniq() - Respect kernel flavor when parsing package name - Parse backtrace without Thread header - Fix koops json output if there are no modules - Add support for multiple koops stacks * Wed Sep 11 2013 Jakub Filak <jfilak@redhat.com> 0.9-1 - New upstream version - Enrich koops uReport data with koops text and kernel version. - Improve koops modules handling. * Wed Aug 28 2013 Richard Marko<rmarko@redhat.com> 0.8-1 - New upstream version - Added support for json de/serialization of reports and stacktraces. - Library version number increased, as the interface changed since the last release * Mon Aug 26 2013 Martin Milata <mmilata@redhat.com> 0.7-1 - New upstream version - Fix couple of crashes (#997076, #994747) * Mon Jul 29 2013 Martin Milata <mmilata@redhat.com> 0.6-1 - New upstream version - Do not export internal function symbols. * Thu Jul 25 2013 Martin Milata <mmilata@redhat.com> 0.5-2 - Remove libunwind dependency altogether, always use GDB for unwinding. * Thu Jul 25 2013 Jakub Filak <jfilak@redhat.com> 0.5-1 - Added function that creates core stacktrace from GDB output. Several bugfixes. * Tue Jul 09 2013 Martin Milata <mmilata@redhat.com> 0.4-2 - Fix failing tests (failure manifests only on s390x) * Mon Jul 08 2013 Martin Milata <mmilata@redhat.com> 0.4-1 - New upstream version - Added features needed by ABRT - Support for uReport2 - Major C and Python API changes - Patch for python-2.6 compatibility * Tue Apr 02 2013 Dan HorĂ¡k <dan[at]danny.cz> 0.3-2 - libunwind exists only on selected arches * Mon Mar 25 2013 Martin Milata <mmilata@redhat.com> 0.3-1 - New upstream version - Bug fixes - Build fixes for older systems - Do not require libunwind on rhel * Mon Mar 18 2013 Martin Milata <mmilata@redhat.com> 0.2-1 - Documentation and spec cleanup - Build fixes (build against RPM) * Mon Aug 30 2010 Karel Klic <kklic@redhat.com> 0.1-1 - Upstream package spec file