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Name ascending sort Owner Included? Extra Arches
dist-f11 xavierb no
dist-f15-eol xavierb no
dist-fc7 xavierb yes
f10-alpha xavierb yes
f10-beta xavierb yes
f10-final xavierb yes
f11-alpha xavierb no
f11-alpha-2 xavierb no
f11-beta xavierb no
f11-final xavierb no
f12-alpha xavierb no
f12-beta xavierb no
f12-final xavierb no
f17-final xavierb no
f18-Alpha xavierb no
f9-beta xavierb yes
f9-build-cutoff xavierb yes
f9-cutoff xavierb yes
f9-final xavierb yes
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