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Package Namelibappstream-glib
SummaryLibrary for AppStream metadata
DescriptionThis library provides GObjects and helper methods to make it easy to read and write AppStream metadata. It also provides a simple DOM implementation that makes it easy to edit nodes and convert to and from the standardized XML representation.
Built byrhughes
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive05
StartedTue, 27 Oct 2015 14:02:23 UTC
CompletedTue, 27 Oct 2015 14:14:22 UTC
Taskbuild (f23-candidate, /libappstream-glib:e05149778169dcc4b75ecefc47ab6b4964f28554)
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Changelog * Tue Oct 27 2015 Richard Hughes <> 0.5.2-1 - New upstream release - Accept a '0x' hexidecimal prefix when parsing a version - Add multi-guid cabinet firmware support - Add support for AppStream <size> metadata - Fix crash in validator when processing '<li></li>' - Remove the long-obsolete appdata-validate tool - Require AppData files to be present in the AppStream metadata - Use g_set_object() to fix potential crash when adding pixbufs * Thu Oct 15 2015 Kalev Lember <> 0.5.1-2 - Backport a patch to fix icons in gnome-software for apps without AppData - Use license macro for COPYING * Tue Sep 15 2015 Richard Hughes <> 0.5.1-1 - New upstream release - Add a few applications that have changed desktop ID - Add support for release urgency - Do not blacklist the 'desktop' token - Don't show mangled version numbers as negatives - Ignore empty AppStream XML files - Support SPDX IDs with the LicenseRef prefix * Sat Sep 05 2015 Kalev Lember <> - 0.5.0-2 - Rebuilt for librpm soname bump * Wed Aug 12 2015 Richard Hughes <> 0.5.0-1 - New upstream release - Add support for the flashed firmware provide kind - Make the DriverVer in the .inf file optional - Show a better error message when there's not enough text * Mon Jul 20 2015 Richard Hughes <> 0.4.1-1 - New upstream release - Add am 'incorporate' command to appstream-util - Add a 'mirror-local-firmware' and 'compare' commands to appstream-util - Add extra flags for use when building metadata - Be less strict when loading incorrect AppData files - Do not duplicate <location> tags within a release - Do not expect the INF ClassGuid to be the ESRT GUID - Don't crash when parsing a <release> with no description - Update the SPDX licence list to v2.0 * Wed Jun 17 2015 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.4.0-2 - Rebuilt for * Tue May 26 2015 Richard Hughes <> 0.4.0-1 - New upstream release - Add a mirror-screenshots command to appstream-util - Check for duplicate screenshots when adding fonts - Detect recolorable symbolic icons - Fix a crash for an invalid AppData file - Remove all networking support when building metadata - Remove overzealous blacklisting entry * Wed Apr 29 2015 Kalev Lember <> 0.3.6-2 - Fix exo-web-browser blacklist entry (#1216218) * Mon Mar 30 2015 Richard Hughes <> 0.3.6-1 - New upstream release - Add a 'replace-screenshots' command to appstream-util - Always upscale screenshots if they are too small - Assume the INF DriverVer is UTC - Remove the gtk3 dep from libappstream-glib - Use the correct image URL for HiDPI screenshots * Wed Mar 11 2015 Richard Hughes <> 0.3.5-1 - New upstream release - Add new API required for firmware support - Add new API required for OSTree and xdg-app support * Sat Jan 17 2015 Richard Hughes <> 0.3.4-1 - New upstream release - Add more applications to the blacklist - Add show-search-tokens subcommand to appstream-util - Add some new API for gnome-software to use - Add the matrix-html subcommand to appstream-util - Add the VCS information to the AppStream metadata - Assume <image>foo</image> is a source image kind for AppData files - Assume that stock icons are available in HiDPI sizes - Blacklist the 40 most common search tokens - Check if the search entries are valid before searching - Check screenshots are a reasonable size - Fall back to the dumb tokenizer for keywords with special chars - Set an error if an XML file contains font markup - Show the offending text when validation fails * Mon Nov 24 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.3.3-1 - New upstream release - Allow filtering addons in the status html pages - Detect missing parents in the old metadata - Do not fail to load all the desktop files if one is bad - Improve appdata-xml.m4 deprecation notice * Tue Nov 04 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.3.2-1 - New upstream release - Add a simple 'search' command to appstream-util - Add some more valid metadata licenses - Do not generate metadata with an icon prefix - Obsolete the appdata-tools package - Show the kudo stats on the status page * Tue Oct 21 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.3.1-1 - New upstream release - Add an --enable-hidpi argument to appstream-builder - Add AS_ICON_KIND_EMBEDDED and AS_ICON_KIND_LOCAL - Add more applications to the blacklist - Allow application with NoDisplay=true and an AppData file - Allow AppStream files to be upgraded using appstream-util - Install AppStream files with correct permissions - Monitor the XML and icons path for changes - Relax validation requirements for font metainfo files * Mon Sep 01 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.3.0-1 - New upstream release - Add a new kudo for high contrast icons - A keyword search match is better than the project name - Allow desktop->addon demotion with an AppData file - Allow translated keywords - Conform to the actual SPDX 2.0 license expression syntax - Ignore AppData screenshots with xml:lang attributes - Metadata licenses like 'CC0 and CC-BY-3.0' are content licenses - Update the SPDX license list to v1.20 * Mon Aug 18 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.2.5-1 - New upstream release - Add check-root to appstream-util - Add some validation rules for metainfo files - Allow desktop->addon demotion with an AppData file - Allow different source roots to define addons - Do not require sentence case when validating with relaxed settings - Fix up legacy license IDs when tokenizing - Metadata licenses like 'CC0 and CC-BY-3.0' are valid content licenses - Never add duplicate <extends> tags * Sun Aug 17 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.2.4-2 - Rebuilt for * Tue Aug 05 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.2.4-1 - New upstream release - Add an installed tests to validate appdata - Add support for <source_pkgname> which will be in AppStream 0.8 - Add the <dbus> provide for applications automatically - Do not load applications with NoDisplay=true when loading local - Do not pad the compressed AppStream metadata with NUL bytes - Do not treat app-install metadata as installed - Markup errors should not be fatal when assembling a store * Tue Jul 22 2014 Kalev Lember <> - 0.2.3-2 - Rebuilt for gobject-introspection 1.41.4 * Thu Jul 17 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.2.3-1 - New upstream release - Add oxygen-icon-theme when an application depends on kde-runtime - Add some simple filtering in the status.html page - Be more careful with untrusted XML data - Do not allow duplicates to be added when using as_app_add_kudo_kind() - Do not fail to build packages with invalid KDE service files - Record if distro metadata and screenshots are being used - Show any package duplicates when generating metadata - Show the builder progress in a ncurses-style panel * Fri Jul 11 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.2.2-1 - New upstream release - Add two new builder plugins to add kudos on KDE applications - Assume local files are untrusted when parsing - Do not allow NoDisplay=true applications to ever be in the metadata - Never scale up small screenshots - Never upscale icons, either pad or downscale with sharpening - Sharpen resized screenshots after resizing with a cubic interpolation - Write metadata of the failed applications * Tue Jun 24 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.2.1-1 - New upstream release - Add an 'appstream-util upgrade' command to convert version < 0.6 metadata - Add packages recursively when using appstream-builder --packages-dir - Allow empty URL sections - Fix the xmldir in the APPSTREAM_XML_RULES m4 helper * Thu Jun 19 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.2.0-1 - New upstream release - Accept slightly truncated SPDX IDs - Allow any SPDX license when validating in relaxed mode - Allow as_node_get_attribute_as_int() to parse negative numbers - Allow dumping .desktop, .appdata.xml and .metainfo.xml files in appstream-util - Do not add addons that are packaged in the parent package - Do not require a content license to be included into the metadata - This is the first release that merges the createrepo_as project. - Validate the <developer_name> tag values * Thu Jun 12 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.1.7-1 - New upstream release - Add <extends> from the draft AppStream 0.7 specification - Add support for the 'dbus' AsProvideKind - Add support for validating metainfo.xml files - Allow 'appstream-util validate' to validate multiple files - Do not log a critical warning in as_store_to_xml() - Fix a crash when we try to validate <p></p> - Support the non-standard X-Ubuntu-Software-Center-Name * Sat Jun 07 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.1.6-2 - Rebuilt for * Wed May 28 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.1.6-1 - New upstream release - Add some more API for createrepo_as and gnome-software - Also support validating files - Correctly parse the localized descriptions from AppData files - Fix validation of old-style AppData files without screenshot sizes - Only autodetect the AsAppSourceKind when unknown - Only require <project_licence> when being strict - Only show the thumbnail when creating the HTML status page - Retain comments in .desktop and .appdata.xml files when required * Mon May 12 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.1.5-1 - New upstream release - Add some more API for createrepo_as and gnome-software - Be less strict with the case of the XML header - Check the licenses against the SPDX list when validating - Support AppData version 0.6 files too * Fri Apr 25 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.1.4-1 - New upstream release - Add some more API for createrepo_as and gnome-software - Add tool appstream-util * Thu Apr 10 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.1.3-1 - New upstream release - Add new API required by gnome-software - Ignore settings panels when parsing desktop files - Load AppStream files assuming literal text strings * Wed Mar 26 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.1.2-1 - New upstream release - Add more API for gnome-software to use - Reduce the number of small attr key allocations - Use gperf to generate a perfect hash for the tag names - Use the full ID for the AsStore hash * Fri Mar 21 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.1.1-1 - New upstream release - Add an 'api-version' property to AsStore - Add the new AsUrlKind's and <architectures> from API 0.6 - Support old-style markup-less <description> tags - Support the 'origin' attribute on the root node - Do not crash when using getting an unset description - Do not depend on functions introduced in Glib 2.39.1 - Fix parsing incompletely translated AppData files * Tue Mar 18 2014 Richard Hughes <> 0.1.0-1 - First upstream release