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Package Namepython-simpleline
SummaryA Python library for creating text UI
DescriptionSimpleline is a Python library for creating text UI. It is designed to be used with line-based machines and tools (e.g. serial console) so that every new line is appended to the bottom of the screen. Printed lines are never rewritten!
Built bymbs/
State complete
StartedMon, 30 Oct 2017 20:28:08 UTC
CompletedMon, 30 Oct 2017 20:29:40 UTC
Taskbuild (module-a15d52e8ead23399, /rpms/python-simpleline:5691b98f79d26398af52e86623b049fca49f8e80)
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Changelog * Fri Sep 08 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.6-1 - Implement the force quit all loops feature (jkonecny) - Improved GLib event loop testing (jkonecny) - Handle GLib event loop exceptions better (jkonecny) - Support for GLib event loop (jkonecny) - Wrap exceptions from handlers as ExceptionSignal (jkonecny) - Only highest priority events are processed in one iteration (jkonecny) - Move parts from MainLoop to AbstractEventLoop (jkonecny) - MainLoop won't wait in busy loop anymore (jkonecny) - Don't block loop when waiting on user input (jkonecny) - Fix user input lock (jkonecny) * Mon Sep 04 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.5-1 - Fix exception in Screen input caused infinite loop (jkonecny) - Add test if app is initialized (jkonecny) - Redraw on first scheduled screen (#1487326) (jkonecny) - Redraw after YesNoDialog modal window close (jkonecny) * Fri Aug 18 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.4-1 - Screen scheduling is moved to ScreenHandler (jkonecny) - Remove merge commits from changelog (jkonecny) * Thu Aug 17 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.3-1 - Remove merge commits from changelog (jkonecny) - Fix bad input processing for list containers (jkonecny) - Rename quit callback and add args there. (jkonecny) - Add tests for new container feature (jkonecny) - List containers take max width if not specified (jkonecny) - Remove leftover print in containers parsing input (jkonecny) * Mon Aug 14 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.2-1 - Merge pull request #26 from jkonecny12/master-fix-ExitMainLoop-exception (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #28 from jkonecny12/master-fix-container-callback (jkonecny) - Fix docs for container callbacks (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #25 from jkonecny12/master-fix-big-screen-printing (jkonecny) - Remove missed test helper for local testing (jkonecny) - The ExitMainLoop exception should kill whole app (jkonecny) - Do not run an old event queue from modal screen (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #23 from jkonecny12/master-add-possibility-to-end-loop-politely (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #24 from jkonecny12/master-fix-compatibility (jkonecny) - Add possibility to end loop politely (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #22 from jkonecny12/master-add-logging (jkonecny) - Fix printing issues for bigger screens (jkonecny) - Set default screen height to 30 (jkonecny) - Keep backward compatibility for UIScreen args (jkonecny) - Add logging to the Simpleline (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #19 from jkonecny12/master-rework-wait-on-input (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #21 from jkonecny12/master-fix-adv-widgets (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #20 from jkonecny12/master-move-InputState (jkonecny) - Wait on input thread to finish (jkonecny) - return_after don't skip signals in recursion (jkonecny) - Add TicketMachine helper class (jkonecny) - Return user input in the signal handler (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #16 from jkonecny12/master-modify-exception-handling (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #18 from jkonecny12/master-ignore-pylint-with-lock (jkonecny) - Reflect changes in adv_widgets (jkonecny) - Move InputState next to UIScreen (jkonecny) - Break App's cyclic imports (jkonecny) - Add temporal pylint-disable for with Lock (jkonecny) - Re-raise exception only if no handler is registered (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #15 from jkonecny12/master-thread-safe-eventqueue (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #11 from jkonecny12/master-add-args-to-scheduler-shortcut (jkonecny) - Make the EventQueue thread safe (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #13 from jkonecny12/master-enhance-WindowContainer-add (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #12 from jkonecny12/master-fix-ready-collision (jkonecny) - Add args param to the scheduler_handler shortcuts (jkonecny) - Fix bad param name for scheduling methods (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #10 from jkonecny12/master-add-hidden-user-input (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #8 from jkonecny12/master-remove-base-file (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #9 from jkonecny12/master-remove-quit-message (jkonecny) - Add method add_with_separator to WindowContainer (jkonecny) - Fix `ready` property collision with Anaconda (jkonecny) - Add hidden parameter to UIScreen get input (jkonecny) - Remove unused quit message (jkonecny) - Move App from base to (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #6 from jkonecny12/fix-make-potfile-generation (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #7 from jkonecny12/master-fix-make-archive (jkonecny) - Fix make archive (jkonecny) - Fix potfile generation (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #5 from jkonecny12/master-add-containers (jkonecny) - Examples now using WindowContainer (jkonecny) - Fix error when getting input directly (jkonecny) - Add WindowContainer and use it in UIScreen (jkonecny) - Add SeparatorWidget (jkonecny) - Add input processing to containers (jkonecny) - Add containers numbering (jkonecny) - Add containers, checkbox and center widget tests (jkonecny) - Add row and column list containers (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #4 from jkonecny12/master-split-renderer (jkonecny) - Fix modules (jkonecny) - Change INPUT_PROCESSED and INPUT_DISCARDED to Enum (jkonecny) - Rename renderer and event_loop in App class (jkonecny) - Add scheduler_handler and rename switch_screen (jkonecny) - Process signals when waiting on user input (jkonecny) - Move draw screen to the InOutManager (jkonecny) - Change UIScreen properties (jkonecny) - Move input processing to the InOutManager class (jkonecny) - Move SignalHandler to the screen module (jkonecny) - Move ui_screen to the screen module (jkonecny) - Rename Renderer to ScreenScheduler (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #3 from jkonecny12/master-change-close-to-signal (jkonecny) - Change separator tests to reflect close as signal (jkonecny) - Close screen is now signal (jkonecny) - Rename emit_draw_signal to redraw (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #2 from jkonecny12/master-fix-modal (jkonecny) - Add missing doc for EventQueue and ScreeStack (jkonecny) - Add tests for event queue (jkonecny) - Modal screens are now executing new event loop (jkonecny) - Separator should be printed just before show_all() (jkonecny) - Move screen scheduling tests to new file (jkonecny) - Merge pull request #1 from jkonecny12/master-refactorization (jkonecny) - Implement small fixes and tweaks (jkonecny) - Move ScreenStack to render module (jkonecny) - Add SimplelineError as base class for Exceptions (jkonecny) - Clean up unused code and do a small tweaks (jkonecny) - Fix pylint errors (jkonecny) - Modify examples to reflect new changes (jkonecny) - Add emit_draw_signal to the SignalHandler (jkonecny) - Do not call draw when prompt is not present (jkonecny) - Remove old INPUT_* constants (jkonecny) - Do not redraw when input was processed (jkonecny) - Add license to all test classes (jkonecny) - Add new tests for render_screen, renderer, widgets (jkonecny) - Remove hubQ (jkonecny) - Split input from drawing (jkonecny) - Fix rendering errors by removing _redraw variable (jkonecny) - Replace array with priority by Signal ordering (jkonecny) - Add tests for SignalHandler (jkonecny) - Use SignalHandler (jkonecny) - Add screen rendering tests (jkonecny) - Raise exceptions instead of silently quitting (jkonecny) - Reflect code changes in tests (jkonecny) - Fix missing super().__init__() in Signals (jkonecny) - Fix modal screen by removing execute_new_loop (jkonecny) - Fail when UIScreen is not closing itself (jkonecny) - Add constants INPUT_PROCESSED and INPUT_DISCARDED (jkonecny) - Fix issues in Renderer and MainLoop (jkonecny) - Use RenderScreenSignal signal for rendering (jkonecny) - Add as a shortcut to start application (jkonecny) - Move widgets and adv_widgets to render module (jkonecny) - Fix cosmetic bugs in widgets (jkonecny) - Move prompt to render module (jkonecny) - Modify ScreenStack tests to reflect UIScreen changes (jkonecny) - Modify UIScreen to use new App class structure (jkonecny) - Fix renderer tests after moving the Renderer class (jkonecny) - Move renderer to separate file (jkonecny) - Add quit_callback to the event loop abstract class (jkonecny) - Add tests for the App class (jkonecny) - Change base class to singleton like class (jkonecny) - Add tests for event loop processing (jkonecny) - Implementation of defualt event loop and signals (jkonecny) - Add abstract base classes for EventLoop and Event (jkonecny) - Remove ScheduleScreen tests (jkonecny) - Add tests for renderer (jkonecny) - Extract renderer from App class to render directory (jkonecny) - Add tests for new ScreenStack and ScreenData (jkonecny) - Extract screen stack to its own object and data class (jkonecny) - Modify comments in the spec file (jkonecny) - Package is named python-simpleline (jkonecny) - Fix spec file (jkonecny) - Fix summary in the spec file (jkonecny) - Fix names according to tagging (jkonecny) * Fri May 05 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.1-3 - Modify comments in the spec file * Thu May 04 2017 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.1-2 - Drop clean section - Drop Group, it is not needed - Use make_build macro - Reorder check and install sections - Rename package to python-simpleline but rpm will be python3-simpleline * Fri Dec 16 2016 Jiri Konecny <> - 0.1-1 - Initial package