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SummaryGNOME Shell extension to display system temperature, voltage, and fan speed
DescriptionFreon is a GNOME Shell extension for displaying the temperature of your CPU, hard disk, solid state, and video card (NVIDIA, Catalyst, and Bumblebee supported), as well as power supply voltage, and fan speed. You can choose which HDD/SSD or other devices to include, what temperature units to use, and how often to refresh the sensors readout, and they will appear in the GNOME Shell top bar. For the GPU temperature, you may need to install the vendor's driver for best results. **NOTE:** Freon relies on lm_sensors. You must run `sensors-detect` before Freon will be able to detect and display hardware temperatures. The default options for sensors-detect are safe for most systems; however, there is a small, but non-zero chance of causing hardware damage or a kernel panic. See the discussion on GitHub -- **NOTE:** After installing, each user that wants it must still manually enable Freon before it will take effect. You can do so a few different ways: * If you've already installed the GNOME Shell integration web browser plugin, go to <>, find the extension, and click the switch to "ON." * Open GNOME Tweak Tool, go to the Extensions tab, find the extension, and click the switch to "ON." * Open a terminal or the desktop's command dialog, and (as your normal user account) run: gnome-shell-extension-tool --enable You may also need to restart GNOME Shell (Open the command dialog with Alt-F2, type `r`, and hit enter), or log out and log back in.
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gnome-shell-extension-freon = 24-1.fc24
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