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SummaryTool for controlling liquid coolers, case fans and RGB LED strips
Descriptionliquidctl is a tool for controlling various settings of PC internals, such as: - liquid cooler pump speed - case fan speed - RGB LED strip colors Currently supported devices are: - ASUS Strix RTX 2080 Ti OC - Corsair Hydro H80i v2, H100i v2 and H115i - Corsair HX750i, HX850i, HX1000i and HX1200i - Corsair RM650i, RM750i, RM850i and RM1000i - EVGA CLC 120 (CL12), 240, 280 and 360 - EVGA GTX 1080 FTW - Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 motherboards - NZXT Grid+ V3 - NZXT HUE 2 and Hue 2 Ambient - NZXT Kraken M22 - NZXT Kraken X42, X52, X53, X62, X63, X72 and X73 - NZXT RGB & Fan Controller - NZXT Smart Device V1 and V2 Devices with experimental support: - Corsair Commander Pro - Corsair Lighting Node Pro - Corsair Hydro H80i GT, H100i GTX and H110i GTX - Corsair Hydro H100i Platinum, H100i Platinum SE and H115i Platinum - Corsair Hydro H100i PRO XT and H115i PRO XT - Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM - Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 Motherboards - NZXT E500, E650 and E850 PSUs - NZXT Kraken X31, X40, X41, X60 and X61 - NXZT Kraken Z63 and Z73 - NZXT RGB & Fan Controller
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liquidctl = 1.5.1-1.fc33
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/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/CHANGELOG.md18.21 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/README.md24.70 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs0.00 B
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/asetek-690lc-guide.md3.46 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/corsair-commander-guide.md6.28 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/corsair-hxi-rmi-psu-guide.md2.14 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/corsair-platinum-pro-xt-guide.md4.28 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/ddr4-guide.md4.80 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/developer0.00 B
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/developer/capturing-usb-traffic.md4.78 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/developer/porting-drivers-from-opencorsairlink.md8.91 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/developer/protocol0.00 B
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/developer/protocol/lighting_node_rgb.md4.94 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/developer/protocol/vengeance_rgb.md3.44 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/developer/release-checklist.md2.31 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/developer/style-guide.md4.24 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/developer/techniques-for-analyzing-usb-protocols.md11.97 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/gigabyte-rgb-fusion2-guide.md3.39 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/kraken-x2-m2-guide.md5.87 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/kraken-x3-z3-guide.md7.22 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/linux0.00 B
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/linux/making-systemd-units-wait-for-devices.md3.03 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/nvidia-guide.md6.34 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/nzxt-e-series-psu-guide.md1.66 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/nzxt-hue2-guide.md5.83 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/nzxt-smart-device-v1-guide.md5.07 KB
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/windows0.00 B
/usr/share/doc/liquidctl/docs/windows/running-your-first-command-line-program.md6.79 KB
/usr/share/man/man8/liquidctl.8.gz4.02 KB
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