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Package Namepython-blivet
SummaryA python module for system storage configuration
DescriptionThe python-blivet package is a python module for examining and modifying storage configuration.
Built bydlehman
State complete
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StartedTue, 20 Sep 2016 18:04:25 UTC
CompletedTue, 20 Sep 2016 18:06:33 UTC
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Changelog * Tue Sep 20 2016 David Lehman <> - 2.1.4-1 - Revert unsupported clearing of parted partition 'system'. (dlehman) - Make sure we create a proper GVariant tuple as args (#1375712) (vpodzime) - Do not include both size and percent in logvol ks cmd. (dlehman) - Ignore NVDIMMs at OS installation time. (dlehman) - Don't crash if lvm refuses to activate an lv. (dlehman) * Wed Sep 14 2016 David Lehman <> - 2.1.3-1 - Remove some deprecated/obsolete bits from spec file. (dlehman) - Use %global instead of %define for specfile macros. (dlehman) - Fix URLs pointing to blivet resources. (dlehman) - UUID is now cleaned when destroying format (japokorn) - Support disk tags as disk specification for new partitions. (dlehman) - Add tags property to Device with some defaults for disk variants. (dlehman) - Add checks to git-multi-merge script (jkonecny) - UUID now set correctly when reformatting partition (japokorn) - Eliminate mountpoint symlinks when looking for mounted device (vtrefny) - iscsi: allow installing bootloader on offload iscsi disks (qla4xxx) (#1325134) (rvykydal) * Fri Aug 05 2016 David Lehman <> - 2.1.2-1 - Update release notes to include previous two releases. (dlehman) - Allign the LV's size up to set the base size for growing (vpodzime) - Ensure biosboot shows up in kickstart (#1242666) (rmarshall) - Add tests for the new LV from LVs actions (vpodzime) - Make sure to add/remove internal LVs when adding/removing a compound LV (vpodzime) - Make sure all LVs to create a new LV from are in the DT (vpodzime) - Make sure internal LVs are added/removed to/from DT properly (vpodzime) - Make LVs depend on their internal LVs (vpodzime) - Do not add the LV to devicetree in new_lv_from_lvs() (vpodzime) - Require libblockdev version with all the functions we need (vpodzime) - Allow for cascade creation of LVs from LVs (vpodzime) - Fix removing PVs after removing VG (#1358067) (vtrefny) - Pass arguments to get_member_raid_sets() in the correct order (#1225184) (vpodzime) - Use the new way extra information is provided for LVs (vpodzime) - Add a method to determine if a udev device is a disk. (vtrefny) - Fix udev.resolve_glob to match device path too (vtrefny) - Adapt to the old-new storaged API paths (vpodzime) - Handle an mpath name as lone exclusive disk. (#984059) (dlehman) - Add unit tests for disk filter. (dlehman) - Allow creation of a new LV from other LVs (vpodzime) - Removed test for snapshot origin existance (jkonecny) - Don't require existing origin when modeling snapshot (jkonecny) - Update size for dmraid arrays found during populate. (#1269662) (dlehman) - Restore the correct default partition table type for AArch64 EFI. (dmarlin) - Fix args to cancel_disk_actions call from hide(). (dlehman) - Fix not enough free space after creating extended partition (#1252350) (vtrefny) - Add some more unit tests for DeviceTree. (dlehman) - Add tests for critical format methods. (dlehman) - Split and include cache data and metadata sizes properly (vpodzime) - Use internal LVs (if any) to calculate space used by existing LVs (vpodzime) - Remove an unused calculation of VG's RAID PVs (vpodzime) - Only include padding to nonexisting thin pools' vg_space_used (vpodzime) - Require pyudev 0.18 or newer (vtrefny) - Do not use deprecated pyudev methods (vtrefny) - Show changes for each branch in git-multi-merge before pushing (vpodzime) * Mon Jun 06 2016 David Lehman <> - 2.1.1-1 - Ignore all merge commits when making rpm log. (dlehman) - Try harder to identify a partition's disk when necessary. (dlehman) - Add some fallback methods for finding a partition's disk. (dlehman) - Include devices on disklabels unsupported by parted in the devicetree. (dlehman) - Don't traceback if we fail to examine an md member. (dlehman) - Disklabel commit errors can occur for disks, too. (dlehman) - Add unit tests for device methods. (dlehman) - ARM platforms: support both msdos and gpt partitions (pbrobinson) - LUKS data moved to singleton (japokorn) - Add the P_ keyword to xgettext. (dshea) - Add xfs to default filesystem types (rmarshall) - Fix blivet constructor fs support check (rmarshall) - Do not put LVM stuff into syslog (vpodzime) - Kickstart missing bootloader partitions (#1242666) (rmarshall) * Thu May 12 2016 David Lehman <> - 2.1.0-1 - Add name of problematic device to UnusableConfigurationError (vtrefny) - LVM data are now global (japokorn) - Allow custom chunk size specification for MDRaidArrayDevice (vtrefny) - Mock all blockdev's listing functions for populator tests (vpodzime) - Add zanata-python-client to TEST_DEPENDENCIES (bcl) * Thu May 12 2016 David Lehman <> - 2.0.3-1 - Fix protected status for extended partitions (vtrefny) - Improve documentation of the udev.resolve_glob() function (vpodzime) - Remove the locale list from zanata.xml (dshea) - Do not test translated strings during make ci. (dshea) - Squashed 'translation-canary/' changes from 5a45c19..3bc2ad6 (dshea) - Fix root detection on btrfs in rescue mode (vtrefny) - Use device's mount options when mounting existing systems (vtrefny) - Ignore pylint being confused with our mixins' properties (vpodzime) - Get back to use ROUND_HALF_UP by default (vpodzime) - Let Python import the formats for us (vpodzime) - Only call resolve_devspec() in _get_active_mounts() for real devices (vpodzime) - Call is_mpath_member() only when it makes sense (dlehman) - Break the cycle in LVMPhysicalVolume.destroy (#1331630) (vpodzime) - Use libbytesize's translations for Size tests (vpodzime) - Compare sizes instead of numbers of sectors (vpodzime) - Obsolete python-blivet and blivet-data packages. (dlehman) - Increase the default size of /boot to 1 GB. (#377) (clumens) - Do not add btrfs volume subvolid to subvolumes mountopts (#1306808) (vtrefny) - A simple script for multi-merges we now do (vpodzime) - Update CONTRIBUTING file to match current practices. (dlehman) - Only import the 'iscsi' singleton when really needed (vpodzime) - Correctly recognize internal RAID LVs (vpodzime) - Do not add mdarray with no slave (#1321393) (vtrefny) - Make sure to add hyperPAV aliases to dasd.conf. (sbueno+anaconda) - LVM data are now global (japokorn) - Preserve traceback when re-raising exceptions (vpodzime) * Mon Apr 04 2016 David Lehman <> - 2.0.2-1 - Fix mistake from PEP8 conversion. (#1323012) (dlehman) - Set both req_size and size of thin pool when growing LVM (vpodzime) - Retrieve udev info as needed in handle_format. (#1322943) (dlehman) - Fix requires after subpackage switcharoo. (dlehman) - Fix package naming in spec file. (dlehman) * Tue Mar 29 2016 David Lehman <> - 2.0.1-1 - Make sure EddMatcher.root is a string. (dlehman) - Move per-thread change accounting to a function. (dlehman) - Add missing conf kwarg in call to PopulatorMixin ctor. (dlehman) - Fixes found while porting anaconda to blivet-2.0 (dlehman) - Mock all blockdev's listing functions for populator tests (vpodzime) * Wed Mar 09 2016 David Lehman <> - 2.0.0-1 - Bump version to 2.0.0 * Wed Mar 09 2016 David Lehman <> - 2.0.0-0.1.b1 - Make sure we use the Size class properly (vpodzime) - Don't store size as int in SameSizeSet (vpodzime) - Use libbytesize's Size class as a base for our Size class (vpodzime) - Remove the second section about LUKS resize from release notes (vpodzime) - Streamline the TOC to only include top-level sections. (dlehman) - Adjust section hierarchy in intro doc. (dlehman) - Move testing docs into a file of their own. (dlehman) - Add an api specification to the docs. (dlehman) - Add luks resize and API stability efforts to release notes. (dlehman) - Clean up some of the singleton usage. (dlehman) - Drop sphinx mocking. (dlehman) - Reset container_uuid when removing PV from a VG (vtrefny) - Remove "destroy_format" method from docs (vtrefny) - Fix AttributeError in pv_free_info (vtrefny) * Wed Feb 24 2016 David Lehman <> - 2.0.0-0.1.a1 - Update zanata config for 2.0 branches. (dlehman) - Remove cleanup of rc-release relics from ci target. (dlehman) - Don't run rc-release as part of ci for now. (dlehman) - Regenerate blivet.pot. (dlehman) - Specify encoding of to placate gettext. (dlehman) - Silence pylint complaint about passed callable. (dlehman) - Tear down devices on disk images before tearing down the images. (dlehman) - Update check for thin pool to work with new lv classes. (dlehman) - Use Blivet.do_it instead of calling ActionList.process in factory example. (dlehman) - Get rid of examples.common. (dlehman) - Allow for pre-release builds. (dlehman) - Fix load_module call in translation-canary. (dlehman) - Remove a couple of stray python2 invocations. (dlehman) - Do not call pvmove when removing an empty PV from VG. (vtrefny) - Add task for finding LVMPhysicalVolume format size (vtrefny) - Fix TypeError/AttributeError when adding thinpools and snapshots (vtrefny) - Fix current_size name in StorageDevice.update_size (vtrefny) - Ignore PEP8 errors E402 and E731 (vtrefny) - Make sure all checks run on 'make check' (vtrefny) - PEP8 fixes (vtrefny) - Add LUKS resize to release notes (vtrefny) - Add test for LUKS format resize (vtrefny) - Add a task for finding the size of a LUKS device (vtrefny) - Use DeviceFormatError and FormatResizeError in DeviceFormat (vtrefny) - Add LUKS resize support to resize_device method (vtrefny) - Define min_size for encrypted devices (vtrefny) - Do not teardown partition when resizing encrypted partition (vtrefny) - Make partitions with children resizable (vtrefny) - Make LUKS format resizable (vtrefny) - Make LUKSDevice resizable (vtrefny) - Make lukstasks and dfresize task pep8 compliant (vtrefny) - Add a LUKS resize task. (amulhern) - Make a top level device format resizing task class. (amulhern) - Move resize related methods from FS to DeviceFormat (vtrefny) - Disable spurious import-error from pylint. (dlehman) - Add package to (dlehman) - Remove unused util import from (dlehman) - Remove deprecated methods and properties. (dlehman) - Flesh out the release notes. (dlehman) - Include python3-bugzilla when running tests (bcl) - Cleanup wildcard import in (bcl) - Add an example of event monitoring. (dlehman) - Mask uevents when updating parted.Disk. (dlehman) - Handle first-time open of luks devices. (dlehman) - Add a device populator for opened/decrypted LUKS devices. (dlehman) - Update sysfs path before updating size in StorageDevice ctor. (dlehman) - Validate event handling callbacks. (dlehman) - Hook up the event notify callback. (dlehman) - Account for changes made in response to each event. (dlehman) - Add facilities for reporting exceptions that occur in threads. (dlehman) - Add event handlers via a DeviceTree mixin class. (dlehman) - Add PopulatorHelper method to update device/formats. (dlehman) - Add classes for managing external events. (dlehman) - Add methods to wrap helper getters. (dlehman) - Only settle udev queue in get_devices when not handling events. (dlehman) - Allow passing a device to any PopulatorHelper constructor. (dlehman) - Implement DiskLabelFormatPopulator._get_kwargs. (dlehman) - Add a property indicating the type to pass to get_format. (dlehman) - Add functions for resolving between block major and device type. (dlehman) - Plumb modparent through DeviceTree.recursive_remove. (dlehman) - Add a flag to preserve the root device in recursive_remove. (dlehman) - Add container_uuid r/w property to container member format classes. (dlehman) - Set VG format as existing as part of VG creation. (dlehman) - Remove old hack meant to remove stale metadata. (dlehman) - Store disklabel and partition UUIDs when available. (dlehman) - Add a method to re-read the disklabel from disk. (dlehman) - Use wipefs to remove disklabels. (dlehman) - Add support for passing the new size into StorageDevice.updateSize. (dlehman) - Add a method to cancel all actions related to a specified disk. (dlehman) - Add a flag to ActionList to indicate in-progresss action processing. (dlehman) - Avoid failure to generate unit test API docs. (dlehman) - Add a console logger and a function to activate it. (dlehman) - Make LoopDevice size consistent with other device types. (dlehman) - Don't try to use a name bound via 'as' outside the try/except block. (dlehman) - Remove code for notifying the kernel of changes to block devices. (dlehman) - Add dependency checks for iSCSI operations (vpodzime) - Add decorator for guarding methods with external dependency checks (vpodzime) - Add a function for testing if some DBus object is available (vpodzime) - Use namedtuple for target info and tiny class for login infos (vpodzime) - Use the storaged's iSCSI DBus API instead of libiscsi (vpodzime) - Use the ) - Add a module for doing DBus operations in the safest possible way (vpodzime) - Do not retry interruptible system calls. (dshea) - Document the LV class unification changes in the release notes (vpodzime) - Adapt our tests to the changes in representation of LVs (vpodzime) - Adapt our code to changes in the representation of LVs (vpodzime) - Rewrite the code for representing LVs (vpodzime) - Add a test for the to-be-used ) - Add a decorator for guarding methods and properties with a property (vpodzime) - Transform the is_name_valid() into an instance method (vpodzime) - Add tests for FS overhead methods (jkonecny) - Add more class methods for better use of metadata (jkonecny) - Remove python2 assert regex method name hacks. (dlehman) - Fix various pylint errors introduced with python-3.5. (dlehman) - Add a file with release notes (vpodzime) - Blacklisted attrs should be unwrapped, not omitted. (dlehman) - Return the device when returning early from degraded md handler. (dlehman) - Fix application of synchronization metaclass to DeviceTree. (dlehman) - Fix AttributeError in populator LUKS helper (vtrefny) - Update spec file for blivet 2.0 builds (vtrefny) - Add populator.helpers to package (vtrefny) - Add translator comments to the byte size prefixes. (dshea) - Integrate translation-canary with blivet. (dshea) - Update blivet.pot during scratch-bumpver. (dshea) - Always use sdist to generate source tarballs. (dshea) - Squashed 'translation-canary/' content from commit 5a45c19 (dshea) - Update class and methods in "Introduction to Blivet" (vtrefny) - Build documentation with python3 sphinx (vtrefny) - Fix PEP8 violations introduced in the LVM RAID commits (vpodzime) - Make the main class hierarchies thread-safe. (dlehman) - Add unit tests for changes related to non-linear LVs (vpodzime) - Make sure we try to match LVM RAID levels with all their names (vpodzime) - Don't bother user code with LVM RAID meta data (vpodzime) - Inherit the RaidDevice mixin in the LVMLogicalVolumeDevice class (vpodzime) - Account for a pmspare LV creation or growth when determining the cache size (vpodzime) - Refresh the PV free space info after LV creation (vpodzime) - Add an early check of the requested LV segment type (vpodzime) - Add example of LVM cache creation (vpodzime) - Make sure the slow_pvs+fast_pvs list we pass to libblockdev has no dups (vpodzime) - Use pv.path instead of constructing it from name and "/dev/" (vpodzime) - Account for LVM cache space in PVs (vpodzime) - Fix the twisted logic of lv.metadata_size (vpodzime) - Replace the 'copies' property of LVs with something more accurate (vpodzime) - Track information about free space in existing PVs (vpodzime) - Add guards making sure we are not being tricked with LV seg_type (vpodzime) - Define and use a new is_raid_lv property of LVMLogicalVolumeDevice (vpodzime) - Add an example of non-linear LV creation (vpodzime) - Create non-linear LVs before linear LVs (vpodzime) - Account for LVM RAID metadata (vpodzime) - Define RAID level for LV and use it to determine required PV space (vpodzime) - Add a definition for the striped "RAID level" (vpodzime) - Track information about free space in a PV (vpodzime) - Honor the LV segment type when creating it (vpodzime) - Let LVMLogicalVolumeDevice specify PVs it should be allocated from (vpodzime) - Define the Device.parent property with the ) - Adjust to Device now having a list of child devices. (dlehman) - Maintain a list of child devices in Device. (dlehman) - Add unit tests to explicitly cover container member set changes. (dlehman) - Remove ParentList.replace and its usage. (dlehman) - Improve logging of failure to validate new default fstype. (dlehman) - Remove unused populated attribute from Populator. (dlehman) - Stop passing around the iscsi singleton. (dlehman) - Make the iscsi singleton satisfactory to pylint. (dlehman) - Remove the various DASD lists from Blivet and DeviceTree. (dlehman) - Convert Populator to a mixin class. (dlehman) - Move disk filter bits from Populator into DeviceTree. (dlehman) - Move the LVM data cache from DeviceTree to Populator. (dlehman) - Rename per-device Populator entry points. (dlehman) - Make Populator.udev_device_is_disk a private method. (dlehman) - Stop writing an mdadm.conf. (dlehman) - Group disk-image-related methods together in source code. (dlehman) - Move some code from _populate into separate methods. (dlehman) - Split various parts of add_udev_device into separate methods. (dlehman) - Remove some extraneous methods related to ignored devices. (dlehman) - Only handle loop devices with a backing file. (dlehman) - Add unit tests for populator helpers. (dlehman) - Use helper getter functions to find populator helpers. (dlehman) - Add functions to return a helper class based on device data. (dlehman) - Move format-type-specific bits into populator helpers. (dlehman) - Split DiskDevicePopulator up by disk type. (dlehman) - Move device-type-specific populator bits to populator helpers. (dlehman) - Add base classes for type-specific Populator helpers. (dlehman) - Use the mpath_member ID_FS_TYPE set up by the multipath udev rules. (dlehman) - Make blivet.populator into a subpackage. (dlehman) - Convert device_get_dm_partition_disk to not be dm-specific. (dlehman) - Use DeviceTree.__str__ when printing devices in examples. (dlehman) - Disk image test can only be run as root. (dlehman) - Fix few more camelCase leftovers (vpodzime) - Fix various PEP8 violations in recent EDD commits. (dlehman) - Add PEP8 compliance checking to 'check' target. (dlehman) - Teardown all devices before tearing disk images down (vpodzime) - Change doc Introduction to reflect PEP8 compliance changes (vtrefny) - Few PEP8 compliance related fixes (vtrefny) - Pass devices arg when calling actions.process (vtrefny) - Do not catch CryptoError when decrypting LUKS format (#1280239) (vtrefny) - Fix makebumpver for new (bcl) - Bump version numbers to 2.0 before we forget. (bcl) - Only prepend the root to get the ondisk path if there is some (vpodzime) - Ignore unused memo_dict arguments in __deepcopy__ methods. (clumens) - Update the getattr calls with PEP8 property/attribute names (vpodzime) - Do not create a copy of singleton objects (vpodzime) - Fix pylint problems with the new default namedtuple stuff. (clumens) - Do not try to get LVM cache's size from stats for inactive LV (vpodzime) - edd: Add mostly fixed virt data (pjones) - edd: Add another terrible seabios dataset (pjones) - edd: Add test data from a Strawberry Mountain machine w/ lots of SATA. (pjones) - edd: Fix the error case in the "absurd_virt" test. (pjones) - edd: Add absurd_virt tests back in (pjones) - edd: Try to detect multiple ATA/SATA matches and log them. (pjones) - edd: Split up VirtIO and VirtIO SCSI matching (pjones) - edd: Log every glob.glob() match in our test data log. (pjones) - edd: Eradicate fsroot entirely. (pjones) - edd: add EddEntry.bios_device_number (pjones) - edd: Make our own assertVerboseListEqual to get rid of truncated output. (pjones) - edd: Add sysfslink for mbr matches (pjones) - Make get_sysfs_attr() use our path joiners and add sysfs_readlink() (pjones) - Make a "Path" object that handles separate fs root for us. (pjones) - edd: Minor PEP8 fix (pjones) - Add a much much simpler path normalizer and joiner. (pjones) - Improve clarity of error when setting new default fstype fails. (dlehman) - Fix missed rebase of populator test from 169dc6b6. (dlehman) - Add a class constructor for namedtuples with default values (vpodzime) - Use lvm.round_size_to_pe() instead of get_lv_physical_size() with the VG size (vpodzime) - Account for LVM metadata in the LVMFactory (vpodzime) - Put the LVM metadata size calculation into a separate property (vpodzime) - Rename size->space in LVMFactory._get_total_space (vpodzime) - Remove action-oriented wrapper methods from DeviceTree. (dlehman) - Put DeviceTree methods into a sensible order. (dlehman) - Fix remaining PEP8 violations. (dlehman) - Fix PEP8 indentation issues. (dlehman) - Fix the easy PEP8 violations. (dlehman) - Make all names conform to PEP8. (dlehman) - Update dmdev size when setting up disk images (atodorov) * Wed Oct 28 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.16-1 - Merge pull request #257 from vpodzime/master-singleton_decorator (vpodzime) - Add pylint stuff to .gitignore (pjones) - Minor cleanups in set_up_logging() (pjones) - Make a logger for test data that we can automatically use later (pjones) - edd: Fix one regexp so it matches against a real system /or/ test data. (pjones) - Merge pull request #253 from dashea/libblockdev-python (vpodzime) - Make the function adding the deprecation doc text more generic (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #242 from dwlehman/resolveDevice-regex (dlehman) - Fix an overly inclusive regex in DeviceTree.resolveDevice. (dlehman) - Merge pull request #244 from atodorov/master (vpodzime) - Require the python libblockdev packages (dshea) - Merge pull request #243 from dwlehman/flexible-alignment (dlehman) - Merge pull request #230 from vpodzime/master-lvm_debug (vpodzime) - Add a 'debug' flag and use it for LVM debugging (vpodzime) - Bypass util.run_program to avoid logging deadlock. (dlehman) - Add an edd test data harvester. (pjones) - Do not save None as passphrase for LUKS devices (#1269646) (vtrefny) - edd: make logging work usefully during tests (pjones) - edd: Get rid of biosdev_to_edd_dir(), it is pointless. (pjones) - Make distutils.filelist.findall() do the right thing with symlinks maybe. (pjones) - edd: Fix some minor 'make check' complaints. (pjones) - edd: Make devicetree not use edd.edd_dict, instead use blivet's copy. (pjones) - edd: Remove the "absurd_virt" test cases for now. (pjones) - Add a udev settle call after instantiating parted.Disk. (#1267858) (dlehman) - edd: Add missing directories for absurd_virt test case. (pjones) - produce coverage-report.log and enable coverage in CI (atodorov) - Use minimal alignment as needed when allocating small partitions. (dlehman) - Add support for minimal alignment of very small partitions. (dlehman) - Add an error class for alignment errors. (dlehman) - Deprecate createSubVolumes method (vtrefny) - Change btrfs.do_self_mount to contextmanager (#1266673) (vtrefny) - edd: Remove a bunch of nonfunctional EDD tests. (pjones) - edd: Add another set of test cases for our QEMU data. (pjones) - edd: Add another set of test data. (pjones) - edd: Add some working tests for EDD. (pjones) - edd: Add a real EDD dataset captured from a system. (pjones) - edd: Make our edd matcher able to use a fake sysfs root. (pjones) - edd: Add EDD 4 code and some logging cleanups. (pjones) - edd: Try to make EDD support actually match what the kernel does. (pjones) - Always build python2 and python3 versions. (bcl) - Switch to using rd.iscsi.initiator (#1268315) (bcl) * Fri Oct 02 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.15-1 - Update Makefile to default to python3. (dlehman) - Add test for extended partition minSize (vtrefny) - Allow resizing of non-leaf partitions (vtrefny) - Fix minSize for extended partitions (#1254875) (vtrefny) - Fix calling non-existing method (#1252902) (jkonecny) - Use the RAID classes to calculate btrfs sizes (#1264696) (dshea) - Handle sysfs size if it is missing (#1265090) (bcl) - Convert float to str for better precision in Size (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #226 from dwlehman/lvactivate-lvmetad (dlehman) - Wait for auto-activation of LVs when lvmetad is running. (#1261621) (dlehman) - Add a function to tell us if the lvmetad socket exists. (dlehman) - Don't teardown FSs when searching for installed systems (#1252902) (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #218 from vpodzime/master-lvm_on_raid_improvements (vpodzime) - Account for bigger LVM meta data due to alignment on MD RAID (vpodzime) - Calculate the MD RAID superblock size from the right size (vpodzime) - Don't be naïve about liblvm (vpodzime) * Fri Sep 11 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.14-1 - Make sure devices are torn down in findExistingInstallations (#1261439) (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #211 from dwlehman/multipath-member-metadata (dlehman) - Merge pull request #212 from dwlehman/recursive-teardown (dlehman) - Mount efivarfs during os installation (#1260799) (bcl) - Use --whatprovides when querying for if all requirements are installed. (clumens) - Add method for estimated size of formated device (#1224048) (jkonecny) - Add support for mul,div,sub,add by float to Size (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #220 from AdamWill/nodev-typo (vpodzime) - fix typo in NoDevice: updateSize not udpateSize (awilliam) - Duplicate VG names are problem even if their disks are ignored (#1198367) (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #215 from vpodzime/master-lvm_on_raid (vpodzime) - Do not reserve extra space for metadata in a VG with RAID PVs (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #207 from vpodzime/master-lvm_pmspare (vpodzime) - Fix currentSize for extended partitions (#1254899) (vtrefny) - Catch problems with chassis vendor names (#1256072) (bcl) - Don't teardown protected devices (jkonecny) - Don't store UUIDs or labels of multipath members. (dlehman) - Continue with recursive teardown beyond inactive devices. (dlehman) - Reserve space for the 'pmspare' LV in a VG (vpodzime) - Add a property to get cached LVs in a VG (vpodzime) - Fix VG free space check when shrinking an LV (vpodzime) - Add a property for Requests to reserve some extra space (vpodzime) - Use Size instances for sizes in LVM cache's stats (vpodzime) - Implement metadata size reporting for the LVM cache (vpodzime) * Mon Aug 24 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.13-1 - Add CONTRIBUTING file to blivet. (sbueno+anaconda) - Merge pull request #208 from vpodzime/master-luks_catch_exceptions (vpodzime) - Fix the name of the variable specifying requested libblockdev plugins (#1256273) (jstodola) - Merge pull request #209 from vpodzime/master-thinp_fix (vpodzime) - Change labelFormatOK to classmethods (vtrefny) - Add 'build' and '.directory' to gitignore (vtrefny) - Fix copy method (#1254135) (bcl) - Add OSError to list of errors in updateSysfsPath (#1252949) (bcl) - Remove the cacheRequest kwarg for thin(pool) LVs (#1254567) (vpodzime) - Do not propagate low-level blockdev.CryptoError when setting up LUKS (#1253925) (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #199 from vpodzime/master-lvm_cache_tests (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #201 from vpodzime/master-mountsCache_resolve_devspec (vpodzime) - Prefer code consistency over pylint's complaints in tests (vpodzime) - Add a basic test for cached LVMLogicalVolumeDevice's properties (vpodzime) - Add a basic test for LVMLogicalVolumeDevice's properties (vpodzime) - Make sure LV's properties reporting size return a Size instance (vpodzime) - Add unit tests for the LVM cache support (vpodzime) - Use device name from udev only if it's available (#1252052) (vpodzime) - Add test for getFreeSpace aligning (vtrefny) - Allow aligning free regions to disk grainSize (#1244671) (vtrefny) - Fix _unalignedMaxPartSize for logical partitions (#1250890) (vtrefny) * Fri Aug 07 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.12-1 - Remove unusable free regions from list when setting up growth. (dlehman) - Merge pull request #190 from vpodzime/master-lvm_cache_creation (dlehman) - Merge pull request #194 from dwlehman/mount-cache-symlinks (dlehman) - Merge pull request #193 from dwlehman/md-fwraid-detection (dlehman) - Add unit tests to cover md containers. (dlehman) - Minor cleanup of blivet.formats.fs.BTRFS._preSetup. (dlehman) - Fix isDisk and partitionable properties for md fwraid. (dlehman) - Don't use MD_DEVNAME as device name for md partitions. (dlehman) - Use udev to find name of md members' container. (dlehman) - Call superclass ctor a bit later to get size attrs set up first. (dlehman) - updateSize for md containers is a no-op. (dlehman) - Fix UnboundLocalError in FSMinSize (#1249304) (vtrefny) - Fix mount cache resolution of devices with symlinks. (#1247803) (dlehman) - Add kwarg to udev.resolve_devspec to return canonical device name. (dlehman) - Use slow as well as fast PVs for cached LV's non-cache part (vpodzime) - Make VG determination in Blivet.newLV() less cryptic (vpodzime) - Reserve space for LVM cache(s) when growing LVM requests (vpodzime) - Create cached LVs before non-cached LVs (vpodzime) - Add support for LVM cache creation to LVM device classes (vpodzime) - Add generic class for cache creation requests (vpodzime) - Two minor fixes in LVMLogicalVolumeDevice's constructor's docstring (vpodzime) * Fri Jul 31 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.11-1 - Put MDRaidArrayDevice.devices back, but mark it as deprecated. (dlehman) - Skip tearing down devices when unmounting filesystems (bcl) - Include details when umount fails (bcl) - Merge pull request #183 from dwlehman/tests-20150728 (dlehman) - Merge pull request #182 from dwlehman/devicefactory-20150728 (dlehman) - Merge pull request #184 from dwlehman/misc-20150728 (dlehman) - Enable unit test suite in jenkins. (dlehman) - Disable image-backed unit tests temporarily. (dlehman) - Add some tests for DeviceFactory. (dlehman) - Do basic child accounting when replacing a parent. (dlehman) - Set new raid level on correct device in MDFactory. (dlehman) - Fix container member switching when toggling member encryption. (dlehman) - Don't adjust actual lv size based on md metadata space requirements. (dlehman) - Merge pull request #57 from vpodzime/master-luks_npass (vpodzime) - Fix names of the keyword arguments for luks_add_key and luks_remove_key (vpodzime) - Make a better effort to clean up loop devices on failure. (dlehman) - Correctly get current size of disk files. (dlehman) - Don't warn about missing UUIDs for non-existent containers. (dlehman) - Only check disks for membership in a multipath. (dlehman) - Only update md array name if MD_DEVNAME is set. (#1212073) (dlehman) - Weed out unresolved macros in the check-requires target. (clumens) - Merge pull request #126 from vpodzime/master-translations_subpackage (vpodzime) - Put translations into a subpackage shared by Python 2 and 3 (vpodzime) - Require pygobject3-base instead of pygobject (#1246842) (dshea) - Add method to list primary partitions (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #179 from dwlehman/size-followups (dlehman) - Fix test for failure to find space for device. (dlehman) - Make sure factory target size is within the limits of the fstype. (dlehman) - Unset obsolete format before updating device size. (dlehman) - Make sure size is numeric before comparing it with format minimum. (dlehman) - Don't constrain thin lv sizes to vg free space. (dlehman) * Fri Jul 24 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.10-1 - Merge pull request #177 from AdamWill/1245446 (dlehman) - use floor division in calculating amount to reclaim (#1245446) (awilliam) - Remember to use the shell command when calling external stuff in Makefile. (clumens) - Add a new makefile target that does everything needed for jenkins. (clumens) - Add missing gobject introspection Requires (bcl) - Add install-requires Makefile target (bcl) - Update md and btrfs unit tests to run with recent size changes. (dlehman) - Set format attr after super ctor for md. (dlehman) - Account for container layer in md fwraid array properties. (dlehman) - Ensure format is a DeviceFormat during initialization. (dlehman) - Set target size when setting other size attrs. (dlehman) - Use 'members' attribute to list RAID member devices. (dlehman) - BTRFS subvolumes shouldn't inherit from RAIDDevice. (dlehman) - Require a non-empty member set for md disks. (dlehman) - Mock mount cache while running action tests. (dlehman) - Account for recent lvm snapshot format changes in tests. (dlehman) - Bump size of non-existent devices to format minimum. (dlehman) - Don't pass createOptions along when creating the btrfs device. (clumens) - Merge pull request #59 from vpodzime/master-tab_tab (vpodzime) - Implement the __dir__ method of the LazyImportObject class (vpodzime) * Thu Jul 16 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.9-1 - Apply default size for new partition earlier in constructor. (dlehman) - Don't pass model to md fwraid constructor. (#1242610) (dlehman) * Fri Jul 10 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.8-1 - Add a bunch more gi.require_version calls (dshea) - Merge pull request #170 from dwlehman/size-cleanups (dlehman) - Add unit tests for device size setters and getters. (dlehman) - Only return target size if it is set to something meaningful. (dlehman) - Validate new formats against current device size. (dlehman) - Device size checks do not apply to existing devices. (dlehman) - Make sure subclasses size setters use the base setter as appropriate. (dlehman) - x-initrd.mount should only be set for /var (#1238603) (bcl) - There's a python3 anaconda now, so ditch the temporary false positives. (clumens) - Fix a syntax error caused by my previous commit. (clumens) - Fix a duplicate key caused by patch merging. (clumens) - Add support for specifying arbitrary mkfs options. (clumens) - Align free regions before choosing one. (dlehman) - Align partition sizes earlier in the allocation process. (dlehman) - Don't crash on cleanup with DASDs or iSCSI devices present. (#1166506) (dlehman) - Make check-requires errors more readable. (dshea) - Merge pull request #166 from dwlehman/autopart-snapshot-branch (dlehman) - Default to a string when sorting mountpoints in FSSet.umountFilesystems. (dlehman) - Fix order of arguments to blockdev.thsnapshotcreate. (dlehman) - Snapshot format exists upon snapshot creation. (dlehman) - Improve format handling for lvm snapshots. (dlehman) - Merge pull request #160 from dwlehman/lookup-method-deprecations (dlehman) - Deprecate some little-used devicetree lookup methods. (dlehman) - Add a decorator to mark deprecated functions/methods. (dlehman) - Log python warnings, including DeprecationWarning. (dlehman) - Catch and relay more exception types from the iscsi process (dshea) - Use the pipes as contextmanagers to ensure they are closed (dshea) - Close the unused half of pipes after the fork (dshea) * Fri Jun 26 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.7-1 - Merge pull request #167 from mulkieran/master-format-copy-b (mulkieran) - Merge pull request #156 from vpodzime/master-lvm_cache_actually (vpodzime) - Add cache support to the LVMLogicalVolumeDevice class (vpodzime) - Copy all DeviceFormat objects using deepcopy. (amulhern) - Make use of FSTask and FSUnimplementedTask in FS* tasks. (amulhern) - Add an abstract parent of all filesystem tasks. (amulhern) - Merge pull request #162 from dwlehman/storage-device-format-type-consistency (dlehman) - Merge pull request #138 from dwlehman/partitionable-md (dlehman) - Document the fact that StorageDevice.format is always a DeviceFormat. (dlehman) - Ignore some interruptible system call warnings (dshea) - Retry interruptible calls (dshea) - Ignore EINTR from os.close instead of retrying the call (dshea) - Add kwargs to eintr_retry_call (dshea) - Specify required version of GI-imported packages (vpodzime) - Add classes for LVM cache related functionality (vpodzime) - Add generic classes for cache and cache stats (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #149 from vpodzime/master-lvm_cache (vpodzime) - Implement the support for resizing internal metadata LVs of thin pools (vpodzime) - Use relations between LVs to determine parent LV (vpodzime) - Make Blivet.lvs return all LVs not just traditional/thick LVs (vpodzime) - Accept both list and ParentList when checking LVs parents (vpodzime) - Create and use internal LVs instead of static values (vpodzime) - Add classes for the internal LVs of various types (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #137 from dwlehman/md-boot-metadata-branch (dlehman) - Treat existing md arrays whose members are all disks like disks. (dlehman) - Handle formatting after adding devices from format handlers. (dlehman) - Merge pull request #158 from mulkieran/master-target-size (mulkieran) - Move parents checking and update into a seprarate methods (vpodzime) - Rearrange and group some of the StorageDevice's methods/properties (vpodzime) - Don't crash when processing cached LVs (vpodzime) - Make roundToNearest() slightly more robust. (amulhern) - Extend Size.convertTo() to work with arbitrary Size() values. (amulhern) - Changes to FS._setTargetSize(). (amulhern) - Increase ext4 maximum size from 16 TiB to 1 EiB (#1231049) (bcl) - Merge pull request #155 from atodorov/fix_issue_154 (mulkieran) - Use len of set to check for duplicates in list of packages. (atodorov) - Merge pull request #153 from mulkieran/master-task-names (mulkieran) - Omit completely pointless setUp method. (amulhern) - Make a size refer to a Size object. (amulhern) - Add __str__ method to various subclasses of Task. (amulhern) - Don't pass unused mountpoint dict to preCommitFixup. (dlehman) - Use the default md metadata version for everything except /boot/efi. (dlehman) * Wed Jun 10 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.6-1 - Fix indentation in (dlehman) - Merge pull request #133 from atodorov/fix_deprecation_warnings (mulkieran) - Merge pull request #147 from vojtechtrefny/master_fix_undo_resize (vtrefny) - Fix setting original size for format resize action. (#1225352) (vtrefny) - Make unit test assertion expressions fully Python2/3 compatible. (atodorov) - Merge pull request #151 from mulkieran/master-120 (mulkieran) - Merge pull request #122 from atodorov/remove_doctest (mulkieran) - Parameterize Makefile test targets on Python version. (atodorov) - Merge pull request #148 from mulkieran/master-132 (mulkieran) - Merge pull request #144 from mulkieran/master-128 (mulkieran) - Remove facilities for running tests as standalone modules. (atodorov) - Include automatic and manual test documentation. (atodorov) - Remove an accidental variable assignment in LVMLogicalVolumeDevice (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #143 from mulkieran/master-134 (mulkieran) - Remove two files in tests directory. (atodorov) - Fix typo in docstring. (atodorov) - Merge pull request #112 from vpodzime/master-fixed_maps (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #129 from mulkieran/master-keepers-c (mulkieran) - Merge pull request #135 from mulkieran/master-test-fixes (mulkieran) - Convert bytes value to str. (amulhern) - Change new format lookup name from "msdos" to "disklabel". (amulhern) - Get rid of pointless test case about arguments for labeling apps. (amulhern) - Do not raise KeyError if ID_PART_ENTRY_DISK is missing. (amulhern) - Manage backing store more independently in loop backed test cases. (amulhern) - Pass floats as string to Decimal constructor everywhere. (amulhern) - Fix a bug in reading a size specification with a radix in the numeric part. (amulhern) - remove mention of doctest b/c target was removed in fed53d969af0eddaeeca58cdf3e40916497aa305 (atodorov) - Beware of Python 3's version of the map() built-in function (vpodzime) * Thu May 28 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.5-1 - Get rid of an unused import in blivet.zfcp (sbueno+anaconda) - Make appropriate changes to adapt for s390 libblockdev plugin. (sbueno+anaconda) - Drop check from the release build target (bcl) - Merge pull request #127 from vpodzime/master-libblockdev_1.0 (vpodzime) - Adapt to the new libblockdev initialization API (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #111 from dwlehman/disk-model-branch (dlehman) - Store vendor/model information for DiskDevice instances. (dlehman) - Require new version of pyparted with Python 3 related fixes (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #114 from vojtechtrefny/fix_lvmsnapshot_size2 (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #118 from mulkieran/master-hawkey (mulkieran) - Use python-hawkey instead of rpm-python. (amulhern) - Add a dead simple test for some basic task and resource functionality. (amulhern) - Use COW device to get actual size of LVM snapshots (vtrefny) * Mon May 18 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.4-1 - Workaround for chrooted mountpoints (#1217578) (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #116 from mulkieran/master-gerror (mulkieran) - Filter GLib.GError instead of GLib.Error in pylint false positives. (amulhern) - Merge pull request #113 from mulkieran/master-tasks-20150513 (mulkieran) - Guard tests against device support being missing. (amulhern) - Add checks for filesystem availability in selinux tests. (amulhern) - Fix some small mistakes in tests using availability information. (amulhern) - Get rid of abitrary _resizable variable in tests. (amulhern) - Don't use utilsAvailable to skip tests. (amulhern) - Treat a missing plugin as an OK situation. (amulhern) - Use availability information in device actions. (amulhern) - Add a check to determine whether the device type is supported. (amulhern) - If external dependencies are unavailable, cannot support RAID levels. (amulhern) - Add availability information to devicelibs files. (amulhern) - Track external dependencies in devices. (amulhern) - If lvm is not available, do not do the filtering. (amulhern) - Add availability checking to non-FS formats. (amulhern) - Use filesystem tasks in filesystem. (amulhern) - Add filesystem tasks to tasks directory. (amulhern) - Add tasks infrastructure to tasks directory. (amulhern) - Add error to detect errors in discovering availability info. (amulhern) - Add errors about reading and writing labels to error heirarchy. (amulhern) - Make assignments that override abstract properties into simple attributes. (amulhern) - Move kernel_filesystems functionality into a little library. (amulhern) - Make labeling(), relabels(), and labelFormatOK() instance methods. (amulhern) - Merge pull request #108 from vojtechtrefny/progress_callbacks (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #109 from mulkieran/master-btrfs-c (mulkieran) - Set a subvolspec format args when making a new BTRFS volume. (amulhern) - Cache data obtained from /proc/self/mountinfo. (amulhern) - Add progress report callback for action processing (vtrefny) - Do not have two ignored variables when one will do. (amulhern) - Fix a typo in comment. (amulhern) - Do not use type() in makebumpver. (clumens) - Merge pull request #100 from mulkieran/master-lvm-a (mulkieran) - Merge pull request #104 from mulkieran/master-1139222 (mulkieran) - Include LUKSDevice information in kickstart data (#1139222) (amulhern) - Un-escape '-'s in names or paths for _all_ lvm lv or vgs. (amulhern) - Fix a few miscellaneous pylint-caught problems. (clumens) - Only give Size objects a __div__ method under python2. (clumens) - Protect against calling testMount on an object that may not have it. (clumens) - Add a bunch of false positives to make pylint succeed. (clumens) - e.message -> str(e) (clumens) - Disable a pointless override warning. (clumens) - Ignore the environment-modify pylint warnings for (clumens) - blockdevError -> BlockDevError (clumens) - Remove uses of the string module we don't need, ignore warnings on those we do. (clumens) - unicode isn't undefined on the python2 code paths. (clumens) - Use eintr_retry_call from anaconda. (clumens) - Move blivet to using pocketlint. (clumens) - Merge pull request #97 from mulkieran/master-1072060 (mulkieran) - Merge pull request #93 from vojtechtrefny/fix_active_parted (vtrefny) - If the parent volume has a label, use it in subvol's kickstart (#1072060) (amulhern) - Merge pull request #94 from mulkieran/master-raid (mulkieran) - Allow adding new partitions to disks with active devices (#1212841) (vtrefny) - Fix "anaconda hangs while trying to discover iscsi..." (#1166652) (jkonecny) - Move definition of _level attribute above super-constructor call. (amulhern) - Fix status for LVMPhysicalVolume format (vtrefny) * Wed Apr 22 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.3-1 - fix pylint errors (bcl) - Fix BlockDev import in (bcl) - Prevent pylint from going crazy because of libblockdev's ErrorProxy (vpodzime) - Make use of the new libblockdev error reporting (vpodzime) - Add libselinux-python to package dependencies (#1211834) (vtrefny) - Introduce a new doReqPartition method that is similar to doAutoPartition. (clumens) - Merge pull request #81 from mulkieran/master-mount-options (mulkieran) - Merge pull request #66 from vpodzime/master-py3_final (martin.kolman) - Encode input for os.write() (mkolman) - Build the python3-blivet subpackage (vpodzime) - Do not modify dict while iterating over its values (vpodzime) - Do not try to compare strings and Nones when sorting mountpoints (vpodzime) - Always return strings from regular capture output run functions (mkolman) - Do not use variable from an inner comprehension in tests (vpodzime) - Implement and test Python 3 division for the Size class (vpodzime) - Replace python 2 build-in-function cmp() with custom method (vtrefny) - Do not rely on __sub__ being implemented as __add__ (-1)* (vpodzime) - Transform our compare functions into key functions and use these instead (vpodzime) - Fix the size_test to stop using byte strings (vpodzime) - Do not define unit strings as byte strings (vpodzime) - Do not pass context to Decimal numeric operations (vpodzime) - Don't call object's (as a class) __new__ with extra arguments (vpodzime) - Make translation to lowerASCII Python[23]-compatible (vpodzime) - Replace __import__ call with importlib.import_module (vpodzime) - In FS._postSetup() check the mountpoint options that were actually used. (amulhern) - Add kwargs to unmount and move mountpoint check into _preSetup (bcl) - Do not try importing hidden/backup files as formats (vpodzime) - Add back DeviceTree's support for saving LUKS passphrases (vpodzime) - Do not try to stat FileDevice's path if it doesn't exist (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #76 from dwlehman/unusable-storage-branch (dlehman) - Add error handling around storageInitialize for unusable setups. (dlehman) - Include suggestions in error classes for unusable storage configurations. (dlehman) - Use partially corrupt gpt disklabels. (dlehman) - Consolidate common code in DeviceFormat class methods. (dlehman) - Update get_mount_paths to use mountsCache (bcl) - Add multiple mountpoint handling to MountsCache (bcl) - Remove obsolete FIXME from FS.status (bcl) - Check to see if mountpoint is already mounted (bcl) - Add isMountpoint to MountsCache (bcl) - Add ability to unmount specific mountpoints (bcl) - Fix pylint errors for six.moves import (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #72 from vojtechtrefny/picklable-size (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #74 from mulkieran/master-trivia (mulkieran) - Fix two instances where check_equal() returned True incorrectly. (amulhern) - Fix typo in 66f2ddb11e85ec6f48535d670dd6f24cb60cbe55. (amulhern) - Make sure installer_mode is reset to original value. (amulhern) - Test for Size pickling support (vtrefny) - Pickling support for Size. (vtrefny) - Disable pylint bad-super-call in MDRaidArrayDevice.updateSize. (dlehman) - Merge pull request #68 from dwlehman/parted-device-branch (dlehman) - Require reallocation after changing an allocated partition's size. (dlehman) - Move mediaPresent out of Device and into StorageDevice. (dlehman) - Don't use parted.Device to obtain size info. (dlehman) - Merge pull request #70 from mulkieran/master-1208536 (mulkieran) - Prepend /sys to sysfs path for udev lookup (#1208536) (amulhern) - Fall back on mdadm info if udev info is missing for the array (#1208536) (amulhern) - Catch DeviceError as well as ValueError (#1208536) (amulhern) - Make an MDContainerDevice if that is the right model (#1208536) (amulhern) - Change raid variable name to raid_items (#1208536) (amulhern) - Fix swapped args to processActions. (dlehman) - Merge pull request #63 from dwlehman/disk-selection-branch (dlehman) - Use VGname-LVname as key for LVinfo cache (vpodzime) - Add back DeviceTree's methods and properties used from the outside (vpodzime) - Wrap keys() with a list so that the dictionary can be changed (martin.kolman) - Add a method to list disks related by lvm/md/btrfs container membership. (dlehman) - Make getDependentDevices work with hidden devices. (dlehman) * Fri Mar 27 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.2-1 - Fix pylint unused variable warnings (vtrefny) - Add test for mountpoints (vtrefny) - Replace _mountpoint with systemMountpoint in other modules (vtrefny) - New method to handle nodev filesystems (vtrefny) - Add dynamic mountpoint detection support (vtrefny) - New method to compute md5 hash of file (vtrefny) - Add information about subvolume to BTRFS format (vtrefny) - Don't specify priority in fstab if -1 (default) is used (#1203709) (vpodzime) - Catch GLib.GError in places where we catch StorageError (#1202505) (vpodzime) - slave_dev is undefined here, use slave_devices[0] instead. (clumens) - Clean out the mock chroot before attempting to run the rest of the test. (clumens) - Move recursiveRemove from Blivet to DeviceTree. (dlehman) - Factor out adding of sysfs slave (parent) devices into its own method. (dlehman) - Add a __str__ method to DeviceTree. (dlehman) - Allow changing the names of existing devices. (dlehman) - Remove redundant block for adding fwraid member disks. (dlehman) - Return a device from addUdevLVDevice if possible. (dlehman) - Pass a sysfs path to MultipathDevice constructor from Populator. (dlehman) - Resolve md names in udev info. (dlehman) - LVMVolumeGroupDevice format should be marked as immutable. (dlehman) - Don't catch and re-raise device create exceptions as DeviceCreateError. (dlehman) - Call superclass _preCreate from BTRFSVolumeDevice._preCreate. (dlehman) - Move code that populates the device tree into a new class and module. (dlehman) - Move action list management into a separate class and module. (dlehman) - Put an in devices_tests directory. (amulhern) - Require the Python 2 version of pykickstart (#1202255) (vpodzime) - Use Size method to perform a Size operation (#1200812) (amulhern) - Extend Size.roundToNearest to allow Size units (#1200812) (amulhern) - Move code that populates the device tree into a new class and module. (dlehman) - Move action list management into a separate class and module. (dlehman) - Remove a pointless override. (amulhern) - Display the name of the overridden ancestor in error message. (amulhern) - Check for simple function calls in pointless overrides. (amulhern) - Simplify supported methods in (amulhern) - Make hidden property use superclass method where possible. (amulhern) - Simplify some methods in DeviceFormat class. (amulhern) - Do supercall in BTRFSVolumeDevice.formatImmutable. (amulhern) - Add a comment to supported property. (amulhern) - Get rid of some very old commented out code. (amulhern) - Put all mock results into the top-level source dir. (clumens) - Spell TestCase.teardown correctly as tearDown(). (amulhern) - Make testMount() check return value of util.mount(). (amulhern) - Remove unused fs_configs. (amulhern) - Remove side-effects from mountType property. (amulhern) - Do not make the mountpoint directory in fs.FS.mount(). (amulhern) - Mount should not be satisfied with anything less than a directory. (amulhern) - Do not return doFormat() value. (amulhern) - Put previously removed mountExistingSystem() into (amulhern) - Revert "Revive the mountExistingSystem() function and all it needs" (amulhern) - Make sure the device is setup before formatting it (#1196397) (bcl) - Use %d format string for every value that should be an integer decimal. (amulhern) - Robustify PartitionDevice._wipe() method. (amulhern) - Fix up scientific notation _parseSpec() tests. (amulhern) - Make size._parseSpec a public method. (amulhern) - Simplify StorageDevice.disks. (amulhern) - Simplify StorageDevice.growable. (amulhern) - Simplify and correct StorageDevice.packages property. (amulhern) - Remove services infrastructure from devices and formats. (amulhern) - Split devices tests out into a separate directory. (amulhern) - Fix dd wipe call. (exclusion) - Add a script to rebase and merge pull requests (dshea) - Add pylint false positive to list of pylint false positives. (amulhern) - Change all instances of GLib.Error to GLib.GError. (amulhern) - Sort pylint-false-positives using sort's default options with LC_ALL=C. (amulhern) - Add ability to match scientific notation in strings. (amulhern) * Fri Mar 06 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 1.1-1 - Add scratch, scratch-bumpver and rc-release targets. (bcl) - Add --newrelease to makebumpver (bcl) - Add po-empty make target (bcl) - Revive the mountExistingSystem() function and all it needs (vpodzime) - Switch translations to use Zanata (bcl) - Set EFIFS._check to True so that it gets correct fspassno (#1077917) (amulhern) - Use format string and arguments for logging function (vpodzime) - Merge pull request #28 from vpodzime/master-libblockdev (vratislav.podzimek) - Do not restrict MDRaidArrayDevice's memberDevices to type int (vpodzime) - Adapt better to libblockdev's md_examine data (vpodzime) - Set TmpFS._resizable to False. (amulhern) - Add an additional test for TmpFS. (amulhern) - Override NoDevFS.notifyKernel() so that it does nothing. (amulhern) - Add TmpFS._resizefsUnit and use appropriately. (amulhern) - Rewrite TmpFS class definition. (amulhern) - Add TmpFS._getExistingSize() method. (amulhern) - Make _getExistingSize() method more generally useful. (amulhern) - Remove _getExistingSize() methods with body pass. (amulhern) - Tidy up the definition of the device property throughout formats package. (amulhern) - Add a test to check properties of device paths assigned to formats. (amulhern) - Set TmpFSDevice object's _formatImmutable attribute to True. (amulhern) - Remove no longer needed requires (vpodzime) - Filter out pylint's "No name 'GLib' in module 'gi.repository'" messages (vpodzime) - Add a static method providing list of available PE sizes (vpodzime) - Use BlockDev's crypto plugin to do LUKS escrow (vpodzime) - Use BlockDev's DM plugin to work with DM RAID sets (vpodzime) - Use BlockDev's DM plugin for DM map existence testing (vpodzime) - Remove tests for the removed devicelibs functions (vpodzime) - Set and refresh BlockDev's global LVM config if needed (vpodzime) - Use BlockDev's LVM plugin instead of devicelibs/ (vpodzime) - Use BlockDev's BTRFS plugin instead of devicelibs/ (vpodzime) - Use the BlockDev's DM plugin instead of devicelibs/ (vpodzime) - Use BlockDev's crypto plugin instead of devicelibs/ (vpodzime) - Use BlockDev's loop plugin instead of devicelibs/ (vpodzime) - Use BlockDev's MD plugin instead of devicelibs/ (vpodzime) - Use BlockDev's swap plugin instead of devicelibs/ (vpodzime) - Use BlockDev's mpath plugin instead of devicelibs/ (vpodzime) - First little step towards libblockdev (vpodzime) - Move the Blivet class into its own module (vpodzime) - Use a safer method to get a dm partition's disk name. (dlehman) - Be more careful about overwriting device.originalFormat. (#1192004) (dlehman) * Fri Feb 13 2015 David Lehman <> - 1.0-1 - Move autopart and installation-specific code outside of (vpodzime) - Convert _parseUnits to public function (vtrefny) - LVMFactory: raise exception when adding LV to full fixed size VG (#1170660) (vtrefny) - Do not unhide devices with hidden parents (#1158643) (vtrefny) * Fri Feb 06 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.76-1 - Revert "Switch to temporary transifex project" (bcl) - Check parent/container type for thin volumes and normal volumes. (dlehman) - drop useless entries from formatByDefault exceptlist (awilliam) - Fix import of in (vpodzime) - Use %license in python-blivet.spec (bcl) - Fix import of FALLBACK_DEFAULT_PART_SIZE (vpodzime) - Make implicit partitions smaller if real requests don't fit anywhere (vpodzime) - Use list comprehension instead of filter+lambda in makebumpver (amulhern) - Revert "Try to deactivate lvm on corrupted gpt disks." (dlehman) - Virtualize options property methods in DeviceFormat.options definition. (amulhern) - Do not redefine size property in TmpFS. (amulhern) - Do not set self.exists to True in TmpFS.__init__(). (amulhern) - Simplify NoDevFS.type. (amulhern) - Set format's mountpoint if it has the mountpoint attribute. (amulhern) - Do not bother to set device.format.mountopts. (amulhern) - Tighten up FS.mountable(). (amulhern) - Simplify FS._getOptions(). (amulhern) - Simplify setting options variable. (amulhern) - Be less eager about processing all lines in /proc/meminfo. (amulhern) - Make error message more useful. (amulhern) - Add a tiny test for TmpFS. (amulhern) - More fixes for alignment-related partition allocation failures. (dlehman) - Do not mix stdout and stderr when running utilities unless requested (vpodzime) - Define the _device, _label and _options attributes in constructor (vpodzime) - Get rid of the has_lvm function (vpodzime) - Do not create lambda over and over in a cycle (vpodzime) - Disable pylint check for cached LVM data in more places (vpodzime) - Fix issue where too many mpath luns crashes installer (#1181336) (rmarshall) - Allow user-specified values for data alignment of new lvm pvs. (#1178705) (dlehman) - Let LVM determine alignment for PV data areas. (#962961) (dlehman) - Raise UnusableConfigurationError when unusable configuration is detected. (dlehman) - Don't raise an exception for failure to scan an ignored disk. (dlehman) - Try to deactivate lvm on corrupted gpt disks. (dlehman) - Remove an unused and outdated constant (vpodzime) - Relax the blivet device name requirements (#1183061) (dshea) * Fri Jan 16 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.75-1 - Switch to temporary transifex project (bcl) - Add docstrings to the methods in (bcl) - get_loop_name should return an empty name if it isn't found (#980510) (bcl) - Use dict() instead of dict comprehension. (riehecky) - Fix the pylint errors in the examples directory. (amulhern) - Add __init__ file to examples directory. (amulhern) * Fri Jan 09 2015 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.74-1 - Use _resizefsUnit in resizeArgs() method implementations. (amulhern) - Do not supply a default implementation for the resizeArgs() method. (amulhern) - Use convertTo in humanReadable(). (amulhern) - Change convertTo() and roundToNearest() so each takes a units specifier. (amulhern) - Do not even pretend that ReiserFS is resizable. (amulhern) - Get whole unit tuple in loop when searching for correct units. (amulhern) - Make _parseUnits() return a unit constant, rather than a number. (amulhern) - Add unitStr() method. (amulhern) - Make _Prefix entries named constants. (amulhern) - Hoist _BINARY_FACTOR * min_value calculation out of loop. (amulhern) - Comment _prefixTestHelper() and eliminate some redundancies. (amulhern) - Eliminate redundant test. (amulhern) - Avoid using Size constant in FileDevice._create(). (amulhern) - Do not compare the same two values twice. (amulhern) - Make possiblePhysicalExtents() a bit more direct. (amulhern) - Get rid of unnecessary use of long. (amulhern) - Use _netdev mount option as needed. (#1166509) (dlehman) - Don't crash when a free region is too small for an aligned partition. (dlehman) - Multiple loops shouldn't be fatal (#980510) (bcl) - If allowing degraded array, attempt to start it (#1090009) (amulhern) - Add a method that looks at DEVNAME (#1090009) (amulhern) - Add mdrun method to just start, not assemble, an array. (#1090009) (amulhern) - Change allow_degraded_mdraid flag to allow_imperfect_devices (#1090009) (amulhern) - Remove needsFSCheck() and what only it depends on. (amulhern) - Remove allowDirty parameter and code that depends on it. (amulhern) - Eliminate dirtyCB parameter from mountExistingSystem() params. (amulhern) - Use correct package for FSError. (amulhern) * Fri Dec 19 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.73-1 - Mountpoint detection for removable devices (vtrefny) - Fix adding partition after ActionDestroyDevice canceling (vtrefny) - Avoid exception when aligned start and end are crossed over (exclusion) - Substitute simple value for single element array. (amulhern) - Change _matchNames so that it is less restrictive (amulhern) - Change MDRaidArrayDevice to MDBiosRaidArrayDevice. (amulhern) - Factor out MDRaidArrayDevice w/ type in ("mdcontainer", "mdbiosraidarray") (amulhern) - Make it possible for NTFS to recognize the label it reads. (amulhern) - Make unnecessarily verbose properties into simple class attributes. (amulhern) - Change the generic badly formatted label to one that's bad for all. (amulhern) - Don't make overridden values actual properties. (amulhern) - Check the status of the format being mounted. (amulhern) * Thu Dec 04 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.72-1 - Add a bunch of simple tests for filesystem formats. (amulhern) - Get rid of long() related code. (amulhern) - Add another check for resizable in FS.doResize() (amulhern) - Simplify (amulhern) - Make an early exit if self._existingSizeFields is [] (amulhern) - Change "Aggregate block size:" to "Physical block size:" for JFS. (amulhern) - Split output from infofs program for size on whitespace. (amulhern) - Simplify _getSize() and currentSize(). (amulhern) - Check resizable when assigning a new target size. (amulhern) - Make default exists value a boolean in DeviceFormat.__init__. (amulhern) - Remove pointless overrides. (amulhern) - Add a simple pylint checker for pointless overrides. (amulhern) - Run dosfsck in non-interactive mode (#1167959) (bcl) * Fri Nov 21 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.71-1 - Remove redundant import. (amulhern) - Change inclusion to equality. (amulhern) - Round filesystem target size to whole resize tool units. (#1163410) (dlehman) - New method to round a Size to a whole number of a specified unit. (dlehman) - Fix units for fs min size padding. (dlehman) - Disable resize operations on filesystems whose current size is unknown. (dlehman) - Run fsck before obtaining minimum filesystem size. (#1162215) (dlehman) - Fix setupDiskImages when the devices are already in the tree. (dlehman) - Make logging a little less verbose and more useful in FS.mount() (amulhern) - Make selinux test less precise. (amulhern) - Do not translate empty strings, gettext translates them into system information (vtrefny) - Add a tearDown method to StorageTestCase. (dlehman) - Remove pointless assignment to _formattable in Iso9660FS. (amulhern) - Remove BTRFS._resizeArgs() (amulhern) - Add more arguments to mpathconf (#1154347) (dshea) - Check the minimum member size for BtrfsVolumeDevices. (amulhern) - Get rid of FS._getRandomUUID() method. (amulhern) - Eliminate TmpFS.minSize() (amulhern) - Don't run selinux context tests when selinux is disabled. (dlehman) - Temporarily disable a test that isn't working. (dlehman) - Pass a path (not a name) to devicePathToName. (dlehman) - devicePathToName should default to returning a basename. (dlehman) - Fix test that guards forcible removal of dm partition nodes. (dlehman) - Device status can never be True for non-existent devices. (#1156058) (dlehman) - Use super to get much-needed MRO magic in constructor. (#1158968) (dlehman) * Thu Nov 06 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.70-1 - Add a method that determines whether a number is an exact power of 2. (amulhern) - Put size values in Size universe eagerly. (amulhern) - Update minSize method headers. (amulhern) - Remove _minSize assignment to 0 where it's inherited from superclass. (amulhern) - Make _minInstanceSize, a source of minSize() value, always a Size. (amulhern) - Fix int * Size operation and add tests (#1158792) (bcl) - getArch should return ppc64 or ppc64le (#1159271) (bcl) - Pack data for the wait_for_entropy callback (vpodzime) - Allow the wait_for_entropy callback enforce continue (vpodzime) * Tue Nov 04 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.69-1 - Increase max depth of sphinx toc to show subpackage names. (dlehman) - Temporarily disable the md devicetree tests due to mdadm issues. (dlehman) - Add ability to set a default fstype for the boot partition (#1112697) (bcl) - Pass a list of string items to log_method_return. (sbueno+anaconda) - Require resize target sizes to yield aligned partitions. (#1120964) (dlehman) - Split out code to determine max unaligned partition size to a property. (dlehman) - Allow generating aligned geometry for arbitrary target size. (dlehman) - Align end sector in the appropriate direction for resize. (#1120964) (dlehman) - Specify ntfs resize target in bytes. (#1120964) (dlehman) - Check new target size against min size and max size. (dlehman) - Add a number of new tests. (amulhern) - Add xlate parameter to humanReadable(). (amulhern) - Rewrite _parseSpec() and convertTo() (amulhern) - Make _lowerASCII() python 3 compatible and add a method header. (amulhern) - Use b"", not u"", for _EMPTY_PREFIX. (amulhern) - Strip lvm WARNING: lines from output (#1157864) (bcl) - Add testing for MDRaidArrayDevice.mdadmFormatUUID (#1155151) (amulhern) - Give mdadm format uuids to the outside world (#1155151) (amulhern) - Make logSize, metaDataSize, and chunkSize always consistently Size objects. (amulhern) * Wed Oct 22 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.68-1 - Only write label if there is a label AND labeling application. (amulhern) - Handle unicode strings in Size spec parsing. (dshea) - Fix typo in getting Thin Pool profile's name (vpodzime) - Don't try to get no profile's name (#1151458) (vpodzime) - Change signature of DiskLabel.addPartition to be more useful. (dlehman) - Remove unused fallback code from DiskLabel. (dlehman) - Let udev settle between writing partition flags and formatting. (#1109244) (dlehman) - Set _partedDevice attribute before calling device constructor (#1150147) (amulhern) - Fixed wrong Runtime Error raise in _preProcessActions (vtrefny) - Set sysfsPath attribute before calling Device constructor (#1150147) (amulhern) - Return all translated strings as unicode (#1144314) (dshea) - Force __str__ to return str. (dshea) - Use the i18n module instead of creating new gettext methods (dshea) - Take care when checking relationship of parent and child UUIDs (#1151649) (amulhern) - Further abstract loopbackedtestcase on block_size. (amulhern) - Update tests to bring into line w/ previous commit (#1150147) (amulhern) - Abstract ContainerDevice member format check into a method (#1150147) (amulhern) - Register DeviceFormat class (#1150147) (amulhern) - Don't append btrfs mount options to None (#1150872) (dshea) - Convert int to str before passing it to run_program (#1151129) (amulhern) * Thu Oct 09 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.67-1 - Don't pass --disable-overwrite to tx pull. (dlehman) - Avoid unneccesarily tripping raid-level member count checks. (dlehman) - Allow toggling encryption of raid container members. (#1148373) (dlehman) - Include the new blivet.devices submodule in the built package. (clumens) - Add a few test for setting dataLevel and metaDataLevel in BTRFS (amulhern) - Add dataLevel and metaDataLevel attributes for testing. (amulhern) - Add isleaf and direct to _state_functions (amulhern) - Refactor setup of _state_functions into __init__() methods (amulhern) - Move getting the attribute into the check methods. (amulhern) - Adjust detection of exceptions raised. (amulhern) - Update test setup so that it obeys RAID level requirements. (amulhern) - Use new RaidDevice class in appropriate Device subclasses. (amulhern) - Add new RaidDevice class for handling RAID aspects of devices. (amulhern) - Do not set parents attribute if parents param is bad. (amulhern) * Wed Oct 08 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.66-1 - Organize installer block device name blacklist. (#1148923) (dlehman) - Add likely to be raised exceptions to catch block (#1150174) (amulhern) - Canonicalize MD_UUID* values in (#1147087) (amulhern) - Split up (dlehman) - Fix some pylint errors introduced in recent commits. (dlehman) - Return early when setting new size for non-existent partition. (dlehman) - Raise an exception when we find orphan partitions. (dlehman) - Fall back to parted to detect dasd disklabels. (dlehman) - Omit pylint false positive (amulhern) - Revert "pylint hack" (amulhern) - Remove unused import (amulhern) - Remove unused import (amulhern) - pylint hack (amulhern) - Make sure autopart requests fit in somewhere (#978266) (vpodzime) - Work with free region sizes instead of parted.Geometry objects (vpodzime) - Check that we have big enough free space for the partition request (vpodzime) - Allow specifying thin pool profiles (vpodzime) - Allow specifying minimum entropy when creating LUKS (vpodzime) - Allow user code provide callbacks for various actions/events (vpodzime) - Change default min_value from 10 to 1 in humanReadable() (amulhern) - Rewrite of Size.humanReadable() method (amulhern) - Factor out commonalities in xlated_*_prefix() methods. (amulhern) - Use named constants for binary and decimal factors. (amulhern) - Use UPPER_CASE for constants (amulhern) * Tue Sep 30 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.65-1 - Remove a problematic remnant of singlePV. (dlehman) - Remove all traces of singlePV. (sbueno+anaconda) - Change the default /boot part on s390x to not be lvm. (sbueno+anaconda) - Remove redundant check for parents in Blivet.newBTRFS. (dlehman) - Use Decimal for math in Size.convertTo. (dlehman) - Filter out free regions too small for alignment of partitions. (dlehman) - Disable LVM autobackup when doing image installs (#1066004) (wwoods) - Add attribute 'flags.lvm_metadata_backup' (wwoods) - lvm_test: refactoring + minor fix (wwoods) - devicelibs.lvm: refactor _getConfigArgs()/lvm() (wwoods) - devicelibs.lvm: fix pvmove(src, dest=DESTPATH) (wwoods) - Only pad for md metadata if pvs use multiple disks. (dlehman) - Align free regions used for partition growing calculations. (dlehman) - Try to align end sector up when aligning new partitions. (dlehman) - Remove obsolete conversion of size to float. (dlehman) - Honor size specified for explicit extended partition requests. (dlehman) - Honor zerombr regardless of clearpart setting. (dlehman) - Fix treatment of percent as lvm lv size spec. (dlehman) - Change variable keyword (#1075671) (amulhern) - Remove unused import (#1075671) (amulhern) - Don't mix target and discovery credentials (#1037564) (mkolman) - Make sure /boot/efi is metadata 1.0 if it's on mdraid. (pjones) - iscsi: fix root argument being overriden by local variable (#1144463) (rvykydal) - iscsi: add iscsi singleton back (#1144463) (rvykydal) * Fri Sep 19 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.64-1 - Fix pylint errors from recent btrfs commits. (dlehman) - Only cancel actions on disks related to the one we are hiding. (dlehman) - Cancel actions before hiding descendent devices. (dlehman) - Improve handling of device removals/additions from the devicetree. (dlehman) - The first format destroy action should obsolete any others. (dlehman) - Do not allow modification or removal of protected devices. (dlehman) - Propagate mount options for btrfs members to all volumes/subvolumes. (dlehman) - Properly identify dm devices even when udev info is incomplete. (dlehman) - Do not mount btrfs to list subvolumes outside installer_mode. (dlehman) - Reset default subvolume prior to removing the default subvolume. (dlehman) - Increase max size for btrfs to 16 EiB. (#1114435) (dlehman) - Improve adjustment for removal of a subvol in BTRFSFactory. (dlehman) - Set dummy mountpoint in ksdata for lvm thin pools. (dlehman) - Add an epoch to blivet. (sbueno+anaconda) - Check if device has enough members when setting RAID level (#1019685) (amulhern) - Add BTRFSValueError error and use in btrfs related code (#1019685) (amulhern) - iscsi: mount partitions in initramfs for root on iscsi (#740106) (rvykydal) - Remove poolMetaData (#1021505) (amulhern) - Revert "Allow use of a single path if multipath activation fails. (#1054806)" (vpodzime) - Add a release make target (bcl) - Prefer ID_SERIAL over ID_SERIAL_SHORT (#1138254) (vpodzime) - Allow use of a single path if multipath activation fails. (#1054806) (dlehman) * Wed Sep 10 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.63-1 - Update makebumpver to include flags on first request (bcl) - Condense and comment some devicelibs.dasd methods (#1070115) (amulhern) - Add a test file for DASD handling (#1070115) (amulhern) - Pylint inspired cleanup (#1070115) (amulhern) - Add a property for read-only devices. (dshea) - Get rid of misleading comment (#1066721) (amulhern) - Allow user code creating free space snapshot (vpodzime) - Add two functions to enable manual addition of ECKD DASDs. (sbueno+anaconda) - Make prefering leaves the default in getDeviceByPath (#1122081) (amulhern) - Make _filterDevices() return a generator consistently (#1122081) (amulhern) - Split string of symlinks into array of strings (#1136214) (amulhern) - Don't put "Linux" in a root's name if it's already there. (clumens) * Thu Aug 28 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.62-1 - Mock pyudev since libudev will not be on the builders. (dlehman) - Update selinux tests for default context of mounts under /tmp. (dlehman) - Clean up mocking done by udev tests when finished. (dlehman) - Remove unused lvm and md activation code. (dlehman) - Bypass size getter when mocking new devices. (dlehman) - Simplify udev.device_get_uuid. (dlehman) - Don't pass md array UUID as member format UUID. (dlehman) - Update md name when lookup relied on UUID. (dlehman) - Remove an obsolete block related to unpredictable md device names. (dlehman) - Get md member and array UUIDs for format ctor from udev. (dlehman) - Look in udev data for md member UUID. (dlehman) - Remove some unused multipath-specific functions from blivet.udev. (dlehman) - Adapt multipath detection code to external pyudev module. (dlehman) - Keep lvm and md metadata separate from udev info. (dlehman) - Replace our pyudev with the package python-pyudev. (dlehman) - Add a bunch of tests for mdadd. (amulhern) - Make has_redundancy() a method rather than a property and revise mdadd. (amulhern) - Omit unnecessary class hierarchy related boilerplate. (amulhern) - Add a test for activation. (amulhern) - Add a test for mddetail on containers. (amulhern) - Still attempt to destroy even if remove failed. (amulhern) - Use long messages for unittest errors. (amulhern) - Fix mdnominate error message. (amulhern) - Cosmetic changes for the swapSuggestion function (vpodzime) - Break once metadata value is found. (amulhern) - Fix issues reported by pyflakes (vpodzime) - Remove tests for the sanityCheck (vpodzime) - Move _verifyLUKSDevicesHaveKey and its exception to anaconda (vpodzime) - Remove sanityCheck functions from blivet sources (vpodzime) - Remove an unused closure function (vpodzime) - Remove two methods that are never called (vpodzime) - Add some tests for blivet.partitioning.addPartition. (dlehman) - Add a couple of tests for blivet.partitioning.DiskChunk. (dlehman) - Add a DiskFile class for testing partitioning code as a non-root user. (dlehman) - Add a contextmanager to create and remove sparse tempfiles. (dlehman) - Fix sphinx formatting of code blocks in devicefactory docstrings. (dlehman) - Mock selinux when building docs. (dlehman) - Include doc files when installing on readthedocs. (dlehman) - _maxLabelChars is no longer used by anything (bcl) - tests: Add tests for HFSPlus labels (#821201) (bcl) - Write a fs label for HFS+ ESP (#821201) (bcl) - Mock non-standard modules so we can generate API docs on readthedocs. (dlehman) - Split mdadd into separate functions. (amulhern) - Refactor mdraid tests. (amulhern) - Add a method to extract information about an mdraid array (amulhern) - Extend mdadm() to capture output (amulhern) - Be more robust in the face of possible changes to mdadm's UUIDs. (amulhern) - Factor canonicalize_UUID() into separate method. (amulhern) - Add a docstring to mdraid.mdexamine (amulhern) - Remove DeviceFormat.probe() method (amulhern) - Remove all references to mdMinor in current code base. (amulhern) - Generalize the error message for the array level (amulhern) - Use super() instead of explicit parent name (amulhern) - Remove commented out import. (amulhern) - Make docstring more precise. (amulhern) - Minor fix of a docstring. (rvykydal) - Get rid of partedFlags field. (amulhern) * Fri Jul 11 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.61-1 - Fix version bumping (bcl) - Add some tests for Chunk and Request class hierarchy. (dlehman) - Honor the skip list when allocating leftover sectors. (dlehman) - A Chunk is done growing when its pool is empty. (dlehman) - Don't use integer division to calculate a fraction. (dlehman) - Bump version in sphinx config from scripts/makebumpver. (dlehman) - Remove spec= from Size usage in intro.rst. (dlehman) - Attempt to reset the uuid of the mdraid member device (#1070095) (amulhern) - Add new method udev.device_get_md_device_uuid() method (#1070095) (amulhern) - Canonicalize mdadm generated UUIDS (#1070095) (amulhern) - Add a udev.device_get_md_metadata() method to udev and use it. (amulhern) - Change use of METADATA to MD_METADATA. (amulhern) - Check for md_level of None (amulhern) - Do not convert the result of udev.device_get_md_devices() to int. (amulhern) - Add documentation to udev.device_get_md_*() methods. (amulhern) - Document udev.device_get_uuid() method. (amulhern) - Add a few small tests for mdexamine (amulhern) - Add test for raid level descriptor None. (amulhern) - Use context manager with assertRaises*() tests. (amulhern) - Change uuid parameter to array_uuid (amulhern) - Remove udev_ prefix from udev methods. (amulhern) - Remove all references to DeviceFormat.majorminor (amulhern) - Use add_metaclass instead of with_metaclass. (amulhern) - Disable redefined-builtin warning. (amulhern) - Use range instead of xrange in generateBackupPassphrase() (amulhern) - Add a simple test of generateBackupPassphrase() result format (amulhern) - Python3 compatibility (rkuska) - Replace python-setuptools-devel BR with python-setuptools (bcl) * Wed Jul 02 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.60-1 - Do not use udev info to get the name of the device. (amulhern) - Remove unnecessary fanciness about importing devices. (amulhern) - Disable some pylint warnings that arise due to anaconda versions. (amulhern) - Allow RAID1 on EFI (#788313) (amulhern) * Thu Jun 26 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.59-1 - When logging, indicate whether exception was ignored by blivet. (amulhern) * Wed Jun 25 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.58-1 - Only import ROOT_PATH if needed (bcl) - Add early keyword to setUpBootLoader (#1086811) (bcl) - Only log a warning about labeling if something is wrong (#1075136) (amulhern) - When adding an md array, allow adding incomplete arrays (#1090009) (amulhern) - Add a flag to control whether a degraded md raid array is used (#1090009) (amulhern) - Remove preferLeaves parameter from getDeviceByPath() (amulhern) - Factor out commonalities among getDevice[s|]By* methods. (amulhern) - Omit special check for md devices in addUdevDevice(). (amulhern) - Remove unused 'slaves' variable. (amulhern) - Move down or remove assignment to device in add* methods. (amulhern) - Move DevicelibsTestCase up to the top level of the testing directory. (amulhern) - Accept None for btrfs raid levels (#1109195) (amulhern) - Add a test for a btrfs error associated with small devices (#1109195) (amulhern) * Thu Jun 19 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.57-1 - Make DevicelibsTestCase devices configurable. (amulhern) - Use correct parameters in __init__() in subclasses of unittest.TestCase. (amulhern) - Add num_blocks parameter to makeLoopDev(). (amulhern) - Move skipUnless decorator to the top level class of skipped classes. (amulhern) - Explicitly accept a string as well as a RAIDLevel object. (amulhern) - Update BTRFS initializer comments for level type. (amulhern) - Remove some extra imports. (amulhern) - Add method to set the default disklabel (#1078537) (bcl) - Do not try to activate dmraid sets if the dmraid usage flag is false (mkolman) - Use the value of the Anaconda dmraid flag to set the Blivet dmraid flag (mkolman) - Use the value of the Anaconda ibft flag to set the Blivet ibft flag (mkolman) - Ignore _build directory in doc directory. (amulhern) - Change intersphinx mapping to avoid linkcheck redirect errors. (amulhern) - Remove doctest target from Makefile. (amulhern) - Allow the table of contents to go one level deeper. (amulhern) - Automate generation of the .rst files which just set up the modules. (amulhern) * Thu Jun 12 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.56-1 - Skip device name validation for some device types. (dlehman) - Add a property indicating whether a device is directly accessible. (dlehman) - Add support for read-only btrfs snapshots. (dlehman) - Add tests for snapshots. (dlehman) - Special treatment for getting parted device for old-style lvm snapshots. (dlehman) - Some devices have immutable formatting. (dlehman) - Detect existing btrfs snapshots. (dlehman) - Drop special accounting for snapshot space usage in VG. (dlehman) - Use LVMSnapshotDevice when populating the devicetree. (dlehman) - Add Device classes for snapshots. (dlehman) - Add ignore_skip keyword arg to lvactivate. (dlehman) - Add optional kwarg to force removal of a logical volume. (dlehman) - Add backend functions for creating and managing snapshots. (dlehman) - Add docstrings for BTRFSVolumeDevice and BTRFSSubVolumeDevice. (dlehman) - Remove duplicate portion of lvm config string. (dlehman) - Reset the devicetree before tearing everything down in _cleanUp. (dlehman) - Make sure disk filters are applied even if populate fails. (dlehman) - Sync the spec file with downstream (vpodzime) * Mon Jun 09 2014 Vratislav Podzimek <> - 0.55-1 - IPSeriesPPC now supports GPT in Open Firmware (hamzy) - Fix device name validation for devices that can contain / (#1103751) (dshea) - Add a getRaidLevel() convenience method to (amulhern) - Make a StorageDevice.raw_device property and use it where appropriate (amulhern) - Simplify a small chunk of Blivet.updateKSData() (amulhern) - Move the code for getting a space requirement from devicefactory to raid. (amulhern) - Make all devicefactory classes uses RAID objects instead of strings. (amulhern) - Remove devicefactory.get_raid_level from blivet (amulhern) - Put get_supported_raid_levels in (amulhern) - Make BTRFS devices use RAID objects instead of strings for levels (amulhern) - Add lists of supported RAID levels for btrfs and lvm (amulhern) - Add "linear" to mdraid's list of supported raid levels. (amulhern) - Remove getRaidLevel() from mdraid file and make RAID_levels public (amulhern) - Check for required methods in MDRaidLevels.isRaidLevel. (amulhern) - Use has_redundancy property to decide how to add a member to an array. (amulhern) - Update the mdraid.mdadd comments (amulhern) - Use has_redundancy raid property when checking whether a device is removable (amulhern) - Make createBitmap() a property and update tests appropriately. (amulhern) - Add a Dup class to the various descendants of RAIDLevel. (amulhern) - Add an is_uniform property to the RAID levels. (amulhern) - Add a has_redundancy method that returns True if there is actual redundancy (amulhern) - Add Linear and Single to the RAID classes. (amulhern) - Move Container class to raid package and tidy it up (amulhern) - Allow the RAID object itself to be a valid RAID descriptor for lookup. (amulhern) - Adjust RaidLevel hierarchy so that all raid level objects extend RAIDLevel (amulhern) - No longer use _standard_levels as the default set of RAID levels. (amulhern) - Extract selection of members in complete() into a separate method. (amulhern) - Remove DMRaidArrayDevice.members property. (amulhern) - Comment mdraid.mdcreate() and update tests appropriately. (amulhern) - Import name 'lvm' instead of names from lvm package. (amulhern) * Sat Jun 07 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.54-2 - Rebuilt for * Wed May 28 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.54-1 - Add tests for setting device's parent list directly (vpodzime) - Do not alter the ParentList being iterated over (#1083581) (vpodzime) - Do not limit ThinLV's size to VG's free space (vpodzime) - Take extra RAID metadata into account when growing LV (#1093144) (vpodzime) - Move apply_chunk_growth outside of a for-cycle (vpodzime) - Multiple arguments for string formatting need to be in parentheses (#1100263) (mkolman) - Make print statements Python 3 compatible (mkolman) - Validate device names (dshea) - Use a setter for as foretold by the prophecy of TODO (dshea) * Tue May 20 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.53-1 - Remove extra quotes from the xfs_db arguments. (dshea) - Factor duplicate code in __deepcopy__ methods into one method (#1095244) (amulhern) - Rearrange code related to handleUdevDeviceFormat() (#1095329) (amulhern) - Make dumpState catch and log all AttributeErrors (#1095329) (amulhern) - Add sectorSize property to catch and handle missing partedDevice (#1095329) (amulhern) - Get rid of remaining uses of spec keyword for Size() in examples directory. (amulhern) - Generalize false positive regular expression for multiple pylint versions (amulhern) - Do not run some tests unless running on Jenkins. (amulhern) - Miscellaneous pylint fixes. (amulhern) - Globally disable pointless string statement warning (amulhern) - Disable unused argument warning for 'args' in TmpFSDevice constructor (amulhern) - Omit 'args' parameter from formats constructors (amulhern) - Disabled unused argument warning for kwargs in formats.destroy() (amulhern) - Omit *args from parameters for format.create() and formats.destroy() (amulhern) - Omit *args from parameters in formats.setup() (amulhern) - Make formats.teardown() not take any extra parameters. (amulhern) - Make formats.mount use explicit keywords instead of kwargs. (amulhern) - Remove non-self params from FS.doResize method (amulhern) - Make doFormat use regular style keyword parameters (amulhern) - Do not use *args, **kwargs idiom in scheduleCreateFormat. (amulhern) - Do not use *args, **kwargs idiom in various schedule* auxiliary test methods. (amulhern) - Remove upgrading param from turnOnSwap() (amulhern) - Disable unused-argument warning (amulhern) - Disable pylint unused-argument warning. (amulhern) * Thu May 08 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.52-1 - Split ROOT_PATH usage into getTargetPhysicalRoot()/getSysroot() (walters) - Update and fix copyright info for docs. (dlehman) - Add some tests for extended partition management. (dlehman) - Add some tests that verify the results of DeviceTree.populate. (dlehman) - Add a base class for tests backed by disk image storage. (dlehman) - Adapt examples to examples/ function dispersement. (dlehman) - Change devices.SparseFileDevice._create to use util.create_sparse_file. (dlehman) - Move set_up_logging and create_sparse_file into blivet.util for reuse. (dlehman) - Make examples.common.tear_down_disk_images a DeviceTree method. (dlehman) - Fix handling of devices activated as a side-effect of actions. (dlehman) - Check for problematic active devices before processing any actions. (dlehman) - Split some large blocks out of DeviceTree.processActions. (dlehman) - Explicitly requested extended partitions already have an action. (dlehman) - Fix handling of extended partitions across various modes of operation. (dlehman) - Handle the case of md arrays getting activated from outside blivet. (dlehman) - Make an extra effort to remove dm partition nodes that want to stay. (dlehman) - Fix handling of clearing a partitioned disk and leaving it cleared. (dlehman) - Don't check for disklabels on partitions. (dlehman) - Update targetSize to reflect actual size after a device is created. (dlehman) - Remove redundant msecs from logging timestamp. (dlehman) - Make signature of Size.__new__ match signature of Decimal.__new__ (amulhern) - Change Size so that it takes a single value parameter. (amulhern) - Change all 'format' keyword args to 'fmt' in Device constructors (amulhern) - Change format keyword argument to fmt in scheduleCreateFormat (amulhern) - Change keyword parameters in devicetree.findActions (amulhern) - Change ActionCreateFormat constructor keyword argument to 'fmt' (amulhern) - Remove unused parameter 'ignoreErrors' from umountFilesystems() (amulhern) - Remove parameter 'raiseErrors' from mountFilesystems() methods. (amulhern) - Disable unused argument warning for 'major' and 'minor' (amulhern) - Set dummy functions as values rather than via function definition syntax. (amulhern) - Pass size value to superconstructor for LVMVolumeGroupDevice. (amulhern) - Sort the pylint-false-positives file (amulhern) - Do not disable unused argument warning. (amulhern) - Omit pylint warning about disabled warnings or errors from pylint log. (amulhern) - Put the pyblock warning in pylint-false-positives (amulhern) - Remove obsolete documentation for parameter 'label'. (amulhern) * Mon May 05 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.51-1 - Adjust the available size on each disk using chunk size. (amulhern) - Removed some now unused methods from devices (#1085474) (amulhern) - Rename size() method to get_size() method. (amulhern) - Remove unused get_size method (#1085474) (amulhern) - Use raid.size method to get size of device (#1085474) (amulhern) - Add a size() method to the raid classes (#1085474) (amulhern) - Move line that might throw an MDRaid exception inside try block (#1085474) (amulhern) - Check whether type is mdbiosraidarray before checking smallest member (#1085474) (amulhern) - Log if there was a failure to calculate the size of the MDRaidArrayDevice (#1085474) (amulhern) - Rename get_raw_array_size to get_net_array_size (#1085474) (amulhern) - Rename _get_size to _trim, which describes its function better (#1085474) (amulhern) - Improve comments on a few methods (#1085474) (amulhern) - Make RAIDLevels iterable (#1085474) (amulhern) - Update makebumpver for python-bugzilla 1.0.0 (bcl) - Disable unused argument warning for 'key_file' in devicelibs.crypto methods (amulhern) - Disable unused argument warning for 'del_passphrase' in luks_remove_key (amulhern) - Disable unused argument warning for 'data' in doAutoPartition (amulhern) - Disable unused argument warning for 'info' in handleUdevLuksFormat (amulhern) - Disable unused argument warning for 'disks' in get_pv_space. (amulhern) - Remove pointless parameters from unittest methods. (amulhern) - Disable a no member warning for EddTestFS initializer. (amulhern) - Get rid of unused argument 'args' in MakeBumpVer constructors (amulhern) - Changes to _parseOneLine() and its single invocation. (amulhern) - Remove obsolete comment (amulhern) - Rename to avoid redefining parameter built-ins (amulhern) - Change name to avoid redefining built-in (amulhern) - Remove unused parameter in makeupdates. (amulhern) - Removed unused argument 'options' from testMount (amulhern) - Make signature of _setSize match that of the method it overrrides. (amulhern) - Actually use argv parameter (amulhern) - Pass fname as first argument to shutil.copy2 (amulhern) - Remove minimumSector method and _minimumSector attribute (amulhern) - Disable not-callable pylint warning. (amulhern) - Set child_factory_fstype to None in DeviceFactory (amulhern) - Suppress unpacking-non-sequence pylint warning (amulhern) - Prefix name with defining package (amulhern) - Update Platform instance from flags instead of replacing it. (#1090646) (dlehman) - Rename to avoid redefining built-ins where the redefinition is method local. (amulhern) - Set device.format in else block of try/except/else. (amulhern) - Do not run pylint on sphinx generated (amulhern) - Get rid of a redefined builtin while simplifying method. (amulhern) - Compress loop into generator list comprehension (amulhern) - Rewrite resize() method to depend on _resizable. (amulhern) - Remove definition of LVMThinLogicalVolumeDevice._resizable (amulhern) - Add an attribute docstring for _resizable. (amulhern) - Correct comment on resizable property (amulhern) * Thu Apr 24 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.50-1 - Don't apply action until after all checks have passed. (dlehman) - Apply action for extended partition creation. (dlehman) - Fix an issue introduced in commit a210eb5c. (dlehman) - Move changes from action ctors into apply methods. (dlehman) - Tell lvm to prefer /dev/mapper/ and /dev/md/ to dm-X and mdX nodes. (dlehman) - Use the right md UUID when trying to look one up from addUdevDevice. (dlehman) - Pass UUID of existing md array to superclass constructor. (dlehman) - Fix accounting related to addition of md member devices. (dlehman) - Add some more tests for the Size.humanReadable method (vpodzime) - If size is an integer value, show it as an integer value (vpodzime) - Make sure that using just k/m/g/... results in KiB/MiB/GiB/... (vpodzime) - Make humanReadable size use binary prefixes and nicer units (vpodzime) - Round sizes in humanReadable instead of flooring them (vpodzime) - Do not assign result of evaluating EddTestFS() to a variable (amulhern) - Rename bits() to numBits() (amulhern) - Rename to avoid conflict with name in outer scope. (amulhern) - Put module level code in a method (amulhern) - Do not use strip() incorrectly (amulhern) - Disable E1101 (no-member) error (amulhern) - Use isResize in isShrink and isGrow. (amulhern) - Suppress W0612 (unused-variable) false positives (amulhern) - Suppress W0621 warnings (amulhern) - Add a stub function for get_bootloader (amulhern) - Suppress W0602 false positives (amulhern) - Remove BootLoaderError definitions (amulhern) - Disable E1003 warning. (amulhern) - Do not cache the DeviceFormat object (amulhern) - Suppress W0201 error where attribute is set in __new__. (amulhern) - Add to false positives an error which is not suppressed by a pragma. (amulhern) - Suppress W0201 errors (amulhern) - Make signature of Size.__str__ match signature of Decimal.__str__ (amulhern) - Do not evaluate % operator in log message arguments (amulhern) - Remove suite() methods in tests (amulhern) - Remove addKeyFromFile() method (amulhern) - Import name 'deviceaction' where needed (amulhern) - Setting variables in __init__ (amulhern) - Log exception information and disable W0703 warning. (amulhern) - Disable some W0703 warnings (amulhern) - Disable some W0703 warnings. (amulhern) - Add a function that logs available exception info. (amulhern) - Restrict scope of pylint pragmas as much as possible (amulhern) - Change all pylint numeric codes to mnemonic strings. (amulhern) * Thu Apr 17 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.49-1 - Slightly reduce loop and get rid of obsolete comment (amulhern) - Slightly rewrite loop to avoid a redefining builtin error (amulhern) - Simplify find_library and fix redefining built-in errors. (amulhern) - Make loop variables a little more descriptive (amulhern) - Make regular expressions raw strings. (amulhern) - Suppress unused variable warning and check for failure. (amulhern) - Add W0105 warning about attribute docstrings to false positives (amulhern) - Make signature of setup() in parent class same as in children (amulhern) - Suppress some correct pylint warnings (amulhern) - Get _loopMap.values() when all that's needed is the values (amulhern) - Obvious fix inspired by pylint E0602 error (amulhern) - Suppress W0631 warning for abbr and prefix. (amulhern) - Do not do formatting operation in the argument of the translation (amulhern) - Remove unnecessary global statements (amulhern) - Disable W0703 message in test (amulhern) - Explicitly set the module level platform variable (amulhern) * Thu Apr 10 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.48-1 - Do not execute smallestMember property method twice. (amulhern) - Remove unnecessary function definitions in abstract properties (amulhern) - Pass format args as arguments to debug method (#1085057) (amulhern) - Move udev_settle call from util into fs to break circular dependency (amulhern) - Change implicit relative imports to explicit relative imports (amulhern) - Remove unused imports (amulhern) - Get rid of os.path import (amulhern) - Really avoid dynamic import of formats/ by itself (amulhern) - Ignore E1101 errors in savePassphrase. (amulhern) - Add a bunch of E1120 errors to the false positives file (amulhern) - Make LabelingAsRoot class an abstract class and define two properties (amulhern) - Suppress false positive W0631 error. (amulhern) - Use self.nic instead of nic (amulhern) - Make sure _state_functions is a dictionary in base class (amulhern) - Remove unnecessary lambda wrappers on assertion functions (amulhern) - Obvious fix inspired by an "Undefined variable warning" (amulhern) - Remove all references to lvm_vg_blacklist and blacklistVG. (amulhern) - Update for changes in the anaconda errorHandler API. (dshea) - Remove unused imports. (amulhern) - Import from the defining module. (amulhern) - Move import to top level. (amulhern) - Do not use implicit relative imports (amulhern) - Remove wildcard import (amulhern) - Fix a bug and catch a change in lvm's thin pool layout. (dlehman) - Plumb uuid down through DMDevice. (dlehman) * Wed Apr 02 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.47-1 - Change labelApp to a more concisely defined abstract property (amulhern) - Change defaultLabel to a more concisely defined abstract property. (amulhern) - Change _labelstrRegex to a more concisely defined abstract property. (amulhern) - Make reads property a bit more succinct. (amulhern) - Make name an abstract property and omit _name (amulhern) - Remove an unused import from devicelibs/ (vpodzime) - Fix all pylint errors in pylintcodediff (amulhern) - Don't run test if the git branch is dirty (amulhern) - Exit if the specified log file does not exist. (amulhern) - Update lvm devicelibs tests to reflect recent changes. (dlehman) - Add required LVs as needed instead of trying to sort by attrs. (dlehman) - Fix missed conversion of rm->missing in vgreduce call. (dlehman) - Only gather lvm information one time per DeviceTree.populate call. (dlehman) - Add support for listing everything to pvinfo and lvs. (dlehman) - Get lv list from lvm in a more straightforward format. (dlehman) - Gather lv list where we use it to save from having to stash it. (dlehman) - Split out common lvm parsing code. (dlehman) - Add tests that use ParentList as part of Device. (dlehman) - Parent list length doesn't reflect new member in _addParent. (dlehman) - Rearrange _startEdd to be a little more obvious. (amulhern) - Raise exceptions using the new syntax (amulhern) - Do not import logging twice. (amulhern) - Suppress unused variable warning (amulhern) - Get rid of writeRandomUUID. (amulhern) - Remove unused variable but retain call for its side-effects (amulhern) - Put docstring in class (amulhern) - Remove appendiceal assignment (amulhern) - Keep first parameter "self" (amulhern) - Omit compile flag (amulhern) - Move lines beneath __main__ into a main method (amulhern) - Indent with spaces, not tabs (amulhern) - Change param default [] to None and convert in method (amulhern) - Change to a semantically equivalent version of FileDevice.path (amulhern) - Adapt existing tests to changed signature of some methods (amulhern) - Don't assign return value to unused variable (amulhern) - Be specific when catching exceptions (dshea) - Remove appendiceal assignments (amulhern) - Remove a lot of unused variables extracted from udev info (amulhern) - Don't get return values from communicate() if they are ignored (amulhern) - Use the disk's name in log message (amulhern) - Get rid of old exception unpacking syntax (dshea) - Rearranged some iffy exception checking (dshea) - Replace with a semantically equivalent chunk. (amulhern) - Remove some unused exception names. (amulhern) - Remove unused assignment to boot. (amulhern) - Delete method-local pruneFile function. (amulhern) - Don't comment out function headers but leave their bodies uncommented (amulhern) - Get rid of unnecessary pass statements (amulhern) - Put a field and a method in the base class (amulhern) - Spell parameter self correctly (amulhern) - Give abstract method the same signature as its overriding methods. (amulhern) - Catch correct error and disable warning. (amulhern) * Wed Mar 26 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.46-1 - Adapt callers to use the new parent list interface. (dlehman) - Change management of Device parents to use a simple list interface. (dlehman) - Convert ContainerDevice to an abstract base class. (dlehman) - Set device uuid before calling Device ctor. (dlehman) - Improve the mechanism for VG completeness. (dlehman) - Support mutually-obsoleting actions. (dlehman) - Add some checking to MDRaidArrayDevice._setSpares. (dlehman) - Make sorting by action type part of the action classes. (dlehman) - Add action classes for container member set management. (dlehman) - Add a property to provide consistent access to parent container device. (dlehman) - Add type-specific methods for member set management. (dlehman) - Adapt callers to new method names for add/remove member device. (dlehman) - Add a ContainerDevice class to consolidate member management code. (dlehman) - Add backend functions for container member set management. (dlehman) - Teardown RAID device once testing is over (amulhern) - Make lvm tests runnable. (amulhern) - Make crypt tests runnable. (amulhern) - Replace unnecessarily complicated expression with string multiplication (amulhern) - Suppress unused variable warning for index in range (amulhern) - Suppress some unused variable warnings. (amulhern) - Suppress some unused variable warnings (amulhern) - Update to the new raise syntax (dshea) - Removed an unnecessary semicolon (dshea) - Removed a redundant definition of NoDisksError (dshea) - Specify regular expressions containing backslashes as raw strings (dshea) - Fixed some questionable indentation (dshea) - Fix logging function string format warnings. (dshea) - All size specifications should be Size instances (#1077163) (vpodzime) - Make sure StorageDevice's self._size is a Size instance (#1077179) (vpodzime) - Allow creating Size instance from another Size instance (vpodzime) - Force removal of hidden devices (#1078163) (amulhern) - Get action_test into working order. (dlehman) - Update to specify sizes using blivet.size.Size. (dlehman) - Don't corrupt the environment when setting up StorageTestCase. (dlehman) - Make minSize, maxSize consistent and correct. (dlehman) - Don't prevent grow actions on devices with no max size. (dlehman) * Thu Mar 20 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.45-1 - Changes to allow pylint checks to be run on a distribution of the source. (amulhern) - Remove non-doing check target (amulhern) - Add a script to relate pylint errors to lines changed. (amulhern) - Change output format so that it is suitable for diff-cover. (amulhern) - Do an initial setup for running pylint tests in blivet. (amulhern) - Handle None in devicePathToName(#996303) (dshea) - Remove bootloader.packages from storage.packages (#1074522). (clumens) - Whitespace fixes for the crypto devicelib module (vpodzime) - Use random.choice for generating LUKS backup passphrase (vpodzime) - Trivial fixes for the lvm devicelib module (vpodzime) - Make vginfo work the same way as pvinfo and other LVM functions (vpodzime) - Allow NTFS to be mountable. (#748780) (dshea) - Limit the LV size to VG's free space size (vpodzime) * Fri Mar 07 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.44-1 - Fix an old typo in zeroing out a PReP partition. (#1072781) (dlehman) - Only count with the extra metadata extents in new VGs and LVs (#1072999) (vpodzime) - Use container's parent's name for PV if available (#1065737) (vpodzime) - Fix traceback with write_dasd_conf. (#1072911) (sbueno+anaconda) - When copying a root, also copy hidden devices (#1043763) (amulhern) - Add hidden flag to devicetree.getDeviceByID (#1043763) (amulhern) - Only set device for mountpoint if it is not None (#1043763) (amulhern) - Extend the list of things to be omitted if moddisk is False (#1043763) (amulhern) - Set req_name to None at the top of initializer (#1043763) (amulhern) - Log action cancelation (#1043763) (amulhern) - Make DeviceTree.hide() remove a larger set (#1043763) (amulhern) - Re-write the DASD storage code. (#1001070) (sbueno+anaconda) - Include image install flag when updating from anaconda flags. (#1066008) (dlehman) * Fri Feb 28 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.43-1 - Include tmpfs mounts in post-install kickstart (#1061063) (mkolman) - Count with the extra metadata extents for RAID consistently (#1065737) (vpodzime) - Make partitioning error message more friendly (#1020388) (amulhern) - Fix partition handling across multiple processActions calls. (#1065522) (dlehman) - Let the udev queue settle before populating the devicetree. (#1049772) (dlehman) - Don't activate or deactivate devices from the action classes. (#1064898) (dlehman) - Improve handling of parted.DiskLabelCommitError slightly. (dlehman) - Make teardownAll work regardless of flags. (dlehman) - Fix maxSize test when setting device target size. (dlehman) - Size.convertTo should return a Decimal. (dlehman) - Don't use float for anything. (dlehman) - Fix type of block count in PartitionDevice._wipe. (dlehman) - Fix handling of size argument to devicelibs.lvm.thinlvcreate. (#1062223) (dlehman) - return empty set when no matching fcoe nic (#1067159) (bcl) - Return str from Size.humanReadable (#1066721) (dshea) - Add a coverage test target (#1064895) (amulhern) - Filesystem labeling tests will not run without utilities (#1065422) (amulhern) - Rename to something more descriptive (#1065422) (amulhern) - Refactor labeling tests (#1065422) (amulhern) - Move SwapSpace tests into a separate class (#1065422) (amulhern) * Tue Feb 18 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.42-1 - Wait for udev to create device node for new md arrays. (#1036014) (dlehman) - Fix detection of thin pool with non-standard segment types. (#1022810) (dlehman) - NFSDevice does not accept the exists kwarg. (#1063413) (dlehman) - Don't run mpathconf for disk image installations. (#1066008) (dlehman) - If /etc/os-release exists, check it to identify an installed system. (clumens) - Get the unit tests into a runnable state. (dlehman) - Update Source URL in spec file to use github. (dlehman) * Tue Feb 11 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.41-1 - ntfs _getSize needs to use Decimal (#1063077) (bcl) - Separate sanityCheck-ing from doAutoPartition (#1060255) (amulhern) - Change messages to SanityExceptions objects (#1060255) (amulhern) - Make a small SanityException hierarchy (#1060255) (amulhern) - Remove unused exception class (#1060255) (amulhern) - Add another .decode("utf-8") to humanReadable (#1059807) (dshea) - makebumpver: Any failure should cancel the bump (bcl) * Tue Feb 04 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.40-1 - makebumpver: Only remove from list if action is not Resolves (bcl) - Update bumpver to allow Related bugs (bcl) - Remove all dependent devices of san device becoming multipath (#1058939) (rvykydal) - When repopulating multipath members mark them as multipath (#1056024) (rvykydal) - fcoe: parse yet another sysfs structure for bnx2fc devices (#903122) (rvykydal) - fcoe: add fcoe=<NIC>:<EDB> to boot options for nics added manually (#1040215) (rvykydal) - Convert the ntfs minsize to an int (#1060031) (dshea) - Convert the string representation of Size to a str type. (#1060382) (dshea) - don't display stage2 missing error as well if the real problem is stage1 (awilliam) - Provide a mechanism for platform-specific error messages for stage1 failure (awilliam) - Don't add None value to req_disks (#981316) (amulhern) - Make error message more informative (#1022497) (amulhern) - Check that file that loop device is going to use exists (#982164) (amulhern) - Use os.path.isabs to check whether path name is absolute (#994488) (amulhern) * Tue Jan 28 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.39-1 - escrow: make sure the output directory exists (#1026653) (wwoods) - provide a more useful error message if user fails to create an ESP (awilliam) - Tell lvcreate not to ask us any questions and do its job. (#1057066) (dlehman) * Fri Jan 24 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.38-1 - Some simple tests for _verifyLUKSDevicesHaveKey (#1023442) (amulhern) - Verify that LUKS devices have some encryption key (#1023442) (amulhern) * Wed Jan 22 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.37-1 - Only do SELinux context resets if in installer mode (#1038146) (amulhern) - Look up SELinux context for lost+found where it is needed (#1038146) (amulhern) - Don't reset the SELinux context before the filesystem is mounted (#1038146) (amulhern) - Test setting selinux context on lost+found (#1038146) (amulhern) - Only retrieve the unit specifier once (dshea) - Fix the usage. (dshea) - Accept both English and localized sizes in Size specs. (dshea) - Use a namedtuple to store information on unit prefixes (dshea) - Remove en_spec Size parameters. (dshea) - Fix potential traceback in devicetree.populate. (#1055523) (dlehman) - Fall back on relabeling app where available (#1038590) (amulhern) - Change the meaning of label field values (#1038590) (amulhern) - Enable labeling on NTFS filesystem (#1038590) (amulhern) - Enable labeling on HFS filesystem (#1038590) (amulhern) - Add a method that indicates ability to relabel (#1038590) (amulhern) - Use filesystem creation app to set filesystem label (#1038590) (amulhern) - Import errors so FSError name is resolved (#1038590) (amulhern) - Remove BTRFS._getFormatOptions (#1038590) (amulhern) - Make an additional class for labeling abstractions (#1038590) (amulhern) - Fix copyright date (#1038590) (amulhern) - Remove redundant _defaultFormatOptions field (#1038590) (amulhern) - Remove code about unsetting a label (#1038590) (amulhern) - Return None if the filesystem has no label (#1038590) (amulhern) - Removed redundant check for existance of filesystem (#1038590) (amulhern) - Have writeLabel throw a more informative exception (#1038590) (amulhern) * Fri Jan 17 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.36-1 - Update the TODO list. (dlehman) - Multipath, fwraid members need not be in exclusiveDisks. (#1032919) (dlehman) - Convert parted getLength values to Size (dshea) - Last of the Device._id -> (bcl) - iscsi: in installer automatically log into firmware iscsi targets (#1034291) (rvykydal) - Use isinstance for testing numeric types (vpodzime) - Device._id -> (clumens) - Allow resetting partition size to current on-disk size. (#1040352) (dlehman) * Fri Jan 10 2014 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.35-1 - Convert everything to use Size. (dlehman) - Allow negative sizes. (dlehman) - Fix return value of Size.convertTo with a spec of bytes. (dlehman) - Discard partial bytes in Size constructor. (dlehman) - Prefer binary prefixes since everything is really based on them. (dlehman) - Fix a few minor problems introduced by recent raid level changes. (dlehman) - Move label setter and getter into DeviceFormat class (#1038590) (amulhern) - Add a test for labeling swap devices (#1038590) (amulhern) - Default to None to mean none, rather than empty string (#1038590) (amulhern) - Add a labelFormatOK method to the DeviceFormat's interface (#1038590) (amulhern) - Indicate whether the filesystem can label (#1038590) (amulhern) - Restore ability to write an empty label where possible (#1038590) (amulhern) - More tests to check writing and reading labels (#1038590) (amulhern) - Remove fsConfigFromFile (#1038590) (amulhern) - Changes to the handling of filesystem labeling (#1038590) (amulhern) - Add some simple tests for file formats. (amulhern) - Give DeviceFormat objects an id (#1043763) (amulhern) - Refactor to use ObjectID class (#1043763) (amulhern) - Make a class that creates a unique-per-class id for objects (#1043763) (amulhern) - Revert "Make a class that creates a unique-per-class id for objects (#1043763)" (amulhern) - Revert "Give DeviceFormat objects an object_id (#1043763)" (amulhern) - Make the maximum end sector for PReP boot more benevolent (#1029893) (vpodzime) - Give DeviceFormat objects an object_id (#1043763) (amulhern) - Make a class that creates a unique-per-class id for objects (#1043763) (amulhern) - Make get_device_format_class return None if class not found (#1043763) (amulhern) - A few simple unit tests for some formats methods (#1043763) (amulhern) - Don't translate format names (dshea) * Thu Dec 19 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.34-1 - Forget existing partitions of device becoming a multipath member (#1043444) (rvykydal) - Include in the generated documentation. (amulhern) - Upgrade the comments in to be compatible with sphinx. (amulhern) - Make space for LUKS metadata if creating encrypted device (#1038847) (vpodzime) - fcoe: give error message in case of fail when adding device (#903122) (rvykydal) - fcoe: adapt bnx2fc detection to changed sysfs path structure (#903122) (rvykydal) - Update format of iscsi device becoming multipath member (#1039086) (rvykydal) * Tue Dec 17 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.33-1 - Add initial 64-bit ARM (aarch64) support (#1034435) (dmarlin) - Convert to sphinx docstrings. (dlehman) - Add some documentation. (dlehman) - Move getActiveMounts from Blivet into DeviceTree. (dlehman) - Add an example of creating lvs using growable requests. (dlehman) - Remove a whole bunch of unused stuff from Blivet. (dlehman) - Remove usage of float in Size.humanReadable. (dlehman) - Add missing abbreviations for binary size units. (dlehman) - Fix shouldClear for devices with protected descendants. (#902417) (dlehman) - Use // division so that it continues to be floor division in Python 3. (amulhern) * Thu Dec 12 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.32-1 - Work on devicelibs.btrfs methods that require that the device be mounted. (amulhern) - Remove some methods from devicelibs.btrfs. (amulhern) - Add a comment to btrfs.create_volume. (amulhern) - Add a file to run btrfs tests. (amulhern) - Remove format.luks.LUKS.removeKeyFromFile. (amulhern) - Changes to devicelibs.mdraid.mdactivate. (amulhern) - Restore an import removed in a previous commit. (amulhern) - Add a PE for LUKS metadata (#1038969) (bcl) - Adjust currentSize methods slightly. (amulhern) - Put additional constraints on the ActionResizeDevice initializer. (amulhern) - Remove redundant checks in existing resize() methods. (amulhern) - Add some baseline unit tests for BTRFS devices. (amulhern) - Robustify use of defaultSubVolumeID field. (amulhern) - Check that a BTRFS subvolume has exactly one parent in constructor. (amulhern) - BTRFSSubVolume.volume checks the class of its return value. (amulhern) - Raise ValueError in BTRFS constructor if no parents specified. (amulhern) - Add tests for a couple of additional properties for MDRaidArrayDevice. (amulhern) - Factor state testing behavior into a separate class. (amulhern) - Remove redundant condition in if statement. (amulhern) * Thu Dec 05 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.31-1 - Make RAIDLevel an abstract class using abc. (amulhern) - Restore a util import that was removed in a recent commit. (amulhern) * Wed Dec 04 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.30-1 - Always run action's cancel method as part of cancelAction. (dlehman) - Show Invalid Disk Label for damaged GPT (#1020974) (bcl) - Make error message in setDefaultFSType more informative (#1019766) (amulhern) - Set sysfsPath of LUKSDevice when adding to device tree (#1019638) (jsafrane) - Use given format type as format's name instead of type (vpodzime) * Wed Nov 27 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.29-1 - btrfs and xfs do not support fsck or dump at boot time (#862871) (bcl) - Removed raid level constants from (amulhern) - Remove raidLevel and get_raid_min_members for (amulhern) - Remove raidLevelString in raid and mdraid. (amulhern) - In change mdraid procedures call to raid method calls. (amulhern) - Removed mdraid.raid_levels (amulhern) - Removed mdraid.get_raid_max_spares. (amulhern) - Change MDRaidArrayDevice to use raid package. (amulhern) - Changed devicelibs.mdraid to make use of (amulhern) - Implement a RAID class hierarchy. (amulhern) - A few small tests for MDFactory class. (amulhern) - Add some additional unit tests in (amulhern) - Make MDRaidArrayDevice initializer not except raid level of None. (amulhern) - Add some basic unit tests for MDRaidArrayDevice. (amulhern) - Move pyanaconda import into blivet.enable_installer_mode. (amulhern) * Mon Nov 25 2013 David Lehman <> - 0.28-1 - Clear whole-disk formatting before initializing disks. (#1032380) (dlehman) - Simplify calculation of vol size when adding a btrfs subvol. (#1033356) (dlehman) - Handle passing a btrfs volume as device to BTRFSFactory. (dlehman) - Add support for detecting btrfs default subvolume. (dlehman) - Handle nested btrfs subvolumes correctly. (#1016959) (dlehman) - Mark all format names as translatable (dshea) - Add parameters for untranslated Size specs. (dshea) - Fix usage of _ vs N_ (dshea) - Added a i18n module for gettext functions. (dshea) - Allow non-ASCII characters in the size spec (dshea) * Tue Nov 19 2013 David Lehman <> - 0.27-1 - Specify btrfs volumes by UUID in /etc/fstab. (dlehman) - Catch any exception raised by findExistingInstallations. (#980267) (dlehman) - Prevent md_node_from_name from raising OSError. (#980267) (dlehman) - Tidy up tests in devicelibs_test directory. (amulhern) - Preparation for lv resize is a subset of that for lv destroy. (#1027682) (dlehman) - Make sure new values of targetSize are within bounds. (dlehman) - Devices with non-existent formatting are resizable. (#1027714) (dlehman) - Do not hide non-existent devices. (#1027846) (dlehman) - Change XFS maximum to 16EB (#1016035) (bcl) - Add tmpfs support (#918621) (mkolman) - Add support for returning machine word length (mkolman) - Require cryptsetup instead of cryptsetup-luks (#969597) (amulhern) - Fix initialization of disks containing sun or mac disklabels. (dlehman) - Newly formatted devices are used unless mountpoint is empty. (#966078) (dlehman) - Fix detection of lvm setups. (#1026466) (dlehman) - Fix handling of overcommitted thin pools in thinp factory. (#1024144) (dlehman) - Fix name checking for new thin lvs. (#1024076) (dlehman) * Wed Oct 30 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.26-1 - Add macefi format type (#1010495) (bcl) - Allow hfs+ boot devices to have their name set (#1010495) (bcl) - Update parted partitions on hidden disks when copying a Blivet. (#1023556) (dlehman) - Add ack flag checking to makebumpver (bcl) - Add makebumpver script (bcl) * Fri Oct 25 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.25-1 - Remove requirement for btrfsctl which no longer exists. (#1012504) (dlehman) - Allow for adjustment of factory vg after removal of thin pool. (#1021890) (dlehman) - Add boot description for "disk" devices on s390. (#867777, #903237, #960143) (sbueno+anaconda) - Add initial spport for aarch64 as we only plan to support UEFI this should be enough (dennis) * Wed Oct 16 2013 David Lehman <> - 0.24-1 - Close file descriptors other than stdin,stdout,stderr on exec. (#1016467) (dlehman) - Don't use hardcoded /tmp paths. (#1004404) (dlehman) - Fix detection of lvm thinp setups. (#1013800) (dlehman) - Generate a name if necessary when reconfiguring a factory device. (#1019500) (dlehman) - Handle anaconda's cmdline option to disable mpath friendly names. (#977815) (dlehman) - Allow specifying which swaps should appear in fstab (vpodzime) - Do not limit swap size to 10 % of disk space for hibernation (vpodzime) * Wed Oct 09 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.23-1 - Make sure bootloader is setup after autopart (#1015277) (bcl) - Let setUpBootLoader raise BootloaderError (#1015277) (bcl) - Limit the maximum swap size to 10 % of disk space (if given) (vpodzime) - support ppc64le architecture (hamzy) - Don't call handleUdevDeviceFormat without udev device (#1009809) (dshea) * Fri Sep 06 2013 David Lehman <> - 0.22-1 - Allow implicit inclusion of multipath/fwraid by including all members. (dlehman) - If a device has been removed, omit it from the copied root. (#1004572) (dlehman) - Thinp metadata and chunk size default to 0 -- not None. (#1004718) (dlehman) - Revert "Do not try to align partitions to optimal_io_size. (#989333)" (dlehman) * Thu Sep 05 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.21-1 - Only force luks map names to include UUID during OS installation. (#996457) (dlehman) - Allow DiskLabelCommitError to reach the caller. (#1001586) (dlehman) - Do not try to align partitions to optimal_io_size. (#989333) (gustavold) - Fix rpmlog make target (bcl) - Add missing changelog lines to spec (bcl) * Fri Aug 23 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.20-1 - Fix typo in examples/ (dlehman) - Use iscsi-iname instead of trying to reimplemnt it in python. (dlehman) - Catch exceptions raised while finding old installations. (#981991) (dlehman) - Keep the dasd list in sync with the devicetree's device list. (#965694) (dlehman) - Don't save luks keys unless installer_mode flag is set. (#996118) (dlehman) - Pass mount options to resolveDevice in _parseOneLine (#950206) (vpodzime) - Fix handling of devices in detected installations in Blivet.copy. (dlehman) - Clean up detection of lvm raid. (dlehman) - Tag the first build of each version without the release. (dlehman) - Remove dangling code block from commit 737169b75af1. (dlehman) * Wed Jul 31 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.19-1 - Don't waste time looking for devices dependent on leaf devices. (dlehman) - Add some example code for creation of disk partitions. (dlehman) - Don't manipulate partition boot flags except in installer mode. (dlehman) - Add an example of DeviceFactory usage. (dlehman) - Cosmetic changes for the arch module (vpodzime) - No more sparc support (vpodzime) - Cleanup reredux (hamzy) - Allow explicit requests for extended partitions. (#891861) (dlehman) - Fix disklabel handling for multiple calls to processActions. (dlehman) - Add support for explicit start/end sectors in partition requests. (#881025) (dlehman) - Store current mount options in getActiveMounts. (#914898) (dlehman) - Lack of formatting does not preclude device resize. (dlehman) - Handle negative sizes correctly. (dlehman) - Fix handling of clearpart type linux in shouldClear. (dlehman) - Add some tests for clearpart and related functionality. (dlehman) - Update unit tests and add a make target to run them. (dlehman) - Don't pass dracut args for lvm thin pools. (dlehman) - Update the TODO list. (dlehman) - Fix a copy/paste error. (dlehman) - Remove transifex-client BuildRequires. (dlehman) * Tue Jul 09 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.18-1 - Raise XFS max size limit to 100TB. (sbueno+anaconda) - Add a device factory class for thinly-provisioned lvm. (dlehman) - Add support for automatic partitioning using lvm thin provisioning. (dlehman) - Add convenience methods related to lvm thin provisioning. (dlehman) - Add support for detection of lvm thinp setups. (dlehman) - Add classes for lvm thin pool and thin volume. (dlehman) - Add backend support for lvm thinp operations. (dlehman) - Fix return value of get_pv_space for size of 0. (dlehman) - Fix ksdata for lvm created in custom spoke based on autopart. (dlehman) - Only put max size in ksdata if partition is growable. (dlehman) - Allow subclasses to inherit ksdata classes. (dlehman) * Mon Jun 24 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.17-1 - Used Python type instead of variable name (#968122) (hamzy) - Fix detection of valid EFI system partition during autopart. (dlehman) - New version: 0.16 (bcl) * Thu Jun 13 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.16-1 - Install utilities for all devices -- not just those being used. (#964586) (dlehman) - Add a method to apply Blivet settings to ksdata. (dlehman) - Increase padding for md metadata in lvm factory. (#966795) (dlehman) - Move lvm-on-md into LVMFactory. (dlehman) - Switch to a minimum of four members for raid10. (#888879) (dlehman) - Update the TODO list. (dlehman) - Deactivate devices before hiding those on ignored disks. (#965213) (dlehman) - Allow udev queue to settle after writing zeros to disk. (#969182) (hamzy) - Run lsof when umount fails (bcl) - Run udev settle before umount (bcl) * Mon Jun 03 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.15-1 - Switch to the LGPLv2+. (dlehman) - Clear md arrays' sysfs path after deactivating them. (#954062) (dlehman) - Factories with existing containers use the container's disk set. (dlehman) - Don't set up a child factory if the container is set and exists. (dlehman) - Set a non-zero size for new btrfs subvols in an existing volume. (dlehman) - Open as many luks devs as possible with any given passphrase. (#965754) (dlehman) - Make sure container changes worked before applying device changes. (#965805) (dlehman) - Re-initialize platform in storageInitialize (#962104) (bcl) - Make a copy of devicetree._devices before using the append operator. (clumens) - Handle incomplete devices becoming complete on device rescan. (clumens) - Don't allow a device to be on the hidden list more than once. (clumens) * Wed May 15 2013 David Lehman <> - 0.14-1 - total_memory calculation needs to round up (#962231) (bcl) - The dev.node attribute for iscsi devices is not copyable (#962865). (clumens) - Wipe partitions before they are created (#950145) (bcl) - Pass ROOT_PATH as an argument instead of importing it. (clumens) - If no iscsi nodes are discovered, return an empty list instead of None. (clumens) * Thu May 09 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.13-1 - Make sure createBitmap is updated when level changes (#960271) (bcl) - Update biosboot error message (#960691) (bcl) * Fri May 03 2013 David Lehman <> - 0.12-1 - Fix a bug in renaming lvm lvs. (dlehman) - Add container size policies for unlimited growth and fixed size. (dlehman) - Remove device factory methods to change container name. (dlehman) - Override any default subvol when mounting main btrfs volume. (#921757) (dlehman) - Fix detection of multipath. (#955664) (dlehman) - When a btrfs subvol's name is changed, change its subvol argument too. (clumens) - Allow returning hidden disks from the getDeviceBy* methods, if asked. (clumens) - Fix fipvlan -f argument once more and for good (#836321) (rvykydal) - Remove the intf parameters from the iscsi class. (clumens) - Don't relly on /proc/mdstat when enumeraing RAID levels. (jsafrane) - Set product names in non-installer mode. (jsafrane) - Fixed checking status of MD RAID which was just deleted. (jsafrane) - Account for the fact that md's metadata usage is unpredictable. (dlehman) - Remove members from their containers before destroying them. (dlehman) - Make get_container work even if there are duplicate names. (dlehman) - LVMFactory with a container_raid_level means use LVMOnMDFactory. (dlehman) - Add a check for enough raid members after allocating partitions. (dlehman) - Make parent_factory an attribute of the DeviceFactory instance. (dlehman) - All container settings use container_ kwargs. (dlehman) - Add ability to find raid level of an lvm vg. (dlehman) - Always pass -f to wipefs since it lies about in-use devices. (#953329) (dlehman) - Fix a bug extended partition management. (#951765) (dlehman) - Don't return incomplete devices from getDeviceByFoo methods by default. (dlehman) - Don't traceback when degraded md raid arrays are present. (#953184) (dlehman) * Mon Apr 15 2013 David Lehman <> - 0.11-1 - Fix handling of isohybrid media. (#950510) (dlehman) - Fix getting dracut setup args from dasd.conf. (#950964) (dlehman) * Tue Apr 09 2013 David Lehman <> - 0.10-1 - Extended partitions containing logical partitions are not leaves. (#949912) (dlehman) - Remove devices in reverse order in Blivet.recursiveRemove. (#949912) (dlehman) - Rewrite the DeviceFactory classes. (dlehman) - Hook up error handling in installer-specific methods. (#948250) (dlehman) - Don't traceback if fcoe.startup is called without fcoe utils present. (dlehman) - Fix logic error that causes us to ignore disks in exclusiveDisks. (dlehman) - Slightly improve currentSize for btrfs volumes. (dlehman) - Simplify multipath handling. (dlehman) - Don't expect anaconda udev rules to be in use. (dlehman) - Drop requires for things only needed for OS installation. (dlehman) - New version: 0.9 (bcl) - Only install packages for devices and filesystems used by the OS. (dlehman) - Fix LVMLogicalVolumeDevice.maxSize. (dlehman) - Fix handling of name=None in newLV, newMDArray, newVG. (dlehman) - Allow calls to suggestDeviceName with only a prefix argument. (dlehman) - Move mdadm superblock size calculation into devicelibs.mdraid. (dlehman) * Thu Mar 28 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.9-1 - NTFS.minSize is supposed to be a property. (#924410) (dlehman) - Mount /run during install and fix /sys mount (#922988) (bcl) - Fix two excptions triggered by calls to copy_to_system. (hamzy) * Wed Mar 13 2013 David Lehman <> - 0.8-1 - Check for "ip=ibft" cmdline option, not for "ibft". (rvykydal) - run_program returns an int. (#920584) (dlehman) - Fix units for lvs output. (dlehman) - Don't pass an intf arg to ISCSI.stabilize. (#920041) (dlehman) - Add __version__ to blivet/ (dlehman) - Only run info prog (eg: dumpe2fs) once per filesystem. (dlehman) - Processing of a PV with no VG metadata is easy. (dlehman) - Add some convenience properties for displaying DeviceAction info. (dlehman) - Ignore MTDs, as we do not have the tools to write to them (#916771). (clumens) - Include udev's list of symbolic links in StorageDevice. (#914724) (dlehman) - Set a DeviceFormat instance's type attribute to the requested type. (dlehman) - Allow size specs that do not include a 'b' or 'B'. (#888851) (dlehman) - Fix reference to 'factory' from within DeviceFactory class. (dlehman) - Fix problems detecting lvm and md devices. (#914730) (dlehman) - Allow passing size=None to device factories for unbounded growth. (dlehman) - Provide a way to set the default fstype for a Blivet instance. (#838145) (dlehman) - Allow changing the size of encrypted devices via DeviceFactory. (#913169) (dlehman) - Don't dump storage state except in installer mode. (dlehman) - Fix device resolution for btrfs. (dlehman) - Fix device resolution to find named md devices. (dlehman) - Account for active mounts in normal mode. (#914898) (dlehman) - Add an example script which lists all devices. (dlehman) - Add scripts/makeupdates script (bcl) * Thu Feb 21 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.7-1 - Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// (bcl) - Bring in productName from pyanaconda in installer mode. (#913559) (dlehman) * Wed Feb 20 2013 Brian C. Lane <> - 0.6-1 - parse buffer output from resize (#913141) (bcl) - prevent traceback when root device is not defined #rhbz883768 (sbueno+anaconda) - Move empty_disk to a top-level function, and rename. (clumens) - Add some high-level comments to DeviceFactory.configure_device. (dlehman) - Refactor DeviceFactory.set_container_members for clarity. (dlehman) - Rename the main blivet logger from "storage" to "blivet". (dlehman) - Use the blivet domain for translations. (dlehman) - Move DeviceFactory classes and related code into a new file. (dlehman) - New version: 0.5 (dlehman) * Fri Feb 08 2013 David Lehman <> - 0.5-1 - Add mountOnly to turnOnFilesystems (bcl) - Update lvm scanning to account for new ignored device handling. (dlehman) - Scan in all devices and then hide those that use ignored disks. (dlehman) - Adjust child counts correctly when unhiding a device. (dlehman) - Generate lvm config args each time they're needed/used. (dlehman) - Add ability to grab 70-anaconda.rules udev data directly. (dlehman) - Add support for active luks mappings at populate time. (dlehman) - Don't require nss, required only for escrow key support. (dlehman) - Update the TODO list. (dlehman) - Add missing constant DMI_CHASSIS_VENDOR. (dlehman) - Allow for multiple calls to DeviceTree.processActions. (#881023,#846573) (dlehman) - Use CGit snaphot URL for Source in specfile. (dlehman) - Streamline some logic in storageInitialize. (dlehman) - Don't re-add deleted or hidden devices during DeviceTree.populate. (dlehman) - Only run findExistingInstallations and start iscsi, &c in installer mode. (dlehman) - Do not change device status during populate in normal mode. (#817064) (dlehman) - Drop old code related to saving clearPartType from pre-f18. (dlehman) - check for skipping bootloader in doIt (bcl) - check for stage1 when not installing bootloader (#882065,#895232) (bcl) - explicitly detect iso9660 on a disk (#903158) (bcl) - Fix several problems in python-blivet.spec. (dlehman) - Remove #!/usr/bin/python from (dlehman) - Update COPYING file. (dlehman) - Add a Requires for dmidecode on x86. (dlehman) * Sun Jan 20 2013 David Lehman <> - 0.4-1 - Use a two-part version number instead of three. (dlehman) - Rename the rpm package from blivet to python-blivet. (dlehman) - Move get_mount_device, get_mount_paths from pyanaconda.packaging to util. (dlehman) - Update the TODO list. (dlehman) - Carry over s390 exclusion of fcoe-utils from anaconda. (dlehman) - Enable translations via transifex. (dlehman) * Fri Jan 18 2013 David Lehman <> - 0.2-1 - Add Requires: iscsi-initiator-utils, fcoe-utils, device-mapper-multipath. (dlehman) - Use a threading lock to control program log output. (dlehman) - Fix reference to data to refer to ksdata in Blivet constructor. (dlehman) - Remove the loop around proc.communicate in util._run_program. (dlehman) * Tue Jan 15 2013 David Lehman <> 0.2-1 - Updated source from final pre-split anaconda source. - Renamed to blivet throughout. - Updated spec file to include runtime Requires. * Fri Jan 04 2013 David Lehman <> 0.1-1 - Created package from anaconda storage module.