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41675318  build (f32, python-keystoneauth1-3.17.1-2.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41675317  runroot (x86_64) releng x86_64 open
41675316  runroot (x86_64) releng x86_64 open
41675315  runroot (s390x) releng s390x open
41675314  runroot (s390x) releng s390x open
41675313  runroot (ppc64le) releng ppc64le open
41675312  runroot (ppc64le) releng ppc64le open
41675311  runroot (armhfp) releng armhfp open
41675310  runroot (armhfp) releng armhfp open
41675309  runroot (ppc64le) releng ppc64le open
41675308  runroot (aarch64) releng aarch64 open
41675307  runroot (x86_64) releng x86_64 open
41675306  runroot (aarch64) releng aarch64 open
41675305  runroot (aarch64) releng aarch64 open
41675257  build (f32-build-side-19539, /rpms/ghc-boxes.git:a1a14f4b98f3b6609f40b9716a18e88358aa20ed) petersen noarch open
41675240  build (f32, R-zeallot-0.1.0-4.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41675238  build (f32, R-xopen-1.0.0-4.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41675225  build (f32, R-vctrs-0.2.1-2.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41675223  build (f32, R-utf8-1.1.4-5.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41675221  build (f32, R-unix-1.5-3.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41675219  build (f32, R-tufte-0.5-4.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41675217  build (f32, R-tidyselect-0.2.5-4.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41675213  build (f32, R-svglite-1.2.2-4.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41675071  image (f31, Fedora-Container-Minimal-Base-31, fedora-container-base-minimal.ks) releng noarch open
41675069  image (f31, Fedora-Container-Base-31, fedora-container-base.ks) releng noarch open
41673888  build (f32-candidate, root-6.18.04-4.fc33.src.rpm) ellert noarch open
41673822  build (rawhide, root-6.18.04-4.fc33.src.rpm) ellert noarch open
41671776  build (rawhide, paraview-5.8.0-1.fc33.src.rpm) orion noarch open
41669596  build (f32, hpx-1.4.0-2.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41669579  build (f32, gcc-10.0.1-0.8.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41668438  build (f33, hpx-1.4.0-2.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41667835  build (rawhide, root-6.18.04-4.fc33.src.rpm) ellert noarch open
41659023  build (f32-candidate, /rpms/mscore.git:024e313c3f4113551b414d6583584c5ae7d67949) jjames noarch open
41649084  build (f33, python-mplcairo-0.2-2.fc32.src.rpm) koschei noarch open
41648136  build (f32, /rpms/libssh.git:75bacb02349592376facc5892ee06c22d6edc713) ansasaki noarch open
41642543  build (rawhide, /rpms/ck.git:375c7b177560a93c0fc7a9fb573a70b234733dd7) fjanus noarch open
Tasks 1 through 36 of 36