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Package Namegnome-shell-extension-activities-configurator
SummaryConfigure the top bar and Activities button in GNOME Shell
DescriptionActivities Configurator gives you all sorts of options to control the look and feel of the top bar and Activities button in GNOME Shell, possibly even overriding your current Shell theme. You can change or remove the Activities button text, add an icon, move it to right corner, change the top bar's background color and transparency... You can toggle the Overview if no applications are running (at login and whenever the last application window is closed). You can also adjust the "pressure" threshold for the hot corner, or disable it altogether. **NOTE:** After installing, each user that wants it must still manually enable Activities Configurator before it will take effect. You can do so a few different ways: * If you've already installed the GNOME Shell integration web browser plugin, go to <>, find the extension, and click the switch to "ON." * Open GNOME Tweak Tool, go to the Extensions tab, find the extension, and click the switch to "ON." * Open a terminal or the desktop's command dialog, and (as your normal user account) run `gnome-shell-extension-tool --enable activities-config@nls1729` You may also need to restart GNOME Shell (Open the command dialog with Alt-F2, type `r`, and hit enter), or log out and log back in.
Built byterrycloth
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive01
StartedFri, 23 Jun 2017 06:55:19 UTC
CompletedFri, 23 Jun 2017 06:58:38 UTC
Taskbuild (f24-candidate, /rpms/gnome-shell-extension-activities-configurator:a5cc6211a371c493449f6c2892a9949ed0120802)
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gnome-shell-extension-activities-configurator-56-1.fc24.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Fri Jun 23 2017 Andrew Toskin <> - 56-1 - Bump to upstream version 56, which fixes subtle bug in UI. * Tue May 23 2017 Andrew Toskin <> - 55-1 - Bump to upstream version 55, which updates the localization. * Sat Apr 08 2017 Andrew Toskin <> - 54-1 - Update to upstream version 54, which fixes a bug when running in GNOME 3.24. * Tue Mar 14 2017 Andrew Toskin <> - 53-1 - First working build accepted into Fedora.