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Package Nameibus-typing-booster
SummaryA completion input method
DescriptionIbus-typing-booster is a context sensitive completion input method to speedup typing.
Built bymfabian
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive01
StartedTue, 18 Apr 2017 09:54:26 UTC
CompletedTue, 18 Apr 2017 10:00:49 UTC
Taskbuild (f25-candidate, /rpms/ibus-typing-booster:fe445d9f20b695b7c58dbe0057b53c1ca4fe5996)
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ibus-typing-booster-1.5.31-1.fc25.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Tue Apr 18 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.31-1 - update to 1.5.31 - Rename option --use_vs16 to --non_fully_qualified (effectivly reversing the default) - Make description labels in info popover selectable to be able to copy and paste their contents - Sort similar emoji with the same number of matching labels by cldr_order distance - Map cldr subgroup 'person-sport' to emojione category 'activity' - Make the categorie listings and the search work right when using --use_vs16 - Always store only non-fully-qualified emoji or emoji-sequences in the internal dictionary - Update emoji annotations from CLDR * Mon Mar 27 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.30-1 - update to 1.5.30 - Update translations from zanata (de, pl, uk updated) - Use string order as a fallback to cldr_order in category listings - The rainbow flag should be a zwj sequence - Also display the Unicode version in the emoji info popover - When looking up emoji or other characters via Unicode codepoint, ignore surrogates and private use characters - Show the fonts really used to render an emoji in the info popover for the emoji - Fix typo in translatable string - Use CLDR order to sort the candidates and the similar emoji if score is the same * Mon Mar 20 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.29-1 - update to 1.5.29 - Add Recommends: google-noto-emoji-fonts, “Noto Color Emoji” looks much better than “Symbola” even in gray scale. - Update translations from zanata (de, pl updated) - Add a “--version” command line option to emoji-picker - Also read emoji-test.txt (from - emoji-picker: Set default font to first available in ['Noto Color Emoji', 'Emoji One', 'Symbola'] - Small parsing improvement of emoji-sequences.txt - Add support to either use U+FE0F VARIATION SELECTOR-16 in emoji sequences or not - emoji-picker: Show “∅ Search produced empty result.” when nothing matches in a search * Sat Mar 18 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.28-1 - update to 1.5.28 - Allow query by code point even if Python’s does not know the character - Also read names from emoji-sequences.txt and emoji-zwj-sequences.txt - Also read emoji-sequences.txt (from - Fix positioning of info popover (fix a typo in an “if” statement) - Show emoji properties from when debugging is on - Also read emoji-zwj-sequences.txt (from - Also use the emoji properties from to decide whether to offer a lookup on emojipedia - Use property “Emoji_Modifier_Base” from emoji-data.txt to check whether an emoji supports skin tones - Also read emoji-data.txt (from - Tentative skin tone support for families - Improve skin tone support: make it work for professions (roles) as well - Make skin tone popover scrollable and limit its maximum size * Fri Mar 17 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.27-1 - update to 1.5.27 - Update translations from zanata (pl, uk updated) - emoji-picker: make skin tone selection work for gendered emoji * Thu Mar 16 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.26-1 - update to 1.5.26 - Update translations from zanata (de updated) - Fix display of warning message when a dictionary is not installed. - Emulate xdg.BaseDirectory.save_data_path() on systems which lack pyxdg - Show the skin tone popover also on a long press gesture - Fix pyhunspell support Resolves: * Mon Mar 13 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.25-1 - update to 1.5.25 - on Fedora 26, save some space in the binary rpm by requiring the Fedora packages which contain the emoji data files - Update translations from zanata (de, pl, uk updated, zh_CN new) - Show the categories as well on right mouse click in emoji-picker - Improve information displayed on right mouse click in emoji-picker - html.unescape() the strings parsed from the cldr annotations - Fix fontsize change for invisible emoji in browse flowbox - Add an option whether the arrow keys are allowed to reopen a preëdit - Add an option to work around the broken forward_key_event() in the Qt 4/5 im module - Use xdg.BaseDirectory to add a USER_DATADIR to the search path for data for - Speedup: Fix wrong indentation of block in _fill_flowbox_browse() - Print some profiling information when debugging is enabled - Store the clipboard with gtk_clipboard_store() to keep it around after emoji-picker quits - emoji-picker: Do not override the decoration layout of the header bar - When an emoji with a different skin tone is selected, replace the original emoji immediately - Make emoji-picker work on dark themes like Adwaita-dark as well * Mon Mar 06 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.24-1 - update to 1.5.24 - Update translations from zanata (de updated) - The spin button to change the fontsize should grab focus without selecting - emoji-picker: Don’t check if ibus is running, ibus does not need to run for emoji-picker - Load .desktop files for emoji-picker and ibus-setup-typing-booster correctly under Gnome Wayland - Show the most recently used skin tone by default - Use Popovers for skin tones - Don’t use HeaderBar with the default widget titlebar - Display the detailed information of an emoji as a popover, not as a tooltip - Use CSS to show light gray borders around flowbox and listbox children - create emoji-picker sub-package (Resolves: rhbz#1429154) * Mon Feb 27 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.23-1 - update to 1.5.23 - Update translations from zanata (de, ja, pl, uk updated) - Add a menu button to change the font for the emoji - emoji-picker: Make background colour of the flowbox listing the emoji white - emoji-picker: Use “Symbola” as the default font - Remember the font and the fontsize in a config file - Add a spin button to change the font size of the emoji - Add option to the emoji-picker to load *all* Unicode characters - UI redesign of the emoji-picker - Return an empty list immediately if candidates() is called with an empty search string - Make the fontsize for the names of the emoji in the search results smaller - Make the search in emoji-picker a bit more responsive by using GLib.idle_add() - Save the recently used emoji immediately, not only when the program quits - Set default font size of emoji-picker to 24 instead of 16 - Set the emoji font only for the emoji, not for its name in the search results - Set WM_CLASS of emoji-picker and ibus-setup-typing-booster correctly - Add “Icon” and “Categories” to emoji-picker.desktop * Wed Feb 22 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.22-1 - update to 1.5.22 - Update translations from zanata (de, fr, pl, uk updated) - Add an emoji-picker - Update of en.xml from CLDR’s emoji annotations - Fix skipping of the Korean test case when no Korean dictionary can be found - Fix invalid xml in typing-booster.appdata.xml - add Requires: python3-pyxdg (for the emoji-picker) * Tue Feb 07 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.21-1 - update to 1.5.21 - add BuildRequires: hunspell-fr (for make check) - Handle Return and Enter correctly when the cursor is not at the end of the preëdit (Resolves: rhbz#1418313) - Values of spin buttons should not be translatable - Make the categories from emojione translatable - Make emoji matching accent insensitive - If available use pykakasi to convert Japanese emoji category names to hiragana - If available use the “pinyin” Python module to add pinyin to the Chinese names and keywords - Don’t fallback to “zh” from “zh_TW”, “zh_HK”, “zh_MO” and “zh_Hant” - Don’t sort the labels when listing similar emoji - Don’t change Unicode categories to lowercase when loading, use the original case - Also treat categories 'Zl' and 'Zp' as invisible and add Unicode code point - When searching for similar emoji, the original emoji should be most similar to itself - Fix duplicate listing of labels when looking up similar emoji - Make it optionally possible to match emoji in Japanese using romaji - Add the code point to the name of invisible characters also when looking up similar characters - Better matching of the Unicode categories - Small performance optimization in EmojiMatcher.similar() - Remove any U+2028 LINE SEPARATOR and U+2029 PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR characters from the lookup table - Nicer display of the matching labels when looking up similar emoji - Don’t strip mathematical symbols (category 'Sm') from tokens - Update of en.xml from CLDR’s emoji annotations - Update translations from zanata (de, pl updated) * Thu Jan 26 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.20-1 - update to 1.5.20 - Calculate the maximum word length for each dictionary individually - Use .startswith instead of regexp matching when matching in hunspell dictionaries (speed optimization) - Improve accent insensitive matching (“filosofičtějš” should also match “filosofičtější”) - Some updates for the emoji annotations in en.xml from CLDR * Thu Jan 19 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.19-2 - update to 1.5.19 - Improve setup layout (thanks to Trinh Anh Ngoc <>) - Add some more directories to search for dictionaries (for FreeBSD) - Wrong variable “page_size” was used in set_lookup_table_orientation() - Do not try to reopen the preëdit when any modifier except CapsLock is on (Resolves: rhbz#1414642) * Tue Jan 17 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.18-1 - update to 1.5.18 - Fix typo in the “Unbreak sqlite on Python 3.6” patch - Fix the fallback to use pyhunspell-python3 when python3-enchant is not available - Remove useless ibus-typing-booster.pc * Fri Jan 13 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.17-1 - update to 1.5.17 - Update py-compile to current upstream version - Also use _ U+FF3F FULLWIDTH LOW LINE as a separator for emoji keywords - Unbreak sqlite on Python 3.6 (thanks to Jan Alexander Steffens) - Return immediately if _update_candidates() is called with empty input (Resolves: rhbz#1413082) * Tue Jan 10 2017 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.16-1 - update to 1.5.16 - Remove everything following a tab (including the tab) from hunspell dictionary lines (Resolves: rhbz#1411659) - Delete a candidate correctly from the user database even if it starts with a prefix to be stripped from tokens (Resolves: rhbz#1411676) - Trigger emoji lookup when the input starts or ends with '_' or ' ' - Better handling of BackSpace and Delete when reaching the ends of the preëdit (Resolves: rhbz#1411688) - Search for hunspell dictionaries in a list of directories (Resolves: * Fri Dec 09 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.15-1 - update to 1.5.15 - Default value for self._show_status_info_in_auxiliary_text should be True - Don’t use keyword arguments when instantiating IBus.LookupTable() - Add an option to choose the orientation of the lookup table - Update translations from zanata (de, pl, and uk updated) - Update emojione.json * Fri Nov 25 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.14-1 - update to 1.5.14 - Reopen preëdit not only on Backspace but also on Delete and arrow keys - Fix "delete whitespace when committing punctuation" problem in firefox Resolves rhbz#1399192 - Add pt_BR translations from zanata. Update uk, pl, and de translations from zanata. - Add an option to show/hide the status information in the auxiliary text - Use ballot box characters in front of the mode indicators in the auxiliary text * Mon Nov 21 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.13-1 - update to 1.5.13 - Update French translations from zanata * Sun Nov 20 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.12-1 - update to 1.5.12 - Display existing shortcuts and make it possible to delete them - Update translations from zanata (de, pl, uk) * Thu Nov 17 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.11-1 - update to 1.5.11 - Add feature to define custom shortcuts - Merge editor and tabengine classes * Wed Nov 09 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.10-1 - update to 1.5.10 - Make accent insensitive matching also work in the user database - Add test cases for accent insensitive matching - Add 'No' (Number, Other) to VALID_CATEGORIES to be able to match ¹ U+00B9 SUPERSCRIPT ONE * Mon Oct 24 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.9-1 - update to 1.5.9 - Make it possible to use a database in different locations than the default - Clear candidate list as well when clearing the lookup table - Add missing CLDR xml files to tar ball - Add unit tests * Mon Oct 10 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.8-1 - update to 1.5.8 - Pull translations from Zanata (uk and fr updated) - Match many more Unicode characters in the emoji matcher - Make it possible to match Unicode characters by typing the hexadecimal code point - If one tries to set a non-existing input method, don’t crash, only print an error in the debug log - Add key and mouse bindings for “Off the record” mode to README * Mon Sep 19 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.7-1 - update to 1.5.7 - Pull translations from Zanata (de, pl, uk updated) - Make the list of characters to auto commit configurable (Empty list by default) - Fix duplicates in the candidate list caused by overwriting input_phrase with the NFC version - Don’t show the special candidates for missing dictionaries for Japanese and Chinese - Implement do_cursor_up() and do_cursor_down() to make scrolling the lookup table with the mouse wheel work (Needs also a patch in ibus) - Add an “Off the record mode” (also gets a property menu) - Tooltips don’t seem to work on sub-properties, remove the tooltips there - Add a property menu for the emoji prediction mode - Make triggering a commit with “Left” or “Control+Left” work correctly in “Tab enable mode ” again - Down, Up, Page_Down, and Page_Up should trigger a commit and be passed to the application if possible - If “☑ Enable suggestions by Tab key” is on make it possible to close the lookup table with Escape but keep the preëdit - If “☑ Enable suggestions by Tab key” is on, don’t autocommit digits - Make autocommitting much more rare (for characters which are not the first typed character) - Don’t autocommit the first typed character unless absolutely necessary - Even when “☑ Enable suggestions by Tab key” is used, don’t complete empty strings * Mon Sep 12 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.6-1 - update to 1.5.6 - Reduce the number of characters which cause immediate commits a lot - Load CLDR data for *all* languages in the _expand_languages() list - Currency symbols should neither be stripped from tokens nor trigger an immediate commit - Fix bidi reordering problem in the candidate list for right-to-left candidates followed by comments - Update emoji annotations from CLDR (de_CH and sr_Latn new, the others updated) - Remove category 'Pc' from categories to commit immediately (allow _ to be typed into the preëdit always) - Remove button to install pyhunspell from the setup tool (python3-enchant is preferred and even required by the Fedora rpm) - Include more currency symbols and fullwidth symbols - Add category from UnicodeData.txt to emoji dictionary (For better results when looking up related characters) - Add 'Sc', # Symbol, Currency to VALID_CATEGORIES (to make the currency symbols work) - Add list of valid characters (to include special characters manually) - Add mouse binding Alt+Mouse3 anywhere in the candidate list to start the setup tool * Sat Sep 10 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.5-1 - update to 1.5.5 - Pull translations form Zanata (de, pl, and uk updated because of the new “About” tab) - If “☑ Enable suggestions by Tab key” option is on, any preëdit change should hide the lookup table - Make showing of similar emoji work even if emoji preditions are off - Display whether emoji predictions are turned on in the auxiliary string - Add key and mouse bindings to toggle the emoji predictions (AltGr+F6 and Control+Mouse3 anywhere in the candidate list) - Add AltGr+F10 key binding to open the setup tool - Allow any amount of white space and '_' characters to seperate words in an emoji query string - Add an “About” tab to the setup tool and put links to home page and online documentation there. - Update README with latest key binding and mouse binding documentation * Thu Sep 08 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.4-1 - update to 1.5.4 - Accent insensitive matching - Update pl.po from zanata - Add cache for the suggestions from the hunspell dictionaries - Make Control+MouseButton1 remove the clicked candidate from the user database (was MouseButton2) - Change key binding for looking up related candidates from Alt+F12 to AltGr+F12 - Change label of the emoji option to “☑ Unicode symbols and emoji predictions” * Sat Sep 03 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.3-1 - update to 1.5.3 - Pull translations from Zanata: updates for pl and uk. - Fix behaviour of the option “Minimum number of chars for completion” * Fri Sep 02 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.2-1 - update to 1.5.2 - get_supported_imes(self) and def get_current_imes(self) should return copies not the lists directly - Resolves: rhbz#1372660 - Update emojione.json, version from 2016-07-16 - Pull translations from Zanata: Fixes for fr and pl. New: uk - Changes in necessary because of the update of the CLDR emoji annotations. - Update emoji annotations from CLDR (be, bs, cy, eu, gl, zu are new, the others updated). - Shortcut keys which look up related candidates should enable the candidate list - Show ⏳ HOURGLASS WITH FLOWING SAND in the auxiliary text when the lookup table is being updated - Fix bug when committing the preëdit with Space when no candidates are available - Improve the behaviour of the “Tab” key - Improve the behaviour of the “Escape” key. - Make mouse clicks in the candidate list behave differently depending on the mouse button - Add hu-rovas-post.mim to hu_HU.conf * Fri Aug 12 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.1-1 - update to 1.5.1 - If the query string in EmojiMatcher.candidates() is an emoji itself, match similar ones (useful when backspacing to an emoji to correct it) - Data files should not be stored gzipped in the repository - Change displayed input method name from “Hunspell” to “Typing Booster” - Use Zanata to get more translations - French translations added (100% translated) - Polish translations added (100% translated) - Add Recommends: gdouros-symbola-fonts * Thu Aug 11 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.5.0-1 - update to 1.5.0 - If the lookup table shows related words, “Escape” shows the original lookup table - Use to find related words (synonyms, hypernyms, and hyponyms) - Add a module to find related words using NLTK - Add a feature to find similar emoji - Add predictions for emoji (optional, on by default) - Add a module to match emoji using Unicode, CLDR, and emojione data - Make typing-booster.appdata.xml translatable - When ignoring key release events, “False” should be returned, not “True” - Resolves: rhbz#1365497 - Make typing smoother by updating the candidates using GLib.idle_add() - Make it possible to enter a space into the preëdit by typing “G- ” (AltGr+Space) * Sun Jul 17 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.4.8-1 - update to 1.4.8 - Commit preëdit if modifier keys without transliteration are typed and pass the key through - Resolves: rhbz#1351748 in a better way * Mon Jul 11 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.4.7-1 - update to 1.4.7 - Check if the commit key would change the transliteration if used as regular input - Resolves: rhbz#1353672 * Fri Jul 01 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.4.6-1 - update to 1.4.6 - Pass modifier key combinations through if there is no possible transliteration for that key combination - Resolves: rhbz#1351748 * Wed May 11 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.4.5-1 - update to 1.4.5 - Do not colourize the preëdit dark blue, that is unreadable on dark backgrounds - Resolves: rhbz#1335201 - Set the size of the libm17n mconv conversion buffer correctly - Resolves: rhbz#1335021 * Tue May 10 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.4.4-1 - update to 1.4.4 - self._current_imes needs to be updated before self.init_transliterators() - Resolves: rhbz#1334579 * Thu Apr 28 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.4.3-1 - update to 1.4.3 - Fix AttributeError: 'editor' object has no attribute 'trans' - Resolves: rhbz#1331338 - update to 1.4.2 - Fix mistyped variable name - Resolves: rhbz#1330461 - Add option to remember the preëdit input method used last - Update German translations - The combobox in the setup tool should show the first supported ime from dconf * Wed Apr 20 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.4.1-1 - update to 1.4.1 - Avoid unnessary initialization of transliterators when the set of input methods has not changed - Add property menu to choose the current preedit input method - Display preëdit input method in aux_string also when number of candidates is not shown - Add some tooltips to the setup tool - Update German translations * Sat Apr 09 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.4.0-3 - update to 1.4.0 - Call IBus.Bus() in __main__, not in __init__ of class SetupUI - Resolves: rhbz#1325338 - Multilingual support, more than one language in an engine - Simple option in the setup tool to enable bilingual support (i.e. one language + Enlish). - The default of the option “Add direct input” in the setup tool should be false (bug found by Pravin Satpute). - Changing the main input method with the setup tool should not remove the direct input (bug found by Pravin Satpute) - Add 0 as a digit to commit directly when using digits as select keys - Clear dictionaries in Hunspell class before reloading * Mon Feb 08 2016 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.3.1-1 - update to 1.3.1 - Use new transliterator from also when switching input methods in the setup tool - Resolves: rhbz#1304677 * Thu Feb 04 2016 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.3.0-4 - Rebuilt for * Tue Dec 15 2015 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.3.0-3 - update to 1.3.0 - Use libm17n directly instead of going through libtranslit - Forward key events triggering a commit using "forward_key_event()" instead of relying on "return False" - Resolves: rhbz#1291238 - Add code to use F1-F9 as well as keys to select candidates for commit or remove - Don not commit invisible candidates with select keys with numbers greater than the length of a page of the candidate list - Control-arrow-left and Control-arrow-right now commit when the edges of the preedit string are reached - Alt-<number> does not delete a prediction anymore, now only Control-<number> does this - Add an option to disable the use of the digits 1-9 as selection keys (useful if one wants easier number input, selection then works only with the F1-F9 keys) - Support input methods using AltGr (e.g. mr-inscript2) and Alt keys (e.g. ta-lk-renganathan) - Resolves: rhbz#1051405 - Resolves: rhbz#772665 * Tue Nov 10 2015 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.2.15-2 - Rebuilt for * Mon Nov 02 2015 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.15-1 - Use open() instead of to make the input method help button work again - Resolves: rhbz#1276992 * Tue Sep 22 2015 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.14-2 - Fix wrong bug number in changelog - Resolves: rhbz#1268153 * Tue Sep 22 2015 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.14-1 - Add Catalan translations, thanks to Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch <> - Resolves: rhbz#1268153 - Add Catalan engine - Update German translations - Add optional debug code - Fix some pylint warnings * Tue Sep 22 2015 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.13-1 - Add a property to start the setup tool - Resolves: rhbz#1260088 * Thu Aug 27 2015 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.12-1 - Use open() instead of to fix dictionary loading problem on F23 - Resolves: rhbz#1257465 * Wed Jun 17 2015 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.2.11-3 - Rebuilt for * Wed Mar 25 2015 Richard Hughes <> - 1.2.11-2 - Register as an AppStream component. * Wed Sep 24 2014 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.11-1 - Require Python >= 3.3 - Always write xml output in UTF-8 encoding, not in the encoding of the current locale - Change class “KeyEvent” to store the keycode as well - Commit when hitting the borders of the preëdit with the arrow keys (Resolves: rhbz#1140502) * Sat Jun 07 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.2.10-3 - Rebuilt for * Mon Mar 17 2014 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.10-2 - Resolves: rhbz#1075892 update package URL to * Thu Feb 27 2014 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.10-1 - make profiling work again and make it easier to use - port from Python2 to Python3 - add python-enchant support * Fri Jan 17 2014 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.9-1 - Fix behaviour of arrow right keys in preëdit (Resolves: rhbz#1049324) - Add timestamps to entries in the user database - Add timestamp support to - Use a single user database for all engines - Add *-inscript2 transliteration options to the Indian languages where these were still missing (Resolves: rhbz#1051405) - Make it possible to use multiple hunspell dictionaries at the same time - Make it possible to specify a list of dictionaries in the config files - Make it possible to get a word back into preëdit by using backspace (Resolves: rhbz#1032442) * Fri Dec 20 2013 Anish Patil <> - 1.2.8-1 - Change of IME name for oriya language Resolves: rhbz#1045299 - Fixed issue multiple instances of setup menu Resolves: rhbz#1045294 * Wed Nov 20 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.7-1 - Don’t strip characters with Unicode category “Cf” (Other, format) from tokens (Resolves: rhbz#1032504) * Thu Nov 14 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.6-1 - Change wording of the option to show the total number of candidates (Resolves: rhbz#1029748) - Commit candidate clicked on with the mouse (Resolves: rhbz#1029822) - Use direct input also for IBus.InputPurpose.PIN - remove unused und superfluous arguments of constructor of Hunspell class - Add some transliteration options to .conf files which had only native keyboard enabled * Fri Oct 11 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.5-1 - Add feature to display input method description to setup tool (Resolves: rhbz#1001581) - Remove the options “m17n_mim_name” and “other_ime” from the .conf files - remove tab_enable option from config files * Tue Oct 01 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.4-3 - Resolves: rhbz#1013992 ibus-typing-booster needs to have ibus write-cache --system in %post and %postun * Mon Sep 30 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.4-2 - remove superfluous line break in changelog * Sat Sep 28 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.4-1 - Use normalization form NFD internally for Korean as well - Add check for input purpose for gnome-shell password dialog (Resolves: rhbz#1013008 - ibus-typing-booster shows entered text in password fields) * Mon Sep 16 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.3-3 - remove obsoletes/provides, not needed anymore for Fedora >= 21 * Tue Aug 06 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.3-1 - Update to 1.2.3 upstream version - Fix exception handling when trying to install a rpm package (Resolves: rhbz#986178) * Sat Aug 03 2013 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.2.2-2 - Rebuilt for * Mon Jul 15 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.2-1 - Update to 1.2.2 upstream version - Commit immediately when certain punctuation characters are typed and transliteration is not used (Resolves: rhbz#981179) - Add an option to try completion only when a minimum number of characters has been typed * Wed Jul 03 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.1-1 - Update to 1.2.1 upstream version - Pop up a message box when a file has been read to train the database, indicating success or failure (Resolves: rhbz#979933) - Update German translation - Ignore most punctuation characters and mathematical symbols when tokenizing (Resolves: rhbz#979939) * Fri Jun 28 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.2.0-1 - Update to 1.2.0 upstream version - Make TAB when used to enable/disable the lookup table work as a toogle - Create a VIEW for “LIKE input_phrase%” in select_words() and use that in the following SELECT statements (Makes candidate calculation more than 10 times faster) * Mon Jun 24 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.1.0-1 - Update to 1.1.0 upstream version - Add a commit=True parameter to check_phrase_and_update_frequency() - Fix that the page_size is shown as 0 in the setup tool if it has not been set before - Do not use AUTOINCREMENT - Make it possible to exit the setup tool by typing Control-C in the terminal - Add feature to read a text file for training the user database - Update German translations and .pot file - Fix error when the hunspell dictionary for an engine is missing * Tue Jun 18 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.0.3-1 - Update to 1.0.3 upstream version - Don’t output page_size in “/usr/libexec/ibus-engine-typing-booster --xml” (Resolves: rhbz#975449 - ibus-daemon prints warnings because “/usr/libexec/ibus-engine-typing-booster --xml” prints the invalid element “page_size”) - Use ~/.local/share/ibus-typing-booster/ to store user data and log files (Resolves: rhbz#949035 - don't use a hidden directory under .local/share) * Fri Jun 14 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.0.2-1 - Update to 1.0.2 upstream version - Push context *after* writing the trigram to the database * Fri Jun 14 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.0.1-1 - Update to 1.0.1 upstream version - Fix problem when IBUS_TYPING_BOOSTER_DEBUG_LEVEL is not set * Thu Jun 13 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 1.0.0-1 - Update to 1.0.0 upstream version - Remove mudb and use “Write-Ahead Logging” - Introduce an environment variable IBUS_TYPING_BOOSTER_DEBUG_LEVEL for debugging - Speed up converting an old database to the current format - Make prediction more intelligent by using context of up to 2 previous words - Automatically remove whitespace between the last word and a punctuation character ending a sentence * Sun Jun 02 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.32-1 - Update to 0.0.32 upstream version - Resolves: rhbz#969847 - Editing in the preëdit of ibus-typing-booster behaves weird, especially with transliteration - Fix behaviour of Control+Number - When committing by typing TAB, update frequency data in user database - When committing by tying RETURN or ENTER, update frequency data in user database - Do not try to match very long words in the hunspell dictionaries - Rewrite the code for moving and editing within the preëdit (rhbz#969847) - Fix encoding error when changing values with the setup tool - Add ko_KR.conf and ko_KR.svg - Use normalization forms NFD or NFKD internally and NFC externally - Remove old way of using libtranslit via ctypes - Get rid of “freq” column in databases - Remove too simpleminded auto-capitalization * Wed May 29 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.31-1 - Update to 0.0.31 upstream version - Resolves: rhbz#968209 - Typing characters which are not explicitly listed as “valid_input_chars” in .conf files in ibus-typing-booster get inserted in a weird position - Remove lots of unused and/or useless code - Simplify some code - Fix the problem that after “page down” the first “arrow down” does not move down in the lookup table - Never use “-” or “=” as page up and page down keys - Print more useful debug output when an exception happens - Replace unencodable characters when asking pyhunspell for suggestions - Get dictionary encoding from .aff file - Get rid of the the variable “valid_input_chars” (rhbz#968209) - Remove option “valid_input_chars” from .conf files and template.txt - Replace keysym2unichr(key.code) with IBus.keyval_to_unicode(key.code) * Sun May 26 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.30-1 - Update to 0.0.30 upstream version - simplify database structure and code - The Swedish hunspell dictionary is in UTF-8, not ISO-8859-1 - SQL LIKE should behave case sensitively - Do not throw away the input phrase in hunspell_suggest.suggest() - Merge candidates which have the same resulting phrase in select_words() - Remove phrases always from the user database when typing Alt+Number - Sync memory user database “mudb” to disk user database “user_db” on focus out - Delete all records from mudb after syncing to user_db - Do not prevent phrases of length < 4 to be added to the frequency database - Resolves: #966947 - When typing a/ with the da_DK ibus-typing-booster, one gets weird matches like a/ACJSTVW - Do not use lang_chars for matching in the hunspell dictionaries, return immediately if input contains a “/” (Resolves: #966947) - Remove lang_chars variable - Use re.escape() to escape the string typed by the user correctly for use in a regular expression - When removing a phrase with Alt+Number, remove it independent of the input_phrase * Tue May 14 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.29-1 - Update to 0.0.29 upstream version - Resolves: #962609 - [abrt] ibus-typing-booster-0.0.28-1.fc19: tabsqlitedb instance has no attribute 'get_ime_property' (Fix setup tool to use the new class for parsing the config files) - Avoid adding duplicates to the database by checking first whether phrase is already there in add_phrase() * Fri May 10 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.28-1 - Update to 0.0.28 upstream version - Resolves: #961923 - python /usr/share/ibus-typing-booster/engine/ --xml is extremely slow when many hunspell dictionaries are installed - Put the input phrase into a single column in the databases instead of using one column for each character - Get rid of tab_dict * Mon May 06 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.27-1 - Update to 0.0.27 upstream version - Resolves: #959860 - [as_IN] Wrong keymap name Assami (fix spelling error in language name for Assamese) - Resolves: #958770 - [ibus-typing-Booster][gu-IN]- Typo error (fix spelling error in language name for Gujarati) - Resolves: #875285 - IME names too long in gnome-shell Input Sources indicator (remove ✓ from symbol in the .conf files) - simplify code in select_words() - remove some unused functions * Thu Feb 14 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.26-1 - Update to 0.0.26 upstream version - Resolves: #910986 - The arrow icons at the bottom of the candidate lookup table of ibus-typing-booster do not work - Use different .svg icons for all engines - Increase number of suggestions from hunspell - Use the auxiliary text to display the number of candidates - Make the display of the number of candidates in the auxiliary text optional - Display of the number of candidates needs to be updated on page-up and page-down * Thu Feb 14 2013 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.25-1 - Update to 0.0.25 upstream version - Port to use pygobject3 * Thu Feb 14 2013 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.0.24-2 - Rebuilt for * Thu Dec 06 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.24-1 - Update to 0.0.24 upstream version - Resolves: #884808 - ibus-typing-booster should also show candidates which correct spelling errors - Use pyhunspell to add spell-checking suggestions - Use underline for preedit - Colourize spellchecking suggestions and system phrases already used * Fri Nov 23 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.23-1 - Update to 0.0.23 upstream version - Resolves: #879261 dictionary is not automatically reloaded when it is installed via the setup tool - Make the engine reload the dictionary when the dictionary is installed via the setup tool * Wed Nov 14 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.22-1 - Update to 0.0.22 upstream version - Resolves: #876666 Properties of ibus-typing-booster to select input methods are not shown by gnome-shell in f18 - Make the engine use the input method from the dconf setting - Add combobox to setup GUI to select input method - Update German translation * Mon Nov 12 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.21-1 - Update to 0.0.21 upstream version - Resolves: #875285 Shorten symbol displayed in gnome panel - Add space before ( in long display name * Thu Nov 08 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.20-1 - Update to 0.0.20 upstream version - Resolves: #874421 - Improve setup GUI to make correct dictionary installable (Resolves #874421) - Add page size spin button to setup tool - Connect signals in __init__ of SetupUI after setting the initial values - Make the setup tool find the right config file in gnome-shell on Fedora 18 - Update German translation * Tue Nov 06 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.19-1 - Update to 0.0.19 upstream version - fix rpmlint warning “incorrect-fsf-address” * Wed Oct 31 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.18-1 - Update to 0.0.18 upstream version - Resolves: #871056 - Save setup option “Enable suggestions by Tab Key” correctly in dconf (Resolves: #871056) - Make setup dialog translatable and add German translations * Wed Oct 24 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.16-1 - Update to 0.0.16 upstream version - Resolves: #869687 - Make enabling the lookup table with the TAB key work correctly - Simplify code in add_input() - Make German input typed in NFD work * Mon Oct 22 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.15-1 - Update to 0.0.15 upstream version - Resolves: #869050 - Make sure the lookup table is hidden if there are no candidates to suggest (#869050) * Mon Oct 22 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.14-1 - Update to 0.0.14 upstream version - Show an obvious warning when the hunspell dictionary needed is not found - Show exact matches in the .dic files as suggestions as well - Do not forget the input method used last when activating a previously used engine - Make spelling of the value of “symbol” in the .conf files more consistent - include the file ru_RU.conf * Thu Oct 18 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.13-1 - Update to 0.0.13 upstream version, in 0.0.12 I forgot to include the file de_DE.conf * Thu Oct 18 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.12-1 - Update to 0.0.12 upstream version, in 0.0.11 I forgot to include the file * Thu Oct 18 2012 Mike FABIAN <> - 0.0.11-1 - Upstream has released 0.0.11 version containing the following improvements: - Add .conf files for many languages and improve some existing .conf files - Read other_ime option case insensitively - Split only at the first = in a line in a .conf file - Fix the problem that the user defined phrases are lost when switching engines - use “layout = default” instead of “layout = us” in all .conf files - Make sure the input of transliterate() is UTF-8 encoded - Add a keysym2unichr() function and use it to support languages which have non Latin1 input - Let first letter start with index 1 in autogenerated tabdict - Use autogenerated tabdict always, not only in m17n mode - Use special value 'NoIme' to indicate that no input method should be used - Use contents of lang_chars for the regexp to match words in the dictionaries - In process_key_event, do not return False when a non-ASCII character has been typed - Read option valid_input_chars as UTF-8 - Use the encoding option from the .conf file always, not only in m17n mode - Whether m17n mode is used should depend on the .conf file, not the language - Use correct encoding to decode the dictionary file - Some other minor fixes * Wed Sep 26 2012 Anish Patil <> - 0.0.10-1 - Upstream has released new version. * Thu Sep 13 2012 Anish Patil <> - 0.0.9-1 - Upstream has released new version. * Tue Aug 14 2012 Anish Patil <> - 0.0.8-1 - Upstream has released new version. * Tue Jul 17 2012 Anish Patil <> - 0.0.7-1 - The first version. - derieved from ibus-table developed by Yu Yuwei <>