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82096792 createLiveMedia (f36, Fedora-Python-Classroom-Live-Rawhide-20220129.n.0, fedora-live-python-classroom.ks, x86_64) releng x86_64 open
82096785 createLiveMedia (f36, Fedora-Games-Live-Rawhide-20220129.n.0, fedora-live-games.ks, x86_64) releng x86_64 open
82096773 image (['x86_64'], Fedora-Cloud-Base-Vagrant-Rawhide,$arch/os) releng noarch open
82010490 build (f36, gprbuild-2020-7.fc35.src.rpm) koschei/ noarch open
Tasks 1 through 4 of 4