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NVR Built by Finished descending sort State
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.9.git87ec8d7.fc30 releng 2019-02-01 16:01:08 complete
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.8.git87ec8d7.fc28 jchaloup 2018-08-27 13:10:08 complete
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.8.git87ec8d7.fc29 jchaloup 2018-08-27 13:03:53 complete
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.8.git87ec8d7.fc30 jchaloup 2018-08-27 13:02:28 complete
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.7.git87ec8d7.fc29 releng 2018-07-14 07:25:58 failed
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.6.git87ec8d7.fc29 till 2018-05-28 08:53:33 failed
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.6.git87ec8d7.fc28 zbyszek 2018-04-13 15:06:43 failed
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.5.git87ec8d7.fc27 releng 2017-08-03 23:20:25 failed
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.4.git87ec8d7.fc27 releng 2017-07-27 08:19:54 failed
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.3.git87ec8d7.fc26 releng 2017-02-11 03:55:40 failed
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.2.git87ec8d7.fc25 releng 2016-07-21 13:08:16 complete
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.1.git87ec8d7.fc22 jchaloup 2016-05-18 14:05:28 complete
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.1.git87ec8d7.fc25 jchaloup 2016-05-18 14:05:20 complete
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.1.git87ec8d7.fc23 jchaloup 2016-05-18 14:04:09 complete
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.1.git87ec8d7.fc24 jchaloup 2016-05-18 14:03:23 complete
golang-github-Shopify-sarama-1.7.0-0.1.git87ec8d7.el6 jchaloup 2016-05-18 13:58:23 complete
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Name ascending sort Owner Included? Extra Arches
dist-6E-epel releng no
dist-6E-epel-build releng yes
epel7 orphan yes
f22 jchaloup yes
f23 jchaloup yes
f24 jchaloup yes
f24-Beta jchaloup yes
f24-docker jchaloup yes
f25 releng yes
f25-Alpha jchaloup yes
f25-Beta jchaloup yes
f25-docker jchaloup yes
f26 releng yes
f26-Alpha jchaloup yes
f26-Beta jchaloup yes
f26-docker jchaloup yes
f27 releng yes
f27-Beta releng yes
f28 releng yes
f28-Beta releng yes
f29 releng yes
f29-Beta releng yes
f30 releng yes
f30-Beta releng yes
f31 releng no
f31-Beta releng no
f32 releng no
f32-Beta releng no
f33 releng no
f33-Beta releng no
f34 releng no
f34-Beta releng no
f35 jchaloup no
f35-Beta jchaloup no
f36 jchaloup no
f36-Beta jchaloup no
f37 jchaloup no
f37-Beta jchaloup no
f38 eclipseo no
f38-Beta eclipseo no
f39 orphan no
f39-Beta orphan no
f40 orphan no
module-bootstrap-f27 releng yes
module-package-list releng yes
Tags 1 through 45 of 45