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Information for build dnf-0.6.4-7.fc21

Package Namednf
SummaryPackage manager forked from Yum, using libsolv as a dependency resolver
DescriptionPackage manager forked from Yum, using libsolv as a dependency resolver.
Built bymluscon
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive01
StartedWed, 23 Sep 2015 14:29:07 UTC
CompletedWed, 23 Sep 2015 14:31:08 UTC
Taskbuild (f21-candidate, /dnf:748b4bf32d4aca35dacdddc55141f2af3f1b2fd6)
dnf-0.6.4-7.fc21.src.rpm (info) (download)
dnf-0.6.4-7.fc21.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
dnf-automatic-0.6.4-7.fc21.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
dnf-yum-0.6.4-7.fc21.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
python3-dnf-0.6.4-7.fc21.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Wed Sep 23 2015 Michal Luscon <> 0.6.4-7 - don't store empty attributes (RhBug:1246928) - conf: change minrate threshold to librepo default (RhBug:1212320) * Wed Aug 26 2015 Michal Luscon <> 0.6.4-6 - cleanup old cache in posttrans (Michael Mraka) - include /var/cache/dnf into rpm (Michael Mraka) - do not use releasever in cache path (related to RhBug:1173107) (Michael Mraka) * Thu Apr 16 2015 Michal Luscon <> 0.6.4-5 - Revert "completion: work with just python(3)-dnf" - Revert "bash-completion: use python method to get commands (RhBug:1187579)" * Thu Apr 16 2015 Michal Luscon <> 0.6.4-4 - upload correct source archive 0.6.4 * Mon Apr 13 2015 Michal Luscon <> 0.6.4-3 - rel-eng: use distro releaser * Fri Apr 10 2015 Michal Luscon <> 0.6.4-2 - spec: fix prep section (Michal Luscon) - subject: expand every glob name only once (RhBug:1203151) (Michal Luscon) - group mark: skips already installed groups (Jan Silhan) - fixed double set of demand from 0e4276f (Jan Silhan) - group: remove cmd don't load available_repos, see 04da412 (Jan Silhan) - Add release instructions (Michal Luscon) - setup tito to bump version in VERSION.cmake (Michal Luscon) - initialize to use tito (Michal Luscon) - prepare repo for tito build system (Michal Luscon) - completion: work with just python(3)-dnf (Jan Silhan) - bash-completion: use python method to get commands (RhBug:1187579) (Igor Gnatenko) - api: exposed pluginconfpath main config (RhBug:1195325) (Jan Silhan) - updated AUTHORS (Jan Silhan) - add reinstall to bash_completion (Alberto Ruiz) - added new packages to @System for duplicated query test (Michael Mraka) - test for duplicated, installonly and latest_limit pkgs (Michael Mraka) - tests for autoremove, extras and recent pkgs (Michael Mraka) - moved push_userinstalled from base to goal (Michael Mraka) - filter or skip 'n' latest packages (Michael Mraka) - moved recent to query (Michael Mraka) - moved autoremove to query (Michael Mraka) - moved extras list to query (Michael Mraka) - create query for installonly packages (Michael Mraka) - create query for duplicated packages (Michael Mraka) - cosmetic: base: fixed pylint warnings (Jan Silhan) - do transaction cleanup after plugin hook (RhBug:1185977) (Michal Luscon) - base: extend download lock (RhBug:1157233) (Michal Luscon) - lock: output meaningful error for malformed lock file (Michal Luscon) - util: fix race condition in ensure_dir() (Michal Luscon) - lock: switch metadata lock to blocking mode (Michal Luscon) - remove command deletes whole dependency tree (RhBug:1154202) (Jan Silhan) - cmd list takes <package-name-specs> as parameter, revert of 526e674 (Jan Silhan) - transifex update (Jan Silhan) - doc: fixed systemd execution of dnf-automatic (Jan Silhan) - doc: how to run dnf-automatic (RhBug:1195240) (Jan Silhan) - cosmetic: added forgotten :api mark from 05b03fc (Jan Silhan) - api: exposed Repo.skip_if_unavailable config (RhBug:1189083) (Jan Silhan) - updated documentation for 'dnf list autoremove' (Michael Mraka) - reuse list_autoremove() in autoremove command (Michael Mraka) - function for autoremove package list (Michael Mraka) - implemented dnf list autoremove (Michael Mraka) - exclude not documented history subcommands (RhBug:1193914,1193915) (Jan Silhan) - better file pattern recognition (RhBug:1195385) (Jan Silhan) - remove boot only constraint and add missing download lock (Michal Luscon) - util: remove unused user_run_dir() function (Michal Luscon) - lock: change the destination folder of locks to allow suided programs work properly (RhBug:1195661) (Michal Luscon) - fixed unicode Download error (RhBug:1190458) (Jan Silhan) - log: print metadata age along with timestamp (Petr Spacek) - cli: fix double expansion of cachedir (RhBug:1194685) (Michal Luscon) - removed unused dnf-makecache.cron (Jan Silhan) - renamed erase command to remove (RhBug:1160806) (Jan Silhan) - AUTHORS: changed email address (Jan Silhan) - doc: improve the documentation of the "install" command (Radek Holy) - "dnf install non-existent" should fail (Radek Holy) - tests: add some tests of Base.install (Radek Holy) - tests: add some tests of Base.package_install (Radek Holy) - Revert "doesn't upgrade packages by installing local packages" (RhBug:1160950) (Radek Holy) - lint: fix all Pylint errors in test_install (Radek Holy) - tests: add some tests to test_install (Radek Holy) - tests: improve some tests in test_install (Radek Holy) - cosmetic: reorder tests in test_install (Radek Holy) - cosmetic: rename some tests in test_install and add some docstrings (Radek Holy) - AUTHORS: updated (Jan Silhan) - Add support for armv6hl (Peter Hjalmarsson) - doc: subject.__init__(): what is pkg_spec (Jan Silhan) - doc: mentioning raising IOError from Base.fill_sack() (Jan Silhan) - option_parser: fixed splitting multiple values (RhBug:1186710) (Jan Silhan) - AUTHORS: updated (Jan Silhan) - Standardize words describing boolean data type (Christopher Meng) - build 0.6.4-1 (Jan Silhan) - Adapt to librepo-1.7.13, metalink and mirrorlist are not loaded anymore when the repo is local. (Radek Holy) - not raises value error when no metadata exist (Jan Silhan) - README: fixed formating 2 (Jan Silhan) - README: fixed formating (Jan Silhan) - README: expanded DNF installation options (Jan Silhan) - allow snapshot versions (Michael Mraka) - simple script to build test package (Michael Mraka) - more standard way to find out latest commit (Michael Mraka) - let package version be specified on commandline (Michael Mraka) * Wed Feb 04 2015 Jan Silhan <> - 0.6.4-1 - Adapt to librepo-1.7.13, metalink and mirrorlist are not loaded anymore when the repo is local. (Radek Holy) - not raises value error when no metadata exist (Jan Silhan) - Remove lock files during boot (RhBug:1154476) (Michal Luscon) - doc: groups are ordered not categories (Jan Silhan) - doc: added Package attributes to API (Jan Silhan) - README: link to bug reporting guide (Jan Silhan) - README: the official documentation is on readthedoc (Jan Silhan) - i18n: unicode encoding does not throw error (RhBug:1155877) (Jan Silhan) - conf: added minrate repo option (Related:RhBug:1175466) (Jan Silhan) - conf: added timeout repo option (RhBug:1175466) (Jan Silhan) - doc: api_queries: add 'file' filter description (RhBug:1186461) (Igor Gnatenko) - doc: documenting enablegroups (Jan Silhan) - log: printing metadata timestamp (RhBug:1170156) (Jan Silhan) - base: setup default cachedir value (RhBug:1184943) (Michal Luscon) - orders groups/environments by display_order tag (RhBug:1177002) (Jan Silhan) - no need to call create_cmdline_repo (Jan Silhan) - base: package-spec matches all packages which the name glob pattern fits (RhBug:1169165) (Michal Luscon) - doc: move dnf.conf to appropriate man page section (RhBug:1167982) (Michal Luscon) - tests: add test for blocking process lock (Michal Luscon) - lock: fix several race conditions in process lock mechanism (Michal Luscon) - base: use blocking process lock during download phase (RhBug:1157233) (Michal Luscon) - Update the Source0 generation commands in file (Parag Nemade) - Enhancement to file which follows current fedora packaging guidelines (Parag Nemade) - doc: add some examples and documentation of the core use case (RhBug:1138096) (Radek Holy) - bash-completion: enable downgrading packages for local files (RhBug:1181189) (Igor Gnatenko) - group: prints plain package name when package not in any repo (RhBug:1181397) (Jan Silhan) - spec: own __pycache__ for python 3 (Igor Gnatenko) - changed hawkey.log dir to /var/log (RhBug:1175434) (Jan Silhan) - bash-completion: handle sqlite errors (Igor Gnatenko) - use LANG=C when invoking 'dnf help' and 'sed' with regular expressions (Jakub Dorňák) - spec: own __pycache__ directory for py3 (Igor Gnatenko) - doc: mentioning Install command accepts path to local rpm package (Jan Silhan) - groups: in erase and install cmd non-existent group does not abort transaction (Jan Silhan) - doc: running tests in README (Jan Silhan) - api: transaction: added install_set and remove_set (RhBug:1162887) (Jan Silhan) - cosmetic: fixed some typos in documentation (Jan Silhan) - groups: environments described after @ sign works (RhBug:1156084) (Jan Silhan) - own /etc/dnf/protected.d (RhBug:1175098) (Jan Silhan) - i18n: computing width of char right (RhBug:1174136) (Jan Silhan) - cosmetic: renamed _splitArg -> _split_arg (Jan Silhan) - conf: removed include name conflict (RhBug:1055910) (Jan Silhan) - output: removed unpredictible decision based on probability introduced in ab4d2c5 (Jan Silhan) - output: history list is not limited to 20 records (RhBug:1155918) (Jan Silhan) - doc: referenced forgotten bug fix to release notes (Jan Silhan) - cosmetic: doc: removed duplicated word (Jan Silhan) - doc: described unavailable package corner case with skip_if_unavailable option (RhBug:1119030) (Jan Silhan) - log: replaced size with maxsize directive (RhBug:1177394) (Jan Silhan) - spec: fixed %ghost log file names (Jan Silhan) * Mon Dec 08 2014 Jan Silhan <> - 0.6.3-2 - logging: reverted naming from a6dde81 * Mon Dec 08 2014 Jan Silhan <> - 0.6.3-1 - transifex update (Jan Silhan) - bash-completion: don't query if we trying to use local file (RhBug:1153543) (Igor Gnatenko) - bash-completion: fix local completion (RhBug:1151231) (Igor Gnatenko) - bash-completion: use sqlite cache from dnf-plugins-core (Igor Gnatenko) - base: output a whole list of installed packages with glob pattern (RhBug:1163063) (Michal Luscon) - cli: _process_demands() does not respect --caheonly (RhBug:1151854) (Michal Luscon) - new authors added (Jan Silhan) - install: allow installation of provides with glob (Related:RhBug:1148353) (Michal Luscon) - tests: removed mock patch for _, P_ (Jan Silhan) - fixed error summary traceback (RhBug:1151740) (Jan Silhan) - doc: swap command alternative mentioned (RhBug:1110780) (Jan Silhan) - base: package_reinstall works only with the same package versions (Jan Silhan) - base: package_install allows install different arch of installed package (Jan Silhan) - base: package_downgrade prints message on failure (Jan Silhan) - base: package_upgrade does not reinstall or downgrade (RhBug:1149972) (Jan Silhan) - groups: searches also within localized names (RhBug:1150474) (Jan Silhan) - Run tests with C locales. (Daniel Mach) - Adds new motd emitter for dnf-automatic (RhBug:995537) (Kushal Das) - Fix wrong cache directory path used to clean up binary cache (Satoshi Matsumoto) - fix: traceback in history info <name> (RhBug: 1149952) (Tim Lauridsen) - logging: added logrotate script for hawkey.log (RhBug:1149350) (Jan Silhan) - output: renamed displayPkgsInGroups (Jan Silhan) - logging: renamed log files (RhBug:1074715)" (Jan Silhan) - comps: Environment differentiates optional and mandatory groups (Jan Silhan) - group info handles environments (RhBug:1147523) (Jan Silhan) - deltarpm enabled by default (RhBug:1148208) (Jan Silhan) - doc: deplist command (Jan Silhan) - doc: minor fixes + repo references changed (Jan Silhan) - spec: requires rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit (RhBug:1109927) (Jan Silhan) * Fri Oct 03 2014 Jan Silhan <> - 0.6.2-1 - transifex update (Jan Silhan) - refactor: move MakeCacheCommand out into its own file. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: add dnf.cli.CliError. (Ales Kozumplik) - Update user_faq.rst (Stef Krie) - Make --refresh play nice with lazy commands. (Ales Kozumplik) - bash-completion: more faster completing install/remove (Igor Gnatenko) - bash-completion: complete 'clean|groups|repolist' using help (Igor Gnatenko) - Allow some commands to use stale metadata. (RhBug:909856) (Ales Kozumplik) - does not install new pkgs when updating from local pkgs (RhBug:1134893) (Jan Silhan) - doesn't upgrade packages by installing local packages (Related:RhBug:1138700) (Jan Silhan) - refactor: repo: separate concepts of 'expiry' and 'sync strategy'. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: dnf.cli.util.* leaks file handles. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: YumRPMTransError. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: Base's runTransaction -> _run_transaction(). (Ales Kozumplik) - drop unused parameter of Base.verify_transaction(). (Ales Kozumplik) - bash-completion: new completion from scratch (RhBug:1070902) (Igor Gnatenko) - py3: add queue.Queue to pycomp. (Ales Kozumplik) - locking: store lockfiles with the resource they are locking. (RhBug:1124316) (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: marks reason 'group' for packages that have no record yet (RhBug:1136584) (Jan Silhan) - goal: renamed undefined name variable (Jan Silhan) - refactor: split out and clean up the erase command. (Ales Kozumplik) - py3: fix traceback in fmtColumns() on a non-subscriptable 'columns'. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: allow erasing depending packages on remove (RhBug:1135861) (Ales Kozumplik) - history: fixed wrong set operation (RhBug:1136223) (Jan Silhan) - base: does not reinstall pkgs from local rpms with install command (RhBug:1122617) (Jan Silhan) - refactor: crypto: drop the integer keyid representation altogether. (Ales Kozumplik) - crypto: fix importing rpmfusion keys. (RhBug:1133830) (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: crypto: Key is a class, not an "info" dict. (Ales Kozumplik) - repos: fix total downloaded size reporting for cached packages. (RhBug:1121184) (Ales Kozumplik) * Thu Aug 28 2014 Jan Silhan <> - 0.6.1-1 - packaging: add dnf-yum. (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: added plugins missing hint (RhBug:1132335) (Jan Silhan) - using ts.addReinstall for package reinstallation (RhBug:1071854) (Jan Silhan) - Add history redo command. (Radek Holy) - Add a TransactionConverter class. (Radek Holy) - bash-completion: complete `help` with commands (Igor Gnatenko) - bash-completion: generate commands dynamically (Igor Gnatenko) - base: group_install accepts glob exclude names (RhBug:1131969) (Jan Silhan) - README: changed references to new repo location (Jan Silhan) - transifex update (Jan Silhan) - syntax: fixed indentation (Jan Silhan) - removed lt.po which was accidentally added in c2e9b39 (Jan Silhan) - lint: fix convention violations in the new source files (Radek Holy) - Fix setting of the resolving demand for repo-pkgs command. (Radek Holy) - Add repository-packages remove-or-distro-sync command. (RhBug:908764) (Radek Holy) - fix: traceback that GroupPersistor._original might not exist. (RhBug:1130878) (Ales Kozumplik) - pycomp: drop to_ord(). (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: crypto.keyids_from_pubring() using _extract_signing_subkey(). (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: another 32-bit hex() problem in crypto. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: (Ales Kozumplik) - replace the whole of with gpgme and a dummy context. (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: sort methods of Repo according to the coding standard. (Ales Kozumplik) - Fix dnf.crypto.keyinfo2keyid(). (Ales Kozumplik) - util: get rid of an inconvenient 'default_handle' constant. (Ales Kozumplik) - simplify misc.import_key_to_pubring()'s signature. (Ales Kozumplik) - cleanup: header of dnf.yum.pgpmsg. (Ales Kozumplik) - crypto: add crypto.retrieve() and drop Base._retrievePublicKey() (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: order of functions in dnf.crypto. (Ales Kozumplik) - unicode: fixed locale.format error (RhBug:1130432) (Jan Silhan) - remove: misc.valid_detached_sig(). (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: some tests for dnf.crypto. (Ales Kozumplik) - crypto: use pubring_dir() context manager systematically. (Ales Kozumplik) - Drop unused argument from getgpgkeyinfo(). (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: Base._log_key_import(). (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: cosmetic: conf_ref: maintain alphabetical order of the options. (Ales Kozumplik) - crypto: document crypto options for repo. (Ales Kozumplik) - crypto: fixup procgpgkey() to work with Py3 bytes. (Ales Kozumplik) - dnf.util.urlopen(): do not create unicode streams for Py3 and bytes for Py2 by default. (Ales Kozumplik) - lint: delinting of the repo_gpgcheck patchset. (Ales Kozumplik) - Add CLI parts to let the user confirm key imports. (RhBug:1118236) (Ales Kozumplik) - gpg: make key decoding work under Py3. (Ales Kozumplik) - crypto: add dnf.crypto and fix things up so untrusted repo keys can be imported. (Ales Kozumplik) - transifex update (Jan Silhan) - syntax: fixed indentation (Jan Silhan) - packaging: pygpgme is a requirement. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: support for gpgcakey gets dropped for now. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: smarter _DetailedLibrepoError construction. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: nicer error message on librepo's perform() failure. (Ales Kozumplik) - get_best_selector returns empty selector instead of None (Jan Silhan) - packaging: add automatic's systemd unit files. (RhBug:1109915) (Ales Kozumplik) - automatic: handle 'security' update_cmd. (Ales Kozumplik) * Tue Aug 12 2014 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.6.0-1 - lint: fix convention violations in the new source files (Radek Holy) - Add "updateinfo [<output>] [<availability>] security" command. (RhBug:850912) (Radek Holy) - Add "updateinfo [<output>] [<availability>] bugfix" command. (Radek Holy) - Add "updateinfo [<output>] [<availability>] enhancement" command. (Radek Holy) - Add "updateinfo [<output>] [<availability>] [<package-name>...]" command. (Radek Holy) - Add "updateinfo [<output>] [<availability>] [<advisory>...]" command. (Radek Holy) - Add "updateinfo [<output>] all" command. (Radek Holy) - Add "updateinfo [<output>] updates" command. (Radek Holy) - Add "updateinfo [<output>] installed" command. (Radek Holy) - Add "-v updateinfo info" command. (Radek Holy) - Add "updateinfo info" command. (Radek Holy) - Add "updateinfo list" command. (Radek Holy) - Add "updateinfo available" command. (Radek Holy) - Add "updateinfo summary" command. (Radek Holy) - Add basic updateinfo command. (Radek Holy) - test: add updateinfo to the testing repository (Radek Holy) - test: support adding directory repos to Base stubs (Radek Holy) - test: really don't break other tests with the DRPM fixture (Radek Holy) - Load UpdateInfo.xml during the sack preparation. (Radek Holy) - Add Repo.updateinfo_fn. (Radek Holy) - lint: add Selector calls to false positives, it's a hawkey type. (Ales Kozumplik) - removed recursive calling of ucd in DownloadError (Jan Silhan) - does not throw error when selector is empty (RhBug:1127206) (Jan Silhan) - remove etc/version-groups.conf, not used. (Ales Kozumplik) - lint: dnf.conf.parser (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: dnf.conf.parser.varReplace()->substitute() (Ales Kozumplik) - pycomp: add urlparse/urllib.parser. (Ales Kozumplik) - move: dnf.yum.parser -> dnf.conf.parser. (Ales Kozumplik) - packaging: add dnf-automatic subpackage. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: properly list the authors. (Ales Kozumplik) - automatic: add documentation, including dnf.automatic(8) man page. (Ales Kozumplik) - dnf-automatic: tool supplying the yum-cron functionality. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: cosmetic: fixed indent in proxy directive (Jan Silhan) - include directive support added (RhBug:1055910) (Jan Silhan) - refactor: move MultiCallList to util. (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: do not output that extra starting newline in list_transaction(). (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: extract CLI cachedir magic to cli.cachedir_fit. (Ales Kozumplik) - transifex update (Jan Silhan) - move: test_output to tests/cli. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: move Term into its own module. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactoring: cleanup and linting in dnf.exceptions. (Ales Kozumplik) - lint: (Ales Kozumplik) - lint: rudimentary cleanups in (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: loggers are module-level variables. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: promote unknown-reason installed packages to 'group' on group install. (RhBug:1116666) (Ales Kozumplik) - c82267f refactoring droppped plugins.run_transaction(). (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: sort packages in the transaction summary. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: cli: massively simplify how errors are propagated from do_transaction(). (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: rearrange things in CLI so user has to confirm the group changes. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: commiting the persistor data should only happen at one place. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: visualizing the groups transactions. (Ales Kozumplik) - Add dnf.util.get_in() to navigate nested dicts with sequences of keys. (Ales Kozumplik) - group persistor: generate diffs between old and new DBs. (Ales Kozumplik) - Better quoting in dnf_pylint. (Ales Kozumplik) - lint: (Ales Kozumplik) - Do not print tracebacks to the tty on '-d 10' (RhBug:1118272) (Ales Kozumplik) - search: do not double-report no matches. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: move UpgradeToCommand to its own module. (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Jul 28 2014 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.5.5-1 - packaging: also add pyliblzma to BuildRequires. (Ales Kozumplik) - essential cleanup in dnf.yum.misc, removing a couple of functions too. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: Base.findDeps and friends. (Ales Kozumplik) - Make pyliblzma a requriement. (RhBug:1123688) (Ales Kozumplik) - whole user name can contain non-ascii chars (RhBug:1121280) (Jan Silhan) - Straighten up the exceptions when getting a packages header. (RhBug:1122900) (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: refactor: rename test_resource_path() -> resource_path() and use it more. (Ales Kozumplik) - transifex update (Jan Silhan) - remove: conf.commands. (Ales Kozumplik) - proxy username and password, for both CLI and API. (RhBug:1120583) (Ales Kozumplik) - conf: only 'main' is a reserved section name. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactoring: cleanup a couple of lint warnings in (Ales Kozumplik) - refactoring: move repo reading implementation out of dnf.Base. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: repo_setopts is a CLI thing and doesn't belong to Base. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: move cleanup methods to dnf.cli.commands.clean. (Ales Kozumplik) - depsolving: doesn't install both architectures of pkg by filename (RhBug:1100946) (Jan Silhan) - refactor: put CleanCommand in its own module. (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: avoid 'Error: None' output on malformed CLI commands. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove the special SIGQUIT handler. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: In Repo(), cachedir is a required argument. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: better describe how Repos should be created, example. (RhBug:1117789) (Ales Kozumplik) - Base._conf lasts the lifetime of Base and can be passed via constructor. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: faq: having Yum and DNF installed at the same time. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: protected_packages config option, it has been ignored. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: misleading error message when no repo is enabled. (Ales Kozumplik) * Wed Jul 16 2014 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.5.4-1 - pkg name from rpm transaction callback is in Unicode (RhBug:1118796) (Jan Silhan) - packaging: python3-dnf depends on dnf. (RhBug:1119032) (Ales Kozumplik) - Ship /usr/bin/dnf-3 to run DNF under Py3. (RhBug:1117678) (Ales Kozumplik) - packaging: own /etc/dnf/plugins. (RhBug:1118178) (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: pluginconfpath is a list. (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: use classmethod as a decorator in (Ales Kozumplik) - cleanup: imports in dnf.cli.output (Ales Kozumplik) - lint: straightforward lint fixes in dnf.cli.output. (Ales Kozumplik) - Repo.__setattr__ has to use the parsed value. (Ales Kozumplik) - Repo priorities. (RhBug:1048973) (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: simplify how things are propagated to repo.hawkey_repo. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: concentrate Repo.hawkey_repo construction in Repo.__init__(). (Ales Kozumplik) - bash-completion: Update command and option lists, sort in same order as --help (Ville Skyttä) - bash-completion: Use grep -E instead of deprecated egrep (Ville Skyttä) - output: fixed identation of info command output (Jan Silhan) - i18n: calculates right width of asian utf-8 strings (RhBug:1116544) (Jan Silhan) - transifex update + renamed po files to Fedora conventions (Jan Silhan) - remove: CLI: --randomwait (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: fix: --installroot has to be used with --releasever (RhBug:1117293) (Ales Kozumplik) - Base.reset(goal=True) also resets the group persistor (RhBug:1116839) (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: fix failing DistroSync.test_distro_sync(). (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: RPM transaction markers are too loud. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: silence drpm a bit. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: put timing functionality into one place. (Ales Kozumplik) - repolist: fix traceback with disabled repos. (RhBug:1116845) (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: cleanups in repolist. (Ales Kozumplik) - lint: remove some unused imports. (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: break out the repolsit command into a separate module. (Ales Kozumplik) - does not crash with non-ascii user name (RhBug:1108908) (Jan Silhan) - doc: document 'pluginpath' configuration option. (RhBug:1117102) (Ales Kozumplik) - Spelling fixes (Ville Skyttä) - cli: Fix software name in --version help (Ville Skyttä) - doc: ip_resolve documented at two places. remove one. (Ales Kozumplik) * Thu Jul 03 2014 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.5.3-1 - packaging: bump hawkey dep to 0.4.17. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: remove Base.select_group(). (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: cleanup our base test case classes a bit. (Ales Kozumplik) - Add DNF itself among the protected packages. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: plugins: add the resolved() hook. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: expose Transaction introspecting in the API. (RhBug:1067156) (Ales Kozumplik) - api: add basic documentation for dnf.package.Package. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: cosmetic: conf.protected_packages is ignored, drop it in FakeConf. (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: simplify exception handling more. (Ales Kozumplik) - Fixed a minor typo in user_faq - 'intall' should be 'install' (Martin Preisler) - fixed encoding of parsed config line (RhBug:1110800) (Jan Silhan) - syntax: replaced tab with spaces (Jan Silhan) - doc: acknowledge the existence of plugins on the man page (RhBug:1112669) (Ales Kozumplik) - improve the 'got root?' message of why a transaction couldn't start. (RhBug:1111569) (Ales Kozumplik) - traceback in Base.do_transaction. to_utf8() is gone since 06fb280. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix traceback from broken string formatting in _retrievePublicKey(). (RhBug:1111997) (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: replace Yum with DNF in command_ref.rst (Viktor Ashirov) - Fix a missing s in the title (mscherer) - api: add dnf.rpm.detect_releasever() (Ales Kozumplik) - Detect distroverpkg from 'system-release(release)' (RhBug:1047049) (Ales Kozumplik) - bulid: add dnf/conf to cmake. (Ales Kozumplik) - lint: clean up most lint messages in dnf.yum.config (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: couple of dead-code methods in dnf.yum.config. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: document client's responsibility to preset the substitutions. (RhBug:1104757) (Ales Kozumplik) - move: rpmUtils -> rpm. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: move yumvar out into its proper module dnf.conf.substitutions. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: turn dnf.conf into a package. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: api_base.rst pointing to nonexistent method. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: some logging from Transaction.populate_rpm_ts(). (Ales Kozumplik) - Update cli_vs_yum.rst (James Pearson) - api: doc: queries relation specifiers, with an example. (RhBug:1105009) (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: phrasing in ip_resolve documentation. (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: refactored transferring cmdline options to conf (Jan Silhan) - cli: added -4/-6 option for using ipv4/ipv6 connection (RhBug:1093420) (Jan Silhan) - cosmetic: empty set inicialization (Jan Silhan) - repo: improve the RepoError message to include URL. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dnf.yum.config.writeRawRepoFile(). (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: bunch of (now) blank config options. (Ales Kozumplik) - removed unique function (Jan Silhan) - tests: mock.assert_has_calls() enforces its iterable arguments in py3.4. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: improve how repolist logs the total number of packages. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: Base.close() should not log to the terminal. (Ales Kozumplik) * Wed May 28 2014 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.5.2-1 - doc: packaging: add license block to each .rst. (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: replaced yum with dnf in comment (Jan Silhan) - takes non-ascii cmd line input (RhBug:1092777) (Jan Silhan) - replaced 'unicode' conversion functions with 'ucd' (RhBug:1095861) (Jan Silhan) - using write_to_file py2/py3 compatibility write function (Jan Silhan) - encoding: all encode methods are using utf-8 coding instead of default ascii (Jan Silhan) - fixed rpmbuild warning of missing file (Jan Silhan) - transifex update (Jan Silhan) - fixed typos in comments (Jan Silhan) - Drop --debugrepodata and susetags generation with it. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: document --debugsolver. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: 'dnf repo-pkgs' failures (RhBug:1092006) (Radek Holy) - lint: make dnf_pylint take '-s' that suppresses line/column numbers. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: cli_vs_yum: we do not promote installs to the obsoleting package. (RhBug:1096506) (Ales Kozumplik) - dealing with installonlies, we always need RPMPROB_FILTER_OLDPACKAGE (RhBug:1095580) (Ales Kozumplik) - transifex update (Jan Silhan) - arch: recognize noarch as noarch's basearch. (RhBug:1094594) (Ales Kozumplik) - pylint: clean up dnf.repo. (Ales Kozumplik) - sslverify: documentation and bumped librepo require. (Ales Kozumplik) - repos: support sslverify setting. (RhBug:1076045) (Ales Kozumplik) - search: exact matches should propagate higher. (RhBug:1093888) (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: concentrate specific search functionality in (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: SearchCommand in its own file. (Ales Kozumplik) - pylint: fix around one hundred pylint issues in dnf.base. (Ales Kozumplik) - pylint: add simple pylint script (Ales Kozumplik) - autoerase: write out the debugdata used to calculate redundant packages. (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: fix pylint comment in (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: err_mini_usage() is public. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: fix several pylint errors in (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: 'dnf remove' is deprecated so autoremove should be autoerase. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: command_ref: remove the deprecated aliases from the initial list. (Ales Kozumplik) - Add autoremove command. (RhBug:963345) (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: Base.push_userinstalled() is public. (Ales Kozumplik) - Remove sudo from dnf-completion.bash RhBug:1073457 (Elad Alfassa) - exclude switch takes <package-spec> as a parameter (Jan Silhan) - using nevra glob query during list command (RhBug:1083679) (Jan Silhan) - removed rpm.RPMPROB_FILTER_REPLACEOLDFILES filter flag (Jan Silhan) - test: changed tests according to new distro-sync behavior (Jan Silhan) - packaging: cosmetic: copyright years in bin/dnf. (Ales Kozumplik) - bin/dnf: run the python interpreter with -OO. (Ales Kozumplik) * Fri May 02 2014 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.5.1-1 - drpm: output stats (RhBug:1065882) (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: architectures. (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: be lot less verbose about dep processing. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: do not error out if group install/remove produces no RPM transaction. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: do not traceback on comps remove operations if proper pkg reasons can not be found. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: tracebacks in 'group remove ...' (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: move all the logic of persistor saving from to Base. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: auto-saving the groups persistor. (RhBug:1089864) (Ales Kozumplik) - transifex update (Jan Silhan) - remove: profiling code from cli.main. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: removal of dead code (Miroslav Suchý) - doc: changes to to work on (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: build the documentation without any dependencies (on DNF or anything else). (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: make clear where one should expect bin/dnf (Miroslav Suchý) - abrt: disable abrt for 'dnf makecache timer' run from systemd.service. (RhBug:1081753) (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: stray itertools import from (Ales Kozumplik) * Wed Apr 23 2014 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.5.0-1 - doc: fix formatting in api_cli.rst. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: document operation of 'group upgrade'. (Ales Kozumplik) - comps: ensure only packages of 'group' reason get deleted on 'group erase'. (Ales Kozumplik) - comps: store 'group' reason when installing a group-membering package. (Ales Kozumplik) - Override Goal.get_reason(). (Ales Kozumplik) - Add dnf.goal.Goal deriving from hawkey.Goal. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: encoding of yumdb directory names in py3. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: clean up the functions that load seeded comps a bit. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: cli._*aybeYouMeant(). (Ales Kozumplik) - simplify groups/envs API methods in Base a lot. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: add test for Base._translate_comps_pkg_types() (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: move the group listing etc. methods() away from Base into GroupCommand. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: add group.upgrade opration to Base and CLI (RhBug:1029022) (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: OriginalGroupPersistor. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: store format version of the groups db. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: saving the persistent data. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: extract out the transactioning part of _main(). (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: Integrate the redone componenets with Base. (Ales Kozumplik) - Add comps Solver. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: redo the GroupPersistor class. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: faq: why we don't check for root. (RhBug:1088166) (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: reordered import statements (Jan Silhan) - added --refresh option (RhBug:1064226) (Jan Silhan) - added forgotten import (Jan Silhan) - fixed import errors after yum/ removal (Jan Silhan) - removed to_utf8 from yum/ (Jan Silhan) - removed to_str from yum/ (Jan Silhan) - removed utf8_text_fill from yum/ (Jan Silhan) - removed utf8_width from yum/ (Jan Silhan) - removed utf8_width_fill from yum/ (Jan Silhan) - removed to_unicode from yum/ (Jan Silhan) - make all strings unicode_literals implicitly (Jan Silhan) - moved _, P_ to dnf/ (Jan Silhan) - removed utf8_valid from yum/ (Jan Silhan) - removed str_eq from yum/ (Jan Silhan) - removed exception2msg from yum/ (Jan Silhan) - removed dummy_wrapper from yum/ (Jan Silhan) - cosmetics: leave around the good things from 660c3e5 (documentation, UT). (Ales Kozumplik) - Revert "fix: provides are not recognized for erase command. (RhBug:1087063)" (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: provides are not recognized for erase command. (RhBug:1087063) (Ales Kozumplik) - test: fix UsageTest test, so it work without dnf is installed on the system PEP8 cleanup (Tim Lauridsen) - cleanup: getSummary() and getUsage() can be dropped entirely now. (Ales Kozumplik) - test: use Command.usage & Command.summary API in unittest (Tim Lauridsen) - show plugin commands in separate block api: add new public Command.usage & Command.summary API cleanup: make Commands (Tim Lauridsen) - tests: move libcomps test to a separate test file. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: put DistoSyncCommand into its own file (Tim Lauridsen) - refactor: _split_extcmd is a static method. (Ales Kozumplik) - GroupsCommand: make the way comps are searched more robust. (RhBug:1051869) (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: move GroupCommand tests to a more proper place. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix leak: Base.__del__ causes GC-uncollectable circles. (Ales Kozumplik) - gruops: 'list' and similar commands should run without root. (RhBug:1080331) (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: conf is given to Output on instantiation. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: Command.done_command_once and Command.hidden. (Ales Kozumplik) - [doc] improve documentation of '--best' (RhBug:1084553) (Ales Kozumplik) - api: Command.base and Command.cli are API attributes. (Ales Kozumplik) - demands: similarly to 78661a4, commands should set the exit success_exit_status directly. (Ales Kozumplik) - demands: commands requiring resolving dymamically need to set the demand now. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: typo in group doc. (RhBug:1084139) (Ales Kozumplik) - api: Base.resolve() takes allow_erasing. (RhBug:1073859) (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: OptionParser._checkAbsInstallRoot is static. (Ales Kozumplik) - option_parser: remove base dependency. (Ales Kozumplik) - move: dnf.cli.cli.OptionParser -> dnf.cli.option_parser.OptionParser. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: 'clean packages' incorrectly mentions we do not delete cached packages. (RhBug:1083767) (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: TypeError in dnf history info <id> (RHBug: #1082230) (Tim Lauridsen) - Start new version: 0.5.0. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: instance attrs of Base, namely cacheonly. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: remove: support.MockCli. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: fix locale independence. (Radek Holy) - cleanups in cli.OptionParser. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: PendingDeprecationWarning from RPM in gpgKeyCheck(). (Ales Kozumplik) - api: add Cli.demands.root_user (RhBug:1062889) (Ales Kozumplik) - api: add Cli.demands and Command.config() to the API (RhBug:1062884) (Ales Kozumplik) - Integrate DemandSheet into CLI. (Ales Kozumplik) - Command.configure() takes the command arguments like run(). (Ales Kozumplik) - Add dnf.cli.demand.DemandSheet. (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: dead code for deplist, version and check-rpmdb commands. (Ales Kozumplik) - sync with transifex (Jan Silhan) - removed _enc method that did nothing without specspo (Jan Silhan) - fixed local reinstall error (Jan Silhan) - Fix Term.MODE setting under Python 3 in case of incapable tty stdout. (Radek Holy) - tests: move Term tests to better file. (Radek Holy) - refactor: move ReinstallCommand in its own module. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: yumbase (case insensitive) -> base. (Ales Kozumplik) - fixed py3 error thrown by search command (Jan Silhan) - fixed wrong named variable (Jan Silhan) - fixed local downgrade error (Jan Silhan) - doc: fix Package references that are ambiguous now. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: resource leak in yum.misc.checksum() under py3. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix: leak: couple of files objects left open. (Ales Kozumplik) - fix PendingDepreaction warning from rpm in _getsysver(). (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: Repo.cachedir is not a list. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: add Base.package_install et al. and Base.add_remote_rpm(). (RhBug:1079519) (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: fix tests broken under foreign locale after 32818b2. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: move install, downgrade and upgrade commands into separate modules. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: refactor: make Term tests more isolated. (Radek Holy) - tests: fix terminfo capability independence. (Radek Holy) - api: explain that Base is a context manager with a close(). (Ales Kozumplik) - cosmetic: move stuff around in comps. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: groups: add comps.Package, add group.package_iter(). (RhBug:1079932) (Ales Kozumplik) - fixed installation of conflicted packages (RhBug:1061780) (Jan Silhan) - removed never executed code based on _ts_saved_file variable (Jan Silhan) - added logrotate script and ownership of log files to dnf (RhBug:1064211) (Jan Silhan) - fixed: highlight characters broken under py3 (RhBug:1076884) (Jan Silhan) - remove: base.deselectGroup(). it is not used. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: fix broken InstallMultilib.test_install_src_fails(). (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: support manipulation with environments (RhBug:1063666) (Ales Kozumplik) - add dnf.util.partition(). (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: RepoPersistor: use the global logger instead of an instance variable. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: besides installed groups also store persistently the environments. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: persistor.Groups -> ClonableDict. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: cli_vs_yum: typography in bandwidth limiting section. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: cli_vs_yum: we do not partially allow operations that install .srpm. (RhBug:1080489) (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: imports order in cli/commands/ (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: groups: make all commands use _patterns2groups(). (Ales Kozumplik) - kernel: remove kernel-source from const.INSTALLONLYPKGS. (Ales Kozumplik) - build: 0.4.19-1 (Ales Kozumplik) - New version: 0.4.19 (Ales Kozumplik) - downloads: bump number of downloaded files on a skip. (RhBug:1079621) (Ales Kozumplik) - packaging: add dnf.cli.commands to the installation. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: put GroupCommand into its separate module. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: make cli.commands a subpackage. (Ales Kozumplik) - AUTHORS: added Albert. (Ales Kozumplik) - test: fixed CacheTest.test_noroot() when running as root (Albert Uchytil) - AUTHORS: added Tim. (Ales Kozumplik) - fixes TypeError: '_DownloadErrors' object is not iterable (RhBug:1078832) (Tim Lauridsen) - fixed not including .mo files (Jan Silhan) - comps: _by_pattern() no longer does the comma splitting. (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Mar 24 2014 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.19-1 - downloads: bump number of downloaded files on a skip. (RhBug:1079621) (Ales Kozumplik) - packaging: add dnf.cli.commands to the installation. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: put GroupCommand into its separate module. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: make cli.commands a subpackage. (Ales Kozumplik) - AUTHORS: added Albert. (Ales Kozumplik) - test: fixed CacheTest.test_noroot() when running as root (Albert Uchytil) - AUTHORS: added Tim. (Ales Kozumplik) - fixes TypeError: '_DownloadErrors' object is not iterable (RhBug:1078832) (Tim Lauridsen) - fixed not including .mo files (Jan Silhan) - comps: _by_pattern() no longer does the comma splitting. (Ales Kozumplik) - including .mo files correctly (Jan Silhan) - tests: fix locale independence. (Radek Holy) - remove: unused trashy methods in dnf.yum.misc. (Ales Kozumplik) - persistor: do not save Groups if it didn't change (RhBug:1077173) (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: simplify the traceback logging. (Ales Kozumplik) - main: log IO errors etc. thrown even during Base.__exit__. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: do not log IOError tracebacks in verbose mode. (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: move out main._main()'s inner error handlers. (Ales Kozumplik) - added gettext as a build dependency for translation files (Jan Silhan) - translation: updated .pot file and fetched fresh .po files from transifex (Jan Silhan) - removed redundant word from persistor translation (Jan Silhan) - translation: show relative path in generated pot file (Jan Silhan) - refactor: replaced type comparisons with isinstance (Jan Silhan) - translation: added mo files generation and including them in rpm package (Jan Silhan) - removed unused imports in (Jan Silhan) - doc: typo in Base.group_install(). (Ales Kozumplik) * Mon Mar 17 2014 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.18-1 - api: drop items deprecated since 0.4.9 or earlier. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: deprecate Base.select_group() (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: document the group marking operations. (Ales Kozumplik) - api: add Base.group_install() with exclude capability. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: recognize 'mark install' instead of 'mark-install'. (Ales Kozumplik) - Allow installing optional packages from a group. (RhBug:1067136) (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: add installing groups the object marking style. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: add Base.group_remove(). (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: add support for marking/unmarking groups. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: add dnf.persistor.GroupPersistor(), to store the installed groups. (Ales Kozumplik) - logging: log plugin import tracebacks on the subdebug level. (Ales Kozumplik) - rename: dnf.persistor.Persistor -> RepoPersistor. (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: update README and FAQ with the unabbreviated name. (Ales Kozumplik) - groups: fix grouplist crashes with new libcomps. (Ales Kozumplik) - Do not terminate for unreadable repository config. (RhBug:1071212) (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: get rid of ridiculous slashes and the file:// scheme on config read fails. (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: log more than nothing about a remote repo MD download. (Ales Kozumplik) - drpm: fallback to .rpm download on drpm rebuild error. (RhBug:1071501) (Ales Kozumplik) - remove: Base.download_packages()' inner function mediasort(). (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: tidy up the imports, in particular import mock from support. (Ales Kozumplik) - changed documentation of distro-sync command (Jan Silhan) - added distro-sync explicit packages support (RhBug:963710) (Jan Silhan) - renamed testcase to distro_sync_all (Jan Silhan) - Minor spelling (Arjun Temurnikar) - i18n: translate repo sync error message. (Ales Kozumplik) - add support for ppc64le (Dennis Gilmore) - there is no arch called arm64 it is aarch64 (Dennis Gilmore) * Wed Mar 05 2014 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.17-1 - doc: in the faq, warn users who might install rawhide packages on stable. (RhBug:1071677) (Ales Kozumplik) - cli: better format the download errors report. (Ales Kozumplik) - drpm: properly report applydeltarpm errors. (RhBug:1071501) (Ales Kozumplik) - fixed Japanese translatated message (RhBug:1071455) (Jan Silhan) - generated and synchronized translations with transifex (Jan Silhan) - added transifex support to cmake (gettext-export, gettext-update) (Jan Silhan) - api: expose RepoDict.get_matching() and RepoDict.all() (RhBug:1071323) (Ales Kozumplik) - api: add Repo.set_progress_bar() to the API. (Ales Kozumplik) - tests: test_cli_progress uses StringIO to check the output. (Ales Kozumplik) - downloads: fix counting past 100% on mirror failures (RhBug:1070598) (Ales Kozumplik) - repo: log callback calls to librepo. (Ales Kozumplik) - Add repository-packages remove-or-reinstall command. (Radek Holy) - Support negative filtering by new repository name in Base.reinstall. (Radek Holy) - Support removal N/A packages in Base.reinstall. (Radek Holy) - Add repository-packages remove command. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Reduce amount of code in repository-packages subcommands. (Radek Holy) - Support filtering by repository name in Base.remove. (Radek Holy) - remove: BaseCli.erasePkgs (Radek Holy) - Add repository-packages reinstall command. (Radek Holy) - exceptions: improve empty key handling in DownloadError.__str__(). (Ales Kozumplik) - downloads: fix fatal error message return value from download_payloads() (RhBug:1071518) (Ales Kozumplik) - fixes problem with TypeError in Base.read_comps() in python3 (RhBug:1070710) (Tim Lauridsen) - fix read_comps: not throwing exceptions when repo has no repodata (RhBug:1059704) (Jan Silhan) - not decompressing groups when --cacheonly option is set (RhBug:1058224) (Jan Silhan) - added forgotten import (Jan Silhan) - Add repository-packages move-to command. (Radek Holy) - Add repository-packages reinstall-old command. (Radek Holy) - Support filtering by repository name in Base.reinstall. (Radek Holy) - tests: test effects instead of mock calls. (Radek Holy) - Wrap some recently added long lines. (Radek Holy) - remove: BaseCli.reinstallPkgs (Radek Holy) - repos: repos can never expire. (RhBug:1069538) (Ales Kozumplik) - build: rebuild with 9d95442 (updated summaries_cache). (Ales Kozumplik) - doc: update summaries_cache. (Ales Kozumplik) * Wed Feb 26 2014 Aleš Kozumplík <> - 0.4.16-1 - fix: ensure MDPayload always has a valid progress attribute. (RhBug:1069996) (Ales Kozumplik) - refactor: Move repo-pkgs upgrade-to to a standalone class instead of reusing the UpgradeToCommand. (Radek Holy) - remove: BaseCli.updatePkgs (Radek Holy) - refactor: Remove the reference to updatePkgs from UpgradeSubCommand. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Remove the reference to updatePkgs from UpgradeCommand. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Move repo-pkgs upgrade to a standalone class instead of reusing the UpgradeCommand. (Radek Holy) - remove: BaseCli.installPkgs (Radek Holy) - refactor: Remove the reference to installPkgs from InstallSubCommand. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Remove the reference to installPkgs from InstallCommand. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Move repo-pkgs install to a standalone class instead of reusing the InstallCommand. (Radek Holy) - Revert "Support filtering by repository name in install_groupie." (Radek Holy) - Revert "Support filtering by repository name in Base.select_group." (Radek Holy) - Drop group filtering by repository name from installPkgs. (Radek Holy) - Drop "repo-pkgs install @Group" support. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Move CheckUpdateCommand.check_updates to BaseCli. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Move repo-pkgs check-update to a standalone class instead of reusing the CheckUpdateCommand. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Move repo-pkgs list to a standalone class instead of reusing the ListCommand. (Radek Holy) - tests: Add tests of repo-pkgs info against the documentation. (Radek Holy) - Fix "repo-pkgs info installed" behavior with respect to the documentation. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Move MockBase methods to BaseStubMixin. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Move repo-pkgs info to a standalone class instead of reusing the InfoCommand. (Radek Holy) - refactor: Move InfoCommand._print_packages to BaseCli.output_packages. (Radek Holy)