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Package Namefirewalld
SummaryA firewall daemon with D-Bus interface providing a dynamic firewall
Descriptionfirewalld is a firewall service daemon that provides a dynamic customizable firewall with a D-Bus interface.
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StartedSat, 17 Jun 2017 14:15:41 UTC
CompletedSat, 17 Jun 2017 14:17:20 UTC
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Changelog * Tue Feb 21 2017 Thomas Woerner <> - - Fixed ipset overloading, dropped applied check in get_ipset (issue#206) * Fri Feb 10 2017 Thomas Woerner <> - - Rebase to firewalld- - Speed up of large file loading - Support for more ipset types - Speed up of adding or removing entries for ipsets from files - Support icmp-type usage in rich rules - Support for more icmp types - Support for h323 conntrack helper - New services - Code cleanup and several other bug fixes - Translation updates * Fri Feb 10 2017 Fedora Release Engineering <> - - Rebuilt for * Tue Dec 13 2016 Stratakis Charalampos <> - - Rebuild for Python 3.6 * Mon Dec 05 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - - Dropping firewalld-selinux package again as the required fix made it into selinux-policy packages for F-23+, updated selinux-policy version conflicts * Thu Dec 01 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - - New firewalld-selinux sub package delivering the SELinux policy module for firewalld (RHBZ#1396765) (RHBZ#1394625) (RHBZ#1394578) (RHBZ#1394573) (RHBZ#1394569) - New firewalld release - firewalld.spec: Added helpers and ipsets paths to firewalld-filesystem - firewall.core.fw_nm: create NMClient lazily - Do not use hard-coded path for modinfo, use autofoo to detect it - Dropped invalid option warning with bad format string - Properly handle quoted ifcfg values - firewall.core.fw_zone: Do not reset ZONE with ifdown - Updated translations from zanata - firewall-config: Extra grid at bottom to visualize firewalld settings * Wed Nov 09 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - - firewall-config: Use proper source check in sourceDialog (fixes issue#162) - firewallctl: New support for helpers - Translation updates * Fri Oct 28 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - 0.4.4-1 - Fix dist-check - src/ Install new helper files - config/ Install helpers - Merged translations - Updated translations from zanata - firewalld.spec: Adapt requires for PyQt5 - firewall-applet: Fix fromUTF8 for python2 PyQt5 usage - firewall-applet: Use PyQt5 - firewall-config: New nf_conntrack_select dialog, use nf_conntrack_helpers D-Bus property - shell-completion/bash/firewall-cmd: Updates for helpers and also some fixes - src/tests/firewall-[offline-] New helper tests, adapted module tests for services - doc/xml/seealso.xml: Add firewalld.helper(5) man page - doc/xml/seealso.xml: Add firewalld.ipset(5) man page - Fixed typo in firewalld.ipset(5) man page - Updated firewalld.dbus(5) man page - New firewalld.helper(5) man page - doc/xml/firewall-offline-cmd.xml: Updated firewall-offline-cmd man page - doc/xml/firewall-cmd.xml: Updated firewall-cmd man page - firewall-offline-cmd: New support for helpers - firewall-cmd: New support for helpers - firewall.command: New check_helper_family, check_module and print_helper_info methods - firewall.core.fw_test: Add helpers also to offline backend - firewall.server.config: New AutomaticHelpers property (rw) - firewall.server.config: Fix an dict size changed error for firewall.conf file changes - firewall.server.config: Make LogDenied property readwrite to be consistent - Some renames of nf_conntrack_helper* functions and structures, helpers is a dict - firewall.core.fw: Properly check helper setting in set_automatic_helpers - firewall.errors: Add missing BUILTIN_HELPER error code - No extra interface for helpers needed in runtime, dropped DBUS_INTERFACE_HELPER - firewall.server.firewalld: Drop unused queryHelper D-Bus method - New helpers Q.931 and RAS from nf_conntrack_h323 - Allow dots in helper names, remove underscore - Fixed typo in FALLBACK_AUTOMATIC_HELPERS - firewall-[offline-]cmd: Use sys.excepthook to force exception_handler usage always - firewall.core.fw_config: new_X methods should also check builtins - firewall.client: Set helper family to "" if None - firewall.client: Add missing module string to FirewallClientHelperSettings.settings - config/firewalld.conf: Add possible values description for AutomaticHelpers - helpers/amanda.xml: Fix typo in helper module - firewall-config: Added support for helper module setting - firewall.client: Added support for helper module setting - firewall.server.config_helper: Added support for helper module setting -, firewall.server.config_service: Only replace underscore by dash if module start with nf_conntrack_ - firewall.core.fw_zone: Use helper module instead of a generated name from helper name - helpers: Added kernel module - Add module to helper - firewall-cmd: Removed duplicate --get-ipset-types from help output - firewall.core.fw_zone: Add zone bingings for PREROUTING in the raw table - firewall.core.ipXtables: Add PREROUTING default rules for zones in raw table - firewall-config: New support to handle helpers, new dialogs, new helper tab, .. - config/ New show-helpers setting - firewall.client: New helper management for runtime and permanent configuration - firewall.server.firewalld: New runtime helper management, new nf_conntrack_helper property - firewall.server.config_service: Fix module name handling (no nf_conntrack_ prefix needed) - firewall.server.config: New permanent D-Bus helper management - New firewall.server.config_helper to provide the permanent D-Bus interface for helpers - firewall.core.fw_zone: Use helpers fw.nf_conntrack_helper for services using helpers - firewall.core.fw: New helper management, new _automatic_helpers and nf_conntrack_helper settings - firewall.core.fw_config: Add support for permanent helper handling - The module does not need to start with nf_conntrack_ anymore - firewall.functions: New functions to get and set nf_conntrack_helper kernel setting - New support for AutomaticHelpers setting - firewall.config.dbus: New D-Bus definitions for helpers, new DBUS_INTERFACE_REVISION 12 - New firewall.core.fw_helper providing FirewallHelper backend - New firewall.core.helper with HELPER_MAXNAMELEN definition - config/firewalld.conf: New AutomaticHelpers setting with description - New helpers variables - firewalld.spec: Add new helpers directory - config/ Install new helpers - New helper configuration files for amanda, ftp, irc, netbios-ns, pptp, sane, sip, snmp and tftp - New IO handler for netfilter helpers - firewall.errors: New INVALID_HELPER error code - Use .bak for save files - firewall-config: Set internal log_denied setting after changing - firewall.server.config: Copy props before removing items - doc/xml/firewalld.ipset: Replaced icmptype name remains with ipset - firewall.core.fw_zone: Fix LOG rule placement for LogDenied - firewall.command: Use "source-ports" in print_zone_info - firewall.core.logger: Use syslog.openlog() and syslog.closelog() - firewall-[offline-]cmd man pages: Document --path-{zone,icmptype,ipset,service} - firewall-cmd: Enable --path-{zone,icmptype,service} options again - firewall.core.{ipXtables,ebtables}: Copy rule before extracting items in set_rules - firewall.core.fw: Do not abort transaction on failed ipv6_rpfilter rules - config/ Added cfengine, condor-collector and smtp-submission services - New dist-check used in the archive target - src/ Reordered nobase_dist_python_DATA to be sorted - config/ New CONFIG_FILES variable to contain the config files - Merge pull request #150 from hspaans/master - Merge pull request #146 from canvon/bugfix/spelling - Merge pull request #145 from jcpunk/condor - Command line tools man pages: New section about sequence options and exit codes - Creating service file for SMTP-Submission. - Creating service file for CFEngine. - Fix typo in documentation: iptables mangle table - Only use sort on lists of main items, but not for item properties - import_config should not change ordering of lists - firewall.core.fw_transaction: Load helper modules in FirewallZoneTransaction - firewall.command: Fail with NOT_AUTHORIZED if authorization fails (RHBZ#1368549) - firewall.command: Fix sequence exit code with at least one succeeded item - Add condor collector service - firewall-cmd: Fixed --{get,set}-{description,short} for permanent zones - firewall.command: Do not use error code 254 for {ALREADY,NOT}_ENABLED sequences * Tue Aug 16 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - - Fix CVE-2016-5410: Firewall configuration can be modified by any logged in user - firewall/server/firewalld: Make getXSettings and getLogDenied CONFIG_INFO - Update AppData configuration file. - tests/ Use new import structure and FirewallClient classes - tests/ Use new import structure - tests: firewalld_direct: Fix assert to check for True instead of False - tests: firewalld_config: Fix expected value when querying the zone target - tests: firewalld_config: Use real nf_conntrack modules - firewalld.spec: Added comment about make call for %build - firewall-config: Use also width_request and height_request with default size - Updated firewall-config screenshot - firewall-cmd: Fixed typo in help output (RHBZ#1367171) - test-suite: Ignore stderr to get default zone also for missing firewalld.conf - firewall.core.logger: Warnings should be printed to stderr per default - firewall.core.fw_nm: Ignore NetworkManager if NM.Client connect fails - firewall-cmd, firewallctl: Gracefully fail if SystemBus can not be aquired - firewall.client: Generate new DBUS_ERROR if SystemBus can not be aquired - test-suite: Do not fail on ALREADY_ENABLED --add-destination tests - firewall.command: ALREADY_ENABLED, NOT_ENABLED, ZONE_ALREADY_SET are warnings - doc/xml/firewalld.dbus.xml: Removed undefined reference - doc/xml/ Fixed references in the document - doc/xml/firewalld.{dbus,zone}.xml: Embed programlisting in para - doc/xml/ Enhanced html formatting closer to the man page - firewall: core: fw_nm: Instantiate the NM client only once - firewall/core/io/*.py: Do not traceback on a general sax parsing issue - firewall-offline-cmd: Fix --{add,remove}-entries-from-file - firewall-cmd: Add missing action to fix --{add,remove}-entries-from-file - firewall.core.prog: Do not output stderr, but return it in the error case - Fix ifcfg file reader and writer (RHBZ#1362171) - config/ use KillMode=mixed - config/ use - firewall-config: Add missing gettext.textdomain call to fix translations - Add UDP to transmission-client.xml service - tests/firewall-[offline-] Hide errors and warnings - firewall.client: Fix ALREADY_ENABLED errors in icmptype destination calls - firewall.client: Fix NOT_ENABLED errors in icmptype destination calls - firewall.client: Use {ALREADY,NOT}_ENABLED errors in icmptype destination calls - firewall.command: Add the removed FirewallError handling to the action (a17ce50) - firewall.command: Do not use query methods for sequences and also single options - Add missing information about MAC and ipset sources to man pages and help output - firewalld.spec: Add BuildRequires for libxslt to enable rebuild of man pages - firewall[-offline]-cmd, firewallctl, firewall.command: Use sys.{stdout,stderr} - firewallctl: Fix traceback if not connected to firewalld - firewall-config: Initialize value in on_richRuleDialogElementChooser_clicked - firewall.command: Convert errors to string for Python3 - firewall.command: Get proper firewall error code from D-BusExceptions - firewall-cmd: Fixed traceback without args - Add missing service files to - shell-completion: Add shell completion support for --{get,set}--{description,short} - Updated RHEL-7 selinux-policy and squid conflict * Tue Jul 19 2016 Fedora Release Engineering <> - - * Mon Jul 04 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - - Fix regression with unavailable optional commands - All missing backend messages should be warnings - Individual calls for missing restore commands - Only one authenticate call for add and remove options and also sequences - New service RH-Satellite-6 - Fixed selinux-policy conflict version for RHEL-7 * Wed Jun 29 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - - Fixed selinux-policy conflict version for Fedora 24 * Tue Jun 28 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - - New firewalld release - firewall.command: Fix python3 DBusException message not interable error - src/ Fix path in firewall-[offline-] while installing - firewallctl: Do not trace back on list command without further arguments - firewallctl (man1): Added remaining sections zone, service, .. - firewallctl: Added runtime-to-permanent, interface and source parser, IndividualCalls setting - firewall.server.config: Allow to set IndividualCalls property in config interface - Fix missing icmp rules for some zones - runProg: Fix issue with running programs - firewall-offline-cmd: Fix issues with missing system-config-firewall - firewall.core.ipXtables: Split up source and dest addresses for transaction - firewall.server.config: Log error in case of loading malformed files in watcher - Install and package the firewallctl man page - New firewallctl utility (RHBZ#1147959) - doc.xml.seealso: Show firewalld.dbus in See Also sections - firewall.core.fw_config: Create backup on zone, service, ipset and icmptype removal (RHBZ#1339251) - {zone,service,ipset,icmptype}_writer: Do not fail on failed backup - firewall-[offline-]cmd: Fix --new-X-from-file options for files in cwd - firewall-cmd: Dropped duplicate setType call in --new-ipset - radius service: Support also tcp ports (RBZ#1219717) - xmlschemas: Support source-port, protocol, icmp-block-inversion and ipset sources - config.xmlschema.service.xsd: Fix service destination conflicts (RHBZ#1296573) - firewall-cmd, firewalld man: Information about new NetworkManager and ifcfg - firewall.command: Only print summary and description in print_X_info with verbose - firewall.command: print_msg should be able to print empty lines - firewall-config: No processing of runtime passthroughs signals in permanent - fixes and pylint calm downs - Add zone_reader and zone_writer to __all__, pylint fixes - firewall-config: Fixed titles of command and context dialogs, also entry lenths - firewall-config: pylint calm downs - firewall.core.fw_zone: Fix use of MAC source in rich rules without ipv limit - firewall-config: Use self.active_zoens in conf_zone_added_cb - firewall.command: New parse_port, extended parse methods with more checks - firewall.command: Fixed parse_port to use the separator in the split call - firewall.command: New [de]activate_exception_handler, raise error in parse_X - services ha: Allow corosync-qnetd port - firewall-applet: Support for kde5-nm-connection-editor - tests/ New tests for service and icmptype modifications - firewall-offline-cmd: Use FirewallCommand for simplification and sequence options - tests/ New tests for service and icmptype modifications - firewall-cmd: Fixed set, remove and query destination options for services - Source ports have not been checked in _check_config - firewall.core.fw_zone: Method check_source_port is not used, removed - firewall.core.base: Added default to ZONE_TARGETS - firewall.client: Allow to remove ipv:address pair for service destinations - tests/ There is no timeout option in permanent - firewall-cmd: fixes, pylint calm downs - firewall-cmd: Use FirewallCommand for simplification and sequence options - firewall.command: New FirewallCommand for command line client simplification - New services: kshell, rsh, ganglia-master, ganglia-client - firewalld: Cleanup of unused imports, do not translate some deamon messages - firewalld: With fd close interation in runProg, it is not needed here anymore - firewall.core.prog: Add fd close iteration to runProg - firewall.core.fw_nm: Hide NM typelib import, new nm_get_dbus_interface function - firewalld.spec: Require NetworkManager-libnm instead of NetworkManager-glib - firewall-config: New add/remove ipset entries from file, remove all entries - firewall-applet: Fix tooltip after applet start with connection to firewalld - firewall-config: Select new zone, service or icmptype if the view was empty - firewalld.spec: Added build requires for iptables, ebtables and ipset - Adding nf_conntrack_sip module to the service SIP - firewall: core: fw_ifcfg: Quickly return if ifcfg directory does not exist - Drop unneeded python shebangs - Translation updates * Mon May 30 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - 0.4.2-1 - New module to search for and change ifcfg files for interfaces not under control of NM - firewall_config: Enhanced messages in status bar - firewall-config: New message window as overlay if not connected - firewall-config: Fix sentivity of option, view menus and main paned if not connected - firewall-applet: Quit on SIGINT (Ctrl-C), reduced D-Bus calls, some cleanup - firewall-[offline]cmd: Show target in zone information - D-Bus: Completed masquerade methods in FirewallClientZoneSettings - Fixed log-denied rules for icmp-blocks - Keep sorting of interfaces, services, icmp-blocks and other settings in zones - Fixed runtime-to-permanent not to save interfaces under control of NM - New icmp-block-inversion flag in the zones - ICMP type filtering in the zones - New services: sip, sips, managesieve - rich rules: Allow destination action (RHBZ#1163428) - firewall-offline-cmd: New option -q/--quiet - firewall-[offline-]cmd: New --add-[zone,service,ipset,icmptype]-from-file - firewall-[offline-]cmd: Fix option for setting the destination address - firewall-config: Fixed resizing behaviour - New transaction model for speed ups in start, restart, stop and other actions - firewall-cmd: New options --load{zone,service,ipset,icmptype}-defaults - Fixed memory leak in dbus_introspection_add_properties - fixes, pylint calm downs - New D-Bus getXnames methods to speed up firewall-config and firewall-cmd - ebtables-restore: No support for COMMIT command - Source port support in services, zones and rich rules - firewall-offline-cmd: Added --{add,remove}-entries-from-file for ipsets - firewall-config: New active bindings side bar for simple binding changes - Reworked NetworkManager module - Proper default zone handling for NM connections - Try to set zone binding with NM if interface is under control of NM - Code cleanup and bug fixes - Include test suite in the release and install in /usr/share/firewalld/tests - New Travis-CI configuration file - Fixed more broken frensh translations - Translation updates * Mon May 09 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - - Fixed ebtables-restore does not support the COMMIT command issue * Wed Apr 20 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - - Fixed translations with python3 - Fixed exception for failed NM import, new doc string - Make ipsets visible per default in firewall-config - Install new fw_nm module - Do not fail if log file could not be opened - Fixed broken fr translation * Tue Apr 19 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - 0.4.1-1 - Enhancements of ipset handling - No cleanup of ipsets using timeouts while reloading - Only destroy conflicting ipsets - Only use ipset types supported by the system - Add and remove several ipset entries in one call using a file - Reduce time frame where builtin chains are on policy DROP while reloading - Include descriptions in --info-X calls - Command line interface support to get and alter descriptions of zones, services, ipsets and icmptypes with permanent option - Properly watch changes in combined zones - Fix logging in rich rule forward rules - Transformed direct.passthrough errors into warnings - Rework of import structures - Reduced calls to get ids for port and protocol names (RHBZ#1305434) - Build and installation fixes by Markos Chandras - Provide D-Bus properties in introspection data - Fix for flaws found by - Fix for repeated SUGHUP - New NetworkManager module to get and set zones of connections, used in firewall-applet and firewall-config - configure: Autodetect backend tools ({ip,ip6,eb}tables{,-restore}, ipset) - Code cleanups - Bug fixes * Mon Feb 22 2016 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.4.0-4 - Revert one commit to temporary work-around RHBZ#1309754 * Mon Feb 08 2016 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.4.0-3 - Make sure tempdir is created even in offline mode. (RHBZ#1305175) * Wed Feb 03 2016 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.4.0-2 - Rebuilt for * Mon Feb 01 2016 Thomas Woerner <> - 0.4.0-1 - Version 0.4.0 - Speed ups - ipset support - MAC address support - Log of denied packets - Mark action in rich rules - Enhanced alteration of config files with command line tools - Use of zone chains in direct interface - firewall-applet enhancement - New services: ceph-mon, ceph, docker-registry, imap, pop3, pulseaudio, smtps, snmptrap, snmp, syslog-tls and syslog - Several bug fixes - Code optimizations * Tue Nov 10 2015 Fedora Release Engineering <> - - Rebuilt for * Wed Jul 22 2015 Adam Williamson <> - - bump versions on old config package obsoletes (f21 is on 0.3.14 now) * Mon Jul 13 2015 Thomas Woerner <> - - Require python3-gobject-base for fedora >= 23 and rhel >= 8 (RHBZ#1242076) - Fix rhel defines: No python3 for rhel-7 * Thu Jun 18 2015 Thomas Woerner <> - - Fixed 'pid_file' referenced before assignment (RHBZ#1233232) * Wed Jun 17 2015 Thomas Woerner <> - - reunification of the firewalld spec files for all Fedora releases - fix dependencies for -applet and -config: use_python3 is the proper switch not with_python3 (RHBZ#1232493) - firewalld.spec: - fixed requirements for -applet and -config - man pages: - adapted firewall-applet man page to new version - firewall-applet: - Only honour active connections for zone changes - Change QSettings path and file names - firewall-config: - Only honour active connections for zone changes in the “Change Zones of Connections” menu - Translations: - updated translations - marked translations for “Connections” for review * Wed Jun 17 2015 Fedora Release Engineering <> - - Rebuilt for * Tue Jun 16 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> - Fix issue with missing polkit policy when installing firewalld on Cloud Edition. * Fri Jun 12 2015 Thomas Woerner <> - - firewall-applet - do not use isSystemTrayAvailable check to fix KDE5 startup - dropped gtk applet remain: org.fedoraproject.FirewallApplet.gschema.xml * Fri Jun 12 2015 Thomas Woerner <> - 0.3.14-1 - renamed python2-firewall to python-firewall - fixed requirements for GUI parts with Python3 - dropped upstream merged python3 patch - firewalld: - print real zone names in error messages - iptables 1.4.21 does not accept limits of 1/day, minimum is 2/day now - rate limit fix for rich rules - fix readdition of removed permanent direct settings - adaption of the polkit domains to use PK_ACTION_DIRECT_INFO - fixed two minor Python3 issues in - fixed use of fallback configuration values - fixed use without firewalld.conf - firewalld main restructureization - IPv6_rpfilter now also available as a property on D-Bus in the config interface - fixed wait option use for ipXtables - added --concurrent support for ebtables - richLanguage: allow masquerading with destination - richLanguage: limit masquerading forward rule to new connections - ipXtables: No dns lookups in available_tables and _detect_wait_option - full ebtables support: start, stop, reload, panic mode, direct chains and rules - fix for reload with direct rules - fix or flaws found by - pid file handling fixes in case of pid file removal - fix for client issue in case of a dbus NoReply error - configuration - new services: dropbox-lansync, ptp - new icmptypes: timestamp-request, timestamp-reply - man pages: - firewalld.zones(5): fixed typos - firewalld.conf(5): Fixed wrong reference to firewalld.lockdown-whitelist page - firewall-applet: - new version using Qt4 fixing several issues with the Gtk version - spec file: - enabled Python3 support: new backends python-firewall and python3-firewall - some cleanup - git: - migrated to github - translations: - migrated to zanata - build environment: - no need for autoconf-2.69, 2.68 is sufficient * Thu May 07 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 0.3.13-7 - Use VARIANT_ID instead of VARIANT for making decisions * Thu Apr 16 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 0.3.13-6 - Switch to using $VARIANT directly from /etc/os-release * Fri Mar 13 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 0.3.13-5 - Fix bugs with posttrans - Remove nonexistent fedora-cloud.conf symlink * Fri Mar 13 2015 Stephen Gallagher <> 0.3.13-4 - Remove per-edition config files - Decide on default configuration based on /etc/os-release * Mon Feb 23 2015 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.13-3 - use python3 bindings on fedora >=23 * Wed Jan 28 2015 Thomas Woerner <> - 0.3.13-2 - enable python2 and python3 bindings for fedora >= 20 and rhel >= 7 - use python3 bindings on fedora >= 22 and rhel >= 8 for firewalld, firewall-config and firewall-applet * Thu Dec 04 2014 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.13-1 - firewalld: - ipXtables: use -w or -w2 if supported (RHBZ#1161745, RHBZ#1151067) - DROP INVALID packets (RHBZ#1169837) - don't use ipv6header for protocol matching. (RHBZ#1065565) - removeAllPassthroughs(): remove passthroughs in reverse order (RHBZ#1167100) - fix config.service.removeDestination() (RHBZ#1164584) - firewall-config: - portProtoDialog: other protocol excludes port number/range - better fix for updating zoneStore also in update_active_zones() - fix typo in menu - configuration: - new services: tinc, vdsm, mosh, iscsi-target, rsyncd - ship and install XML Schema files. (#8) - man pages: - firewalld.dbus,, firewalld, firewall-cmd - spec file: - filesystem subpackage - make dirs&files in /usr/lib/ world-readable (RHBZ#915988) * Tue Oct 14 2014 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.12-1 - firewalld: - new runtimeToPermanent and tracked passsthrough support - make permanent D-Bus interfaces more fine grained like the runtime versions (RHBZ#1127706) - richLanguage: allow using destination with forward-port - Rich_Rule.check(): action can't be used with icmp-block/forward-port/masquerade - fixed Python specific D-Bus exception (RHBZ#1132441) - firewall-cmd: - new --runtime-to-permanent to create permanent from runtime configuration - use new D-Bus methods for permanent changes - show target REJECT instead of %REJECT% (RHBZ#1058794) - --direct: make fail messages consistent (RHBZ#1141835) - firewall-config: - richRuleDialog - OK button tooltip indicates problem - use new D-Bus methods for permanent changes - show target REJECT instead of %REJECT% (RHBZ#1058794) - update "Change Zones of Connections" menu on default zone change (RHBZ#11120212) - fixed rename of zones, services and icmptypes to not create new entry (RBHZ#1131064) - configuration: - new service for Squid HTTP proxy server - new service for Kerberos admin server - new services for syslog and syslog-tls - new services for SNMP and SNMP traps - add Keywords to .desktop to improve software searchability - docs: - updated translations - firewalld.richlanguage: improvements suggested by Rufe Glick - firewalld.dbus: various improvements - better description of Limit tag - mention new homepage everywhere * Wed Aug 27 2014 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.11-3 - Quiet systemctl if cups-browsed.service is not installed * Mon Aug 25 2014 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.11-2 - add few Requires to spec (RHBZ#1133167) * Wed Aug 20 2014 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.11-1 - firewalld: - improve error messages - check built-in chains in direct chain handling functions (RHBZ#1120619) - dbus_to_python() check whether input is of expected type (RHBZ#1122018) - handle negative timeout values (RHBZ#1124476) - warn when Command/Uid/Use/Context already in lockdown whitelist (RHBZ#1126405) - make --lockdown-{on,off} work again (RHBZ#1111573) - firewall-cmd: - --timeout now accepts time units (RHBZ#994044) - firewall-config: - show active (not default) zones in bold (RHBZ#993655) - configuration: - remove ipp-client service from all zones (RHBZ#1105639). - fallbacks for missing values in firewalld.conf - create missing dirs under /etc if needed - add -Es to python command in lockdown-whitelist.xml (RHBZ#1099065) - docs: - 'direct' methods concern only chains/rules added via 'direct' (RHBZ#1120619) - --remove-[interface/source] don't need a zone to be specified (RHBZ#1125851) - various fixes in, firewalld.dbus(5), - others: - rpm macros for easier packaging of e.g. services * Tue Jul 22 2014 Thomas Woerner <> - 0.3.10-5 - Fixed wrong default zone names for server and workstation (RHBZ#1120296) * Tue Jul 08 2014 Thomas Woerner <> - 0.3.10-4 - renamed fedora specific zones to FedoraServer and FedoraWorkstation for zone name limitations (length and allowed chars) * Mon Jul 07 2014 Thomas Woerner <> - 0.3.10-3 - New support for Fedora per-product configuration settings for - Added Fedora server zone (RHBZ#1110711) - Added Fedora workstation zone(RHBZ#1113775) * Sat Jun 07 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.3.10-2 - Rebuilt for * Wed May 28 2014 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.10-1 - new services: freeipa-*, puppermaster, amanda-k5, synergy, xmpp-*, tor, privoxy, sane - do not use at_console in D-Bus policies (RHBZ#1094745) - apply all rich rules for non-default targets - AppData file (RHBZ#1094754) - separate Polkit actions for desktop & server (RHBZ#1091068) - sanitize missing ip6t_rpfilter (RHBZ#1074427) - firewall/core/io/*: few improvements (RHBZ#1065738) - no load failed error for absent direct.xml file - new DBUS_INTERFACE.getZoneSettings to get all run-time zone settings - fixed creation and deletion of zones, services and icmptypes over D-Bus signals - FirewallClientZoneSettings: Set proper default target - if Python2 then encode strings from sax parser (RHBZ#1059104, RHBZ#1058853) - firewall-cmd: - don't colour output of query commands (RHBZ#1097841) - use "default" instead of {chain}_{zone} (RHBZ#1075675) - New --get-target and --set-target - Create and remove permanent zones, services and icmptypes - firewall-config: - Adding services and icmptypes resulted in duplicates in UI - Use left button menu of -applet in Option menu - firewall-offline-cmd: same functionality as 'firewall-cmd --permanent' - firewall-applet: ZoneConnectionEditor was missing the Default Zone entry - bash-completion: getting zones/services/icmps is different with/without --permanent - removed superfluous slash (RHBZ#1091575) - updated translations * Wed Feb 05 2014 Jiri Popelka <> - - Fixed persistent port forwarding (RHBZ#1056154) - Stop default zone rules being applied to all zones (RHBZ#1057875) - Enforce trust, block and drop zones in the filter table only (RHBZ#1055190) - Allow RAs prior to applying IPv6_rpfilter (RHBZ#1058505) - Fix writing of rule.audit in zone_writer() * Fri Jan 17 2014 Jiri Popelka <> - - fix regression introduced in 0.3.9 (RHBZ#1053932) * Thu Jan 16 2014 Jiri Popelka <> - - fix regressions introduced in 0.3.9 (RHBZ#1054068, RHBZ#1054120) * Mon Jan 13 2014 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.9-1 - translation updates - New IPv6_rpfilter setting to enable source address validation (RHBZ#847707) - Do not mix original and customized zones in case of target changes, apply only used zones - firewall-cmd: fix --*_lockdown_whitelist_uid to work with uid 0 - Don't show main window maximized. (RHBZ#1046811) - Use rmmod instead of 'modprobe -r' (RHBZ#1031102) - Deprecate 'enabled' attribute of 'masquerade' element - firewall-config: new zone was added twice to the list - firewalld.dbus(5) - Enable python shebang fix again - firewall/client: handle_exceptions: Use loop in decorator - firewall-offline-cmd: Do not mask firewalld service with disabled option - firewall-config: richRuleDialogActionRejectType Entry -> ComboBox - Rich_Rule: fix parsing of reject element (RHBZ#1027373) - Show combined zones in permanent configuration (RHBZ#1002016) - firewall-cmd(1): document exit code 2 and colored output (RHBZ#1028507) - firewall-config: fix RHBZ#1028853 * Tue Nov 05 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.8-1 - fix memory leaks - New option --debug-gc - Python3 compatibility - Better non-ascii support - several firewall-config & firewall-applet fixes - New --remove-rules commands for firewall-cmd and removeRules methods for D-Bus - Fixed FirewallDirect.get_rules to return proper list - Fixed LastUpdatedOrderedDict.keys() - Enable rich rule usage in trusted zone (RHBZ#994144) - New error codes: INVALID_CONTEXT, INVALID_COMMAND, INVALID_USER and INVALID_UID * Thu Oct 17 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.7-1 - Don't fail on missing ip[6]tables/ebtables table. (RHBZ#967376) - bash-completion: --permanent --direct options - firewall/core/ fix checking for iptables & ip6tables (RHBZ#1017087) - firewall-cmd: use client's exception_handler instead of catching exceptions ourselves - FirewallClientZoneSettings: fix {add|remove|query}RichRule() - Extend amanda-client service with 10080/tcp (RHBZ#1016867) - Simplify Rich_Rule()_lexer() by using functions.splitArgs() - Fix encoding problems in exception handling (RHBZ#1015941) * Fri Oct 04 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - - firewall-offline-cmd: --forward-port 'toaddr' is optional (RHBZ#1014958) - firewall-cmd: fix variable name (RHBZ#1015011) * Thu Oct 03 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - - remove superfluous po files from archive * Wed Oct 02 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.6-1 - firewalld.richlanguage.xml: correct log levels (RHBZ#993740) - firewall-config: Make sure that all zone settings are updated properly on firewalld restart - Rich_Limit: Allow long representation for duration (RHBZ#994103 - firewall-config: Show "Changes applied." after changes (RHBZ#993643) - Use own connection dialog to change zones for NM connections - Rename service cluster-suite to high-availability (RHBZ#885257) - Permanent direct support for firewall-config and firewall-cmd - Try to avoid file descriptor leaking (RHBZ#951900) - New functions to split and join args properly (honoring quotes) - firewall-cmd(1): 2 simple examples - Better IPv6 NAT checking. - Ship * Mon Sep 30 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.5-1 - Only use one PK action for configuration (RHBZ#994729) - firewall-cmd: indicate non-zero exit code with red color - rich-rule: enable to have log without prefix & log_level & limit - log-level warn/err -> warning/error (RHBZ#1009436) - Use policy DROP while reloading, do not reset policy in restart twice - Add _direct chains to all table and chain combinations - documentation improvements - New man page docbook source - tests/ make rich language tests work - Rich_Rule._import_from_string(): improve error messages (RHBZ#994150) - direct.passthrough wasn't always matching out_signature (RHBZ#967800) - firewall-config: twist ICMP Type IP address family logic. - firewall-config: port-forwarding/masquerading dialog (RHBZ#993658) - firewall-offline-cmd: New --remove-service=<service> option (BZ#969106) - firewall-config: Options->Lockdown was not changing permanent. - firewall-config: edit line on doubleclick (RHBZ#993572) - firewall-config: System Default Zone -> Default Zone (RHBZ#993811) - New direct D-Bus interface, persistent direct rule handling, enabled passthough - src/firewall-cmd: Fixed help output to use more visual parameters - src/firewall-cmd: New usage output, no redirection to man page anymore - src/firewall/core/ Fixed forwad port destinations - src/firewall-offline-cmd: Early enable/disable handling now with mask/unmask - doc/xml/ Added more information about masquerade use - Prefix to log message is optional (RHBZ#998079) - firewall-cmd: fix --permanent --change-interface (RHBZ#997974) - Sort zones/interfaces/service/icmptypes on output. - wbem-https service (RHBZ#996668) - applet&config: add support for KDE NetworkManager connection editor - firewall/core/ New method update_lockdown_whitelist - Added missing file watcher for lockdown whitelist in config D-Bus interface - firewall/core/watcher: New add_watch_file for lockdown-whitelist and direct - Make use of IPv6 NAT conditional, based on kernel number (RHBZ#967376) * Tue Jul 30 2013 Thomas Woerner <> 0.3.4-1 - several rich rule check enhancements and fixes - firewall-cmd: direct options - check ipv4|ipv6|eb (RHBZ#970505) - firewall-cmd(1): improve description of direct options (RHBZ#970509) - several firewall-applet enhancements and fixes - New README - several doc and man page fixes - Service definitions for PCP daemons (RHBZ#972262) - bash-completion: add lockdown and rich language options - firewall-cmd: add --permanent --list-all[-zones] - firewall-cmd: new -q/--quiet option - firewall-cmd: warn when default zone not active (RHBZ#971843) - firewall-cmd: check priority in --add-rule (RHBZ#914955) - add dhcpv6 (for server) service (RHBZ#917866) - firewall-cmd: add --permanent --get-zone-of-interface/source --change-interface/source - firewall-cmd: print result (yes/no) of all --query-* commands - move permanent-getZoneOf{Interface|Source} from firewall-cmd to server - Check Interfaces/sources when updating permanent zone settings. - FirewallDConfig: getZoneOfInterface/Source can actually return more zones - Fixed toaddr check in forward port to only allow single address, no range - firewall-cmd: various output improvements - fw_zone: use check_single_address from firewall.functions - getZoneOfInterface/Source does not need to throw exception - firewall.functions: Use socket.inet_pton in checkIP, fixed checkIP*nMask - Properly check port/proto and destination address - Install applet desktop file into /etc/xdg/autostart - Fixed option problem with rich rule destinations (RHBZ#979804) - Better exception creation in dbus_handle_exceptions() decorator (RHBZ#979790) - Updated firewall-offline-cmd - Use priority in add, remove, query and list of direct rules (RHBZ#979509) - New documentation (man pages are created from docbook sources) - firewall/core/io/ use prirority for rule methods, new get_all_ methods - direct: pass priority also to and firewall-cmd - applet: New blink and blink-count settings - firewall.functions: New function ppid_of_pid - applet: Check for gnome3 and fix it, use new settings, new size-changed cb - firewall-offline-cmd: Fix use of systemctl in chroot - firewall-config: use string.ascii_letters instead of string.letters - dbus_to_python(): handle non-ascii chars in dbus.String. - Modernize old syntax constructions. - dict.keys() in Python 3 returns a "view" instead of list - Use gettext.install() to install _() in builtins namespace. - Allow non-ascii chars in 'short' and 'description' - README: More information for "Working With The Source Repository" - Build environment fixes - firewalld.spec: Added missing checks for rhel > 6 for pygobject3-base - firewall-applet: New setting show-inactive - Don't stop on reload when lockdown already enabled (RHBZ#987403) - firewall-cmd: --lockdown-on/off did not touch firewalld.conf - FirewallApplet.gschema.xml: Dropped unused sender-info setting - doc/firewall-applet.xml: Added information about gsettings - several debug and log message fixes - Add chain for sources so they can be checked before interfaces (RHBZ#903222) - Add dhcp and proxy-dhcp services (RHBZ#986947) - io/Zone(): don't error on deprecated family attr of source elem - Limit length of zone file name (to 12 chars) due to Netfilter internals. - It was not possible to overload a zone with defined source(s). - DEFAULT_ZONE_TARGET: {chain}_ZONE_{zone} -> {chain}_{zone} - New runtime get<X>Settings for services and icmptypes, fixed policies callbacks - functions: New functions checkUser, checkUid and checkCommand - src/firewall/client: Fixed lockdown-whitelist-updated signal handling - firewall-cmd(1): move firewalld.richlanguage(5) reference in --*-rich-rule - Rich rule service: Only add modules for accept action - firewall/core/rich: Several fixes and enhanced checks - Fixed reload of direct rules - firewall/client: New functions to set and get the exception handler - firewall-config: New and enhanced UI to handle lockdown and rich rules - zone's immutable attribute is redundant - Do not allow to set settings in config for immutable zones. - Ignore deprecated 'immutable' attribute in zone files. - Eviscerate 'immutable' completely. - FirewallDirect.query_rule(): fix it - permanent direct: activate reader - core/io/*: simplify getting of character data - FirewallDirect.set_config(): allow reloading * Thu Jun 20 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - Remove migrating to a systemd unit file from a SysV initscript - Remove pointless "ExclusiveOS" tag * Fri Jun 07 2013 Thomas Woerner <> 0.3.3-2 - Fixed rich rule check for use in D-Bus * Thu Jun 06 2013 Thomas Woerner <> 0.3.3-1 - new service files - relicensed under GPLv2+ - firewall-config: sometimes we don't want to use client's exception handler - When removing Service/IcmpType remove it from zones too (RHBZ#958401) - firewall-config: work-around masquerade_check_cb() being called more times - Zone(IO): add interfaces/sources to D-Bus signature - Added missing UNKNOWN_SOURCE error code - fw_zone.check_source: Raise INVALID_FAMILY if family is invalid - New changeZoneOfInterface method, marked changeZone as deprecated - Fixed firewall-cmd man page entry for --panic-on - firewall-applet: Fixed possible problems of unescaped strings used for markup - New support to bind zones to source addresses and ranges (D-BUS, cmd, applet - Cleanup of unused variables in FirewallD.start - New firewall/ with LastUpdatedOrderedDict - direct.chains, direct.rules: Using LastUpdatedOrderedDict - Support splitted zone files - New reader and writer for stored direct chains and rules - LockdownWhitelist: fix write(), add get_commands/uids/users/contexts() - fix service_writer() and icmptype_writer() to put newline at end of file - firewall-cmd: fix --list-sources - No need to specify whether source address family is IPv4 or IPv6 - add getZoneOfSource() to D-Bus interface - Add tests and bash-completion for the new "source" operations - Convert all input args in D-Bus methods - setDefaultZone() was calling accessCheck() *after* the action - New uniqify() function to remove duplicates from list whilst preserving order - Zone.combine() merge also services and ports - config/applet: silence DBusException during start when FirewallD is not running (RHBZ#966518) - firewall-applet: more fixes to make the address sources family agnostic - Better defaults for lockdown white list - Use auth_admin_keep for allow_any and allow_inactive also - New D-Bus API for lockdown policies - Use IPv4, IPv6 and BRIDGE for FirewallD properties - Use rich rule action as audit type - Prototype of string-only D-Bus interface for rich language - Fixed wrongly merged source family check in firewall/core/io/ - handle_cmr: report errors, cleanup modules in error case only, mark handling - Use audit type from rule action, fixed rule output - Fixed lockdown whitelist D-Bus handling method names - New rich rule handling in runtime D-Bus interface - Added interface, source and rich rule handling (runtime and permanent) - Fixed dbus_obj in FirewallClientConfigPolicies, added queryLockdown - Write changes in setLockdownWhitelist - Fixed typo in policies log message in method calls - firewall-cmd: Added rich rule, lockdown and lockdown whitelist handling - Don't check access in query/getLockdownWhitelist*() - firewall-cmd: Also output masquerade flag in --list-all - firewall-cmd: argparse is able to convert argument to desired type itself - tests for permanent interfaces/sources and lockdown whitelist - add missing files - tests for rich rules - Added lockdown, source, interface and rich rule docs to firewall-cmd - Do not masquerade lo if masquerade is enabled in the default zone (RHBZ#904098) - Use <rule> in metavar for firewall-cmd parser * Fri May 10 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.2-2 - removed unintentional en_US.po from tarball * Tue Apr 30 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.2-1 - Fix signal handling for SIGTERM - Additional service files (RHBZ#914859) - Updated po files - s/persistent/permanent/ (Trac Ticket #7) - Better behaviour when running without valid DISPLAY (RHBZ#955414) - client.handle_exceptions(): do not loop forever - Set Zone.defaults in zone_reader (RHBZ#951747) - client: do not pass the dbus exception name to handler - IO_Object_XMLGenerator: make it work with Python 2.7.4 (RHBZ#951741) - firewall-cmd: do not use deprecated BaseException.message - fix handle_exceptions() (RHBZ#951314) - firewall-config: check zone/service/icmptype name (RHBZ#947820) - Allow 3121/tcp (pacemaker_remote) in cluster-suite service. (RHBZ#885257) - firewall-applet: fix default zone hangling in 'shields-up' (RHBZ#947230) - FirewallError.get_code(): check for unknown error * Wed Apr 17 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.3.1-2 - Make permanenent changes work with Python 2.7.4 (RHBZ#951741) * Thu Mar 28 2013 Thomas Woerner <> 0.3.1-1 - Use explicit file lists for make dist - New rich rule validation check code - New global check_port and check_address functions - Allow source white and black listing with the rich rule - Fix error handling in case of unsupported family in rich rule - Enable ip_forwarding in masquerade and forward-port - New functions to read and write simple files using filename and content - Add --enable-sysconfig to install Fedora-specific sysconfig config file. - Add chains for security table (RHBZ#927015) - firewalld.spec: no need to specify --with-systemd-unitdir - firewalld.service: remove and - firewalld.service: replace hard-coded paths - Move bash-completion to new location. - Revert "Added configure for new build env" - Revert "Added files" - Revert "Added po/" - Revert "Added po/LINGUAS" - Revert "Added aclocal.m4" - Amend zone XML Schema * Wed Mar 20 2013 Thomas Woerner <> 0.3.0-1 - Added rich language support - Added lockdown feature - Allow to bind interfaces and sources to zones permanently - Enabled IPv6 NAT support masquerading and port/packet forwarding for IPv6 only with rich language - Handle polkit errors in client class and firewall-config - Added priority description for --direct --add-rule in firewall-cmd man page - Add XML Schemas for zones/services/icmptypes XMLs - Don't keep file descriptors open when forking - Introduce --nopid option for firewalld - New FORWARD_IN_ZONES and FORWARD_OUT_ZONES chains (RHBZ#912782) - Update cluster-suite service (RHBZ#885257) - firewall-cmd: rename --enable/disable-panic to --panic-on/off (RHBZ#874912) - Fix interaction problem of changed event of gtk combobox with polkit-kde by processing all remaining events (RHBZ#915892) - Stop default zone rules being applied to all zones (RHBZ#912782) - Firewall.start(): don't call set_default_zone() - Add wiki's URL to firewalld(1) and firewall-cmd(1) man pages - firewalld-cmd: make --state verbose (RHBZ#886484) - improve firewalld --help (RHBZ#910492) - firewall-cmd: --add/remove-* can be used multiple times (RHBZ#879834) - Continue loading zone in case of wrong service/port etc. (RHBZ#909466) - Check also services and icmptypes in Zone() (RHBZ#909466) - Increase the maximum length of the port forwarding fields from 5 to 11 in firewall-config - firewall-cmd: add usage to fail message - firewall-cmd: redefine usage to point to man page - firewall-cmd: fix visible problems with arg. parsing - Use argparse module for parsing command line options and arguments - firewall-cmd.1: better clarify where to find ACTIONs - firewall-cmd Bash completion - firewall-cmd.1: comment --zone=<zone> usage and move some options - Use zone's target only in %s_ZONES chains - default zone in firewalld.conf was set to public with every restart (#902845) - man page cleanup - code cleanup * Thu Mar 07 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.2.12-5 - Another fix for RHBZ#912782 * Wed Feb 20 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.2.12-4 - Stop default zone rules being applied to all zones (RHBZ#912782) * Wed Feb 13 2013 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.2.12-3 - Rebuilt for * Tue Jan 22 2013 Jiri Popelka <> - 0.2.12-2 - Default zone in firewalld.conf was reseted with every restart (RHBZ#902845) - Add icon cache related scriptlets for firewall-config (RHBZ#902680) - Fix typo in firewall-config (RHBZ#895812) - Fix few mistakes in firewall-cmd(1) man page * Mon Jan 14 2013 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.12-1 - firewall-cmd: use -V instead of -v for version info (RHBZ#886477) - firewall-cmd: don't check reload()'s return value (RHBZ#886461) - actually install firewalld.zones.5 - firewall-config: treat exceptions when adding new zone/service/icmp (RHBZ#886602) - firewalld.spec: Fixed requirements of firewall-config to use gtk2 and pygobject3 - Fail gracefully when running in non X environment.(RHBZ#886551) - offline-cmd: fail gracefully when no s-c-f config - fix duplicated iptables rules (RHBZ#886515) - detect errors and duplicates in config file (RHBZ#886581) - firewall-config: don't make 'Edit Service' and 'Edit ICMP Type' insensitive - firewalld.spec: fixed requirements, require pygobject3-base - frewall-applet: Unused code cleanup - firewall-applet: several usability fixes and enhancements (RHBZ#886531) (RHBZ#886534) - firewall/server/ fixed KeyboardInterrupt message (RHBZ#886558) - Moved fallback zone and minimal_mark to firewall.config.__init__ - Do not raise ZONE_ALREADY_SET in change_zone if old zone is set again (RHBZ#886432) - Make default zone default for all unset connections/interfaces (RHBZ#888288) (RHBZ#882736) - firewall-config: Use Gtk.MessageType.WARNING for warning dialog - firewall-config: Handle unknown services and icmptypes in persistent mode - firewall-config: Do not load settings more than once - firewall-config: UI cleanup and fixes (RHBZ#888242) - firewall-cmd: created alias --change-zone for --change-interface - firewall-cmd man page updates (RHBZ#806511) - Merged branch 'build-cleanups' - dropped call to in build stage, not needed anymore due to 'build-cleanups' merge * Thu Dec 13 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.11-2 - require pygobject3-base instead of pygobject3 (no cairo needed) (RHBZ#874378) - fixed dependencies of firewall-config to use gtk3 with pygobject3-base and not pygtk2 * Tue Dec 11 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.11-1 - Fixed more _xmlplus (PyXML) incompatibilities to python xml - Several man page updates - Fixed error in addForwardPort, removeForwardPort and queryForwardPort - firewall-cmd: use already existing queryForwardPort() - Update firewall.cmd man page, use man page as firewall-cmd usage (rhbz#876394) - firewall-config: Do not force to show labels in the main toolbar - firewall-config: Dropped "Change default zone" from toolbar - firewall-config: Added menu entry to change zones of connections - firewall-applet: Zones can be changed now using nm-connection-editor (rhbz#876661) - translation updates: cs, hu, ja * Tue Nov 20 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.10-1 - tests/ tests for config.service and config.icmptype - FirewallClientConfigServiceSettings(): destinations are dict not list - service/zone/icmptype: do not write deprecated name attribute - New service ntp - firewall-config: Fixed name of about dialog - Fixed getting of error codes - Added coding to all pyhton files - Fixed copyright years - Beautified file headers - Force use of pygobject3 in python-slip (RHBZ#874378) - Log: firewall.server.config_icmptype, firewall.server.config_service and firewall.server.config_zone: Prepend full path - Allow ":" in interface names for interface aliases - Add name argument to Updated and Renamed signal - Disable IPv4, IPv6 and EB tables if missing - for IPv4/IPv6 only environments - file cleanup - firewall-config: loadDefaults() can throw exception - Use toolbars for Add/Edit/Remove/LoadDefaults buttons for zones, services and icmp types - New vnc-server service, opens ports for displays :0 to :3 (RHBZ#877035) - firewall-cmd: Fix typo in help output, allow default zone usage for permanenent options - Translation updates: cs, fr, ja, pt_BR and zh_CN * Wed Oct 17 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.9-1 - firewall-config: some UI usability changes - firewall-cmd: New option --list-all-zones, output of --list-all changed, more option combination checks - firewall-applet: Replaced NMClient by direct DBUS calls to fix python core dumps in case of connection activates/deactivates - Use fallback 'C' locale if current locale isn't supported (RHBZ#860278) - Add interfaces to zones again after reload - firewall-cmd: use FirewallClient().connected value - firewall-cmd: --remove-interface was not working due to a typo - Do not use restorecon for new and backup files - Fixed use of properties REJECT and DROP - check interfaces after reload - Translation updates - Renamed firewall-convert-scfw-config to firewall-offline-cmd, used by anaconda for firewall configuration (e.g. kickstart) - Fix python shebang to use -Es at installation time for bin_SCRIPTS and sbin_SCRIPTS and at all times in - tests/ update test_zones() test case - Config interface: improve renaming of zones/services/icmp_types - Move emiting of Added signals closer to source. - FirewallClient(): config:ServiceAdded signal was wrongly mapped - Add argument 'name' to Removed signal - firewall-config: Add callbacks for config:[service|icmp]-[added|removed] - firewall-config: catch INVALID_X error when removing zone/service/icmp_type - firewall-config: remove unused code - Revert "Neutralize _xmlplus instead of conforming it" - firewall-applet: some UI usability changes - firewall-cmd: ALREADY_ENABLED, NOT_ENABLED, ZONE_ALREADY_SET are warnings * Fri Sep 07 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.8-1 - Do not apply old settings to zones after reload - FirewallClient: Added callback structure for firewalld signals - New firewall-config with full zone, service and icmptype support - Added Shields Up/Down configuration dialog to firewall-applet - Name attribute of main tag deprecated for zones, services and icmptypes, will be ignored if present - Fixed wrong references in firewalld man page - Unregister DBus interfaces after sending out the Removed signal - Use proper DBus signature in addIcmpType, addService and addZone - New builtin property for config interfaces - New test case for Config interface - spec: use new systemd-rpm macros (rhbz#850110) - More config file verifications - Lots of smaller fixes and enhancements * Tue Aug 21 2012 Jiri Popelka <> 0.2.7-2 - use new systemd-rpm macros (rhbz#850110) * Mon Aug 13 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.7-1 - Update of firewall-config - Some bug fixes * Tue Aug 07 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.6-1 - New D-BUS interface for persistent configuration - Aded support for persistent zone configuration in firewall-cmd - New Shields Up feature in firewall-applet - New requirements for python-decorator and pygobject3 - New firewall-config sub-package - New firewall-convert-scfw-config config script * Fri Apr 20 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.5-1 - Fixed traceback in firewall-cmd for failed or canceled authorization, return proper error codes, new error codes NOT_RUNNING and NOT_AUTHORIZED - Enhanced firewalld service file (RHBZ#806868) and (RHBZ#811240) - Fixed duplicates in zone after reload, enabled timed settings after reload - Removed conntrack --ctstate INVALID check from default ruleset, because it results in ICMP problems (RHBZ#806017). - Update interfaces in default zone after reload (rhbz#804814) - New man pages for firewalld(1), firewalld.conf(5), firewalld.icmptype(5), firewalld.service(5) and, updated firewall-cmd man page (RHBZ#811257) - Fixed firewall-cmd help output - Fixed missing icon for firewall-applet (RHBZ#808759) - Added root user check for firewalld (RHBZ#767654) - Fixed requirements of firewall-applet sub package (RHBZ#808746) - Update interfaces in default zone after changing of default zone (RHBZ#804814) - Start firewalld before NetworkManager (RHBZ#811240) - Add Type=dbus and BusName to service file (RHBZ#811240) * Fri Mar 16 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.4-1 - fixed firewalld.conf save exception if no temporary file can be written to /etc/firewalld/ * Thu Mar 15 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.3-1 - firewall-cmd: several changes and fixes - code cleanup - fixed icmp protocol used for ipv6 (rhbz#801182) - added and fixed some comments - properly restore zone settings, timeout is always set, check for 0 - some FirewallError exceptions were actually not raised - do not REJECT in each zone - removeInterface() don't require zone - new tests in firewall-test script - dbus_to_python() was ignoring certain values - added functions for the direct interface: chains, rules, passthrough - fixed inconsistent data after reload - some fixes for the direct interface: priority positions are bound to ipv, table and chain - added support for direct interface in firewall-cmd: - added isImmutable(zone) to zone D-Bus interface - renamed policy file - enhancements for error messages, enables output for direct.passthrough - added allow_any to firewald policies, using at leas auth_admin for policies - replaced ENABLE_FAILED, DISABLE_FAILED, ADD_FAILED and REMOVE_FAILED by COMMAND_FAILED, resorted error codes - new firewalld configuration setting CleanupOnExit - enabled polkit again, found a fix for property problem with slip.dbus.service - added dhcpv6-client to 'public' (the default) and to 'internal' zones. - fixed missing settings form zone config files in "firewall-cmd --list=all --zone=<zone>" call - added list functions for services and icmptypes, added --list=services and --list=icmptypes to firewall-cmd * Tue Mar 06 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.2-1 - enabled dhcpv6-client service for zones home and work - new dhcpv6-client service - firewall-cmd: query mode returns reversed values - new zone.changeZone(zone, interface) - moved zones, services and icmptypes to /usr/lib/firewalld, can be overloaded by files in /etc/firewalld (no overload of immutable zones block, drop, trusted) - reset MinimalMark in firewalld.cnf to default value - fixed service destination (addresses not used) - fix xmlplus to be compatible with the python xml sax parser and python 3 by adding __contains__ to xml.sax.xmlreader.AttributesImpl - use icon and glib related post, postun and posttrans scriptes for firewall - firewall-cmd: fix typo in state - firewall-cmd: fix usage() - firewall-cmd: fix interface action description in usage() - fix definition of queryInterface() - fix typo in getInterfaces() - firewalld.service: do not fork - firewall-cmd: fix bug in --list=port and --port action help message - firewall-cmd: fix bug in --list=service * Mon Mar 05 2012 Thomas Woerner <> - moved zones, services and icmptypes to /usr/lib/firewalld, can be overloaded by files in /etc/firewalld (no overload of immutable zones block, drop, trusted) * Tue Feb 21 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.1-1 - added missing firewall.dbus_utils * Tue Feb 07 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.0-2 - added glib2-devel to build requires, needed for gsettings.m4 - added --with-system-unitdir arg to fix installaiton of system file - added glib-compile-schemas calls for postun and posttrans - added EXTRA_DIST file lists * Mon Feb 06 2012 Thomas Woerner <> 0.2.0-1 - version 0.2.0 with new FirewallD1 D-BUS interface - supports zones with a default zone - new direct interface as a replacement of the partial virt interface with additional passthrough functionality - dropped custom rules, use direct interface instead - dropped trusted interface funcionality, use trusted zone instead - using zone, service and icmptype configuration files - not using any system-config-firewall parts anymore * Mon Feb 14 2011 Thomas Woerner <> 0.1.3-1 - new version 0.1.3 - restore all firewall features for reload: panic and virt rules and chains - string fixes for firewall-cmd man page (by Jiri Popelka) - fixed firewall-cmd port list (by Jiri Popelka) - added firewall dbus client connect check to firewall-cmd (by Jiri Popelka) - translation updates: de, es, gu, it, ja, kn, ml, nl, or, pa, pl, ru, ta, uk, zh_CN * Mon Jan 03 2011 Thomas Woerner <> 0.1.2-1 - fixed package according to package review (rhbz#665395): - non executable scripts: dropped shebang - using newer GPL license file - made /etc/dbus-1/system.d/FirewallD.conf config(noreplace) - added requires(post) and (pre) for chkconfig * Mon Jan 03 2011 Thomas Woerner <> 0.1.1-1 - new version 0.1.1 - fixed source path in POTFILES* - added missing - added misssing space for spec_ver line - using firewall_config.VARLOGFILE - added date to logging output - also log fatal and error logs to stderr and firewall_config.VARLOGFILE - make log message for active_firewalld fatal * Mon Dec 20 2010 Thomas Woerner <> 0.1-1 - initial package (proof of concept implementation)