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SummaryA size-optimized STL implementation
DescriptionThe C++ standard template library (STL) is a collection of common containers and algorithms in template form. Unfortunately its standard incarnation shipped with gcc is implemented without much concern for code size. Not only is the library itself large, the current version being over a megabyte in size, but with all the code you instantiate by using a vector for each of your containers, it is easy to become fearful and opt for using static arrays instead or, worse yet, abandon C++ altogether for C. This is especially painful to former DOS assembly programmers like myself, who fret endlessly when the size of the executable crosses the magic 64k boundary, forgetting that nobody cares about memory anymore. Of course, these days everyone has gigabytes of RAM and has no compunction about loading up OpenOffice, whose source tree is over a gigabyte in size. Why then bother with saving a kilobyte of code here and there? I can't really say. Maybe it's that warm fuzzy knowledge that you are making maximum possible use of your computer's resources. Maybe it's that thrill you get after expressing your program's functionality in the fewest possible instructions and the minimum imaginable overhead. Or maybe it really is of no importance and any code bloat will be easily overcome by faster processors in some near future. I just know what I like, and it's the sight of clean, concise, and fast code. Therefore this library.
Build Time2019-10-08 22:15:02 GMT
ustl = 2.8-3.epel8.playground
ustl(ppc-64) = 2.8-3.epel8.playground
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