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Information for build blivet-gui-2.1.5-2.fc26

Package Nameblivet-gui
SummaryTool for data storage configuration
DescriptionGraphical (GTK) tool for manipulation and configuration of data storage (disks, LVMs, RAIDs) based on blivet library.
Built byvtrefny
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive01
StartedFri, 30 Jun 2017 09:33:22 UTC
CompletedFri, 30 Jun 2017 09:36:47 UTC
Taskbuild (f26-candidate, /rpms/blivet-gui:f0d0d05408654deef4c3d048a3b2880f7feaf1cb)
blivet-gui-2.1.5-2.fc26.src.rpm (info) (download)
blivet-gui-2.1.5-2.fc26.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
blivet-gui-runtime-2.1.5-2.fc26.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Fri Jun 30 2017 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.1.5-2 - Split blivet-gui package into "blivet-gui" and "blivet-gui-runtime" (vtrefny) * Tue Jun 20 2017 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.1.5-1 - Fix reusing LUKS devices in Anaconda (#1462071) (vtrefny) - Make the device toolbar look more "toolbarish" (#1456011) (vtrefny) - Use "is_disk" to check if device is disk (#1457163) (vtrefny) - Fix displaying encrypted logical partitions (vtrefny) - Run "update_size_info" for luks devices (vtrefny) - pylint: fix different keyword arguments for "connect" method (vtrefny) - Ignore pylint error "not-context-manager" for locks (vtrefny) * Tue May 30 2017 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.1.4-2 - Run "update_size_info" for luks devices (vtrefny) - Fix displaying encrypted logical partitions (vtrefny) * Fri May 05 2017 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.1.4-1 - Do not try to set both size request and auto-expand for Gtk.Scale (vtrefny) - Use Gtk.Menu.popup_at_pointer when showing context menu (vtrefny) - Allow keyboard shortcuts configuration from Anaconda (#1439608) (vtrefny) - Allow "refreshing" UI from Anaconda when spoke is visible (vtrefny) - Hide 'protected' devices in installer mode (vtrefny) - Update Zanata branch name (vtrefny) * Thu Apr 27 2017 Peter Robinson <> 2.1.3-2 - Use python3-gobject not pygobject3 * Mon Apr 24 2017 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.1.3-1 - Merge pull request #57 from vojtechtrefny/master_partition-ordering (vtrefny) - Preserve ordering when adding partitions (#1439591) (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #55 from vojtechtrefny/master_test-day-fixes-3 (vtrefny) - Fix crash when there are no "real" actions to perform (vtrefny) - Fix displaying of non-existing encrypted devices (#1439576) (vtrefny) - Allow deleting parents when deleting VG/RAID/Btrfs volume (#1439661) (vtrefny) - SizeChooser: Change default and available size units (#1440369) (vtrefny) - Allow creating encrypted MD arrays (#1440392) (vtrefny) - Allow setting mountpoint for all mountable filesystems (#1440372) (vtrefny) - Allow creating encrypted LVs (#1439651) (vtrefny) * Tue Apr 11 2017 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.1.2-1 - Merge pull request #52 from vojtechtrefny/master_test-day-fixes-2 (vtrefny) - Fix devices allowed to add to a PV on an mdarray (#1440804) (vtrefny) - Do not allow setting mountpoint for extended partitions (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #48 from vojtechtrefny/master_test-day-fixes (vtrefny) - Show previously selected mountpoint when editting a device (#1439525) (vtrefny) - Fix decorations of some dialogs in installer mode (vtrefny) - Add 'prepboot' and 'biosboot' to supported filesystems (#1439538) (vtrefny) - Add a config class for blivet-gui (#1439581) (vtrefny) - Allow changing format for MD arrays (#1439592) (vtrefny) - Do not use 'dim-label' style for labels in dialogs (#1439529) (vtrefny) - Add tooltips for actions toolbar (#1439563) (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #47 from vojtechtrefny/master_fix-reuse-luks (vtrefny) - Do not try to check mountpoint for unmountable formats (#1439108) (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #46 from offthewoll/master (vtrefny) - Correct "proccessing" to "processing" (aviwoll) - Corrected "proccessing" to "processing" (aviwoll) - Merge pull request #44 from vojtechtrefny/master_installer-bugs (vtrefny) - Do not allow to set mountpoint for nonexisting LVM snapshots (vtrefny) - Fix error when creating LVM PV (vtrefny) * Tue Mar 14 2017 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.1.1-1 - Merge pull request #43 from vojtechtrefny/master_fix-lvmsnapshot-free (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Use 'free_space' instead of 'free' for VGs free space (vtrefny) * Mon Feb 27 2017 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.1.0-1 - Merge pull request #42 from vojtechtrefny/master_installer-mode4 (vtrefny) - Allow setting same mountpoint when editting a device (vtrefny) - Completely stop using PVs as parents when adding LVs (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Do not show advanced options for LVs (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #41 from vojtechtrefny/master_handle-user-change (vtrefny) - Add a special method for handling changes made by user (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #40 from vojtechtrefny/master_action-label-fix (vtrefny) - Use Gtk.Button for showing number of scheduled actions (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #39 from vojtechtrefny/master_raid-chooser (vtrefny) - Hotfix for maximum size of LVs (vtrefny) - Temporarily disable LVM RAID (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Use BTRFS._min_size instead 256 MiB (vtrefny) - Allow creating LVM/Btrfs only when selected free space is big enough (vtrefny) - Temporarily remove support for cache area (vtrefny) - Reworked SizeArea and size widgets for AddDialog (vtrefny) - Do not display a special raid chooser for LVs (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Create a standalone RaidChooser widget (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #37 from vojtechtrefny/master_installer-mode3 (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Change label for selecting parents (vtrefny) - Allow setting label when changing format of device (vtrefny) - AddDialog: add scrollbars if the dialog is too big (vtrefny) - Add adwaita-icon-theme to dependencies (vtrefny) - Fix some MagicMock related exceptions in tests (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Allow setting filesystem label for mdraid (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Remove separate option to put PV on an MD RAID (vtrefny) - Fix creating format for new md arrays (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Allow setting filesystem label for LVs (vtrefny) - Do not allow creating snapshots of non-existing LVs (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Change description for 'LVM Storage' to 'LVM VG' (vtrefny) - Use 'better' icon for the edit menu (vtrefny) - Use accelerators in custom dialogs (vtrefny) - Allow running ShowActionsDialog without decoration in installer_mode (vtrefny) - Do not show number of pending actions in installer mode (vtrefny) - Allow 'reusing' actions in installer mode (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #36 from vojtechtrefny/master_installer-mode2 (vtrefny) - Allow running ShowActionsDialog without decoration in installer_mode (vtrefny) - Do not show number of pending actions in installer mode (vtrefny) - Allow 'reusing' actions in installer mode (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #35 from vojtechtrefny/master_edit-mountpoint (vtrefny) - Use Gtk.Window in AddDialogTest instead of Mock (vtrefny) - Add dialog for setting mountpoint in installer mode (vtrefny) - Allow setting mountpoint when formatting existing device (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #34 from vojtechtrefny/master_installer-mode (vtrefny) - Fix fs selection in AddDialog test (vtrefny) - Allow to run ResizeDialog and FormatDialog without decoration (vtrefny) - Prefix blivet-gui CSS styles to avoid name conflicts (vtrefny) - Move CSS styling to BlivetGUI class (vtrefny) - Allow to initialize blivet-gui during refresh in installer mode (vtrefny) - Do not create list of devices and actions in constructor (vtrefny) - Fix creating format with label and mountpoints (vtrefny) - Get list of currently used mountpoints when adding new device (vtrefny) - AddDialog: don't show decoration on message dialogs in installer mode (vtrefny) - AddDialog: center and don't show decorations in installer mode (vtrefny) - Add custom method to run dialogs (vtrefny) - Run message dialogs with lightbox in installer mode (vtrefny) - Allow showing message dialogs without decoration (vtrefny) - Use show_dialog methods instead of creating dialogs manually (vtrefny) - Change 'ActionsToolbar' to a standalone widget (vtrefny) - Expand partitions list widget vertically (vtrefny) - Add some basic classes for running blivet-gui in Anaconda (vtrefny) - Stop predenting we need auth token for client-server communication (vtrefny) - Do not create client instance in BlivetGUI class (vtrefny) - Do not allow ignoring exceptions from BlivetGUIClient (vtrefny) - Raise custom exception in BlivetGUIClient for connection errors (vtrefny) - Remove kickstart mode from blivet-gui (vtrefny) - Merge branch 'f25-branch' (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #33 from vojtechtrefny/f25-branch_ui-fixes (vtrefny) - Fix showing traceback in exception dialog (vtrefny) - Add glade temp files to gitignore (vtrefny) - Show scrollbars in visualization (vtrefny) - Fix position of main menu (vtrefny) - SizeChooser: Fix size of size SpinButton (vtrefny) - Unmount devices from the GUI (vtrefny) - Catch exceptions when calling methods on proxy objects (vtrefny) - Allow calling methods on proxy objects from client (vtrefny) - Merge branch 'f25-branch' into f26-branch (vtrefny) - Bump zanata branch version (vtrefny) * Mon Dec 12 2016 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.0.2-1 - Merge pull request #32 from vojtechtrefny/f25-branch_exception-handler (vtrefny) - Add custom exception handler for blivet-gui (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #31 from vojtechtrefny/f25-branch_thin-snapshots (vtrefny) - fix typo (chris) - Fix typo lvmlv device info (vtrefny) - Fix visualisation of thin snapshots (vtrefny) - Add support for creating lvm thinsnapshosts (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #29 from vojtechtrefny/f25-branch_fix-xvfb (vtrefny) - Fix floating point exception when running test using xvfb-run (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #28 from vojtechtrefny/f25-branch_appdata-upgrade (vtrefny) - Update appdata.xml to new version (vtrefny) - New up-to-date screenshots for AppData (vtrefny) - New zanata branch (vtrefny) * Thu Aug 04 2016 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.0.1-1 - Merge pull request #27 from vojtechtrefny/f25-branch_meh-remove (vtrefny) - Add config for abrt to attach blivet logs to reports (vtrefny) - Simplify logging (vtrefny) - Don't use python-meh (vtrefny) * Mon Jul 18 2016 Vojtech Trefny <> - 2.0.0-1 - Remove redundant version constants (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #24 from vojtechtrefny/master_docs (vtrefny) - Fix few typos in docstrings (vtrefny) - Add autogenerated doc files to .gitignore (vtrefny) - Add basic introduction to blivet-gui developer documentation (vtrefny) - Remove unused .rst documentation files (vtrefny) - Fix Makefile and configuration for documentation (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #23 from vojtechtrefny/master_constants (vtrefny) - Use blivet constants instead of "magic" numbers in AddDialog (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #22 from vojtechtrefny/master-btrfs_in_vg2 (vtrefny) - Return supported filesystems as objects not just types (vtrefny) - Allow using btrfs as format for all devices (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Remove special type for lvmpv, allow lvmpv format (vtrefny) * Mon May 23 2016 Vojtech Trefny <> - 1.3.1-1 - Merge pull request #21 from vojtechtrefny/master-split_edit (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #19 from dashea/translation-canary (vtrefny) - Add translation context for "Format" strings (vtrefny) - Add LVMVG edit option to edit menu (vtrefny) - Remove EditDialogTest (vtrefny) - BlivetGUI: Use new resize and format dialogs instead of edit dialog (vtrefny) - Add new submenus for "edit" option in toolbar and popup menu (vtrefny) - Replace PartitionEditDialog by ResizeDialog and FormatDialog (vtrefny) - BlivetUtils: Add new public methods for device resize and format (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #20 from vojtechtrefny/master-reset_progress (vtrefny) - Add progress dialog for storage reload (vtrefny) - Remove markup from translatable strings where possible. (dshea) - Use the translation-canary tests (dshea) - Do not use intltool. (dshea) - Add P_ to the xgettext keywords. (dshea) - Always use to generate the source archive. (dshea) - Merge commit 'e8a62de12f347962c7c9c71e4562f42a2618fce7' as 'translation-canary' (dshea) - Squashed 'translation-canary/' content from commit edda4ea (dshea) - Merge pull request #18 from vojtechtrefny/master-chunk_size (vtrefny) - Add test for chunk size (vtrefny) - Add chunk support for mdraid creation (vtrefny) - Merge pull request #17 from vojtechtrefny/master-none_format (vtrefny) - Allow "none" as format when adding/editting devices (vtrefny) - Remove communication log (vtrefny) - Allow ignoring disks with corrupted/unknown disklabels (vtrefny) - New version 1.3.0 (vtrefny) * Tue Apr 12 2016 Vojtech Trefny <> - 1.3.0 - Fix visualization CSS styles ( - Fix visualization of group devices inside VG (#1326175) ( - Translations moved from to ( - Remove gnome-icon-theme from requires ( - Fix adding a new device into an existing mdarray ( - Add make ci target and test dependencies ( - Fix methods for locating CSS and UI files ( - SizeChooserAreaTest: Libbytesize support related fixes ( - Use property instead of setter method for luks decrypt passphrase ( - CacheArea: Fix displaying parent name in pv chooser ( - Pylint/PEP8 fixes, fix AddDialog test cases ( - Skip ListPartitionsTest when X server is not available ( - Remove remaining user documentation related code ( - AddDialog: do not allow to set size when adding vg to pvs ( - Do not try to display (meta)data level for btrfs subvolumes ( - Fix adding lvm thinpools ( - Libbytesize support changes ( - Set communication socket to be owned by user not root ( - Remove obsolte/unused methods from BlivetUtils ( - Fix editting volume groups ( - Pylint and PEP8 fixes ( - Always remove format when removing device ( - Hide second raid chooser for non LVs ( - LVM RAID support -- utils part ( - SizeArea,AddDialog -- LVM RAID support, part 2 ( - Temporary disable device name validation ( - Move supported fs types to EditDialog ( - Add RAID chooser into ParentArea when adding new LV ( - Do not display parent size chooser for LVs ( - AddLabelDialog: Fix available disklabels ( - SizeArea -- RAID support, part 1 ( - Raise exception in client when accesing blivet attribute failed ( - AddDialog: Do not offer full PVs as possible parents for LVs ( - AddDialog: Switch to single SizeArea model ( - Fix ParentArea for non-LVM parents ( - AddDialog: Fix checking for lvmlv and lvmthinlv device types ( - AddDialog: Change _get_selected_device_type to property ( - Remove support for adding btrfs as a disklabel ( - Refactor add_partition method ( - Fix passing selected and free devices to AddDialog ( - Move supported types (fs, raid levels, disklabels) to AddDialog ( - SizeChooser: Update main size chooser when changing size for parents ( - SizeChooser: Add ParentArea for parents size selection ( - Merge branch 'master' of ( - Merge pull request #14 from dashea/eintr ( - Remove the removal of the eintr checker, which has been removed ( - Use new_lv instead of LVM objects constructors ( - Fix adding devices on DASD and zFCP disks (#1305495) ( - Make LUKS encrypted partitions resizable ( - Use list of children for devices instead of get_children ( - Fix visualization of raw format LUKS devices (#1288943) ( - Size area refactoring ( - Fix updateSizeInfo on BIOSBoot partitions (#1286616) ( - Add cache info to device info dialog ( - Reimplement size area using Glade ( - LVM cache support -- utils part ( - LVM cache support -- UI part ( - Allow nested ProxyDataContainer in server-cleint communication ( - Add tests for recently found bugs ( - Fix allow creating lvm snapshots ( - AddDialog: Fix min size for vg children ( - AddDialog: Fix parent type when adding LMV LV ( - Don't allow adding btrfs volume to devices smaller than 256 MiB ( - Do not call get_children more than necessary ( - New version 1.2 ( * Wed Nov 18 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 1.2-1 - Add PEP8 compliance check to 'make check' (vtrefny) - Fix PEP8 violations. (vtrefny) - Remove some obsolete/debug prints and imports (vtrefny) - Catch blivet.errors.LUKSError instead of BlockDev.CryptoError (vtrefny) - Add test for adding device to partitions list (vtrefny) - EditDialog: add test for formatting extended partitions (vtrefny) - Add test for communication.proxy_utils (vtrefny) - Fix BlivetProxyObjectTest (vtrefny) - Add tests for new FreeSpaceDevice features (vtrefny) - Fix check for allowed max partitions count (vtrefny) - AddDialog: fix displaying parents for MDArray PVs (vtrefny) - Fix 'disk' attribute for FreeSpaceDevices (vtrefny) - Visualization: add protected icon to protected devices (vtrefny) - Do not allow deleting/editting protected devices (vtrefny) - Remove pocketlint from BuildRequires (vtrefny) - Remove 'check' from 'make release' target (vtrefny) - Run mkfs.ntfs with '-f' option (fast formatting) (#1253013) (vtrefny) - Add support for creating NTFS format (vtrefny) - Fix visualisation of group devices with 0 size (#1275815) (vtrefny) - Visualization: do not allocate remaing space when there is no space left (vtrefny) - Fix device visualisation with high contrast theme (vtrefny) - Properly catch and reraise exceptions from BlivetUtils initialization (vtrefny) - Fix tests to work with localization (vtrefny) - Add make coverage target (vtrefny) - Add loading window when starting blivet-gui (vtrefny) - Fix make po-pull/push target (vtrefny) - Set translation domain for glade files (vtrefny) * Wed Sep 23 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 1.1-1 - Fix make bumpver to work with 1.x versions (vtrefny) - Fix finished actions visualisation in processing window (vtrefny) - Remove MANIFEST file from git (vtrefny) - Fix visualization for non-existing encrypted partitions (vtrefny) - Add "local" target to Makefile (vtrefny) - Use zanata-python-client instead of zanata-cli (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Always display at least one size area (vtrefny) - Fix max size of KickstartSelectDevicesDialog (vtrefny) - Fix dialogs with actions list height (vtrefny) - Allow shrinking extended partitions (vtrefny) - Fix bug description when reporting using python-meh (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Add a second passphrase entry for verification (vtrefny) - Remove obsolete test run mode from BlivetUtils (vtrefny) - Allow deleting of active formats in kickstart mode (vtrefny) * Wed Sep 02 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 1.0-1 - Update man page (vtrefny) - Add AppData validation to spec file (vtrefny) - Add tags to desktop file (vtrefny) - Add AppData for blivet-gui (vtrefny) - Fix few typos and grammar in strings (vtrefny) - Add first test for ListPartitions (vtrefny) - Fix adding LVM Thin LVs (vtrefny) - Remove help from package (vtrefny) - ListParents: fix checking parents for logical partitions (vtrefny) - Add icons to %files in spec file (vtrefny) - DeviceInfoDialog: add special info for mdarrays (vtrefny) - Fix maximal size for thinpools (vtrefny) - Add desktop icon for blivet-gui (vtrefny) - Selection unit tests for AddDialog (vtrefny) - More tests for AddDialog and PartitionEditDialog (vtrefny) - Fix check_mountpoint method (vtrefny) - Do not run unittests without X server (vtrefny) - More unit tests for AddDialog (vtrefny) - ProcessingWindow: Center on blivet-gui main window. (vtrefny) - PhysicalView: Double click to select parent device (vtrefny) - Fix logical and physical view for mdarrays with lvm (vtrefny) - Fix adding lvmvg to MD raid (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Fix minimal size when changing device type (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Delete content of Gtk.Entry when hiding it (vtrefny) - Fix physical view for devices with logical partitions as parents (vtrefny) - Fix spelling in isUninitializedDisk method name (vtrefny) - Add unittest for AddDialog (vtrefny) - Add test for fslabel validity check (vtrefny) - AddDialog, PartitionEditDialog: Add fslabel validity check (#1236112) (vtrefny) - Do not allow to add lvmvg to lvmpv with insufficient size (vtrefny) - Fix allowed pesizes for lvmvg in AddDialog (vtrefny) - Allow resizing of extended partitions (vtrefny) - Reimplement ActionsMenu using Glade (vtrefny) - Add test for ListActions (vtrefny) - Fix visualization for logical group devices (vtrefny) - In kickstart mode show future mountpoints in partition list (vtrefny) - EditDialog: Add mountpoint validity check (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Fix mountpoint validation (vtrefny) - Fix actions dialogs width (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Update min size limit for encrypted devices (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Update min size limit based on selected pesize (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Add method to update size limits (vtrefny) - AddDialog: allow empty device name (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Do not offer PESize larger than free space available (vtrefny) - Fix visualization for live usb deviceFix visualization for live usb devicess (vtrefny) - Fix free space regions for unitialized disks (vtrefny) - Do not refresh views after cancelling delete action (vtrefny) - Fix displaying number of pending actions after applying them (vtrefny) - Quit 'nicely' on Ctrl-C (vtrefny) - Add test for fslabel in PartitionEditDialog (vtrefny) - PartitionEditDialog: allow setting fslabel when changing format (vtrefny) - Add test for FreeSpaceDevice (vtrefny) - Add name validation for devices in AddDialog (vtrefny) - Fix displaying device info icons (vtrefny) - Add ID and format to FreeSpaceDevice and RawFormatDevice (vtrefny) - Preselect filesystem type for add/edit dialog (vtrefny) - Visualization size corresponding with device size (vtrefny) - Don't allow to add more than 4 partitions on msdos disklabels (vtrefny) - Call blivet.partitioning.getFreeRegions with align=True (vtrefny) - Move i18n definitions to one file (vtrefny) - Display number of pending actions in statusbar (vtrefny) - Add information icons to devices in logical view (vtrefny) - Switch to device logical view by double-clicking on it (vtrefny) - First unittest for blivet_utils (vtrefny) - Remove python.six, python3 only support now (vtrefny) - Fix visualization update after resizing device (vtrefny) - Add device size to visualization (vtrefny) - Hide physical view for disks (vtrefny) - Use python3-pid for pidfile creation (vtrefny) - New version 0.3.6 (vtrefny) * Thu Aug 06 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.3.6-1 - Fix visualisation for extended partitions with single child (vtrefny) - Fix parent visualization for encrypted LVMs (vtrefny) - Allow adding new VG to an empty LVMPV (vtrefny) - Remove obsolete definiton of locate_ui_file method (vtrefny) - Do not allow displaying device info for raw format devices (vtrefny) - Remove old visualization files (vtrefny) - Display context menu for logical view visualization (vtrefny) - New UI, part 4: Physical View -- parents visualization (vtrefny) - Fix visualization for raw format devices (vtrefny) - Tweak device visualisation in logical view using CSS (vtrefny) - Move various GUI helper functions into one file (vtrefny) - New UI, part 3: New device visualisation for logical view (vtrefny) - BlivetUtilsServer: quit when recieve empty message (vtrefny) - Renaming few files and folders (vtrefny) * Wed Jul 29 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.3.5-1 - Fix displaying btrfs as a disklabel (vtrefny) - Fix adding btrfs as a disklabel (vtrefny) - Small UI fixes (vtrefny) - Few stylistic fixes (vtrefny) - New UI, part 2: listing of device children in logical view (vtrefny) - Catch AttirbuteErrors during remote utils calls (vtrefny) - PartitionEditDialog: Do not offer formats that are not supported (vtrefny) - Fix context menu for partitions list (vtrefny) - Add test for PartitionEditDialog (vtrefny) - Fix AddDialog tests (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Do not offer formats that are not supported (vtrefny) - Display MDarrays and Btrfs Volumes in device list (vtrefny) - Remove custom method to detect extended partition on disk (vtrefny) - Allow displaying disks withou disklabel in AddDialog (vtrefny) - Fix creating extended partitions (vtrefny) - Remove unused import (vtrefny) - Fix pocketlint settings (vtrefny) - Do not allow adding snapshot when there is not enough free space (vtrefny) - Fix converting ProxyDataContainer to IDs (vtrefny) - Move all tests to one folder (vtrefny) - Add tests to test server-client functions (vtrefny) - Fix catching exceptions in client-server communication (vtrefny) - BlivetGUIClient: fix sending ProxyDataContainer (vtrefny) - New version 0.3.4 (vtrefny) * Thu Jul 16 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.3.4-1 - Pylint fixes (vtrefny) - Use pocketlint for blivet-gui (vtrefny) - Recreate list of actions using Glade (vtrefny) - Completely separate toolbar for blivet actions and for device actions (vtrefny) - Add device information button to DeviceToolbar (vtrefny) - Separate ActionsToolbar and DeviceToolbar (vtrefny) - New UI, part 1 (vtrefny) - Use gi.require_version when importing from gi.repository (vtrefny) - Few pylint overrides and fixes (vtrefny) - Reimplement AddDisklabelDialog using Glade (vtrefny) - Add unittest to test AdvancedOptions from AddDialog (vtrefny) - Add "test" rule to Makefile (vtrefny) - Add unittest to test SizeChooserArea from AddDialog (vtrefny) - Move SizeChooserArea to own module (vtrefny) - Fix name suggestion for thinlvs (vtrefny) - Fix progress bar fraction during applying changes (vtrefny) - Do not allow editing of non-existing LVM VGs (vtrefny) - EditDialog: Do not allow select "None" as format (vtrefny) - Fix removing parents for encrypted devices and btrfs volumes (vtrefny) - Delete existing partition table when adding btrfs as a disklabel (vtrefny) - Align target size before resizing partitions (#1207798) (vtrefny) - Fix device visualisation selection after window resize (vtrefny) - Allow adding encrypted logical partitions (vtrefny) - DeviceInfoDialog: auto-ellipsize long labels (vtrefny) - Do not display disks without disklabel in AddDialog (vtrefny) - Move exception catching to add_device method (vtrefny) - Do not allow adding new LV to an incomplete VG (vtrefny) - Do not allow to create an extended partition on GPT disks (vtrefny) * Thu May 21 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.3.3-1 - Require newest blivet (python-blivet 1.4) (vtrefny) - Allow using of free space inside extended partitions for LVM (vtrefny) - Use sys.exit instead of blivetgui.quit in certain situations (vtrefny) - AddDialog: fix size selection for btrfs disks (vtrefny) - Remove obsolete option to embedd blivet-gui to another app (vtrefny) - Remove some obsolete/unused BlivetUtils methods (vtrefny) * Thu May 14 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.3.2-1 - Devel branch for l10n on Zanata (vtrefny) - Use currentSize instead of partedDevice.length for empty disks (vtrefny) - add_device method refactoring (vtrefny) - Display progress in ProcessingWindow dialog (vtrefny) - BlivetGUI: Call the blivet_do_it method with progress report support (vtrefny) - Add progress callback support in BlivetUtils.blivet_do_it (vtrefny) - Fix Makefile and spec for python3 (vtrefny) - Add thinlv support to DeviceInformationDialog (vtrefny) - Do not try to display information about unknown devices (vtrefny) - Added support for creating LVM thinpools and thinlvs (vtrefny) - Pylint fixes (vtrefny) - Fix displaying parents in device information dialog (vtrefny) - Add version information to the AboutDialog (vtrefny) - Fix adding encrypted partitions (vtrefny) - Fix displaying future mountpoint in kickstart mode (vtrefny) - Pylint fixes (vtrefny) - Fix 'None' as disk.model in kickstart dialogs (vtrefny) - New option to show device information (vtrefny) - Do not (de)activate non-existing options in menus/toolbars (vtrefny) - Do not allow to resize lvs with snapshots (vtrefny) - AddDialog refactoring (vtrefny) - Add support for creating LVM snapshots (vtrefny) - Python 3 compatible localisation support (vtrefny) * Mon Apr 27 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.3.1-1 - Fix catching exception when trying to decrypt LUKS device (vtrefny) - Fix python-meh requirement to Python 3 version (vtrefny) - Remove obsolete methon convert_to_size (vtrefny) - Fix None disk.model in description (vtrefny) - Use format.systemMountpoint instead of format.mountpoint (vtrefny) - New version 0.3.0 (vtrefny) * Wed Apr 22 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.3.0-1 - Add translator credits to AboutDialog (vtrefny) - Merge branch 'separate-processes' into devel (vtrefny) - Advanced logging and python-meh support (vtrefny) - Check if the server starts in blivet-gui main() (vtrefny) - Fix returning of BlivetProxyObject and id to it (vtrefny) - Pylint checks and docstrings (vtrefny) - Logging server communication (vtrefny) - Add message verification with a secret "key" (vtrefny) - Remove temp directories atexit of server (vtrefny) - Do not use Gio.Settings to obtaion default system font (vtrefny) - Store blivet logs on server site (vtrefny) - Delete file (no longer used) (vtrefny) - Use blivet's ParentList for FreeSpaceDevice parents (vtrefny) - Autorun server part, PID file for server (vtrefny) - Update with new package_data (vtrefny) - Use ProxyDataContainer instead of ReturnList (vtrefny) - Use ProxyDataContainer for old_mountpoints (vtrefny) - Fix EditDialog using non-existing UserSelection class (vtrefny) - More detailed information for proxy objects AttributeError (vtrefny) - Create instance of BlivetUtils upon client request (vtrefny) - Use ProxyDataContainer instead of ResizeInfo namedtuple (vtrefny) - Catch exception raised during BlivetUtils calls (vtrefny) - Send message length in messages and use it in recv (vtrefny) - Do not forward LUKS decrypt exceptions to client (vtrefny) - Use GLib.timeout_add instead of GObject.timeout_add (vtrefny) - Delete socket file using atexit (vtrefny) - Catch GLib.GError instead of blivet.errors.CryptoError (vtrefny) - Pickle only whitelisted objects (vtrefny) - Mutex-protected server calls (vtrefny) - Proper catching and reraising exception during doIt() (vtrefny) - Use UnixStreamServer instead of TCPServer (vtrefny) - Close server on client exit (vtrefny) - Fix blivetgui.reload() function (vtrefny) - Use GLib.idle_add instead of GObject.idle_add (vtrefny) - New way of re-raising exceptions from BlivetUtils (vtrefny) - Remove unused functions; mark some functions as private (vtrefny) - Replace BlivetUtils calls with BlivetGUIClient calls (vtrefny) - Replace UserSelection with ProxyDataContainer (vtrefny) -"Binary" file for server/daemon part (vtrefny) - blivet-gui process separation (vtrefny) - Do not check root privilegies for blivet-gui (client part) (vtrefny) * Mon Apr 13 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.2.4-1 - Auto-ellipsize longer strings in ListPartitions (vtrefny) - Fix widget spacing in AddLabelDialog (vtrefny) - Better handling of raw device formats (#1207743) (vtrefny) - Fix blivetgui.reload() function (vtrefny) - Python3 compatibility for device visualisation (vtrefny) - Python3 compatible re-raising exceptions (vtrefny) - Do not allow resizing of non-existing devices. (vtrefny) - Catch GLib.GError instead of blivet.errors.CryptoError (vtrefny) - Fix device visualisation with russian locale (#1202955) (vtrefny) - EditDialog: Set the value of size SpinButton to device size (vtrefny) - Do not display current size in EditDialog (#1201706) (vtrefny) * Fri Mar 13 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.2.3-1 - Fix resizing LVs (#1201745) (vtrefny) - Start KickstartSelectDevicesDialog with MainWindow as parent (vtrefny) - Simplyfication of MainMenu, ActionsMenu and ActionsToolbar classes (vtrefny) - Do not call updateSizeInfo() multiple times (vtrefny) - Removed last dependency on blivet from BlivetGUI (vtrefny) - EditDialog: Inform about corrupted filesystems (#1198239) (vtrefny) - Fix python-meh handler.install (vtrefny) - Fix returning success when editting LVM VGs (vtrefny) - Do not refresh views when there are actions scheduled (vtrefny) - DeviceCanvas: do not select invalid path (vtrefny) - Re-raise exception from BlivetUtils with original traceback (vtrefny) - Move logging from BlivetUtisl to BlivetGUI (vtrefny) - Move thread creation and calling doIt() from ProcessingWindow (vtrefny) - Move handling errors from BlivetUtils to BlivetGUI, part 2 (vtrefny) - Move handling errors from BlivetUtils to BlivetGUI (vtrefny) - ListPartitions cleanup (vtrefny) - Fix blivet required version (>= 1.0) (vtrefny) - Merge branch 'new_class_model' (vtrefny) - Simplification of ListAction and undo history (vtrefny) - New class model - preparation for root/non-root separation (vtrefny) - New version 0.2.2 (vtrefny) - New version 0.2.2 (vtrefny) * Mon Feb 23 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.2.2-1 - Store blivet program log too (vtrefny) - Fix Size calling (vtrefny) - Replace filter with regexp (vtrefny) - blivet.size is now module (vtrefny) - Fix covertTo to use blivet.size.parseUnits function (vtrefny) - New version 0.2.1 (vtrefny) * Wed Feb 18 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.2.1-1 - Fix python-meh for processing window (vtrefny) - python-meh support (vtrefny) - Base default container name on distribution name (vtrefny) - Removed some ununsed functions (vtrefny) - Enable blivet logging, preparations for blivet-gui internal logging (vtrefny) - Detect minimal device (partition and LV) size during BlivetUtils initialization (vtrefny) - Swap is not resizable (vtrefny) - Catch exceptions when checnking minSize on device with broken fs (vtrefny) - Fix luks passphrase dialog spacing (vtrefny) - Added root_check_window.ui file (vtrefny) - 'Root privilegies required' dialog changed to window (vtrefny) - MainMenu: partition_menu renamed to device_menu (vtrefny) - pylint removed unallowed spaces (vtrefny) * Thu Jan 22 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.2.0-6 - GitHub release as source for spec file (vtrefny) * Thu Jan 22 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.2.0-5 - Fixed macro-in-changelog rpmlint warning (vtrefny) * Thu Jan 22 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.2.0-4 - New build 0.2.0-4 - Fedora review: updated specfile, licence added to package (vtrefny) - %clean section removed from spec file (vtrefny) * Tue Jan 20 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.2.0-3 - Licence file added (GPLv2) (vtrefny) - New source location (vtrefny) * Tue Jan 20 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.2.0-2 - Version bumped to 0.2 (vtrefny) - EditDialog: typo (vtrefny) - Fixed generating spec file changelog (vtrefny) * Mon Jan 19 2015 Vojtech Trefny <> - 0.1.11-1 - New version 0.1.11 (vtrefny) - bumpver target for makefile (vtrefny) - Merge branch 'master' of (vtrefny) - Specific binary file for desktop file (vtrefny) - User help update (vtrefny) - Fix python-blivet required version (vtrefny) - Fix long device names (vtrefny) - Suppress broad-except pylint errors. (amulhern) - Change relative to absolute imports. (amulhern) - Omit or hide unused variables and computations. (amulhern) - moved to blivet-gui file (vtrefny) - Omit needless imports. (amulhern) - Move % operator outside translation. (amulhern) - Do not use wildcard import. (amulhern) - Do not use builtin name format as parameter name. (amulhern) - Fix bad indentation. (amulhern) - Initial pylint setup. (amulhern) - Support lvm inside extended partitions (vtrefny) - pylint (vtrefny) - AddDialog: Move btrfs type chooser above parents view (vtrefny) - Do not clear actions after apply in ks mode (vtrefny) - blivet-gui man page (vtrefny) - Fix embedded function and example (vtrefny) - fedora-review fixes for spec and desktop file (vtrefny) - Python binary file (vtrefny) - Check if file exists while saving ks (vtrefny) - Mountpoint support for btrfs in ks mode (vtrefny) - Don't allow editing mdmember partitions (vtrefny) - Version 0.1.10 (vtrefny) - Do not sort child devices on disks with raw device (vtrefny) - Fix unicode converting bug (vtrefny)