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SummaryHide desktop notifications until you're ready to look at them
DescriptionDo Not Disturb Button provides a panel button to temporarily hide incoming notifications in GNOME Shell. A count of notifications appears next to the panel button, and notifications remain hidden in the notifications message tray, until you choose to show and dismiss them. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut to toggle the Do Not Disturb status. (Do Not Disturb Button allows you to set the "available" or "busy" status for desktop notifications only, not the status of chat or other applications connected to GNOME's Online Accounts.) **NOTE:** After installing, each user that wants it must still manually enable Do Not Disturb Button before it will be usable. You can do so a few different ways: * If you've already installed the GNOME Shell integration web browser plugin, go to <>, find the extension, and click the switch to "ON." * Open GNOME Tweak Tool, go to the Extensions tab, find the extension, and click the switch to "ON." * Open a terminal or the desktop's command dialog, and (as your normal user account) run `gnome-shell-extension-tool --enable donotdisturb-button@nls1729` You may also need to restart GNOME Shell (Open the command dialog with Alt-F2, type `r`, and hit enter), or log out and log back in.
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