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Information for build pungi-4.1.10-1.fc25

Package Namepungi
SummaryDistribution compose tool
DescriptionA tool to create anaconda based installation trees/isos of a set of rpms.
Built byausil
State complete
StartedSat, 08 Oct 2016 17:25:31 UTC
CompletedSat, 08 Oct 2016 17:30:01 UTC
Taskbuild (f25-candidate, /rpms/pungi:3c2e0c652930266f8b57902a84d47e1c1a12c7f2)
pungi-4.1.10-1.fc25.src.rpm (info) (download)
pungi-4.1.10-1.fc25.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Sat Oct 08 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.10-1 - pungi: Replace kickstart repo url (mark) - ostree-installer: Reduce duplication in tests (lsedlar) - ostree-installer: Generate correct volume ID (lsedlar) - ostree-installer: Use ostree as type in filename (lsedlar) - ostree: Use $basearch in repo file (lsedlar) - config: Accept empty branch in SCM dict (lsedlar) - Remove duplicated version from pungi script (lsedlar) - use --new-chroot when making ostree's (dennis) - Create git tags without release (lsedlar) - Translate paths without double slash (lsedlar) - Remove shebangs from non-executable files (lsedlar) - Remove FSF address from comments (lsedlar) - Update contributing guide (lsedlar) - init: Remove keep_original_comps option (lsedlar) - tests: Use unittest2 consistently (lsedlar) * Thu Sep 29 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.9-2 - add patch to enable use of --new-chroot for ostree tasks * Wed Sep 21 2016 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar@redhat.com> - 4.1.9-1 - ostree_installer: Add --isfinal lorax argument (lsedlar) - Recreate JSON dump of configuration (lsedlar) - Merge #385 `Test and clean up pungi.linker` (dennis) - Merge #390 `checksums: Never skip checksumming phase` (dennis) - variants: Allow multiple explicit optional variants (lsedlar) - checksums: Never skip checksumming phase (lsedlar) - [linker] Remove dead code (lsedlar) - [linker] Add tests (lsedlar) - Dump original pungi conf (cqi) - ostree: Add tests for sending ostree messages (lsedlar) - Send fedmsg message on ostree compose finishg (puiterwijk) - createrepo: Add option to use xz compression (lsedlar) - Allow user to set a ~/.pungirc for some defaults (riehecky) - metadata: Improve error reporting on failed checksum (lsedlar) - extra-files: Write a metadata file enumerating extra files (jeremy) - Merge #381 `Automatically generate missing image version` (dennis) - Automatically generate missing image version (lsedlar) - Add JSON Schema for configuration (lsedlar) - Allow arbitrary arguments in make test (lsedlar) - createiso: Report nice error when tag does not exist (lsedlar) - Fix test data build script (lsedlar) - [osbs] Add NVRA of created image into main log (lsedlar) - [createiso] Remove unused script (lsedlar) - Update doc about generating release value (lsedlar) - Use label to populate image release (lsedlar) - doc: Fix example for image_build (lsedlar) - Ignore module imports not at top of file (lsedlar) - Merge #367 `Remove unused imports` (dennis) - [buildinstall] Fix cleaning output dir (lsedlar) - Remove unused imports (lsedlar) - Merge #360 `[osbs] Convert build_id to int` (dennis) - Merge #361 `Fix config validation script` (dennis) - Merge #365 `Make image test at end of compose less strict` (dennis) - [test] Make image test at end of compose less strict (lsedlar) - [iso] Fix check on failable ISO (lsedlar) - Add full Pungi version to log output (lsedlar) - Fix config validation script (lsedlar) - [osbs] Convert build_id to int (lsedlar) - [image-build] Get failable config from correct place (lsedlar) * Wed Aug 10 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.8-1 - [createiso] Use shell script for runroot (lsedlar) - Merge #357 `Improve error messages for gathering packages` (dennis) - [test] Only check bootability for images on x86_64 and i386 (lsedlar) - Improve error messages for gathering packages (lsedlar) - Merge #339 `Refactor failables, step 1` (dennis) - Refactor failables (lsedlar) - Stop setting release in OSBS phase (lsedlar) - Merge #351 `Remove ambiguous imports` (dennis) - [test] Correctly check bootable ISOs (lsedlar) - Remove ambiguous imports (lsedlar) - Merge #347 `Remove duplicate definition of find_old_composes.` (lubomir.sedlar) - Merge #342 `Simplify naming format placeholders` (dennis) - Merge #345 `createrepo: use separate logs for different pkg_type` (dennis) - Remove duplicate definition of find_old_composes... (rbean) - [createrepo] fix 'createrepo_deltas' option (qwan) - createrepo: use separate logs for different pkg_type (lsedlar) - Simplify naming format placeholders (lsedlar) - Treat variants without comps groups as having all of them (lsedlar) - Always generate rpms.json file (lsedlar) * Tue Jul 19 2016 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng@lists.fedoraproject.org> - 4.1.7-2 - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Automatic_Provides_for_Python_RPM_Packages * Thu Jun 23 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.7-1 - [scm] Add logging for exporting local files (lsedlar) - [extra-files] Only copy files when there is a config (lsedlar) - [extra-files] Refactoring (lsedlar) - [extra-files] Skip whole phase if not configured (lsedlar) - [extra-files] Copy files using existing function (lsedlar) - [extra-files] Add tests (lsedlar) - [osbs] Add a phase to build images in OSBS (lsedlar) - Setup global log file before logging anything (lsedlar) - [metadata] Correctly save final flag (lsedlar) - Merge #326 `add missing dependencies` (dennis) - [createiso] Add test for adding source iso to metadata (lsedlar) - Merge #325 `Fix checking optional ISO images in test phase` (dennis) - Merge #321 `Add support for top-level variant IDs with dashes.` (dennis) - Merge #320 `images.json: Move src images under binary arches.` (dennis) - add missing dependencies (nils) - Fix checking optional ISO images in test phase (lsedlar) - add lxml dependency (nils) - images.json: Move src images under binary arches. (dmach) - Add support for top-level variant IDs with dashes. (dmach) - Fix PYTHONPATH usage in test_compose.sh. (dmach) - [createiso] Enable customizing media reserve (lsedlar) - [createiso] Add test for splitting media (lsedlar) - [media-split] Remove commented-out code (lsedlar) - [media-split] Simplify code (lsedlar) - [media-split] Add code documentation (lsedlar) - [media-split] Add unit tests (lsedlar) - Add missing documentation (lsedlar) - [buildinstall] Fix bad error message (lsedlar) - Merge #309 `Add compatibility for Python 2.6` (dennis) - Merge #293 `Add tests for generating discinfo and media.repo files` (dennis) - Merge #287 `Use koji profiles to list RPMs in buildroot` (dennis) - [ostree-installer] Put images to os/ directory (lsedlar) - [ostree] Rename duplicated test (lsedlar) - [util] Use koji profile for getting RPMs from buildroot (lsedlar) - [util] Add test for getting list of buildroot RPMs (lsedlar) - pungi-koji: fix up latest symlink creation (dennis) - Use unittest2 if available (lsedlar) - Stop using str.format (lsedlar) - Stop using functools.total_ordering (lsedlar) - The message attribute on exception is deprecated (lsedlar) - [ostree] Rename duplicated test (lsedlar) - [metadata] Simplify writing media.repo (lsedlar) - [metadata] Add test for writing media.repo (lsedlar) - [discinfo] Use context manager for file access (lsedlar) - [metadata] Add tests for discinfo files (lsedlar) * Tue May 24 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.6-1 - [ostree-installer] Allow using external repos as source (lsedlar) - [image-build] Allow using external install trees (lsedlar) - Add type to base product for layered releases (lsedlar) - Merge #303 `[ostree] Use unique work and log paths` (dennis) - [ostree] Use unique work and log paths (lsedlar) - [arch] Add mock rpmUtils module (lsedlar) * Mon May 16 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.5-1 - [ostree] Put variant name in ostree log dir (lsedlar) - Merge #294 `[ostree] Initialize empty repo` (dennis) - [util] Resolve git+https URLs (lsedlar) - [ostree] Initialize empty repo (lsedlar) - [test] Add checks for created images (lsedlar) - Fix caching global ksurl (lsedlar) - include tests/fixtures in manifest (dennis) * Fri May 06 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.4-2 - add patch to fix caching global ksurl * Fri Apr 29 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.4-1 - Merge #273 `Deduplicate configuration a bit` (dennis) - Merge #280 `[createrepo] Use more verbose output` (dennis) - Merge #283 `Pungi should log when it tries to publish notifications.` (dennis) - [createiso] Add back running isohybrid on x86 disk images (dennis) - [createiso] Remove chdir() (lsedlar) - [pkgset] Fix caching RPMs (lsedlar) - [createrepo] Use more verbose output (lsedlar) - Pungi should log when it tries to publish notifications. (rbean) - [pkgset] Use context manager for opening file list (lsedlar) - [pkgset] Add tests for writing filelists (lsedlar) - [pkgset] Simplify finding RPM in koji buildroot (lsedlar) - [pkgset] Clean up koji package set (lsedlar) - [pkgset] Add test for pkgset merging (lsedlar) - [pkgset] Add tests for KojiPackageSet (lsedlar) - [pkgset] Clean up Koji source (lsedlar) - [pkgset] Add tests for Koji source (lsedlar) - Add common global settings for images (lsedlar) - Remove duplicated and dead code (lsedlar) - [live-media] Add check for live_media_version option (lsedlar) - [scm-wrapper] Remove unused method (lsedlar) - [scm-wrapper] Report when file wrapper did not match anything (lsedlar) - [scm-wrapper] Use context manager for managing temp dir (lsedlar) - [scm-wrapper] Reduce code duplication in RPM wrapper (lsedlar) - [scm-wrapper] Copy files directly (lsedlar) - [scm-wrapper] Reduce code duplication (lsedlar) - [scm-wrapper] Add tests for SCM wrappers (lsedlar) - [ostree] Set each repo to point to current compose (lsedlar) - [ostree-installer] Drop filename setting (lsedlar) - Merge #269 `Improve logging of failable deliverables` (ausil) - [ostree-installer] Fix example documentation (lsedlar) - Improve logging of failable deliverables (lsedlar) - [ostree-installer] Install ostree in runroot (lsedlar) - [pkgset] Print more detailed logs when rpm is not found (lsedlar) - [ostree-installer] Clone repo with templates (lsedlar) * Tue Apr 12 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.3-3 - add patch to install ostree in the ostree_installer runroot * Mon Apr 11 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.3-2 - add patch to print more info for missing rpms - add patch to clone repo with extra lorax templates for ostree_installer * Fri Apr 08 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.3-1 - enable the compose test (dennis) - [ostree-installer] Copy all lorax outputs (lsedlar) - [ostree] Log to stdout as well (lsedlar) - [ostree-installer] Use separate directory for logs (lsedlar) - Merge #260 `Maybe fix ostree?` (ausil) - [ostree-installer] Put lorax output into work dir (lsedlar) - [ostree] Add test check for modified repo baseurl (lsedlar) - [ostree] Move cloning repo back to compose box (lsedlar) - [ostree] Mount ostree directory in koji (lsedlar) * Thu Apr 07 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.2-2 - make sure that the shebang of pungi-pylorax-find-templates is python3 * Wed Apr 06 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.2-1 - Merge #257 `[ostree] Enable marking ostree phase as failable` (ausil) - [ostree] Enable marking ostree phase as failable (lsedlar) - [koji-wrapper] Initialize wrappers sequentially (lsedlar) - [createiso] Simplify code, test phase (lsedlar) - [createiso] Move runroot work to separate script (lsedlar) - [ostree] Use explicit work directory (lsedlar) - [ostree] Rename atomic to ostree (lsedlar) - [ostree] Move cloning config repo to chroot (lsedlar) - [ostree] Fix call to kobo.shortcuts.run (lsedlar) - [atomic] Stop creating the os directory (lsedlar) - [checksum] Add arch to file name (lsedlar) * Tue Apr 05 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.1-3 - add some more ostree fixes - add a bandaid for ppc until we get a proper fix * Mon Apr 04 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.1-2 - add upstream patches for bugfixes in ostree and checksums * Fri Apr 01 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.1-1 - install scripts (dennis) - Merge #242 `Fix wrong file permissions` (ausil) - Add a utility to validate config (lsedlar) - [variants] Stop printing stuff to stderr unconditionally (lsedlar) - Fix atomic/ostree config validations (lsedlar) - [pungi-wrapper] Remove duplicated code (lsedlar) - [checks] Add a check for too restrictive umask (lsedlar) - [util] Remove umask manipulation from makedirs (lsedlar) - Merge #240 `Filter variants and architectures` (ausil) - Filter variants and architectures (lsedlar) - Refactor checking for failable deliverables (lsedlar) - [buildinstall] Do not crash on failure (lsedlar) - Reuse helper in all tests (lsedlar) - [atomic] Add atomic_installer phase (lsedlar) - [ostree] Add ostree phase (lsedlar) - [atomic] Add a script to create ostree repo (lsedlar) - Merge #232 `Improve logging by adding subvariants` (ausil) - Add compose type to release for images (lsedlar) - [image-build] Add traceback on failure (lsedlar) - [image-build] Use subvariants in logging output (lsedlar) - [live-media] Use subvariants in logging (lsedlar) - Add tracebacks to all failable phases (lsedlar) - ppc no longer needs magic bits in the iso (pbrobinson) - [buildinstall] Add more debugging output (lsedlar) - [metadata] Stop crashing on empty path from .treeinfo (lsedlar) - [checksums] Add label to file name (lsedlar) - [buildinstall] Use customized dvd disc type (lsedlar) - image_build: fix subvariant handling (awilliam) * Fri Mar 11 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.1.0-1 - upstream 4.1.0 release * Thu Mar 10 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0.9-2 - new tarball with upstream commits for test suite and pkgset * Thu Mar 10 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0.9-1 - [init] Update documentation (lsedlar) - [init] Iterate over arches just once (lsedlar) - [init] Remove duplicated checks for comps (lsedlar) - [init] Break long lines (lsedlar) - [init] Don't overwrite the same log file (lsedlar) - [init] Add config option for keeping original comps (lsedlar) - Add tests for the init phase (lsedlar) - [checks] Test printing in all cases (lsedlar) - [checks] Reduce code duplication (lsedlar) - [checks] Relax check for genisoimage (lsedlar) - [checks] Remove duplicate msgfmt line (lsedlar) - [checks] Relax check for isohybrid command (lsedlar) - [checks] Add tests for dependency checking (lsedlar) - [checks] Don't always require jigdo (lsedlar) - [pkgset] Respect inherit setting (lsedlar) - specify that the 4.0 docs are for 4.0.8 (dennis) - [live-media] Support release set to None globally (lsedlar) - include tests/fixtures/* in the tarball (dennis) * Wed Mar 09 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0.8-2 - add patch to allow livemedia_release to be None globally * Tue Mar 08 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0.8-1 - Add README (lsedlar) - [doc] Fix formatting (lsedlar) - [createiso] Add customizing disc type (lsedlar) - [live-images] Add customizing disc type (lsedlar) - [buildinstall] Add customizing disc type (lsedlar) - [buildinstall] Rename method to not mention symlinks (lsedlar) - [gather] Fix documentation of multilib white- and blacklist (lsedlar) - [paths] Document and test translate_path (lsedlar) - [createrepo] Compute delta RPMS against old compose (lsedlar) - [util] Add function to search for old composes (lsedlar) - [live-media] Add global settings (lsedlar) - [live-media] Rename test case (lsedlar) * Thu Mar 03 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0.7-1 - Limit the variants with config option 'tree_variants' (dennis) - [createrepo-wrapper] Fix --deltas argument (lsedlar) - [createrepo-wrapper] Add tests (lsedlar) - [koji-wrapper] Retry watching on connection errors (lsedlar) - [createrepo-wrapper] Refactor code (lsedlar) - [paths] Use variant.uid explicitly (lsedlar) - [createrepo] Add tests (lsedlar) - [createrepo] Refactor code (lsedlar) - [image-build] Fix resolving git urls (lsedlar) - [testphase] Don't run repoclosure for empty variants (lsedlar) - [live-images] No manifest for appliances (lsedlar) * Fri Feb 26 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0.6-1 - push the 4.0 docs to a 4.0 branch (dennis) - [live-images] Rename log file (lsedlar) - [buildinstall] Use -dvd- in volume ids instead of -boot- (lsedlar) - [buildinstall] Hardlink boot isos (lsedlar) - [doc] Write documentation for kickstart Git URLs (lsedlar) - [util] Resolve branches in git urls (lsedlar) - [live-images] Fix crash when repo_from is not a list (lsedlar) - [buildinstall] Don't copy files for empty variants (lsedlar) * Tue Feb 23 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0.5-1 - [tests] Fix wrong checks in buildinstall tests (lsedlar) - [tests] Use temporary files for buildinstall (lsedlar) - [tests] Do not mock open for koji wrapper tests (lsedlar) - Merge #179 `Update makefile targets for testing` (ausil) - Update makefile targets for testing (lsedlar) - [live-images] Set type to raw-xz for appliances (lsedlar) - [live-images] Correctly create format (lsedlar) - [tests] Dummy compose is no longer private (lsedlar) - [tests] Move buildinstall tests to new infrastructure (lsedlar) - [tests] Use real paths module in testing (lsedlar) - [tests] Move dummy testing compose into separate module (lsedlar) - [live-images] Create image dir if needed (lsedlar) - [live-images] Add images to manifest (lsedlar) - [live-images] Fix path processing (lsedlar) - [live-images] Move repo calculation to separate method (lsedlar) - [koji-wrapper] Fix getting results from spin-appliance (lsedlar) - [live-images] Filter non-image results (lsedlar) - [live-images] Rename repos_from to repo_from (lsedlar) - [koji-wrapper] Add test for passing release to image-build (lsedlar) - [live-images] Automatically populate release with date and respin (lsedlar) - [live-media] Respect release set in configuration (lsedlar) - [live-images] Build all images specified in config (lsedlar) - [live-media] Don't create $basedir arch (lsedlar) - Update tests (lsedlar) - do not ad to image build and live tasks the variant if it is empty (dennis) - when a variant is empty do not add it to the repolist for livemedia (dennis) - [live-media] Update tests to use $basearch (lsedlar) - [buildinstall] Don't run lorax for empty variants (lsedlar) - Merge #159 `use $basearch not $arch in livemedia tasks` (lubomir.sedlar) - Merge #158 `do not uses pipes.quotes in livemedia tasks` (lubomir.sedlar) - Add documentation for signing support that was added by previous commit (tmlcoch) - Support signing of rpm wrapped live images (tmlcoch) - Fix terminology - Koji uses sigkey not level (tmlcoch) - use $basearch not $arch in livemedia tasks (dennis) - do not uses pipes.quotes in livemedia tasks (dennis) - [live-images] Don't tweak kickstarts (lsedlar) - Allow specifying empty variants (lsedlar) - [createrepo] Remove dead assignments (lsedlar) - Keep empty query string in resolved git url (lsedlar) - [image-build] Use dashes as arch separator in log (lsedlar) - [buildinstall] Stop parsing task_id (lsedlar) - [koji-wrapper] Get task id from failed runroot (lsedlar) - [live-media] Pass ksurl to koji (lsedlar) - Merge #146 `[live-media] Properly calculate iso dir` (ausil) - [live-media] Properly calculate iso dir (lsedlar) - [image-build] Fix tests (lsedlar) - add image-build sections (lkocman) - [koji-wrapper] Add tests for get_create_image_cmd (lsedlar) - [live-images] Add support for spin-appliance (lsedlar) - [live-media] Koji option is ksfile, not kickstart (lsedlar) - [live-media] Use install tree from another variant (lsedlar) - [live-media] Put images into iso dir (lsedlar) - [image-build] Koji expects arches as a comma separated string (lsedlar) - Merge #139 `Log more details when any deliverable fails` (ausil) - [live-media] Version is required argument (lsedlar) - [koji-wrapper] Only parse output on success (lsedlar) - [koji-wrapper] Add tests for runroot wrapper (lsedlar) - [buildinstall] Improve logging (lsedlar) - Log more details about failed deliverable (lsedlar) - [image-build] Fix failable tests (lsedlar) - Merge #135 `Add live media support` (ausil) - Merge #133 `media_split: add logger support. Helps with debugging space issues on dvd media` (ausil) - [live-media] Add live media phase (lsedlar) - [koji-wrapper] Add support for spin-livemedia (lsedlar) - [koji-wrapper] Use more descriptive method names (lsedlar) - [image-build] Remove dead code (lsedlar) - media_split: add logger support. Helps with debugging space issues on dvd media (lkocman) - [image-build] Allow running image build scratch tasks (lsedlar) - [image-build] Allow dynamic release for images (lsedlar) * Thu Feb 04 2016 Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> - 4.0.4-2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_24_Mass_Rebuild * Wed Jan 20 2016 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0.4-1 - 4.0.4 release (dennis) - Merge #123 `Live images: add repo from another variant` (ausil) - Merge #125 `[image-build] Stop creating wrong arch dirs` (ausil) - Toggle multilib per variant (lsedlar) - [live-images] Code cleanup (lsedlar) - [live-images] Add documentation (lsedlar) - [live-images] Add repos from other variants (lsedlar) - [image-build] Stop creating wrong arch dirs (lsedlar) - Enable identifying variants in exception traces (lsedlar) - Store which deliverables failed (lsedlar) - scm.py: use git clone instead git archive for http(s):// (lkocman) - Fix filtering of system release packages (lsedlar) - Merge #114 `Use install tree/repo from another variant for image build` (ausil) - Make system release package filtering optional (lsedlar) - [image-build] Optionally do not break whole compose (lsedlar) - [image-build] Refactoring (lsedlar) - [image-build] Use repo from another variant (lsedlar) - [image-build] Take install tree from another variant (lsedlar) - Add missing formats to volumeid and image name (lsedlar) - [image-build] Use single koji task per variant (lsedlar) - Fix image-build modifying config (lsedlar) - Fix missing checksums in .treeinfo (lsedlar) - Don't crash on generating volid without variant (lsedlar) - Merge #99 `Add option to specify non-failing stuff` (ausil) - Add repo from current compose (lsedlar) - Fix getting compose topdir in CreateImage build thread (lsedlar) - Add option to specify non-failing stuff (lsedlar) - Allow customizing image name and volume id (lsedlar) - Fix notifier tests (lsedlar) - Publish a url instead of a file path. (rbean) - Add 'topdir' to all fedmsg/notifier messages. (rbean) - Merge #75 `Start of development guide` (ausil) - Merge #88 `Resolve HEAD in ksurl to actual hash` (ausil) - Merge #87 `Add support for customizing lorax options` (ausil) - Update fedmsg notification hook to use appropriate config. (rbean) - we need to ensure that we send all the tasks to koji on the correct arch (dennis) - Resolve HEAD in ksurl to actual hash (lsedlar) - Add support for customizing lorax options (lsedlar) - Run lorax in separate dirs for each variant (lsedlar) - Merge #84 `Allow specifying --installpkgs for lorax` (ausil) - Merge #83 `Fix recently discovered bugs` (ausil) - Merge #82 `indentation fixs correcting dvd creation` (ausil) - Merge #69 `Move messaging into cli options and simplify it` (ausil) - Start lorax for each variant separately (lsedlar) - Update lorax wrapper to use --installpkgs (lsedlar) - Allow specifying which packages to install in variants xml (lsedlar) - Add basic tests for buildinstall phase (lsedlar) - Fix generating checksum files (lsedlar) - Use lowercase hashed directories (lsedlar) - indentation fixs correcting dvd creation (dennis) - remove glibc32 from the runroot tasks (dennis) - fix up the pungi-fedmesg-notification script name (dennis) - Add overview of Pungi to documentation (lsedlar) - Move messaging into cli options (lsedlar) - Extend contributing guide (lsedlar) - Load multilib configuration from local dir in development (lsedlar) - Allow running scripts with any python in PATH (lsedlar) * Tue Sep 08 2015 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> 4.0.3-1 - Merge #54 `fix log_info for image_build (fails if image_build is skipped)` (lkocman) - image_build: self.log_info -> self.compose.log_info (lkocman) - Revert "Added params needed for Atomic compose to LoraxWrapper" (dennis) - Revert "fix up if/elif in _handle_optional_arg_type" (dennis) - Add image-build support (lkocman) - Add translate path support. Useful for passing pungi repos to image-build (lkocman) - import duplicate import of errno from buildinstall (lkocman) - handle openning missing images.json (image-less compose re-run) (lkocman) - compose: Add compose_label_major_version(). (lkocman) - pungi-koji: Don't print traceback if error occurred. (pbabinca) - More detailed message for unsigned rpms. (tkopecek) - New config option: product_type (default is 'ga'); Set to 'updates' for updates composes. (dmach) - kojiwrapper: Add get_signed_wrapped_rpms_paths() and get_build_nvrs() methods. (tmlcoch) - live_images: Copy built wrapped rpms from koji into compose. (tmlcoch) - kojiwrapper: Add get_wrapped_rpm_path() function. (tmlcoch) - live_images: Allow custom name prefix for live ISOs. (tmlcoch) - Do not require enabled runroot option for live_images phase. (tmlcoch) - Support for rpm wrapped live images. (tmlcoch) - Remove redundant line in variants wrapper. (tmlcoch) - Merge #36 `Add params needed for Atomic compose to LoraxWrapper` (admiller) - live_images: replace hardcoded path substition with translate_path() call (lkocman) - live_images fix reference from koji to koji_wrapper (lkocman) - fix up if/elif in _handle_optional_arg_type (admiller) - Added params needed for Atomic compose to LoraxWrapper (admiller) - Merge #24 `Fix empty repodata when hash directories were enabled. ` (dmach) - createrepo: Fix empty repodata when hash directories were enabled. (dmach) * Fri Jul 24 2015 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0.2-1 - Merge #23 `fix treeinfo checksums` (dmach) - Fix treeinfo checksums. (dmach) - add basic setup for making arm iso's (dennis) - gather: Implement hashed directories. (dmach) - createiso: Add createiso_skip options to skip createiso on any variant/arch. (dmach) - Fix buildinstall for armhfp. (dmach) - Fix and document productimg phase. (dmach) - Add armhfp arch tests. (dmach) - Document configuration options. (dmach) - Add dependency of 'runroot' config option on 'koji_profile'. (dmach) - Rename product_* to release_*. (dmach) - Implement koji profiles. (dmach) - Drop repoclosure-%arch tests. (dmach) - Config option create_optional_isos now defaults to False. (dmach) - Change createrepo config options defaults. (dmach) - Rewrite documentation to Sphinx. (dmach) - Fix test data, improve Makefile. (dmach) - Update GPL to latest version from https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.txt (dmach) * Thu Jun 18 2015 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng@lists.fedoraproject.org> - 4.0.1-2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_23_Mass_Rebuild * Thu Jun 11 2015 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0.1-1 - wrap check for selinux enforcing in a try except (dennis) - pull in gather.py patches from dmach for test compose (admiller) - Add some basic testing, dummy rpm creation, and a testing README (admiller) - pungi-koji: use logger instead of print when it's available (lkocman) - fix incorrect reference to variable 'product_is_layered' (lkocman) - pungi-koji: fix bad module path to verify_label() (lkocman) - update the package Requires to ensure we have everything installed to run pungi-koji (dennis) - update the package to be installed for productmd to python-productmd (dennis) * Sun Jun 07 2015 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0-0.9.20150607.gitef7c78c - update docs now devel-4-pungi is merged to master, minor spelling fixes (pbrobinson) - Fix remaining productmd issues. (dmach) - Revert "refactor metadata.py to use productmd's compose.dump for composeinfo" (dmach) - Fix LoraxTreeInfo class inheritance. (dmach) - Fix pungi -> pungi_wrapper namespace issue. (dmach) - fix arg order for checksums.add (admiller) - update for productmd checksums.add to TreeInfo (admiller) - fix product -> release namespace change for productmd (admiller) - update arch manifest.add config order for productmd api call (admiller) - update for new productmd named args to rpms (admiller) - fix pungi vs pungi_wrapper namespacing in method_deps.py (admiller) - add createrepo_c Requires to pungi.spec (admiller) - add comps_filter (admiller) - refactor metadata.py to use productmd's compose.dump for composeinfo instead of pungi compose_to_composeinfo (admiller) - Update compose, phases{buildinstall,createiso,gather/__ini__} to use correct productmd API calls (admiller) - Use libselinux-python instead of subprocess (lmacken) - Add README for contributors (admiller) * Wed May 20 2015 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0-0.8.20150520.gitff77a92 - fix up bad += from early test of implementing different iso labels based on if there is a variant or not (dennis) * Wed May 20 2015 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0-0.7.20150520.gitdc1be3e - make sure we treat the isfinal option as a boolean when fetching it (dennis) - if there is a variant use it in the volume id and shorten it. this will make each producst install tree have different volume ids for their isos (dennis) - fix up productmd import in the executable (dennis) - fixup productmd imports for changes with open sourcing (dennis) - tell the scm wrapper to do an absolute import otherwise we hit a circular dep issue and things go wonky (dennis) - include the dtd files in /usr/share/pungi (dennis) - add missing ) causing a syntax error (dennis) - fix up the productmd imports to import the function from the common module (dennis) - fix up typo in getting arch for the lorax log file (dennis) * Sat Mar 14 2015 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0-0.6.20150314.gitd337c34 - update the git snapshot to pick up some fixes * Fri Mar 13 2015 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0-0.5.git18d4d2e - update Requires for rename of python-productmd * Thu Mar 12 2015 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0-0.4.git18d4d2e - fix up the pungi logging by putting the arch in the log file name (dennis) - change pypungi imports to pungi (dennis) - spec file cleanups (dennis) * Thu Mar 12 2015 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0-0.3.gita3158ec - rename binaries (dennis) - Add the option to pass a custom path for the multilib config files (bcl) - Call lorax as a process not a library (bcl) - Close child fds when using subprocess (bcl) - fixup setup.py and MANIFEST.in to make a useable tarball (dennis) - switch to BSD style hashes for the iso checksums (dennis) - refactor to get better data into .treeinfo (dennis) - Initial code merge for Pungi 4.0. (dmach) - Initial changes for Pungi 4.0. (dmach) - Add --nomacboot option (csieh) * Thu Mar 12 2015 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0-0.2.git320724e - update git snapshot to switch to executing lorax since it is using dnf * Thu Mar 12 2015 Dennis Gilmore <dennis@ausil.us> - 4.0-0.1.git64b6c80 - update to the pungi 4.0 dev branch