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Information for build anaconda-22.20.2-1.fc22

Package Nameanaconda
SummaryGraphical system installer
DescriptionThe anaconda package is a metapackage for the Anaconda installer.
Built bysbueno
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive01
StartedTue, 03 Mar 2015 20:38:09 UTC
CompletedTue, 03 Mar 2015 20:48:24 UTC
Taskbuild (f22-candidate, /anaconda:42c094f6151653c0bbdb1f82e387c47059be9d35)
anaconda-22.20.2-1.fc22.src.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-22.20.2-1.fc22.armv7hl.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-core-22.20.2-1.fc22.armv7hl.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-dracut-22.20.2-1.fc22.armv7hl.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-gui-22.20.2-1.fc22.armv7hl.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-tui-22.20.2-1.fc22.armv7hl.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-widgets-22.20.2-1.fc22.armv7hl.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-widgets-devel-22.20.2-1.fc22.armv7hl.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-debuginfo-22.20.2-1.fc22.armv7hl.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-22.20.2-1.fc22.i686.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-core-22.20.2-1.fc22.i686.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-dracut-22.20.2-1.fc22.i686.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-gui-22.20.2-1.fc22.i686.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-tui-22.20.2-1.fc22.i686.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-widgets-22.20.2-1.fc22.i686.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-widgets-devel-22.20.2-1.fc22.i686.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-debuginfo-22.20.2-1.fc22.i686.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-22.20.2-1.fc22.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-core-22.20.2-1.fc22.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-dracut-22.20.2-1.fc22.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-gui-22.20.2-1.fc22.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-tui-22.20.2-1.fc22.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-widgets-22.20.2-1.fc22.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-widgets-devel-22.20.2-1.fc22.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
anaconda-debuginfo-22.20.2-1.fc22.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Tue Mar 03 2015 Samantha N. Bueno <> - 22.20.2-1 - Fix a bad usage of execWithRedirect (#1197290) (dshea) - Use the LUKS device for swap in fstab (#1196200) (vpodzime) - Clear TUI source spoke errors that may have been leftover from a prior attempt. (#1192259) (sbueno+anaconda) - fix the 'is team device' check (awilliam) - Revert "Update txconfig for f22-branch (again)...." (sbueno+anaconda) - Revert "makebumpver needs to know about anaconda-1 transifex name" (sbueno+anaconda) * Fri Feb 20 2015 Samantha N. Bueno <> - 22.20.1-1 - Remove unused imports (dshea) - Check for unused imports in __init__ files (dshea) - Remove timestamp-based version support. (#1194494) (dshea) - Add test lib methods to check regexes (dshea) - Update txconfig for f22-branch (again).... (sbueno+anaconda) - Update txconfig for f22-branch. (sbueno+anaconda) - Cleanup BuildRequires (mkolman) - Remove obsolete imports. (amulhern) - Make print statement print output w/out surrounding parentheses. (amulhern) - Remove an unused import (dshea) - rpmostreepayload: Honor noverifyssl (walters) - typo: packaging: Don't vary name of "verified" (walters) - Disable the metacity mouse-button-modifier setting (dshea) - Fix completion setting in TUI language spoke. (#1192230) (sbueno+anaconda) - Remove the pylint false positives for the GLib module (dshea) - Use ExtendAction for --ignore flag (amulhern) - Use a simple ExtendAction for add_rpms option. (amulhern) - Fix log message formating (mkolman) - Don't clear nonexistent DNF package download location (#1193121) (mkolman) * Mon Feb 16 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.20-1 - Make range usage Python 3 compatible (#1014220) (mkolman) - Make map() usage Python 3 compatible (#1014220) (mkolman) - Make the iter*() dictionary methods Python 3 compatible (#1014220) (mkolman) - Remove the module from (vpodzime) - Adapt to autopart and installation-specific code move in blivet (#1192702) (vpodzime) - Revert "Move autopart functionality to anaconda" (vpodzime) * Fri Feb 13 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.19-1 - Make sure yum is included in the packageset for yumpayload (#1152753) (bcl) - Tweak parallel args. (clumens) - Remove the Encoding entry from the .desktop file (dshea) - Add an option to startProgram to not reset the locale (dshea) - Set $LIBUSER_CONF early (dshea) - Do not set $TZ (dshea) - Assume that a bunch of digits in a version number is a timestamp (dshea) - Avoid setting $LANG and $LANGUAGE, except where we can't (dshea) - Add a parameter to iutil.startProgram to extend the environment (dshea) - Add a method to set environment variables for child processes (dshea) - Set $DISPLAY before threads are started. (dshea) - Add a pylint module to look for modifications to the environment (dshea) - Remotely do kickstart tests as a kstest user instead of root. (clumens) - Add some documentation. (clumens) - Do all package/group checking in %post to save a reboot. (clumens) - Support kickstart test jobs out to multiple computers with parallel. (clumens) - Make it possible to ignore individual newly added dependencies (mkolman) - Remove the old_tests directory (bcl) - Use /usr/bin/python2 in scripts (bcl) - Cleanup some pylint errors in analog (bcl) * Fri Feb 06 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.18-1 - dracut needs iscsi_firmware cmdline arg (#1185792) (bcl) - Clear the default titlebar text (mkolman) - Move the pygobject3 dependency to the core package (#1188850) (mkolman) - Bump the livecd making timeout to 90 minutes. (clumens) - If a VM isn't going to finish in 60 minutes, it likely isn't going to finish. (clumens) - Check that package globs install more than just the first package. (dshea) - Remove some stray parenthesis (#1188618) (dshea) - Replace urllib with python-requests for network access (#1014220) (mkolman) - The repo has moved to github, so reflect that in the spec. (clumens) - Fix pylint problems with the autopart commit. (clumens) - network: adapt to NM fixing virtual device disconnection (#1084953) (rvykydal) - Replace xrange() with range() (vpodzime) - Move autopart functionality to anaconda (vpodzime) * Fri Jan 30 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.17-1 - Fix pylint complaints about log lines (bcl) - Add JENKINS_PROXY support to makebumpver (bcl) - Copy the kickstart package tests for testing with yum (bcl) - Pass multiple args to runone in (bcl) - Ignore some accelerator collisions on the filter dialog. (clumens) - Remove an unused variable. (clumens) - network: fix a typo making creating virtual devices in %pre fail (#1075195) (rvykydal) - network: support for bridge, require pykickstart with the support (#1075195) (rvykydal) - network: Catch exception from NM failing to create a bridge device (#1075195) (rvykydal) - network: add bridge support for kickstart %pre phase (#1075195) (rvykydal) - network: generate kickstart commands for bridge devices (#1075195) (rvykydal) - network: add bridge support to kickstart (#1075195) (rvykydal) - network: support for adding bridge devices (#1075195) (rvykydal) - network: display bridge devices in status (#1075195) (rvykydal) - Fix position of Refresh List button in filter spoke (#1065716) (rvykydal) - Fix accelerator collision of Refresh button (#1065716) (rvykydal) - gui: add Refresh button to network storage UI (#1065716) (rvykydal) - iscsi: display portal (address:port) of node in node list (#1114820) (rvykydal) - iscsi: when logging into nodes consider ip:port of node (#1114820) (rvykydal) - network: display only actual fqdn of ip we offer for vnc connection (#1089429) (rvykydal) - network: GUI: reactivate connection automatically after configuration (#1033063) (rvykydal) - Don't traceback if connection does not have read-only setting (#1158919) (rvykydal) - network: enable NM ibft plugin only for ip=ibft boot option (#804511) (rvykydal) - network: add support for vlan tag in iBFT (#804511) (rvykydal) - network: pass team opts to dracut for netroot (#1075666) (rvykydal) - Remove unused version macros from (vpodzime) - Don't process continue-clicked events for windows that aren't shown. (clumens) - Add back an empty %files for the anaconda metapackage (dshea) - Do not include dd_list and dd_extract in the anaconda-core package. (clumens) - Replace long usage with int (#1014220) (mkolman) - Do not use sys.exc_type (#1014220) (mkolman) - Replace StandardError with Exception (#1014220) (mkolman) - Make filter() usage Python 3 compatible (#1014220) (mkolman) - network: add teamd package if team is used during installation (#1185670) (rvykydal) - network: add NetworkManager-team (#1182633) (rvykydal) - Don't allow weak LUKS passwords either (bcl) - Use %license in (bcl) - Don't allow weak passwords (text mode). (sbueno+anaconda) - Remove the press done twice to exit text (bcl) - Don't allow weak user passwords (bcl) - Don't allow weak root passwords (bcl) - Increase minimum password length to 8 (bcl) - Remove the unused re import from (clumens) - Remove IPy from for python 23 compatibility. (rvykydal) - Show empty VGs in the custom spoke. (dlehman) - Use the rpm database to find kernel package versions (#1074358) (dshea) - Check whether a payload has an instclass (#1185588) (dshea) - Remove the unused indexed_dict module (vpodzime) - Use threadMgr to wait for exception handling to finish (vpodzime) - Add a method for waiting for error handling to finish (vpodzime) - Move HW errors processing to the code that runs in the main thread (vpodzime) - Replace python-urlgrabber with python-requests (#1141242) (mkolman) * Fri Jan 23 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.16-1 - Add some tests for kickstart and package selection for dnf. (clumens) - Double quote when printing error results from a kickstart test. (clumens) - Restrict payload kernel versions to kernels in the payload (#1074358) (dshea) - Actually add the new definition of an already-defined repo. (clumens) - Move hdiso handling code to PackagePayload (#1180765) (dshea) - Actually install the metacity theme data (dshea) - Show the event box immediately when setting infobar messages. (dshea) - Move environment group selection logic to PackagePayload (#1179362) (dshea) - Add a parameter to environmentGroups for wheter to include optionlist. (dshea) - Remove unused methods for deselecting environments (dshea) * Fri Jan 16 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.15-1 - makebumpver needs to know about anaconda-1 transifex name (bcl) - Switch to temporary transifex branch (bcl) - Fix an issue in the previous pre-existing repo kickstart patch. (clumens) - Require the livecd target to be larger now. (clumens) - Hook up jenkins support into makebumpver. (clumens) - Change default console font to eurlatgr (myllynen) - Update help text for the nodnf option (mkolman) - Run AnacondaExceptionHandler in cmdline mode (bcl) - Install a metacity theme to remove the titlebar. (dshea) - Move metacity gsettings overrides into anaconda (dshea) - Maximize anaconda instead of running fullscreen (#1164457) (dshea) - Use a formatter on remotelog lines (bcl) - Include NetworkManager-glib in anaconda-core (bcl) - Make colon optional while adding iSCSI Initiator Name (sujithpshankar) - If using pre-existing, no size needs to be specified in ksdata (#1172172) (amulhern) - Add support for sending logs to a remote host with --remotelog (bcl) - Implement askmethod in dnfpayload (dshea) - Add an installclass property for the default package environment (#1175826) (dshea) - Fix the FIXME re: tui default software selection (dshea) - Add missing translation contexts for TUI navigation keys (dshea) - Translate 'c' in the tui software spoke (dshea) - Expect addons to have categories for both GUI and TUI (vpodzime) - Remove an unused import in pyanaconda/ui/ (vpodzime) * Fri Jan 09 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.14-1 - Add error checks to liveimg mount code (#1178703) (bcl) - Switch kickstart tests to doing VNC instead of graphical. (clumens) - Updates for new Size.convertTo() spec. (amulhern) - Force a background in the main GtkBox in anaconda windows. (dshea) - Animate the screen transitions. (dshea) - Implement DNFPayload.environmentOptionIsDefault (#1179905) (dshea) - Remove the directory dnf downloaded packages into. (clumens) - Allow specifying pre-defined repos via kickstart with dnf backend (#1177988). (clumens) - Get rid of unnecessary python disable-msg in zfcp spoke. (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix typo in commit 472be66b2af2af69e7eac15ec9c94ccc818e12b5. (dlehman) - Fix some pylint errors in the zfcp panel. (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix an accelerator collision found on the filter page. (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix some issues pylint found. (sbueno+anaconda) - Show disk paths on Other page in advstorage. (sbueno+anaconda) - Don't treat the baserepo as special when gathering metadata (#1177502) (dshea) - Make dnf._base and dnf._base.comps always available. (dshea) - Remove the checks for whether dnf and rpm were imported (dshea) - Remove obsolete packaging code. (dshea) - Do not bypass name setters in the custom spoke. (#1138370) (dlehman) - Preserve kickstart url behavior for mirrorlist (#1109933) (bcl) - Use a backslash to escape nfs spaces instead of x20 (#1109933) (bcl) - Add missing translation context for Add ECKD DASD button in advstorage. (sbueno+anaconda) - Add translation contexts for z and zfcp panel in advstorage. (sbueno+anaconda) - Convert devices size to str for GUI for zFCP devices (amulhern) - Fix string formatting of zFCP devices. (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix the way zFCP devices are displayed in storage spoke. (#1024902) (sbueno+anaconda) - Show labels on Add zFCP dialog. (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix failure to search by LUN in advanced storage spoke. (sbueno+anaconda) - Get rid of the clear button in advanced storage spoke. (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix up the z Panel in advanced storage. (sbueno+anaconda) - Add support for adding zFCP devices in the GUI (sbueno+anaconda) - Remove DirtyFSError related callbacks and entries. (amulhern) - Remove allowDirty parameter from mountExistingSystem() call. (amulhern) - Remove old workaround for missing EFI bits. (dmarlin) - Wait for payload thread in TUI software spoke. (#1178214) (sbueno+anaconda) - Start the network before the display (#1167103) (dshea) * Fri Dec 19 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.13-1 - Print the result to the log, not the variable name. (clumens) - Ellipsize comboboxes (#1170275) (dshea) - Allow the columns of the container combo box to flow (#1170275) (dshea) - Allow specifying how much from kickstart_tests to keep. (clumens) - Fix up two problems in (clumens) - Fix detecting errors in groups-and-envs-1.ks. (clumens) - Add a network command to the various kickstart test ks files. (clumens) - Reorganize a bit to use parallel. (clumens) - Use the anaconda-user-help package for help content (mkolman) - Fix which TUI field is being checked for which input (#1169533) (dshea) - Fix pylint-reported issues in RPMOSTreePayload (vpodzime) - rpmostreepayload: Rework remote add handling (walters) - Remove Requires: python-nss (vpodzime) - If there's no boot.iso, skip the kickstart tests. (clumens) - Test that a kickstart file with both an environment and group installs both. (clumens) - Move the ostree test out of its own directory. (clumens) - Add a general-purpose kickstart-driven testing setup. (clumens) - Move the pykickstart version test into a different subdirectory. (clumens) - Really hide and show passphrase warnings (#1162828) (dshea) - Unsetup the payload on the way out of anaconda (#1164577) (dshea) - Beware of 0 being the same bool value as None when setting time (vpodzime) - Fix the last member of the struct_time struct (vpodzime) - Use a flag to determine if the datetime spoke is shown (vpodzime) - Put AM/PM label and buttons in a revealer and hide/unhide them (vpodzime) - Fix issues with the date&time not being updated on timezone changes (vpodzime) - Fix the way we create the list of DASDs needing dasdfmt. (#1073982) (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix threading issues for dasdfmt in gui storage. (#1073982) (sbueno+anaconda) - Add sshkey kickstart command (bcl) - Skip setting up env and groups in software spoke for ks (#1173350) (bcl) - Add missing dnf package selection support (#1169056) (bcl) - Add variable substitution to DNF (#1164803) (bcl) - Simplify and robustify handling of fstype combo box. (amulhern) - Fix warnings about the default parameter that gdk deprecated (dshea) - Remove the color override from MountpointSelector. (dshea) - Move the layout indicator color to css and fix the colors (dshea) - Don't crash in pre-commit if no files changed (dshea) - Make the Selected Disks and Configure Mount Point dialogs wider (#1171834). (clumens) - Sync up the Selected Disks and Configure Mount Points dialogs (#1171838). (clumens) - Make sure /boot is not LVM LV if we're on s390x (#873135) (sbueno+anaconda) - Only show the "SYSTEM" heading if there are data mount points under it. (clumens) - Remove an unused import in (clumens) - Use DNF by default (#1156483) (mkolman) - Check system-release for whether to enable betanag or not (#1168829). (clumens) - rpmostreepayload: Avoid shutil.copytree in favor of cp -r to fix symlinks (walters) - Look for Requires: and BuildRequires: at the front of a line. (clumens) - Don't attempt to install anaconda packages from the install-requires target. (clumens) - Remove _assureLogoImage (dshea) - Add a stylesheet property to BaseInstallClass (dshea) - Fix EOF error that occurs if user input required in x3270. (#1171135) (jstodola) - Print an error when the kickstart file is missing (bcl) - Remove UserInterface.basepath and UserInterface.basemask definitions. (amulhern) - Remove pointless overrides identified by the pointless override checker. (amulhern) - Add a simple pointless-override checker to pylint checkers. (amulhern) * Thu Dec 04 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.12-1 - add code so that initramfs created for rescue kernel (#1170589) (gczarcinski) - Start vncconfig for cutNpaste (hamzy) - Handle unstaged changes in the pre-commit hook. (dshea) - Use git status -z (dshea) - Make Python's default encoding detection work on Live installations (#1169019) (vpodzime) - Force translation files download instead of skipping them (#1169023) (vpodzime) - Completely disable storage tests for the moment. (clumens) - datetime_spoke: Fix warnings about removing nonexistent source (walters) - Temporarily disable the BTRFSOnNonBTRFSComponent test. (clumens) - Remove a slightly lighter grey background from the center of the hubs. (clumens) - Actually fix the message dropping commit. (clumens) - Make sure storage info bar is displayed (#1166730) (bcl) - Clear Update Settings when Done clicked (#1167014) (bcl) - Fix PWQError issues. (sbueno+anaconda) - network: Add some doc strings (walters) - It's spoke.title, not (#1167036). (clumens) * Fri Nov 21 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.11-1 - Skip tui askvnc reboot for dirinstall (#1164254) (bcl) - If a message is for a spoke not on the current hub, throw it away. (clumens) - Find storage test cases automatically. (clumens) - Add new storage test cases that reuse results of earlier autopart runs. (clumens) - Support high contrast mode in fedora-welcome (#1160499) (dshea) - How the GUI test suite disk is displayed has changed. (clumens) - do not delete liveimg --url=file:/// file (gczarcinski) - Add support for doing a liveimg kickstart with local file (#1140358) (bcl) - Create missing parent directories for user's home directory (#1163775) (bcl) - Related bug can have different fixed-in and state (bcl) - Provide useful hints on TTY1 during the installation (mkolman) - Decrease memory requirements on gui tests, and make that attr private. (clumens) - Don't use blivet in the gui tests. (clumens) - Use MiB/GiB instead of MB/GB in GUI tests. (clumens) - Make the No Space dialog look less terrible. (clumens) - Add a test case where it's impossible to reclaim. (clumens) - Use blivet's Size class instead of ints and such. (clumens) - Get the gui tests running in parallel. (clumens) - Add a basic test of the reclaim dialog. (clumens) - Make images in raw format instead of qcow2. (clumens) - Allow specifying which of the GUI tests you want to run. (clumens) - Check if we read something when emptying stdin queue (vpodzime) - Require min entropy for 'part --encrypted' devices (#1162695) (vpodzime) - Don't rely on terminal attributes being configurable (#1162702) (vpodzime) - Check for a GLib source ID of None in unwatchAllProcesses. (dshea) - Disable payloads that failed to setup (#1162732) (dshea) - Only enable non-interactive yum plugins (#1111535) (dshea) - Add a placeholder for a product-specific logo (dshea) - Load a stylesheet from product.img (dshea) - Fix make distcheck (mkolman) - Include help content in the Anaconda tarball (mkolman) - Fix typo causing traceback when NTP is turned ON/OFF (vpodzime) - Use /var/tmp for the temp directory when installing anaconda. (clumens) - Prevent tb on s390x when de-selecting a DASD and doing custom part. (sbueno+anaconda) - Revert "Revert productName repo name change (#1128474)" (bcl) - Remove a comment that is a blatant lie. (clumens) - Fix an environment variable setting in the test environment. (clumens) - Update the background image paths used in Fedora. (dshea) - Add a pylint module to detect uses of interruptible system calls. (dshea) - Wrap interruptible system calls in a loop (#1160041) (dshea) - Unpack the callback data given to us by blivet (vpodzime) - Add timeout to callbacks waiting for enough entropy (#1073679) (vpodzime) * Tue Nov 04 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.10-1 - Remove gui, install, and ostree tests from TESTS. (clumens) - Update the ostree test for the new ostree+grub patches. (clumens) - Add a timeout when the ostree test checks for proper booting. (clumens) - bootloader: Bridge efi_dir configuration earlier for rpmostreepayload (walters) - rpmostreepayload: Handle grub2+EFI layout (walters) - rpmostreepayload: Copy all subdirectories of /usr/lib/ostree-boot (walters) - Handle the case of rpmostreepayload + GRUB2 (walters) - Test adding, removing, and reordering keyboard layouts. (clumens) - Test displaying the help viewer on every screen. (clumens) - Add functions to UITestCase to grab the contents of a view. (clumens) - Extend the keyboard GUI test to test adding layout switching. (clumens) - Add checks for selected language/locale on the welcome screen. (clumens) - Catch EOFError in raw_input (#1158841) (bcl) - Ensure we are specifying sensible target sizes for resize. (#1120964) (dlehman) - Set the autopart fstype for boot too (#1112697) (bcl) - Ensure we are specifying sensible target sizes for resize. (#1120964) (dlehman) - Rework the placement of items on hubs. (dshea) - Lightly rearrange the nav_area (dshea) - Do not install interactive exception handler in cmdline mode (#1155979) (vpodzime) - Remove dmidecode from Requires: (vpodzime) - Wait until all spokes are setup before updating continue button (bcl) - Allow adding prepboot to a blank disk in custom (#1155660) (bcl) - Make anaconda more scrollable (#1135024) (dshea) - Remove unused imports (vpodzime) - Just preserve the %addon header args if an addon is missing (#1155026) (vpodzime) - Add a test to verify the help dialog pops up. (clumens) - Look up most widgets relative to the currently displayed screen. (clumens) - Make a few more updates for labels that have changed in the GUI. (clumens) - Warn users about liveinst usage of --updates (#1153550) (bcl) - Fix handling of md fwraid names in kickstart bootloader command. (#1156354) (dlehman) - Use an empty string for no root password instead of None (#1155576) (dshea) - Don't allow related bugs without acks (bcl) - Fix switching environments when no environment is selected (#1018226) (dshea) - Make size_from_input() and size_from_entry() methods handier. (amulhern) - Changes around handling of size entries in custom spoke. (amulhern) - network: handle dbus UnknownMethod exception on invalid objects (#1061796) (rvykydal) * Wed Oct 22 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.9-1 - When I renamed the date & time spoke, I missed one string. (clumens) - Fix two more problems with spoke selectors in GUI testing. (clumens) - Fix the GRUB raid1 tests (dshea) - Add syslinux to the packages in the gui_testing kickstart file, too. (clumens) - Update the gui_testing kickstart file for productization changes. (clumens) - Update checkSizes to work in terms of Size objects (#1129629). (clumens) - Install grub to all disks in a btrfs raid1 /boot (#989644) (dshea) - Really fix issue with starting in cmdline mode on s390x. (sbueno+anaconda) - The network spoke's title has changed. Reflect that in the test. (clumens) - Grab memory.dat from running the GUI test. (clumens) - Don't panic prematurely on a missing size (#1154190) (amulhern) - Fix more messages the new pylint found. (clumens) - dracut/ don't save /tmp (wwoods) - Get rid of some unnecessary text from dasdfmt dialog. (sbueno+anaconda) - Quit if no device type name selected. (amulhern) - Fix stray comment. (amulhern) - If there's no attached ANACTEST device, don't attempt to mount and run it. (clumens) - Fix a spelling error (#1153672) (dshea) - Log when using updates from /tmp/updates/ (bcl) - Fix # handling in SimpleConfigFile (#1045687) (bcl) - Unconditionally clear the process handle when nm-c-e exits (#1132645) (dshea) - Remove the code that reads /tmp/ (dshea) - Rewrite _bound_size() to bound_size() in (amulhern) - Changes for scheduling size change on an existing device (#1076055) (amulhern) - Remove too strict condition for changing size (#1076055) (amulhern) - Omit calculation and use of active_dev_type. (amulhern) - Add a method that extracts device type name from combo box (amulhern) - Don't pass use_dev around to internal methods. (amulhern) - Check identity, not equality, for RaidLevel objects. (amulhern) - Run restorecon on /etc/hostname (#1133368) (bcl) - Add authconfig and firewalld packages when used in ks (#1147687) (bcl) - Allow kickstart with no method (#972265) (bcl) - Fix a typo from 73d3a8e5. (sbueno+anaconda) - Respect both ways how to disable bootloader installation (vpodzime) - Fix a bug unmounting /boot on efi+atomic installs. (clumens) - Refactor handling of fsCombo considerations. (amulhern) - Be more restrictive displaying btrfs device type. (amulhern) - Get rid of unnecessary raid_level variable (amulhern) - Use Size, not int, for size (#1076055) (amulhern) - Remove an unused import (dshea) - Don't automatically select environments for kickstart installs (#1018226) (dshea) - Initialize the GUI lock in a way that doesn't break the API (dshea) - Don't check enabledPlugins if plugins are not yet enabled (#1142544) (dshea) - Add transifex branch check to makebumpver (bcl) - Get rid of an unused variable in the localization test. (clumens) - Don't strip accents from the user-inputted keyboard string (dshea) - Convert strings to unicode in have_word_match (#1146581) (dshea) - Use translated versions of the AM/PM strings consistently (vpodzime) - Import GUI-specific stuff only when running GUI in entropy handling (vpodzime) - Always store the information about display mode in ksdata (vpodzime) - Connect signals to handlers for day/month/year changes (vpodzime) - Switch to using the new help content path (#1072033) (mkolman) - Remove unused variables in the module (vpodzime) - Add nombr to anaconda to suppress updating MBR (#886502) (gczarcinski) - Make the date format locale-dependent in our GUI (#1044233) (vpodzime) - A function for resolving date format and order (vpodzime) - Make device/fs type comboboxes take less space (vpodzime) - Skip running efibootmgr for noefi mode (#1047904) (bcl) - Fix a race between checking for Gtk.main_level and running Gtk.main (dshea) - Allow recursive lightbox calls (#1147337) (dshea) - Disable the ntp service with --nontp (#1135768) (dshea) * Wed Oct 08 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.8-1 - Add a test case for if all anaconda's Requires exist. (clumens) - Only allow one anaconda instance (#1146735) (dshea) - Ignore partition start if there is a biosboot partition (#1044849) (bcl) - Remove duplicates when adding new devices (#887526) (bcl) - Trim changelog entries from spec file (bcl) - We now need to specify an epoch for the python-blivet version requires. (clumens) - Remove the last references to tzmapdata (dshea) - Add VNC to the ostree test arguments. (clumens) - Fix autotools rules to properly include help placeholders (#1072033) (mkolman) - Ignore an accelerator conflict between two Modify labels. (clumens) - s390x: show dialog if kernel cmdline in zipl.conf is too long. (sbueno+anaconda) - Convert process watching to use GLib before we start a main loop (dshea) - Convert python signal handlers to GLib signal handlers (dshea) - Reorganize the right side of the Custom spoke (#1094856) (vpodzime) - Graphically handle errors arising from ostree repo pull problems. (clumens) - Fix file name of the entropy dialog in (vpodzime) - Add support for thin pool profile specification in kickstart (vpodzime) - Require minimum random data entropy when creating LUKS (#1073679) (vpodzime) - Give blivet callbacks for reporting partitioning progress (vpodzime) - Really exit when "Exit installer" in the error dialog is clicked (vpodzime) - NM-wifi is missing on s390(x) (dan) * Tue Sep 30 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.7-1 - Fix Welcome spoke not showing up during kickstart installation (#1147943) (mkolman) - Don't allow /boot on lvm on s390x. (sbueno+anaconda) - Handle failures to instantiate storage devices when parsing kickstart. (dlehman) - Add the new TUI spoke to (clumens) - Remove the now-unused imports of storageInitialize. (clumens) - Add support for language selection in text mode. (sbueno+anaconda) - packaging: handle new NFS installation source with inst.stage2=nfs:... (wwoods) - Allow cdrom-swapping when doing "inst.ks=cdrom[:...]" (wwoods) - add tell_user() and dev_is_cdrom() (wwoods) - Don't force a user to return to the storage spoke after dasdfmt (sbueno+anaconda) - Don't run storageInitialize after dasdfmt (sbueno+anaconda) - Shut up, parallel (dshea) - Really fix unexpected exits in execReadlines (dshea) - Add a context manager for executing code while UI signals are blocked. (clumens) - Avoid the possibility of size variables being unset (#1146585) (dshea) - s390x: Apply disk selection before dasdfmt to preserve data. (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix a bad use of WIFSIGNALED (dshea) - Handle 0's returned by Gdk (dshea) - Adapt to corrected interpetation of logvol --percent. (dlehman) - Always use iutil to start processes. (dshea) - Move the X startup logic to iutil (dshea) - Move process watching to iutil. (dshea) - Close file descriptors while daemonizing auditd (dshea) - Add an option to only capture stdout with execWithCapture (dshea) - Simplify iutil.execReadlines. (dshea) - Add close_fds to the Popen call. (dshea) - Add an option to startProgram to reset signal handlers. (dshea) - Add a method startProgram to handle process starting (dshea) - Lock program_log_lock closer to where the log is written. (dshea) - Record early crashes to ipmi (dshea) - Clear the list of watched PIDs before exiting. (dshea) - Remove the exitCode parameter from exitHandler. (dshea) - Warn about uses of the string module. (dshea) - Import _ from the i18n module instead of hand-crafting a copy of it (dshea) - Import gettext in iutil instead of passing the module reference to iutil (dshea) - Fix a typo in a comment (dshea) - When running on HiDPI monitors, scale anaconda by a factor of 2 (dshea) - Sort the contents of the file system type combo box. (clumens) - Remove the border on the layout testing box. (clumens) - Explain what the IPMI constants mean. (clumens) - Don't attempt terminal size detection on the s390 (#1145065) (mkolman) - Don't show the Add DASD button unless on s390x. (sbueno+anaconda) - Don't show the Add DASD button unless on s390x. (sbueno+anaconda) - Preserve network args on s390x. (sbueno+anaconda) * Fri Sep 19 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.6-1 - Don't call storage.write for dirinstall (#1120206) (bcl) - Fix pylint warning from a recent commit. (dlehman) - Fix the link to the help-button-clicked signal (dshea) - Assign mnemonics to two checkboxes on the user spoke that didn't have them. (clumens) - Remove "MB" from the size string on the HDISO combo box. (clumens) - Use _Cancel and _Continue mnemonics on these two screens. (clumens) - Rename to be the TIME & DATE spoke. (clumens) - Ok -> OK on the proxy dialog. (clumens) - Handle cancellation of new container creation. (dlehman) - Reflect previous custom/autopart selection in the storage spoke. (dlehman) - Clear out custom storage ksdata after first attempt to apply it. (dlehman) - Pass size as Size when adjusting container after device removal. (#1141707) (dlehman) - Set flags.rescue_mode not anaconda.rescue (#1143056) (amulhern) - Split localed's converted layouts and variants (#1073825) (vpodzime) - Rename variable to not with a built-in (mkolman) - Create free space snapshot before doing custom->autopart (vpodzime) - Deprecate RUNKS cmdline option. (sbueno+anaconda) - Show help also when alt+F1 is pressed (mkolman) - Support display of the custom mnemonics on the help button (mkolman) - Activate the built-in help when F1 is pressed (mkolman) - Specify help file names for hubs and spokes (mkolman) - Add a help button to every Anaconda screen (mkolman) - Don't call BusyCursor before Gdk is setup (#1078868) (bcl) - Fix SELINUX_DEFAULT import (#1137049) (bcl) - Catch and rethrow BTRFSValueError as KickstartException (#1019685) (amulhern) - Bump version so BTRFSValueError is found (#1019685) (amulhern) - Don't change langpacks config of installer environment (#1066017) (rvykydal) - network: fix typo 'Private ksy pasword' (#1120374) (rvykydal) - Fix up a string style issue found in the last network commits. (clumens) - network: WPA Enterprise: don't ask twice for password (#1120374) (rvykydal) - network: add support for WPA Enterprise (#1120374) (rvykydal) - network: add s390 network ifcfg options also for bond slaves (#1090558) (rvykydal) - network: copy resolv.conf to chroot before installing packages (#1048520) (rvykydal) - network: don't crash, just log for unrecognized bond options (#1039006) (rvykydal) - network: don't traceback on invalid team options (#1114282) (rvykydal) - network: don't write HWADDR in ifcfgs generated by kickstart (#1130042) (rvykydal) - Re-order the tz's in text mode to mirror the graphical order. (sbueno+anaconda) - Apply a better check for whether to fail if authconfig is missing. (clumens) - driver-updates: fix backspace/delete in dd menus (#1080380) (wwoods) - Fix an issue with bad NFS info specified in source spoke. (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix the SIGSEGV handler (dshea) - Remove argument handling from methods without arguments (dshea) - Warn if software selection size exceeds available space. (sbueno+anaconda) - X doesn't start when making the livecd on the GUI test either. (clumens) - Handle spaces in inst.repo, kickstart nfs, and url commands (#1109933) (bcl) - Fix that urllib2 problem more thoroughly. (clumens) - Fix a problem where urllib2 is not getting pulled into the initrd. (clumens) - Specify thin pool metadata/chunk size only if given by user (#1140635) (vpodzime) - Fix q for quit issue in text mode (#997405) (sbueno+anaconda) - Additional message if kickstart was used but did not finish (#1117908) (amulhern) - Move some statically detectable kickstart errors out of anaconda (#1117908) (amulhern) - Use only the digits from productVersion (bcl) - If a kickstart installation stops because it doesn't know something, log that. (clumens) - Don't care about crash args in bootloader (#1116323) (vpodzime) * Wed Sep 10 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.5-1 - Fix noselinux cmdline default (#1137049) (bcl) - Revert productName repo name change (#1128474) (bcl) - Remove the --disable-overwrite parameter for the Transifex client (mkolman) - Do not try to disable no firstboot services (#1139621) (vpodzime) - Snapshot free space after clearpart for swap suggestion (#1132436) (vpodzime) - Really fix an enlightbox call. (dshea) - Correct issues merged from rhel-7 (dshea) - A couple updates to installclasses. (clumens) - Clear the kickstart password if cleared by the user (#1133185) (dshea) - Change the accelerator key for Add DASD label. (sbueno+anaconda) - Add dialog box for adding DASDs. (sbueno+anaconda) - Add a button for adding an ECKD DASD. (sbueno+anaconda) - Let finding install classes be more flexible for Fedora (#1138820). (clumens) - fix inst.virtiolog (#1074499) (wwoods) - Display container sizes to just two places, as well. (clumens) - Fix two minor things on the source spoke. (clumens) - border_width=5 -> border_width=6 in (clumens) - Use first part of Product for UEFI entry (#1128474) (bcl) - We can't pass "text" in the ostree .ks file because lmc doesn't like that. (clumens) - Remove inactive languages from LINGUAS. (dshea) - Do the ostree test in text mode for now. (clumens) - Skip nvram update on ppc64 image/dir installations (#1136486) (bcl) - Use first part of Product as repo name (#1128474) (bcl) - makeupdates: Report git diff errors (bcl) - For yum-based installs, move the progress bar while packages are installing. (clumens) - Remove the mnemonics from the custom part toolbar. (clumens) - Remove references to ia64. (clumens) - Change a confusing string in TUI NFS configuration screen. (#1057690) (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix two problems with the volume label and combo on custom partitioning. (clumens) - Disable the Modify SW link on livecd installs (#1133726). (clumens) - Require dmidecode for ARM (#1134651, jdisnard). (clumens) - Require a larger /boot (#1129629). (clumens) - Use suggested-action on more buttons (#1131254) (dshea) - CmdlineError should exit with a 1 (bcl) - Let gtk determine the allocation for overlays. (dshea) * Wed Aug 27 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.4-1 - jwb would like us to be clear that bugs could be the system firmware... (pjones) - Fix installing from a second iso (#1040722) (bcl) - Remove anaconda_make_pixbuf (dshea) - Trick automake into taking our wildcards (dshea) - Distribute the right docs files (vpodzime) - Require anaconda-widgets from anaconda-widgets-devel (dshea) - Run /sbin/ldconfig when installing or uninstalling anaconda-widgets (dshea) - Remove the shebang from (dshea) - Exclude the compiled text and rescue files from anaconda-core (dshea) - Update our copy of the GPL (dshea) - Remove unused methods from packaging.Payload (dshea) - Rearrange the entry, example and tip on Advanced User dialog (vpodzime) - Change our docs that are close to ReST to proper ReST (vpodzime) - Remove old outdated docs nobody should read (vpodzime) - Send run-hub and run-spoke into the great beyond (dshea) - Use one thread for payload setup. (dshea) - Remove logging to tty3 and tty5 (#1073336) (bcl) - Make missing encryption key error message more helpful (#1074441) (amulhern) - Fix problems with the hdiso method. (clumens) - Update makebumpver to include flags on first request (bcl) * Fri Aug 15 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.3-1 - Add some tests for execReadlines (dshea) - Remove iutil.fork_orphan (dshea) - Move non-exec tests into a separate class. (dshea) - Write storage after liveimg install (#1080396) (bcl) - Add an option to makebumpver to skip all checks. (clumens) - Write sslverify=0 for url kickstart method (#1116858) (bcl) - Add noverifyssl and proxy support to dracut ks handling (#1116858) (bcl) - Log installation successes and failures via ipmitool (#782019). (clumens) - Default the OK button on the iscsi dialog to insensitive. (clumens) - Add repo --install support to DNF (#1119867) (bcl) - Install selected ks repos to target (#1119867) (bcl) - Add check for the format of grub2 encrypted password (#1070327) (bcl) - Add some sanity checking to live payload (vpodzime) - Use blivet's getFreeSpace for limitting automatic swap size (vpodzime) - Ask users for enough space right at the first time (#876916) (vpodzime) - Use low level file i/o for rpm callback logging (#1035745) (bcl) - In tui cmdline mode skip showError and log message (bcl) - Modify nm to return defaults when no dbus is available (bcl) - Skip networkInitialize for image and dir installations (bcl) - Ignore safe_dbus errors in keyboard setup (bcl) - Skip syslog for dirinstall (bcl) - Clear out errors at the beginning of _save_right_side. (clumens) - Filter empty comps groups from both specific and generic lists (dshea) - Add a test for disadvised words. (dshea) - Mountpoint encrypted checkbox reflects container state (#1000031) (bcl) - Display a fatal error if unable to encrypt a password. (dshea) - Change strings per stylistic advice from ECS (dshea) - Untranslate the type column of the network device type combobox (dshea) - Add more information to the custom part summary dialog (#975804). (clumens) - Don't require user creation when root is locked (#1030626) (bcl) - Import LUKSDeviceWithoutKeyError from the right place (vpodzime) - Move _verifyLUKSDevicesHaveKey to Anaconda's codebase (vpodzime) - Fix issues reported by pyflakes (vpodzime) * Thu Jul 31 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.2-1 - Return NULL on error in doSetSystemTime. (dshea) - Remove the /usr/bin/liveinst symlink during uninstall (dshea) - Highlight languages in langsupport that contain selected locales (dshea) - Add a wrapper function for GtkTreeViewColumn.set_cell_data_func (dshea) - Remove the STANDALONE #ifdef from auditd. (dshea) - Mark zRAM devices as protected and ignore them (vpodzime) - Make storage sanity check aware of base RAM requirements (#1123466) (vpodzime) - Move sanityCheck code to anaconda's codebase (vpodzime) - Clean up stylesheet comments (dshea) - Resurrect auditd (dshea) - Fix the spacing on the non-verbose doc building messages (dshea) - Switch to kinder, gentler autoconf errors (dshea) - Clean up the handling of CFLAGS (dshea) - Remove unused parts of the files. (dshea) - Add a couple of configure checks from autoscan (dshea) - Include config.h in every C file. (dshea) - Use the result from AC_FUNC_FORK at build time (dshea) - Don't distribute the gnome desktop file with translations (dshea) - Build documentation during build instead of dist (dshea) - Do not multiply/divide RAM sizes by 1024 back and forth (vpodzime) - Raise exception if reading lines from a killed process (vpodzime) - Use zRAM swap up to 2 GB of RAM (vpodzime) - RAM requirements depend on squashfs.img's origin (vpodzime) * Fri Jul 25 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 22.1-1 - Add platform specific group selection (#884385) (bcl) - Use parallel instead of xargs (vpodzime) - Solidify the row separator in the welcome spoke. (dshea) - Don't skip cpfmtxa formatted dasds if zerombr specified in ks. (#1073982) (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix TUI error message regarding username creation. (#1058637) (sbueno+anaconda) - Determine the lang selected arrow direction at render time (dshea) - Lessen the visible resize when entering the welcome and lang spokes (dshea) - Reset the want_x flag after the memory check (vpodzime) - Fix crash caused by passing kwargs to log functions (vpodzime) - Check graphical RAM requirements if running graphical installation (vpodzime) - Document the inst.zram boot option (vpodzime) - Adapt the memory requirements to zRAM swap usage (vpodzime) - Remove an unused MEM-related constant and use the other one (vpodzime) - Add a script for showing stats about zRAM (vpodzime) - Set widgets to be focused when entering a spoke. (#1121285) (dshea) - Allow a wider variety of mountpoints (#1109143) (dshea) - Restrict the selected and insensitive style rules to anaconda widgets (dshea) - Log more details about collect failure (bcl) - Prevent crashes due to accessing X server from multiple threads (vpodzime) - Add vnc to the arguments to qemu for the GUI testing. (clumens) - Remove a commented out import (mkolman) * Wed Jul 16 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.48-1 - Fix the custom accelerators in custom partitioning (#1118999) (dshea) - Revert "Reset dnf package sack" (bcl) - Ignore the home directory setting if no change was requested (#1119900) (dshea) - Set an upper limit on uids and gids. (dshea) - Remove the "Create a home directory" checkbox (dshea) - Fix a typo: inital -> initial (mkolman) - Don't create the configured.ini file (#1119166) (mkolman) - zRAM swap for Anaconda (vpodzime) - Split kickstart arg handling (bcl) - Update icon names used within python code. (dshea) - Add a check for whether icons used in glade files are valid (dshea) - Load icons by name instead of stock-id. (dshea) - Remove extra list() call with no effect (vpodzime) - Add NetworkManager-wifi dependency for the GUI subpackage (#1111417) (mkolman) - Python's octals changed; mount's didn't. (pjones) - Add a basic test for ostree-based installs. (clumens) - Print out exceptions at log level critical. (clumens) - Rename environment variables in (clumens) - Rename gui/ to fit in with the other test names. (clumens) - Write the grub config even on errors (#1114774) (bcl) * Fri Jul 11 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.47-1 - Fix references to requiredPackages (bcl) - Drop anaconda. prefix from copied logs (bcl) - dnf should put its logs in /tmp/ (bcl) - Make sure the software listboxes are shown (bcl) - dnf should report that it supports Closest Mirror (bcl) - Do not prefer /tmp for dnf downloads (bcl) - Reset dnf package sack (bcl) - Fix dnf base repo setup to fall back to default gracefully (bcl) - Move addDriverRepo into PackagePayload class (bcl) - Rename some dnf items to match yum (bcl) - rpmostreepayload: Drop selinux-ensure-labeled call (walters) - Run anaconda in fullscreen whenever possible. (dshea) - Correct the constant used with gtk_widget_set_state_flags (dshea) - Restore some CSS rules from the pre-3.13 Adwaita theme. (dshea) - Adapt to changes in blivet.udev interface. (amulhern) - Bump blivet version to pick up blivet.udev interface changes. (amulhern) - Use the enlightbox context manager for the add network device dialog (mkolman) - DNFPayload: do not add group 'core' twice. (ales) - Remove the window property from UIObject. (dshea) - Unravel the Hub and Spoke classes. (dshea) - Fix --kickstart option (bcl) - Bump up the required pykickstart version (vpodzime) - Use GtkRevealer for widget hiding in storage spoke (mkolman) - rpmostreepayload: create /var/spool/mail required when adding user (rvykydal) - rpmostreepayload: Don't recreateInitrds for this payload (walters) - Don't use geolocation when installing with kickstart (mkolman) * Wed Jul 02 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.46-1 - Ignore an error from pylint incorrectly analyzing types in dbus-python (dshea) - Remove the Lightbox widget (dshea) - Implement the lightbox in MainWindow (dshea) - Added a method to create new GdkPixbufs from in-memory data (dshea) - Add a delete-event handler for the main window (dshea) - Add a window to manage Anaconda screen transitions. (dshea) - Add a class BaseStandalone. (dshea) - Increased the version of anaconda-widgets to 3.0 (dshea) - Use globs for the anaconda widgets library paths (dshea) - Remove the custom accelerators from custom storage. (dshea) - Add a couple more deprecation warning ignores (dshea) - Use a dict for string substitutions in a /boot/efi message. (clumens) - Use the right index for selecting region (#1114234) (vpodzime) - Add autopart --fstype support (#1112697) (bcl) - Patches to allow /boot/efi to be RAID1 (#788313) (amulhern) - Bump blivet version for succeeding commit. (amulhern) - Map our log levels to syslog log levels (bcl) - makeupdates: Put systemd files under /usr/lib/ (bcl) - Make octal literals Python 3 compatible (mkolman) - Use the built-in next() function for generators (mkolman) - Make reduce function usage Python 3 compatible (mkolman) - Use createrepo_c in place of createrepo (mkolman) * Fri Jun 27 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.45-1 - Switch to tty1 if we get an exception before meh is setup (dshea) - Remove surprises from X startup. (dshea) - Import KS_MISSING_IGNORE from pykickstart.constants in DNF payload (mkolman) - Import Pykickstart constants directly (mkolman) - Switch error exit codes to 1 (bcl) - Add help texts for the remaining Anaconda options (mkolman) * Wed Jun 25 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.44-1 - Fix storage checker docstring (bcl) - Modify --dirinstall to take a path (bcl) - Drop ROOT_PATH, add a method to set it (bcl) - Call setUpBootLoader in custom autopart (#1086811) (bcl) - Remove the noipv6 Anaconda option (mkolman) - Remove the -s/--script Anaconda option (mkolman) - Make rescue_mode part of flags, hence more publicly available (#1090009) (amulhern) - Check host filesystem space for dirinstall (bcl) - Remove the viewport from the addon repo tree view (dshea) - Add a check for GtkScrollables contained in GtkViewports (dshea) - Enable rubber-banding in the disk tree views (dshea) - Make the configure mount point dialog taller. (#924182) (dshea) - Add the disk TreeViews directly to the scrolled windows (dshea) - Opened up and hit Save (dshea) - Add help texts for more Anaconda CLI options (mkolman) - Remove the targetarch Anaconda option (mkolman) - Add anaconda_options.txt to makeupdates (dshea) - Allow the location of anaconda_options.txt to be overridden (dshea) - Remove an unused import. (dshea) - Remove the headless Anaconda option (mkolman) * Thu Jun 19 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.43-1 - Allow NFS addon repos (#985080) (dshea) - Add --disklabel support to clearpart (#1078537) (bcl) - Replace redundant ifs with direct assignments to the anaconda variables (mkolman) - Replace ifs when assigning option values to flags where possible (mkolman) - Use True/False instead of 1/0 for flags (mkolman) - Store auto gui results in the same directory as the test itself. (clumens) - Use whatever network device was used to start installation. (clumens) - Ignore more deprecation warnings. (dshea) - Add help texts for the dmraid and nodmraid options (mkolman) - Use True instead of 1 for the dmraid flag default value (mkolman) - Add help texts for the ibft and noibft options (mkolman) - Use True instead of 1 for the ibft flag default value (mkolman) - Remove the iscsi and noiscsi options (mkolman) - Add a new log level 'lock' for _yum_lock (bcl) - Replace uses of gtk-missing-image (dshea) - Improve the SpokeSelector icon error reporting. (dshea) * Thu Jun 12 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.42-1 - Adjust the ui package paths to find hubs and spokes (bcl) - Change emphasis from subvolumes to snapshots in removal warning. (dlehman) - Reflect the fact that some block devices cannot be reformatted. (dlehman) - Use to detemine if a device is directly accessible. (dlehman) * Wed Jun 11 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.41-1 - Use /usr/lib* in updates images. (dshea) - Fix the paths we check for spokes. (sbueno+anaconda) - Remove the kbdtype option (mkolman) - Remove the noipv4 option (mkolman) - Remove the autostep option (mkolman) - Remove the disused nofb option (mkolman) - Remove the module option (mkolman) * Tue Jun 10 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.40-1 - fedora-welcome: Correct an icon name after the switch to Adwaita (kalevlember) - Pass/check displaymode in collect_categories and collectCategoriesAndSpokes. (sbueno+anaconda) - Add help texts to some Anaconda CLI options (mkolman) - Don't install implicitly added but explicitly excluded packages (#1105013) (vpodzime) - Update configure, make files, and PO files with new category changes. (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix up collectCategoriesAndSpokes function. (sbueno+anaconda) - Update all relevant UI files with new category path. (sbueno+anaconda) - Move categories to pyanaconda.ui.categories. (sbueno+anaconda) - Allow testing a regular install from the live environment. (clumens) - Make sure /var/log/anaconda gets copied under the right root. (clumens) - format.setup in blivet takes only kwargs. (clumens) - Tweak spacing in the other storage options grid. (clumens) - Remove the dlable option (mkolman) - change default for grub2 save_entry to 0 (gczarcinski) - Revert "Refresh after checkbox clicked (#1074188)" (dshea) - Move assureLogoImage to GraphicalUserInterface (#1102238) (dshea) - If we cannot activate keyboard, at least populate the missing items (#1104541) (vpodzime) - network: generate dracut arguments also for IPADDRn ifcfg values (#1103571) (rvykydal) - Memoize the results for *RaidLevelsSupported() functions (amulhern) - RAID related changes for custom spoke. (amulhern) - Bump required blivet version. (amulhern) - Make parse-kickstart aware of the %addon section (#1083002) (vpodzime) - Revert "Work around a parsing bug in GtkBuilder" (dshea) - Fix a typo in one of the bootloader installation warning messages (#1103410) (mkolman) - Don't require network in standalone spoke for media installs (#1066807) (rvykydal) * Mon Jun 02 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.39-1 - eu_ES has been dropped from the supported languages (bcl) - Change 'elif encrypted' statement to 'else' statement. (amulhern) - Work around a parsing bug in GtkBuilder (dshea) - Don't uppercase the size values in the disk shopping cart. (clumens) - Display the sentence about being able to reuse partitions even without roots. (clumens) - Allow a couple more keyboard shortcuts on the custom part spoke. (clumens) - Reword the close button on the software spoke's error dialog. (clumens) - Fix up quoting around passing args to anaconda in the gui test. (clumens) - Don't hide a serious issue (vpodzime) - Move autopart choices to one place and use them in both GUI and TUI (vpodzime) - Define default autopart type as a constant (vpodzime) - Use enumerate() instead of getting indices of iterated items (vpodzime) - Preserve net.ifnames cmdline arg (#1102401) (bcl) - Revert the dialog sizing chunk from (clumens) - Update GUI tests for changes in gtk/atk/anaconda/whatever. (clumens) - Fix gui/ to work under either "make check" or being run manually. (clumens) - Add a -c argument to the ksflatten invocation. (clumens) - Do basic logging setup when short circuiting the normal Anaconda init (mkolman) - Fix boot option warning string formatting (mkolman) - always rescan for vmlinuz if rescueKernelList (gczarcinski) - move new-kernel-pkg rpmposttrans to end of install (gczarcinski) - allow /boot on btrfs subvol or filesystem (gczarcinski) - Allow /boot on LVMlv (gczarcinski) * Wed May 28 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.38-1 - Parse boot options before parsing CLI options (#1101341) (mkolman) - Check that bootloader devices are configured before validating (#1100928) (dshea) - network: use IpInterface only for activated devices (#1101781) (rvykydal) - Enable LVM Thin Provisioning in text mode (vpodzime) - Remove the executable bit from (clumens) - Fix the nm test for big-endian results (dshea) - Fix issues with auto* and (dshea) - Allow file:// url handler in --repo arg (bcl) - Ignore deprecation warnings for atk_role_register (dshea) - Handle renames in makeupdates. (pjones) - Move Anaconda version detection from isys to Python code (mkolman) - network: use IpInterface instead of Interface (#1058906, #1029214) (rvykydal) - network: don't modify network config for dirInstall and imageInstall (rvykydal) - network: remove redundant image install guard (rvykydal) - network: add first tests for (rvykydal) - network: consolidate setNetworkOnbootDefault (rvykydal) - Set ONBOOT=yes for the device used for installation (#1002544). (rvykydal) - Use proper data for autopart type initialization (vpodzime) - Line up the right side of the FCOE dialog. (clumens) - Use default_width and _height on dialogs instead of _request. (clumens) - Remove the border around the refresh storage dialog's button. (clumens) - Short-circuit initialization when printing out Anaconda version (mkolman) - Make print statements Python 3 compatible (mkolman) - Fix the handling of set_const options pulled in from the boot cmdline (dshea) - Fix the modify software tooltip on the installation options dialogs. (clumens) - Better visually distinguish TUI spokes states (vpodzime) - Reset the text direction as soon as the locale is changed (dshea) - Show errors from the displayed mountpoint when exiting the custom spoke (dshea) - Check that container names input by the user are valid (dshea) * Tue May 20 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.37-1 - Chain up to parent size_allocate functions in our standalone widgets. (clumens) - Format the help text to properly fit to the terminal window (mkolman) - Call getPossiblePhysicalExtents() only once (vpodzime) - Default PE size to blivet's default when requested from kickstart (#1098139) (vpodzime) - A couple of anaconda whitespace fixes (mkolman) - Replace the deprecated has_key() by in (mkolman) - Disable pylint errors on NetworkData in the new (clumens) - Tweak borders on the filter UI. (clumens) - network: add tests (rvykydal) - network: don't use ifcfg PREFIX when generating ipv6 dracut args (rvykydal) - network: cleanup - remove ksdevice variable (rvykydal) - Horizontally center the user creation spoke contents. (clumens) - Un-indent the reclaim space checkbox. (clumens) - Remove the RAID page from the filter UI. (clumens) - install -> installation in a string on the source spoke. (clumens) - Switch Anaconda to argparse (mkolman) - rpmostreepayload: Use systemd-tmpfiles rather than handrolling mkdir (walters) - Add some padding to the custom partitioning note. (dshea) - Wrap the custom partitioning note (#1031850) (dshea) - Make an ostree string easier for translators to deal with. (clumens) - Fix the gettext warnings test for VPATH builds (dshea) - network: fix crash on empty ksdevice boot option (#1096846) (rvykydal) - Add RPMOSTreePayload (walters) - bootloader: Allow extlinux loader configuration to handle RPMOSTreePayload case (walters) - install: Handle distinct physical root/sysroot (walters) - parse-kickstart: drop "mtu=" args (wwoods) - Drop workaround for old dracut BOOTIF+ip problem (wwoods) - Fix behavior (and docs) for ks=nfs:<path>/ (#1094645) (wwoods) - Allow non-ASCII characters in passwords (#960837) (dshea) - Use a separate label for passphrase warnings. (dshea) - Move more of the passphrase dialog into the glade file. (dshea) - Don't add redundant grub installs if stage1 is not a disk (dshea) - Let the user continue on bootloader errors (#1006304) (bcl) - Fix the parsing of NFS addon URLs (#966240) (dshea) - Remove redundant import (mkolman) - Don't overwrite function argument when parsing help texts (mkolman) - Return CLI help text at once (mkolman) - Fix typo in previous commit adjusting to blivet API change. (dlehman) - Adjust for movement of functions from examples into blivet proper. (dlehman) * Thu May 08 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.36-1 - Switch to adwaita-icon-theme (kalevlember) - Hook up the TUI categories to autoconf/make. (#1095220) (dshea) - Fix the object type specifying argument name for findActions (vpodzime) - Remove keyword args 'ignoreErrors' from umountFilesystems() call. (amulhern) - Updates for new blivet.size.Size.__new__ interface. (amulhern) - Change uses of 'format' keyword param to 'fmt' keyword param (amulhern) - Update devicetree.findActions invocations to match blivet interface change (amulhern) - Bump blivet version to ensure next four patches get the right interface. (amulhern) * Mon May 05 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.35-1 - Use format strings in the new kickstart error message translations. (clumens) - Mark kickstart errors as translatable, and hopefully make them more useful too. (clumens) - install: Move Payload postInstall() after bootloader (walters) - iutil: Transparently redirect anyone who asks root=/mnt/sysimage to sysroot (walters) - Fix the way categories are handled in text mode. (sbueno+anaconda) - Move GUI-specific helper classes to a separate module (#1091542) (dshea) - Fix license in parse-kickstart (mkolman) - main: Set flags.extlinux if extlinux is used in interactive-defaults.ks (walters) - anaconda.service: Set GIO_USE_VFS=local (walters) - Use a gettext context where necessary when retranslating (#1091207) (dshea) - Update makebumpver for python-bugzilla 1.0.0 (bcl) - Skip source and software spoke in text live installations (#1092763) (bcl) - Add correct kernel params if rootfs is btrfs on s390x. (#874622) (sbueno+anaconda) - Don't crash on anaconda-yum output containing multiple colons (#1092441) (mkolman) - Revert chrooting when setting user/root password (vpodzime) - network: fix device configuration in text mode (#1058336) (rvykydal) - Change order in which packages/groups are selected/excluded (#1091952) (vpodzime) - Check the correct button when saving changes in the Custom spoke (#1090786) (vpodzime) - Fix unloading modules in driver-updates (#1085099) (wwoods) - Re-saved some of the glade files with a newer version of glade. (dshea) - Add viewports for the ListBoxes in the software spoke. (dshea) - Extend format string checks to translated format strings. (dshea) - Fix typo in nm_is_connected method check. (rvykydal) - iutil: Introduce getSysroot()/getTargetPhysicalRoot(), use instead of ROOT_PATH (walters) * Thu Apr 24 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.34-1 - Improve the "adding yum repo" message structure (mkolman) - Fix missing log message about adding a repository (#1089297) (mkolman) - Ignore use of eval warnings. (dshea) - Specify string format arguments as logging function parameters (dshea) - New encrypted state is the dialog's encrypted attribute (vpodzime) - Use human readable sizes with two decimal spaces in the GUI (vpodzime) - Make the LUKS unlock callback a timed action (vpodzime) - Hitting ENTER in the LUKS passwd entry should click the Unlock button (vpodzime) - Block leaf device encryption if container is encrypted consistently (vpodzime) - Do not remove the replacing item, remove the replaced one instead (vpodzime) - Give include_btrfs variable a better name (vpodzime) - Make the _resolve_btrfs_restrictions method's code nicer (vpodzime) - Refactor the btrfs magic into a separate method (vpodzime) - Switch the condition in long if-else statement (vpodzime) - Give an opaque condition a better name explaining its real meaning (vpodzime) - Refactor out the code for removing empty parents (vpodzime) - Use the (vpodzime) - Refactor out the code for adding device/mountpoint into a method (vpodzime) - Relabel /home partition if using and existing one (#1087736) (vpodzime) - Don't forget to call os._exit() in the child process (vpodzime) - users: Add root= keyword argument to set{User,Root}Password (walters) - users: Deduplicate code to fork()+chroot() (walters) - gui/spokes/software: Enable iff payload is PackagePayload (walters) - Use descriptive pylint messages instead of numbers. (clumens) - Add input validation to the source spoke. (dshea) - Remove the tests for duplicate and invalid repo names (dshea) - Expand the proxy URL validation. (dshea) - Convert the repository name test into a regex (dshea) - Add a remove_check method for InputCheckHandler. (dshea) - Use ID columns in the protocol combo boxes (dshea) - Added a link to a bug about the user data in glade problem. (dshea) - Remove the top and bottom padding from source spoke action area (dshea) - Re-add a false-positive for the GLib module (dshea) * Thu Apr 17 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.33-1 - Add an option to copy translation files to an updates.img (dshea) - Set the selinux state from the command line (#784828) (dshea) - Remove a whole bunch of pylint false positives (dshea) - Ignore more informational messages printed by pylint pragmas (dshea) - Use more wildcards in the tests dist_ variable (dshea) - Make sure the idx variable is used instead of the old found variable (vpodzime) - Disable a false positive from pylint (dshea) - Only run dialogs in the enlightbox context (vpodzime) - Separate code for finding item in containers combo and processing it (vpodzime) - Check Update Settings button sensitivity when saving changes in one place (vpodzime) - Only save changes if needed when adding mountpoint (vpodzime) - No need to call bool() on a boolean expression result (vpodzime) - Give names to some magic tuples, make them reusable and reuse them (vpodzime) - Add DEVICE_TYPE_DISK's text description to the mapping (vpodzime) - Move a few constants and mappings to the storage_utils module (vpodzime) - Split long label's string into two lines (vpodzime) - Don't rely on the ordering of autopart types in the combobox (vpodzime) - Only save changes if there are any changes to be saved (vpodzime) - Add device type constants to the device type combobox's store (vpodzime) - Change some anaconda-yum DEBUGs to be more informative (bcl) - Change Proxy Add Button to Ok (bcl) - Display a message for missing required packages and groups (#1064565) (dshea) - Fix issues with the errorHandler callback arguments (dshea) * Thu Apr 10 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.32-1 - Refactor the code setting up the device type combobox a method (vpodzime) - Rename 'swap' variable to 'is_swap' to better express its meaning (vpodzime) - Refactor out the code setting up the fstype combobox into a method (vpodzime) - Refactor the code updating info about device container into a method (vpodzime) - Remove the default None value from the addPage's cb argument (vpodzime) - Make on_updates_settings_clicked timed callback (vpodzime) - Rename the callback for updating mountpoint settings (vpodzime) - Hook up the GUI test so it's run as part of "make check". (clumens) - Skip running pylint on files containing "skip-file". (clumens) - Add comments to the kickstart tests. (clumens) - Add the beginnings of an automated GUI test suite. (clumens) - Add accessibility information to the user spoke. (clumens) - Add accessibility information to the root password spoke. (clumens) - Add accessibility information to the progress hub. (clumens) - Add accessibility information to most of the widgets on the storage spoke. (clumens) - Add enough accessibility information to the network spoke for livecds. (clumens) - Add accessibility information to the keyboard spoke. (clumens) - Add accessibility information to the date & time spoke. (clumens) - Add a script and base kickstart file for making a dogtail-enabled livecd. (clumens) - Add accessibility information to the welcome spoke and summary hub. (clumens) - Add accessibility information to some of our widgets. (clumens) - Don't use dhcp ntpservers for dir or image installation (bcl) - Implement and use decorator for logging UI storage actions (vpodzime) - Refactor out the code doing device reformat into a function (vpodzime) - Refactor out the code handling encryption change into a function (vpodzime) - Fix variable name when logging new fstype (vpodzime) - Make it possible to override translation domain in GUIObjects (#1040240) (mkolman) - Refactor out the code for handling device size change into a function (vpodzime) - Refactor out the code for bounding size into a function (vpodzime) - Refactor code for reverting device reformat into a function (vpodzime) - Make the code changing an existing device more compact (vpodzime) - Comment the part of the code changing an existing device (vpodzime) - Do device change logging in one place where possible (vpodzime) - Pass information about old and new device as a dictionary (vpodzime) - Move code attempting to replace device into a separate function (vpodzime) - Mountpoint validation should only care about the new fs type (vpodzime) - Make size properties refreshing reused code (vpodzime) - Use generator instead of list for auxiliary old_disk_names variable (vpodzime) - Remove and unused variable in Custom spoke (vpodzime) - Refactor mountpoint configuration validation out from _save_right_side (vpodzime) - Don't overload selectorFromDevice function (vpodzime) - Use dir_tree_map for the cleanPStore function (vpodzime) - Check xconfig before setting the installed displaymode (dshea) - DNFPayload: call close() when done with the Base. (ales) - Do not try to get "" translated (vpodzime) - Use for-cycle else: branch instead of extra variable (vpodzime) - Have mountpoint descriptions defined in a dictionary (vpodzime) - Uppercase global constants in the Custom spoke (vpodzime) - Use cannonical RAID level names when populating RAID stores (vpodzime) - No RAID level (RAID level None) is a valid choice for LVM(ThP) (vpodzime) - LVM Thin Provisioning supports the same RAID levels as plain LVM (vpodzime) - Only block the password/user spokes if data was given in kickstart (vpodzime) - Disable a pylint error message for now. (clumens) - Suppress selinux error log when using default (#1083239) (bcl) - Use the AnacondaWidgets python gi-overrides for pylint (dshea) * Wed Apr 02 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.31-1 - Only install consolehelper link on livearches (bcl) * Wed Apr 02 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.30-1 - Add support ppc64le (hamzy) - Validate proxy URLs (dshea) - Provide feedback for invalid NTP hostnames. (dshea) - Use GUIDialogInputCheckHandler in the advanced user dialog (dshea) - Add a new InputCheck status for silent failures. (dshea) - Add an InputCheckHandler subclass for dialogs. (dshea) - Generalized and improved the proxy URL parsing regex (dshea) - Update makebumpver for the newer python-bugzilla on rawhide. (clumens) - network: don't crash on virtual devices turned off (#1080640) (rvykydal) - network: don't pop HWADDR twice for vlan on s390 (#1061646) (rvykydal) - Make safe_dbus module's functions less 'safe' (vpodzime) - Add a list of cmdline args that append instead of replace (#1073130) (bcl) - safe_dbus: Don't export DBus connection addresses as variables (walters) * Wed Mar 26 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.29-1 - Add a Makefile target to create a set of empty .po files. (dshea) - os.path.exists -> os.path.lexists when checking for authconfig. (clumens) - Add support for tarfiles to liveimg kickstart command (bcl) - mountExistingSystem raises an exception with dirty FS (#1080210) (vpodzime) - Don't do yum lock logging when using updates.img (vpodzime) - Pass Size(0) instead of 0 to the ContainerDialog if no size is given (vpodzime) - Update the BaseWindow and HubWindow example UI fragments (dshea) - Convert GtkHBox and GtkVBox to GtkBox. (dshea) - Fix keyboard accelerator collisions from former stock buttons (dshea) - Set the secret agent icon in the glade file (dshea) - Remove stock labels and icons. (dshea) - Run the pykickstart version test on the commands in parse-dracut (dshea) - Don't reimport os - it's imported very early on. (clumens) - Use an alternative image if logo is missing (mkolman) - Update parse-kickstart for the new bootloader command. (clumens) - Make sure the error info message starts on a new line (vpodzime) - Define two env variables removing useless warnings (vpodzime) - Check boot args for None (#1075918) (bcl) - Revert "Enable make check in %check and add the necessary BuildRequires" (dshea) - Fix the argument list passed to the payloadInitialize thread (#1079628) (dshea) - Fix filtering the _storage_playground out (vpodzime) - Sync up step counts in with reality. (clumens) - Avoid the "unable to init server" message. (dshea) - Do not attempt to run authconfig if it doesn't exist. (clumens) - Allow skipping installation of the core group, if asked for in kickstart. (clumens) - Drop the vconsole.font boot arg (#1074113) (vpodzime) * Thu Mar 20 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.28-1 - Get the DBus session bus address in a method (dshea) - Specify string format arguments as logging function parameters (dshea) - Inhibit the screen saver on live installs (#928825) (dshea) - Handle the dbus method call not returning anything. (dshea) - Convert errors raised during dbus connection to DBusCallError (dshea) - driverdisk: Show selection menu for network driver isos (#1075918) (bcl) - Write a modprobe blacklist (#1073130) (bcl) - Append cmdline arg values in BootArgs (#1073130) (bcl) - Wait for other threads to finish before sending ready (#1075103) (bcl) - set proxy related environmental variables (#854029) (bcl) - Fix pylint error in yumpayload. (sbueno+anaconda) - The custom spoke requires mountPointStore and mountPointCompletion, too. (clumens) - Make the lists of files to check consistent across all checks. (dshea) - Fix error handling in cmdline mode. (#1034773) (sbueno+anaconda) - Don't create bootloader entries for kdump initrd and kernel. (#1036086) (sbueno+anaconda) - Add a setting to that got left out of the cherry-pick. (clumens) - Enable make check in %check and add the necessary BuildRequires (atodorov) - Make it obvious user is going to begin installation. (#975793) (sbueno+anaconda) - Move libtimezonemap requires to the anaconda-gui subpackage (vpodzime) - network: apply ks configuration to devices activated in initramfs (#1037605) (rvykydal) - Add support for kickstart --interfacename for vlans (#1061646) (rvykydal) - network: handle race condition of disappearing active connection (#1073424) (rvykydal) - Convert iter from filter model iter to backing store iter (#1074188) (amulhern) - Provide ways in kickstart to skip kernel and bootloader (#1074522). (clumens) - DNFPayload: apply the kickstart excludedList. (ales) - Only pylint files that are in the git working copy (dshea) - Move accordion population into a separate function (vpodzime) - Short-circuit testing if root has any devices (vpodzime) - Getting new devices is not enough cheap operation for being a property (vpodzime) - Hide and unhide the same set of disks in the Custom spoke (vpodzime) - Use GtkActionList when populating filesystem store (vpodzime) - Fix XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set messages by creating one (dshea) - Make the ui_storage_logger reusable (vpodzime) - Decide on supported RAID levels in a better way (vpodzime) - Fix typo in the comment (vpodzime) - Add and use MountpointSelector's attributes we need (vpodzime) - Make code to get Size instance from user's input reusable (vpodzime) - Make getting raid level less hacky (vpodzime) - Implement a function to get container type name (vpodzime) - Make custom partitioning helper constants look as constants (vpodzime) - Simplify mountpoint validation and error reporting (vpodzime) - Simplify label validation and error reporting (vpodzime) - Move translated_new_install_name to the right place (vpodzime) - Rename the __storage attribute to a more propriate name (vpodzime) - Split out helper code from the Custom partitioning spoke (vpodzime) - The reset button should only be sensitive if there's something to reset. (clumens) - Confirm before resetting custom partitioning selections (#970093). (clumens) - DNFPayload: Add languageGroups(). (ales) - Use ROOT_PATH not /mnt/sysimage (bcl) - Override ROOT_PATH with environmental variable (bcl) - Import /etc/login.defs in libuser.conf (#979815) (dshea) - Fix environment group changes based on ListBox row activation (dshea) - DNFPayload: do not crash when an addon is unavailable. (ales) - Payloads: make DEFAULT_REPOS a part of the interface. (ales) * Tue Mar 11 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.27-1 - Don't disable anaconda repo on rawhide (bcl) - Set log level to debug when using an updates image (bcl) - driver-updates: accept burned driver discs (#1073719) (wwoods) - Do nothing if previously selected selector gets focus again (#1029798) (vpodzime) - Firstboot is deprecated and gone on Fedora 20 and anything newer (vpodzime) - Reraise the exception properly (vpodzime) - Set progress bar to 100 % in a different way (#1058755) (vpodzime) - Refresh after checkbox clicked (#1074188) (amulhern) - Use instclass.efi_dir when constructing the EFI path (dshea) - Add rescue kernels to the bootloader install list. (#1036349) (dshea) - Cover both possible ways that GUI WWID may have been set (#1074184) (amulhern) - Do not write out /etc/adjtime file on s390(x) (#1070748) (vpodzime) - Ignore the data model and just return self.environment (mkolman) - Software spoke can't be complete if the payload thread is running (mkolman) - DNFPayload: blivet.size.Size() only knows 'spec' kwarg now. (ales) - Specify string format arguments as logging function parameters (dshea) - Add missing changelog entries (bcl) * Fri Mar 07 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.26-1 - Don't traceback, just log a warning if connection is unavailable (#1070928) (mkolman) - Remove unnecessary use_markup attributes. (dshea) - Add a check for unnecessary markup. (dshea) - Ignore the server keymap for spoke status if using VNC (#1045115) (dshea) - Call % outside of the translation (dshea) - Fix pylint errors about dangerous default values (dshea) - Typo fix (dshea) - driver-updates: skip iso selection with OEMDRV (#1066784) (bcl) - driver-updates: allow interactive mode to load multiple devices (wwoods) - driver-updates: add DoRefresh loop to select_iso() (#1066784) (wwoods) - driver-updates: add 'refresh' to selection_menu() (wwoods) - driver-updates: rework 'dd_finished' handling (wwoods) - driver-updates: refactor dd_scan (wwoods) - driver-updates: refactor menu to allow other options (wwoods) - Bump blivet Requires for DASD changes. (#1064423) (sbueno+anaconda) - Add GUI and TUI logic to handle unformatted DASDs. (#1064423) (sbueno+anaconda) - Show unformatted DASDs in the local disk store. (#1064423) (sbueno+anaconda) - Add dialog box to warn about formatting DASDs. (#1064423) (sbueno+anaconda) - Update disk refs when recovering from a devicefactory failure. (#1032141) (dlehman) - Add typelib and library paths to the test environment. (dshea) - Run pylint with NO_AT_BRIDGE=1 set in the environment (dshea) - pylint: Clean up accordion warnings (bcl) - Let Gtk pick the size for the isoChooserDialog (#973376) (dshea) - network kickstart: do not bind to MAC if SUBCHANNELS are present (#1070232) (rvykydal) * Fri Feb 28 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.25-1 - pylint: Add a pile of new E1101 exceptions (bcl) - pylint: change disable-msg to disable (bcl) - Fix console for s390 and 'noshell' mode (#1070672) (wwoods) - Check that the addon selection state exists before reading it (dshea) - Set the name in the volume group store (dshea) - Don't ignore the directory of the driver disk iso file (vpodzime) - Set rpm macros in DNFPayload (dshea) - Implement %packages --instLangs (#156477) (dshea) - Set rpm macro information in anaconda-yum. (dshea) - Move the anaconda-yum exception handler (#1057120) (dshea) - Only run gtk actions in the gtk thread. (dshea) - Add createrepo Requires (#1016004) (bcl) - Fix a traceback gathering free space info for a container. (#1069854) (dlehman) - network: detect also fcoe vlan device names exceeding IFNAMESIZ (#1051268) (rvykydal) - DNFPayload: display the download progress on the hub. (ales) - driverdisk: Fix typo in error logging (#1016004) (bcl) - driverdisk: Create a repo for network drivers (#1016004) (bcl) - driverdisk: Catch blkid failure (#1036765) (bcl) - driverdisk: Ignore extra blkid fields (#1036765) (bcl) - We can't trust rhcrashkernel-param to give us newline-free text. (pjones) - Remove redundant _setCurrentFreeSpace() call (#1043763) (amulhern) - Enable python-coverage in anaconda (dshea) - Move the sidebar to the right for RTL languages (dshea) - Remove a bunch of unused includes and tests for headers (dshea) - Add a note about when and how to remove isys.sync (dshea) - Remove isys.isPseudoTTY (dshea) - Convert isys.isIsoImage to python code (dshea) - Focus the language search input by default (#973967) (dshea) - Ensure media being verified is always unmounted (dshea) - Write 'text'/'cmdline' in anaconda-ks.cfg in text/cmdline mode (wwoods) - text install -> text system (#1021963) (wwoods) - Support the 'skipx' kickstart command (wwoods) - let systemd decide when to start anaconda-sshd (wwoods) - Don't use tmux for inst.noshell (#1058607) (wwoods) - Fix a nitpick from bcl. (pjones) - Make rhcrashkernel-param get run on non-GRUB 2 platforms. (pjones) - Cast the blame appropriately when the kernel refuses efivars changes. (pjones) - Do not use shim.efi on ARMv8 aarch64 (#1067758) (dmarlin) - Handle missing environments specified through kickstart (#1067492). (clumens) - create_sparse_file in blivet now expects a Size object. (clumens) - Don't traceback when no size is given in kickstart (#1067707). (clumens) * Fri Feb 21 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.24-1 - setup default environment in initialize (bcl) - Move environmentAddons into packaging (bcl) - Skip running efibootmgr for image and dir installations (#1067749) (bcl) - Move translatable format strings into python. (dshea) - Added a check for translatable format strings in glade. (dshea) - Use a single script to run the glade tests. (dshea) - Check that s390x LVM configuration is valid. (#873135, 885011) (sbueno+anaconda) - Re-apply disk selection on error in TUI storage. (#1056316) (sbueno+anaconda) - Properly retry package downloads (#924860) (mkolman) - Change the CSS class name of the sidebar (#1067049). (clumens) - Preserve ipv6.disable=1 on target system (#1040751) (wwoods) - Remove an unused import in driver-updates. (clumens) - Fix heredoc usage in generated /etc/grub.d/01_users (#1044404). (dcantrell) * Tue Feb 18 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.23-1 - driverdisk: Parse all blkid output (#857248) (bcl) - Fix blkid output parsing and our output (vpodzime) - Don't use positional arguments to initialize Gtk objects (dshea) - Set mandatory property in network tui spoke. (#1064139) (sbueno+anaconda) - Disallow /boot on RAID on s390x. (#1027670) (sbueno+anaconda) - Remove a stray break statement (dshea) - Use devicetree.resolveDevice instead of udev_resolve_devspec. (#1047338) (dlehman) - Set ThreadManager.any_errors to be a property (dshea) - Error on "bootloader --location=partition" when using grub2 (#969095). (clumens) - Fix the handling of kernel parameters with no = (#1065704) (dshea) - Deal with a couple more "except Exception" lines. (clumens) - Fix pylint errors in the latest dnf-related commit. (clumens) - DNFPayload: pick the right FS as package download target. (ales) - DNFPayload: log import crashes. (ales) - DNFPayload: use dnf.exceptions.MarkingError. (ales) - Return the returned value in the fire_gtk_action (vpodzime) - Allow AddonData classes to parse options in the %addon line (dshea) - Pass ints to Gtk resize functions (#1065021) (bcl) * Fri Feb 14 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.22-1 - Remove app_paintable from a couple nav boxes (#1064708). (clumens) - Give a more correct error for missing groups/packages on exclude (#1060194). (clumens) - Fix some incorrect RPM macros in the spec file. (clumens) - Allow using globs and alternative paths for specifying boot drive (#1057282). (clumens) - Don't reset input check status when disabling a check (#1062273) (dshea) - Fix how an input check is disabled (#1062275). (dshea) - ListStore.remove expects an iter, not an int (#1062752). (clumens) * Tue Feb 11 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.21-1 - Move save_netinfo into a hook (#1048231) (bcl) - Cleanup log message for pylint (bcl) - kickstart user accounts should be locked by default (#1063554) (bcl) - pre-push hook checking bugzilla IDs on rhelX branches (vpodzime) - Make sure LUKS devices can say they have a key (#1060255) (amulhern) - Handle LUKS passphrase before doing sanity check (#1060255) (amulhern) - Remove some unnecessary resets (#1060255) (amulhern) - Do not consider no available LUKS passphrase an error in do_autopart (#1060255) (amulhern) - Adapt to new blivet.sanityCheck() return type (#1060255) (amulhern) - Adapt StorageChecker class for changed return type of sanityCheck (#1060255) (amulhern) - Add sanityCheck functionality back into AutoPart.execute() (#1060255) (amulhern) - Bump blivet version for changed sanityCheck() interface (amulhern) - UnmanagedDeviceError and UnknownConnectionError are in the nm module. (clumens) - blivet no longer has a protectedDevices property. (clumens) - network: adapt to changed handling of devices without carrier in NM (#1062417) (rvykydal) - driverdisk: Rename skip_dds to make pylint happy (bcl) - driverdisk: Use a single systemd service to start DD UI (#1035663) (bcl) - driverdisk: Add dd_args_ks handling to driver-updates (#1035663) (bcl) - driverdisk: Process kickstart driverdisk commands (#1035663) (bcl) - driverdisk: Handle kickstart driverdisk command (#1035663) (bcl) - driverdisk: Use getargs instead of the env variable (#1035663) (bcl) - Remove now-unused isys/devices.[ch]. (clumens) - Call finalize functions in parent classes. (dshea) - Fix crashes in the LayoutIndicator dispose function. (dshea) - Require systemd (dshea) - Remove the now-unused anaconda_spoke_header.png. (clumens) - Minor aesthetic cleanups (#1045250). (duffy) - Add a topbar design to SpokeWindows. (#1045250) (duffy) - Update the Aarch64 packages to include efibootmgr. (dmarlin) - Add a sidebar to the standalone and hub windows (#1045250) (duffy) - Allow specifying an environment in the kickstart file (#1050994). (clumens) - The autopart scheme combo should work for creating partitions manually, too. (clumens) * Tue Feb 04 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.20-1 - makebumpver: Any failure should cancel the bump (bcl) - Add option help text for --image and --dirinstall flags (#1056791) (amulhern) - Update bumpver to allow Related bugs (bcl) - Fix up some pylint errors. (clumens) - If a user has been created, don't allow entering the user spoke (#1058564). (clumens) - Tweak passphrase wording a bit. (clumens) - Tweak the final progress messages to fit on the screen a little better (#1058463). (clumens) - Fix iscsi target selection checkbox in GUI (#1058653) (rvykydal) - network ks: allow setting only hostname with network command (#1051564) (rvykydal) - fcoe: add fcoe=<NIC>:<EDB> to boot options for nics added manually (#1040215) (rvykydal) - network GUI: ignore fcoe vlan devices (#1051268) (rvykydal) - Use an unused variable. (dshea) - Ignore an unused function warning on isys_init (dshea) - Remove unused isys files. (dshea) - Fix the handling of realloc failures. (dshea) - Run cppcheck on the C source files. (dshea) - Check RAID10 box for BTRFS (#1021856) (amulhern) - Make sure directory for DD extraction exists (vpodzime) - Handle --image arguments more thoroughly (#982164,#994488) (amulhern) - Remove the border from the custom part notebook. (clumens) - Style the Done button to make it more noticable (mizmo). (clumens) - Change the string used to test for serial console (#1054951) (dmarlin) * Tue Jan 28 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.19-1 - Change the reclaim space button rules (#980496) (bcl) - Revert "Fix up username checking regex a bit." (dshea) - Fix a pylint-caught problem from my previous cherry-pick. (clumens) - Give priority to IPv4 addresses when showing VNC & SSH IP (#1056420) (mkolman) - Display custom part warnings/errors on the spoke itself (#975840). (clumens) - Fix listing threads that caused an error (vpodzime) - Do not add errors item for thread in advance (vpodzime) - Log exceptions before running exception handling (vpodzime) - Fix kickstart 'updates' command (#1056727) (wwoods) - Fix exitHandler loop deactivation (bcl) - Show hidden disk images (#1034996) (bcl) - Fix pylint errors (dshea) - Provide a maximum width to the betanag dialog. (clumens) - Don't include zero sized disks in the custom part UI either (#903131). (clumens) - Move the Quit button to the right and make it consistently sized (#1038802). (clumens) - "Delete All" on the reclaim dialog should not delete hdiso source (#980496). (clumens) - Add a scrollbar to the error dialog (#1021506). (clumens) - Change the product name we key off (#1055019). (clumens) - Another dracut pylint change. (dshea) - Fix page logic in driver selection (#1055333) (bcl) - Give users way to select DD ISO interactively (#1036765) (vpodzime) - Make network-fetched driver disk .iso files work (#1003595) (vpodzime) - Disable pylint messages too annoying to deal with. (dshea) - Fix unused variable warnings (dshea) - Remove unused imports (dshea) - Specify string format arguments as logging function parameters (dshea) - Remove the raidstart and raidstop commands (dshea) - Expand the reach of pylint (dshea) - Put Xorg on tty6 in accordance with Ancient Anaconda Tradition (#980062) (wwoods) - Fix the handling of kickstart NFS repos with options (#1045528) (dshea) - Skip empty layout-variant specifications when setting layouts (#1057442) (vpodzime) * Thu Jan 23 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.18-1 - Use validate_label to check whether label should be updated (#1038590) (amulhern) - Always reject label if the format exists (#1038590) (amulhern) - Make label field always sensitive (#1038590) (amulhern) - Save module list after initial module load (#1050352) (bcl) - Require gtk3 and glib2 documentation to build (dshea) - Rename get_widgets_datadir to anaconda_get_widgets_datadir. (dshea) - Include the annotation-glossary (dshea) - Set device.format.label field close to where we read it (#1056139) (amulhern) - Install the rpmrc file to the initrd.img (#1016004) (vpodzime) - Give users hint about VNC password restrictions (#1053546) (vpodzime) - Be more liberal in what is accepted as a size unit. (dshea) - Remove en_spec parameters from blivet.size.Size. (dshea) * Tue Jan 21 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.17-1 - Test for DataHolder Class (#1034427) (bcl) - Use DataHolder for TUI nfs data (#1034427) (bcl) - Add DataHolder class (#1034427) (bcl) - Handle inst.{gpt,dnf,extlinux} using cmdline.getbool() (wwoods) - Drop unreferenced 'useIPv[46]' flag (wwoods) - Don't force shell on tty2 (#980062) (wwoods) - add comment about boot-options.txt (wwoods) - Add support for getting stage2 image from boot.iso (#1035514) (mkolman) - Various changes to handling of filesystem label setting (#1038590) (amulhern) - Fix translation context on the storage options dialogs. (clumens) - Fix problems going into custom partitioning with the new work flow. (clumens) - Don't show actions next to free space lines in the reclaim dialog (#1054208). (clumens) - If there's a label in the ISO device combo, put it on a new line (#1031727). (clumens) - Make the device name in a MountpointSelector less wide (#1048583). (clumens) - If a root password is set, don't show the spoke (#910355, #1041405). (clumens) - Check for certain disk attrs before trying to access them. (#1053055) (sbueno+anaconda) - Use gtk_get_locale_direction. (dshea) - Always run efibootmgr from ROOT_PATH (bcl) - A class for scheduling Gtk actions and running them all at once (vpodzime) - Remove some leftover float conversions. (dshea) - Use uint64 for the resize target size. (dshea) - Return program output as a string instead of a list (dshea) - Implement and use a function for one-off running Gtk actions (vpodzime) - Be more defensive when getting layouts and their variants (vpodzime) - Implement and use functions for conversion between keymaps and layouts (vpodzime) - Fix reset of existing device to its original size. (dlehman) - Don't disable checks for global at the module level. (dshea) - Clean up the pylint-false-positives. (dshea) - Remove pylint comments that are no longer necessary (dshea) - Allow pylint-false-positives to end with a newline (dshea) - Change storage widget visibility based on disks selected. (clumens) - Rename widgets in the two remaining options dialogs. (clumens) - Allow going to the reclaim dialog even for autopart (#1014671). (clumens) - Add the autopart type combo to custom storage (#1014671). (clumens) - Tweak DiskOverview spacing a little bit (#1014671). (clumens) - Add custom part and encryption buttons to the main storage spoke (#1014671). (clumens) - Remove the existing install_options1 dialog, rename the others (#1014671). (clumens) - Grow the spoke gradient image to fit the nav_area (#1035772). (clumens) - Additional completion checks in network spoke. (#1044571) (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix problems reported by pylint (dshea) - Decode potentially 8-bit strings in TUI windows (dshea) * Fri Jan 10 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.16-1 - Use blivet.size.Size for all size quantities. (dlehman) - make anaconda-shell (wwoods) - handle "ks=cdrom[:<path>]" on systems with multiple CDs (#1049237) (wwoods) - dracut: add when_any_cdrom_appears for cdrom autoprobe (wwoods) - dracut: minor shell cleanup (wwoods) - fix inst.noshell (#807703) (wwoods) - Error gracefully if we have a question in cmdline mode. (#869731) (sbueno+anaconda) - Verify that designated label can be set (#1038590) (amulhern) - Do not change sensitivity of label field (#1038590) (amulhern) - Make the clear icon functional in language spoke. (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix the translated pango markup check (dshea) - Remove iutil.strip_markup. (dshea) - Pass additional command-line arguments to pylint (dshea) - Fix and ignore markup warnings where appropriate (dshea) - Check that the Pango markup in glade files is valid (dshea) - Added a pylint module to check pango markup. (dshea) - Split the po-based translation code into a separate file. (dshea) - Fix bool parsing of boot options with inst. prefix (#1044391) (mkolman) - Use vc_keymap as X layout only if we get nothing from localed (#1048592) (vpodzime) - Warn user if entering LUKS password with non-ASCII characters (#1039168) (vpodzime) - Add back some erroneously removed set_use_underline calls (dshea) - Only show the "DATA" heading if there are data mount points under it. (clumens) - Don't allow the advanced user dialog to be saved with errors (dshea) - Move the add_check stuff into helper classes. (dshea) - Remove the UID and GID maximums. (#978846) (dshea) - Fix an invalid mnemonic widget reference in passphrase entry (dshea) - Added checks for some potential issues in glade files (dshea) - Remove scrot dependency for global screenshot support (mkolman) - Fix mnemonic widget reference id (vpodzime) * Tue Jan 07 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.15-1 - Use the new Gtk.ListBox for displaying environments and addons (#1039683). (clumens) - Display additional disk attributes in TUI storage spoke. (#1024760) (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix 'select all disks' logic in TUI storage spoke. (sbueno+anaconda) - Ignore the compile script (dshea) - network GUI: don't crash when wifi is activated in standalone spoke (#1046138) (rvykydal) - Use the right test for there being any storage actions. (clumens) - Only display the actions summary dialog if there are any actions (#1030511). (clumens) - Do not support kickstart+live installs (#1027160). (clumens) - We no longer directly use libnl (#1034830). (clumens) - Remove _transactionErrors from (clumens) - Move xhost handling to the xinit script (#1045280) (dshea) - Check for ready before baseRepo in completed (#1044985) (bcl) - Treat the output of vncpasswd as binary data, since it is (#1045119) (dshea) - Add iutil.exec* options for handling binary data (dshea) - Print a message and exit if a user attempts to upgrade via kickstart. (dshea) * Wed Dec 18 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.14-1 - Fix the release notes image cycler. (#1043393) (dshea) - Do not schedule resize actions for non-resizing requests (#1039491) (vpodzime) - Use ceil for minSize in resize dialog (#1040012) (bcl) - Use integer numbers of megabytes in the Reclaim dialog (#1040012) (vpodzime) - fcoe gui: repopulate device tree only if device was actually added (#1039223) (rvykydal) - Exclude FCoE disks from local disks (#1039223) (rvykydal) - fcoe: repopulate devicetree after adding FCoE SAN (#1039223) (rvykydal) - Add initial 64-bit ARM aarch64 EFI support (#1034428) (dmarlin) - Rename network spoke header (mkolman) - Show the Shell spoke in debug mode (vpodzime) - Accept only .iso files from the IsoChooser dialog (#1015169) (vpodzime) - Just run the IsoChooser dialog lightbox (vpodzime) - Use libxklavier's new methods instead of our nasty hack (vpodzime) - Move atexit registration before running rescue mode (#1038855) (vpodzime) - Only display the addon separator if there's a reason to. (clumens) - Stop using deprecated gtk margin functions. (clumens) - Fix the check_accelerators srcdir path. (dshea) - Show msg in TUI if user attempts to create invalid username. (#965561) (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix up username checking regex a bit. (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix default device for ks=cdrom (#1042500) (bcl) - createUser is already in a chroot (#1038241) (bcl) - Skip checks on files that are not staged for commit. (dshea) - Allow catching exceptions from threads (vpodzime) - Enable warnings about abstract methods not overridden (dshea) - Provide empty methods to override abstract parent methods. (dshea) - Implement status in StandaloneSpoke. (dshea) - Move a bunch of abstract methods from Payload to PackagePayload (dshea) - Remove some methods from packaging.Payload. (dshea) - Disable abstract method warnings in intermediate abstract classes. (dshea) - Remove Personalization spoke (dshea) - Remove some vestigal code from an earlier version of GUICheck (dshea) * Thu Dec 12 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.13-1 - Refresh environment addons on source change (#1033749) (bcl) - Fix selector device matching for unallocated partitions. (#1039292) (dlehman) - Rename the network config spoke a little bit. (clumens) - Don't encrypt device if container is encrypted (bcl) - network: add s390 options in ifcfgs generated from kickstart (#1031376) (rvykydal) - Remove enablement of whiteout/blackout plugins, and the requires on anaconda- yum-plugins. (notting) - Fix checking if we are collecting our module (vpodzime) - Remove an unnecessary continue statement in the potfiles check (vpodzime) - Use sys.exit instead of os._exit in the potfiles test (vpodzime) - List addons in exception report data (vpodzime) - Make and a property (dshea) - Fix the botched helperization of StorageChecker (dshea) - Disable tmpfs in the GUI (#1039511) (mkolman) - Don't crash on NTP lookup without network (#1026079) (mkolman) - Don't rely on Gtk being importable for exception handling (vpodzime) - Support rnotes in SVG format (#1034407). (clumens) - Fix a couple warnings from -Werror=format-security (#1036989). (clumens) - Use abstract base classes for mixins. (dshea) - Display free space remaining in containers (#1035832). (clumens) - Make sure url and mirrorlist are not set at once (#1026834) (mkolman) - if rootfs is btrfs, add rootflags=subvol to kernel parameters (gene) - add ro to bootloader kernel parameters (gene) - Added missing entries to (dshea) - Add a check that files with translatable strings are in (dshea) - Fix the handling of renames in the pylint git hook. (dshea) - Remove startup-id from AnacondaBaseWindow. (dshea) * Wed Dec 04 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.12-1 - Handle cancelation of device resize in the custom spoke. (#1027947) (dlehman) - Disallow /boot on lvm until grub2 fully supports it. (#1036705) (dlehman) - Disallow /boot on btrfs subvolume until grubby supports it. (#864198) (dlehman) - Remove an empty initialize function. (clumens) - Move PathDict into pyanaconda/ui/ (clumens) - Add one more directory for ignoring test log files (dshea) - Defer translation of device_type_name (dshea) - Disable pylint errors about gobject-introspection methods (dshea) - Remove unused variables (dshea) - Document the instl.multilib boot option (vpodzime) - Minor tweak of our driver disk documentation (vpodzime) - network: GUI, don't ask for wifi secrets upon Configure (#1033073) (rvykydal) - network: GUI, add support for virtual devices removing (#1030870) (rvykydal) - network: fix naming of slave ifcfg files from kickstart (#1036047) (rvykydal) - network: GUI, handle virtual devices (bond, vlan, team) properly (#1036047) (rvykydal) - Change how we test if the GUI is available in the anaconda script. (clumens) - Update boot-options.txt. (amulhern) - Omit /dev/sr* from list-harddrives (#1032500) (sbueno+anaconda) - Fix EditTUISpoke to operate only on visible entries (vpodzime) - Don't try to investigate empty string for unicode chars (#1035799) (vpodzime) - Fix issues reported by the check_pw_visibility test (vpodzime) - Add check testing visibility of password entries (vpodzime) - Put tests of .glade files into a separate directory (vpodzime) - Save a reference to the imported Xkl module for get_current_layout (dshea) - Fix the subdirs for widget data. (dshea) - Fix some pylint warnings. (clumens) - Switch to libtimezonemap for the timezone map. (dshea) - Set the _config_dialog property during __init__. (dshea) - Fix handling of long release ids (mkolman) - Store older valid packages in separate folder (mkolman) - Fetch older valid releases (mkolman) - Import Xkl only when really needed (vpodzime) - Global screenshot support (#1025038) (mkolman) - Require new version of python-blivet (vpodzime) - Hide password characters in iSCSI login fields (#1034202) (vpodzime) - Use format names instead of types in the resize dialog (vpodzime) - Do not write out the vconsole.keymap boot option (#1035316) (vpodzime) * Wed Nov 27 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.11-1 - Use raid RAID level constants instead of mdraid RAID level constants. (amulhern) - Use level objects instead of level integer codes. (amulhern) - clear software environment (#1029536) (bcl) - Update source on errors (#1030997) (bcl) - Fix errors in (dshea) - Update gettext.txt (dshea) - Don't allow bootloader and /boot on iSCSI on s390 (#1034222) (vpodzime) - Round float values coming from the Gtk stack (#1013586) (vpodzime) - Generate missing machine-id (bcl) - Fix problems reported by pylint. (dshea) - Add HDD ISO support for TUI (#1000327) (mkolman) - Use a directory in build tree for pylint data. (dshea) - Remove MOSTLYCLEANDIRS from (dshea) - fixup spec for fedup (bcl) * Mon Nov 25 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.10-1 - Cleanup (bcl) - Handle non-leaf btrfs volumes with mountpoints. (#1016959) (dlehman) - Use en_spec for blivet Size spec strings with constant components. (#1029616) (dshea) - The gui and tui subpackages cannot be noarch (vpodzime) - Cleanup unused and overly complicated stuff in isys (vpodzime) - DNFPayload: tweak to the API changes in dnf-0.4.8 (ales) - Don't use cached packages with different release id (mkolman) * Fri Nov 22 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.9-1 - Add a test for accesses of yum.preconf outside of _resetYum. (clumens) - Remove base_repo cache (#1011555) (bcl) - Make _yum.preconf setup atomic (#1028245) (bcl) - Remove threading from getBaseRepo handling (#1011555) (bcl) - If there are incomplete spokes, let the user know which (#1032801). (clumens) - tui: show Processing while source is busy (bcl) - tui: wait for threads before entering source and software (#1032823) (bcl) - clear errors when metadata is ok in tui source spoke (#1006570) (bcl) - Fix parallel pylint in distcheck. (dshea) * Wed Nov 20 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.8-1 - Fix geolocation on live installs (mkolman) - Ignore the pylint warning on importing GraphicalUserInterface. (clumens) - Fall back to text mode if GUI is not available (vpodzime) - Get rid of unused isys.isCapsLockEnabled function (vpodzime) - Don't rely on having zenity and require it only for GUI (vpodzime) - No longer need the Gconf2 package (vpodzime) - Split out anaconda's user interfaces into separate packages (vpodzime) - Do not include tzmapdata into the main package (vpodzime) - Create directories for stubs if they don't exist (vpodzime) - Do not try to fetch our own packages that will be built (vpodzime) - Remove the unused flags import from (clumens) - Fix logging of pylint-one output (bcl) - Do yum lock logging only with inst.debug or loglevel=debug (vpodzime) - Don't panic on installclasses failing with inst.debug (vpodzime) * Mon Nov 18 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.7-1 - Expand the use of ANACONDA_WIDGETS_DATADIR. (dshea) - Make thread manager operations atomic (#1029898) (mkolman) - Run pylint in multiple processes (vpodzime) - Fix how "changed" signal is emitted on the TreeSelection (vpodzime) - Pass biosdevname boot option to installed system (#1023609) (rvykydal) - network: update required NetworkManager version (team support) (rvykydal) - Use timing decorator for more actions (vpodzime) - Add test for the have_word_match function (vpodzime) - A nice decorator making Anaconda's GUI more responsive (vpodzime) - Short-circuit layouts matching (vpodzime) - Enforce upper bound for resize. (#1027947) (dlehman) - Fix some pylint problems in (clumens) - Add an updates location for the AnacondaWidgets overrides (dshea) - Fix typo (#1003591) (rvykydal) - network: call GDBus proxy methods like python (rvykydal) - network: add team support for kickstart %pre phase (#1003591) (rvykydal) - network: generate kickstart commands for team devices (#1003591) (rvykydal) - network: support for adding team devices (#1003591) (rvykydal) - network: display team devices in status (#1003591) (rvykydal) - network: add team support to kickstart (#1003591) (rvykydal) - Initialize the AddLayouts dialog in advance in the KeyboardSpoke (vpodzime) - Add function to map functions on items in the main thread (vpodzime) - Allow having unique thread names with given prefix (vpodzime) - Remove an unused and non-working leftover function resetResolve (vpodzime) - Always center dialogs shown on top of lightbox (vpodzime) - Set spokes' distribution and beta warning only once (vpodzime) - use deepcopy on ksdata method (#1028243) (bcl) - Change source spoke proxy handling to use local copy (#967805) (bcl) - Apply a little tweak to the VNC password length message. (clumens) - Match layouts with stripped accents in AddLayout dialog (vpodzime) - Sort layout descriptions properly (#1026238) (vpodzime) - Make AddLayout dialog persistent (vpodzime) - Use Sphinx syntax in the iutil module (vpodzime) - Warn if vnc passwd is longer than 8 chars (hamzy) - Don't try to unicode unicode strings (#1029109) (vpodzime) - Add tmpfs support (#918621) (mkolman) - Added a few things that autoscan complained about (dshea) - Actually use the config header we generate (dshea) - Redirect pylint stderr to stdout (dshea) - Fix the handling of files generated for xgettext (dshea) - Use gettext to process glade files. (dshea) - Always use $prefix in directory names. (dshea) - Pass --enable-gtk-doc to configure in distcheck (dshea) - Fix the liveinst install/uninstall hooks (dshea) - Clean up after intltool (dshea) - Add missing files to dist (dshea) - DNFPayload: tweak to the API changes in dnf-0.4.7. (ales) - Add tests for iutil (mkolman) * Fri Nov 08 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.6-1 - Fix typos in translation functions (dshea) - Put the cityCompletion back on the list of widgets (vpodzime) - Do not translate strings defined at the module or class level. (clumens) - Fix a couple places where we're doing % inside of _(). (clumens) - Add a custom pylint module to check i18n problems. (clumens) - Remove an unused import. (clumens) - Provide our own sorting functions for regions and timezones (#1025029) (vpodzime) - Set locale for our process (vpodzime) - Translate timezones in GUI (vpodzime) - network gui: add apply tooltip to Configure button (#1018471) (rvykydal) - Make dialog return code checking more robust (amulhern) - Show last 4 bytes of wwid (#1024966) (jstodola) - Handle focus changes of MountpointSelectors from outside (#975838) (vpodzime) - network: do not crash when device for network --device is not found (#1023829) (rvykydal) - Log continuing from hub if there are no spokes (vpodzime) - Updates to boot-options.txt document (#1026449) (amulhern) - No longer install anaconda user documentation (#1026449) (amulhern) * Fri Nov 01 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.5-1 - Fix spoke sorting issues in text-mode. (#929177) (sbueno+anaconda) - Send the continue click after the queue is empty (#1025347) (bcl) - No longer use summary screen visit to decide whether bootloader has been configured (#1025811) (amulhern) - Remove the bootloader line from the interactive kickstart file (#1025811) (amulhern) - Set bootloader default location to mbr in constructor (#1025811) (amulhern) - Remove column titles from the software spoke. (dshea) - Fix the selection of default groups (#1023263) (dshea) - Use the default yscale for the HubWindow alignment (dshea) - Fix kickstart block device resolution. (#1022206) (dlehman) - Specify query territory when getting language native name (vpodzime) - Get rid of trailing whitespace (vpodzime) - Export the right classes from the tui.spokes package (vpodzime) - Define newLayoutStore before it is used by the filter (vpodzime) * Wed Oct 30 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.4-1 - Fix up a couple more pylint errors. (clumens) - Add check for Linux HFS+ ESP on Mac (#1010495) (bcl) - Update bootDrive info when storage config updated in text-mode. (#861018) (sbueno+anaconda) - Remove the special handling for en (dshea) - Ignore SIGINT (#1024822) (amulhern) - Don't show language twice for keyboard layouts (#1021907) (petersen) - Make Software spoke ready even if there is no repo (#1010348) (vpodzime) - Use decorator for methods that invalidate base repo cache (vpodzime) - Use cache for base repo if possible (vpodzime) - Make sure to actually set the autopart flag when needed. (#1023554) (dlehman) - Fix Gtk errors about list store columns (dshea) - Fix the layout up and down button sensitivies. (dshea) - Fix the Gkbd spec string for layouts with no variant (dshea) - pylint wants regexes with backslashes to be specified with 'r'. (clumens) - Add ack flag checking to makebumpver (bcl) - Correctly accept 'sshd' boot arg as alias for 'inst.sshd' (#924157) (wwoods) - Only eject CDROM devices we're actually using (#949919) (wwoods) - mem may not exist when it's printed out in these error messages. (clumens) * Fri Oct 25 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.3-1 - Reset _proxyChange when a change is triggered (bcl) - Setup No Update checkbox correctly (#1016801) (bcl) - Fall back to closest mirror in source (#1016801) (bcl) - anaconda-dracut: fix ks failure with hd:<dev>:some/path.ks (wwoods) - Make sure lower bound for resize is applied. (#986575) (dlehman) - Use devicetree to resolve device specs in kickstart. (#1022206) (dlehman) - Disregard raid level combo when it isn't applicable. (#1022203) (dlehman) - Mountpoint is an attr of the format, not the device. (#892747) (dlehman) - Add bootloader execute before autopart (#1021258) (bcl) - Do error checking of repository names on "Installation Source" screen. (amulhern) - Avoid configure-event loops. (#1021511) (dshea) * Wed Oct 23 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.2-1 - remove signal disconnect (#996899) (bcl) - Re-saved every glade file with glade-3.16.0 (dshea) - Fix pylint errors in (clumens) - Always use decimal notation for Size specs (dshea) - network kickstart: add support for devices configured in %pre (#1019796) (rvykydal) - network gui: make Configure button insensitive when no ap is selected (#1015212) (rvykydal) - Encode possible unicode objects before calling str() on them (vpodzime) - Fix a typo in function documentation (vpodzime) - Use more general status for installations from media (#1017703) (vpodzime) * Mon Oct 21 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 21.1-1 - Adds additional debug logging to (amulhern) - Handle invalid JSON in geoloc (#1021410) (dshea) - Revert "Only prompt for LUKS password if the user has chosen to configure automatically." (amulhern) - Add context support to check_accelerators (dshea) - Added translation contexts to the TUI. (dshea) - Added translation contexts to the GUI. (dshea) - Add support for context-based translations (dshea) - Reset checks on both password fields. (#1020580) (dshea) - Fix swaps added to fstab for noformat (gene) - Don't update hub's continue button and label for every spoke (#1020373) (vpodzime) - Add storage tests. (clumens) - Add option to select all hard drives in text mode. (#965580) (sbueno+anaconda) - BootLoaderError should not reset storage (#1019541) (bcl) - Only prompt for LUKS password if the user has chosen to configure automatically. (amulhern) - Remove an unused string (dshea) - Translate AM and PM (dshea) - Translate strings marked as translatable (dshea) - network gui spoke: use GDBus to obtain list of settings (#1018467) (rvykydal) - network: look for device settings also based on DEVICE value (#1017788) (rvykydal) - Fix liveinst to work with livemedia-creator (#1009711) (bcl) - Remove the button-label property on SpokeWindow. (clumens) - Log entering/exiting spokes and hubs in the GUI. (clumens) - Escape text inserted into markup strings (dshea) - Move markup out of translatable strings (dshea) - Move formating markup out of python where possible (dshea) - Use explicit children to set label attributes (dshea) - Turn on the image on the "Add a disk..." button. (dshea)