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SummaryClient library and console client for Product Definition Center
DescriptionThis client package contains two separate Product Definition Center clients and API module. Both clients contain extensive built-in help. Just run the executable with -h or --help argument. 1. pdc_client This is a very simple client. Essentially this is just a little more convenient than using curl manually. Each invocation of this client obtains a token and then performs a single request. This client is not meant for direct usage, but just as a helper for integrating with PDC from languages where it might be easier than performing the network requests manually. 2. pdc This is much more user friendly user interface. A single invocation can perform multiple requests depending on what subcommand you used. The pdc client supports Bash completion if argcomplete Python package is installed. 3. Python API (pdc_client) When writing a client code interfacing with PDC server, you might find pdc_client module handy. It provides access to the configuration defined above and automates obtaining authorization token.
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pdc-client = 0.9.0-1.fc24
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config(pdc-client) = 0.9.0-1.fc24
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